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The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros.  It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books.  The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author.  It is free to be archived on any site wishing to do so, provided the author is given proper credit.

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April Fool's Joke Gone Bad - 1999
It Gets Worse!
by Steve Zink

Batman had left the Bat Cave early in the morning of April 1 to join the rest of the members of the Justice League of America.  They were meeting for a monthly get-together and situational awareness briefing in the heroic group's Moon base called the Watchtower, where he would be occupied for the whole day.  Observing the meeting, unbeknownst to the Justice League, was Superman's 5th dimension magical foe, Mr. Mxyzptlk.

Robin, being young and with a mind fully open to off the wall jokes, figured that, this being April 1st, he could pull a really good April Fool's Joke on Batman.  After telling Alfred that he would be busy all day in the Bat Cave and that he needed privacy, the youngster got to work.

Going through the trophy room in the Bat Cave, Tim found exactly what he was looking for.  Following one of the many run ins the Dynamic Duo had with Catwoman, Batman had locked away the costume she was wearing before sending her off to jail.  The Boy Wonder assembled all the pieces of this costume at the Bat Cave's dressing table.

The teenaged prankster then walked over to the costume and disguise section of the Bat Cave, and opened up a large cabinet.  Inside the case were latex full head masks mounted upon wig stands.  Almost all the masks were of male faces, used by Batman mostly, but occasionally by
Robin, to disguise themselves for undercover work.  There were also a few masks with female faces, which had been used by Batgirl on a few missions where all three worked together as a team.

Robin had never before given any thought to using one of the female masks, but his concept for the joke broke down all barriers to his normal sexual taboos.  This time, it wouldn't be Batgirl wearing one of the female face masks.  The young hero looked over the female masks, trying to
decide which one would best fill his needs.  He picked up his selection and brought it back to the dressing table.  It was a mask Batgirl had used to disguise herself as a heavily made up, ultra slutty street walking wanton whore, but the young crime fighter was unaware of this detail.

The next thing Tim did was to go through the drawers of feminine underwear and foundation garments that Batgirl had stored there.  From these he selected two pairs of suntan colored pantyhose, a flesh colored panty, a flesh colored panty girdle, a flesh tone body briefer, and a rather severe black corset.  He brought the small pile of garments to the dressing table.

He stripped off his costume and set it aside.  After folding his equipment back between his legs under his crotch, Robin pulled on the flesh colored panty to hold it there.  To hide the bulge under his crotch even more, Tim put on the panty girdle, which had the side benefit of also flattening his stomach.  The young hero then picked up the corset, which he wrapped around his waist, then slowly and carefully pulled up the zipper to close the it tightly.  Besides a flattened tummy, the prankster now had a perfect, severely hourglass shaped waist.  To smooth out the harsh lines of the corset, he pulled on the body briefer.  Finding it difficult to bend, the now very differently shaped youngster still managed to pull on the first pair of pantyhose to smooth his legs, followed by the second to both shape his calves and also further hide his leg hair.

Earlier checking in the costume collection had pointed out one missing item for his joke, and Robin, in his non-costumed identity as Tim Drake, had gone to a mastectomy shop to obtain the largest breast forms they had.  He picked them up out of the drawer in which he'd hidden them, then put the heavy silicone forms into the breast cups of the body briefer, which barely held them but still gave him a grossly over inflated chest.  He was unfamiliar with the measurements, but now boasted a 40DDD chest over a minuscule nineteen-inch wasp waist and thirty-four-inch hips.

Then, after he sat down in front of the makeup mirror, Robin opened up the mask and pulled the sides widely apart.  He pulled the mask up to his face, and settled it into position over his eyes, nose, lips and ears.  The thin latex material of the mask actually did more to shape his own features into the positions it had.  Tim zipped the back closed, feeling the latex pull in close to his own skin, almost becoming a second skin.  It fit closely enough to appear from anything more than a few inches away as a natural face.  Natural, that is, for a stunningly made up promiscuous

Robin knew that Selina Kyle had been a prostitute in an earlier career before becoming Catwoman, and also was aware that she was a stickler for making up her face exotically.  It was for this reason that the young man selected the mask in the first place, knowing that if he couldn't look exactly like the Feline Felon, he could come close.  It was ironic that he had selected Batgirl's prostitute mask to portray the now ex-prostitute.

