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The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros. It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books. The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the authors.
 A Recent Friday...
 In Metropolis, a window washer was eating his lunch on a platform fifty stories high. As he took a bite of his sandwich, the scaffolding began to creak and groan; before he could react, the whole structure came loose from the building, taking him toward an almost certain death.
 Suddenly, a golden lasso flew past his eyes, grabbing and halting the platform, and causing his safety harness to jerk to a stop. As he looked up, he could see a figure coming out of the sun, reaching down to him. He put his hand in front of his eyes to block the glare, seeing an awesome pair of black high heeled boots go past, followed by what looked like the famous red, white and blue costume, but with black instead of blue, and a silver eagle emblem on her chest instead of gold.
 He was grabbed by a pair of tiny but strong hands enclosed in shiny red, and felt the metal bracelets around each of her wrists. He looked into the face of his savior, a kind face wearing a platinum tiara, a deep platinum choker covering her whole throat, and fiery red star-shaped earrings, and said, "Thanks...Wonder Woman?!" He was puzzled, because her face didn't look at all like the Amazon with whom he was familiar. Then he knew, as he recognized the steely features, even though they were now feminine.
 Superman flew down to the street, cradling the man, and gently lowering the platform so that no damage or injuries occurred. As soon as she was sure that the broken structure was secure, she landed and released the man she had saved.

"Thanks again! I owe you my life. I don't care what anyone else says about you, to me, you're the greatest, no matter what you look like." The man grabbed Superman's svelte right hand, and began to shake it gently, as he would that of any woman. As a crowd began to form around them, the man looked around, and began to feel uncomfortable when the crowd started to murmur. He then dropped Superman's gloved hand like a dead fish. "Uhh, I have to call my wife, that's me, a happily married man, and tell her what happened. Thanks again."
 He then ran off into the entrance of the building as quickly as possible. Superman never got the chance to tell him that she wasn't Wonder Woman. She got the impression, however, that he already knew. She sighed, "You'd think it wouldn't matter, after all I've done; you'd think it wouldn't matter." She gathered up her golden lasso, and replaced it on her hip.
 Then a hand touched her on her bare shoulder from behind, and a familiar voice said, "Excuse me!" She turned to see Lois Lane, with a smirk across her face. "Mind telling me why you're wearing Wonder Woman's costume, and how you got a body to fit it?"
 'Well, at least Lois knows who I am.' Superman sighed again, "It's a long story. And how did you know I was Superman?"
 "I do keep up on current events, you know, Superman," she replied. "A couple of the Justice Leaguers have been seen in each other's costumes recently, some in totally new costumes, and few of the guys seem to be gals now. And you still look more like a female version of yourself than Wonder Woman." She crossed her arms, and continued, "I don't care how long the story is, I want to hear this!"
 The incredibly feminine Superman started, "Do you remember the interview with the JLA a week and a half ago?"
 "Yes, I was there," replied Lois, "and I remember Wonder Woman showing off the new costume you're wearing."
 "Right after that, we teleported up to the JLA's Watchtower for our meeting to elect our new members. It was as we were teleporting that the accident happened; we later found out that the teleporter was booby-trapped by the Joker. It exchanged some of our costumes to match his warped sense of humor. Joker turned out to be the least of our troubles, though. Mr. Mxyzptlk reversed the sex of all the guys in the second teleport group, and fixed the costumes from the first group to be permanent."
 Lois grinned, "So you aren't the only JLA member still wearing a different costume? Sorry, I know this isn't funny, but it just seems so outrageous."
 "Correct, Wonder Woman is now wearing my uniform," she told her. "Hawkman and Hawkwoman have swapped costumes, with Hawkman becoming even more feminine than me, thanks to Mxy. Flash and few of the other guys are also now female. Most of the guys who got female costumes refuse to show their faces, because they are still guys. We all got switched, one way or another, except the lucky few who came up by other means, and the rest you'll find out about later, I guess."
 Superman stretched out her arms, with palms turned down to showcase herself. "We are really embarrassed to be wearing these costumes, but have no choice, because they have become bonded to our individual auras at the molecular level. What is even more embarrassing for me, is this costume somehow makes me take on a beautiful Amazon's body, to match or even exceed Wonder Woman's physique. Unlike the others in the first group, I'm not a male in a female costume; I've been turned into a female version of myself. I am lucky in one respect, in that my super powers have helped me adjust to these high heels."
 She put one arm across her bounteous chest, and rested the other on it to put her hand under her chin while Superman put a more serious look on her face. "I guess I got lucky that it didn't give me her face, also. I still have my own identity, even if it is altered considerably. The others with costume switches are lucky; they only have different costumes, not different bodies, other than Hawkman. He, or rather...she also got a bum deal, in that Mxy lowered her intellect to nearly blonde bimbo status."
 Lois laughed, saying, "I really shouldn't laugh, but the whole situation sounds so incredible. I'm sorry to hear about the guys who have become gals, and poor Hawkman. Since, her wife is Hawkwoman, is she going to call herself Hawkgirl, to match her reduced intelligence? By the way, you look really adorable in Wonder Woman's new costume. I bet you wish she had worn her old costume, instead of this one? This costume has to be more uncomfortable than the old one would've been. And what about your masculine secret identity? If I recall reading about Wonder Woman's costume change, it becomes a dress or something else feminine. How can you explain wearing a dress, looking like a man? For that matter, after changing, does the costume still make you look like a woman?"
 "I had to take a leave of absence from my job, because you're right. I can't remove the costume, and it doesn't even change its appearance like her old costume did. The best I've been able to do is cover it with other clothes, and even that doesn't last long. Also, Wonder Woman has instructed me about the bracelets of submission, and since they are magic, along with her power girdle, they affect me the same way they did her. My powers are tied to them now."
 "So are you going to be Superwoman now, or call yourself Wonder Woman, since she is in the Superman costume, and is rightly Superwoman?" she asked, with just a bit of a sneer.
 Superman sighed heavily, and flew away without answering.
 * * * * *
 After getting back to the Daily Planet, Lois Lane was curious about Clark's not showing up at work for over a week, which by coincidence was the same time that Superman was wearing his, no she thought, *her* new costume. She spoke to Perry, and he said that Clark had phoned in about an illness in the family, and would call back when things were better. He also told Lois that Clark must have been catching whatever was ailing his family, because his voice sounded kind of high pitched.
 For some reason, Jimmy Olsen had not reported for work in that time either, but since she didn't work side by side with Jimmy the way she did with Clark, Lois didn't pay this any mind. That was more Perry's problem. She just hoped that nothing had happened to her favorite photographer.
 Lois started to call Clark, but decided instead to drop by his apartment later that evening, after work.
 * * * * *
 Clark was sitting in her chair with a robe wrapped around her Wonder Woman costume, wondering how she could continue as Clark Kent, while dressed as and appearing to be an incredibly beautiful young lady.
 The doorbell rang, and before she could think, she asked, "Who is it?" in the same seductively feminine voice she'd been using earlier in the day.
 "It's me, Clark," Lois answered, wondering already about the feminine voice she heard. "Let me in, I need to talk to you."
 Clark hesitated for a few seconds, wondering how to explain her form and clothes to Lois, but then she reached for the locks on the door, and let her in.
 Lois entered the apartment, took one look at Clark, and grinned.
 "It is true. After all these years! I always suspected you were Superman, but couldn't prove it!"
 Clark collapsed into a nearby chair, and asked, "Lois, please take a seat on the couch."
 "I don't see why you can't just cover up the costume with other clothes, even if you can't take the costume off," Lois remarked. "I know it must be embarrassing, and makes you look unbelievably feminine."
 "When it was first placed on me at the Watchtower," she replied, "I had been wanting to remove it. Wonder Woman even said I should have been able to remove it. She had removed it a number of times. But all of our costumes became bonded to our auras just before the meeting in the Watchtower. Now, I don't even have any desire to try and remove it, or cover it up; all I want to do is keep wearing it, enjoying how feminine and beautiful it makes me look."
 The ultra-feminine Superman then stood, and without even thinking about it, used the stiletto heels under her feet to strike a seductive pose. "At first, I should have at least been able to remove some of the costume's accessories, like the tiara and choker. I have tried over and over, but when I raise my hands to them, they refuse to grasp them. I have only been able to stay out of this outfit for less than an hour lately. I have put dresses or pants and blouses over it, but can't seem to keep them covering it. A compulsion comes over me again, and I find myself once again dressed like this. Also, I lose my powers completely if I don't wear the bracelets and girdle of strength. I was able to take them off briefly, but felt my strength fading rapidly. My original powers are now fully interconnected with Wonder Woman's power icons."
 Superman smiled finally, and did a fashion twirl for Lois. "Helplessly, I keep myself dressed in this outfit, and I'm now able to relax with it on. But this is the only identity I can have. At first, I felt uncomfortable dressed like this, but after a while, I became adjusted to the high heels and tightness of the girdle around my waist. It now feels right to be dressed this way, and that worries me. I have the feeling I will never be able to remove it completely, and get into my normal costume again."
 As she was finishing this statement, a familiar blue and red costume with gold trim flew in through the window, but encasing a shape that bore no relationship to its past occupant. Wonder Woman herself stood before them, looking for all the world like a Superwoman. "I can see that you two are busy," she said, "but I found out a couple of things about my new costume that will help you understand why it is so difficult for you to remove any of its parts."
 Clark looked at her in shock and disbelief. "What do you mean? You could remove your costume before, and now you're saying there are things you didn't know about it?"
 "Besides the different colors and sexier look, the new costume you have on is different from my earlier costumes, in one major respect," she told her. "I added the choker for vanity's sake, because I wanted to look prettier than Aphrodite herself, and said it out loud while I designed it. Because my powers come from all the gods, including her, she placed a curse on it. I would be able to remove and replace the costume at will, but once the choker was in place continuously for 48 hours or more, I would not be able to remove the choker or any other part of the costume, nor would I want to. It was to make me desire to wear it all the time, and be permanently as beautiful, or more so, than Aphrodite. So besides the fact that your costume is bonded to your aura, since you've been wearing the collar for over a week, it is also magically welded to you by the gods, with its resulting compulsions."
 Clark grimaced, and said, "Not only can I not actually remove it, I have no wish to remove it now; it makes me look so pretty and beautiful, and I am so comfortable that way. However, I feel completely embarrassed all the time, worried that somebody is going to see me as a very feminine Superman. I think I was recognized as such earlier today."
 How it all began...
 Late one Thursday night in Gotham City, a man was working diligently on a rooftop JLA transporter. He kept looking at the crazy man that had forced him up there to the roof at gun point. 'What did I do to deserve this?' he thought. 'What did I do to deserve him?'
 "It's been a long time since I've played with the Justice League," the Joker mused. "I almost destroyed them once, when I turned their idiot mascot to my way of thinking; even when I was unmasked, the fool still thought I was right. Thanks to him, the fun will start again." He began cackling, but was interrupted by the man.
 Sweating, the technician said, "It's not possible. Even though you gave me a few of the access codes to the JLA computers, I can't make any changes from this remote teleporter terminal. I would probably need direct access on the JLA's Watchtower, and even then, it is not certain."
 "No problem," the Joker smiled, and cocked his gun, aiming it directly at the man's head. "I will find some other way to amuse myself."
 "Please don't!" the tech cried, putting his hands in front of his face. "It's not my fault, the system is just too good. The only thing that I can get into is a subroutine that was never before utilized."
 "Which is?"
 "The system could transport someone to their destination wearing a different set of clothes. I guess they could appear in their costumes, without having to change from their secret identities, or vice versa. I could possibly activate it, but what would be the use?"
 "Hmm," the Joker said thoughtfully, putting the gun up as he rubbed his chin. "Could you change the settings so that I could control the outcomes of what they were wearing?"
 "Only if the matrix was already on file, and at this time, there are no files. I can't upload any files from here; I guess I could try to make them appear without clothing, but there does seem to be a default to override that."
 "But what happens to the original items they were wearing?"
 "The teleporter creates a matrix which is stored, but that is the problem. You need to have another matrix, so that the person will appear with different clothes, and the only one available will be the one just created."
 "Oh, I don't know about that! I have an idea!" the Joker said in glee, and began to cackle even louder than before.
 The very next afternoon, since he slept in all morning after his work the night before, Joker took the very well crafted false papers and identifications he'd made with him to Metropolis. There, he made arrangements for the fictitious new magazine he was representing to have use of the public square adjacent to the JLA Teleport Terminal. He had found out about the upcoming election of JLA members, and that gathering was what had sparked his latest scheme. Joker also started calling the JLA's information line to set up the photo shoot that he knew would embarrass the JLA, hopefully to the point of never showing their faces in public again.
 At the same time that the Joker was hatching his plan, in a galaxy far, far away...
 Martian Manhunter was on a deep space exploration, trying to ascertain the location of his lost Martian people. They had disappeared after a cataclysmic radiation bombardment made his home planet deadly to he and his fellow Martians. He was in an immense solar system located in the constellation known to Earthlings as Orion. On one of the larger planets, he discovered a skeleton which, unknown to him, was the remains of Kaprina-Nar.
 The shape and size of the skeletal fragments resembled the remains of females from his own people, and on this body, he found a glowing pair of gloves. He placed them in a sealed box, to be brought to the Watchtower for further examination. Near the skeleton was what looked like a ship's log, but the Manhunter failed to notice it because of the sand which had blown over and around it for all that time, leaving only a small corner visible.
 Unknown to the Manhunter, these alien artifacts he was bringing back had been created a long time ago by Mr. Mxyzptlk, a longtime foe of Superman. The gloves were actually a complete body suit with an intelligence that had contracted into the smaller forms. It gave the wearer chameleon-like abilities. The suit also needed a life force to activate its abilities, the more super, the better. Mxy's plaything was called XTC.
 The gloves were first worn by a super hero of the sector known as K-257. He'd been coerced into donning the gloves, and found out to his chagrin that they were able to take over his mind and life. He had not been able to activate the full powers of the gloves, however, because of the life force that was needed. Mxy had set them up to become fully charged on the life force of a super powered host, and their first wearer was a normal strength humanoid. XTC gave him the appearance of a gold plated goddess, and the mind of a playful villainess.
 Picture: Goldbody.jpg
 Caption: The very first male to fall prey to XTC
 The gloves were sentient, because Mxy always had to be in charge of anything he created, and would eventually make the wearer chaotic, if not necessarily completely evil. That would depend on the life force empowering the outfit. The suit was mind activated to become any female form the wearer desired under XTC's influence, but without a default to return to his former sex. It was definitely made for a male to wear as a prank by Mxy, and once it was on, it replaced his skin. Therefore, only death would allow it to be removed.
 If activated by the proper life force, the gloves would expand and become a clear latex shell, forming even gloves and shoes, and sealing the face and head also in layers of latex. This made its chameleon ability so potent as a weapon. Outside of areas that needed to appear as skin, this latex shell could become any color and shape for a costume. This ability was a two-edged weapon, however.
 The more it was utilized, the more independent the sentient intelligence of XTC would become. It would eventually take over the wearer's mind, making the wearer want to commit mischief, then graduate to crime. If the occupant of XTC's shell had any contact with any person even once, it could copy all of that person's appearance, as well as the powers of that person. This happened only after the mind of the wearer was completely under the influence of XTC.
 Had the Manhunter found the log buried next to the skeleton, this is what he'd have read:
 A Hero's Journal
 by the ex-Lt. Jason Nar
 I leave this story as a testament to all space explorers to come, to make sure they follow procedures set forth by older and more experienced officers. We have always been told when we find anything not of our own origin, to box it and safely store it for others to investigate, but my curiosity has become my downfall.
 A space expedition of myself and six men set down on Mercuria, a small planetoid in orbit around Orion's brightest star. We set off in different directions to explore the area around the landing site. I set off in a northeastern direction. I found a burial site, and I began to clear away the sand. I removed my left glove for better feel, and moved the sand away to find a skull. The skull had what appeared to be a pistol shot between the eyes. I began to investigate further, and I found a single glove in pristine condition. An alarm should have gone off in my head. The wound appeared to be self inflicted, and I should have figured that something drastic had to cause the person to do such a radical act. Instead, I cleared the spot around the glove, and a skeletal hand fell out of the glove.
 How what I next enter as being first person references from the glove itself will become evident as you read on, and I hope you pay attention, for your own good.
 As soon as the light hit the glove, XTC became alert, and started searching for the being that had brought her back to life. The glove is a sentient being that was created by a magical imp from another dimension calling himself Mr. Mxyzptlk. Its previous wearer, before the one I'd found, ran afoul of the law when she was creating havoc in this system. This officer whose remains I'd found had the unmitigated gall to attempt to arrest the gold plated villainess. Not only did he do this, but he also humiliated her. The arrest upset Mxy, but the humiliation was more than he could stand.
 Mxy popped into view, then snarled at the officer and said, "Accursed officer of the law, you place such a high value on your office, but none on a person's feelings. I am a being of magic, and you attempt to make fun of me. I have a much better idea. People from now on will humiliate you. Your appearance will be a farce known far and wide. My sentence is this: your uniform will be the cause of your humiliation. Let's remove your old one." He waved his fingers, and the male officer was nude.
 "Next, I wouldn't want you to be a naked male, so I will clothe you properly, starting with these gloves. First thing though, your skin is very pale. I have a better idea," and with a snap of Mxy's fingers, his skin turned to tan latex. "Oh no, I'm not even getting started with you yet. I think turning you into a very beautiful female with nice round soft breasts would be appropriate." Again he snapped his fingers, and a pair of grapefruit sized breasts appeared on his chest.
 "On a few backward planets, women used to wear something that could be useful to hold those nice breasts," Mxy said, and a very tight latex corset with metal stays appeared around his waist, shrinking it to a firm twenty-two inch waistline, with large cups lifting and separating the huge mammaries. Next a very lacy pair of panties, also in latex, appeared around her new sex. To top off her new attire was a feminine version of his uniform, with a nice blouse and pretty miniskirt. Her feet became adorned in a nice pair of thigh high boots with ten inch heels. It made her appear that she was a ballerina, standing on her tip toes.
