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It was decided that Petra was going to be tied in a new position (for her) this last week, so she was instructed to get ready for her session by wearing her white bra corselette over a pair of her Aristoc black pantihose, Pleasers Maid High Heels, a cream satin blouse and black over the knee skirt.

Once dressed she was to put one her red spandex hood with the mouth hole, no eye holes and zip it up so it was a snug fit. She felt her way from the bathroom to the Studio and once there, stood awaiting her Master's commands.

As she stood there, she could just see through the spandex hood as saw her Master approach. She felt his hands on her breasts as he groped her firm 40D breasts through her bra and blouse and then he wrapped some rope around her body, above and below her breasts, tightening the rope so her breasts were wrapped firmly and seperated by the ropes, her nipples hardening and pushing against her bra and blouse.

He walked her forward then said "Kneel" she was instructed.

She knelt though he had to help her down so she did not fall and hit anything that was already set up for her.

The ropes around her breasts were pulled back against something hard and heavy and she was tied to this in such a fashion her breasts her lifted up and she had to shuffle her bottom backwards. Her hands where then locked into steel magnetic cuffs fastened to a steel bar, which itself was then lifted over her head and fastened to something behind her.

Her ankles where likewise bound with loops of bondage rope and the rope pulled under her bottom and fastened to the heavy object she was sat up against. As each extra item was fastened off, she felt more and more powerless and also excited.

The next item added was a ball gag, pushed into the hood's mouth hole and fastened off behind her head and belted tightly. Her body betrayed her by weeping into her pantie liner. The next thing she felt and heard was a padlock being fastened to the buckle holding the ball gag in her mouth, she felt a trickle more seep into her pantie liner. Finally a blindfold was placed over the hood covering her eyes and it was fastened to the frame of whatever she was fastened to, buckled tightly and another padlock went in place, locking it there until the keys were used. Yet another reaction and more seeped into her panty liner.

"Try to get free" her Master commanded, somewhat muffled through the hood and belts. Whilst she tried her best, she could hear the camera shutter being released throughout her session, but to no avail, her bounds remained secure. Finally he said enough.

And there she was left in silence whilst her Master went and did whatever he did with the photos he always took of these sessions.

Petrajane tied to heavy excerise machine © 2013

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