The mask in place, Tim got out a long black wig which would fall past his shoulder blades, and put it on over his bald latex head.  He grinned at the bewitching female that was now looking back at him from the mirror, and saw the way the mask followed his smile to look natural.  Robin started the final part of the preparation by standing up and walking over to the bench where the costume lay.

Gathering up the left leg of the purple catsuit, Robin gently inserted his now smooth foot into the stirrup of the left leg and slid the slinky spandex material up over the nylon encased leg to his left knee.  Then he did the same for the right leg, followed by pulling the costume slowly up to his waist, smoothing out the folds as he did so.  Tim was truly amazed at the shape now encased in purple below his waist.

He carefully poked his right arm into the right sleeve, and pulled it up to his armpit, then did the same for his left arm.  Again smoothing everything out, Robin reached behind himself and pulled the zipper up, then reached over his shoulder to finish the zipping.  The spandex did an excellent job in molding around Tim's now huge chest, forming two bulbous purple orbs which almost exactly matched the way it clung to its original owner.  The bottom edges of the mask were then folded under the top of the costume's neck.

Robin then reached for the shiny black vinyl boots, which had five-inch stiletto heels, and would zip up to his thighs.  "Boy, am I glad my feet are still small," the boy who looked like a girl muttered to himself.  "These look a bit small, but should still fit."  Checking the bottom of the right boot's sole, he saw the still barely visible notation saying that they were a size 7.  Once again, the teen's unfamiliarity with female sizes threw him off a bit.  He wore a size 6 shoe, so the young joker figured the boots would actually be big on him.  He didn't know that the women's size 7 was closer to a men's size 5.

Sure enough, after inserting his foot into the first boot and wiggling his toes to get his foot settled in, Tim found it tighter than he'd figured, but workable, since he wouldn't be wearing them for more than a couple of hours.  The jokester had a bit of trouble getting the zipper closed over his
slightly larger instep and ankles, but got it past them and then molded his angular legs into the elegant feminine shape as the zip reached his thigh.  
He zipped on the other boot, then minced his way back to the mirror.

Grabbing the cowl, Robin pulled it over his head, threading the long black hair at the back of his head through the slot at the base of the cowl.  He took the bottom of the cowl and carefully tucked it into the neck of the catsuit, and after smoothing it all out, made it look like a one piece suit from head to toe.  Then he grabbed the gloves, and proceeded to pull each one up past his elbows to reach almost to his arm pits.  Flexing his fingers, Tim noted the claws at the fingertips, which he could extend or retract by carefully working his knuckles within the fingers.

Leaning back to look at himself in the mirror, Robin thought, 'Oh wow!  Batman is going to freak when he sees Catwoman here in the Bat Cave.  Let's see, I should be able to do this one step better...if I can find....'  Sure enough, in the drawer of the makeup table, he found what he was
searching for.

Robin popped the voice modifier into his throat, then testing, said, "Well...hello, Batman.  Fancy meeting you here!"  Hearing a female voice, if not exactly Selina's, he felt satisfied, then turned to go wait for the Dark Knight.  In turning, the faux feline femme fatale tripped on the heels he
wasn't used to, and on the way down, his head caught the side of the table and then bounced off the wall.  The double impact knocked out the now beautiful woman.

* * * * *

What Robin couldn't know was that his transformation had been observed.  When the Justice League members broke for lunch, Mxy decided he'd had enough of the boring Moon base, and left to go Earthside.  Superman was now married to Lois, so the imp figured he could do something mean and nasty to her so that Supes would be shocked upon coming home.  
Much to his dismay, the prank playing imp couldn't find Lois Lane at the Daily Planet or their townhouse.  Luckily for her, the gorgeous black haired reporter was at that very moment doing an undercover assignment for her husband.  Mxy couldn't find her because Lois was in the identity of Maxima, infiltrating a meeting at Lex Luthor's skyscraper.  (If you want to see me do that story, let me know!)

Mr. Mxyzptlk did a mental coin toss, and decided to see what he could do to irk Superman's buddy, Batman.  He arrived at the Bat Cave just as Robin had been putting on his mask.  What he observed had the fifth dimension imp fascinated, and Mxy let events run to see what was going on.  When the ersatz Catwoman made her fall, the magical joker figured he had some time, and came upon an idea that made him giggle with glee.  The image of Superman's magical foe disappeared, to be replaced by the image of Batmite, a playful but inept imp that the Dynamic Duo had last seen more than a decade before.