 The imp said, "Now you will know humiliation; people will make fun of your appearance, and you will feel the sting of unkind comments. I will adjust your mind to accept all of the remarks with a smile. You will love the way you are dressed, and it is completely natural to you. To yourself and others, you will look completely feminine with long hair. But the inner male self will feel different. You will cringe at every comment, and want to run and hide, but all you will do is think about it. You are incapable of considering removing your precious outfit. As long as you live, your clothes will be the cause of unending shame. Your outer clothes will change to different outfits, thanks to the gloves that will never come off your hands, very feminine and even more embarrassing. You have some control over that. But the initial layer won't change; the corset and latex body suit will be yours, unable to be damaged or removed until you die, and even then, only from your skeleton."
 The man who was cursed to be a woman on the outside this way suffered the humiliation of all her people. She found the latex skin unbearable. She eventually found herself on a desert planet, and she suffered for six months trying to do her job, but the extreme temperatures and her costume became too much. One night, she took a stroll outside of town, and blew her brains out. She left a note saying what she was doing. The next day, she was buried, still clad in her pretty latex outfit in an unmarked grave. This happened over a century ago, but to a timeless and magical Mr. Mxyzptlk, time meant nothing.
 Present day for Jason - though 50 years earlier for us...
 As soon as XTC found it was an intelligent being that discovered her, she sent a mental tendril into his mind. 'Oh, a space explorer, very intelligent, but a 250 pound giant of a male; but that will change as soon as I can make him put me on.'
 I looked up from the burial ground, and saw that the other men were still in the distance, so I sat on the ground to take a break. Suddenly, I felt a powerful urge to try the glove on. Initially I didn't want to, but the urge to put this beautiful glove on took over my mind. Next thing I knew, I had it on my naked left hand. A shock passed through my body, and I cried out in alarm to my crewmen for help. It was too late. I grabbed at the glove with my right hand, but it wouldn't move. As my fellow crewmen headed in my direction, I started to undergo a startling transformation. My uniform dissolved into a liquid which drained away into the sand.
 Right before my startled eyes, my skin became layered in clear latex, from my neck to my toes, all originating from the accursed glove. The glove's mate appeared on my right hand. Then I felt massive changes taking place all over my body, and I looked down to see. As I was looking down, a very full pair of breasts appeared on my much smaller body. I was shrinking to a petite 5'3" lady. I could feel my male organs shrink and reposition themselves into my body, in a new and alien form. A latex mask appeared over my mouth so I could breathe while I finished transforming. The clear latex covering my body started to take on the form of a uniform of some sort.
 My legs had formed a pretty pair of grey boots with ballet heels, toes pointing straight down. Around my torso was a latex corset, with steel stays holding me firmly upright, and giving my immense breasts all the support they needed. The corset appeared to have lacings to close it on my belly, but as I used my gloved hands to explore it, there were no actual lacings, or even a sign of a way to open the corset, even down the back. On my neck was some kind of posture collar, making me hold my head erect.
 As my crewmates approached and watched this amazing transformation, my face became layered in latex and my lips appeared to be wearing lipstick. My whole head was sealed in latex, and my hair became shoulder length latex looking like a gloriously rich mane of hair.
 I was shocked at what had happened. I explored the whole outfit. The gloves were fused to my new latex skin, as were the boots. How could I explain this to my wife, my teammates, my superior officers. No woman had any rank in our Army; all they were used for was secretarial duties and harem duty for the higher ranking officers. What was I to do?
 XTC started whispering in my mind, "I can help you, young master. I have special abilities built in that could be useful to you. I can change your outer appearance, your looks, hair and what you can wear over my suit. But the grey outfit is permanent. I have bonded with your skin, and became it. Another suggestion: if the army won't have you, become a pirate. I hear that they are very popular, and very rich. I will make you impervious to most projectile weapons and knives." XTC had learned from her last host. The oxygen mask and tank disappeared, as they were no longer required. XTC said, "Think on these things, and we will chat again. Forget about ever removing me. I can only be removed by your death, and then only from your skeleton, just as you did from my former owner."
 My teammates came up and ogled me, the gorgeous woman who had been their captain. Mike said, "I like the outfit. It suits you perfectly, and so smooth. Does this mean we can have some fun once we are aboard the ship?"
 Mike reached down and took my latex gloved hand, and helped me to my feet.
 I tried to look imposing and commanding to my men. It was very difficult to do, while trying to balance in high heeled boots that put my weight on my toes. Even with those heels, I was six inches shorter than the shortest man in my command. "I have no intentions of rolling in the sack with any of you. I will have a couple of decisions to make once we are onboard our ship. All of our futures could depend on them."
 A bit later, once we'd gotten off the planet, I was laying on my bunk in my room. XTC said, "Come on, Jason, we can have a lot of profitable fun. You have no future at all in your service. Let's act on this impulse, and arm yourself and take command of the ship. Those who won't join, leave in a space boat headed back to the planet." Somehow her words became as orders, and I willing followed them.
 I stood up and headed to the weapons locker, and pulled out a laser rifle plus a side arm to take over the ship. I got on the ship's intercom, and ordered all hands to meet me on the bridge for a couple of announcements.
 When the second-in-command reported that all were present on the bridge, I headed there. I entered the bridge and ordered all personnel to attention.
 I barked, in a surprisingly authoritative feminine voice, "As of this moment, I am commandeering this ship and all aboard to become privateers. I cannot function as a female in our army, so I am officially going AWOL, taking control of the ship. You, my loyal men, have two choices. You can join me as privateers, or you will be placed in a lifeboat, and sent back to that lovely planet we just left.
 "One by one, you will stand before me and state your intentions. No second chances, either. Once you join me, you will either be loyal or dead."
 "This could be fun and profitable," Mike said. "I'm your man. I hope we can keep our old uniforms. Yours doesn't look too comfortable."
 "It is very comfortable," I answered him, "once I'd gotten adjusted to this tight fitting latex."
 Three more men decided that fun and profit were better than the army, and joined up. The other men were loaded in the lifeboat with three days of supplies, and shot off toward the planet.
 "Now that we have officially committed mutiny, we have to give the ship another name. I already have a new name. I am Kaprina-Nar, privateer. We are going to have fun. Right now, I am heading to the com room to officially be declared mutinous and wanted. I want you, Mike, to steer us into the shipping lanes, and start figuring out what ships we are going to plunder."
 I turned on the interstellar communicator, and placed a face to face with Admiral Bates, my ex-ranking officer. I waited until Admiral Bates appeared on the screen, and then I turned on the receiver.
 Admiral Bates looked as bland as usual when his image first appeared, but then he saw the vision of loveliness on his screen and demanded, "What have you done to Commander Nar? This is a private com mode used only by ship commanders. I demand to speak to him, at once."
 XTC temporarily allowed me to regain my former appearance, rapidly altering the shape of my latex, and the shock on Bates' face was priceless.
 I then told him, "I have called you to inform you that we won't take any more orders from your staff or office. We are mutineers and privateers. I have taken the name Kaprina-Nar, and my loyal crew will be free of your commands. We have sent the non-loyal members of the crew to the planet we were exploring. We are free of you, and will fire upon any vessel attempting to board us." I shut down the system before he could make any reply, and regained my feminine appearance.
 I strutted back to the bridge, and saw Mike planning our first action in our new careers.
 We spent the next two years raiding and looting ships, and spending our ill gotten gains on a friendly little planet way out in deep space.
 Then one day a weasel-like little man approached us and begged, "Do I have the honor of addressing Commander Nar?"
 I looked at him and asked, "Who wants to know?"
 "I have been ordered to request your presence at a little get together tonight," the weasel said. "It will be attended by all the local scoundrels and privateers, and we hope that you will join us."
 I looked at him and said, "Sure, where is it, and what time?"
 "We will send a transport for you and your crew at 17:30 this evening," he replied. "Please be advised that dress is informal, and weapons will be checked at the door."
 At the dinner, we found out that all the commanders in attendance were being invited to change their ways. We were being asked to take out the nonaligned privateers. In other words, we were to become legal again.
 We were given better ships, better weapons, an army of pirates to fight pirates.
 We were highly successful for three more years. Thanks to XTC, I had become more and more ruthless and evil, and we devastated the crews we were once friendly with. They decided that Kaprina-Nar's career would be ended permanently.
 We were hunted down now by our former army colleagues and the pirates, and easily kept them at bay. But one day they got lucky.
 They caught us in a refueling depot, and forced us to blast our way out. We were fired upon again and again until a lucky shot hit our ion-drive engines. They were crippled, and we were forced to land on a very hostile planet. We had just landed when our engines exploded, killing all of my crew and leaving me almost dead.
 XTC tried to repair me, but I was a hopeless wreck, a highly irradiated being with only hours left to live.
 She said, "Kaprina, I am most sorry. Your damage is irreparable and you will soon be dead. The only thing I can do is make your end quiet and painless. Let me know your decision, and I will abide by it."
 I realized the truth, wrote this journal, and allowed XTC to end my life. I pray that whoever finds my remains finds and reads this journal before finding her.
 Obviously, this was something the Manhunter would have liked to have read.
 When the gloves were removed from Kaprina-Nar's skeleton, the sentient intelligence named XTC started scanning this creature carrying it away, to see if she could use it sometime to her advantage. She found that this super powered alien would be perfect for her designs. He could travel interstellar distances, and also move in an interdimensional manner as well. He had shape shifting abilities, even into forms he had never encountered before.
 Before XTC could even influence him to replace his own gloves, however, she was placed, cursing to herself, in the sealed stasis box. This was then placed in a pocket in Manhunter's cape, and transported back to Earth.
 * * * * *
 It had been a tiring month on his interstellar search, and the Manhunter would feel great to be home and recover from his ordeal and deep space trek. Once he made Earthfall, J'onn shifted into his human identity of John Jones, P. I. He started catching up on his snail mail, e-mail, and other correspondence he had received.
 A priority message from Clark Kent, sent shortly after he'd started his journey, reminded him of the preliminary meeting at the teleport terminal on Tuesday at noon, prior to the mandatory meeting at the Watchtower.
 He groaned in recollection of what was involved, and called Clark at home.
 "Hi, Clark, John here. What will be happening at the teleport site before the meeting, that I can hopefully beg out of?"
 Clark misunderstood John's request, and stated, "I wish I could let you beg out of it. It's a full-membership meeting for the election of new members, and a photo shoot afterwards of all new members with all of the old members. Unfortunately, the rules state that all members must attend the election of new members. I think it will be entertaining, seeing the full membership in attendance. It has been five years since new members were elected. Oracle has been working overtime getting word to all active and reserve members. Almost impossible. We would want you to be at the main teleporter at noon. There is going to be a preliminary photo session, mostly to get fill-in and pictures of the teleporter in action. We would really appreciate your being there."
 John had known better than to interrupt Superman, so when he had finished, the Manhunter said, "Of course, Clark. I love getting publicity for the JLA. I will be there, with something I found while on my search. They were on a dead spacefarer, in fact, so long dead that the bones crumbled to dust when I moved them. Before it disintegrated, I saw the skull, so it may have been a female, but I'm not sure. On the hands were a very strange pair of gloves, strange because they showed no signs of wear. I would like for our computer to take a look at them, just on the hope of finding out anything at all about them."
 "Sure," Clark replied, "just use the precaution of the stasis box that all unknown items teleported aboard the station are stored in. We have no idea what they actually are, and they could be dangerous."
 "Of course, they have been in one since I recovered them," John answered. "I have to go now, because I have a ton of work to catch up on before I can have any fun. I will be there Tuesday at noon, ready for all comers."
 At the same time, in the Watchtower...
 Joker had used his computer taps to catch when the Watchtower would be occupied the least. As soon as everybody was gone other than Zatanna, who was left to monitor the watch desk, he sent the previously coded message that his unwilling assistant had crafted. It would mask his use of the Gotham teleport terminal so that Zatanna would be unaware of its use. He made sure to avoid Batman, and after a short trip in broad daylight to the terminal atop the Stock Exchange, Joker zapped himself up to the Watchtower.
 As he stepped off the pad at the terminal in the JLA's moon-based headquarters, Joker was as quiet as a churchmouse. He knew that Zatanna was far enough away, down a number of hallways with a few turns, that she wouldn't see or hear him directly; however, sensors were another matter. He reached into his pocket, and activated the jammer that Harley had obtained for him a few weeks earlier. At the time, he couldn't think of any possible use for the tiny device, but hanging on to it was now paying off. Slowly and methodically, Joker made his way to the computer banks directly behind Zatanna in the comm center of the Watchtower, and got to work.
 It took a lot of willpower on Joker's part to keep his eyes on the task at hand, and not the picture of femininity that was seated at the console less than a hundred feet away. To do so, he forced himself to imagine one or more of the male, or maybe even some of the other female members of the JLA, wearing that killer costume. He almost cackled a number of times, but caught himself before making any noise. The codings given to him by the technician worked perfectly in reprogramming the teleport clothing parameters, and Joker made sure to have it activate no earlier than the Tuesday next week that had been set for the election. His work done, Joker snuck back to the instrument of his plan, and made his way back Earthside without ever drawing any attention to himself.
 Or so he thought.
 While Joker was doing his best at avoiding Zatanna's senses and the sensors of the Watchtower, he was incapable of noticing the impish magical entity who popped into the Watchtower at precisely the time that he was busy changing the codes. What Joker was doing met the imp's requirements without having to do anything himself, and so he just observed as Joker did his nefarious work. The imp liked what he saw, and decided to just observe for the time being, without doing anything to Zatanna like he'd planned.
 The day it all happened...
 Jimmy Olsen, a close friend of and coworker with both Clark Kent and Lois Lane at the Daily Planet, was walking out of the Planet Office building Tuesday morning, getting really bored waiting for the trip to the JLA teleporter at noon. While Lois was set to write the story, Jimmy was assigned to do all the photography, and he was looking forward to getting so many of the heroes on film in only one spot. The
 weather was magnificent, with sparsely clouded blue skies instead of the usual Metropolis smog. Perfect for the photo shoot, and Jimmy wanted to be there from the beginning. The announced mega photo shoot that was to take place after the JLA meeting would be even better, but like any good photographer, Jimmy knew well enough to never count on the future. If a good photo opportunity was presenting itself, always take advantage of it. He just couldn't handle the idle time left before the group was set to beam up at noon.
 Someone else who was getting just a tad bored was Mr. Mxyzptlk. He had hung around at the Watchtower, watching Joker finish his tinkering, and saw the first results when Hawkman and Hawkwoman arrived before the others to get set up. With nothing else to do but wait, Mxy decided to
 go Earthside and see what was going on before the group beamed up. Superman was already at the site, Lois Lane was still stuck at her desk, but he spotted Jimmy Olsen, dressed for the warm weather in a buttoned short sleeve yellow shirt and khaki slacks. He was meandering on foot, with a large camera bag slung over his shoulder. Mxy decided to follow Jimmy, and see if he could play with him, since he knew all about Mr. Olsen's past disguise work, including very successful crossdressing as a female.
 To get to the teleport site, Jimmy had to hike through the downtown shopping district. He was walking because that was a better way to kill time than driving. Of course, finding parking anywhere near the site would have proved next to impossible anyway, so Jimmy was putting his feet to work. It had been a while since he'd walked in the shopping district, and the shops never ceased to amaze him. The only time he ever went there normally was to buy a gift for Lois Lane or her sister, Lucy. He thought out loud, with nobody really there to hear him, "Unbelievable the way this area always changes. But it really remains the same, with overpriced merchandise, things you wouldn't buy at a normal place. But here, the temptation comes from the fact that it's expensive, so it has to be good. The ladies have never complained before when I bought them one very special item that cost me at least a month's salary, but what can I do, they are the best ladies in the world. Especially Lucy, that gorgeous blonde dish is the best."
 In the middle of one block was a store Jimmy had never noticed before, and his curiosity got the best of him. It looked something like a Victoria's Secret, but with quite a bit more, including what looked like a lot of fetish wear. Jimmy smiled as he recalled wearing some similar clothes a few years earlier as part of one of his disguises. Maybe he could get something special for Lucy; her birthday was the next week. As he was entering, an out of phase and therefore invisible Mxy was following him closely, to see what mischief he could get Jimmy into. Jimmy approached a very attractively dressed young lady.
 She greeted him by saying, "Good morning, young man, how can I help you this fine morning?"
 Just as Jimmy started to say something about a gift for Lucy, Mxy made a few gestures in the air, and something else entirely came out of his mouth.
 "Yes, perhaps you can," he said, "do you have latex outfits?"
 Jimmy was trying to keep his mouth shut after hearing this, but to no avail. What was forcing him to mention things he had tried to keep secret?
 "Oh yes, we carry a full line of the finest latex available. What in particular are you looking for?"
 Struggling not to answer this question, he failed. "I am looking for a head to toe, skin tight black catsuit, and red gloves, corset and thigh high boots, with the highest possible stiletto heels. Do you think you can help?"
 "Yes, I can! Oh, by the way, my name is Jennifer. I own this shop, and just in from Paris are some of the finest latex catsuits available. Do you have the sizes your lady requires?"
 Struggling again, he replied, "No, I don't. I myself will need to be fitted for the complete outfit. Can you help me with this?"
 Jennifer smiled broadly, and said, "Yes, I can. It is an unusual request, though. I mean, you are the first male to want to be outfitted in one of our catsuits. That isn't a problem, though, you look small enough; just step into my dressing room, and we will start the process of fitting you with your new outfit."
 As Jimmy was walking to the dressing rooms, Mxy flicked his fingers, and Jimmy felt his chest get heavy. He looked down, and to his chagrin, saw his yellow shirt bulging considerably, and were his hips and ass somehow wider and more shapely now, too? He found that he was now the proud owner of at least a C cup pair of breasts, unfettered by any underwear. In the past, he'd used many breast forms for his costumes, but now, he had the real thing! Where had they come from so suddenly, and what was causing him to both change and speak the way he was?
 He set his camera bag down on the table outside, then started undressing, completely helpless to do anything but what Mxy was compelling him to do. He was standing in his boxer shorts when Jennifer stepped in with a tape measure to start his fitting.
 Jennifer's jaw dropped in surprise, and she blurted, "Oh my! I can see now that you are a she male. I hadn't noticed when you came in that you had such nice breasts."
 Jimmy was dying of embarrassment as she started calling out his measurements to her assistant. A gasp came from both himself and the helper when Jennifer said 36DD for his breast measurements. And a
 muffled giggle leaked through the curtain.
