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Yesterday I decided to have a bit of a difficult session, rather than being tied to a chair, I was going to be standing in heels and have my wrists cuffed behind my back for some time.

So, red bra (H cup with matching forms) panties, black tights, black firm pantie girdle, heels, satin blouse, a tight red skirt for my clothing.

Set up a strap at the top of a door, trapped by closing the door on it, a pair of strap on cuffs for my ankles, a spreader bar with my ankle cuffs clipped to that, a large butt plug nicely lubed up and in place. a length of rope wrapped around my waist under my skirt, pulling a magic wand up against the butt plug and set on an electronic timer and tied off.

An mp3 player so I would not be able to hear anything, a penis gag strapped in tightly so I couldn't disturb the neighbours, a blindfold and a spandex hood kept everything in place. a neck brace to stop me moving my head too much and then rope wrapped around that and fastened off to the strap at the top of the door.

A pair of solid cuffs were fastened onto my wrists behind my back and I was set. I was very quickly disorientated losing which way I was pointing (for the camera to get the best pictures) and ended up against a wall rather than the door at first.
With my legs spread by the bar it wasn't easy to reposition myself as the rope from the neck brace to the door strap loosened and I had no idea where I was and where the door was. I was able to inch myself around and finally found a wall to back against and did, in the end, find the door.

As I was moving around too much I was punished by having my wrists changed from behind my back and pulled over my head and fastened to the door strap and I was left in darkness and feeling my legs shake from being spread by the bar.

Finally, the timer ran out and the magic wand kicked in for several brief periods of full power, vibrating hard up against the butt plug shoved well up my butt and the vibrations soon had me drooling and moaning into my penis gag. The final period was not for a brief moment of time, but several minutes and I came hard and soaked my panties with cum.

The rope actually worked loose by the end of the session and allowed me too much freedom/movement so another time, I'll more than likely use a length of chain to keep me much more firmly in place!

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