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Deane was a gigolo I suppose is the best, and kindest term to describe him. No female between 18 and 50 was safe from him. He liked, and loved, them all. If they were pretty, they were fair game, it didn't matter if they were single, married, dating or widowed, once he saw a pretty face, a trim figure, some stunning legs, he went for them.
 Quite how he managed to talk so many women into having sex with him so quickly after meeting them, I don't know, and Deane certainly isn't saying, not now. I'm getting ahead of myself now, so let me tell you what happened to Deane this last week.
 Well, he is, well, was about 6 foot tall, in his late twenties, muscular, good looking, athletic of build, though he didn't have to work at it. Eyes of blue, a full head of black hair and dressed like he was a top male model.
 He was a travelling salesman, best in his firm of course, it seemed that whatever he did, he excelled at it, seemingly without trying. No, I'm not jealous! Honest.


Deanne on the prowl - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction storyHis nights were spent in the local nightclubs, wherever he ended up for the night, he booked into his motel, had a light snack then went clubbing. Every night a different town, a different club and always, a different girl. Last night was no different.

As soon as he walked in the entrance to the club he saw her, she would be his before dawn. She was tall, just short of six foot, long blonde hair, reaching almost to her waist, radiant with health and legs so long you needed oxygen to reach the tops! She was dressed to kill in her disco micro dress, sparkling and glittering as she moved in perfect time to the music. Even in her knee-high boots with 4 inch heels she moved perfectly. She was of course surrounded by men all trying, and failing to get her to notice them.

Deane moved in for the kill, he danced his way past all the men, almost as if by magic there she was, right in front of him.

"Hi, I'm Deane, want to dance?" It was hardly a question, both of them knew the answer almost before he asked. She melted into his arms and they danced into the night. Her name was Katie and her voice was like silk. Who was seducing whom was debatable.

Katie having fun (C) Nikodite - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction storySeveral hours later Deane found himself creeping into Katies' house, tiptoeing up to her room, in an effort to avoid waking her farmer father. They made it safely to her room. It was obviously a girl's room, very feminine and frilly. Deane however did not have eyes for the decor, only for Katie who had already unzipped her boots, easing them off her shapely legs before turning her back to Deane so as to offer the zip at the back of her sparkly blue dress.

Deane moved smoothly and with a practiced move, unzipped the dress. It slipped off Katie as she shrugged her shoulders, allowing the dress to slid off her slender arms. She stood there a moment in her matching blue lacy bra and thong panties, then moved seductively towards Deane. She slipped his jacket off, then as she kissed him on the lips, allowing her tongue to explore his mouth, undid his belt, allowing his trousers to slip to the floor. He stepped out of his shoes, allowing the trousers to drop clear as he did so, still attached to Katie at the lips, his tongue exploring her.

She stepped backwards, towards the bed, finally releasing him, just enough to allow him to remove his jumper, bend down to pull his socks off, then, still clad in his boxer shorts, returned to her embrace. She pulled him towards her, allowing the bed to catch her behind the legs, and lowered the pair of them to the bed where his hands explored every inch of her body they could reach. Her hands were doing the exact same to his, his running over her silken body, her breasts cupped in satin in lace, teasing first one, then the other nipple clear of the lace, finding both firm and pressing hard against his chest.

Her hands meanwhile had found something else that was good and hard, and they were helping it out of his shorts and easing her panties down so he could enter her. Caressing and directing it at the same time, he could feel himself coming and the sensation of her vagina wrapped around his rock hard penis became unbearable just as he orgasmed deep inside her. She too orgasmed with a mixture of pain and pleasure as he took her virginity.

Locking in each others arms, they fell into a deep exhausted sleep, waking only briefly during the night to have sex two or three times again.

Early the next morning, Katie awoke to find Deane still straddled across her naked body, her bra having disappeared during the night, ending up somewhere on the floor. She pushed at him, desperately trying to free herself before her father came to wake her to start the morning chores.

"Wake up" she whispered in his ear, "before my father comes in!"

"Hmmmm?" Deane murmured, nestling his head between the two mounds, subconsciously sucking on one of the nipples closest to his mouth.

"Wake up" she hissed, having said more to him already today than the pair of them said all night. Too late, the knock at the door was followed by Katie's father entering the room.

"Morning Katie, have you slept well my sweet?" He started to say before realizing that she was not alone and that the bed sheets were stained with her blood for her deflowering overnight.

With a roar of pure rage, the farmer finally woke up Deane, only for him to look around in surprise just as the farmer slugged him, knocking him out.


Perhaps only minutes had passed, maybe a little more, but when Deane came to, he was bent over a bench, still naked, and very confused. Also in a lot of pain, especially around his penis, which seemed to be on fire, the pain was so intense. He tried to run it to ease the pain but his hands hit cold hard steel instead! He straightened up and looked down at himself. His penis was clamped inside a metalworking vice, clamped to a dirty old bench. He whimpered and looked around. He was in an old barn and there was a knife and hacksaw close by the bench, but there was no handle in the vice, he could not open it though the pain was telling him to do something, he didn't know what.

"HELP!" He screamed, "Help me for Christ's sake, someone help me!"

"Ahh, awake at last are you? Well buddy boy, if you intend to play around with my virgin daughter, you should expect to pay the price!" The farmer said as he re-entered the barn, carrying a tin.