 Jennifer asked, "What color catsuit did you say, black or red?"
 Blushing again, he answered, "Shiny black latex would work best. Would love my corset and panty combination to be red if you can do that, and worn over the suit."
 "Oh my, getting daring, aren't you?" She then asked, "How small a reduction would you want for the corset?"
 He told her, "As severe a wasp waist as you can manage would be great; maybe down to twenty inches or less would be just about right."
 "Are you sure you want a corset that will be that tight?" she replied. "It will reduce your waist by at least eight inches, and could be quite uncomfortable."
 "I really have no choice," Jimmy found himself saying, "my mistress requires that my waist should be in line with my new breasts and hips."
 "Okay, I have no problem with that," Jennifer told him, "but I know for a fact that you will not be comfortable wearing it. But it's your choice and your money, and you will be wearing it."
 She went outside the dressing room, and started whispering to her assistant, "Can you believe what he wants? A full catsuit, a corset to reduce his waist eight or more inches, with fetish gloves and boots to match. You know, I also recognize who he is; that's Jimmy Olsen of the Daily Planet. I can't figure why he wants these items, but we will fix him up as he requests. After all, a customer is a customer. Also, his money will spend as well as anyone else's."
 They went to the back stock area of the shop to get the clothing, and fifteen minutes later, Jimmy was standing in the dressing room, slowly being helped into his tight catsuit. The special panties they'd given him very effectively hid his folded back dick, and produced an almost perfect replica of the flat bulge in a woman's crotch under the latex. It was somewhat of a struggle, but he was finally standing up, feeling the snugness of the latex hugging his body with his breasts standing out proudly in glorious mounds of shiny black. He was looking at himself in the mirror, and couldn't believe how good it felt on his body. Mxy smiled at his handiwork, and amplified Jimmy's feelings.
 Next he was seated outside the booth, and the high heeled boots were pulled on over his feet and zipped up. He was helped to his feet, and found himself standing at least five inches higher, with his weight on the balls of his feet now. The red latex gloves were pulled on up to his elbows, giving him a double layer of latex on his forearms. What the girls thought was merely a wristwatch, but was actually Jimmy's signal watch for calling Superman, was buckled on over the wrist of his left glove. Jimmy walked over to the mirror to see his new look. A tear came to his eye as he stared in shock at how incredible he looked, in a way that would make a fetishist drool. It was the best disguise he'd ever worn, and he seemed to have no control over what was happening.
 Next Jimmy was lead into the corset fitting room. Jennifer's corset specialist, Jackie, was waiting for his arrival, grinning. She was used to fitting her customers with corsets, no matter what their sex, and had all the fittings on hand to secure the person being fitted. She was very muscular, and strong as an ox for her size. Jackie lowered the trapeze lacing bar, and told him to grab hold. Jimmy reached up to grab hold, and she lashed his wrists to the bar. She went to the winch that raised the bar, and cranked him high enough that his feet were barely touching the ground. Jackie opened the corset wide, and slipped first one and then the other of Jimmy's feet through the leg holes of the panty portion. This was the first part to be secured, and when in place, Jackie zipped it closed from Jimmy's anus all the way under and up to a spot right over where the top of his folded back dick was. It was so tight that no hint of Jimmy's hidden true sex could be seen any longer.
 There were two rings screwed into the floor with manacles, and his feet were secured, holding him firmly in place.
 Jackie told him, "This will not be an easy operation for you to bear. This corset has firm steel stays to reduce your waistline the ten or more inches that you wish." Mxy had fixed the earlier request to make it even worse. "All I can recommend is that you take a deep breath, and slowly let it out. Breathe shallowly afterward, and this will be easier for you, not too comfortable, but easier."
 She took the flaps of the corset hanging at Jimmy's back and wrapped it around his waist, and started tightening the laces. He started getting red in the face, but she continued, and twenty minutes later, it was laced fully closed around his waist, giving him a severe hour glass shape. Jimmy's face was as red as his hair and the new additions to his costume. Jackie lowered him slowly to the ground, and he grunted as he settled into the iron grip of the corset. She released his feet first, and then his wrists. Mxy made a matching red leather headband that would make Jimmy follow his directions with no resistance, and zapped it into the hands of Jennifer outside. Jimmy stepped out of the dressing room, and the ladies all started clapping and saying how cute he looked.
 "Here is a headband that will look great on you, and will show off your red hair," Jennifer said. "Oh, and here's your shoulder bag; I brought it out from the dressing rooms for you." Jimmy saw that what had once been a camera bag filled with expensive equipment was now a slimmer, more feminine looking purse. It was getting stranger and stranger. "Are you sure you want nothing else to wear over that very sexy catsuit?"
 Jimmy groaned inwardly, but gleefully replied, "No, this is perfect. Mistress wants me to show off, and get used to the corset and high heels by walking around for a few hours. I will gladly do that."
 He headed for the door as a couple of flashes went off, showing that his picture was being taken by the ladies of the store, and gales of laughter followed him as he left. The hot day hit him like the door opening on a blast furnace, and he was confused about what he was doing on the sidewalk dressed like that. The leather headband around his head started to instruct him on what to do. "You will eventually get to the meeting at the photo site just in time. Meanwhile, you have two hours to walk there, and get acquainted with the lovely things you have just purchased. Next you will stop at the beauty shop two blocks away. I have already given them instructions for your new look."
 Hazel's House of Beauty was a very fine beauty salon that Jimmy had never seen before, let alone visited. Yet this time he went prancing up to it as if he'd been a regular customer for years. This would be a new experience for him, and the feeling of his new breasts bouncing in the front of the suit was exhilarating him. The tap-tap of his high heels on the sidewalk was yet another turn-on for him. This was so much like some of his past disguises in the way that it thrilled him, but at the same time, Jimmy was deeply afraid of whatever had caused him to do all that he'd done so far. He was sweating profusely with all the latex he was wearing, but he had no desire to remove it, or even show his embarrassment.
 He stepped through the doors of the beauty salon, and Hazel greeted him, "Good morning, Mister Olsen, please have a seat. Stephanie will be with you soon."
 All of the patrons rose to their feet to see this new patron upon hearing this, and the glowing rubber form she presented. Then they saw his face, the only apparent male portion of that incredibly feminine body, and knew it was a he. The gasps and laughter of all the ladies and the operators as they watched him take his seat made Jimmy's face go red to match his latex and leather accessories. He was a sight to behold, struggling to breathe as the tight corset held him in place. He was finally shown to the back of the salon and seated, gasping as the corset again took his breath away.
 Stephanie asked, "Why are you dressed in such a fashion? I mean, the black catsuit is attractive and the tight fitting corset over it is adorable, and those boots are great, but why would any man think about wearing it, let alone walk the streets dressed that way, with your face giving you away? Well, we're going to fix that problem now."
 Jimmy just sat mute thanks to Mxy, and watched as she tattooed his lipstick on his lips, plucked his eyebrows, and tattooed the new eyebrows in place. She then did his eyeshadow, and proceeded to completely make over his entire face. They finished with a long brunette wig, over which was placed the red headband. Jimmy was so enthralled by the work that they were doing that he never noticed the change in his crotch, eliminating any last claim she had to manhood.
 One hour later, Jimmy left the salon totally transformed, with catcalls and whistles following her as she hit the street, looking as ultrafeminine as could be. Never before had Jimmy come anywhere near this convincing in his disguises, and this time, she wasn't even aware of how or why she was dressed that way.
 Jimmy heard the whistles and catcalls by all the men and women she met, and now knew that she was seen as a kinky fox dressed in sexy rubber. She smiled, and Mxy grinned. He made one more change to Jimmy, and left it until later for her to find out what it was. This was fun, and the best part of the day had yet to come.
 * * * * *
 Tuesday arrived bright and sunny, and XTC had been learning how to bypass the stasis box the Martian Manhunter had sealed her in when he'd boxed up the gloves he'd found on the skeleton. She sent out a mental tendril to J'onn as a test, and it was successful; the gloves could take over at any time there was some weakness in his mental condition. She would force him to don the gloves, and then the fun would begin.
 J'onn got out his clean uniform, preparing it for donning. He showered and toweled off, then shaved, making himself ready for the meeting. Maybe he would be able to have a dinner with one of the new members to informally welcome him or her to the JLA.
 He put on his uniform, and picked up the stasis box to put it in his cape pocket. He did it so quickly that he didn't notice that the lid was slightly ajar. He turned invisible, and headed for the teleporter.
 Elsewhere, a well known pair of heroes was also getting ready to go to the photo shoot. Big Barda had almost always operated with her companion, but she was starting to resent Mr. Miracle. He always seemed to take charge of everything they did. He was a very possessive person, and treated her like she was his property. When he reported to high father on their work, he acted as though he had done all the work, and took all the credit. Their last adventure against Darkseid and his minions was very tiring, and pushed her powers to their fullest. He really did nothing in the battle. He arrived late, and was knocked unconscious. Still, he got all the credit with the high father.
 Barda reminded Mr. Miracle of their meeting with the JLA, and she didn't want to miss it. Of course, his ego wouldn't allow him to miss it either, so they opened a boom tube to arrive a few feet from the teleporter, where some of the heroes were already getting antsy about all the picture taking.
 "Quit moving around, and smile, Superman!" Wonder Woman said, as she posed with a wide smile. She looked stunning in her new costume. Princess Diana had made it as a stunning and sexy replacement for her older, more staid costume, especially for the photo shoot.
 "I feel silly like this," he whispered back. "Why are we doing this, anyway?"
 "It's not every day that the JLA announces that they're planning to add to their membership."
 "Fine, I'll grant you that, but why are we posing for pictures?"
 "A new magazine wants us for their cover story, and will donate a million dollars to charities we pick. These shots are just for the filler inside, but the cover will be of the full roster after we finish the meeting."
 "No time like the present." Superman flew up over the crowd and said loudly enough to be heard over the entire block, "Okay, everyone, let's get to the Watchtower, and get started." Wonder Woman looked at the photographer, and gave him a 'don't blame me' look, then headed for the transporter.
 "Don't forget the group shot as you all transport up!" the event coordinator yelled to the group, making sure that the main cameras were ready for the shot. "Everybody get into position."
 The scattered group of heroes left their small pockets of photographers and began forming around the teleporter. The group consisted of Aquaman, Captain Marvel, Black Canary, Plastic Man, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Atom, Green Arrow, Mary Marvel, Supergirl, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Zatanna, Zan and Jayna the wonder twins, Big Barda and Mister Miracle. Superman and Supergirl would normally have each flown to the Watchtower, but Superman was joining his comrades for the publicity stunt. Since each teleport could handle only eight people, Supergirl would fly up solo, and Atom would shrink down to an infinitesimally small size so that he would be of no consequence to the count.
 For the first teleport, Martian Manhunter, Black Canary, Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel, Superman, Zatanna, Aquaman and Wonder Woman all got into position. Superman called up to Hawkman at the duty desk, and told him to initiate. For some reason, he got no reply, so Superman punched the button on the panel to start it from Earthside. The others stood to the side, waiting, except for Supergirl, who flew off at a leisurely pace. As those in the teleporter posed for the last time before being transported, the coordinator called out, "Make sure everybody comes back for the new group shot, even the members who couldn't make it for this shoot!"
 As she stood waiting, Wonder Woman loudly replied, "A promise is a promise; the full JLA will be back for the cover shot."
 'I should hope so,' the coordinator thought. 'We will see just how much a promise really means!' The assembled photographers looked startled as he began to cackle.
 Picture: Sparks.jpg
 Caption: The electrical villainess, Live Wire
 Away from the bright blue skies near the Teleporter, a freak bolt of lightning from a lone thunderhead hit the radio antenna at Metropolis Mental Hospital, knocking out all the power to the cells, and as luck would have it, Live Wire was listening to a broadcast of the local rock station. No actual electrical energy was allowed near her cell, and the speakers were insulated to prevent her accessing even the tiny amounts of electrical energy used to empower them. The surge from the lightning strike was more than enough to overpower these guards, however. The power surge jumped to her speakers, and from them to her lithe, young body. It hit her full force, powering her up for the first time since she'd been spent in her fight with Superman.
 The spunky young brunette was changed into her electrical form, and zapped herself into one of the cell's electrical sockets. She then rode the power lines to Metropolis, contemplating the mischief she could create. The power surge had her overshoot her intended target, however, sending her form straight to the JLA teleporter, just as Martian Manhunter and the other heroes were getting set.
 Her life force was captured by the gloves, empowering XTC completely, with a life force the likes of which she'd never before encountered.

The merging and the gathering...
 Inside the Watchtower, a husband and wife were seated in front of a computer console at the watch desk, frantically working at the keyboard, trying to bring up the controls of the transporter system. They were so busy that they completely missed the call from Superman in Metropolis to activate the system. Suddenly, a message appeared on the screen, 'Unable to comply, system in use.'
 "Damn, with a group transporting up, and the fail-safe system in effect, I can't get access to the computer until all the transport booths are offline," the man said in frustration. He turned to his companion and said, "You'd better go and greet them. If what happened to us happens to them, they'll be disorientated, and may react badly."
 "You want me to go dressed like this!?" she cried in outrage.
 "I know," he sighed, "but these are our teammates and friends, they'll understand. Besides, I think they will have more on their minds than how you look. You have to tell them to keep calm, and just leave things like they are for now, no matter how embarrassing or strange, while I work on the problem. Who knows what danger someone overreacting could cause."
 "Okay, I'll go. You just keep working on the problem." She got up from the console, and walked toward the transport area.
 As he watched her walking away, she seemed to have some trouble finding a walking stride, for her red boots were lacking the high heels that were now on the boots he wore, and she had her arms tightly crossed around her breasts, in a vain attempt to cover up her now naked torso. She had straps across her chest, which held the wings on her back, but they concealed nothing. In fact, they lifted and separated her large breasts prominently, worsening the situation.
 Hawkman grimaced; except for the different style of head gear, and the lack of a halter top, which he now wore, Hawkwoman looked almost the same. He wondered what would happen to the rest of the League as they transported up. He pondered this thought briefly, then found himself absent-mindedly playing with the earrings he now wore, thinking of how sexy they were. Abruptly, he shook off that thought as unproductive, and got to the task at hand, calling up the work logs to check if any changes had recently been made to the system.
 However, this thought of his had been noticed by a certain magical entity who had just arrived back at the Watchtower to see the results of the changes instituted by Joker. 'Unproductive? I don't think so!' he thought. 'Let's make your body match that gorgeous costume it's wearing, so that all those thoughts will be very appropriate. And to make sure you can't change the system which Joker has set up, let's knock down your IQ to that of a simple bimbo!'
 A pair of fingers snapped, and Hawkman suddenly became even more beautiful than his...her wife. She now filled out the feminine costume she wore eminently, even overflowing. Her red halter could barely hold the huge orbs of flesh it now contained, while the green panty portion of the costume was stretched to its limits over her very wide but also extremely shapely hips and exquisitely shaped ass.
 "Ooo, just look at all these pretty knobs and buttons and lights!" she giggled. "I wonder what all these words are, or what they mean? Oh well, they can't be important!" She went back to fiddling with her earrings, after crossing her gorgeous legs and flipping her long black hair over her shoulders, not a serious thought in her vacuous mind.
 * * * * *
 Superman was annoyed. He hated media events, even though as a member of the third estate, he knew that they were a necessary evil; that event they'd just left, however, was just a circus. Posing for pictures for a new magazine like a bunch of super models was just wrong. He just had to end it, and get the JLA to the real business at hand, the election of new members.
 Wonder Woman was showing off her new costume. She had just put the finishing touches on it earlier in the day, to wear to the photo shoots before and after the meeting. Superman noticed that her boots were black instead of red, going to her thighs, with heels that made her older red boots look almost flat. Her costume was black where it used to be blue, covering a lot less of her thighs and rear end than it used to. There were also shoulder length gloves, red to the elbows and black above that. She was wearing some kind of glittery stockings to show off her thighs above her boots, making her amazing legs even more beautiful. That new choker she had almost looked big and stiff enough to be a platinum posture collar, he thought.
 As Supes pondered this while he teleported up, he noticed something wrong. 'Now that's odd,' he thought, 'this transport is taking longer than usual.' Only a few extra nanoseconds had gone by, but for him, that was enough. He knew something different was occurring during this teleport sequence, but couldn't know just yet. What he didn't know was that Joker's reprogramming was switching around all their costumes.
 During the teleport sequence, while the other heroes were having their costumes switched, the gloves tucked into the Manhunter's cape left the box. They fused themselves with the Manhunter, sliding over his hands without any resistance. XTC felt the influence of Joker's meddling, but shunted it aside so that it would not affect her new host. The first thing XTC wanted to do was alter his body to look like Live Wire, who she'd gotten all her glorious new energy from, and gave her all the powers of Live Wire, also, added to the impressive powers native to his body.
 With the teleporter being in complete control of the Manhunter, and sensing the changes taking place in the chaos, XTC knew that this was the opportunity she had been waiting for to take over the fantastic hero's mind. The beam allowed her to seal him in head to toe latex, which she made permanent. XTC worked her magic to bond with the latex suit and costume. She changed her skin color to a silvery shade of blue. Then the glove shapes formed themselves, turning the skin into a dark grey pair of opera-length gloves on the arms. On the legs appeared a pair of thigh high boots with elegantly shaped spike heels, also in dark grey. XTC finished these changes just as the teleport ended, and the group appeared on the pad in the Watchtower.
 As Superman appeared on the platform, he noticed something amiss right off. He felt cool air on his shoulders, which were normally covered but were now bare. His waist felt constricted, like something was tightly holding it in. He was standing on the balls of his feet, for now the boots he wore had very high stiletto heels on them. He swung his arms out in front of himself, finding tiny hands encased in red, and metal bracelets on his wrists.
 There were two huge orbs projecting from his chest, which were definitely wrong for a guy. *She* didn't need any more clues to realize that she was wearing Wonder Woman's new costume, and filling it quite nicely. She noted some of the other guys in the teleport now in some of their female teammates' costumes, but they were still guys. Added to what she'd already found, the black hair Superman saw streaming around her head really got her wondering.
