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As I write this, I've just enjoyed a nice session tied to my favourite chair. All dressed up and bound.

Initially, I was wearing my black cotton panties, a pair of black pantyhose and a white firm control pantie girdle. I then added my favourite green satin and lace bra and D cup breast forms, a white satin lacy topped slip and a corset. My cream satin blouse and a short pleated grey mini skirt along with a pair of comfortable purple heels completed my ensemble.

The laptop was set with a program that, via a USB cable, plugged into my camera to take a series of photos and the camera itself was positioned suitably to catch my session as the program ran.

A nicely lubed medium buttplug took its place and I was ready to start fastening myself to the chair. Firstly a pair of ankle cuffs went on, already fitted with a pair of snap-hooks to fit onto a spreader bar trapped in place by the front legs of the chair. This was to keep me from leaving the chair until the end of the session. A leather belt fastened around my waist and the back of the chair likewise kept me in place, and also had the benefit of trapping me on the buttplug.

An MP3 player provided the music to drown out any external sounds and a blindfold would keep me unable to see how the time was progressing, I'd have to go from the music tracks if I wanted to know how long I was bound. A hood would keep everything in place and allow the ballgag to be strapped over my head without catching on my eyes, especially once the blindfold was pulled down into place.

Everything was set, and finally, a pair of gloves to protect my skin, and make it more difficult to feel things once blindfolded. Sucking on the ball of the gag, I was ready, easing my gloved fingers into the eyeholes of the hood, I found my blindfold and pulled it down over my eyes, tucking the padded blindfold so the hood covered it top and bottom and little to no light could get in. A little did but not enough to see what the laptop was doing or anything.

Hands behind my back, I folded my arms into a second leather belt so as to limit the movement of my arms, I slipped my wrists into the waiting loops of the strap fastened to the bottom of the chair and sat back to enjoy the session. Doing so, eased the buttplug up and down and I was off. The camera started firing, I could tell when some of the shots were taken as the camera flash was just visible under the blindfold and if the music was in between tracks, then I heard the shutter cycling.

After a while, I decided that I wanted to get a couple of shots of the bondage from the side and rear, so shuffled the chair around in what I hoped would be a circle, having to wait for the program to cycle to fire the camera. Every time I moved the chair, the buttplug went up and down, often with a jerk as the chair thumped down on the carpet, often making me harder and squeeze a little more pre-cum out into my panties. The ballgag kept pretty much all my Mmmmmpppggghhhhs to a muted level but after a while, my drool escaped and ran down my chin onto my blouse and mini skirt.

What I had not realised was that for some reason, the laptop shut itself down, but being blindfolded I could not see this and carried on expecting a whole lot of images to be ready for me at the end of my session. So, fewer images than I had hoped for, but enough to illustrate this article.

Still, having had enough of the session, does get boring after an hour or so with nothing to see or do, I released myself, removing the blindfold, gag and hood, so as to write this article up and will in due course have a nice hot shower to end the afternoon.

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