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The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros. It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to affect any use of actual story lines in published books. The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the authors.
 Aboard Mariner 16, a deep space exploratory vessel to the planet Mars, on a mission that in this reality was fully supported for the enrichment of the human race, three astronauts were relaxing, thinking about the work they'd accomplished and how good it would be to return home. While it would have been a simple matter to merely ask the superheroes for assistance, the Martian Manhunter in particular in this case, the need for actual human exploration was the deciding factor in staging this mission. This viewpoint had also funded the International Space Station, which became operational many years earlier in this reality. It had been a long and tiring trip, and the men were getting cabin fever as the ship approached the halfway point on the return leg. Each one was preparing their personal message home for family, which was to be sent via a laser relay on the Moon, then home, once they got a bit closer.
 The crew cabin, at the front of the long and slender spacecraft, was spinning slowly about a central axle to give the astronauts a sense of gravity and keep their muscles from atrophying on the journey. Commander Talbot Harrison, USN, was strapped into his seat at the engineering panel along the right side of the cabin. He had to occasionally flip his black hair from his eyes, as he'd let it grow atypically long during this mission, with a ponytail securing the now longish hair on back of his head. An experienced spacefarer with twenty years in NASA, Tallie was in his mid-fifties but looked no older than forty-five. With all the systems functioning per spec, he was letting the computer do the checks as he worked on his personal message.
 Major Pete Rogers, USMC, was at the control console. He was the youngster of the crew, so to speak, with *only* twelve years of Space Shuttle and ISS crew time prior to this mission. Pete was a tall and thin Marine, with a physique typical of that force. He kept his sandy blonde hair in a tight crew cut, and was in the process of unstrapping from his seat to move over to the computer on which he was composing his notes.

Suddenly, their craft was jolted by an explosion as a small asteroid or large meteoroid collided with the rear of the ship. Somehow, all of the tracking devices and warning systems built into the ship had missed spotting this object, which had just taken out their now proven ion drive thrusters. Pete was thrown upward into the console by the force of the collision, and fell in an unconscious ball.
 Colonel Sean Jamieson, USAF ret., was on what would be his presumably last mission for NASA, commanding Mariner 16. He was still a very healthy looking man with a trim and stocky build, and his close cropped light brown hair still showed no sign of grey, even though he was rapidly approaching sixty years of age. He gathered his wits quickly and asked the onboard computer what had happened.
 In the soft yet precise female voice with which it had been programmed, the computer answered, "We have collided with a rogue asteroid. I gave no warning because it did not appear on scanners until just before impact, and it was moving so quickly that the impact occurred less than one second after detection. The ship is disabled, and the engines are completely destroyed. I have already sent out an SOS beacon; hopefully, it will be picked up at home or possibly by the JLA Watchtower on the Moon."
 Sean then took stock of his fellow astronauts, and noticed that Pete seemed to have suffered a concussion and major bleeding when his head collided with the overhead console. Blood was flowing freely, and he seemed to be unconscious. Tallie had pulled the emergency kit from its locker, and was attempting to stop the bleeding of his friend.
 Tallie looked up to his skipper and said, "Doesn't look too good. Pete's suffered a major trauma, and I'm not too sure that this first aid can help."
 Just as this opinion was given, the three of them were enveloped in what appeared to be a bright purple beam of light, and blinked out of existence to the sensors of Mariner 16's computer. Moments later, Mariner 16 disintegrated into nothing more than dust. As all the screens in NASA's tracking center suddenly went flat, the first thing that the coordinator ordered was a switch from TDRS feed to a direct spacecraft connection. When this, too, showed no data at all coming from Earth's first manned interplanetary vessel, a terse statement was issued saying that all communications with Mariner 16 had been lost, but that nothing more could be said for the time being.
 When after another few hours no radio or laser tracking systems could raise Mariner 16, and none of the radars or space based telescopes could find it either, NASA was forced to tell the world that after a very successful outbound trip and a fruitful one week stay on the Martian surface, the first manned interplanetary vessel and its crew had vanished. They said there was still some hope that the crew was alive, but that this was unlikely, and it was feared that they had suddenly perished, for an as yet unknown reason. The three wives and their families were given the word first and more personally before the announcement was made to the world.
 * * * * *
 Col. Jamieson awoke an undetermined time later in what seemed to him to be some sort of small cubicle, aboard an unknown ship. The cubicle's door opened soon after his eyes did, and as he slid off the bunk in the almost total darkness, his feet came down at angles he'd never before experienced. He seemed to be standing on his toes! Puzzled couldn't begin to describe what he was feeling, and he took his first steps in a very high heeled, ballet toed pair of boots.
 Looking down in alarm, the first thing he noticed was a nicely shaped pair of rather large breasts which blocked the view of these boots, being well supported by a tight fitting latex bra. He could feel these breasts bouncing as he moved, and at this point came to the inconceivable conclusion that *she* was now somehow a female. Using her now much smaller and daintier hands to explore, she first noticed that her fingernails seemed to be very long and pointed, then discovered that her whole body was enclosed within a skintight latex unitard, which seemed almost like a second skin.
 With an ease she couldn't explain, Sean walked to a glowing panel on a nearby wall, and touched a switch which appeared to control the lights. As these came on, she noticed the mirrored surface of the wall, and saw that the unitard she was wearing looked like a shiny pink and blue latex uniform. It was blue from the waist down and pink above, with an angular separation to emphasize the shape of her now incredibly sculpted figure. The pink sleeves ended with blue forming fingerless gloves, as a single continuous piece with no perceived breaks, and she noted the bright red that her elegant fingernails were painted. The latex bra which was straining to hold her now visible, massive by any standards she knew breasts was the same shade of blue as the bottom of her unitard, with black edging. There was also a thin pink choker around her throat, with a small black pendant hanging from the front.
 Oddly enough, this incredibly sexy uniform had the Mariner 16 crew emblem on her left shoulder. Some kind of odd looking hand weapon, shaped somewhat like a pistol, was in a very slim holster which hung low on her hips. The bottom of the holster was tied around her right thigh. The outfit was completed by a pair of calf high black ballet toed boots which seemed to also be latex and continue from the blue leggings, just as the blue gloves continued from the pink sleeves. Other than the change in color, there was no visible or felt break between Sean's leggings and these awesome boots. To her shock, there appeared to be no way of removing them. There were no zippers or clasps to be found on her boots, making her think that they were a continuous part of the unitard, while the zipper on the latex enclosing her body was down to display her cleavage and latex bra, but didn't seem to want to budge from that position.
 Her face looked more beautiful than any model's or movie star's she could ever remember seeing, and the figure she saw made all the models she could remember look pale in comparison. If she had to guess, Sean estimated that this new, ultrafeminine body she now occupied appeared to be in her early twenties. There was a long mane of soft and luxurious light brown hair falling down her back. This hair color and the mission patch were the only things that matched her original male form.
 Suddenly, from a speaker hidden somewhere in the room which made it sound like she had company, a soft but authoritative female voice rang out, saying, "Please follow the flashing arrows on the floor, to the bridge of my ship."
 Sean followed the arrows after going through a door which slid out of the way, not even thinking about how easily she was walking in those unusual boots, or even experiencing the sexy latex sealing her body completely. She had already become used to what it felt like, and curiosity about what was to come overcame that which she had for her current state.
 After walking down a long corridor, the doors to the bridge slid open as she approached them. The first thing Sean noticed was a woman with short black hair, up and to her right and facing her, dressed in the exact same uniform she was wearing, with a determined look on her face. Could this possibly be Commander Harrison? If so, she seemed quite young, and oddly enough, her black hair was only down to her neck, and rather closely styled, as opposed to the long black hair Tallie had as a male. For some reason, Sean also noted that her breasts didn't seem quite as large as her own.
 The background appeared to be a huge clear portal, with star patterns becoming recognizable, giving Sean the impression that the ship she was now on was somewhere not far from where Mariner 16 had been. An unoccupied, very comfortable looking seat with attendant consoles was behind this other woman, and above her seemed to be a huge circular ring of alternating white and black. She figured it might be some kind of sensor device, as she watched the flashing light which seemed to go around the circle and flash at each white segment in turn. Little did she know that each flash was actually a subliminal command that was writing an entirely new psyche into her mind.
 To her left, sitting in a seat identical to the one behind this short black haired woman, was the apparent Captain of the ship who'd summoned her. She appeared to be a female humanoid, but dressed in head-to-toe black latex, including her face and head, so that whatever was beneath could not be seen. She, too, was wearing ballet toed boots, and looked quite imperious by the red glare of the light of her eyes, which were sealed behind a visor and band going around her head.
 "Greetings, Colonel Jamieson, I am Fleet Admiral Nova. As I waited to talk to the both of you, Commander Hamilton awakened just a couple of minutes before you. As you may have guessed, that is she to your right. Your ship was totally destroyed soon after the collision. I intercepted your SOS, and was able to teleport you off the ship just before it was too late. Lieutenant Rogers' injuries were too severe, and he died in the teleport to my ship, while you both were heavily injured. I am guessing that my teleport system is not compatible with Earthly humans. I teleported you both directly to my ship's rejuvenation chambers. I realize you are upset about your new appearance, but it is a byproduct of the chambers."
 The Admiral stood as Sean stepped up to the same level that Tallie was on, and became an even more commanding looking figure. She looked truly stunning in that glossy black!
 "The chambers were designed to fix myself and other members of my crew. Since their matrices are set up for females wearing that uniform, anyone placed in them for medical reasons, which require a replacement of skin or internal organs which you both needed after being hurt in my transporter, would come out completely refurbished in the forms which you now occupy. The final product is what you have both become, totally and eminently female, and very comfortable dressed as you are. I did add what I presumed to be your mission symbol to your uniforms, to give you at least some connection to your pasts. I am sorry, but there is no going back to those pasts now. The changes that my chambers have wrought in you both are permanent."
 Admiral Nova motioned with both of her hands, and drew Sean and Tallie in closer to her. As the red light in the visor before her eyes glowed, she touched the pendants hanging from each of their chokers. Both girls froze, with their faces looking like beautiful masks. "I have just empowered your uniforms. You will now be able to unzip them from the top as you wish, but I would suggest not doing so until you are next ready to sleep. Only the zipper from the bottom may be used before then, so that you may use the toilet. Do you understand?"
 Both of the motionless faces nodded, with no change of expression on either.