 Stunned, she looked around the platform at the other heroes and heroines once again. The rest of the guys, no matter what they were wearing, were still guys. Why had he become a female? Then she turned her eyes to the Amazon herself. Wonder Woman looked a little strange, for her new costume covered her body from the neck down, and seemed to be more form fitting than normal, almost obscenely tight, showing off her every curve, from head to toe. She had the S emblem on her chest, her legs were completely covered, and she was in flat heeled red boots, making her appear shorter. 'That's not her costume!' she thought, 'that's my costume!'
 Wonder Woman felt a bit weaker, but hadn't lost any other of her powers it seemed, and somehow seemed more carefree and alive. She looked down to see her new costume; she noticed she was not wearing her girdle of power, which explained the weakness. There were also no bracelets of submission on her wrists, which was why she felt so carefree. In fact, she noticed that she was dressed in a familiar formfitting blue and red costume with a gold and red "S" between her breasts, and her boots were now without heels. She looked in the mirror, and she knew by some accident that she was wearing Superman's costume.
 The Amazon looked about, and saw her own costume on another, unfamiliar female. Then she looked closer at her face, and recognized it as Kal El's, but in a new feminine form. She giggled, because she thought Superman looked so perfect in her costume, and had an inkling of why he had turned into a female. Diana felt how her new costume clung to her, and that she seemed to be sealed in that outfit; she was confused about what had happened. She then stumbled off the pad, not being used to walking around without heels. She was feeling very strange, as her connection to the Gods, and even her sisters on Paradise Island, had been severed. She made her way to Superman, and said, "How in Hera's name did this happen?"
 The now very female Superman replied, "The teleporter must have been tampered with, leaving us this way."
 Picture: Badsuit.jpg
 Caption: Wonder Woman looks in the mirror and sees her new look and uniform.
 The two members of the Marvel Family found that their problems were rather unique. One looked about the same, but wearing something different, while the other was totally unrecognizable.
 As Captain Marvel discovered the clothing shift among the heroes, he thought he was unaffected, since he saw red on his chest. Then he noticed a woman with black hair wearing his costume. Bewildered, he glanced down at his body, and found that while he still had the yellow lightning emblem on his red chest, he could feel cool air on his arms and legs; he found that he now had a short red skirt around his legs. He hadn't even noticed the fact that his heels had been elevated off the floor considerably inside the much sexier yellow boots now covering his lower legs. He didn't need the wisdom of Solomon to know that he was somehow wearing Mary's costume, instead of his own. Embarrassed, he began to blush.
 A woman came toward him, wearing Superman's costume. It was obviously a woman, since the smooth aerodynamic costume was so skin tight on her that it appeared painted on, every contour and bulge on her body given prominence. She must have realized this, as her face was almost as red as the cape she was wearing. It turned out that his premise was incorrect. Her blush was for a different reason. "Captain Marvel, you look scrumptious in that cute little dress and your heels!" Wonder Woman then giggled, and turned away.
 Then he spotted his sister, who he could recognize by her face only. He was seeing a lot more of her body's shape than he could ever remember seeing before. She was in Black Canary's costume, including the blonde wig, and because she was now someone that he knew and cared for, she looked like something from a fetishist's dream. He had never harbored that thought about Black Canary before. Mary spotted her brother finally, and walked over to him with a blush on her face that had to be for herself this time. Dazed, she said to him, "Billy, what's going on?"
 "Mary, is that you?! Gosh, look at you!" he said, astonished. His face was getting even redder than hers as he gawked at her body. She shivered under his stare. Shamed, he said to her, "Come here, and let me help you."
 As she moved closer, he wrapped his cape, well, her cape actually, around her body, hugging her. She hugged back, trying to cover up as much as she could. It wasn't until she shifted that Captain Marvel finally had to move himself, and stumbled just a bit in the heels. "Golly, Mary, I don't know if I'm going to be able to walk in your boots! I sure hope we figure out what is going on quickly!"
 The woman now wearing Captain Marvel's uniform could sense the magical nature of her new apparel. "emutsoC, egnahc..." she started to say, but since she knew that different types of magic did not often mix without problems, she stifled her first instinct to use her magic to get her normal attire back. She would have to be very careful about any kind of magic that she tried to invoke. While her new clothes did not flatter her, they were at least flamboyant, she noted, just the thing a magician wants. The bright red costume was clinging tightly to her figure, and the yellow lightning bolt was perfectly placed between her breasts. She was standing flat on her heels, however, in the bulky yellow boots. Zatanna looked around, and found her proper costume on a blonde male.
 She acknowledged, with a hint of amusement, that his long athletic limbs wrapped in her fishnet stockings with her black stiletto heels on his feet made his legs look a lot better than hers now did. She sighed, "I guess when you have a swimmer's body, you look good in anything." As she caught the way Aquaman's new shoes made his butt clench, Zatanna thought, 'Wow!' While she was admiring him, he turned, noticed her attention, and began wobbling towards her.
 'He is just so cute!' She gushed over the full effect of his wearing her top hat, tails and bow tie. 'I could just eat him up!' He looked like something Zatanna could sink her teeth into, mostly thanks to the fishnets. She did have her fetishes.
 Caption: Aquaman pondering his new image in the mirror.
 When Aquaman came out of the transporter, it seemed to him that he was balancing on the front of his feet, with almost none of his weight on his ankles. Never having worn high heels before, he had nothing in his memory to suggest why he felt the way he did. His eyes then found the mirror, and stared at his reflection, transfixed. While he still had a male face and figure, the costume on his body was about as feminine as could be. There were outrageously high heels under his feet, which explained a lot, and incredibly sexy fishnet hose came up from them to cover his legs. Between the arch of his feet and the tight hose, his legs looked almost as good as Mera's. 'I look simply beautiful!' No, what was he thinking?! He shook his head. 'This is impossible! This is Zatanna's costume, and on her body, I have always admired how beautiful she looks in her heels and shapely body suit. Now I'm wearing it, somehow.'
 A woman with long black hair stepped off the pad, and wondered why she seemed lower in relation to everything. She first noted all the switched around costumes on those around her, then looked down at herself. Instead of fishnets with a blue bustier, boots and jacket, she found bright green leggings above a pair of flat heeled matching green boots with fins on her calves. There was a golden belt with a stylized 'A' around her tiny waist, and a deep golden orange round necked leotard clinging tightly to her upper body and arms. There were green gloves on her hands and forearms, and when she raised these to her bulging breasts, she found that the golden material was molding to them without any internal support. In fact, the whole costume was clinging to her like a second skin, with no question as to the shape and form within.
 Then she looked up to check the mirror that she used to use just for checking her appearance before going Earthside. Her blonde wig was gone, and Black Canary saw that she was now clad in a very revealing Aquaman costume. She'd seen Mera in something similar before, but at least Aquaman's wife's costume had strong enough material to give her appropriate coverage and support. When she noted the similar predicament that a few of the other females had, and even worse, Hawkwoman, who was just walking into the Teleport area with nothing but thin straps across her chest, Dinah stopped fretting. She had company.
 Mxy, who had been grinning broadly while observing the results of Joker's gag, took one look at the raven maned female Aquaman, and decided that she didn't look quite right. Just as Dinah was turning away from her image in the mirror, she saw her gloriously black hair turn into a flaxen blonde, similar to that of her Black Canary wig. 'My God, now I really do look like a female version of Arthur!' she noted. 'Besides his costume, I now have his blonde hair, too!'
 Lagging behind everybody else coming from the teleport tube was a not quite coherent Martian Manhunter, dressed in a costume that only one of the heroes on hand would recognize. He swayed into a corner, and dropped. Once they'd exited the teleport tube, XTC got started on changing his body within the costume she'd put on it. She feminized it with breasts much more fuller and rounder than any of the other females present, gave his frame the shape of a supermodel, and finally altered his sexual organs, also. This done, a swimsuit shaped dark grey costume formed over the new shape. Finally, her hair became like bluish silver flashes of electricity, and her eyes turned to bright silvery blue like her hair, with sparks dancing around her dazzling smile.
 Suddenly, a scream of agony rang though the air. As they all turned to the source of the scream, a frightened young blonde haired woman who'd just turned away from the mirror said, "Give me a hand here! Something's wrong with J'onn." She was the only person on hand who'd seen the last of his old form, allowing her to recognize him, before being replaced.
 The gathered heroes moved forward as one, their troubles put aside for the moment. They found the now truly blonde haired Black Canary, wearing Aquaman's costume, kneeling in front of a female that only she knew was the fallen Martian Manhunter. She was now wearing a costume none of them recognized. As they arrived, she was finishing her morphing, before their eyes, into a shape that more aptly filled the costume, an incredibly small waisted, huge chested shape.
 Finally, though, the one hero who'd encountered Live Wire before approached. She hadn't seen the morphing, and only saw the final result. The person appearing to be Wonder Woman groaned as she recognized the new figure on the floor. She turned to Hawkwoman, who had just joined the group, wearing her husband's costume, and asked, "How did Live Wire get up to the Watchtower? She is a very dangerous supervillainess!"
 "I don't understand what happened, either," Hawkwoman replied. "The pattern was that of the Martian Manhunter, and somehow, he got bonded with Live Wire."
 J'onn was writhing in agony on the floor, with the electrical energy flashing all around her.
 In a voice she was having difficulty getting used to, Superman said, "I know that the Martian Manhunter is weakened by fire, so I can understand why she is screaming. But whose mind will be in control? The very dangerous and unpredictable Live Wire, or the Martian Manhunter? Let's get her to a holding cell, before she comes to, just in case."
 * * * * *
 Earlier that week, Superman's 5th dimension nemesis, Mr. Mxyzptlk, had decided it was time to pay his old enemies a visit. He appeared invisibly in the JLA's Watchtower, just as the Joker was putting the finishing touches on the teleporter beam late on Monday. He grinned and thought, 'This has some interesting possibilities.' Mxy stuck around the Watchtower to check it out overnight, then, on Tuesday
 morning, went Earthside to see what was going on there. He found Jimmy Olsen.
 The imp came back to the Watchtower just before the first teleport group was due, and saw the way Hawkman and Hawkwoman were wearing each other's costumes. 'Very nice! The first victims of Joker's stunt!' he thought. Just after he made the change in Hawkman, Mxy passed Hawkwoman heading for the teleport terminal. He sat in one corner of the teleporter room, waiting to see what mischief those alterations would make on the group of heroes coming up. He felt the presence of XTC as the beam activated, and wondered how she'd gotten there, and upon whose hands.
 Mxy watched as the members one by one emerged from the transporter in their exchanged costumes, and was laughing incoherently when Superman and the rest took in their new attire. He was most pleased with Superman's apparent gender change to fit *her* new costume; this was a bonus that he hadn't expected Joker's scheming to produce. He also noted the fascinating shape the Manhunter was assuming, and felt XTC at work. He snapped his fingers, and gave XTC a little boost while she was being taken to the cell.
 A wicked idea came to him to make the costumes other than Manhunter's more deliciously embarrassing, and permanent. He snapped his fingers, and the costumes on all the heroes on hand became welded to the auras of their bodies. They would never come off now. He also gave Black Canary blonde hair, since that was what she normally wore, and would better match her Aquaman costume.
 Mxy sensed the second group ready to beam up, and decided to improve on Joker's mischief after noting what had happened to Superman. Another snap of his fingers changed the programming completely. The males in this second group would all become females, while the two in the group who were already female would become much more dominantly minded females. While that second group was beaming up, he zapped himself outside the Watchtower to see if he could have any fun with Supergirl, who was flying up on her own.
 It turned out that fate was working into Mxy's hands, for Supergirl passed close by an orbiting piece of space debris while climbing away from Earth. Inside this debris was a large chunk of Red Kryptonite, and the effect it would have on her was profound. For the 48 hour period that the Red-K effects would last, the young Kryptonian girl would be the exact opposite of her old self. The blonde and heroic Supergirl had been turned into the black haired Satan Girl, evil to the core, and dressed from head to toe in shiny black, with black elbow length gloves, and purple knee high stiletto heeled boots, knee length cape, and large circular buckled belt around her waist.
 Picture: Satan Girl
 Caption: She isn't Supergirl any more....
 Mxy intercepted Satan Girl before she could do any harm to the Watchtower, and told her, "I know you want to pulverize this facility, but I think there are better things for you to do. How would you like to pretend you're still Supergirl for the JLA meeting, then go into the future to bring back a few members of the Legion of Super Heroes for me?"
 "Why should I help you," Satan Girl spat out, "when I can do whatever I damned well please to both this world, and then, any other I choose?"
 "If you take out this group, I won't have any fun of my own," Mxy answered with a note of glee in his voice. "I've got such devious plans to turn all these heroes into deliciously different forms, and you can play with the Legionnaires while I'm playing with these fools. To make it worthwhile for you, how would you like to become permanent, instead of living for only 48 hours?"
 Satan Girl's eyes went wide. "You can do that?! I was trying to think of some way to bleed off this Red-K energy to stay in this form, and not return to that wimpy Supergirl."
 "Let's make you just look like Supergirl for the time being, and then you can get back into basic black for the rest of your mission," Mxy told her. He snapped his fingers, and Satan Girl was instantly in blue and red, with her long blonde hair once again streaming down her back. "You now look like Supergirl, but she is completely gone from your body. You are now permanently Satan Girl. All you have to do is will it, and your costume and body will change into any shape, color or form you desire. You are the ultimate, super powered evil shape changer."
 "In that case, Mxy, I'm at your service. I'd better get inside before they wonder what happened to that wimp, Supergirl."
 "I wouldn't worry too much about that, Satan Girl. They are having a lot of problems of their own to contend with right now. I'm going back inside myself, to watch the results of the second teleport group coming up." Mxy blinked out of sight, leaving a blue and red clad Satan Girl to make her own way in.
 Mr. Mxyzptlk blinked into shape in the Watchtower as the first members of the second group were coming out of the teleport machine. He kept himself hidden form their view.
 Picture: Flash.jpg
 Caption: The speedster looking even more streamlined in her new shape.
 The first hero from the second group to appear was Flash. The first thing the hero noticed was that his stride seemed totally different. Then the two huge orbs shrouded in red that were projecting from his chest caught his eye. "What?!" he exclaimed, but was shocked at the sexy voice he heard. When he looked to the wall to check the mirror, Flash saw that he was now most definitely a she.
 Her body covering red costume now looked like it was spray painted onto one of the best built bodies Flash had ever seen, and over the years, Barry Allen had seen a lot of them, from slutty whores in the police station to outrageously clad heroines and villainesses! Hell, even his own wife had looked incredible in the Batgirl costume she was wearing to the party at which she died. Now, she made almost any of them look pale in comparison!
 The biggest change in the costume that she noted was the long blonde hair which now covered her head without a cowl; compared to Barry's usual crew cut covered by a head enclosing cowl, this was really different! The front part of what had been the cowl was a red mask covering her upper face. Two yellow lightning bolts sprang up out of her hair above her ears, apparently from the tips of the mask. Even with the mask covering it, Barry could tell that her face was a real knockout!
 Then she found out why her stride was so different. The yellow boots on her feet had heels high enough that she was practically standing on her toes. Just as an experiment, Barry took off at what to Flash was normal speed to see if the heels affected anything, and found that the angle increased her sprinting nicely, with good balance. She took note of the changed heroes in the first group as she sped through the Watchtower, and was back in the teleport area before anyone had noticed she was gone. She saw what had to have been her friend, Green Lantern, coming out of the teleporter. Something had changed Hal, also.
 Picture: Pinklantern1a.jpg
 Caption: Hal Jordan, in her new costume, stares in amazement at the grey and pink she's wearing, and the pink mask that used to be green.
 Green Lantern had been looking forward to the meeting. He had been on deep space patrol, as was his job as a member of the Green Lantern Corps of the sector. He'd arrived at the teleporter shortly after most of the others got there, and joined in the picture taking. Greeted with warmth and fellowship, Hal Jordan thought to himself, 'It's great to be home among friends.'
 As he disappeared with the rest of the second group of heroes, Green Lantern underwent several changes all at once. He felt the green energy drain from his ring and disappear in a flash. Then he felt a glow envelop his body; not the familiar green one, but a very pretty shade of pink. In the midst of the pink, he never noticed his ring slipping off his finger. Another ring took its place almost instantly, but by that time, Hal was too caught up in odd sensations all over and through his body to notice it.
 As he materialized in the Watchtower, Green Lantern felt a chill on his now bare abdomen, and in his surprise at this, raised his hands to his face. The petite hands he saw with long nails under the gloves at the fingertips shocked him. Then he realized his gloves were white, not green, and even more mystifying was the color of his ring, a very pretty shade of pink. Looking down at his chest, Hal saw a beautiful pair of very full breasts with a pink lantern between them, instead of a green one. Long brown hair spilled down over this chest as he did so.
 When Hal looked across to the mirror, it became obvious that not only had pink replaced green, but it was a very female body that he now occupied. Even with the shapely pink mask covering her eyes, she could tell that her face was that of a model, then she noted that her figure also gave evidence of that trait. Below the two huge orbs on her chest, the now open flesh waist narrowed considerably. The grey and pink costume picked up again at her crotch and hips, and Hal, who like Barry had seen a fair number of good looking women over the years, saw that she had an incredibly well shaped butt and hips. The pink boots that came up to her knees had perfectly shaped high heels on them, which made her calves stand out all the more.
 In short, Hal Jordan was now the incredibly beautiful Pink Lantern, and her mind somehow knew that this was her new name. It was as she finished ogling her new self that she saw Flash admiring her. It had to be Flash, even though the shape was all wrong. Then she turned to see some of the others coming out of the teleporter. She tried not to stare at Atom, but it was impossible.
 Caption: The Atom in her new and improved costume.
 Coming out onto the teleporter pad after Lantern was the now enlarged Atom. Ray Palmer had been away on a vacation with his wife when Oracle got through to him, which did not go over very well with his mate. Nevertheless, the election agenda of the meeting would be a welcome change from the usual discussion of the latest catastrophe that the JLA had to see to. What happened during the teleport was an unwelcome change, however.
 After he felt that the teleport was finished, Atom expanded back to normal size. He felt very different from his normal five foot nine size, though. Actually, he was even taller, but nowhere near his normal mass and size. In fact, he was feeling very strange. His head, which normally had a cowl covering his whole head, was framed instead by long, flowing, silky brown hair which was falling off his shoulders, and onto his breasts.
