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Catwoman and Batman - The Wager
by Steve Zink & Eric

Alfred was starting to wonder about these trips he'd been making for Master Bruce.  Instead of the master of the Wayne household riding to or from some location, Alfred had been driving to an elegant condominium high-rise to pick up an unbelievably beautiful woman with a long mane of raven black hair.  Master Bruce never went to see her, she was always brought out to Wayne Manor to see him.  Could his Master Bruce have finally found a woman with whom he could settle down?

Alfred had no way of knowing just what these two did at Wayne Manor, for Master Bruce always met her at the limo on arrival, and escorted her inside to rooms in which they were not to be disturbed, while his butler parked the limo.  The discreet butler knew better than to ask his master for any details.  All he knew for sure was that on every night, and the occasional next morning, that he took the female guest back to her condo, she always had a happy glow on her face.

As always, Alfred watched as the raven haired beauty reached for her large shoulder bag, and slung it over the same right shoulder on which she had her purse.  Master Bruce came to her left side, and wrapped his right arm around her shoulders.  She took her unoccupied left arm and reached up to put her hand over his left shoulder.  The two walked arm in arm into the mansion, cooing softly to each other.  The elderly butler smiled.

The games these two played with each other in the upper rooms of Wayne Manor were never simple.  After all, they knew each other much better in their street guises, for that is how they more often met, usually in the dark of night.  And so it was that the Caped Crusader went down to the Bat Cave to change, while his paramour went into a room upstairs to put on her own second identity.  She knew just how long to wait before going to meet him in yet another, much more intimate room.

Wayne Manor.  A special, secret door opened and a very sexy woman walked in like she owned the place.  She wished she did.  It must be nice to be like Bruce, rich and super respectable.  Her life as a criminal had started to lose its pleasure.  Perhaps she should give in to Bruce and become his wife.  But as much as she loved Batman, being Mrs. Bruce Wayne would not be enough.

Catwoman walked into the master bedroom for her meeting with Batman.  It was hardly surprising that she moved with such a feline grace.  The Feline Felon enjoyed the Dark Knight's admiration, and she smiled like a cat devouring the canary.  She was in her normal costume, except for the fact that she was wearing tight fitting black boots with extremely high stiletto heels - not what she wore while committing crimes, but rather, ones to excite her lover.  Having once been a high priced whore, Ms. Kyle knew how to entice the male libido.

The Bat and the Cat were soon in each other's arms, with the scenario varying on alternate nights as to who would strip whom.  On this evening, it was Catwoman who did the honors.  She very craftily removed the Batsuit from her lover, and then did a bit of a strip show in taking off her own skintight black costume.

Soon, they were naked together on his bed and making love with all the fervor of their passionate natures.  Without telling her, Bruce was thinking, 'If there was ever a sexier woman than Selina, I'd have to experience her to believe it.'

Similarly, Selina was keeping her own mouth shut, other than moaning and squealing, thinking, 'If ever there was a stronger, more virile man than Bruce, he would be in the Guinness book of world records!'

Afterwards, they lay warmly in each other's arms.  They both enjoyed these brief meetings with each other, all the more so because they loved each other.  They had to hide that love from others unfortunately, because they were on opposite sides of the coin of life.  Bruce finally broke both the silence and serenity of the moment.  "Selina darling, can't I persuade you to give up your life of crime and marry me?"

As usual, Selina was tempted, but wondered many things.  How would she like being Mrs. 'anybody'?  She spoke this fear only to herself.  "Darling, I love you!" she purred in her sexy contralto, "I really do, but I like the excitement of crime.  It gets my juices stirring.  You really ought to try it some time."

Bruce laughed.  "Catching criminals is exciting, too!  Any idiot can commit a crime, it takes more brains to catch a criminal than to be one," but as soon as he'd said it, the hero flinched in realizing what he'd implied.

"Are you calling me an idiot?" Selina retorted.  She felt her claws curl.  If ever there was a liberated woman, she was the one.

Taking her by the shoulders, Bruce recovered quickly and said, "Sorry!  I apologize!  Unlike most common criminals who can barely make change, you're brilliant!  But you ought really to try catching malefactors, I think you just might like it better.  I think it's far more challenging."