 "The weapons at your sides are also totally foreign to you, but will become easily known and handled. Don't worry, you'll find out when, soon enough. Oh, and Sean, I think it best for you to start using a new spelling of your name. Shawn seems so much nicer; Tallie, you have such a beautiful name that I see no reason to change any of it."
 The flashing lights on the ring over their heads stopped at that moment. Both of the frozen women then blinked, and a new look of complacency formed on their faces. Suddenly, both girls knew exactly who they were, as if their names had never been different. Tallie lost any need for the name Talbot, and Shawn knew the new and slightly softer sound of her new name sounded so much nicer than the harsh Sean. What they did not yet know was what Admiral Nova had also changed about them. This they would discover a bit later. The fact that Tallie had been under the subliminal modifier a bit longer than Shawn would also come into play then.
 Admiral Nova turned and sat back down in her command chair, as both Shawn and Tallie moved to face her. "I have rebroadcast your SOS signal with a stronger carrier, so you can be rescued by your people on Earth."
 In actuality, this revamped and amplified SOS was picked up by the sensitive listening devices at the JLA's Watchtower, about thirty minutes after they'd all left to go Earthside for the photo shoot. As intended by Admiral Nova, the Watchtower was the only station to pick up this very tightly directed signal. She had intended for no one else on Earth or elsewhere to pick it up. With no one left on station to man the watch desk in the Watchtower, an alarm rang out. It was immediately transmitted to all JLA members, who, with the exception of Satan Girl, were all together at the photo shoot. Just as the session was finishing, Superman picked up the beginning of the alarm with her super hearing, moments before the others got it on their communicators.
 "Sorry, everyone," she said, as she rose into the air to both get everyone's attention and be seen by all, "but an emergency alert is being broadcast by the Watchtower, and we must beam up to see what is happening. I wish Supergirl was still here, because her powers added to mine might have proved useful. Since I presume you've all gotten a lot of pictures, I hope we aren't disappointing you."
 Without Joker on hand to stir things up, the assembled photographers all nodded their approval, and got more pictures of the JLA getting into the teleporter, but this time looking quite different from an hour or so earlier.
 The heroes (heroines, now, for the most part...) were beamed up in the now debugged teleporter in another two waves, this time taking the usual almost immeasurable time. Superman answered the transmission as soon as she got to the watch desk after materializing at the Watchtower. She'd flown there in milliseconds, arriving long before any of her normally walking teammates. She listened to the SOS signal. "Beings of Earth, I have on board two survivors of a spaceship that was destroyed in a collision with an asteroid. I believe you called it Mariner 16. I am Admiral Nova of the Interstellar Space Police Commission. I am under orders from my superiors not to approach your planet, but I understand that you have people there that can fly by some means to effect a return of your astronauts home."
 Superman flipped the appropriate switches, then stood before the minicam. "Hail, Admiral Nova, I am Superman of Earth, a member of the Justice League of America, and we have means of reaching your ship in flight as you have been told. Did you say two survivors? That ship had a crew of three. Please tell us your coordinates, and we will arrive as soon as possible. I am broadcasting on a dual band audio and video. If you can do likewise, we are set to receive."
 Superman watched as the image of a voluptuous humanoid woman completely covered in shiny black appeared, with a glowing red visor and band around her head at eye level. "Yes, only two. One of the crew was badly injured in the collision, and died during the beaming to my ship, which also injured the other two. Apparently, Earthly humans are not built for the stresses of our transporters. Those two have been healed by systems aboard my ship, though I'm not sure how their families will react to the results of the healing," Admiral Nova responded. She paused as she gaped at the sight on her screen. "Pardon me for saying so, but you did say SuperMAN, didn't you? You don't look like a man of any kind. That costume appears to be one that should be worn by a female of your species, unless it is common practice for male heroes to dress up as and look like women?"
 "No, Admiral Nova, what you see is the result of a joke played on us by one of the villains on our planet, which brought about massive changes in what outfits which of us wear, along with some other even more strange changes. I will be flying to your position with Green, Pink Lantern, with Wonder Woman following in her invisible plane, to pick up the astronauts."
 "Thank you, Superman. I've already data linked our coordinates to you. We'll be watching for you. Admiral Nova, out."
 Admiral Nova immediately showed a great interest in what she'd just heard. Unknown to everyone involved, she was actually responsible for the 'accident' with the asteroid. She had arrived in this sector recently, to raise her usual amount of havoc with the Green Lantern of this sector. Admiral Nova was in reality the super villainess Star Sapphire in disguise. Long ago, she had been Carol Ferris, an associate of Hal Jordan and a lover of his alter ego, Green Lantern. She gave up her Earthly identity to take on her role as Queen of the Zamarons, and when they abandoned their planet, Star Sapphire went mad with power, and a deep-seated hatred for Green Lantern. She set up this bogus rescue in the first place. She rerouted the asteroid from its normal orbit to smash into the spaceship, figuring that Green Lantern would be one of the heroes drawn to its rescue.
 Her costume change was real, as were all the changes she'd made in the astronauts. All it took was a simple act of will with her sapphire to create the starship she now occupied, then the new bodies for the former male astronauts, and both the wicked black outfit she now wore and the enchanted uniforms on the female pawns she'd created. She had disposed of the injured crewman as useless to her, and it was actually energy from her sapphire which had appeared to be the transport beam. The two astronauts had been changed almost instantly, but she had set it all up as she had to make sure both of them would go into her mind reprogramming with the proper background.
 Sapphire was supremely curious about what had happened to Superman. She had fought him twice, and always known him to be a very macho male. He would never dress in a variation of Wonder Woman's outfit, let alone try to look like her. *She* looked very cute in her new outfit, however, nearly as beautiful as the two nymphs she'd created, and she wondered about the changes Superman had mentioned about the other JLAers, especially her old nemesis, Green Lantern. Then it dawned on her. Superman had stumbled while saying Green Lantern, and instead, said Pink Lantern. Could it be...?
 Also, who would be crazy enough, with enough power, to effect these changes?
 She looked upon her altered astronauts, and grinned. 'I see that I am not the only one who likes fooling around with changing sexes. These astronauts look stunning in their new uniforms, and the ultra high heels on which they're perched are perfect, to remind them which is the superior sex. I can't wait to see them showing this superiority...'
 She was staring at them, watching them exploring their snug latex uniforms. They were unconsciously running their hands over their new feminine forms. Their new skin was very sensitive, with entirely new erogenous zones, and they were each on the verge of an orgasm just by touching them. She had noticed them staring at each other's uniforms and footwear, with smiles on each other's faces. Already, the changes she'd instituted in their minds were becoming apparent.
 At the Watchtower, Superman informed Pink Lantern and Wonder Woman what had transpired as they and the others arrived at the watch desk. As one, they agreed to meet the ship and return the astronauts home. Wonder Woman summoned her invisible plane, and while alone and contemplating as it was in transit, felt a bit strange wearing Superman's uniform. And not just for how she looked. She didn't have her enhanced strength any longer, with her girdle now around Superman's very narrow waist, so all she had were her other powers. With her bracelets of submission also on Superman's wrists, Diana sensed that she was now free to act as she pleased, which brought a sly grin to her face. She still had her mental powers, and superior mind.
 Meanwhile, Pink Lantern was learning how to use her new ring. She learned that it was similar to her old ring, but was more powerful. It was as powerful as her old foe, Sinestro's, ring. That one had been created for this rogue Lantern by the Weaponeers of Qward, a powerful enemy of the Green Lantern Corps. It was never used for good, and eventually this similar ring would corrupt Pink Lantern with its evil influence. It already had improved his, now her, uniform during the teleport, and soon her whole being would be corrupted with its power.
 Wonder Woman's jet landed at the Watchtower, and she climbed aboard the plane. She and the others then took off in the direction of the spaceship's coordinates they'd been given. Propulsion of her jet was not reliant upon air, since it was of magical origin, and adapted to outer space with a semblance of rocket thrust.
 Star Sapphire, still disguised as Admiral Nova in vile black as opposed to her usual vibrant pink, watched their approach with interest, especially the new Pink Lantern. Grinning, she thought, 'Oh, wonderful day! Whoever has done these improvements to Green Lantern definitely deserves my gratitude. He or she has definitely improved her appearance! Wonder Woman also looks so much better in Superman's costume.'
 The heroines all appeared on the loading dock of Admiral Nova's spaceship, with the two self powered women joining Wonder Woman as she climbed out of her jet.
 A strong female voice rang out from some unseen speakers, "Welcome,, heroines of the JLA. Tales of your acts of bravery have even reached my sector of space. Please follow the flashing arrows to my bridge. Please relax; I am a police officer in my own space sector, so feel welcome."
 They followed the arrows, curious about this unknown police officer. The JLA team reached the bridge, and saw three women. One, dressed in black, was the woman Superman had spoken with earlier, and the others were dressed in outrageously sexy pink and blue uniforms.
 Seeing for the first time the commanding black clad woman that Superman had described to her, Wonder Woman asked, "Admiral Nova, my name is Wonder Woman. Where are our astronauts? All I see are what appear to be members of your crew."
 Admiral Nova grinned under her face covering mask, and motioned to Shawn. The taller of the two pink and blue clad women, with long light brown hair, approached Wonder Woman and introduced herself. "Wonder Woman, I would have thought to call you Superwoman. I am Colonel Jamieson, the other officer is Commander Hamilton," she said in such a sultry voice that Wonder Woman's jaw dropped for two reasons. "Major Rogers was fatally injured in the accident. We were rescued by Admiral Nova, but the price of our rescue is our new bodies and attire. It wasn't her fault, but a byproduct of the machinery that restored our lives. It seems you have been the victim of an interesting prank, because as I look at the three of you, I realize you have gone through a similar change?"
 Wonder Woman, Superman and Pink Lantern then gave Shawn and Tallie a brief rundown of the day's earlier events in answer.
 Meanwhile, Admiral Nova was admiring Pink Lantern in her new costume. She also recognized the evil glow that the ring was giving off, having met Sinestro before, and seen the same emanation from his ring. Also, a pale pink aura was noted, corrupting her normal aura. This was something she definitely needed to investigate further. 'My old enemy could become an interesting ally...'
 She also loved the costume changes that Superman and Wonder Woman had undergone, and the resulting body change in Superman. She mentally contacted the ring on Pink Lantern's finger, and asked it what had caused those amazing changes.
