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Sometimes, I really do forget just how much I enjoy being dressed, and bound! 

This weekend for example, I haven't had much of a chance for the past few weeks to spend more than a little time, a little tied up!

So this weekend it crept up on me and I decided that I would spend an hour or two tucked away in the spare room so that's exactly what I did.

Getting my stuff together, I set up the camera and laptop as well as the photo lighting and stripped off and started from scratch.
A pair of cotton panties, a pair of black tights followed by a pair of firm control Playtex pantie girdle. As each layer goes on, I can feel the tightening of materials around my legs and crotch. A nice satin and lacy jade green bra and "D" cup breast forms, then an ivory satin blouse and satin black skirt nicely made me feel quite sexy.

Checking the plugin timer for the Magic Wand was set for an hour hence, I set the Self Bondage Movement program on my laptop, giving me 10 minutes before it started to check for movement, so I could finish tying myself up to a steel-framed chair. The photo flood was turned on, and the laptop also ran the programme that fired a time-release set of photos during the session every 2 minutes or so.

Straps around my ankles, ready to fasten to a steel bar behind the front legs of the chair, I then slipped my feet into a pair of silver stilettoes and clipped the straps to the bar. Pulling my skirt up, and my tights and panties down, I eased a nice thick butt plug up and into place, pulling my panties up to keep it in place, then my tights and pantie girdle, pulled my skirt down and sat on the chair's wooden seat. Taking the Magic Wand from the floor, turned it one, about half way and slipped it into place up my skirt and resting against my crotch, a rubber strap tight around my knees pushed it into place and I was going to have to wait for it to start up sometime in the next hour or so.

A pair of earplugs fastened to an mp3 player turned up loud enough so I couldn't hear anything other than the music went in my ears, then for today, a long red-haired wig and large over the head red panelled ball gag was tightened in place. A pair of satin gloves to protect my skin from being too bruised by Monday, for work, and reaching down the back of the chair, slipped my wrists into the cuffs fastened to the back below the seat, all ready and waiting for me.

That was it, I was all set and still had a couple of minutes to wait before the bondage movement detection program kicked in. Which it did bang on time and I could watch the countdown until the cd tray was released and I could get the key to the cuffs from the other side of the room.

All too soon it seemed the butt plug was warm and feeling sore against my butt so I had to squirm to find a more comfortable position to remain seated in, but of course, every time I squirmed, the movement detector spotted it and added extra time to my session. Eventually, the timer ran out and the Magic Wand was activated for a couple of minutes, then off, then on and off again for a number of different periods of time with short or long gaps in between.

Finally, all the timers ran down and I could stop squirming from the Magic Wand and the key was released and I could pull the string with the key towards me and release myself. Of course this week I have a dentist appointment and my jaw is sore from a few hours sucking on a large red ballgag not to mention my satin blouse and green bra both need a bloody good wash from the amount of drool I managed not to swallow during the session!

At least the dental appointment only comes around twice a year!

Petra Jane nicely tied to a chair, gagged and pluggedSteel cuffs, padlocked
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