"It's a pity we could not change places for a while, darling," Selina told him.  "That would be the only way we could find out for sure."  She gave him her intriguingly seductive smile.  'Now, that would be amusing,' she thought.

Bruce's muscular body laid back in thought.  It wouldn't do to let Selina suspect that he had led her around to this point.  "A wager, my love."

Immediately she was alerted, and her body tensed.  "A wager?" she replied inquisitively, her green eyes glowing as if she truly were a cat.

"Yes, we will trade places for a month.  I will commit three crimes.  They will be against properties that my companies or I own.  If I, as Catwoman, get away with them without you, as Batman, catching me, we will revert back to our own bodies.  You will then marry me and give up the life of a criminal."

Selina purred a throaty laugh, and sat her magnificent body up on the smooth black satin sheets.  "You certainly are jesting with me, lover.  You know it's impossible to work such a trade, my darling?"

He beamed with a rare grin.  "I have a machine that will switch our minds between our bodies.  I have avoided any thoughts of ever using this machine again after the problems it caused earlier, but this is a special case, and I think the ends justify the means.  For that month, I would be in your body, I would be Selina Kyle, the notorious Catwoman, naughty and sexy master criminal, and you would take my place as Batman, the feared Dark Knight avenger!  Oh, and also of course Bruce Wayne, the wealthy aristocrat."

She roared, "It's deliciously wicked!  I love it.  What a princely jest upon the world."  The vast majority of people would have disbelieved Bruce's claim, but not Selina.  Her lover never made claims he could not back up.  She thought for a moment.  "But if I do catch you, what do I get out of it?  It seems only you can win our wager."

"What do you want?"

She considered, then replied, "I will not ask you to take up petty crime, what would be the point?  You are so rich now that any addition would hardly be worthwhile, or very exciting.  I know the dark beginnings of your life, my dear.  The dreadful murder of both your parents in front of your eyes when you were a child."

Bruce's handsome face darkened, remembering the tragedy that had driven him his in entire life and robbed life of much of it pleasures.  She continued, "No, what I propose is this: that if you lose the wager because I catch you, we will take up the task of punishing those the law cannot or will not touch, the real focus of evil, crooked politicians, the polluters, CEO's that abuse everyone and everything and hide behind bought politicians and an army of lawyers, the dealers in death, certain arms dealers, totalitarian monsters like Sadam Hussein, there will be plenty to do to keep us from being bored."

Batman sat back in thought.  The idea was dangerously seductive, like Catwoman herself.  He had longed often to step outside the 'law' and punish those who were truly evil but the 'law' could not touch.

"Oh, and I still will marry you," Selina added coyly, "no matter who wins or loses."  She kissed him deeply.

Batman flashed a charming smile that quite stirred her heart.  "Well, in that case, I cannot lose!  I'd risk anything to have you as my bride!" he told her.

"You're so sweet!" she said with a purr, and rubbed her magnificent, naked body against his.  "How about a bonus?  The winner gets to pick a forfeit."

"Okay, whatever you say, my bride to be.  I just hope it isn't going to be Joker as your bridesmaid!"

She giggled more like a woman in love than a dangerous criminal.  Men were so silly!

They then set up the details of the wager.  First of all, they would need to know a great deal more to impersonate each other.  That took about a week, interrupted by meetings between the sheets.  No one was to be told, not even Alfred, Bruce's butler and his dear departed father's mentor.  Most especially not to be told would be Robin, whose youthful impetuosity would likely take the information and spread it far and wide.  Even Catwoman's small gang of kittens was to be kept in the dark.

The day they were to perform the switch, Selina spent the morning at the beauty parlor getting the 'works'.  "I certainly am not going to turn my body over to you, unless everything is perfect," she explained to a puzzled male.  Bruce would soon understand.

There was an odd sexual excitement within them both as they sat down in the chairs in front of the computer-like machine.  They pulled the helmets connected to the machine over their heads.  It would be the ultimate possession of a lover - of a lover's body.  The machine started automatically, and both bodies slumped forward.