 The ring, gloating, replied, <Why should I answer your question? I am the one who will ask questions. I am subservient to no one's will. However, since I sense you are as evil as I am, it intrigues me to answer your question. A villain from Earth, named the Joker, programmed the teleporter to exchange costumes among the men and women of the JLA during their beam up, causing most of them to wear the costumes of the opposite sex. In my case, during the next beam up, when the males were beamed aboard, a fifth dimension imp who has plagued Superman and some other members of the JLA with his insane pranks, caused your old foe to be changed to this new look, along with changing all the others to females. He also modified Sinestro's ring to become her new power ring, making me superior to the old Lantern and in complete control of her mind after another few hours. When we leave this ship, I can allow you to enter myself, and stay there for a while completely hidden and unchanged, to come out later where you can do your mischief as you like it. The ship will fly out of the Solar System and then self-destruct, with no one being the wiser.>
 Sapphire responded mentally, <Yes, I'll do that. I love her new look, and the mischief we both can inflict on this world will match my own evil intentions.>
 Pink Lantern's ring momentarily glowed, and the exchange was complete, with Star Sapphire in the ring, and an energy double taking her place aboard the ship, still appearing as the black clad Nova. So smoothly was this accomplished that none of the others, attention rapt between the ex-astronauts and the JLA members, realized what had happened.
 Everyone said their good-byes and thanks to the ephemeral admiral, who responded just as expected, then headed to the air lock of the hangar bay for the plane and deep space. Wonder Woman assisted the astronauts in climbing aboard a craft only she could see, and strapped them down in the small space behind her seat in the cockpit. When they got underway, Shawn and Tallie were treated to a view of the universe unmatched in any of their previous space flights, and the sight of the incredibly changed Superman and the now gorgeous Pink Lantern flying alongside was almost too much to believe.
 Superman and Pink Lantern split away as they neared the Moon, and went to the Watchtower while Diana set up another stunning sight for her passengers. Her reentry toward Houston gave them a view that neither could have ever expected to see.
 The astronauts were flown directly to NASA Headquarters at the Johnson Space Flight Center. After Wonder Woman had contacted them to let them know she was approaching, and with whom, she was surprised to hear the Director himself come onto the radio. He'd already sworn all those within hearing to secrecy, then emptied the room. The current state of the astronauts, as described by Wonder Woman, meant that for the time being, the world would still need know no more than the crew of Mariner 16 perished in an accident. A tight security wall was raised by the Director. Only he and the smallest team of specialists would work to debrief them on what had happened, and to get an explanation for their new looks. No word was to be given right away to anyone, not even their families, because of the massive changes they'd incurred.
 Wonder Woman's arrival in Houston was so different from a normal return of astronauts. Her invisible plane came down in a secured open spot so that no wandering eyes could see. Her new costume made the small group who met her think that it was a Superwoman bringing them in, and she drew infinitely more wolf whistles than she would have in her own costume. It was actually both stimulating and funny to see the ex-macho male astronauts strutting along in their ballet-toed high heeled boots after they disembarked; it was that and their ultrafeminine bodies which made the small welcoming committee whistle and laugh before the gravity of the situation sank in.
 The completely new forms they had, along with the seemingly unremovable latex uniforms, precluded any physical inspections by the small medical team that met them after going inside. Shawn and Tallie knew they weren't yet supposed to touch their zippers, and so left them as unmovable, even though they both knew very well that they could now easily display the incredible bodies they had. They gave the best info they could recall from the Mars exploration mission, along with what little they knew of their rescue.
 Wonder Woman left them behind to fend for themselves, and flew off in her jet. Arriving outside of her apartment in Washington, DC, she got out of the mystical plane and sent it to its hangar. She then returned to the Watchtower and joined Superman and Pink Lantern as they explained what had happened to the astronauts, and the Admiral who rescued them. Superman contacted the Interstellar Police Commission to thank them for her timely rescue. Admiral T'schark answered Superman's call. He was confused, and replied, "Who is this Admiral Nova that you are telling me about? We have no Admiral with that name. We have left orders in the case of deep space rescues as you have described, but we haven't had a ship in that quadrant of space for four stellar months."
 Superman then sent a recording of Admiral Nova's message to Admiral T'schark. In reply, he told Superman, "Sorry, that is a duplicate of the interior of our own officers' ships, but we have no one matching that name or description, or a ship with that name. Thank you for your transmission, and we will be on the lookout for this apparently crazy female. Also, the first aid/rejuvenation chamber she described, which is used aboard all our ships, would not change their sex and outfit them as you have shown. We would never pull such a prank on anyone. The person who has done this is really sick. We hope you can apprehend this criminal if she is still in your quadrant, or if not, we can find out who she is."
 No sign of Admiral Nova would be found by either, of course. Her starship had already been routed away from Sol at speeds heretofore unheard of by humans, and disintegrated when far enough away to avoid any sensors. Of course, Admiral Nova herself, in her true identity of Star Sapphire, was actually very close to Superman the whole time, hiding inside Pink Lantern's ring. She was biding her time, for soon it would be both nighttime and long enough for Pink Lantern's ring to overcome the hero still inside her psyche.
 * * * * *
 As the night came in Houston, both Shawn and Tallie found themselves in the temporary quarters that each used while on hand there. Shawn, without actually knowing how or why, unholstered the weapon at her side once she was alone in the room, pressed a button on the side above the trigger, then squeezed the trigger as she aimed it while spinning slowly in her room. When she finished, a thought flashed in her mind that no bugs or cameras were present. 'Hmm, this little toy appears to be a very capable unit,' she thought while replacing it in her holster.
 Satisfied that she was truly alone, Shawn walked over to the vertical mirror set into the wall next to the bedroom door. She then went into autopilot, just as she had while setting the weapon. She reached up with her right hand and clasped the pendant hanging from her choker. Immediately, the voice of the woman Shawn knew as Admiral Nova spoke again. "Shawn, it is now time for you to begin your mission of evil. First of all, I am not really Admiral Nova, but actually Star Sapphire. You are to be an agent of mine. You will call yourself Onyx, for you are capable of showing yourself in any number of forms. As an example, I will induce the first for you."
 As Onyx, nee Shawn, watched, her pink and blue uniform disappeared, to be replaced by a pink and purple outfit, which included a striking pink mask over her eyes, a matching tiara in the hair over her forehead with a purple gem centered on it, and purple gloves over her hands. She also noted a distinct drop in height, and looked down in the mirror to see that the heels on her purple boots were tall stilettos, but nowhere near the height of the ballet toed heels she'd come to love.
 "What you are now wearing, Onyx, is an exact copy of my own costume, with your pendant modified to appear as the sapphire in your tiara, and your pistol still at your side, but invisible." She reached down with her purple gloved right hand, and patted the weapon she could feel and sense was at the ready, but not see. Realization then came to her mind that she could use the pistol in any form, visible, invisible, or morphed into some other shape. "To make yourself an exact copy of me, will your hair to become shoulder length and black."
 Onyx did as she'd been instructed, and watched as her hair changed from long and light brown to medium length and jet black. "Now, just to show you how easy it is to change things around, go ahead and put your beloved ballet toed heels on your boots." With but a thought, Onyx felt the more familiar arch forming under her feet, with a concurrent change in height. When she glanced down, she saw that Star Sapphire's boots now looked a lot sexier.
 "You are not Star Sapphire, though. That is my identity, but if you so desire to use it at some point to confuse your foes, by all means feel free to do so. Now, go ahead and think of some heroines you've just become familiar with, and become each of them."
 In quick succession, Onyx took on the forms and costumes of the grossly changed Superman and Pink Lantern, and that of the recostumed Wonder Woman. She became thrilled at how easy it was to change any aspect of each character she took on, giving Wonder Woman long blonde hair for example, and putting ballet toed heels on Superman's already sexy Wonder Woman costume. Then, in a final burst of creativity, Onyx took on the shiny black form of Admiral Nova. The one thing that she noted in each of the characters she became was that her pendant stayed with her, hiding in one form or another on the changed costumes.
 "Now it is time for you to take on your normal costume, Onyx, which you will wear whenever not portraying another form."
 This time, the pendant implanted the image into her mind, and Onyx soon found herself still in a body covering latex costume, but instead of black, it was a shimmering silver color. Light hitting the costume's bumps, bulges and elegant curves made waves of metallic colors. This coloring included her integral gloves and boots, and for the moment, the also integral tight fitting cowl which covered her head, with just sexy eye holes and an open area around her mouth. "This is you, Onyx. If the cowl feels too constricting, you may change it to a smaller mask covering your eyes at any time. You do need to protect your identity, however, so always be sure that something is covering your eyes."
 As an experiment, Onyx made a mask similar to Star Sapphire's appear on her face, with her long brown hair streaming down her back. This felt a lot more free than the cowl, but she also realized that it wasn't as imposing as the cowl had looked.
 "You are now set to go out into the world and create havoc for me, Onyx. As you now know, you can program your weapon to do anything you wish just by pressing the button on the side before squeezing the trigger. Your crewmate is now Opal, and looks just like you, depending on which face covering she uses. She also has exactly the same powers as you. Have fun, girls!"
 Onyx shifted back into her pink and blue uniform for a moment, and successfully pulled the zipper all the way down to her crotch as if to remove the uniform. However, she pulled the zipper back up, pulling the latex close to her body once again. Then, as an experiment, she changed it into a floor length dress gown. Sure enough, her costume would alter into whatever form, shape or color that she imagined. Now out of her villainess costume, Shawn picked up her other name again, and spent a couple of hours in front of her mirror playing dress up.
 All the while that Onyx had been instructed by her pendant, Opal, nee Tallie, had been getting the same. Opal saw no need to play around after she'd been programmed, however. The subliminal programming she'd gotten while onboard the starship was complete, and she knew herself to be the villainess named Opal, with a mission of evil. The first task she wanted to accomplish came to her as soon as Star Sapphire's voice faded out. A quick change into a somewhat normal looking Earth female's dress was called for.
 Opal appeared an instant later in sheer black hose, an ultra short shiny black spandex minidress that showed plenty of her abundant cleavage, and even had a triangular cutout over her left thigh to expose even more leg. A pair of black pumps with heels so short they made her cringe were on her feet. They were actually between three and four inches high, but this was way below what she felt comfortable in. Her choker now appeared to be made of jewels, a few of which in front were her hidden pendant. A diamond wristband was on her left wrist, and large pearl earrings adorned her earlobes. Her short black hair actually worked to emphasize the assets of her upper chest.
 Unseen on her right side was the pistol within its holster. Opal patted it again in her newest form, satisfied that it was there and ready to be put to use. Then she got an idea, and made it look like a black patent purse on a shoulder strap. She knew right away that the row of buttons on top hid her programming button and the trigger. In this form, she now looked complete, with a weapon at her side that appeared to be no more than her purse.