* * * * *

Twenty minutes later, the figure laid out on the floor of the Batcave began to stir.  Slowly lifting her head, she looked about and saw that she was on the floor of the Bat Cave, which she recognized, even though her thoughts were still blank.  Shaking her head back and forth to try and clear the cobwebs, she noticed the silky black hair swinging back and forth as she did so, then noticed what she was wearing.  "Oh, that's right...I am Catwoman!  I wonder why I'm here in the Bat Cave?" the Feline Felon said as she got up.  Walking surely to the bench behind her, as if she'd been wearing ultra high heels all her life, she picked up her whip, then coiled it and inserted it in the top of her right boot.

Mxy, in the form of Batmite, had observed the completely changed Robin coming back to consciousness, and was ready to cast a spell when he heard the words coming from his...well...her lips.  This was too good to be true, and he didn't even have to do anything!

Just then, the Batmobile careened into the Bat Cave, and came to a stop on the turnstile in the center of the cave.  Batman had teleported down from the Watchtower when the meeting ended, and gathered the Batmobile from its storage area, to head on home.  When she first heard
the Batmobile, Catwoman stepped behind a pillar to hide herself.  She waited for the Dark Knight to get close, then leapt out in front of him.  
"Well, Batman, it looks like I've finally got you just where I want you!"

Batman was too stunned to react, and stood there frozen for just long enough to allow Catwoman to act.  She grabbed his hands and secured them with her coiled whip, then she pulled back his mask, and kissed him hard.  Coming up for air, Catwoman purred, "Oooo, this is going to be a fun evening...."

Mxy was entranced at what was playing out before him, and decided to just watch and wait for the right moment to add to the fun.

The Feline Felon looked upon the unmasked face of her lover, and scrunched her forehead underneath a mask and a cowl.  "I know you!  You're Bruce Wayne, but I think I already knew that.  How could that be?"

Batman easily slipped his hands out of the wound up whip in the moment of confusion, and then coiled it around Catwoman's wrists.  She started to wriggle in her bonds, but then settled down.  He then reached up to Catwoman's cowl.  "Fair is fair," he told her.  "If you get to take off my
cowl and see my face, then I get to do the same to you."  Her purple cowl with the black front portion was pulled up and over her head, and set aside.

He looked closely at his elusive paramour, and the Dark Knight saw that she seemed to be wearing a wig.  This got him wondering, and he inserted his left thumb under the front of the wig, then pulled it off her head.  At this point the Caped Crusader recognized the slut mask from
the disguise collection, and said, "Now, let's see who you really are!"

Batman reached behind Catwoman's head and carefully pulled up the zipper.  He opened up the back of the mask, and then pulled it forward to reveal the impostor's face.  "Robin?!?" he exclaimed.

The other impostor in the Bat Cave decided that now was just the right time to get involved.  Right after Batman made his exclamation, the figure of Batmite popped into view next to them.  "No, Batman," Batmite said.  "Not Robin, Catwoman!"

The young male face on top of the outlandishly shaped feminine body clad in royal purple lycra spandex and black leather morphed into a duplicate of the mask that had covered it until moments before, and the hair on his head sprang out to match the wig laying on the bench.  What had been latex was now true skin.

But those weren't the only changes taking place.
The anatomy reshaped under the costume by figure shaping undergarments reconfigured itself bit by bit to become the actual flesh normally hidden there.  Tim, or rather, Selina, could feel her feet becoming more slender and shorter, to fit her boots perfectly.  Her calves and thighs
became smooth and soft in shape, filling out where needed to become the epitome of beautiful gams.  If the shape induced by foundation garments before had looked good, the reshaped flesh now covered only by purple spandex now looked incredible.  The absolutely huge and idealy shaped breasts standing out with extended nipples as if gravity had no effect on them, wasp shaped waist over rounded hips, perfectly shaped ass, and an absolutely flat stomach made both the new owner and her observer gasp.

Catwoman then felt the bulge in her crotch shrink into her body, and looking down, saw the distinctly outlined shape of her new labia molded as a camel toe in the purple spandex.  She started to reach down to verify what she saw, but felt her fingers changing within the gloves and
hesitated.  Her fingers became smaller and more svelte, and long claw-like fingernails formed at their tips.  These new fingers then gently probed the new slit where a projection used to be, and shivered with the feeling she got.  Her new claws reached up and tweaked the nipples projecting
outward from her huge, twin monds of flesh, and another chill went through her body.

