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Petra Jane's Bondage Story 'Twas the night before Christmas, yep, Christmas Eve! Petra decided to call it a night, she had been busy at work right up to Christmas Eve and had received no thanks for her working late this evening and she was tired, yet there was still work to be done before she could call it a day and retire to her lonely bed.

She left work and managed to walk home though the cold winter air, snow and ice on the ground as the temperature was still below freezing, the wind blowing up her short black pleated skirt and cutting though her sheer white blouse that was her shop uniform, her black opaque Walford tights being the only thing between her legs and the wind chill that made it feel a lot colder than it already was. Her Ugg boots allowed her to walk with confidence, even on the untreated areas and wrapping her coat around her upper body she made good time and got home before frostbite set in!

Letting herself in to her apartment she turned the heating up a few degrees and removing her boots and coat padded around her apartment in her nylon clad feet. She checked her messages, only the usual junk calls and her emails were all spam, as normal and of course there was nothing in the mailbox in the lobby.

As always, just in case she had visitors over Christmas, again, unlikely for she knew no one in the neighbourhood and kept herself to herself, even looking like she did, there never seemed to be anyone who took any interest in her. Perhaps she was too good looking and scared the men away, who knows! This year she decided to see if things could change, after all, it was Christmas and perhaps, just perhaps, there was a little magic around.

Pouring herself a large glass of wine to accompany her frugal evening meal she wrote a letter to Santa, something she had not done for many years, not since she was about 10, the last year that Santa came to her house when she was just a child, before her parents died in the car crash the following year and she was sent to live with her aunt. A cold, unfeeling woman who didn't believe in Christmas or wearing any colour except black or having "fun".

Dropping the completed letter in an envelope, and having had her third bottle of wine by now, she put the envelope into an old pan and set fire to it. The letter flared in flame immediately and burnt away to nothing with a plume of red coloured smoke and glittering sparks. She blinked as the sparks dazzled her and she put the pen lid on to make sure that the fire was safe, she may have been pretty warm and relaxed by now, but she did have some fire safety sense left!

Tidying up her rooms, dusting and vacuuming took up some time as well as finishing off the wine. When she had finished all the dusting and cleaning she looked around her and thought, "It looks good, I should do this more often. How I wish I had someone to do this for and to love and love me back". She sighed and decided to call it a night, it was late thanks to her mean boss who had kept her late yet again, even on Christmas Eve.

She put the wine glass to soak and went into her bedroom. There on her bed was a little gift bag with the inscription "From Me to You" in flowing script. Petra had no idea who it was from, or how it had got there, but she just had to look to see what was in the bag.

Two beautifully wrapped presents and a card. Opening the card she read "Please wear these items tonight, and over Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and I will make ALL your dreams come true, love XXX."

With an invite like that, and let's face it, under the influence of the wine she had drunk, she could not resist opening the presents. In the first was a stunning black lace and blue satin bra, just her size! Whilst the other had a black satin nightdress with white lace trimming across the bodice.PJ's Christmas present of a Bra

"WOW!" she breathed, "Who could have sent these beautiful undies to me, they feel fantastic and so sexy!"

She slipped her white blouse and black skirt off, unclipped her basic white bra and adjusting the straps on the new bra, slipped her ample breasts into the cups and reached around her back to fasten the clasps. She adjusted her breasts in the bra cups so her nipples were aligned and her boobs felt snug and comfortable in the bra, and then slipped the black nightdress over her head and pulling her tights down, slipped beneath the sheets, turned the bedside light out and pulling her bedcover up to under her chin, snuggled down enjoying the incredible feel of the sexy nightdress and the way the bra supported and caressed her breasts. She soon fell asleep as the nightdress, whilst satin and lace, was wonderfully warm too, keeping her warm whilst outside the snow fell and Christmas Eve became Christmas Day.PJ's Christmas Present of a sexy nightdress

She awoke on Christmas Day morning, later than usual having been so comfortable she had rested so well and been so warm. As she rose she realised that it had not been a dream for she was wearing the black and blue bra under her new black satin nightdress and recalled what the card had said, to wear them during the day. Okay she thought, pulling on her white blouse and a long black skirt adorned with silver flowers that reached almost to her ankles. Grabbing a clean pair of black tights out of the drawer she pulled these on as well as a clean pair of red satin panties, not having any that matched her new bra, she made do with a pair that were both comfortable and sensual. As she brushed her hair Petra found that her new bra seemed to have made her breasts, and nipples, far more sensitive to how they had felt before, perhaps this is what an expensive bra could do she thought.