 Opal set the combination lock on her door, then went out into the night to walk two blocks down the lane. Her destination was the apartment of Kerry Caldwell, one of the crew that had tried to debrief she and Shawn earlier in the afternoon. Kerry had been the only one of those present to actually make fun of the new bodies that she and Shawn were now forced to live in. He'd joked that they both looked more like Hollywood hookers than anything else. Mr. Caldwell was now going to regret that statement.
 Opal, who forced herself to think of herself as Tallie, pressed the buzzer on Kerry's door. He was more than a bit surprised when he looked through his peephole to see what looked like Tallie, but dressed like she was ready to go out on the town. When Kerry opened the door and saw the rest of Tallie from the chest down, he whistled. "Well, Mr. Caldwell, have I done enough to make myself over into a hooker for you? Do I have to stand out here while you're ogling me, or are you going to invite me in?"
 Kerry coughed in embarrassment, then said, "Oh, I'm sorry, Tallie, by all means, please do come inside. You look incredible! Can I get you something to drink?"
 "Why, thank you, Kerry. You sound so much more hospitable now than you did earlier this afternoon. Scotch on the rocks, please."
 Kerry relocked his door as soon as Tallie was inside, which was just what she'd hoped he'd do. She was also pleased to note that the drapes on his windows were opaque, allowing no one outside to see what went on inside. As soon as the thirtyish, toned and trim young man with short ash blonde hair left the living room to go get her scotch, Tallie pressed the button next to the trigger on her purse while willing all she wished to change, then waited for him to reappear in the room.
 Kerry came back in a few moments later, with his own beer in his right hand and Tallie's scotch in his left. He set her drink on the small end table near the seat she stood before, then placed his own drink on the arm of the couch he'd been sitting on while watching the ball game on the compact television. It was then that he noticed that Tallie's right hand was in the strangest position, resting atop her purse with a finger poised atop a button. "Tallie, would you like to take a seat?" he said while waving toward the seat behind her.
 "No, Kerry, I don't think I will. Earlier today, you said that both Shawn and I looked like we could be Hollywood hookers. I'll have you know that we had no choice in taking on the forms we now occupy, but we are now both quite happy with how we look. Being called a tramp and a hooker, however, is not what I call a polite description. Thankfully, I now have the capability to redress the wrong you committed against me. Say good-bye to your career with NASA, Kerry Caldwell!"
 Tallie pressed the trigger button on her weapon, and a strange glow enveloped the form of Kerry. He could feel everything inside himself starting to scramble, and also noted a strange combination of both squeezing and shrinking in some places on his body while others seemed to be expanding and growing at the same time. He felt a strange tickling on his back, but had no way to see because his eyes were welded shut. After a few moments, the ray from the pistol had completed its work. Those eyes now opened, to see a widely grinning Tallie.
 Standing before Tallie now was a short, almost pixyish young woman no taller than four and a half feet. She had long red hair which fell straight down her back to the top of her incredibly round and sexy ass. She had a waist so small that even her tiny hands could almost reach around it, with gorgeous hips expanding below it to meet that awesome ass before progressing into the shapely thighs and calves of her long, elegant legs. Though perfectly shaped, her breasts were easily way too large for the tiny frame from which they projected, looking more like the silicone inflated mammaries of an exotic dancer or porno star. A small red heart-shaped tuft of hair hid the new slit in her crotch, which one of her long and pointed bright red painted fingernails was now exploring. As she shuddered with the new and highly sensual feeling that resulted, her matching bright red lips quivered.
 "Wha...what have you done to me?!" she asked in a breathlessly sexy contralto.
 "I have made you into what you called me earlier today. You are now Cary Cupcakes, a heavily enhanced young prostitute from Hollywood who has been having a great time here in Houston working the astronauts and any others who can afford your high prices. Reality has been changed for you, with no employee named Kerry Caldwell ever having been here with NASA. Your apartment has been changed to reflect the new you, also. You'll find a completely new, but actually well used wardrobe in your closets and dressers. Hidden in your closet is yet another surprise for you, Cary. Do have fun in your new life!"
 Reality then changed abruptly for the beautiful young redhead. She no longer had any question of why, who and where she was. As her friend Tallie waved while going out her front door, Cary knew the night was young, with plenty of time to get in a lot of high priced action. She knocked back the scotch on her end table, then turned off the rerun of Beverly Hills, 90210 that was playing on her wide screen TV. She then went into the bedroom in which she slept, as opposed to the one in which she worked, to get dressed for the evening's fun.
 After she pulled on the bright pink spandex halter top, which barely contained her ample assets, Cary slipped into her white leather hot pants. The built-in panty within the pants made it possible for her to forgo using something which would slow down the access of her clients to their goal. She looked over the huge collection on the floor of closet before deciding on the candy apple red platform shoes with ultra high stiletto heels, which she buckled the laces of once she'd slipped them on. Before she left the closet, however, Cary reached to the back and flipped up the small latch she found there. Could this be the surprise that Tallie had mentioned?
 With the latch up, a small door just big enough for Cary's pixyish frame to get thru opened up. At the same time, the lights inside this small room lit up. Cary stuck her head inside, and suddenly knew that besides the money she took in as a high priced hooker, she added to her income with the spoils of her raids as the elusive cat burglar that had been plaguing Houston, Leopard Girl. All the tools of her trade and parts of her costumes were contained in this small room. 'Hmm, maybe a bit later...' she thought, with a wide grin forming on her lips. She sealed the door behind her, then went to her dressing table to put on her working face. The Hollywood Whore became real. Very soon, Cary would be hard at work at the first of her new professions.
 While Cary was discovering her new life, two things happened. Tallie made her way back to her apartment, changing back into Opal once inside. Just before she got there, however, something fascinating had happened in Shawn's apartment. As she finished her one person fashion show, a realization hit her that Star Sapphire had said that as Onyx, she was to become an evil villainess that would become her agent. This struck a wrong note in Shawn's psyche, and the shock made her shed any of the forms that Sapphire had tried to implant. The small difference in time that she and Tallie had spent under Sapphire's subliminal programmer now played its part. While Tallie had fallen completely into the evil persona that Star Sapphire intended, Shawn now knew that as Onyx, she had to be a true heroine, not a villainess.
 With the small interlink that her pendant gave her to Opal, Shawn knew that she had to change her partner, also. Once again assuming her metallic Onyx costume, she drew her cloaked weapon and pressed the button, willing it to change her friend into a heroic ally. Opal was a bit surprised to find Onyx at her door, and didn't notice the slightly odd position of her right hand. Moments later, however, after being hit by the ray from Onyx's weapon, Opal's mind opened up.
 "Onyx, or Shawn, you're not going to believe what I just did! Do you remember Kerry Caldwell from this afternoon?"
 Onyx shook her head. "No, why?"
 "I just changed reality! The Kerry who'd said we looked like Hollywood hookers is now the premier prostitute from Hollywood, named Cary Cupcakes. She's working the NASA crowd right here, but I also gave her another identity, that of the cat burglar, Leopard Girl. I hope we can find her before she gets into any trouble!"
 Upcoming after a bit, Onyx and Opal become the metallic twin heroines who join the members of the JLA who haven't been further changed into evil pawns, while Leopard Girl changes her spots thanks to an assist from Opal's weapon one more time.
 Next up, we see what happens to Pink Lantern, with both her ring and Star Sapphire within working to corrupt her that same evening.

After their deep space rescue mission to retrieve the now female astronauts, the also now eminently female Superman and Pink Lantern were back at the Watchtower to make their reports. Wonder Woman flew her invisible jet back to Earth to take home the shockingly feminized astronauts, and teleported back to the Watchtower shortly before the conversation with Admiral T'schark. Superman had been extremely puzzled by the answer she got from the Interstellar Police Commissioner, and would have been shocked to learn that there was a lot more to Pink Lantern than she knew. All three of them were busy recording the events of the rescue soon afterward, which was in the early evening.
 Pink Lantern finished with her report and said, "Guys...oops, well, maybe that isn't the best term to use now (giggle!), I have to retire to my quarters to rest from our earlier activities. I don't think my ring has enough energy to take me home." Nodding female heads that were all grinning gave the ex-Green Lantern the approval she wanted. In reality, her new ring was infinitely charged with power, with no need for a recharge and perfectly capable of getting her anywhere in the universe, but she was still working under the assumption that this was her old ring, changed as was she.
 She headed for her private quarters in the Watchtower, and after Pink Lantern's ring secured her door tightly without her knowing why, she removed her costume and took a shower. As she was doing this, the ring was probing her brain, looking for an opportunity to take over her mind.
 'What a fool she is,' the sentient and malicious force within her ring was thinking, 'she actually believes I am her original ring, modified to look pink. I am infinitely more capable than that ring. All I have to do is wait until she falls asleep, and I will show her the error of her thinking.'
 Unlike those from the first teleport, Pink Lantern and the others from the second who'd been so radically altered in their bodies were fully capable of taking off their costumes. She reveled in the sensations produced by her new body as each part of her costume was removed. Hal experienced something entirely new while washing and then drying herself off, feeling sensations that were both totally foreign and incredibly pleasant and sensuous. She had no way of knowing it, but it was her ring which enhanced these new feelings into the erotic.
 Hal hung up her towel and faced her mirror, and saw herself closely for the first time. She found herself examining her new body in the mirror, noting how dazzlingly beautiful she was. She had large and full bouncy breasts with prominent nipples, and a figure that would make her old girlfriend Carol drool in envy. Little did she know that Carol, who had long ago dropped that wimpy identity and adopted the malicious and power mad identity of Star Sapphire, was right there inside her ring, admiring if not drooling. This also seemed to be a healthier body than she'd ever had in her former male self. Her close inspection could find not a single visible flaw, and her ring assisted inner analysis found a body totally free of normal human inadequacies. In effect, while she now knew that she'd most likely be visited by menstrual cycles and other female peculiarities, Hal knew that she was in a damn near perfect body.
 She selected a t-shirt from her clothes in the chest of drawers, and pulled it over her head. Because of her now shorter stature, it fit her like a thigh length sleep shirt. Wearing nothing more than this and the ring which had never left his or now her finger since gaining it, she was ready for bed, even though it was still so early in the evening that the others were still figuring out what they were going to do before leaving the Watchtower to go back Earthside. She laid down on the bed, and turned the light off.