 'What breasts?!' he thought in amazement, as he raised his hands to the well shaped protrusions on his chest. HIS chest? Ray looked at the wall mirror, and saw that he was now a most definitely female version of himself. Instead of the usual cowl, there was an elegant mask covering her upper face. The almost translucent costume was a lot more sheer than his usual one, and she could see her new aureolas and nipples plainly evident, barely constrained by her suit. She also noted why she was taller. It wasn't that her body was tall, it was the heels on her boots.
 'A very nice improvement, if I wanted to be female, but I never wished to be this way,' she thought. Her belt with its size changing device in the buckle appeared to be around her now very small waist, but she was not eager to try it, just in case it only worked once with this new body, and left her in an altogether different size. Then a realization hit her, and Atom looked up to see that Flash and...PINK Lantern (?) were also now beautiful women. What about the others? She turned around, and saw what had to be the Wonder Twins coming out of the teleporter. But they looked so totally different.
 Picture: latextrio00.jpg
 Caption: The Wonder Twins have a new look to wonder about.
 The wonder twins had just arrived from their home planet for a visit, and got to the teleporter only a few minutes before the others were beamed up to the Watchtower. They were dressed in their standard purple and black costumes when they disappeared, but now realized that they had changed. Radically.
 Jayna's costume had become a dream outfit, and with a new body to go with it. She had long blonde hair instead of her old short black hair, and it was cascading over a black latex and lycra leotard. This was glossy black on her back, sides and arms, with a very risque French cut to the legs, and a thin, almost see-through black in a V from her neckline down to her crotch, showing her to be a natural blonde. On her legs, she had sheer black hose that descended into a pair of shiny black knee high stiletto heeled boots with thick platform soles. Wide cuffed elbow length black gloves covered her hands. Looking in the mirror, she was slightly surprised, but very pleased.
 Looking at what had to be her brother was another story. Jayna now had a sister, it seemed! Zan's short black hair had become a similarly shaded beehive hairdo, and his costume had undergone some incredible changes, to match those of *her* body. She was wearing a black leather body suit, the bra of which supported a pair of breasts at least as big as hers. Over this was a sheer black long sleeved dress that was see through, and fell to just below her crotch. Over all of this, Zan was laced into a very tight black leather corset, and judging by her short shallow breaths, was not too comfortable.
 On her feet were platform shoes with heels as high as hers, making them almost the same height. On her hands were short leather gloves, and as Zan looked at her reflection in the mirror, a tear left her prettily made up eyes. They stumbled at first toward the meeting room, arm in arm, but both seemed to gain a degree of balance and poise in their incredibly high heels as they walked. Within moments, both Zan and Jayna were strutting elegantly, with Jayna realizing why she was grasping her *sister's* wrist so forcefully. She couldn't wait to get her alone in their room after the meeting...
 Picture: Greenarow.jpg
 Caption: Green Arrow is shocked and dismayed by her new look as she stares into the mirror.
 Green Arrow had been feeling cocky at the teleport site, thinking about seeing all the ladies again, and the new members in their nice tight costumes. He disappeared with the rest of the members in the second group, and reappeared on his knees on the pad. His hands were running through long blonde hair, instead of the Robin Hood hat over his normally short, wavy hair, and it felt like there was a thin domino mask tied around that hair. Looking down, he saw a very large pair of breasts on his, no, obviously *her* chest, and even her nipples were plainly evident. Her costume had become skin tight spandex in brown and green, with her gloves becoming one with the arms of the body suit.
 She looked in shock at her image in the mirror, thinking that she had become everything Green Arrow had always admired in other women. She stood up in her new high heeled boots, and with an ease she couldn't explain, started to follow the other heroes to the meeting room. She started to wonder just what had made all the changes she was seeing in herself and those around her.
 Picture: Elngtdwn.jpg
 Caption: Plastic Man's new look. She is smiling, because she is young again and the suit is pretty.
 Plastic Man had been asked to attend the membership meeting, because he was still an active member, even though he hadn't done any work with his JLA teammates for some time. He thought it was great to be with his friends again. 'I have lost most of my powers over the years, so I have just been working in a lab to earn a living,' he mused as they were getting set for the teleport. 'So many years have passed since I put on this costume and fought crime, but for my friends, I would do anything.'
 He disappeared from the pad when the teleport beam activated, and suddenly, all kinds of weird sensations overtook his body. When he materialized, the first sensation he had was of standing on the balls of his feet, as if he was wearing a pair of really high heels. He hadn't done that for years!
 Shaking his head to clear it, because he knew that wasn't possible, he felt his shoulder length hair brush his shoulders, and fall in his face. Opening his eyes, he stared down at his body, enclosed in a very sexy purple and white lycra body suit. And his emblem was stretched across a pair of very well formed, monstrous breasts. Had he somehow morphed into a female shape?
 He looked in the mirror, and saw to *her* dismay that all was true. Dainty gloves were peeking out from her red jacket, which was all that remained of Plastic Man's former costume. At least something was there to remind her of her past.
 She stepped down off the platform, and almost fell flat on her face in the unfamiliar heels. Old body memories quickly fell into place, though, and after a few faltering steps, she was walking with an elegant stride. She headed for the meeting room, seeing everyone's new looks, and sat down very confused.
 Picture: Msmiracle.jpg
 Caption: Mr. Miracle, now a heroine called Ms. Miracle, in her new form and costume.
 Mr. Miracle had felt a slight pause in the teleport that he'd never noticed before. It seemed like a long period, but had actually entailed only twenty-five seconds. As he rematerialized at the Watchtower, he was feeling a whole new set of sensations.
 Instead of the crew cut he used to have, his hair now fell about his shoulders. His mask even felt lighter and tighter, like it was now part of his face. Looking down to confirm strange feelings, Mr. Miracle saw a very sheer outfit with a well formed bosom held in place by its built in bra. There was no questioning the shape that filled that outfit, and it was most definitely female! She knew she was now Ms. Miracle, and her sheer yellow and green gloves quickly moved to her crotch to confirm her worst fear. The sensation that shot through her body after this brief probe told her she was right.
 She looked across the teleport pad to a mirror, and saw that she had become a very pretty version of her old self, wearing high heeled boots. She also felt meek and afraid, and sank to the floor on her curled up legs. This was something new to the hero who used to feel no fear at any predicament faced. She realized more had changed than just her looks!
 Big Barda appeared right next to the Flash, and admired the way he, now she, looked. Flash was positively delicious in her tight spandex over her new body. 'I see that she is a natural blonde, too,' Barda noted with a sly grin on her face. As she observed this, another sensation took hold of her mind. She became more dominant in her mind, and Barda knew she had a slave. She knew she deserved this slave as a payback for all the suffering and humiliation she had suffered at this person's actions.
 Then she saw her, laying on the floor curled into a fetal ball. She recognized her as her old partner, Mr. Miracle. But she wasn't a Mister anything now. His, now her, uniform contained a very shapely body. She also noticed the way she was cringing on the floor, meaning that she had undergone an attitude adjustment. She also knew that Ms. Miracle was her slave in body and spirit. She reached down and helped the trembling Ms. Miracle to her feet, saying, "We need to go to my quarters for a few minutes before the meeting."
 She guided the new lady to her personal quarters for a little private chat. Closing the door behind them, she put Ms. Miracle on the bed and she sat at her desk, staring at her partner's new appearance, and the look of worship in her eyes.
 She snarled, "Well, Ms. Miracle, the tides of fate have flowed my way. For too long I have existed in your shadow, putting up with your macho attitude and posturing. I love your costume. You look adorable in it." She reached over, and caressed one of her breasts. The new female moaned.
 "Oh, my little slave, you like that, do you. I have some other adorable items that will show the others your new look."
 She went into her private wardrobe, and removed something for each of them to wear. She told her new servant, "Rise! I need help dressing in my new clothes. I haven't worn them yet, and they are a little stiff."
 She had selected a black latex cat suit with gloves and boots. Ms. Miracle helped Barda to remove her other outfit, and reverently folded it, to be cleaned later by her. She slid the revealing jumpsuit over her Mistress' legs and over the rest of her ultra sexy body. She then put the boots on her muscular but shapely legs, lacing them up as tight as she wanted it. Then the gloves were slid over her powerful hands and up to her elbows.
 She then brushed her long black hair and styled it with bangs and a pert little pony tail with a red holder in it. Then she knelt at her feet, awaiting her next command.
 Barda helped her out of her new costume, noticing how much smaller and helpless she looked. Her new bulging breasts looked adorable on her chest. The petite figure she had was almost perfectly sculpted, and the little bush of blonde hair at her crotch matched the mane atop her head exactly.
 She had selected her favorite slave outfit for Ms. Miracle to wear. It was a combination bunny suit and straight jacket. Barda helped her slide her curvy new body into it. It had a latex imitation of a bunny tail at the base of her spine, and two little spots on her head where the ears should be. She put her hands into the sleeves of the suit, and they were tied off at the elbows across her chest.
 Into her mouth was placed a nice ball gag, which had been soaking in a bowl under her sink, filled with her juices. Barda then tied this off behind Ms. Miracle's head. The cowl was pulled over her head, and it covered her mouth and nose. She inserted the straws into her nose for her to breathe. Just before she pulled the head piece up, Barda let some of her blonde bangs show through under the cowl.
 She then picked up a belt that locked around her waist, and she secured it there, showing her emblem in bright purple on the sides. Then a collar was locked around her neck, with her emblems in the same place on both sides of her neck. They glowed for a second, and then a click signaled they are working. Ms. Miracle was now completely in her thrall.
 Then Barda opened the door to her closet, exposing the vertical mirror, and she stood by her side, saying, "Ms. Miracle, you have been dressed in your proper clothes. You won't do a thing, or even think, unless I give my permission. Do you understand?"
 Ms. Miracle saw the look on her mistress' face, and the adoration of her new mistress showed in her eyes. She put her nose to Barda's crotch to show how she felt.
 "Very nice show of respect," Barda told her. She saw that the intelligence that had once shown in Mr. Miracle's eyes had been replaced with a vacant stare. "Glad you understand, you are mine, mind, body and soul; I know you will love your new position. It is to make me happy, and worship me like any good slave should."
 The communicator on the wall flashed, showing that the meeting was about to begin. She acknowledged it, and helped her servant to her feet. They both left her quarters, to go to the meeting room. Theirs was to be the look that surprised the others more than any other.
 Meanwhile, another busy day in Gotham City
 After tracking down false leads for over a week, Batman was resting quietly at the Communications Center in the Batcave on Monday evening, with a cold plate snack Alfred had prepared for him. With Robin away working with his more equal aged teammates of Young Justice, Batman was back to his old ways of hunting down clues as a lone operator, and while he got a certain thrill from the solo work, it was making it that much more difficult to do.
 He was not very patiently waiting for the Bat computer to work on some connections to Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn's crime wave using all the data he'd accumulated. This had been one tremendous team up. Either one of the ladies was dangerous alone, and they were apparently working together now.
 Pamela Isley had gained a Doctorate in Botany, with a minor in criminal law, before being turned into Poison Ivy. With her knowledge of plants and poisons, she always troubled Batman in the past. She was a very cold, calculating, treacherous woman who did absolutely nothing without it being well planned in advance.
 Harley Quinn, on the other hand, was a completely different woman. She had been a psychiatrist assigned to Arkham Asylum to test and evaluate different inmates for parole and release. She started her 'downfall' as a respected doctor and the onset of her new career as a villainess when she started evaluating the Joker. The Clown Prince of Crime used his wiles on the unwary psychiatrist to put her under his charms. She became enamored of him, and got him released from Arkham before the head of the asylum found her out.
 Harley then teamed up with Joker as his hench-woman, looking cute but becoming more and more extremely dangerous the longer she worked with her Puddin', Mr. 'J'. Her extremely intelligent brain seemed to be hidden behind the ditzy blonde persona Harley showed the world. When the Joker wound up behind the walls of Arkham again a few months back, she eluded the dragnet and went deep undercover. She was so out of it that she had no idea her Puddin' was out once again, and up to some really strange tricks.
 Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn met completely by accident, when on the same day and at the same time they both decided to rob a jeweler who had just received some prized diamonds. Poison Ivy broke into the front of the store, while Harley Quinn broke into the rear after deactivating the alarms. They met in the center of the store with their respective, distinctly unique weapons drawn, intending to take out any guards they would find. It was Harley who spotted Ivy first, and she said, "I think we're clear in here, and there isn't any reason for us to fight each other. Let's join forces, and drain Gotham dry."
 Ivy thought for a second, and had to agree that teaming up could be mutually advantageous. They cleaned the store of anything that sparkled, and Harley took Ivy to her sewer hideout. Over the next three weeks, they baffled the authorities and Batman with their deadly accuracy. The two villainesses also varied their locations regularly in order to confuse the Dark Knight Detective. They both liked it much better in one or more or Ivy's lavish houses, where they got to know each other quite well. However, the sewer hideouts of Harley's were the more invisible, and so they spent a number of days in the dark and dank underbelly of Gotham.
 As Batman was rereading the reports of the different robberies, a call came over his JLA communicator; it was from the Elongated Man. "Batman, I'm in town for the teleport up to the JLA meeting tomorrow. I understand you are having some vexing troubles with a couple of deadly females."
 Batman sighed, "Yes, the 'ladies' have had their way with Gotham City for the last three weeks. Robin's been gone for a month, so I would be grateful for your help. Meet me at the entrance to the Batcave, and we can compare notes."
 Forty-five minutes later, he and Elongated Man were studying the pattern of robberies and disappearances of the ladies on a grid map of Gotham.
 Elongated Man, a true analytical genius, looked up and said, "I sense a pattern in their disappearances, Bruce. Let's ask the computer to trace the path they are using for their escapes, and what could be used to connect them together."
 One minute later, the computer spat out an overlay of the Gotham underground sanitation system.
 Batman immediately said, "Very good. I had been looking at this all evening, and couldn't make the connection, Ralph." He turned to the computer, and had a section of the sewer enlarged. "It shows a section that has been blocked up and abandoned for years." He turned to the Elongated Man, and asked, "Care to lend a hand in their arrest?"
 He jumped up with enthusiasm, and stretched a hand over to the passenger door of the Batmobile, saying, "Need you ask?" He got into the passenger seat of the Batmobile as Batman took his own seat in what looked to Ralph Digby more like a jet fighter cockpit than a car interior. Heading off into the sunrise of a bright Tuesday morning, Batman said, "We will have to do this quickly, the meeting is at noon, and we're supposed to be there."
 They brought the Batmobile to a stop close to the nearest manhole cover to the girls' suspected lair. Batman told Elongated Man, "There will be some plant traps set by Poison Ivy for sure. Maybe an oddball device or two from Harley Quinn. She appears to be a blonde ditz, but looks in her case are very deceiving; she is as dangerous, or more, as any male villain."
 They dropped down into the sewer system, with a location device data-linked to the Bat computer providing directions.
 They soon heard the girls laughing and counting their loot, and Batman and Elongated Man snuck silently to the entrance of their lair. But the ladies were warned by an alarm plant that the guys missed. Both villainesses rushed the entrance to fight the intruders, but Batman handed Elongated Man a breathing device while fixing one over his own face. Having done this, he pulled knock out gas pellets from his utility belt and hurled them, bursting at the feet of the colorful ladies.
 The girls collapsed immediately, and they were handcuffed and carried into the back of the Batmobile. As they got underway heading back to the Batcave, both men realized that it was time to beam up to the Watchtower for the meeting. They decided to save time by bringing their captives along for the ride, to be held in cells at the Watchtower, instead of securing them in cells in the Batcave.
 Batman carried Poison Ivy in a sitting position between his two arms, her bright red framed head leaning on his right shoulder, as he stepped up to the Batcave teleport pad. Elongated Man picked up Harley Quinn from the back of the Batmobile, clutching her awesome black and red latex clad body close to his chest. He joined Batman on the teleport pad, and moments later, they both vanished with their cargoes.
 They reappeared moments later on the teleport pad in the Moon base, but the room appeared to be empty. Batman looked at the digital clock on the wall, and saw that they had arrived just as the meeting was supposed to be getting underway. The guys laid their charges on the deck, and were about to start calling for their friends to let them know they'd be there as soon as they locked up some felons they'd brought along, when they froze in place.
 Mxy had just gotten back to the teleport terminal after giggling over the sight at the JLA's meeting table. He saw the two heroes and the villainesses appear, and couldn't resist. The imp snapped his fingers, and did a bit of mind tinkering to effectively switch their bodies around.
 Poison Ivy suddenly found herself fully conscious, and standing. The last thing she could remember was falling in their sewer lair after Batman threw a gas pellet. Amazingly, she found herself looking down at her own body, lying sprawled on the floor in front of her. She then looked down at herself, and realized 'he' was in Batman's body. He also felt a tinge of Batman's presence in his mind, but easily overshadowed it. It was nice to find out from that tinge that he was really Bruce Wayne, though. What a trip, to be in control of THAT body!
 Mxy got his attention, and told Ivy that he was in mental control of both bodies, not just the one he was now in. His mind was completely in control. He would be able to give orders to Batman, who was now in Poison Ivy's body, and she would be helpless to act on her own. He looked down with a sneer at his former beautiful body. "There are so many things I can do with my new slave. Our crime spree in Gotham, with Batman's mind under my control running it, will make us unstoppable."
 Poison Ivy felt a bit of Batman's background intellect attempting to regain his mental mastery within his body, but he laughed at his feeble attempts. "You are mine to bend, shape and control, and there is nothing you can do about it. Pamela Isley is now running this body, not Bruce Wayne. You will suffer the indignity of watching while Bruce Wayne, as Poison Ivy, becomes the hunted."
 Harley became aware of her new surroundings when she saw her own body laying in a heap on the teleport pad floor. For a few seconds she was disorientated, then she noticed a puzzled Poison Ivy in Batman's body acting similarly until Mxy told him about the mind swap. Then Harley noted the purple costume 'he' occupied, and knew that he was now the Elongated Man.
 He felt the weak presence of the Elongated Man in the background of his mind, but had the knowledge that he was helpless to do anything without Harley being in charge. He told Batman, "This is absolutely wild, Ivy. We are now in the most perfect of male bodies, and no one knows it but us. Any suggestions on what to do with our original bodies, and the poor fools stuck in them?"