She felt that dressed like this she should put a pair of her court shoes on rather than her old comfortable slippers or pad around in her tights and went into the kitchen to make her Christmas Lunch and a light breakfast. Once she had done this and washed up, she felt the urge to return to her bedroom. Once again on the bed was a gift bag awaiting her, this time labelled please put these on and then release yourself!

"What?" she thought. Opening the bag this time Petra found some ropes, a belt, a pair of satin gloves, a pair of handcuffs, a gag and a scarf!

"No Way!" she thought only to find herself powerless to resist the card's instructions. She sat on the bed and the first length of rope seemed to fly into her hands and without conscious thought she found both ends, pulling the middle of the rope and looping it around her ankles, wrapping the ends of the rope 3 or 4 times around the rope, between her ankles, keeping them together, yet apart enough for her not to rub both ankles together.

She pulled up her skirt and nightdress up above her knees and wrapped the belt twice around her knees, just above her kneecaps and with a little effort found that it could be fastened off securing her knees tightly together. Then Petra took the second length of rope and again, found the ends, then the middle and wrapped it around her body, under her breasts, looping it behind her back, pulling the rope in front of her above her breasts and pulled it through the loop behind her back, drawing it as tight as she could and allowing it to drop behind her. The gloves went on next, as did one cuff of the handcuffs. Petra then slipped the (large) ball gag into her mouth, thinking all the time, "NO!" but being powerless to resist the instructions on the card, finally taking the scarf, she slipped off the side of the bed until she was kneeling, somewhat uncomfortably due to the belt around her knees, onto the floor.

Pulling the rope behind her back, she slipped it through the loops of rope around her ankles, she pulled it taut so that it was ready to pull her feet up towards the ropes around her breasts, she wrapped the scarf around her eyes and tied it off tight behind her head. Groping behind her she got hold of the rope dangling from her ankles and pulled it tighter, she found that she could now loop it around the rope loop behind her back, near her bra clasp and feed it through the gap between her ankles and pull it tight yet again.

This had the effect that her feet got nearer and nearer to the loops around her breasts and the belt around her knees tightened up making her knees throb but she kept pulling until she had enough rope to tie the hogtie off so it didn't slip loose. Petra's final action was to grope for the handcuffs and fumble to fit her wrist through the second cuff and ratchet it closed, behind her back, under the ropes between her back and ankles. Now she was fast and had minimum movement. She soon found that because of the belt around her knees she couldn't roll on to her back, nor onto her front which would apply pressure to her boobs being crushed by her own weight and being 40D cups, there was plenty to them.

Stuck on her side, blindfolded, gagged and hogtied there was not much she could do, except feel her juices start to weep out into her panties and her drool fill her mouth and seep out around her gag. After a few minutes like this, and it must be said, she did start to enjoy the feeling of helplessness and tight restraints, she felt herself becoming more herself and started to struggle against the bounds rather than simply lay there and accept the bondage.

She had her own thoughts back and remembered the final instructions on the note, "free yourself". She tried to roll to allow a little freedom in the bondage, without success, but her panties were getting wetter and wetter now. She tried to pull her ankles apart, no chance the ropes were fastened simply, but too well to give like that. The ropes around her breasts were not going to move, though they did apply some erotic pressures to her boobs that she found she was enjoying, but did nothing to release herself.

Pulling and twisting on the handcuffs only made them bite into her wrists, thankfully the gloves gave her delicate skin a little protection and prevent the steel cuffs cutting into her skin, but finally her struggling must have caught one of the cuff releases on the rope hogtying her ankles and one cuff released! Finally she thought and soon had the second cuff released. The Belt around her knees was the next item, even before the blindfold or gag, it was too painful now to wait any longer and feeling her legs Petra located the belt buckle and with some effort managed to release the belt from around her knees. The relief, and the blood rush, left her immobile for some minutes and she simply laid there, still hogtied, blindfolded and gagged whilst sensation returned to her lower legs.