Bruce's body was the first one to stir.  He stood up on unsteady legs, looked around, and gasped.  He stared unbelievingly at the richly endowed, sexy body in the other chair, seeing it directly without mirrors for the first time.  Excited, the strong, large male then touched the softness of the woman's breasts.  She murmured throatily.  Then her green eyes opened and focused.  For a moment, she shook her head and her long, midnight black hair was a floating cloud.

"It worked!" she cried, excitement in her sexy voice.

He picked up the female body effortlessly in his powerful arms.  "It sure did!  My God,, *I* are so strong!"  He whirled her around before setting her on her feet.

The woman grinned at him, and in a soft sexy voice replied, "You like that?"  She twirled, giving him a good view of her sexy form.

"Who wouldn't?" he grinned.  Selina, in this new male body, felt an overwhelming rush of desire for her former body.  Every enchanting curve, the way she walked and talked was so erotic!  He felt his newly acquired maleness come to attention, and his dick ached with its hardness!

For the new woman's part, she now felt so attractive, so sexy, so feminine!  Bruce looked at her former body and felt herself getting wet.  God, she felt so hot!  She smiled seductively at Selina in her old body and suddenly felt herself caught up in strong arms that pressed the two of them together.  Lips desperately sought her new soft ones.  And Bruce purred with contentment.

It felt so naturally right to make love this way somehow.  Sex was incredible.  Selina felt so strong, so in control, so powerful, well, so fucking manly.  And the former Batman felt so incredibly sensuous and sexy and so desirable.  For both, the pleasure of sex seemed better than before, perhaps because it was fresh and new, perhaps because even more, it was the ultimate in self gratification - to make love to oneself.

They stayed together in one great love making bout after another until the dawn.

Bruce awoke first, stretched catlike and grinned a smug smile.  She sure had her man with her claws deeply embedded.  He would never get away!  Selina's new eyes opened and he smiled at his beautiful lover.  Never had he seen such a sexy woman!

After showering, during which she discovered the delicious feelings her new body generated when touched in just the right places, Bruce started dressing Selina's body in her clothes.  Before the switch, Selina had set them out for her to make it a bit easier for the first time.  Bruce figured out how to put on the bra soon enough, then put on some lacy pink panties and some smokey grey pantyhose.  The buttons on the light blue blouse seemed to be on the wrong side, but Bruce recalled that feminine shirts had the buttons reversed from male shirts.  She pulled on the black leather miniskirt, and zipped it closed around her tiny waist.

Bruce then sat down and picked up the shoes she found at the base of the bed.  She slipped her feet into them, and then stood, wavering slightly.  The new woman found she had trouble moving in the black five-inch heels Selina had put out for her to wear.  She had thought it would be funny, and so it was.  Despite the inborn grace of this body, Bruce was using old male mental controls.  She staggered and almost fell. But soon, natural muscle memory took over, and Bruce started walking gracefully.

"You picked those shoes deliberately, Selina!" she laughed throatily.

"Moi?" Selina laughed with Bruce's deep voice.

Bruce then sat at the dressing table to put on her makeup, which with both her experience in disguise as Batman and the innate skills of the body she now wore was no problem.  While doing so, she told her lover, "For the time being, we need to start thinking of ourselves as who we appear to be, not who we really are.  I am now Selina Kyle, you are Bruce Wayne.  The sooner we can get settled into our new identities, the sooner we'll be able to blend in for the purposes of the wager."

The ex-Selina nodded, and said, "I was hoping you'd say that, *Selina*.  I felt kind odd awkward thinking of myself as Selina in this body.  I'm now Bruce Wayne, and will act accordingly."

Soon, the new Catwoman left to start her new life as a devious, master criminal, while the new Batman was preparing to track her down.  If 'Selina', the ex-Bruce, committed three crimes and while doing so could be caught within a month, then the now Batman-Bruce would win.  If Catwoman could get away with her crimes for a month, then Bruce, the now-Selina, would be the victor.  Each was supremely confident of success, but either way, the new Bruce figured he would win.  He hadn't figured on the new Selina's conniving mind, however.

The new Catwoman arrived at her lair.  She had twenty-four hours to change it, then the game would start in earnest.  Her three kittens greeted her with affection, and were hardly surprised when she told them of her desire to move to a new place she had already picked out.  They of course had no suspicion that they were entertaining a bat in a cat's fur.