Catwoman was now in every way the female she had only pretended to be earlier.  She started to step over to the mirror to look at her new self, but hesitated as she felt her heels rising.  As the brunette with the beautiful face made up to look like a total slut got to the mirror, she saw her head rising, but then halting.  She was the now the incredibly beautiful whore and feline femme fatale in actuality!

As Catwoman then started to look down toward her feet, Batmite said, "I just couldn't resist!  You looked so good in those five-inch heels that I decided you'd look even better in seven-inch heels."  The Feline Felon saw that her toes just barely stuck forward from her instep now, but her
balance seemed to be unaffected by the incredible arch the rest of her feet were in, perched atop the pencil thin, ultra sexy fuck me stiletto heels.

Until now, Batmite had allowed Robin's mind to take in all that was happening to her as Catwoman.  She started to turn back toward Batman, but instead turned to the table where her cowl resided.  "What's happening?  I can't stop myself!" she exclaimed.  Unbidden, her clawed
hands picked up the cowl.

As Catwoman was pulling the cowl down over her head, threading her mane through the slot in back and then tucking it the bottom of the cowl into the top of the catsuit's neck, Batmite told her, "You are now Catwoman, in body, soul and in mind.  You can forget anything you ever
knew of a young man named Tim Drake who was a hero at heart.  You're now a slightly older woman who has the heart of an incredibly evil villainess.  You know enough about your new identity to make it your own, so do it!"  Fourteen years of male memories were erased, and the
background files assembled over the years by Batman and studied by Robin now became her own life.  "By the way," the imp added, "I have already made sure that you are the only Selina Kyle.  There is a young lady in jail right now who just became Kandy Kyle, and she is there
serving time for prostitution.  Since you share that profession with your older sister, you might want to consider breaking her out!"

Now Catwoman knew why her face looked so slutty.  It must have slipped her mind that she was a whore that loved to sell her body, besides steal things.

Batmite turned toward the ex-Robin's partner and saw the look on his face.  "You look surprised, Batman!  Don't you like the changes I've made?"  Before the Dark Knight could reply, the disguised Mr. Mxyzptlk added, "Since half of the Dynamic Duo is now female, let's complete the
set.  Goodbye, Batman, hello, Batwoman!"

Batman couldn't resist as his hands opened the mask they were holding, and pulled it over his face and head.  After the zipper was closed, his hands reached for the long black wig, and placed it over the rubber head.  They then fell to his side as the latex of the mask turned into real skin and the wig became luxuriously silky and smooth hair.

Frozen in place now, Batman felt not just his body morphing the same way that his partner's had, but also saw and felt the costume altering to reflect the new body underneath it.  The heavily armored shape of the black batsuit became a tight fitting and glossy smooth lycra spandex
one, which clung to the new shapes in all the right places.  Her own new breasts made the melon sized ones on Catwoman look small, and were equally adept at defying gravity.  The exquisite shape of her new body was similar to, but not the same as, Catwoman's.  Besides the larger
breasts, her waist was even smaller.

Even though both women's faces were derived from the same slut mask, Batmite made sure they didn't end up as twins.  Where Catwoman recognized that her face was that of a prostitute after thinking about it for a moment, Batwoman had no problem in knowing her role.  Before she
pulled the much daintier cowl down over her head, both she and Catwoman saw that the face she wore screamed out sex.  Batwoman was now a crimefighter with a very interesting sideline.

Batmite wasn't finished, though.  Before Batwoman could make any motions to get near either Catwoman or himself, the imp conjured up a huge length of rope and proceeded to tie up Batwoman into a severe bondage pose.  He also made sure that the incedibly feminine crime
fighter would enjoy it.  The memories and morals of Bruce Wayne were erased, and replaced with the sex crazed mind of Belinda Wayne, who was now so hot for sex that she had a brain easily open to suggestion.

Catwoman took the prompt from Batmite and proceeded to use her whip and claws in bringing the tied up wench to a number of successive orgasms, each one bringing her closer and closer to a point where any semblance of identity could be altered.

Catwoman saw how much Batwoman was enjoying her torture and decided to show her an even better time.  She untied the black clad wench and led her to the bunk in the corner of the Bat Cave.  There the two new ladies fully explored the workings of their new bodies, each
coming to a number of orgasms in the process.  In the heat of passion, Catwoman, on a whim, suggested, "Batwoman, why do you have to be my constant opponent?  We could do so much better if we operated together.  Just think of the fun we could have, both at home and out on
the streets, if we were partners instead of enemies."

