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The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros.  It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books.  The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author.  It is free to be archived on any site wishing to do so, provided the author is given proper credit.

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April Fool's Joke Gone Bad - 1998
by Steve Zink

Here's a quickie for April Fool's Day

Batman had gone to a meeting downtown at the Gotham City Police Station, where he would be occupied for the whole day.  Robin, being young and with a mind fully open to off the wall jokes, figured that, this being April 1st, he could pull a really good April Fool's Joke on the Dark Knight.  After telling Alfred that he would be busy all day in the Bat Cave and to not worry about him, the teenaged hero got to work.


Going through the trophy room in the Bat Cave, Tim found exactly what he was looking for.  After one of the many escapades Batman had with Catwoman, he had locked away the costume she was wearing before sending her off to jail.  The prankster assembled all the pieces of the costume at the Bat Cave's dressing table.  He then stripped off his Robin costume and put it aside.

After folding his penis back between his legs under his crotch, Tim pulled on a pair of panties to hold it there.  He then got out a corset which he secured around his waist, then laced tightly.  Now finding it difficult to bend, he still managed to pull on a pair of pantyhose to smooth his legs, then put silicone forms in the breast cups of the corset.  "Boy, am I glad we keep this dressing table well stocked," mused Robin.  "Now for the fun part!"

Sitting at the makeup mirror, Robin proceeded to work over his face with bases and fillers as Batman had taught him.  Then he utilized the supplies of the makeup kit to change his face to look just like Selina Kyle's.  This done, he got out a long black wig which would fall past his shoulder blades, and put in over his head.  Grinning at the bewitching female that was now looking back at him from the mirror, Tim started the final part of the preparation by walking over to the bench where the costume lay.

Gathering up the left leg of the purple catsuit, Robin gently inserted his foot into the stirrup of the foot and worked the suit up to his left knee.  Then he did the same for the right leg, followed by pulling the costume slowly up to his waist, smoothing out the folds as he did so.  Carefully poking his right arm into the right sleeve, he pulled it up to the armpit, then did the same for the left arm.  Again smoothing everything out, Tim reached behind himself and pulled the zipper up, then reached over his shoulder to finish the zipping.

Robin reached for the black boots, which had five-inch stiletto heels and would zip up to his thighs.  "Boy, am I glad my feet are still small!" the teen muttered to himself.  "These look a bit small, but should still fit."  Sure enough, after inserting his foot into the first boot and wiggling his toes to get his foot settled in, he found it tight but workable, since he wouldn't be wearing them for more than a couple of hours.  Tim zipped on the other boot, then minced his way back to the mirror.

Grabbing the cowl, Robin pulled it over his head, threading the hair at the back of his head through the slot at the base of the cowl.  Then reaching for the gloves, the almost finished prankster proceeded to pull each one up past his elbows to reach almost to his shoulders.  Flexing his fingers, Tim noted the claws at the fingertips, which he could extend or retract by carefully working his knuckles within the finger.  Stepping back to look at himself in the mirror, the now perfectly clad joker thought, 'Oh wow!  Batman is going to freak when he sees Catwoman here in the Bat Cave.  Let's see, I should be able to do this one step better...if I can find....'

Sure enough, in the drawer of the makeup table, Tim found what he was searching for.  He popped the voice modifier into his throat, then testing, said, "Well, hello, Batman.  Pleasant meeting you here!"  Hearing a female voice, if not exactly Selina's, he felt satisfied, then turned to go wait for Batman.  In turning, the faux feline femme fatale tripped, and on the way down his head caught the side of the table, then bounced off the wall.

Twenty minutes later, the figure laid out on the floor of the Bat Cave started to stir.  Slowly lifting her head, she looked about and saw that she was laid out in the Bat Cave, which she recognized, even though her thoughts were still blank.  Shaking her head back and forth to try and clear the cobwebs, she noticed the hair swinging back and forth as she did so, then noticed what she was wearing.  "Oh, that's right...I am Catwoman!  I wonder why I'm here in the Bat Cave?" she said as she got up.  Walking surely to the bench behind her, she picked up her whip, then coiled it and inserted it in the top of her left boot.

Just then, the Batmobile careened into the Bat Cave and came to a stop on the turnstile in the center of the cave.  Stepping behind a pillar, Catwoman waited for Batman to get close, then leaped out in front of him.  "Well, Batman, it looks like I've finally got you just where I want you!"  Grabbing his hands and securing them with a coil of rope, she then pulled back his mask, and kissed him hard.  "Oooo...This is going to be a fun evening...."

The end

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