The new Bruce Wayne sat in the magnificent morning room of Wayne Manor, waited on by his faithful butler Alfred.  Bruce sat back.  Hey, this was kind of nice, he felt so secure.  That night, he had a fundraising affair to go to for the President of the United States.  Before, the Secret Service would have shot him on sight, now they would kiss his ass.  He was taking a friend, Barbara Gordon, the police commissioner's daughter.

He stared at his image in the mirror.  Staring back was a man who defined tall, dark and handsome.  His dinner clothes were the best in the city, perhaps in the world.  He sat back in his chauffeur driven limo and arrived at the banquet where everyone fawned over the billionaire.  Even the President was acting awkward and ill at ease in front of him.  Barbara was an entertaining dinner companion, and seemed to know a lot about crime and crime fighting, but she was hardly as desirable as Catwoman!  Still, Bruce could have sworn that he had been up close and personal in his past life with Ms. Gordon, but couldn't figure out how.  The ex-Selina had no clue that she was being escorted by Batgirl herself, who had been attended to by her claws on a number of occasions.

A beautiful blonde woman of about thirty made a real play for him.  There was something about her that made Bruce's instincts shout beware, and he secretly took a glass the woman was using to check her fingerprints.  She supposedly was a wealthy widow named Grace Van Skyler.

The new Catwoman was trying on and admiring herself in different clothes and costumes in her new hideout.  She had not seen Catwoman in some of these costumes in years, and was glad they had been saved.  Black catsuits and dresses, grey catsuits, dark blue leotards, even a rarely worn bright green catsuit.  Selina reveled in squeezing her body into each one, switching from one set of boots to another in a mix and match type of dressing game.  She even tried on some of the 'civilian' clothes hidden there.  The new woman had not realized the pleasure a female can get from clothes!

'I am really hot!' she thought happily.  She couldn't wait until she was in bed with her lover again, and she could fuck his brains out.  She sighed, but business called.

The Wayne Jewelry story was to be her target, at high noon.  She fell asleep, dreaming of sex and cats on rooftops.

The new Batman woke up screaming.  Sweat was on his face.  He had just seen his parents killed again before his eyes.  'Poor Bruce,' thought the real Selina as he grew calm.  'Did he have these dreams often?  The memory must be horrible to have remained in Bruce's brain.'  The new Bruce was able to handle them better than the old as it hadn't really happened to him, no matter now real they seemed.  He thought of Catwoman and grew lustful.  'God, I want to fuck her so bad!'  It was so strange to be so in love and lust with your own body!  The new Bruce laughed and sipped a 100-year-old vintage wine, and he drifted back to sleep.

* * * * *

A horde of squalling fighting cats and dogs invaded the premises of Wayne Jewelry; dowagers screamed, saleswomen were terrified, and security people scurried about.  In the midst of this chaos, Catwoman appeared, wearing a skintight outfit of royal purple and glistening black.  "I've come down like a cat on the fold!" she purred and, with little opposition, which she took care of with a few well placed kicks from her shiny black stretch vinyl thigh high boots, made off with $1M in diamonds.

That night, from a pay phone, she called Batman to gloat.

"Nice robbery!" he said.  "Very clever, but it's not over until the fat cat sings."

She purred.  "Darling, I suggest a truce this evening.  I miss you terribly!"

He got hard just thinking about it.  "You're on!"

This time, Alfred was actually picking up his Master Bruce, but had no way of knowing this.  The raven haired goddess he took to Wayne Manor looked just like she always had, if not even more stunning.

They met at their usual spot, only now it was Bruce in Selina's body who came slinking in, wearing tight and revealing clothes she'd taken from the whore wardrobe, and Selina in Bruce's body that came out wearing a Cashmere sport coat.  Love making was great.  Bruce could not believe the sexual energy that Selina was exuding, and wondered if possibly her old prostitute garb had brought on some changes in her already.  Neither one could imagine a more perfect partner.