 As soon as her mind was relaxed, the ring bathed her in its pink glow. A few hours later, actually just past midnight in the Eastern time that was kept at the Watchtower, she fell into a deep sleep. In her dream state, she saw two versions of herself; one was dressed in her traditional green costume, shaping it as never before, and the other in her new pink costume. A challenge was issued by Pink to Green. "Green, this battle is for control of our mind. There can be but one Lantern. It is to the death for one of us. Be prepared; I am far more powerful than you are in your wildest dreams!"
 "Bring it on," Green replied.
 On the battlefield of her mind, a terrible skirmish then took place. Also watching was Star Sapphire, because she was a guest in Pink Lantern's ring. The battle raged for over an hour, with no clear winner. Both were really evenly matched, regardless of Pink's claim, and it appeared that neither one would truly win. Star Sapphire realized that this was her opportunity to turn the tide of battle to the right side. Just as Green was ready to let fly with what she thought would be a final blow, Sapphire reinforced Pink's blast with her own formidable powers, and Green screamed as she was vaporized.
 Pink returned to her body and awoke it, glowing with the knowledge that she was in total control of Pink Lantern now. In mental makeup, she was akin to another Sinestro, since the ring was a copy of his yellow ring. Because it was now pink, there were no limitations on what it could do, as the older green ring had; she was invincible. She believed that even against Superman or Wonder Woman, they would be powerless to stop her.
 Her beam locked and double locked the already secured door so no one could enter except at her pleasure. Then she beamed Star Sapphire out of herself, and the pink and purple clad vixen appeared in front of the bed. "Welcome, Carol," Pink Lantern said, "I hope you like the new me. Hal Jordan is no more. I am now Sinestra. I think we can have a long lasting and devastating effect upon our enemies."
 Sapphire laughed, saying, "Don't call me Carol! She is long gone, and I'm pleased to meet you, Sinestra. I love your new look. I have always been fond of the color pink, and now my old foe has seen the error of his thinking and has become a member of the superior sex, dressed in just the right colors. I believe we can make a formidable team."
 "I know an even better way to team up. Why don't we switch our costumes? That way, we can confuse our enemies even more. Just think, our foes will be expecting us to use the identity and powers that we appear to have; we can be even more formidable."
 Star Sapphire agreed, and suggested disguising each of their power sources as well. She took the tiara off her head, then pulled the sapphire from its mount. She willed it to take on the form of a ring, and it complied.
 While Sapphire was admiring her gem's new form, Sinestra snuck in and left a mental link in her ring so that it could not be turned against her. Being a paranoid person who trusted no one, she would never allow another being to completely control her or her own ring, which she had taken from her finger and willed to resemble the sapphire gem. If an attempt was made by Sapphire to go against her, the ring would use that order to be used against Star Sapphire herself with even greater power.
 Star Sapphire was unaware of this development as she took off her own costume and replaced it with the new one she'd so admired on Pink Lantern. While her own breasts were not quite as large as the new Sinestra's, she still filled out the top of the costume nicely. The belt was a bit tight on her, but stretched to fit. She finished by pulling on the boots, and when she noted that they were two sizes too big, used her sapphire ring to alter them accordingly. When she stood, a new Pink Lantern was in evidence. New, but as planned, identical to the old.
 Meanwhile, Sinestra pulled the pink leotard with high white collar up onto her torso, then inserted her arms into the sleeves. The wide white belt with a star design was clasped around her tiny waist, and the tiara, now containing her ring looking like the sapphire gem, was placed into the hair above her forehead. She pulled the purple gloves over her hands then tried to slip her feet into the purple boots. They were a bit too small, so she zapped them with the ring appearing as the power gem atop her head, and made them just the right size. The new Star Sapphire rose to stand and face her companion, and they both laughed as they realized how well the switch had worked.
 While both of the villainesses had the power to travel in space, and could therefore leave the Watchtower and go to Earth under their own power, they decided to use the teleporter, which would get them there nearly instantly. Before leaving, however, they wanted to leave a few surprises for the JLA to find when they next came back. This entailed getting to the trophy room at the far end of the complex.
 They both snuck past the cellblock area, and glancing into Harley Quinn's cell, they could see that she and Poison Ivy were quite busy, and decided to let them remain undisturbed. It never dawned on either of them that the two villainesses should have been in separate cells, and that Harley's cell door should have been closed and locked. As they both peeked into the cell, the girls were busy enjoying each other in a hot 69 session. They appeared to be really enjoying their sensual costumes and each other.
 The apparent Star Sapphire found it different to use her ring from atop her head, while the new Pink Lantern had no difficulty since she'd used her hands to direct her power so often that the placement of her gem was of no consequence. They booby trapped a few of the alien and earthly weapons held in the trophy room, and made it so that some of the gathered tools of the villains the JLA had subdued would become active and vex them whenever they were next approached.
 Snickering to each other, they walked out of the trophy area and out into the main area of the Watchtower, past the meeting room table which was not occupied that early in the morning, as was usual when a crisis wasn't happening and all was 'normal'. "Not for long," they said in unison to each other knowingly, "not at all!"
 As they snuck toward the teleporter room, the two pink clad villainesses noticed that Flash, in her new voluptuous body and fetching attire, was on monitor duty. Seeing no one else, they made their way to the teleporter. They used the controls at the node to set it for an arrival in New York City. They were now set to wreak some confusing havoc on the people there, sure to draw out some of the heroes and heroines of the now vastly different JLA.
 Next up, what was REALLY going on in Harley Quinn's cell, and what followed...
 DC:CD The Deeper Changes 14A/? A New Batgirl...And More!
 by Steve Zink
 Long after the meeting had ended, the two astronauts had been returned by the trio of Superman, Pink Lantern and Wonder Woman, the reports of the momentous day filed and most of the now very different heroes and heroines had gone back Earthside, two out of the three women being detained in the holding cells started to stir. The Bat Gas was wearing off.
 Poison Ivy awoke from a dreamless slumber, and started feeling and groping what she knew to be her own body, yet somehow seemed totally foreign. She was very confused, with nagging thoughts in the back of her mind saying that something wasn't right, and the incredible body she was in was driving her to distraction. There was a mirror on the wall, and in the semi-reduced lighting, she studied herself carefully. She had a truly beautiful face, framed in flaming red hair. She cupped and felt the weight of her breasts in her tightly green gloved hands, and gently fondled the nipples with her fingers. As they expanded, a wave of sexual energy shot through Ivy's crotch, and her left hand immediately dropped to that area. Her finger stroking this most sensitive area lit the fuse, and in only a few moments, her head sprang back and she gasped out loud.
 Poison Ivy experienced an intense orgasm, which jolted her mind. The burning of the venom in her veins, added to the rush of sexual excitement, suddenly broke the hold on her mind that the original Poison Ivy, now Batman, had put there, holding her helpless and a prisoner in her body and the cell. Poison Ivy suddenly knew that what she'd just experienced was not a feeling that she should have known about, and Bruce Wayne shunted Ivy's overpowering mind to the side. While she knew that she was most definitely Poison Ivy, it was Batman's will and mind that were now in control.
 She also knew that Harley Quinn, or at least, Elongated Man in Harley's body, was in the next cell, and the part of her that was Poison Ivy knew they could really have some fun. She worked out a plan which she estimated would shock Ralph out of Harley's mental control, involving more heavy and intense sexual activity leading to yet more female orgasms. As different and decidedly wrong as this seemed to Bruce, she knew it was the only way to go. She also realized that a large part of her was really looking forward to it. The interaction between what had been Ivy's mind and its new, more true occupant was starting to seem to her to be not only challenging, but thrilling.
 She accessed more of Batman's memories to figure out a way out of the cell. These gave her the codes to punch on the pad outside the cell door. Ivy slipped her lithe left hand thru the bars, and at that moment suddenly realized that her new body was left handed. She bent her index finger over, glad at least that the body she was in was more flexible and smaller than the comparatively massive one she normally occupied. Working strictly from memory of the number and letter positions since she couldn't see them directly, Poison Ivy tapped out the code, and moments later her door swung open.
 Ivy stepped out and gently closed her cell door, careful not to relock it, then moved to the next cell, noting that the high heels on her boots apparently were something that her body was used to, as she glided in them with ease and feminine grace. Bruce added this tidbit of info to his memories; if she just let her body do what came naturally, she wouldn't appear awkward at all. That naturally acting female body looked into the cell, and saw how enticing Harley Quinn was in her slick red and black costume. She knew that her friend Ralph Digby was really in that gorgeous body, but so far, the original Harley Quinn's orders were holding him deep inside her being. He was trapped, just as Bruce had been trapped in Ivy's mind until moments before. If her plan worked, that wouldn't be the case for much longer.
 Harley was just sitting on her cot, her eyes closed while she fondled her breasts. She looked sexy as hell, and didn't look very dangerous, but that was her secret. Those who underestimated her, she could easily destroy. Poison Ivy knew she had to work carefully to bring Elongated Man back, so she said, "Harley, will you join me again for some fun and games, and also the destruction of our enemies?"
 "Of course," Harley replied in her almost giddy and sing songy voice, "I just love playing around with you, Pam. I hate this cell, and I want to get revenge on all of the JLA, and any who dare get in our way!"
 She may have looked like Poison Ivy, but it was Batman who unlocked the code pad, swung the door open, then stepped into Harley's cell. She left the door slightly ajar, then said, "You look so inviting, and I am really horny. I hope you're as ready for this as I am!"
 "Ready, willing and able!" the ditzy prankstress answered.
 Ivy sat on the cot and opened the crotch of Harley's costume. Harley, meanwhile, did the same to Poison Ivy; they then stretched out on the cot with their heads buried in each other's crotch. While Poison Ivy was doing this, she made sure that her venom was mixing with the juices in her loins, and also mixed her venom with her saliva. This one-two punch was hopefully going to be enough to break the real Harley's hold on Ralph. Also, while Bruce had on rare occasions used his mouth to stimulate some of his female bedmates, this new female on female joining seemed so much more natural. What was she slipping into here?
 Harley's active tongue and talented lips drove Bruce into a frenzy before she could think about that any more. As the new Poison Ivy came to the second orgasm she was to experience, this time fully experiencing all the sensations which seemed so different to the male inside, she could feel the juices flowing from her crotch. Harley was eagerly lapping these up, while still eagerly gnawing on Ivy's clitoris. Ivy in turn brought Harley to a rousing climax, and made sure to mix her saliva with the juices within Harley's cunt, just as she herself felt another orgasm go crashing through her body while Harley was clamped down on her clit. 'I hope Ralph gets as much out of this as I am!' Ivy thought.
