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The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros. It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books. The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author.
 Note: This story is set waaaayyyy back in an older continuity.
 Supergirl was making one of her infrequent visits to the Legion after traversing more or less a thousand years in the time stream toward the future. When she got to Legion HQ, she was greeted warmly by Cosmic Boy, who put out the word for everybody to gather in the briefing room. There, she was reintroduced to all the Legionnaires on duty, and seen for the first time by a few Legionnaires who had joined since her last visit.
 With pleasantries out of the way, Cosmic Boy and Kara then went to the Duty Desk, where Brainiac 5 was on monitor duty. Seeing his part-time lover for the first time in ages, Brainy went a bit googoo eyed, then told Kara and Cosmic Boy, "It's a good thing you've come around. I just got word that the Fatal Five is acting up again."
 After getting briefed by Brainiac 5 on available details, Cosmic Boy took Kara and went back to the briefing room to alert the rest of the Legion to the crisis at hand. Dividing up the group into action teams, Cosmic Boy then took off with Ultra Boy to do a preliminary on hand check of the situation.
 While they were in transit, Kara was given an up to date briefing by Brainy on the status, capabilities, and most recent activities of the Fatal Five to bring her up to speed. The action teams took off for their three pronged assault, with Supergirl left behind to act as the stopgap for whichever team needed her aid the most.


In short order, Brainiac 5 got word from Cosmic Boy that the Fatal Five were wreaking havoc on Xanthu, with Persuader taking down the Capitol Building piece by piece, Tharok and Validus rounding up hostages, and Mano was with Emerald Empress holed up in a cave with the Government members they'd rounded up so far. There was also bad news for the Legion, and Kara in particular. Cosmic Boy related that Emerald Empress had a huge pile of Green Kryptonite in the cave, and the rest of the Fatal Five had pieces of Green K attached to their belts. The Five must have planned in advance to thwart any help from Superboy or Supergirl. Kara was told to remain at Legion HQ, to await further developments.
 Half fuming, half frustrated at not being able to assist her fellow Legionnaires, Kara waited with Brainy at the monitor. Word soon came that Cosmic Boy and Ultra Boy had been captured by Emerald Empress and were now being held in the cave. Turning in frustration, Kara left the Duty Desk, aimlessly wandering through the halls of the HQ. Then an idea came to her. "Why didn't I think of this sooner!" she exclaimed, heading for the Legion Museum room in a hurry. "When I was fighting my Red K clone Satan Girl on the Puppet World way back when, she tried to kill me with the Green K I had thrown at her earlier, carrying the pile in her arms. Her costume was made with lead..."
 Sure enough, on display in the Museum Room was the Satan Girl costume the Legion had brought back after she had melded back into Supergirl when the 48 hour timeframe of Red-K affects wore off. Next to that was the lead-lined costume they had shown to her after finding it following the battle. "With this lead-lined costume," mused Kara, "I can go to the aid of Cosmic Boy without worrying about the Empress' Green K!"
 Who Kara was going to the aid of was about to change, though...
 After taking off her Supergirl costume and neatly stacking it next to the display case, Kara then opened the case and removed the lead lined costume. Noting that it was one piece from head to toe with no openings except for the eyes and lower face, Kara felt sure she could operate in and around Kryptonite with no problem. Fitting her feet into the legs of the jet black costume, Kara then pulled it up to her chest and put her arms into the sleeves, working her fingers into the built in gloves. As she reached behind herself to pull up the zipper, Kara started to feel a bit lightheaded, but passed it off. She should have been more aware of what would cause this lightheadedness.
 With the zipper all the way up, Kara pulled the cowl down over her head, lining up the eye holes, then zipped the cowl closed. Shaking her head as if to clear mental cobwebs, Kara then reached for the cape and clipped it to her shoulders. Almost involuntarily, with no way to stop her hands if she wanted to, Kara then zipped on the knee high spike heeled boots. Her costume was now complete. HER costume?
 "Ha, ha, ha! So Supergirl thought she could use my costume! I am now once again Satan Girl, with no Red K to force me back into Supergirl this time," she exclaimed, then picked up her normal stretch fabric costume which contained no lead, and compressed it to fit into the pocket on the inner side of her cape. She'd be all set to use her normal costume once there was no threat from the Green-K. As for Supergirl's neatly piled costume, she compressed it into a tiny ball, and shot it deep into the earth. "I don't think we'll ever need that costume again!"
 Using the super speed of which she and few others were capable, Satan Girl proceeded to the cave in which Emerald Empress held Cosmic Boy and Ultra Boy before any other Legionnaires could get there. Purposefully striding right up to the Empress, Satan Girl put her hands on her hips, and declared, "Hello, Empress. I'd like to join in your escapades!"
 "Who the hell are you?" answered the Empress, as Cosmic Boy and Ultra Boy in unison shouted, "Satan Girl!?"
 "I see my erstwhile allies have given you your answer," Satan Girl said to the Emerald Empress. "I want to give you a hand in destroying the Legionnaires who are trying to stop you from wreaking havoc here. To show you why the Legionnaires at your feet were so shocked to see me, let me show you something," said Satan Girl as she started to remove her cowl.
 Shaking her blonde hair free, Satan Girl then heard the Empress cry out in shock, "Supergirl!"
 "Not any more," replied Satan Girl as she resealed the cowl before Green K radiation could sap her strength. "I'm Satan Girl, one of the most vile, most cruel, most just plain evil women in the entire galaxy!" 


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