The next day was a charity golf outing, and Bruce was vastly amused to be so fawned over, and also to be able to hit a golf ball so far.  Mrs. Van Skyler was making a pest out of herself, once again.  She definitely deserved investigation.  He sent his devoted butler home to speed up the process of checking the fingerprints.  Bruce was more observant than Selina, even for the ex-Batman's vaunted detective skills.  He noticed that Alfred was wearing down, and the ex-Bruce hadn't - or hadn't wanted to - notice it.  Perhaps he was too close to the problem and Alfred's change had been gradual.

Batman had a hunch where Catwoman might have her new lair, and started doing a computer search.  There were ten possible sites.  That night, he donned the Caped Crusader costume and went searching through the night.  His original body was no cream puff, but it was wonderful to be so strong and agile.  He went from rooftop to rooftop without breathing hard.  The hero came up empty at the first three stops he checked.  Well, he had seven more to go.

He would also work from the other end.  First Catwoman had hit jewelry, would her next job be furriers?  It might be a joke on Selina's part, now that he was a woman, to go after female luxuries, jewelry then fur.  It was worth a look.  Bruce found that Wayne Enterprises did indeed own a fabulous furrier.  How amusing!  More than one way to skin a cat.  Using the sophisticated equipment in the Bat Cave, he set up an elaborate alarm system and took other precautions.

The next day he got the report on Grace Van Skyler.  Hummm!  Very interesting.  Bruce called and invited her for dinner in three days, then he talked to Alfred to sound him out about a certain matter.

Bruce thought, if he were Catwoman again, when would he hit the store?  Of course - at rush hour!  Most customers, most confusion.  So he called the manager, who of course fell all over him.  The poor man was gibbering to be actually talking to Bruce Wayne himself!  Boy, it was sure nice having your ass kissed everywhere you went, instead of having people reaching for the handcuffs!

A week after her first job, the furrier was hit.

At 5PM, Catwoman and her gang hit the fur store!  Fat ladies screamed and Catwoman, still in her royal purple and shiny black outfit, let loose lynxes and other wild cats.  The customers started running for cover.  It was weird for Bruce to hear what used to be his own triumphant, derisive laugh coming from the beautiful woman down there, the woman that used to be herself.  Just as they were loading sables, he swung down and dropped knock out gas.  The last thing Catwoman saw was Batman's triumphant smile under the cowl!

When Selina woke up, she was in the Batmobile.

"Well, I guess you won!  How did you figure out where I would hit?" she purred, not at all too disappointed.  At least Selina would now marry him after they became themselves again.

Batman explained his reasoning, and Catwoman nodded her lovely head.  She looked around, and noticed scenery that did not look like that seen on the way to Wayne Manor and the Bat Cave.  "Why aren't we headed for the Bat Cave?" she asked in a puzzled tone.

"Because we're headed for jail," Batman replied.  "That is where criminals belong, isn't it, *Catwoman*?"

The ex-Bruce's heart grew cold in Selina's lovely bosom.  "You wouldn't?!  We had a wager!"

"Which I won.  Now, I am Batman and Bruce Wayne, and you are Selina Kyle, the notorious Catwoman.  I know you want to keep the technology of body switching secret, so I don't know if you will say anything, but even if you do, no one will believe you!  Enjoy prison.  I always thought it left a great deal to be desired, but you may like it - who knows!"

Selina was frightened.  'I'm stuck!' she thought, 'but wait, Alfred will believe me.  I've got to get a hold of Alfred.'

"If you're thinking about calling Alfred, don't brother.  I've changed the phones at my home, stately Wayne Manor, and will not accept any calls from any jails and only from certain numbers, period."

"I thought you loved me!"  Selina found herself weeping, her generous breasts heaving.

He kissed her.  "Oh, but I do, my treasure, I do.  But you loved me too, didn't you?  And didn't you put *me* in jail?  Turnabout is, after all, fair play."

Before arriving at the police station, Bruce had Selina remove her royal purple and black costume while still in the Batmobile.  She was given a plain blue smock to wear for her induction, and white sneakers.  Even in such plain garb, the villainess looked stunning.  The hero hid her costume in the Batmobile.

A stunned Selina Kyle was booked amid TV cameras and policemen, all congratulating Batman for his brilliant victory over a hardened criminal!