 Her answer came moments later, shortly after Harley came to her third orgasm and Ivy...well, she had stopped counting. Ivy felt air around her cunt for the first time in fifteen minutes, and lifted her own head out of Harley's crotch. The black painted eyebrows on Harley's face were raised high in a quizzical form, and she suddenly said, "I know I am Harley Quinn, but I'm also Ralph Digby. How is this possible?"
 "Somehow, Harley and Ivy switched bodies with us, Ralph," Ivy said. "I regained my identity, or at least the mind of Bruce Wayne, shortly before coming over to you. Ivy's venom added to an intense orgasm shocked my mind into control. I figured that if it could do that for me, maybe it would do it for you, too. I guess I got it right, huh?"
 Harley was still feeling the last of the orgasm which freed her, and sat up while tweaking her nipples. "I never knew that this is what my wife was experiencing during our love making," she said, with Ralph obviously being the actual speaker. "I don't know about you, but I think we can manage to let things go on outside the cells for a bit longer. I want more, and I want it NOW!!"
 The part of Ivy that was Bruce Wayne snorted inside; she, too, was becoming quite enamored with what this union was doing for her. "Okay, you little minx! You asked for it!"
 Ivy pounced on the surprised Harley, and alternated her right hand's fingers between Harley's nipples as her lips were locked on those of the smaller blonde. Her talented left hand started fingering Harley's cunt, and Bruce discovered yet another aspect of what her body did naturally. Ivy worked over Harley with a fervor, and Ralph soon felt her first fully comprehended female orgasm. She knew that she was really Ralph, but the body she was in was a female sexual powerhouse. Harley decided that she was going to fully enjoy the experience until she could get her own body back. If Harley in Elongated Man's body thought that he was going to have fun, he'd be in shock to find out how well the new Harley was getting along with her body.
 When both women finally felt satisfied about thirty minutes later, Harley noticed that Ivy was either livid or blushing. "Is something wrong,, Bruce?
 "Might as well use Ivy, for familiarity's sake, and I'll still call you Harley if you don't mind. I just realized that in our lust and personal greed for satisfaction, we let a lot of time go by that could have been used to get after the female felons who now occupy our real male bodies. Lord knows what they did at the meeting!"
 "Damn, you're right, Ivy. Sorry. I just got so caught up in what this body could do that all other thoughts went by the wayside. Have you got any ideas as to how we should get after them?"
 Ivy stayed quiet for a moment, with the deep thinking mind of Bruce Wayne using Pamela Isley's own intellect to analyze the situation and work out a plan. Then her face lit up. "How does this sound, Harley? In these costumes, we are known villainesses that would be stopped without question by any officer of the law, let alone our fellow Justice Leaguers," Ivy said. "Let's use the Watchtower's costume generating system that Zatanna came up with to make some new costumes. We can take on totally new identities that will hide our true natures."
 "Ooo, I love it!" a gleeful sounding Harley tittered. "What did you have in mind?"
 "Let's get moving toward the computer, and I'll tell you about it on the way."
 Since the now quite moist and dirty costumes they were wearing were going to be replaced soon, neither of the ladies worried about how they looked other than to zip closed the opened crotches of their costumes, and Ivy used her fingers as a makeshift brush to straighten her hair a bit. Harley was almost completely enclosed by her costume, and so had nothing to worry about in that respect. She was looking forward, though, to seeing herself in a mirror to see what she really looked like. With the outstanding body that was evident in the tight fitting red and black latex, she only hoped that there wasn't an ugly face hidden under the head covering mask and cowl.
 * * * * *
 All the noise generated by the intense female lovemaking had done nothing to stir the still unconscious Live Wire, and both girls left her behind as they started down the hallway to the computer center. Had they known that the true occupant of Live Wire's form was Martian Manhunter, the girls may have showed more care, but with XTC thinking she was fully in charge of her mind and body, it was a good thing she wasn't conscious. XTC had yet to figure out a way of overcoming the Manhunter's aversion to the fiery electrical form she now wore.
 What XTC wasn't aware of was that the incredibly powerful mind of J'onn J'onz had not been taken over, pushed aside, or shunted to the back of his psyche as she thought. The Manhunter, while experiencing the shock to his system that the almost fiery electrical form of Live Wire was causing, was fully aware of what XTC was doing to manipulate both his form and his mind. Appearing to be a voluptuous young female was nothing new, as he'd used his shape shifting powers to take on that form before.
 There were two things he, or rather she for the time being, needed to worry about. One was in shoving XTC herself out of any form of control in her mind, and the other was the seemingly unremovable gloves and resulting full body costume in which XTC had clothed her. Luckily, XTC had actually added Live Wire's powers to those inherent in her body, so even if she was stuck in the costume for a while, she'd still be able to function fully. Once she'd pushed XTC out of the way, the new Live Wire was going to be a force for good with a lot of useful powers.
 Yes, Live Wire appeared to be still unconscious, but there were actually two minds hard at work inside her. One was *much* more powerful than the other, and would soon find out the folly of picking the Martian Manhunter for a new host.
 * * * * *
 As they walked along jauntily, with their heels clicking loudly on the metallic floor, Ivy started to tell Harley what she had in mind. "I was thinking that I could generate a new variation on the Bat costume, with a dark blue latex, figure hugging body suit. It would have a black cape, along with black boots and gloves, probably leather. I'll use a blonde wig to hide my red hair, and a black domino mask to hide my face."
 Harley grinned wide. "Sounds pretty sexy, Ivy. You gonna be Batwoman, then?"
 "No, I'm hoping there will be someone else that we can persuade to use that name, Harley. I'm going to become the new Batgirl, since the original has been gone for so long. Also, what do think? Knee high, or thigh high boots?"
 Harley giggled. "Thigh high, for sure! And to match, the gloves should be nearly shoulder length. I presume you're going to keep the heels about where your green ones are?"
 "Of course! I'm also going to use a bit of a platform on the soles to give me an even more commanding height than the heels alone would give," Ivy replied. "I've also got a good idea for your costume, but I want to surprise you. Mind waiting?"
 "Tee, hee! Sounds like more fun!" Harley then pouted a bit, and in a more somber but still distinctive voice, added, "Ivy, if I'm in control now, why am I still acting and sounding as ditzy as Harley?"
 Ivy looked pensive for a moment, then said, "I think it has to do with the nature of the body and mind you are actually occupying, Harley. That is just the natural aspect for you. Come to think of it, you may have to work at restraining that once you've taken on your new identity; it could be a dead giveaway." Suddenly, Ivy closed her mouth and put her left index finger over her lips for Harley to see. She also started making more dainty steps which didn't echo loudly. She pointed to the right front, and Harley saw why Ivy had gone quiet.
 They were approaching the monitor station of the Watchtower, and Harley noted that a *very* feminine looking Flash was seated at the console. She turned a quizzical face to Ivy, who could do nothing more than shrug with her eyebrows raised in her own lack of understanding. That was something that would have to wait until later.
 In quieting down to avoid alerting the watchstander, Harley and Ivy also lucked into avoiding another pair of women who were also intent on getting past the watch desk unnoticed. The switched around Pink Lantern and Star Sapphire would have just loved to find the pair of villainesses to add to their fun, but since they, too, were doing their best to stay undetected, the newly corrupted villainess and her partner passed the green and red pair without noticing them as they proceeded to the teleport pad.
 Moments later, Ivy and Harley entered the computer center of the Watchtower. Luckily, it had been Batman that Zatanna had enrolled as an assistant when she'd been experimenting with new costume designs a year earlier, and the knowledge he'd gained of the programs she'd used was still in her mind now. After first erecting a firewall within the computer to prevent any of what they were going to do get to Flash at the watch desk, or allow her to get into the systems they'd be using if she needed the computer for anything, Poison Ivy went to work. She set the machine to produce exactly the costume that she'd described to Harley, then stood in front of it as the computer scanned her exact measurements.
 While it got to work generating her new costume, Ivy gave directions for the new costume that Harley would wear. As soon as the blue and black latex and leather costume appeared, she hit enter once again to have the machine churn out the second costume. Zatanna had installed vertical mirrors adjacent to the computer that were never removed, and the two women now put them to a more current use. Ivy waited until the second costume popped out, then handed it to Harley and said, "Okay, let's get changed. I can't wait to see you in your new costume, Temptress!"
 "Temptress?!" With raised eyebrows, Harley took the costume from Ivy's hands, and proceeded to a bench in front of one of the mirrors, around the corner from where Ivy herself was starting her own transformation.
 Bruce Wayne felt an entirely new set of stimulations as she removed the costume from Poison Ivy's body. First off were the elbow length dark green gloves with leafy trim, then her now even more nimble fingers unzipped and pulled off the mid-calf dark green stiletto heeled boots. She reached behind her back and lowered the zipper on her mid green leotard, then peeled the now loose garment from her ample chest, narrow waist and generously rounded hips. Finally, she sat down to pull the crotchless light green hose from her legs.
 The now nude Poison Ivy saw her full body for the first time, at least, for the person now within that body. She wished that she could shower or bathe before putting on her new costume, but time and place prevented that. She piled her bright red hair atop her head, and held it there with her right hand as her left picked up the hair net and pulled it into place over her head and hair. Then she picked up the wavy, just below shoulder length blonde wig, and placed it over the cap. She noted that this alone gave her an almost completely new and different look. But the best was yet to come.
 Ivy picked up the relatively thick dark blue latex body suit, and without any powder on hand, had a bit of difficulty getting her legs into the bottom. She pulled it up over her torso, then had a bit less trouble getting her arms into the sleeves. Even before pulling the zipper closed, she could tell that the built in stays of the costume's waist were starting to pull in her already narrow waist even further. The now blonde Ivy reached down to her crotch and pulled up the heavy zipper, and when it reached her neck, the costume was pulled tightly to her entire torso, enveloping it like a dark blue second skin. The two mounds of flesh on her chest were individually held within perfectly shaped latex orbs, and her nipples were easily seen bulging up out of the material.
 She picked up the silver leather belt with a bat logo on the buckle, and pulled it around her hips, well below the small point of her sculpted waist. Then Bruce sat down to pull her feet and legs into the black thigh high boots. When the zips were pulled up, the leather material hugged her legs tightly, but when she stood on her new short platforms and very tall heels, she found that they in no way restricted her motion or flexibility. She clipped the black cape with bat scalloping along the bottom to her shoulders, then pulled on the nearly shoulder length black gloves.