 Ivy thought for a moment, analyzing the memories in his new head, then said, "We'd better get used to referring to ourselves and each other as who we now are. I am Bruce Wayne, the Batman. You are Ralph Digby, the Elongated Man. Even in close quarters by ourselves, we can't use our true names. As for the guys who are now in these helpless female bodies, why don't we do to them what they had in mind for us? Let's put them in the holding cells, and then we'll join the rest of the JLA members for the meeting. They can stew there for a while until we set them loose."
 Ralph giggled as best he could in his new male voice, before deciding it wasn't worth trying, and said, "I love this exchange. You and I are in complete control of these strong masculine bodies, and they are trapped in our feminine bodies, also under our control. This is perfect. We can loot and rob by remote control, and they will stay locked up in Arkham if they get caught. What a power trip!"
 Batman reached down and picked up his former body with ease; Elongated Man picked up his former body, and they headed toward the detention cells. Batman was surprised to see an unconscious Live Wire in one of the cells, and wondered how she had gotten to the Watchtower. They dumped their original bodies in heaps on the beds within each cell, unlocked the handcuffs from each or their wrists, and then got set to awaken them.
 Batman reached into his utility belt and got out a spray to counteract the gas which had felled the ladies, then sprayed a light mist into each of their faces. The two heroes then got out of the cells before the villainesses could awaken, and securely locked the doors. After turning off the overhead lights, they stood outside, and watched as their prisoners came to.
 The person who looked like Poison Ivy but thought he was Batman woke up first, and immediately knew something was wrong. He could feel the cool air on his upper body, which used to be completely covered, and the free fall of hair around his shoulders, when before his hair was a nicely styled haircut and kept under his cowl. As he sat up, he got a confirmation of the discrepancies; 'she' felt her rather hefty breasts moving. Batman realized 'she' was now in a female body. But whose?
 She felt the venom that was permanently a part of her body's system burning her, confusing her even more. She became wide awake, looking first down at her long red hair and green clad body, then at the cowled figure grinning at her on the other side of some bars, hidden in shadows. Somehow, she was now in Poison Ivy's body!
 She cried out, demanding, "What has happened to me?" The cowled figure came forward, and she gasped at him through the cell bars, realizing that it was her old body.
 Batman's voice was dripping with a verbal venom when he told her, "We have stolen your bodies, and given you ours. Now, here are some instructions that you WILL follow. Your name is Pamela Isley, and you know no other. You are Poison Ivy. You will not be able to say a word to the contrary. Your willpower will fade back to a small part of your mind, and be a helpless bystander to all your new body does. You will act just like I tell you to. You will not be able to communicate anything about your new condition. I know you feel the venom that my body has had in it since the accident that created Poison Ivy. You will enjoy your new body, because it is truly yours to experience, and you have no recollection of ever being male or having any male identity. For now, you are completely comfortable in your costume, just like it was your normal clothes."
 As Batman finished saying this, he watched as his former body sank to the cot. Her face slowly showed that she was coming under the compulsion of his commands. She slowly explored her new body, one hand to her full breasts and the other sliding up her green clad legs, then exploring the void between her legs. She appeared to be right at home in fondling herself.
 Meanwhile, Elongated Man waited outside the cell that Harley Quinn now inhabited, and watched her regain consciousness with a sneer on his lips. Harley slowly shook her head, and suddenly was shocked by the sight of white balls on the ends of extensions over her ears. She sat up with a start, and felt the sway of her breasts confined in a tight red and black latex body suit. She was shocked by other unfamiliar feelings, and sat on the edge of her cot, not understanding what had happened. She looked at the door, and recognized her former body.
 Harley sputtered, "What have you done to me? How did you switch our bodies?"
 "I'm not sure, but I know that I am in complete charge of both of our bodies. I love the feeling of your strong body, and a piece of your mind, both subjugated to my will, and I am in complete control of what will happen to both of us. I have some instructions that you will follow, because you have no choice but to heed everything I say. You are Harley Quinn; thinking or acting like anyone else will be impossible, for you now know that as your only identity. You have no recollections of any masculine identity, and you will let my mind take over. You will stay in this cell, and act as Harley, unable to say or do anything to the contrary. Any answers you give will come from my mind. You are very comfortable in your body, for you now know it as your own."
 She sat down on the cot, and her face relaxed as the instructions took over her mind. She looked down at her costume with curiosity, and started to explore her new body. She fondled her magnificent breasts, and then one of her hands slipped between her legs. She slowly felt the sensations building within her body, and the intelligent look she had before turned into a vapid expression.
 With both girls fully instructed, Batman sprayed each one's face once again, this time with a Bat Knock Out gas. The two men could then go to the meeting without any worry about their charges making any noises to bring attention their way. Live Wire still showed no sign of activity, so the guys left behind three sleeping women as they headed for the meeting room, now about ten minutes late.
 * * * * *
 About 11:30, Jimmy Olsen showed up at the teleport site, and while showing off her new shape proudly, hoped no one she knew would recognize her and see her as Jimmy, dressed as she was. She also hoped that she wouldn't draw too much attention, dressed as gaudily as she was, with all the superheroes present. But she wasn't so lucky, as even though Jimmy thought she couldn't compare to the JLA members, the fact that she was down and amongst the press group made her an easy target.
 A few of Jimmy's old friends in the press corps saw her, and the cameras started clicking in earnest. Most of them thought that Jimmy was a new heroine that was there for the JLA meeting. More and more of them took her picture, along with all those they were taking of the heroes, and promised a good showing of her in the layout.
 Jimmy's one bit of good luck was that Lois Lane was so busy fawning over Superman and the other JLA members that she never caught sight of her. Lois was the only person that Jimmy was sure could see his face in the beautiful female that she now was. Of all people though, it was the Planet's social scene writer who cornered Jimmy. The absolutely stunning blonde in a trim, bright red miniskirt suit walked up to her and said, "Hi, my name is Cat Grant, from the Daily Planet. Why aren't you up on the platform with the other JLA members? You are part of the group, aren't you? That is one hell of a sexy costume you have!"
 "Oh, I'm not one of the heroes, Ma'am," Jimmy answered, and nearly froze stiff when she heard the soft and sexy voice which came from her lips. This was that last change that Mxy had given Jimmy earlier, and now she realized just how feminine she truly was. She suddenly realized that there was a void in her crotch where her manhood used to reside, and now knew how completely she'd been changed. Jimmy recovered quickly, still wondering even more what was going on, and pronounced words in answer that stunned her even more than the voice. "I just get a thrill dressing up this way, and showing off my body in this glorious latex. I figured I could fit right in with the crowd that was here today."
 "Well, you sure have the body and costume to be one of the JLA's heroines. I guess it can't hurt to want to dress like them, and anybody that can fill out a costume like the one you have in the way that you do it is okay in my book. I've seen all the photographers taking your picture, so would you give me an interview after the heroes go up to their meeting?"
 Jimmy looked down briefly, then said, "I don't know, Miss Grant, are you sure somebody as insignificant as me is worth writing about?"
 "My dear, you are the one person not being zapped up to the Watchtower that has been the target of nearly every camera here. If that doesn't make you a subject for a story, I don't know what would."
 "Since you put it that way, I'll come looking for you as soon as the last of the heroes goes up." Jimmy turned away from Cat, and headed over to the platform.
 As the picture taking died down when the heroes zapped away, Jimmy walked by the teleporter. Even though she was a good ten feet from the unit, she started flickering, and she disappeared as the teleporter took her to the Watchtower, also.
 The Joker had been watching the coming and going of the JLA members and the all the people who gathered around the scene with a big smile. He had finished his work at the Watchtower earlier in the morning, and was now running the faked magazine photo spread to lure all the JLA members into his trap. He'd been disappointed to see that not all the members were present, and the promise made by Wonder Woman for the return had him cackling in glee. As soon as the second group left, Joker surprised those around him by shedding the wig and mask he'd been wearing to hide his green hair and white face.
 The appearance of the black and red latex clad beauty dressed so prettily had been a big surprise to Joker. She looked like she was dressed as a heroine, yet she didn't go up with the heroes. Darn if she didn't look cute, strutting along in latex and high heels. That bitch made even Harley look tame. Joker heard a hum, so he looked up and saw the teleport activate, and that latex dream started to disappear. To his shock, Joker then felt the teleport's pull on him, and he vanished, also. Moments later, he found himself in the teleport beam that he had booby trapped earlier. With that black and red dream with him, Joker dreaded what might come, knowing just what he'd programmed the teleport to do. Before he could find out, Joker lost consciousness.
 Jimmy noticed that the Joker was teleporting with her. She was confused as to how she'd been snatched by the teleporter, and why both of them were being sent to the Watchtower, but became disoriented and lost consciousness herself just after Joker did.
 It was Mxy who'd had the teleport grab the two, since he had plans for both. The imp canceled out the sex reversal changes being done by the teleport that he'd set up for the second group, and had the teleport go not only a distance in length, but also a distance in time. That was why both Jimmy and Joker went unconscious briefly. They became out of synch with the JLA and rest of the world. Thus, when they arrived at the Watchtower, they could see, but be seen.
 Mxy played with Joker as he was being teleported. The first thing he did was change Joker into a female, with an exotically shaped and proportioned body. He left Joker's white skin and garish green hair but made them look very feminine. As Mxy looked over his new creation, he got a better idea, and stripped the colorful costume from her body and gave her a normal complexion with long blonde hair. Then he put her into the new costume she'd wear.
 Joker appeared on the pad in the Watchtower once again, but this time feeling very disoriented after regaining consciousness. Somehow, he felt both smaller and chest heavy. The first thing he noticed was that he was standing on the balls of his feet. He also noticed that he was a lot warmer, like he was wearing a latex catsuit. He feared that the teleport had switched his clothes with those of that latex bombshell.
 He looked down, though, and the first thing he noticed was a large and well shaped pair of breasts encased in black with gold trim, not the black and red he expected to see, and something was holding his waist in tightly. Investigating with his hands, he concluded that they were her hands, as she saw and felt that she was wearing a fetish lover's dream of shapely and shiny black latex that made the red and black suit he'd seen look tame. She stepped off the teleport pad, saw her reflection in the mirror, and started the famous Joker cackle. It came out sounding way too feminine.
 Her outfit looked like an ultra sexy and ultra evil latex version of Batgirl's old costume. Was this some kind of payback for the way Joker had made Batgirl a cripple, and give up crime fighting? Then she collapsed, and fell into a very confused sleep. Mxy zapped the sleeping ex-Joker into the Batcave, putting some instructions into her mind. There, Badgirl would get things set up for the soon to arrive Batman and Elongated Man, who were in reality Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, respectively.
 Next Mxy thought about what he could do with Jimmy Olsen, and he got a very wicked idea. He shifted her a week and a half into the future, and had her appear next to his auto-do cubicle. Mxy decided to make Jimmy into the perfect operator for it.
 Jimmy was going to be the first customer of the new and improved auto-do machine, even before Superman got her chance. She would be attached by cables to the machine, making her feel everything that the person inside the box felt. Mxy started programming the instructions into the computer, and ten minutes later, he was finished.
 He put Jimmy into the box, and turned it on. Through the glass door, Mxy could see as the box did its magic. First it stripped the old outfit off, and then the new and improved suit took its place after Jimmy's basically shaped female body was converted into true female perfection. It was a metallic grey, almost black catsuit, covering her from the neck down in her new latex skin, with many metal attachments so she could be attached to the cubicle easily.
 Her head was sealed in latex, and given a full head of very pretty mid back length brown hair, which was actually latex like the rest of her skin. Her face was sealed in seven layers of clear latex, and her new makeup appeared in all seven layers where it belonged. Next, a pair of ballet toed boots appeared on her feet, giving them a ten inch arch, and not easy to walk in, let alone run. It was highly unlikely that Jimmy would ever be able to escape, even if she somehow got free of the machine.
 She was taken outside the cubicle, and connected to the various tubing hookups on her costume. The instructions on how to operate the auto-do correctly and make no mistakes were firmly implanted in her psyche. She would retain all of Jimmy's present memories, but she was unable to voice them. Mxy watched her look down on her beautiful latex outfit and start stroking her leg. Mxy was not sure if she could feel anything or not. The tear leaving her eye was cute, and so Mxy let her get up and start walking a bit, so she could adjust to the lift of the boots, and everything else her new life in latex she had to learn. Then she was strapped in, and became the enslaved operator of the auto-do, waiting for the next customer - the transformed Superman.

* * * * *
 The now very different looking Superman used the golden magic lasso of Wonder Woman attached to her hip to temporarily bind the wrists of Live Wire, who was actually the Martian Manhunter, behind her back. She easily picked up the still glowing but unconscious woman, and led the way to the Watchtower's holding cells. Along the way, JLA heroines who were used to wearing heels got a feel for walking in flats, which really was no change for most of them. On the other hand, the heroes were now walking in heels, which was something none of them other than Superman had even done in the past. Besides the past experience Kal El had in wearing heels, during one of his prior run-ins with Mr. Mxyzptlk when he'd been turned into a female, this time Kal had a big advantage over the male heroes staggering along. The incredibly feminine body which Kal now possessed was readily adaptable to the stiletto heels on her boots.
 Both Aquaman in Zatanna's costume and Captain Marvel in his sister's quickly figured out that if they took short steps, their strides would be much smoother. In so doing, they also put a very feminine sway into their hips, which both Wonder Woman and Zatanna giggled about as they followed the men. Black Canary, now dressed in Aquaman's costume, was alongside Superman, and therefore missed the sight. Hawkwoman, in the body baring costume of her husband, had finally gotten over her own shock and strode directly behind her. Mary Marvel, looking for all the world just like the real Black Canary, was right behind her brother, and besides observing his handling of her own costume's boots, also noted the almost total change in demeanor of the Amazon, who was now in Superman's costume. The still serious Mary deduced that the lack of her bracelets of submission must have given Wonder Woman's emotions free reign.
 There were a total of five very seldom used cells in the holding area, and Superman gently laid the woman that for all she knew could very well turn out to be the vixen who'd seriously threatened her in her male form not long before on the cot in the rightmost cell. She untied her lasso from the still unconscious woman's wrists, then backed out of the cell. Wonder Woman was waiting at the keypad, and secured the lock as soon as her near twin came out. "What do you think could have caused this change in J'onn, Superman?"
 "I'm not sure, Diana. In the case of all the rest of us, our costumes were swapped with someone else in the group. J'onn, on the other hand, has taken on a form that wasn't in the teleport. At least, I don't think Live Wire was anywhere near Metropolis when we left," she said in a rising, sexy tone, which surprised more than just herself.
 Hawkwoman walked up to Superman's side, and stood there with her bare breasts displayed without a thought now. "I'll get back to the watch desk and have Katar check on Live Wire in her prison, Kal," Sheera told her. "If any word has gotten out about a change in her status, that should give us some idea of how she got connected with us, if it is indeed her controlling J'onn."
 Superman got off a quick, "Thanks, Sheera," as she turned and headed back to the watch desk, where she was going to find a big surprise. "Make sure to bring Katar with you to the meeting room as soon as you can. We're headed there now, and we'll try to get started as soon as the second group comes up."
 The new Amazon then turned to the long black haired woman wearing her original costume. "I've been so concerned about the changes that we were put through that I hadn't even considered what is going to happen to the second group, Diana. Since they should already be on the way up, there's not a lot we can do about that now. Let's all head for the meeting room, and as the second group comes in, we'll see what's happened to them."
 As they were once again proceeding as a group, this time the short distance to the meeting room, Captain Marvel asked, "Zatanna, I've tried to take off both this dress and these boots, but neither will budge. Is there anything your magic could do that would change our costumes back?"
 "I had toyed with that idea when I first saw our costumes switched back at the teleport pad, Captain. I think your costume makes me look a bit exotic, which is just fine for me. However, I realized it wasn't right, and was about to try switching them back when I thought better of it. As soon as I realized that it was some kind of magic which had changed our costumes around, and then locked them in place, I realized I'd better not try to use my own magic to override it. I'm not sure what the consequences might be of trying that."
 After taking only a few more sexy steps in his sister's boots, Captain Marvel replied. "I'm willing to be a guinea pig if you want to try, Zatanna. I don't know what could possibly be worse than being a man in this sexy female costume."
 Zatanna spoke up a bit, and to Superman said, "Kal, you and the others keep on to the meeting room. Captain Marvel and I are going to try something, and will catch up with you in a moment."
 "Okay, Zatanna. I hope whatever you try works."
 As the two red clad figures, one a small but voluptuous female wearing Captain Marvel's costume, the other a tall, muscle-bound male wearing Mary Marvel's costume, came to a stop in the hallway, Zatanna thought for a moment, then, looking at Captain Marvel, said, "ydoB dna emutsoc hctam, niatpaC levraM. ekaT no ruoy lanigiro mrof."
 Captain Marvel felt a totally strange assortment of forces converging on him then. What neither of them had considered, though, was a way for her backwards spell to be followed, but with the magically induced costume staying in place. Zatanna watched, and Captain Marvel felt his body becoming fluid, and reshaping rapidly into a twin of his sister! Almost too many changes were happening at once for him to discern them, but he did feel both his chest ballooning outward and his prick being pulled inward to form *her* new equipment, along with hair spilling down his back. The tall, manly body also shrunk down into a much smaller and sleeker form with a tiny waist, and the resulting body and sculpted figure were most definitely not what Captain Marvel had in mind. Instead of the costume changing to match his male body, the spell made his body change to match the female costume!
 The very first thing the now very feminine Captain Marvel did was to reach up with her now petite hands and cup the bulging breasts which she'd seen so often before on Mary, but now sported herself. The sensations she experienced as she did so surprised her, and Zatanna couldn't help but giggle when she saw the look on Captain Marvel's face. "Oh no! I guess the spell was a bad idea! You're now a twin of your sister, and while she is in the Black Canary costume, I'm wondering who is going to be called Mary Marvel!"
 In a voice which she knew very well but from an entirely new perspective, the female who had been Captain Marvel said, "Looking the way I do, I guess the best thing to do is call myself Mary Marvel for the time being. In fact," she continued as they both started to head for the meeting room, with Captain Marvel now handling the heels as if they were second nature, "I'm going to suggest at the meeting that Mary call herself Black Canary and BC call herself Aquawoman for now."