Two days later, in the holding cell, Selina had to kick the shit out of two guards who had tried to molest her.  Because of this, she was now in solitary.  Along with the gruel served for breakfast, she was given a copy of the newspaper.  She pushed aside the inedible slop, and looked at the paper.  Her heart grew cold.  Her only friend, the man who had been like a father to her, was dead!  An obituary of Alfred was in the newspaper.  The story went on to say that billionaire Bruce Wayne was heartbroken over the death of his long time servant!  Had Bruce killed him, the only person who might believe she wasn't really Catwoman?

The barred door swung open, and a surprised Selina was taken out.  Bruce Wayne was there in his crime fighting alter ego.  Selina felt like scratching her two timing lover's eyes out.  Flash bulbs flashed.  Batman presented the surprised Catwoman with a pardon signed by the governor, and also a release signed by Bruce Wayne himself, saying that it was all a scheme, first to test security, and more importantly, to reveal corrupt practices in prison.

Batman said, "Ms. Kyle, will you please give us your report of what's been going on here?"  He discretely slipped the scene.

Selina pulled herself together, and instinctively posed her magnificent figure.  She smiled dazzlingly at the camera, and told about rapes, and the selling of drugs and the forced prostitution of the inmates.  The prison warden and many others were arrested on the spot.  The governor himself shook her hand, and made sure he sucked up to Bruce, who had promised him a sizable campaign contribution!  Very sizable, indeed.  Batman had shucked his Batsuit and made another appearance.

Bruce Wayne escorted Selina Kyle out of the building, via a nonpublic access near which was parked the Batmobile.  As they made sure no one was watching, the two non-costumed people got in.  The glass went opaque as Bruce flicked a switch.  Moments later, Batman laughed as tears flowed down his face while he put his Batsuit back on.  "What a joke!  Got you pretty good!  Did you really think I would leave you in there, my love?"  Batman then surprised Selina by handing her the royal purple and shiny black costume she'd removed a few days earlier.

Selina sighed with exasperated relief.  Men were so silly.  You never knew what stupid things they would think were funny!  "I didn't know what to think!  What happened to poor Alfred?" she said, while pulling off the blue smock.

"Didn't you know he had terminal cancer?"

"He never told me!" said a shocked Selina, as she slipped her legs into the tight fitting royal purple catsuit.

"I got it out of him.  He didn't want to worry you."

"That is so like him!" Catwoman replied.  She was crying for the loss of her best friend, another father lost, as she pulled the black thigh high boots on and zipped them tight.

"Well, only his body is dead."

"What!" she exclaimed, while pulling the black shoulder length gloves onto her arms, flexing her claws when finished.

"Yes, I persuaded him, by saying how much I needed him, to switch bodies with Grace Van Skyler.  Don't look so shocked.  I had her checked out, and she was a merry widow murderess, had already killed six husbands and had planned on making Bruce Wayne the lucky number seven!  So now, Alfred is Ms. Van Skyler, working as Bruce Wayne's social secretary, and as a bonus, a dangerous criminal is permanently out of circulation!"

Selina knew she should feel outraged at Bruce's taking the law into his own hands, but the relief she felt that Alfred, one of the most decent people in this world, was still alive overrode any other feelings.  She completed her costume by pulling the cowl down over her head and tucking it into the neck of the catsuit with her long and luxurious black hair streaming out and down below it over her back.  Selina was now Catwoman once again, and ready to change with Batman, but still hoping for her original ulterior plans to work.

When they arrived in the Bat Cave, it was Batman and Catwoman who stepped out of the Batmobile, looking quite a bit different from the usual Batman and Robin.  Bruce surprised Selina by not going directly to the mind swap.  Had her plans actually worked?  He gave her another outfit, and she changed clothes into a sexy casual outfit.  She put on an alluring knit dress that showed off her magnificent figure, as well as the stiletto heeled black boots she had grown to love.  Selina smirked at the mirror.  'I look great!'

They went upstairs, and Selina saw a stunningly beautiful young blonde haired woman approaching them.  She was smiling affectionately at Bruce.  "Master Bruce," she said with an English accent fighting over a New York twang.  "So this is your lovely intended.  Miss Kyle, may I be the first to welcome you to the family!"