 The dark latex clad blonde then sat down once again. From the weapons kit attached to the belt, Bruce pulled out some makeup to freshen her face, and also some black powder to cover the area around her eyes. Then she pulled the black mask into place over her eyes, with the powder filling in to allow no flesh to be seen. She looped the elastic bands over her ears, and the mask pulled in tight on her face. She licked her lips to make sure the venom was still in place and working, and felt a satisfying sting.
 When she stood and faced the mirror, the new Batgirl picked up the corners of her cape and stretched out her arms. She looked every bit as imposing as she'd hoped, satisfied 100% with the change in identity that Zatanna's program had allowed. 'Now,' she thought, 'should I go around the corner, or wait for Temptress to come to me?' She decided to wait and see just what kind of reaction her partner would have. To kill time, she neatly folded up the Poison Ivy costume and placed it on the bench.
 Backtrack just a bit to the point where both women had separated, and we'd have seen Harley, or more accurately, Ralph place her new costume on the bench. Then came the moment she'd been waiting for. With both hands, she reached up and pulled the white mask with black around the eyes up from below her chin, then up and over her face and head, taking the red and black cowl with attached lobes with it. She'd closed her eyes while doing so, and upon opening them, was surprised to see an incredibly beautiful young face in the mirror, with medium length blonde hair hanging loosely around it. How, she wondered, could this pretty young woman hide such an alluring face under a featureless latex mask?
 The cowl and face mask was hanging loosely from the back of her neck as Harley sat to pull off her black and red boots, followed by the similar gloves. The globed white sheaf around her shoulders was actually the top of the alternately paneled red and black body suit, and when she reached to the front of her neck to pull down the zipper, she felt air on her chest for the first time. It took a bit of tugging to get her arms out of the sleeves, but once this was done, peeling the latex away from the rest of her body and legs was not much of a problem.
 Unlike Ivy, Harley folded up her old costume right away before doing anything else. If nothing else, she hoped that this would give her slightly damp body a chance to air out and dry. Like Ivy, she wished she could wash up, but came to the same conclusion that this was impossible at the moment. Satisfied that she'd dried a bit, Harley then sat next to her new costume and started to look through it.
 She found a pair of red fishnet tights with a small cotton panel in the crotch, and knew right away that no panties were called for. She used a body knowledge that Harley had gained years earlier to pull these up onto her legs, and worked the top up to a point just above the top of her hips after standing up. As soon as she picked up the blood red sleeveless and shoulderless leather leotard, she knew why the fishnets didn't go as high as her waist. She pulled it over her legs and then into place over her torso. The half cups barely enclosed her breasts, giving plenty of visible cleavage. This leotard had laces down the front, to well below her waist and just above where her fishnets ended. Pulling these laces tight and tying them off was like a front laced corset, which was a fact that Ralph discovered in Harley's memories.
 She found a high black collar to place around her neck, and noted that a pair of straps on the top of her leotard met in front of her neck to secure to the same hook and latch that the collar had. The collar had velcro running around the entire outer edge of the base, and Harley found the long black cape which had a matching velcro strip around its sculpted neck. She carefully put the cape into place, then pulled the short, wrist length black fingerless gloves over her hands. She was glad to note that Harley had painted her pointed fingernails red earlier, because they were on show now, not hidden like on her original costume.
 The last two items in the stack were a pair of black thigh high boots made of some kind of thick spandex material. She sat back down to pull these on, and found that they easily stayed in place around her upper thighs. The tall sculpted heels on the boots were a bit higher than the ones on Harley's boots, but once again, Ralph found that Harley's acquired body memories made it simple to walk very gracefully in them. She stood before her mirror posing for just a moment, and decided that even with her slightly disheveled blonde hair, she made a very tempting Temptress.
 Temptress reached down to pick up the stack of her old costume, then rounded the corner to see if Batgirl was finished with her own new costume. When she saw the imposing blue latex clad female Dark Knight, she nearly dropped her bundle in surprise. Batgirl had heard the click of Temptress' heels rounding the corner, and caught the reaction she'd had. At the same moment, two different voices said, "Batgirl?!" and "Temptress?!" Both of the women giggled at this, then Batgirl said, "Okay, Temptress, let's get down to Gotham City. There's somebody we need to talk to ASAP. Since I'm sure *Batman* and *Elongated Man* are using the Batcave, let's use the teleport terminal at Gotham City Police Department Headquarters. Without being able to radio down first, it may be a bit of a surprise when we show up, but that's our only hope."
 "Sounds good to me, Batgirl. And by the way, not only do you look incredible in that new costume, but I just love the costume you made for me. Temptress, indeed! I wonder if Vampirella would mind if I called myself Vampiress? I sure look like one! But Temptress I shall be, until such time as I get my own body back."
 "About that, Temptress..." Batgirl said, then paused. As the red and black clad blonde's eyes raised, she continued, "Are you developing the same familiarity and liking for the female body you're in that I am?"
 The younger blonde's face actually turned a red close to that of her costume. "I was wondering if I was the only one of us with that *problem*," she said after a moment. "I think I'd still like to get back into my original male body, but if that becomes impossible, I think I could easily live in this one. I've developed a certain liking for it in the brief time that I've been aboard. Let's wait and see, though!"
 "You bet, girl!" Batgirl replied, then both headed toward the teleport pad after getting the computer to slip them a couple of bags for their old costumes. Once again, they marveled at the changed Flash as they snuck past her. Just as Star Sapphire and Pink Lantern had done only a few minutes earlier, Batgirl went to the remote data panel at the pad and entered the coordinates for the GCPD terminal. Both stepped into the teleport, and moments later, blinked into sight on the pad atop the roof of the GCPD HQ. With the Batmobile being inaccessible and no other transportation readily available, Batgirl decided that the best thing to do was to contact her friend using a method used very rarely.
 Both of the now heroically dressed women made their way across the rooftop to the Bat Signal. Since it was now nearly 2AM local time, Batgirl knew that no one was likely to be anywhere near the massive searchlight, unless there was some crisis at hand, which was entirely possible with an evil Batman now at work. She also knew that her friend was most likely to be out and about, and would hopefully see the signal. She reached up to disconnect the bat shaped cutout over the lens, then went into the cabinet down below it. The rarely seen cat shaped cutout was fixed into place, then she had Temptress throw the switch. Instants later, a bright circle around a black cat appeared on the low clouds overhead. All they could do now was wait, and hope that Catwoman saw the signal and came to them before some cops came up to the rooftop to find out who was using the signal.
 Luck was with our new heroines that night. Earlier in the evening, Selina Kyle had been hard at work taking out a clever smuggler down in the dock complexes, using her uncostumed body as a lure to draw him out. Uncostumed, as far as tight fitting purple and black were concerned, that is. Selina was actually costumed, if you will, in the garish and eye-opening clothes of waterfront hooker. When she'd completed this task earlier than planned, Selina went back to her condo and got into her more usual purple and black fighting costume and gear. She patrolled the financial district around her home as requested by her friend, Batman, a few months earlier. With no sign of any mischief or other nefarious activity, she'd been about ready to head back to the condo and turn in for the night when she spotted the bright cat in the sky downtown.
 It had been only a few short months that seemed like ages since Batman had persuaded Catwoman to give up the now fewer and farther between criminal activities that she'd once actively pursued. She had become his good friend in two different guises soon after that, and with Robin not around as much anymore, Catwoman had become a helpful aid to the Dark Knight. It now looked like he needed her help once again, but why was he using so cryptic a communication as the "Cat" Signal?
 It took Catwoman no time at all to make her way to the rooftop of the GCPD, and when she spotted the two women standing next to the lantern, she stopped short. While one was in what looked like some kind of Bat costume, the other was completely unrecognizable. She didn't have to worry, however; the acute senses of both Batgirl and Temptress had first heard then saw the approach of the lithe and lethal cat. She became more than a bit reassured when Batgirl called out to her using her given name, which *very* few people knew. "Selina, you don't know me, but in a way, you do. Please, come over here before the boys or girls in blue come up here, wondering what's going on."
 As Catwoman got up from her crouch and got a bit closer, she could see more easily the incredibly sexy, apparently latex Bat costume that the speaker was wearing. The other woman, dressed in a vampish red and black costume, had a wide grin on her face, which was unlikely if she was trouble. Then again, Selina thought about Harley Quinn, who seemed to be grinning all the time, no matter what she was doing. And the blonde hair? This little vamp did seem to bear a slight resemblance to Harley. Nevertheless, she approached the pair almost at ease, and watched as the one dressed like a bat turned off the signal. "Quick, let's get away from this light," this one said as she got closer.
 All three women made their way to the back side of a supply cabinet on the roof a good ways from the signal, and not a moment too soon. As they watched a pair of overcoat clad detectives go over to the light and try to figure out what had been going on, Batgirl said, "Selina, if I were to remove my wig and mask, I'm betting you'd recognize me. Do you recognize my voice, by any chance?"
 Catwoman looked more closely at her as she tried to see if she could place the voice. Then it came to her. "Poison Ivy? What are you doing in a bat costume?!" she said as she got into a more defensive position once again.
 "Don't worry, Selina. This is indeed the body of Poison Ivy, but the person with whom you're speaking is really Bruce Wayne. Somehow, Ivy switched bodies with me, and she is now Batman. I'd like to introduce you to my compatriot, Temptress. She is actually Ralph Digby, the Elongated Man, who got switched with Harley Quinn at the same time. We made up these new costumes so that we could fight on the side of the law without being arrested right away. By the way, I am the new Batgirl."
 "You look stunning as Batgirl, I must say," Catwoman replied, still in her defensive position. She did note that neither of the other women was making any threatening moves, but still... "Please, Batgirl. Reassure me by telling me what Bruce mentioned last Friday while we dined, and where."
 Batgirl looked over at Temptress and blushed just a bit. "We were eating a surf and turf dinner at Maximes, and I told you that..." and here she lowered her voice just a bit, "that since Robin was out of town for the time being, I wanted you to spend the night at Wayne Manor with me. As you know, we both found ourselves otherwise engaged that evening, and now I have to wonder if that can ever happen."
 Catwoman stood and took a relaxed pose, then said, "It sounds impossible, but I have to believe what you've told me. I presume that you're working on some plan to try and get your original body..." and here she glanced at the alluring Temptress, "ahem, bodies back? And I must say, you've both done an amazing job with these new costumes. Temptress, I've seen Harley up close often enough, and I'd never guess that you were her. How did you do them, with Zatanna's toy?"
 "You know about that system up at the Watchtower, Selina?"