 "With no change in their powers, that might not be a very good idea, *Mary*."
 "Okay, Zatanna. I guess we'll just surprise everybody, and see what develops."
 At that moment, those who'd gone on while Zatanna and Captain Marvel experimented were getting seated around the meeting table. With all the heroes and heroines sitting in their normal positions, it made a very interesting site to see the totally different costumes on each of them. Superman looked the most different, obviously, because of the change in gender which had developed during the switch, and the much more striking version of the Wonder Woman costume she was now wearing. Aquaman looked like a blonde haired, flat chested Zatanna with a male face. Black Canary looked for all the world like she was Aquaman after a sex change, while Mary Marvel now appeared to be Black Canary, albeit with a slightly younger looking face. Wonder Woman, in turn, looked like Superman after a sex change.
 Shortly after they'd been seated, first Zatanna, still in the gaudy red Captain Marvel costume, came through the door, which drew some eyes. Those eyes and all the others went wide with wonder as a person appearing to be Mary Marvel followed her in. "To answer all your questions before they get asked," Zatanna said, "my magic interacted with that holding the costumes to our bodies and sort of backfired on Captain Marvel. Instead of the costume changing back into his own, it changed his body to match the costume he was wearing. My dear?"
 The apparent Mary Marvel blushed when she saw the gaping face of her sister, then said, "I think it best for the time being to call myself Mary Marvel. What do you think, Mary, everybody else?"
 Mary was about to speak when Kal caught her attention and spoke first. "As practical as that may sound, I think it best for all of us, including you, Captain Marvel, to continue with our original names. While Wonder Woman does indeed look like Superwoman, and I like a full fledged Wonder Woman, I'd prefer to still call myself Superman, as incongruous as that seems. If nobody else around the table disagrees, I think that should end that discussion."
 Black Canary got her attention, and added, "We're going to have to avoid the subject of names with the public for the time being, since we appear so different from usual. Among ourselves, however, I think you're correct, Kal."
 All of the now very different looking heads around the table nodded. A new surprise came into the room as they were doing so, a very mad and irate Firestorm. "I was getting ready to kill someone until I saw the rest of you just now, with your costumes all switched around," a mad as hell but very feminine voice said. "Just as I was approaching the moon on my trip up, I suddenly found myself in this unbelievably feminine body. Is there some kind of alien force field surrounding us or something?"
 "Have a seat, Firestorm," a very feminine looking person in what looked like a revised and sexier Wonder Woman costume, but seated behind a nameplate that said 'Superman' said. She was about to tell the fiery redhead about their teleport, when a number of heads turned and subdued voices murmured.
 Just then, Hawkwoman came through the door, still wearing the Hawkman costume, immediately followed by what looked like a feminine to the Nth degree Hawkwoman, barely contained in the Hawkwoman costume. "I don't know what happened after I left to meet you all, but this is how I found Katar when I got back to the watch desk," Hawkwoman stated. "She not only looks too incredibly sexy to be true, but apparently, her brains are of no comparison to what Katar had. She couldn't even identify the simple on-off switches on the radio console. Whoever or whatever gave her this body also gave her the brains of a nincompoop bimbo."
 "Hiya, everybody!" Katar added in a gleefully giddy, almost valley girl voice as soon as Sheera finished, without any thought of adding to what she'd said. "Do I look sexy, or what?" She stopped and struck a vamp pose.
 "Rao! With Katar isolated at the watch desk, and Firestorm flying up on his" Superman started to say, but trailed off.
 As Hawkwoman got seated, and pulled what used to be her husband into the seat next to her, she asked, "What were you getting at, Kal?"
 "Katar looks like a victim of my old magical nemesis, Mr. Mxyzptlk," she replied. "Without knowing who or what caused the switches in the teleport, though, I'm not going to bring Mxy into this yet. Did you find anything at all while you were back at the watch desk, Sheera?"
 Hawkwoman tried to explain why she and Katar had been helpless while the first teleport was coming up. "My husband and I had just teleported up about twenty minutes before your first group. Our costumes were exchanged during our own teleport, and when I left Katar, HE was still a virile male wearing my feminine costume. We tried to stop your first teleport, but it was initiated from Earthside, and we couldn't override the commands from here."
 Sheera paused for a moment, and glanced with a pained expression in her eyes at the unbelievably beautiful, raven haired woman who used to be Hawkman. "I don't know how he got changed into the brainless but beautiful bimbo you see before you. All I know is that as I left to meet you, Katar was starting to check through the system and its logs, and when I got back, this is how I found HER. I did a quick cursory check after getting her away from the desk, and found a carefully hidden change added to the secret identity clothes and costume switch program in the teleport. Also, it was reported that Live Wire disappeared from her cell after a freak electric storm."
 It was as Sheera was making her report that first Flash, and then all the others from the second group except Barda and Mr. Miracle made their entrance. Mouths around the table dropped as all the very feminine heroines who used to virile heroes came to the table. The last two in were the Wonder Twins, or who everybody assumed were the new Wonder Twins. They 'wondered' which was Zan and which was Jayna. The now very blonde and different looking Jayna answered that question when she told them, "For those of you who might have a question as to who we are, I am Jayna, and this demure female next to me is my *sister* Zan." Zan looked at everyone, but seemed to know her place and kept her mouth shut.
 Pink Lantern spoke for the second group by adding after Jayna finished, "It looks like your first group just had your costumes switched around, except for Superman; that is *you* in the Wonder Woman costume, right? All the males in our second group are now female versions of our old selves."
 "And I have yet to see if my powers still work in this form," Atom added.
 "I saw all of you as you were getting seated when I took a quick run through the Watchtower to make sure I could still get up to super speed," Flash told them. "I gave everybody in our group a quick description of what I saw so it wouldn't be as much a surprise as when you saw us. Everybody, that is, except Ms. Miracle and Barda. I think I saw them heading for their room. They've been away from us for about fifteen minutes now."
 Superman reached over her shoulder and punched a button that would send a signal to Barda's and *Ms* Miracle's rooms to call them to the meeting, then turned back to Sheera. "Some nefarious person with a bad sense of humor has done this trick to all of us. I mean, it takes a seriously warped sense of humor to exchange all our costumes and change our sexes. I think I know who it is that owns that warped sense of humor; it just has to be the Joker. He's still totally pissed at us for what we did to him. But how he did the sex changes..." She trailed off at that.
 "You really think it was Joker, Kal?" Green Arrow asked. "I can see him getting into the computers and messing with the costumes, but how would he be able to turn us into..." she looked down into the deep cleavage on her chest, "...women?"
 "That's what has me wondering if Mr. Mxyzptlk could have somehow gotten involved with what Joker probably worked out on his own." She looked to the doorway as the now very different looking Barda pulled a seemingly meek and unassuming Ms Miracle in behind her. "Unless that fifth dimension imp shows his face, I'm going to hope it wasn't him."
 By this time, Mxy was in their presence, but kept himself hidden from view. With all the changes he'd accomplished, and in setting up both Joker as Badgirl and Jimmy Olsen in her new role, along with finding the unsuspecting Firestorm as he approached, he was going to just observe for the time being, and see what happened. He noted the change in Captain Marvel, and figured that if the JLA was going to add to his fun without him having to do anything, so much the better!
 One more solo arrival then walked into the room, and while Dr. Fate's costume looked about the same as usual, the sleek and feminine form within the tight fitting blue unitard was not. "I knew I should have just zapped myself up here. I just came up on the teleport," she matter of factly stated. "Let me guess -- something's not quite right with it at the moment." She saw both the costume switches and the altered genders of a number of her teammates, and nodded. "Since I'm normally a melding of male and female within my form anyway, this change is not as shattering to me as I'm sure it's been to a lot of you. I detect a deep magical presence."
 "That's right, Dr. Fate," the other mage of the group replied. "Our costumes have been welded to our bodies' auras, and I found out the hard way that using my own magic to counter it has problems. That isn't Mary Marvel you see seated next to you, but Captain Marvel, after I tried to switch his costume."
 The person seeming to be Mary Marvel turned and grinned rather sheepishly at her, and Dr. Fate's eyes rose under her gold visor.
 Just then, Batman and Elongated Man walked into the meeting room, and looked in surprise at what had happened to their teammates. "We've just secured Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn in the cells, next to Live Wire. We caught them both just before having to beam up, and figured it best to secure them here. How did Live Wire get up here, and for that matter, how did all of you come to look as you do? What happened?"
 "All of these changes happened during the teleports, except for Firestorm and Hawkman," Superman replied in the soft feminine voice she was starting to get used to. She then gave a quick synopsis of the events to the late arriving pair, along with Ms Miracle and Big Barda. The two black clad women sat together in their normal seats, while Batman and Elongated Man sat in their assigned seats on opposite sides of the table, and shared knowing smiles which no one else at the table understood.
 One last participant was using her X-ray vision to watch for an appropriate entry time. When the moment appeared right, shortly after Kal finished, she flew into the room in a blur. Satan Girl then appeared at the table, wearing both the form and costume of her old self, Supergirl. She looked around the table, and in seeing the changes in everyone, put on a shocked look that wasn't feigned. She saw her cousin in the ultra-sexy revised costume of Wonder Woman, and recognized Kal's face even though it was now eminently feminine. Wonder Woman herself was looking incredible in her cousin's costume. Then she looked around the rest of the table and saw the total changes wrought in the rest of the team. Turning back to Kal, she said, "Cousin, what has happened to you? I mean, Wonder Woman looked great in that costume back on Earth before the teleport, but you look absolutely fabulous in it!"
 "The teleporter changed around all the costumes of those of us in the first group, and changed all the guys in the second group into the sexy heroines you see. I believe it is the Joker who is behind all these nasty tricks that have been played on us, but it's starting to seem like Mxy might be involved. I guess you got really lucky by flying up here on your own, and not using the teleport."
 The apparent Supergirl grinned, then said, "It wasn't that smooth a trip, Kal, but I have to say that I do feel so much better now. I can't wait to show you the new costume I came up with during my journey. You're all going to just love the new me!"
 Mxy grinned at her play on words, and was so tempted to show his face and take credit for all the work they were attributing to Joker. However, he kept his place, and watched as the JLA got down to the task at hand.
 "Before we get all tied up in the situation in which we've found ourselves," Superman stated, "let's not forget why we're here in the first place. We have a short list of candidates to fill three spots in our group, and even though Martian Manhunter isn't here, we do have every other JLA member at hand. Nominated for membership are Huntress, Blue Beetle, Fire, Ice, Animal Man and Booster Gold. Please put three of those names who you think would best fill the openings on the ballots before you, then pass them to Wonder Woman."
 Diana took all the ballots and tallied the total number of votes for each candidate. Interestingly, since they were practically a pair anyway, Fire and Ice got the same number of votes. However, their totals were not high enough to keep them in the running. When she finished the tally, Wonder Woman passed the results to Kal, the 'other Wonder Woman'.
 "It pleases me to tell you," Superman stated, "that the three new JLA members are Blue Beetle, Animal Man and Huntress. I'll have Oracle get word to them right away. Since we're at that point, may I make another suggestion? I know that we can't have her as an actual member of the JLA for a number of reasons, but is there anyone here who would object to giving honorary membership to Oracle, who busts her tail for us anyway?"
 No apparent objections came up, though Batman seemed reticent. "In that case, Oracle is now in the JLA, sort of."
 A large assortment of voices, mostly new to the room, said, "Here, here!"
 "Thank you, ladies and...ahem...what few gentlemen are left among us," Superman said. "Let's get back Earthside, and as much as I hate the idea, we'll get together for the closing photo shoot, and show off the new JLA to the world. Rao help us!"
 As the group started to go back Earthside, Mxy left to start setting up the ultimate trap he had in mind for Superman, and eventually, the rest of the JLA.
 Without the Joker on hand to rile and taunt them, the photo shoot actually turned out to be a Godsend for the new JLA. With the almost completely physically revised, and unknown to all but two, actually completely revised JLA on hand, photos were soon being wired and sent via the Net and Web around the world. Many in the group actually managed to smile for the cameras. While she could do nothing to cover her ample breasts, Hawkwoman did manage to hide her body behind a number of her teammates for the group picture, as did Aquaman, so that only his still male head showed. By then, they were all becoming a bit more accustomed to the shapes and visages they presented, and just hoped that nothing would come up right away to require giving away the fact that some of their bodies did not have the powers and skills they appeared to have.
 * * * * *
 During the second photo shoot, the photographers were really surprised to see the almost totally female, or at least female garbed JLA. The now very evil and devilishly beautiful brunette, who still wore the form of the blonde Supergirl, whispered into Kal's ear. "Well, cousin, I've about had it with what's going on here. I'm going to go see what I can find to do. You all have fun, and I'll see you later. Maybe I'll surprise you with my own new costume when I come back!"
 With that, she turned quickly and shot into the sky. Watching Supergirl fly off for her trip, Kal-El was momentarily surprised by the shift in her cousin's appearance. To her, even with her enhanced sight, it appeared that Supergirl's costume changed to shiny, coal black latex from its usual red and blue cloth, and she seemed to be surrounded by a glowing red aura, like the one given off by Red Kryptonite. She then shook her head, thinking it was a hallucination caused by the magic that was affecting her body by Wonder Woman's costume. When Superman then looked up for her cousin once more, no degree of super vision could find any trace of her. Not giving it any further thought, she turned her attention back to the picture taking.
 Satan Girl, meanwhile, was truly enjoying herself. The evil that permeated her body because of the change brought on by the Red K radiation had caused a total personality shift. No more did she care about other people and what they cared about. Her own personal agenda was the only important thing facing her. She flew off into space, chuckling at her cousin's new appearance. Kal had always been a macho pig, thinking he was so perfect being super. She know Kal would learn humility now; *she* was still recognizable as Superman, even though she was now an ultrafeminine woman.
 After what she'd heard at the meeting, Satan Girl knew that it was Wonder Woman's new and incredibly sexy costume that caused the changes in her cousin. So the inherent magic of the costume would make the wearer so pulsing with feminine pulchritude, and changing the hard muscles that most of the Amazons had to soft feminine muscles and curves as long as she wore the costume. Its magic had changed his hard and bulging muscles, and given him the incredible body intended for the costume's wearer. Now she understand that Kal's costume couldn't be removed, so she would remain permanently in her female form. She thanked the benefactor who'd allowed her to permanently become who she now was, Mxyzptlk, and for the changes he'd brought upon the members of the JLA, on top of the original prank by the Joker.
 In the meantime, another player in the game had decided to join in on the fun. Residing in the JLA's computer system was another foe of Superman and the JLA. He'd nearly gotten a starship to take on the Universe by taking over Bruce Wayne's mind and having him direct his company to build it. The accursed Kal-El had shown up disguised as Batman, with enough surprise to stop the ship from launching. After his bitter defeat at Superman's hands, Brainiac had been lost in cyberspace. His physical body was smashed into atoms, and his ship and his being were merged into one self-aware program.
 This finally worked its way into the most complicated computer ever designed, that of the JLA in the Watchtower. Superman also used Kryptonian technology and parts given to him by the citizens of the bottle city of Kandor, the last remaining remnant of his home planet, kept in his Fortress of Solitude. Brainiac, originally built and programmed on Krypton before its demise, found his way into the JLA's computer, feeling at home among the technology of his home. He studied and learned all the secrets of the JLA, especially their weaknesses. It was actually Brainiac inside the Watchtower's computer that had let Joker set up the modifications to the teleporter programming, and also worked with the magic that Mxy had thought was entirely his own doing.
 Also while inside, after reviewing all of the historical files Superman had entered, he'd learned of the Legion of Super Heroes of the 30th Century. He accumulated data about the visits Kal-El had made to them as a younger Superboy, along with a few contacts he'd made as an adult. Brainiac found info about Supergirl's visits, and also of a foe the LSH had faced and defeated before she could do too much mischief. She was called Bender. Her power was a gun with a ray that could enslave and change the gender of any hero that was hit with the ray.
 Within the JLA's computer, Brainiac noticed the sensors showing Supergirl zipping by the moon on her way to the future, already changed into her now true form of Satan Girl. As Satan Girl went into the future, Brainiac learned how he could travel there, also. Travel there to wreak havoc and have fun, just like Mxy did here in the present. He would change history to where Bender wasn't defeated, but changed the Legion of Super Heroes into a League of Bimbo Slaves.
 Also, his research discovered that there was a member of the future Legion calling himself Brainiac 5, a supposed descendent of himself, humanoid, but also computer. It would be interesting to discover just who this upstart was that dared to call himself after Brainiac, claiming to be descended from the most perfect computer in the universe. It was totally impossible for any humanoid to be related to him.
 Looking over the available data made it easy for Brainiac. The Legion was a group of teenagers with special abilities, gained on their native worlds. They could be easily conquered if he planned it correctly, and he would plan it down to the last byte of correct information.
 He studied the file on Bender. She was a minor female criminal who thought it would be funny to change the gender of the various males in the LSH. She had not counted on Chameleon Boy's ability to fool her with his ability to change into any form, male or female. Cham had managed to get the gun away from Bender, and used it to reverse the changes wrought on his teammates. Bender was banished to an isolation planet, presumably to never be heard from again.
 While he was studying the various powers and weaknesses of the Legion, Brainiac created nullifier globes. With these, he would neutralize the willpower of each male member of the group. Then they would use their own powers to accelerate the sex change, and force themselves to orgasm themselves into senseless bimbos, with no will to do anything except follow his orders to the letter.
 Brainiac decided it was time to fly into the future, and initiate his plan. He'd come across a picture of Bender in the files, and decided to become her, planning to arrive in the future alongside the heavily changed Supergirl, at a time prior to the original Bender's debut. He used the program to alter his appearance to match hers. *She* also created a gun to match hers, that would give her the power to alter the genders of the heroes, and also fire the nullifier globes. She teleported herself out of the computer, and followed Satan Girl into the future. Brainiac, as Bender, decided to try and join forces with her.
