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The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros. It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books. The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author.
 For almost all of his life, since being balded by an accident in his lab that he blamed on Superboy when they were both fourteen years old, Lex Luthor had held a grudge against the last Son of Krypton. He had come up with so many plots and new scientific deathtraps over the years that Lex was widely regarded as one of the most intelligent and dedicated scientific criminals in the world, at least by his criminal peers.
 To Superman and the rest of the law enforcement community, Lex was known as a dedicated crackpot with what seemed like only a single goal on his one-track mind - destroy Superman at any cost. As with most of his escapades, Lex's most recent attempt to do in Superman had netted him with no harm done to his foe, and a new term in prison during which to plot his next endeavor.
 It was during this prison term that Luthor heard of something which could very well be the ultimate weapon in his efforts to at least debase and humiliate Superman, and if done properly, would be infinitely more satisfying than merely killing him. During one of the daily recreation periods, he got into a conversation with an ancient inmate who he'd seen on and off over the years, but to whom he had paid no attention. Lex now found himself wishing he had befriended this old coot many years before.


It seems that the inmate had been in the prison since the early fifties, put there because of illegal experiments he had been conducting. The old man was now near death, and told Lex about some experimental equipment he had hidden away before he was incarcerated. The most important piece was an apparatus he called the Psyche Exchange Device. It could switch the minds between two bodies, presumably both human, but not necessarily so. As soon as he heard about this, Lex's fertile imagination went into overdrive. With the old man's help, Lex worked out the details of operating the system, and where it was hidden.
 When he was released on parole two months later, Lex immediately went to work on preparing what he considered to be the ultimate downfall for his enemy, Superman. Luthor went to one of his own hidden caches, and retrieved from it his small collection of Green Kryptonite rocks left over from meteors that had fallen to Earth over the years. He had used these very same samples of Green-K many times in the past in efforts to weaken or kill Superman, but each time, the Man of Steel was able to escape the rocks which were sapping his strength and poisoning him. This time, Lex was reasonably certain that the glowing green fragments would finally do the job.
 Lex laid low for a week, keeping out of the attention of the law. This made it a simple matter for him to eventually go exploring and locate the old scientist's hidden lab without anyone wondering what he might be doing. The directions given Lex by the old scientist were right on target, and luckily, no development or building had been done anywhere near the hillside where his cavern based lab was hidden.
 Luthor worked his way through the brush and loose rock placed in front of the entrance to the cavern, and found a torch to light off just inside. Fishing his pipe lighter out of his back pocket, Lex got the oil in the well of the torch back into contact with the wick, and after it had become damp with oil, he lit it off.
 Making his way to the back of the cavern, Luthor soon found the cubicle holding the Psyche Exchange Device. He marveled at its small size, given that transistors were not available yet when the older scientist had been working, let alone semiconductors and microchips. Lex spent a good number of hours analyzing the device as it existed in the cave, and with many notes now in his possession, left to go back to his own laboratory.
 Over the next two weeks, Lex spent the better part of each day putting together a miniaturized version of the old scientist's invention. He also spent a number of evenings in the red light district of Metropolis, taking copious notes of all the streetwalkers he saw there, keeping track of both appearance and apparent demeanor.
 When he had the newly shrunken Psyche Exchange Device ready, Lex felt it was now time to put his plan into effect. He set up a grinder with which he could pulverize some of the Green-K into a fine powder, then mixed it into a glass of water. The deadly drink appearing to be limeade was then set aside for later use. The rest of the Green-K was placed around the doorway through which Superman would have to enter the lab. Lex set up one terminal of the PED in the back of a seat he placed in the foyer outside the lab, then put the hand held other terminal on a rack near the entrance.
 That night, Luthor went again to the most frequented corner in the red light district downtown. The one prostitute he had noted as being his most likely target was there again, as she had been every other night. He had noted that she was obviously either very well endowed or had spent a good portion of her earnings on enhancing her breasts, because they easily stood out from her chest a good six inches, but nevertheless, were well rounded and pleasantly shaped.
 Her minuscule waist led to hips which flared out nicely, leading to perfectly shaped legs which she always had in fishnet hose. The shoes she wore never had heels of less than six inches. Most importantly of all though, Lex had noted the sort of blank look on her face, which under all the heavy makeup and huge hairdo sort of said, 'Take me, I'm yours, and I don't care!'
 Lex drove up to her, invited her into the car, then started talking to her while driving to his place, and found that her name was Jenny Cline. Sure enough, he found that she seemed almost incredibly simple, though not stupid, and turned tricks because she felt a physical need to do so, as if her body needed it to live. This was just what he was hoping for. The loss of her intellect would be of no consequence.