 "Sure, Temptress. She told me all about it last year, when I was still on the wrong side of the law and met her the wrong way. Just girl to girl, you know. She's rather proud of it. And now that I hear your voice, your being Harley sounds more plausible. You need to watch that accent she uses, and try to use your voice differently. How would you like to lower your voice a good bit, and make it incomparable?"
 Batgirl cut Temptress off before she could say anything. "Have you got some of that spray, Selina? I know you used it once, but I haven't seen any in use for a while."
 "Not on me, but I do have some back at my condo. Can we spare the time to get there?"
 "That's actually a good idea, Selina. I want to use the teleport pad to get back up to the Watchtower after I pose an idea to you, and you hopefully agree. With the 'tecs up here, we'd have to wait a while to use it, anyway. Let's go!"
 As the three started to make their way to Selina's condo, Temptress noted that Batgirl had fallen into the same trappings she had earlier as Batman. She was most definitely a take charge, type A personality! She'd hardly gotten a word in edgewise on the rooftop, and it was a good thing she had, or they wouldn't be working on a solution to her voice problem at all.
 While they were making their way across the rooftops and through the alleyways, Batgirl put her take charge attitude to work once again. Since they were in open spaces, she waited for the right moment in a more secluded spot, then said, "Catwoman, how would you like to join us in our quest to get our bodies back and figure out what's going on with the JLA?"
 "You mean all that stuff about their costumes getting switched and some of the guys becoming gals?"
 "You know more about it than we do! All we know is that Flash is now a really good looking woman, because we saw *her* at the watch desk in the Watchtower earlier. Anyway, what I was thinking was for you to use Zatanna's 'toy' and make a new costume for yourself. It would confuse the others to no end for you to appear as Batwoman, looking like Batman with a gender switch. Would you like to do that, and help us out?"
 "*Bat*woman instead of *Cat*woman, eh? I can see your point, and while I'd hate to give up my purple identity, a Batwoman would definitely be a nifty asset."
 Temptress finally managed to get in another word then. "She's pretty good with Zatanna's program, Catwoman. The costume I'm wearing was all her idea. Once I get some of that spray you've got, there's no way anybody could see me as Harley Quinn."
 "Well, Temptress, there is actually one other thing, but it can wait until we get to my condo. And Batman as a heroine's costume designer?! Now I've heard everything! I can't wait to see what you have in mind for Batwoman's costume."
 "Oh, come on, Selina," Batgirl said as she turned a shade of red that the others couldn't see. "I guess it's the part of Pamela's mind still sharing my brain that worked out the great costume for Harley, but as far as Batwoman goes, you'll be wearing a very feminine version of the same old Bat costume."
 "Oh, pooh! Just kidding, Batgirl. I'm still looking forward to taking on a fresh identity of my own that can operate without question in fighting crime and helping you out. By the way, ladies, we're here."
 Selina showed them the hidden rooftop entrance she used, and all three worked their way down to her condo. This was a first for both Batgirl and Temptress, for Selina had never shown Bruce the interior of her home. They both took in the lush settings, along with the profusion of cat motif artwork while she went digging deep into her stash. A few minutes later, Selina reappeared with a small canister in her hand.
 "Batgirl, do you remember about a year and a half ago, when as Batman you apprehended a ditzy blonde with a California Valley Girl voice?" She nodded. "That was me in one of my non-costumed disguises, using this spray. Different dosages will bring on differing degrees of change in a person's voice. Hell, I'd even bet that you could use this stuff on a male and have him sound like a sexy female! Here you go, Temptress. Just aim it toward the back of your throat, and use a real short burst. Any more than that, and I don't know what you'd sound like!"
 The twice changed Ralph took the canister from Selina, and did as she was told. She waited just a few seconds as she felt a tingling in her throat, then said, "How do I sound now?"
 "Oh, wow! Temptress, how would you like to go to work as a phone sex operator?" Selina joked. "Seriously, that's a perfectly sized dosage for you. There's no sign of Harley's unique lilt and accent, and you really do sound like you have the perfect voice for your new identity. Now, about that other thing you need to keep people from seeing you as Harley in disguise. Your blonde hair and unmasked face are a bit too familiar. Wait just a sec."
 Selina went into her costume cabinet and came back out with a black wig that was a lot longer and straighter than her own raven mane. She helped Temptress pull it into place over her relatively short blonde hair, then whistled when she saw the now low long black haired Temptress. "Phew, now you really look wicked in that costume! Wow! If I didn't know you were one of the good guys...ahem, er, well, you know, I'd say you looked like a real villainess. Say, have you ever heard of Vampirella?"
 "Heh!" the now much lower voiced Temptress exclaimed. "Batgirl and I were joking about her earlier, back up in the Watchtower. "How do you know about her, by the way?"
 "Oh, I guess Batgirl knows about this, but maybe you never heard. Vampi and I got together a bit more than a year ago, working with her friend Pantha, to stop a scheme that the Penguin had hatched. She's one hell of a fighter, and in your black wig, you look like her younger sister or something. Enough of that, though. Should we all make our way back to the GCPD and the teleport on the roof? Oh, wait. One more thing. Temptress, would you like a brush to straighten out your new long hair and keep it that way after swinging around?"
 Temptress' face once again took on a shade similar to her costume, and she nodded meekly. Selina led her to her boudoir, where she got a new and so far unused brush and handed it to the young vixen. In no time, her beautiful face was framed by much better looking smooth and lustrous black hair, which unfortunately, did have some split and frazzled ends. "Oh well, I guess this is the best I can do without getting to a beauty parlor," she said in her new, breathlessly sexy voice. Selina smiled at her, then led her back out into the living room.
 "Looking good, Temptress," Batgirl said, "have you got any way to carry that spray and brush with you?"
 As Temptress looked down at her unencumbered body, Selina said, "She doesn't have a belt or anything to hook a bag on. It would take too long to work up something here. How about if we put them in your kit, Batgirl, then work up something for Temptress with the computer at the Watchtower?"
 "Good idea, Selina," Temptress got in. "I'd hate to think of holding on to that stuff while making our way back to the GCPD. By the way, just how long is the spray I got good for?"
 "You should have that sexy voice for at least ten hours, Temptress. As long as you give yourself a booster somewhere near the end of that period, you should keep it without becoming even more different. If the situation arises that it doesn't matter how you sound, you can always let the dose expire and start with a fresh spray."
 As Batgirl placed the canister and brush into her weapons bag, which so far carried more cosmetics than anything else, she said, "Before we go, Selina, would you let us hide our original Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn costumes here? I can't think of any better places as yet."
 "Sure, Batgirl, no problem. Hell, it may prove useful at some point to appear again in those costumes. Who knows? Anyway, keeping them here will have them readily available, unless and until you get a hideout of your own...or get your original bodies back," she added sheepishly.
 Selina took the two packages and hid them in her own costume closet, to be cleaned at some point in the future, then joined the interesting new Dynamic Duo as they made their way to the roof and the trip back to the GCPD, and thence, up to the Watchtower.
 Nobody was around at the GCPD, and upon beaming up, the trio found Flash still at the watch desk. Since they still weren't quite ready to explain to her what was going on, even though they'd have loved to hear her tell them how she got the way she now was, they quietly stole past Flash on the way to the computer. Once there, Batgirl got to work programming the new costume for Batwoman. To save time, Selina got out of her Catwoman costume while she was doing so, and just left it in a small pile on the bench. She then went back around the corner, and Batgirl was just a bit surprised to see the naked Selina come up to await her new outfit. When it slid out, Selina took it around the corner so that she could surprise her friends.
 When she held up the body suit to check it out, Selina saw just how much Batgirl had made it like the original Batman costume. There were a few useful new additions that made it more appropriate for a female, however. She slid into the medium grey latex body suit, and after she'd pulled up the zipper in back, it covered her from neck to ankles and wrists. It molded to her abundant breasts even better than her purple outfit did, if that was possible, and had the golden oval with a black bat situated directly between them. She next pulled on a blue panty which took the place of the much deeper shorts on the male costume. The golden utility belt was strung around her hips along the top of this panty.
 She was thankful that the matching blue boots were thigh high instead of calf high like the male costume, and also had very nice heels. She zipped these on, then placed the matching blue face covering half cowl over her head. This allowed her long raven mane to hang free from just behind the tall bat ears on top. The blue cape attached to the base of the cowl around her neck, and then finally, the blue gloves were pulled over her hands and forearms. She missed having the claws on her cat gloves, but at least her own sharp nails were emphasized by the gloves.
 Selina gave herself a once-over in the mirror, then for good measure, a twice-over. She really had to admire Batgirl's ability for designing costumes with Zatanna's computer program. She couldn't wait to show Zatanna herself the handiwork! Forgetting completely about her original costume in her glee, she then proudly strutted back around the corner to the waiting Batgirl and Temptress. "Well, girls, how do I look?"
 "Batwoman, you look incredible!" they said in unison, then giggled upon hearing this. "Seriously," Batgirl added, "you really do look great, Selina. Thank you so much for doing this for us. I think that Batwoman is going to be a big help!"
 Unseen by any of the three was the cause for Batgirl's and Temptress' problem. Mxy had been working on his autodo box, and got a tad bored. He popped into the Watchtower just to see who was still up there, and to see if XTC had been able to get Live Wire conscious and working. He completely missed seeing Pink Lantern and Star Sapphire, and wouldn't find out about them until hearing what they'd been up to the next day. Likewise, he'd missed Brainiac's actions in the computer and still had no idea that it was Brainiac himself who'd set up the teleport changes, not him or the Joker. Mxy got bored when he saw Flash, but when he came upon the costume computer, he almost got livid. Here were Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn in completely new identities as Batgirl and Temptress. He could have done interesting changes to each of them right then and there, but was in too foul a mood. This rage was added to when he saw the way Catwoman had become Batwoman. He'd had such good plans for Catwoman, making her a truly evil agent of his, and now they were dashed, at least for the time being.
 Unlike Selina, however, Mxy did not miss seeing her Catwoman costume on the bench. It did not stay there for much longer.
 Coming up next, hopefully more of Bender and Satan Girl changing the Legion of Super Heroes into their pawns. Also, soon thereafter, Mxy puts his autodo box to use on Superman, changing her even more. He also finds a way around his problem with Catwoman. While Selina has become Batwoman, it turns out that another Catwoman has become available for his ministrations...and if any of the readers remember a great story written for your humble author where he got turned into Catwoman at a San Diego ComicCon, you've just been given a dead giveaway!

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