 Bender arrived in the 30th century about the same time that Satan Girl appeared, but before she'd landed or made any contacts. She called out to Satan Girl, "Oh, child of Krypton, I know why you are here. I hate these heroes as much as you do. I think that we should join forces to wipe out these heroes. I am Bender, but my real name is Brainiac, also an orphan of Krypton, and I hate all good aligned people. I think we could have a lot of fun with these so-called heroes."
 Picture: Marcia the Martian.jpg
 Caption: Brainiac in *her* new form as the gender bending villainess Bender
 Satan Girl turned and looked at the person calling to her from behind, with such an alluring and sexy voice, and saw an outrageously clad, incredibly buxom female. She wore a bright red unitard which didn't quite cover much of her chest, a sort of goofy looking green rayed patterned device around her tiny waist, short white wrist gloves and matching ankle high wedge heeled boots. There was no sign of her hair, for atop her head was what looked like an ancient Roman gladiator helmet. Then it dawned on Satan Girl - as a younger Kara, she'd watched a lot of Saturday cartoons, and Bender's costume looked like a feminine adaptation of the outfit worn by a character from a Bugs Bunny cartoon, Marvin the Martian. She looked outrageous, which was probably just what she was hoping for, much as she wished to induce fear and trepidation by her own wicked looking Satan Girl costume.
 "Why should I want to join forces with you? I could easily destroy the 30th Century completely, along with these pitiful heroes. I have heard my cousin mention you, Brainiac, but he never mentioned that you were female. I do like your new look."
 As Bender, Brainiac flew up alongside Satan Girl, and grinning, said, "I am a genderless computer form in reality, but have always taken a male appearance in the past. I was present in the computer, and actually did all the dirty work when Joker and Mxy altered the JLA to their new look. I agree with your approval of your cousin's look; I have the power to do that to all of the Legion. I wish to change the guys into bimbos, with no mind of their own and no will to do anything except what I tell them to do. You should take on the Legion's original girls, and make them a force for evil. Then we could completely destroy this time, and then return to 20th century and completely destroy it, also. I know you have nothing but contempt for these so called heroes, so let's have fun, at their cost, of course. Imagine the fun we could have ruling both of these pitiful times with the people they loved so much."
 Satan Girl pondered these vile thoughts, and an evil smirk crossed her beautiful face. "I like those ideas. Utter destruction and humiliation of the Legion is what I seek, also. I can't wait to see all the males feminized and humbled, becoming the instruments of destruction instead of a force for good. I will team up with you. I think I will attack the headquarters to get most of the team to follow me, and perhaps they will leave one teammate in charge of the headquarters, and then you can start your evil work there."
 Satan Girl changed from her black and purple outfit to begin her insidious work against the Legion of Super Heroes. She changed back once again into a form the Legion would recognize, that of Supergirl. Any sensors in place around the globe would spot her approaching, allowing her easy access to planetfall, as opposed to the less than cheerful greeting she'd get if she appeared in her black clad form. As soon as she got to ground level, Satan Girl found a shielded spot where she wouldn't be seen, and took on her malicious new identity.
 Her black suit was lead lined, so even with X-ray vision, no one would recognize her, or for that matter, use any form of Kryptonite against her. She flew off to the futuristic Metropolis, capital of the Worldgov, and started making a scene by smashing statues and causing general havoc, yelling, "I have heard that there are some weak superheroes supposedly protecting this world from evil doers. Well, I am one cute evil doer, and I will smash and destroy all who oppose me."
 The Science Police reacted quickly by shooting at her, and watched in dismay as their energy rays bounced off Satan Girl's shapely body. She used her heat vision to melt some of the weapons in their hands, daring the forces of the law to do anything about it. An alarm was sent to LSH headquarters, asking for some quick aide in subduing this heretofore unseen troublemaker.
 Inside the otherwise calm Legion clubhouse, a shrill alarm and flashing lights started to go off as the President of the Worldgov hit the major panic button. Cosmic Boy was on watch, and answered the alarm. "What's the problem, Ms President? What can the Legion do for you?"
 There was a look of sheer panic on her face. "Cosmic Boy, we need you and the other Legionnaires! A super powerful female is attacking and rampaging in the city. Our police weapons are useless against her. Please send all the help you can spare!"
 "Calm down, Ma'am! We'll be there momentarily, and bring our capital back to the peacefulness it's accustomed to." Cosmic Boy, in turn, hit the alert button on his panel, and throughout the clubhouse, Legionnaires were made aware of the emergency. All other activity was halted as they scrambled to get to the council room.
 Bender alit adjacent to the clubhouse as soon as Satan Girl had started her rampage. She got inside the headquarters, bypassing the safeguards set up by the computer by joining with them ever so briefly and suitably modifying them. She snickered, which surprised her to a degree by coming out as a giggle, watching the Legion scramble to answer the summons from the President. She spotted the youngster she was most wanting to get to first, Brainiac 5 or whatever he was calling himself. He was recovering from a major battle with his right leg in a cast, and looked like he wouldn't be leaving with the others to answer the summons. Instead, the green skinned young man was taking over from Cos at the alert desk, where he could handle communications without his leg interfering with his activity.
 Meanwhile, Cosmic Boy had gathered Saturn Girl, Ultra Boy, Phantom Girl, Duo Damsel, Chameleon Boy, Star Boy, Dream Girl, Lightning Lad and Lightning Lass, M'onel, Timberwolf, Element Lad, Invisible Kid, and Shrinking Violet to the council room. Polar Boy from the Subs was also on hand, along with a brand new member, the teleporter Gates, and they were both allowed to join the others. Sun Boy, Colossal Boy, Dawnstar, Wildfire, Shadow Lass, Princess Projectra, Bouncing Boy and Karate Kid were all away on a mission, while Superboy was back at home in the 20th Century, all unavailable for the current crisis.
 "There is some super powered girl creating havoc and attacking the President's office and other facilities downtown. We are needed, since the SP can't handle her. I want to have everybody on hand available, since we don't know what we're up against just yet. Dream Girl, have you seen any visions of what we might be facing?"
 The young woman, who looked just as good as her name, closed her eyes for just a moment, then looked up at Cosmic Boy. "Earlier, before hearing about the situation we're facing, I saw a strange vision of black with pink interlacings, and couldn't make anything of it. I'm now seeing a confusing vision of somebody we know and trust, who is also someone we don't know and need to fear. I don't quite know what to make of it."
 "Okay, I guess we need to be a bit more wary out there. Let's go, Legionnaires!" Those that needed them slipped on their Legion flight rings, and as a group, they all flew out the door. Brainiac 5 was left behind to monitor the battle, and give his help as how to best attack and defend against their new foe, as her capabilities were learned. As soon as they were gone, Bender activated the shield she'd set up in the clubhouse security systems, and sealed the building against anyone trying to enter it.
 Bender materialized in front of the youngster at the monitors, and sneered at him. "So you are the upstart that dares to take my name. What colossal nerve you have. I am one of a kind, one being you could never be, and you think you are so mentally superior, but compared to my superior mind, you are nothing. You call yourself Brainiac 5, while I am the first. You haven't had the pleasure of meeting or being beaten by me yet, but you will now."
 Brainiac 5 hit the comm button to alert Cosmic Boy, but when nothing happened, he turned and looked in confusion at the female before him. He knew nothing about her, and as far as being a descendant of her, that was impossible. The only distant relative he'd heard of was the original Brainiac, but this person didn't look anything at all like him. No computer terminals on his head, or green skin, like he had. Although she did have an attitude like the original Brainiac was supposed to have.
 He said, as he turned on his force field, "I have no idea who you are, and you certainly don't look anything like my ancestor. How did you break into our headquarters? That is supposed to be impossible. I personally designed the computer safeguards that are supposed to keep out any intruders not personally invited inside."
 Bender altered her form back to the visage of Brainiac, and watched as the youngster's jaw dropped. "Now do I fit your mental image of an ancestor, you young fool? This is my true form, or at least, the form I've used since arriving on Earth from Krypton. I am the one and only Brainiac," he said as his form once again shifted into the voluptuous shape of Bender, "but for now, you will know me as Bender." Then she snarled, "Your vaunted security is part of your problem. You think you are so superior, with your computer mind and intellect. Compared to my cyber mind, yours is nothing. Do you really believe that puny force field will protect you from me? I was the one who designed it originally, just like your defenses against intruders. My superior mind is better than any computer you could design in your wildest dreams."
 Bender voided Brainiac 5's force field with but a thought, and when the youngster cringed momentarily, told him, "I am increasingly starting to like this incredibly female form. It seems like such an improvement on the bland male form I used to wear. Now, bearer of my name, you shall also bear my form!" She drew her odd hand weapon and fired it at him, and watched with a vicious grin as he collapsed on the floor. The ray worked precisely as expected.
 Bender sneered at his unconscious form, and watched as the trim young male with short blonde hair rapidly morphed into a buxom blonde female. Next, she fired a nullifier globe at the new woman so she would be unable to use her formidable mind for anything but her new tasks, the first of which was to work on her new sex to show her the wonders of her new body. While the new woman was becoming a willing slave, her body shivering in the orgasms she was self-inducing, Bender deactivated the seals on the clubhouse and teleported them both to an underground site she'd selected earlier. She lifted her up against one of the walls, and activated energy wrist shackles to hold her in place.
 Bender patiently waited in the room where Brainiac 5 was imprisoned against the wall with the shackles above her head. She wanted to be directly in front of her when her eyes opened to see the tremendous orbs of flesh directly in front of them. She sent a telepathic message to Satan Girl, telling her what she had accomplished, and gave her the location of the place for them to meet and plot their next mischief. In turn, Satan Girl told Bender how easily she was fending off the Legionnaires who'd come out to meet her. She would have a surprise for her when she got to the underground site.
 Bender's attention turned to the task at hand as her prisoner started to show signs of awakening. She watched with a wicked grin on her face as Brainiac 5 started to squirm in the throes of her first conscious orgasm as her mind became aware and stopped its sexual programming. She finally awoke with a groan, a loud cry of sexual release, and then a moan with the realization that she was a helpless prisoner.
 She opened her eyes looking down, and saw two huge mounds of flesh encased within her thankfully very stretchy Legion costume. Then she lifted her head in shock, and looked at the mirror in front of her. She saw an unbelievably beautiful green face, still with the usual three small circular silver terminals across her forehead and the silver strips across her cheeks. These actually seemed to set off the alluringly shaped eyes and thick, pouty green lips. This face was framed by shoulder length, straight blonde hair, parted on the left side so that the right side of her face was partly hidden, with a thin wisp of hair that hung almost straight down from her forehead and rested atop her button nose.
 The large and clunky black boots which Brainiac 5 had originally worn were still on her now much smaller feet, which she could feel slipping around inside them. Also, there was no longer any sign of the cast that had covered his right leg before. It seemed to be healed completely, though now shaped so much more enticingly. The high necked, form fitting costume, which was basically an overall bluish purple with a reddish purple band rising vertically between her now jutting breasts and forming a circle atop her shoulders around the neck, now clung tightly to a shape that Brainiac 5 thought would easily rival Dream Girl's. And it was *HERS*!
 "What is going on here? What have you done to me? I'm not a young lady, I'm a man!" Almost as quickly as she'd rattled off this burst, the voluptuous young blonde shut her mouth with a start, having heard just how unmanly she sounded, how she'd sounded so much like a brainless blonde airhead.
 Bender laughed at the helpless blonde hanging in front of her, "That, misguided one, is definitely wrong. Look at yourself! Have you ever seen any man looking as feminine as you do? Have you ever seen a male enjoying the throes of her first of many orgasms delivered by a set of internal organs wriggling away in a place no man has ever had, induced by a mind that is working overtime? Well, you are now a fully functional female, whose formerly huge IQ used for good and righteousness is rapidly changing to one of devilry and maliciousness. With every orgasm you have, your incredible mind becomes more and more evil. And while you're hanging there, every time you attempt to use that mind to plan an escape, your skill and need to subject others to bondage and disciple will increase. When this process is completed, you will be a devoted ally of mine, and have the mind of an incredibly dominant blonde pain giver."
 Bender then lifted the pretty blonde's chin. "Also, I have enjoyed doing this for a much more important reason. I am the computer that you claim for an ancestor. I am the original Brainiac, and the villainess that caused your fellow Legionnaires to leave you is, or rather was your long time girlfriend, Supergirl. Although no one would guess it. Thanks to being exposed to a Red K meteor which turned her into the raven haired Satan Girl, the opposite of the blonde haired do-gooder, Supergirl, and some help from a Fifth Dimension imp that your history doesn't even acknowledge, she is now one of, if not the most evil women in the universe. So, just some fun things for you to contemplate as your righteous mind is being orgasmed out of you and you become the lovely lady you look like, with an evil and domineering mind. Squirm and enjoy!"
 As Brainiac 5 was rapidly orgasming herself into a totally new persona, even without the use of her now dainty hands, Satan Girl was enjoying playing with the Legionnaires who'd flown out to try and stop her. She had no intention of actually hurting any of them now, since Bender had given her the idea of helping her to change them all into their pawns. Now that she knew Bender had been successful in her first conquest, it was time to wrap things up at her end. She shot away from the group of Legionnaires, and while circling around behind them, morphed out of her Satan Girl form and took on the form of Chameleon Boy, who she'd noticed on the far side away from the part of the group where Saturn Girl was. She even thought to include the flight ring on her finger, to duplicate him completely.
 Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl were each alternately craning their necks and looking across to each other as they tried to figure out what was going on now that activity seemed to have stopped, and also wondering why none of them had been able to contact Brainy back at the clubhouse. As the green and yellow clad Chameleon Boy walked up behind Saturn Girl and tapped her on the shoulder, neither of the pair thought anything of it. "Imra, I just had an idea for how we might be able to flush our new villainess out of hiding so that we can get at her," the faux Cham said. "Follow me!"
 Saturn Girl looked over to Cosmic Boy, who merely said, "Go ahead, Imra. Nothing else seems to be working right now. Good luck, you two!"
 As Chameleon Boy took off, Saturn Girl flew up to join him. They started to head roughly toward the area where Imra had last seen the black clad evil doer, of whose identity they still were in the dark. The morphing Durlan turned to her and said, "If I reshape myself to look just like that witch, her curiosity is bound to bring her out of hiding. Then you can get at her mind while it is otherwise occupied, and not only learn all about her, but maybe shut her down!"
 "That's a great idea, Cham!" Imra told him. "How closely do you think you can actually match her looks, though? Personally, I haven't seen enough of her yet to get a solid ID on her."
 "This is close enough," the faux Cham told her as they approached a spot that Satan Girl had eyed on her way out. It was far enough away from anybody else that they'd have all the privacy they needed. Both descended, and alit in a dark, 30th Century alleyway. In no time, Satan Girl shed the form of Chameleon Boy and took on her true form. "Think this looks enough like her?" she asked Imra.
 Saturn Girl had seen the young Durlan take on human female forms before, and so was not too surprised at the shape she now saw before her eyes. "From what little I saw of that demoness, I'd say you've got her down pretty good."
 As Satan Girl made sure that Saturn Girl's eyes were locked on hers, she said, "Oh, so it's a demoness I am, eh? Well, in that case, keep your eyes on mine. You are not to allow them to waver from my sight, nor even blink, until I tell you to do so. Do you understand, Miss Imra Ardeen?"
 In an emotionless voice, with her eyes locked forward and staring into the deep wells of Satan Girl's glaring orbs, she said, "I understand."
 "This is my true form, Imra. I am truly Satan Girl, and for your information, I used to be a good friend of yours. Until my enlightenment, I was known as Supergirl. You are now in my thrall, subject to my super hypnosis. Know, deep in your heart, Imra Ardeen, that you are not Saturn Girl. No, from this point on, you are Demoness, an evil to the core villainess without a shred of decency within you. You will use your mental powers to read and subjugate other's minds in the process of making your own will theirs. The only persons you will subjugate your own will to are myself and another female you are to meet soon, named Bender. Stay right there, and do not move a muscle until I return. Oh, but you may blink now."
 The frozen in place Imra stood there as Satan Girl flew off faster than any eye could follow. Anyone chancing upon the scene would have seen a beautiful long haired blonde of medium height, dressed in the skimpiest of pink costumes. While her arms and legs were almost completely covered by opera length gloves and thigh high, stiletto heeled boots, the panty which formed the bottom part of her costume was no more that a bikini bottom. It had a thin vertical connection strip to the shoulderless bra top portion.
 Satan Girl worked at a speed unknown to any normal human while putting together a new costume to replace this pink one. In only a few minutes, she was back in front of her thrall, with a small package in her hands. "Here is your costume, Demoness. Go ahead and get out of that pink disguise you've been wearing, and into your true costume."
 With her face no longer blank, but with an ugly sneer on it, Imra took the package from Satan Girl's hands and went to a box nearby. She sat to pull off her pink boots, then pulled off the gloves. She unhooked the strap on the back of her bra, then pulled the whole assembly down her now bare legs and pitched it into the pile she'd formed with the boots and gloves. Satan Girl was pleased to note that the costume was the full extent of all that Imra wore, with no underwear present. She aimed a burst of heat vision at the pink pile, and the final evidence of Saturn Girl vanished in a puff of smoke.
 Demoness pulled the dark blue sleeveless leotard up over her torso, and reached behind herself to pull up the zip, which made the thin latex cling ever so tightly to her abundant chest. Each mound of flesh now projected in individual rounded mountains, with small nubs where her nipples pushed out further. She zipped the thigh high black latex boots onto her legs, satisfied that the heels were commandingly narrow, pointy and tall. The similar black latex gloves were then pulled over her hands and up her arms, reaching almost to her shoulders. The stretchy material made each of her pointed nails stand out at the tips of her fingers, giving her an even more demonic image. Finally, she pulled a slick black domino mask over her eyes, and tied it off behind her head before letting her long blonde hair fall back down over the strap.
 "Thank you for bringing my true costume, Satan Girl," Demoness said as she stood proudly before her mistress. "Let's go create some havoc!"
 "Easy, Demoness. All in good time," Satan Girl replied. "Let's go meet the other lady I told you about, Bender. She has a surprise to show us, and she will be overjoyed to see you."
 Anyone looking closely at Demoness would have noticed one last vestige of Saturn Girl on her person. As she took off to follow Satan Girl, her flight was enabled by the small Legion flight ring still making a bulge under the latex covering her right hand's ring finger. This, too, would soon become history.
 * * * * *

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