 When they got to the lab, Luthor gave her a sedative which put her to sleep in the seat he had set up. Then, using all the nerve he had culled in his years of hassling Superman, he put in a phone call to Lois Lane at her apartment. After she started with a, "Do you know what time it is?" Lex cut in and told her that she had better get in touch with her friend Superman. He told her he had finally gotten his hands on a small thermonuclear weapon, and was set to erase Metropolis from the map if Superman didn't come to his lab right away. Before she could say anything else, he hung up.
 Lois immediately put in a call to her friend Clark Kent, who she knew could get in touch with Superman somehow. After relating what Luthor had passed on to her, Clark told her he would get in touch with Superman right away. As soon as he hung up from talking to Lois, Clark zipped into his Superman costume and was out the window zooming at super speed to Lex Luthor's hideout. He knew better than to try scanning Luthor's lab with X-ray vision, for Lex had painted the whole complex in lead based paint.
 Superman circled Luthor's building, looking for any likely signs of trouble, and seeing none, landed at the front door, then casually stepped in. A tape Luthor had set up welcomed Superman to his humble lab. This gave the hero a chuckle, then he proceeded to the lab in which he had so often had his almost one sided battles with Luthor.
 Lex, waiting in the foyer, watched a monitor which showed his nemesis' progress. As Superman neared the lab, he hid behind a partition, waiting. His foe reached the doorway with the Green-K liner, and immediately fell to his knees in pain, losing strength rapidly. Lex stepped out from behind the partition and said, "Hello again, Super Dolt! Don't bother looking for the nuke. It was merely a ruse, as I'm assuming you had probably figured on. I finally have a way to get rid of you as a force to be reckoned with. In a moment, Superman, you're going to be given a new lease on life. Say good-bye for now, I'll get back to you in a few minutes!"
 He held the PED unit over Superman's head, then pressed the activator. Even through all the agony showing on his face, Lex could see the abrupt change in Superman's appearance. He no longer appeared to have the strong will to survive, the strength of character which got him out of all the traps Luthor had put him in over the many years. Luthor knew this meant that the mind in the super human but rapidly fading body was that of a low IQ bimbo who had no further reason to live.
 Lex went over to the sleeping beauty in the seat, waved some smelling salts under her nose, then watched as her eyes opened, closed again, then opened wide in astonishment at seeing what she could see of herself and Superman slumped in the doorway. "Welcome back to reality, Superman, or should I say, Jenny. I'll let you watch as your body recovers from the sedative I gave it earlier. Now watch, as I make sure the super powered oaf never bothers me again."
 Jenny watched in a groggy horror as Lex picked up a glass of green tinted fluid and poured it into Superman's mouth. As he started swallowing the liquid in reflex, the blue and red clad hero began to gag, and fell to the floor in spasms. With the Green-K laced fluid working its way into his system, the body of Superman was rapidly being poisoned fatally. In mere minutes, all signs of life on the supine hero stopped.
 Luthor felt his neck for a pulse, then put his hand next to his nostrils to feel for airflow. Finding neither, he grinned, and turning to Jenny, said, "You see? Your past life is now dead and gone. You'll find the life you are now set to live to be a lot simpler that what you were used to. I'm not sure if your superior intellect will survive in that tiny brain, but the body you are in has a distinct craving for sexual fulfillment. No matter what you may want to do now, you'll find your body limiting you to an intense desire to dress provocatively and service clients on the street!"
 Jenny shook her head, was astounded to see the long blonde hair swirling about, then looked down at her chest as her hands were held out in front of her, almost but not quite cupping those humongous breasts. "Luthor, what have you done to me?" The bimbo-like voice she heard herself using gave her even more reason for confusion. "I...I seem to remember being Superman. Yes, I am Superman. But I'm not Superman! I feel so confused!"
 Luthor walked over to caress her shoulder, then said, "Relax, my dear. Your confused little brain will settle down soon enough. I'm sure you will recall in some tiny way who you used to be, but the needs of your body will overpower that recollection. You'll get used to being Jenny, with all her wants and needs, and I won't have to worry about Superman bothering me ever again. I'll be able to watch you struggling to live your new life, and thoroughly enjoy seeing you being used by men as a plaything."
 Luthor took Jenny by the hand, led her to his car, and then drove her back to the corner at which he'd picked her up earlier in the evening. The other prostitutes would probably think she had merely spent a profitable evening with a customer. Jenny seemed to enjoy the feel of her feet in the shoes clicking on the pavement, then took her post amongst the others. He watched in glee as she opened her purse and got out a wallet, apparently checking to see where she lived. Superman was now fated to live out the rest of his, no make that her, life as a whore, a super sexy bimbo with not enough intellect to even worry about who she had been. Lex was sure that her dreams and nightmares would probably give her reminders of her past, but her reality was now set.
 Lex made his way back to his lab, the whole way thinking of who else he'd like to see changed with his new toy...
 The end...for now


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