Once she could feel her legs again without pain, she removed her blindfold, but decided to retain the gag and stay sucking the ball for a little longer for Petra found it was quite exciting, she untied the ropes around her ankles, then the ropes around her breasts were next until she had only the gloves and ball gag in place and was able to kneel by the bed and slipped forward so that her breasts were supported by the bed as she cupped them in her gloved hands and massaged them until she was sated, her drool soaking the bed cover and her panties needing replacing as soon as she could, they were saturated with her body juices.

When she could finally stand she found her legs were shaking with excitement and was amazed at just how much she had enjoyed her first bondage session, and this was only the first day, what did her mystery present giver have in mind for her tonight, or tomorrow. She found herself wetting her panties again just at the thought of it!

'Twas the night - Part 2

Christmas Day at last. After Petra's first Bondage Session first thing this morning, she couldn't get the thoughts of further bondage out of her head. What if the mysterious person leaving her gifts and instructions didn't come back tonight, or what if he DID!

To try to take her mind off things she decided to got out after her Christmas Lunch and walk into town, dressed as she had been instructed, wearing her black Wolford opaque shiny tights, new black lace and blue satin bra and black satin nightdress underneath her white blouse and flowing black skirt. Wrapping up warm that was exactly what she did.

She walked up into town and found herself in a warm coffee house that was open and removing her coat and warm hat, placing these on the back of a spare chair at her table, she sipped at the wonderful coffee she found this shop sold.

Half way through the cup, she realised someone was stood by her table, a tall male someone! She looked up and found herself lost in the deep soulful eyes looking down at her. "Erm," she said. {Way to go Petra, start off with an intelligent question to tall, dark and very handsome} she thought.

She tried again. "Erm, can I help you?" she asked, hoping her might say yes.

"Well, yes," the vision in front of her said. "I just wondered if you came here often and if you were waiting for someone."

"No, my first time, and no, there's no one I'm waiting for." Why did I say that, Petra thought, he may be looking for someone to love, erm, rob. No, love IS the right word.

"Oh right, it's my first time here too, I wonder if I could join you?"

Petra wondered why, it wasn't as if there were not plenty of tables empty, but what she said was "Yes please, I'd be delighted!" and hid her face by taking a sip of the coffee, a long sip, just until her blushes stopped.

After a while, the two started chatting as if they were old friends, as strangers often do when sharing a coffee in nice surroundings and they found that they had a lot of interests in common. Petra eventually got around to asking Tom, for that was his name, why he had chosen her table to sit at.

Tom started at her for what seemed like ages before answering.

"You have to be kidding surely? You are beautiful and looked as if you were alone at Christmas. I too have no one and have always hated being alone at  this time of the year and decided that this year was the year I would going to change this."

Petra blushed even more, he thought I was beautiful!

Before she know what she was saying she invited him back to her flat for an evening meal. Tom accepted saying only that she would have to accept his invite to come to his flat early next week for him to provide the meal!

They went to her flat where she set to and created a simple salad meal and they enjoyed that as much as they enjoyed one another's company. The evening was almost over and Tom was about to go when Petra felt the urge to check her bedroom, just in case there was a message for her! Asking Tom to wait just a minute, she slipped into her bedroom and lo and behold, there was a message awaiting her.

She read it carefully, "Kiss Tom goodnight passionately and invite him to call around 10am for you tomorrow. Tell him to knock and come in, you would leave the door unlocked for him and to come to the bedroom. After you have read the rest of the message, you will forget what it says but you will be unable to resist following my instructions." Petra looked at the rest of the message and memorised the instructions, but could not have repeated them should anyone have been there to ask what they were.

She did as she was told and kissed Tom so passionately that she could feel his erection through his trousers where his body pressed against her, and he could feel the hardening of her nipples against his chest through her blouse. "Tomorrow, around 10 then..." he said breathlessly.

Tom went home, his thoughts full of the beautiful girl he had just met and could not stop thinking about. She was so in his thoughts that night, he kept waking up to check if it was time to getup so he could get ready to go see her.

Petra washed up and padded into her bedroom in her nylon clad feet and stripped off to her nightdress, bra and panties, keeping her tights on as the instructions had stated. She then completed the task the instructions had told her to do, but not remember what they were, so that when she woke up the next morning, she would be surprised too.