"What, but she was willing, it was mutual, I didn't rape her, she wanted it, as much as I did. It was..." Deane stammered.

The farmer cut him off. "Be quite boy! Katie is a good God-fearing girl who has a beautiful body yes, but she is a little simple minded. She isn't safe to be out by herself and certainly isn't safe with the likes of you. So, I'm going to make things right so that no one else is treated like this by you."

"What are you going to do old man? I meant no harm, she enjoyed it, we both did!"

"Maybe so, but it will be the last such enjoyment you ever give!" The farmer said as he picked up the knife and hacksaw.

"Whaaaat are you going to do? You're not going to cut my penis off are you. No please!" Deane pleaded.

"Oh no, son. You misunderstand me. I'm not going to do that, you are. All I'm going to do is set fire to this old barn. It's time it was replaced. It's up to you, burn or cut your pride off. Your choice!" The farmer dropped the knife and hacksaw close enough to Deane for him to reach, then turned and walked out the door were Deane could heard him splashing gasoline around the outside of the barn.

"No, please! Come back, I'm sorry, HELP ME!" He screamed out.

The farmer made no reply, Deane stood in the Centre of the barn, naked and clamped to a vice, he tried to pull the bench towards the door but the farmer had seen to that and it was bolted to the ground. All that did was send shooting pains up and down his body.

There was the sound of a match being scraped and moments later a great WHOOSH! was heard as the gasoline around the barn ignited. The smoke soon started the enter the barn, causing Deane to cough. Each cough pulled more smoke into his lungs and caused more pain from his trapped penis.

"Oh God in heaven! If you can hear me HELP ME, I meant no harm." Deane sobbed, reaching for the knife, unsure what he was doing. Would he have the nerve to cut his own penis off, or would he try to kill himself before the fire got to him. Would he have the nerve to do either or would the smoke finish him off first?

Luckily for Deane however, the site of the barn had, a century or so ago being the site of the village bakery and where Deane now stood had been the alleyway outside the bakery. All the elements needed for a little miraculous intervention by a certain God.

As Deane held the knife, coughing fitfully, trying to pluck up the courage to do something with the knife, he realized that there was a lot more clear white light than he would have expected from a smoke filled barn. He looked up, and up, at a very tall figure stepping out of a doorway made of light! A doorway that moments before had not existed! !In thin air!

"I'm hallucinating! I'm dying and the tunnel of light is there and you're an angel come to take me to God. Yeah right!" Deane muttered.

"Well, actually No. I AM a God, Janus by name, and the light is just my way of entering and leaving your world. Now Deane, this is your lucky day (Deane snorted here) because this barn is built on the site of what used to be a village bakery, and your called for help from God, and I heard you. So, here I am to help!" Janus said.

"Fine, so get me the fuck out of here!" Deane said, still not believing what he was seeing.

{flicker} "You shouldn't talk to a God like that mortal, you may be disappointed with the results!" {flicker} With that, the kinder side of Janus reappeared and He gestured at the vice.

"Do you wish Us to release you from your bondage? Think carefully for what you wish for, having upset my darker brother, you may not get exactly what you expect!" Janus warned.

The barn was by now well alight and already part of the roof rafters had come crashing down not too far from where Deane was trapped, showering him with sparks, some of which started the straw on the floor smoldering. Deane was getting panicky now, and turned to Janus, as best he could considering his position.

"Yeah, whatever, get me out of here, intact, safe and protected, please before I burn to death. I don't want to die like this!"

"Fine, as We wish it, so shall it be {flicker} enjoy your new freedom mortal! Life will not be the same for you again!" Janus said, his darker side to the fore as He finished the incantation.

A glow enveloped Deane who felt his body move around, as if things were changing inside it. The glow brightened and Deane felt himself slip free from the vice at last. Something didn't feel quite right though, something was different, but what.

Diane ran for the door, her long auburn hair cascading down her back, the firm 38DD breasts bouncing in her lacy white bra, just covered by her work shirt, her long legs protected from the sparks by her jeans and work boots. She dived through the door as the front of the barn collapsed in on itself, rolling to a stop beside her father and sister Katie who stood looking in horror as their barn burn itself to the ground.

"Oh Diane, we thought you would never get out of the barn!" Katie sobbed as she threw her arms around her twin sister. Diane hugged her back, enjoying the feeling of security and love the two girls felt for each other.Diane and Katie ready for a night out, together! (C) Nikodite - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story

Their father just could not understand how the barn had caught fire like it did, almost as if there was a ring of gasoline around it. Thank God that his two girls were safe, that was all that mattered. With a crash the last of the barn collapsed just as the town's fire engine arrived, too late as usual.

Meanwhile, still inside the barn, but safe from it's heat and invisible to those outside, Janus stood watching the family reunion.

"Well brother, that was a dirty trick to play on him."

{flicker} "Not really, it just means that all the women he would have seduced are safe now, at least until he gives birth to a boy, which will be a long, long time considering his sexual preferences now!"

{flicker} "Now that REALLY is a dirty trick to play! Come on, let's go find some other mortal who needs our help" So saying, Janus stepped into the glowing doorway and disappeared from our understanding, the doorway rapidly shrinking to a dot of light and with an audible "pop" it too, vanished.

The End

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