"Thank you!" replied the woman, wondering about already made wedding plans.

"Well, I will leave you two love birds alone!  Master Bruce, I can't thank you enough, it is so wonderful to be free from the pain I carried with me for two long years!"

After he left, Bruce turned to his former body.  "You admit that I won."

Selina nodded her lovely head.  "The forces of good, as usual, triumphed over the forces of evil."

He laughed.  "Remember our wager.  Now we go after the truly evil people in the world, whom the law can't, or won't, touch!"

Selina smiled.  It was good to have an excuse to do so!  She had always wanted to carry the crusade to the shadow figures that caused much of the world's human misery, but had been too constrained.  Well, now that was out of her hands.

"Also, I don't want to go back!  I like it here!"

"But, darling!" Selina said, feigning surprise.

"No buts, the machine has been dismantled and hid, so you're stuck.  I hope you won't be too unhappy, but you did lose the bet and part of the bet was that the loser would have a forfeit!  Well, I like being Bruce Wayne, the incredibly respectable billionaire.  I like sex better as a man, I like being so strong.  I hope it won't be too hard on you, being the fallen woman, redeemed by the love of a good man, but you're going to have to put up with it.  Better you than me!  I still expected you to marry me, keeping your promises."

The new and now forever Selina cried a little, but nodded.  "I won't wear white at the wedding," she said mulishly!

The new and now forever Bruce smiled with relief.  "Wear whatever color you wish!" he sighed; he had been so afraid of her hating him.

"Also, jail was awful!  You owe me big time for your trick.  I want an unlimited charge account!"

"Is that all you women think about, is spending money?"

She grinned, and said, "Pretty much, that and sex!"  She rubbed her body up against his, enjoying the joke.

"Now that I have no objection to, either!" Bruce chortled.  He was so relieved that his lover still loved him and was taking losing her old body so well.

Each time they made love from that point on was better for them.

Selina's ensemble at the wedding was a pale lavender.  She had developed a liking for the color purple.  Her kittens were the bridesmaids, along with Barbara Gordon.

Barbara would soon find out a few things, and the kittens got a new member who turned out to be even more skilled at the pleasures of the female body.  Besides showing them all many new tricks for pleasing and pleasuring each other, Babs also learned much from her new Mistress.  Selina eagerly took her under her wing as a sex loving young woman who knew almost no limitations, and she even started to fill in for Selina as Catwoman when her duties as a wife precluded her from going out on the streets.

Yes, indeed.  Selina had developed so strong a desire and need for sex that Bruce could not always satisfy her.  The sensory overload that the new woman had experienced during her first few days as a female had radically changed her into the sexual powerhouse she now was.  There were nights when Batman did not see Catwoman, nor was Selina in the Manor.  Barbara slowly but surely started to fill in for Selina on the streets, and did her best to keep Selina's needs met.

Gotham City never saw Batgirl again, and everyone wondered what had happened to her.  Meanwhile, the general populace became enthralled by the exploits of a new band of female crusaders righting the wrongs of the untouchable elite, led by Catwoman and working with Batman.


The new Selina was standing in front of the portrait of *Bruce's* parents, thinking of the recent past.  'It had worked!  It had worked.  The suggestions I had programmed into the machine had worked.  Selina was happy to be Bruce Wayne and Batman, and I can lay down the melancholy burden of my life, of being Batman, of being the haunted Bruce Wayne.  I transferred the memory of their deaths to the new Bruce.  He can handle it so much better, because he is not really me.  I have done it!  I have escaped from myself.  I am now the incredibly sexy and free spirited Selina Kyle Wayne!  I am Catwoman!  I've never been so happy!'  I have someone I love to share my life with and I can in good conscience go after the real sources of evil in this world.  My faithful Alfred is still alive and young again.  So more of my plan succeeded than I dared hope.'

With a glance to each side to be sure she wasn't being observed, Selina then put her thoughts into words.  "Unexpected bonuses were that I like sex better, and are clothes ever fun, especially shoes and boots.  I just can't buy enough!  Fortunately, I have a rich husband!" she laughed, filled with joy.

She had been reborn!

The end?  No, no, no.  The beginning of a number of new lives!

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