Time past as time usually does and Tom awoke with a big hard on having being thinking about Petra all night so went to the toilet and had a long shower to bring his manhood under control before setting off to Petra's flat for the 10am appointment.

Petra on the other hand, woke in total darkness, unable to move, arms aching and her mouth tasting of old alcohol, she tried to lick her lips only to find a big ball gag in the way, but it tasted different to the night before, it tasted of Bourbon, a drink she hated. As she tried to move she found that she was bound and bound tight, unable to move her lower body and limited movement allowed in her upper body. She was face down in her bed, with her breasts firmly pressed up by the mattress, unable to see nor make a sound.

She laid there, her panties feeling damp but as she could not move she couldn't get any relief or comfort. As she became a little more aware of her bindings, she realised that she was tied around her ankles with no movement and no give in the bindings. Her knees where bound above and below her kneecaps, very tightly and these bindings felt different to the rope bindings from the night before, possibly some belts? She could not move her legs to get any relief, not even to orgasm and get some release from the pressure building up in her pussy, she couldn't apply any pressure due to the bindings being so tight so her orgasm was denied to her! If she could have screamed she would, but her gag was in so tight all sounds were muffled, plus been face down stifled any noise that did get out of the gag!

Her hands were cuffed behind her back, under the bedclothes so she couldn't free them either and her arms were aching badly now from being held behind her back for heaven's knows how long! The gag was in good and tight so all she could do was suck at it to prevent too much drool building up and as she sucked at it, she absorbed some more Bourbon, which as the gag had been soaking in it for hours before she went to bed, kept her docile and unworried about the strict binding she had been instructed to apply to her body the night before, all of which was forgotten, just as the instructions had told her to do. The blindfold kept things nice and dark for her so Petra could not see what time the bedside clock said and as the time got nearer to 10am, when Tom was expected, the timer on her ipod turned on and the earphones trapped in her ears by the gag and blindfold combined, she could no longer hear any noises other than the tunes being played though her ipod.

Ten o'Clock came and so did Tom, he rang the bell and waited for Petra to open the door, but of course she couldn't and finally Tom decided to do what she said and tried the door to find it unlocked. He entered and called for Petra, but there was no answer, obviously, she couldn't hear Tom and couldn't have answered if she had. He waited a little while longer then felt himself walk towards the bedroom door, he knocked, again Petra didn't hear him, but Tom could hear a faint sound, a muffled moan and very faint music playing. So, hoping that he was doing right and that Petra had been serious when she told him to come into the bedroom for her, he opened the door and stepped into her bedroom.

It was dark and although he couldn't see Petra, he could still hear the noises, so he felt around the door frame for a light switch, found it and turned the bedroom lights on.

What he saw rocked his world! There was the beautiful Petra laid in her bed, in a black satin nightdress, black shiny tights peeping out from the nightie, bound and gagged. He thought all his Christmases had come at once, how was he to know she enjoyed bondage as much as he did!!

He carefully sat down on the edge of the bed, Petra's body jerked as the movement of the bed reached her, "Mmmmppppggghhhh" she grunted through her gag (Translation: Who's there? Tom, is that you?)

Tom caressed her back through the satin nightdress and Petra's body reacted to his touch as did his own body for that matter.

He carefully caressed her body as he rolled her onto her side, so that she could see him as he removed the blindfold. Her eyes took some adjusting to the light, finally focusing on Tom's face. Once he was sure she had recognised him, he slowly removed the earplugs from her ears and undid the ball gag fixings from behind her head, but still leaving her tied up, just in case she wanted to remain so.

"Petra, can you hear me? Are you okay?" Tom asked. "Did someone do this to you, or do you enjoy being tied up?" with a wistful longing in his voice.

Petra, for her part was unsure if she wanted Tom to be repulsed or attracted to her having found her like this, but one look into his eyes, or at the bulge in his trousers for that matter, put her mind at rest and she admitted that whilst she had only just started with Bondage, she was glad it was him who had found her like this and that he should either untie me now or get in here and take me to the next level!

An hour or so later, when they were both fully sated, and quite exhausted so Petra had turned out to be quite the sex addict demanding orgasm after orgasm out of Tom until he was too tired to get any further erections for some time, they both laid in Petra's bed and caressed each other's back as the cuffs on their wrists left them face to face until they could get out of bed and find the keys from where they had thrown them before they had started to make love.

To be continued?

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