To her great surprise, Catwoman heard her bedmate say, "I would give anything to be with you constantly, Selina!  I could set aside Batwoman and become a new partner of yours, if you'd let me."

Not knowing just how effective the power of suggestion was, Catwoman replied, "Let you?  My dear, I need you and desire you, and crave your companionship.  Forget about Batwoman.  You can become Tigress, and work right alongside me!"

Mxy's work was done.  The outcome of the scenario he had set up was even better than he'd planned.  Observing the girls going over to the Bat Computer to design a new costume for the new villainess, and still in the form of Batmite, he said, "Why don't you girls remake this dreary Bat Cave into something more appealing to cats?  I'll go up to the mansion and make some changes there so everything will fit together."  Before leaving though, a quick spell altered the Batmobile into the Kitty Kar.

As Tigress was getting her new costume ready, Alfred the butler saw the goofy form of Batmite blink into reality in front of him.  He couldn't recall how long it had been since he last saw the quirky imp.  Little did the man of the house know that the imp he saw was a lot more malevolent than the one he was used to.  "Hello, Batmite," the grey haired old man said.  "To
what do we owe the pleasure of this visit?"

Not wasting such a good opening, Batmite replied, "The pleasure is all mine.  I'm making a few changes in the Wayne household, and the environs below.  A grey haired old butler won't fit in with the new residents here, so I think we'll bring in a cute young French Maid."

"Why on Earth would you want Master Bruce to have a French Maid?" was Alfred's stunned reply.

"Master Bruce doesn't live here anymore, Mimi.  Mistress Belinda is the new 'mistress' of the house," Batmite told him.

"Mimi?  My name is Alfred," the butler started to say.

The imp butt in, and cut him off.  "Not any more, it isn't!  Welcome to the new world, where you will have quite a few more years to live, Mimi!"

Alfred wasn't given the opportunity to enjoy a slow change in shape like Robin and Batman had.  Where one moment stood a 70-ish grey haired butler, the very next stood a petite young twenty-something woman with a voluptuous body and long blonde hair streaming down her back, dressed in a traditional French Maid's outfit, and perched atop her usual six-inch heeled black patent shoes with three locking straps over her ankles.

"Oui, Mister Batmite," were the first words from her new mouth.  She went about her cleaning and cooking duties as Batmite blinked out.

Mxy reappeared in the Bat Cave, this time in his own form.  He saw that Tigress already had donned her new costume, which left little to the imagination while still looking sexy as hell.  The tiger striped lycra G-string split into two thin bands which rose to cover only the aureolae and nipples of her ample breasts, then went round her neck to be tied off as a halter.  Similarly colored gloves went all the way to her shoulders, and her tiger striped boots rose to her mid thighs, with heels to match her partner's.  The thin domino mask she wore barely hid her identity, while showing off the beautifully whorish face underneath.

Catwoman and Tigress spotted Mxy at about the same moment, and the Feline Felon said, "Hello, Mr. Mxyzptlk!  What brings you to the Bat Cave?  Or should I say, The Cat's Lair?  You just missed seeing your old pal, Batmite."

"Oh, I wouldn't say I missed him," Mxy replied as he blinked back into Batmite.  "I've been working undercover today, since it was the Bats I was playing with instead of the Superoaf.  Have fun in your new lives, ladies!"

Mxy blinked away just a bit too soon, for he would have giggled in glee at hearing that Catwoman and Tigress were planning to trap Batgirl and Huntress, and bring them into the fold.  But even before those two, Selina and Belinda were going to get Kandy out and have her become Lynx.

Mimi started to feel left out when her mistresses went out having fun, and went down to the Cat Computer to make a costume of her own.  
Catwoman and Tigress were surprised to find their new kitten, Pussy, waiting for them on their return.

Huntress fell for the trap first, and took on the new identity of Manx.  It was Manx herself was the one who snagged Batgirl, who then became Ocelot.

Since the team of Cats was doing so well, they set higher goals, and in no time a certain Amazon Princess had joined their ranks as the new Cheetah, and even Supergirl fell prey to Cheetah's powers.

Appropriately for her strength and powers, the super powered blonde became Lioness.

From that moment on, the whole universe was at stake.

Mxy could not believe what changes had been wrought from a simple April Fool's Joke.

The End

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