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  Well, there I was, just arrived home from a long day in the office, black tights, black heeled knee boots, tight red mini-skirt and white blouse, and all I wanted was to strip off, white lacy bra and panties too, and hit the shower! Wash all the days' stress away.

Ready to strip off the work clothes and relax... transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story


However, when I got inside I found there was a parcel on the floor awaiting me! What didn't dawn on until it was too late was the fact that the parcel was too big for my letter box, yet it was on the floor INSIDE my flat! Yes, it was addressed to me, though I didn't recognise the sender's address, but I opened it anyway.

As I did so, it moved! I dropped it in shock as you don't expect a parcel to move now do you? It landed on the floor and continued to wriggle and writhe. After a few moments and some sucking sounds, something black and glossy started to creep out. It was creeping ME out I can tell you!


I found that I could not move! It was as if my legs were paralysed! Then the glossy black things crawled towards me and then grabbed me by my ankles! AHHHHHH! I tried to scream, but no sound came out!

The black things were hands and they took hold of me and with a sudden surge, pulled my boots clean off my nylon clad legs and had me on the floor, I was stunned, I could not move, but the black hands of this thing certainly could!


I was powerless, the hands pulled my skirt off, all but tore my blouse off and then off came my tights too! I was laid there in my bra and panties, powerless to move, I could not even call for help. WHAT was happening to me?

Then there was a cold feeling moving up my legs, starting at my toes, then my feet, then my legs, as it moved slowly up my legs, everything felt tight, as if I was pulling a pair of jeans on that were a size or so too small, but cold as well. My four inch spike heel white patent stilettos walked across the carpet and I found myself lifting one foot at a time and placing them into the shoes which then fastened their own straps around my feet.



Then the cold, tight sensations got higher still, I was upright once more and now they were at my crotch and it felt both weird and nice too, as my stomach was put under tension and my bottom got firmer still, not to mention all the sensuous sensations around my vagina as the cold moved up over it and something was pressed gently but firmly into my labia, something round and hard, even though I was still wearing a pair of satin panties, this seemed to be no deterrent to whatever this something was. Still unable to move, the sensations climbed ever higher up my body until with an almost painful twist of my body, my arms were pulled behind me, though I could not feel anyone holding me, then my arms felt this cold and tight sensation as something flowed over them, encasing my fingers and hands in something that cut down the feeling in them.

Once this was complete, my head regained some movement and I saw my stomach and breasts, still encased in silky white satin and lace, slowly covered by this glossy black material creeping up my body, sealing itself as it did so. On and on it came, until it stopped at my throat, completely encasing me in its sleek, shiny, glossy pvc look.

As it got this far, I found myself able to move a little and even though I was not in control, what a feeling this engendered! Every part of my body, except my head and long flowing golden hair was completely covered in this black pvc. As I stared down at myself, the bag wriggled once more and a under-bust corset jumped out and climbed up my legs and started to wrap itself around my already tight stomach, then the laces around my back tightened up some more. Breathing deeply was no longer an option.

A further wriggle of the bag and a black leather hood appeared, and this too climbed up my unresisting body and wrapped itself around my head, its mouthpiece entering my mouth, muffling any sounds I would be able to make should this control ever release its hold on me. The hood tightened itself up on my head, the throat strap tightening too, again restricting the amount of air I could draw in. The only openings were a pair of nostril holes and a larger pair of eyeholes, yhrn they too disappeared as the leather blindfold popped into place.

And there I stood, completely encased in shiny black pvc and leather, plus a pair of 4" heeled white stiletto shoes, unable to speak, to see, and hearing was pretty difficult too!

The next thing I knew, I was feeling my way unsteadily over to the bedroom chair, a metal framed chair with a wooden seat and back, one that has seen some hard wear in its time, and given as good as it got. I sat down onto the hard wooden seat of the chair, the hard round something in my panties forcing itself up inside me more than before, behind the blindfold my eyes widened in response to this! I bent forward, my long blonde hair cascading down across my latex clad breasts as I wrapped the cord (where had that come from?) around my ankles and the steel frame of the chair, tying it off tightly so that my ankles were firmly fastened to the chair, allowing little or no movement.

Straightening up, then reaching back behind the chair I found a pair of steel handcuffs secured to the back of the chair, probably using the steel crosspiece underneath the seat, I could not stop myself as I placed first one wrist into one cuff, clicking it closed with my free hand, then putting my other wrist into the other cuff and, with some difficulty, clicking that closed with my secured hand, thus fastening me to the chair hand and foot.

And there I was, secured hand and foot to a very strong and solid chair, unable to see or speak, the hood made hearing difficult too. I was warm and comfortable though, the full body suit made sure of that!

I tried to wriggle a little, although I could wriggle my latex clad butt on the chair, all that did was agitate the hard round object deeper into me. But leaving the chair was going to be next to impossible as the suit made my hands feel nothing, any sensation though my hands was minimal at best, I might have felt someone gripping my hand, but someone simply touching one, or fiddling with a key to a set of handcuffs, I couldn't feel a thing!

I tried though, believe me I tried for now I was secure in the chair, my body was my own again, I just couldn't do much with it! The suit was compressing my breasts and although there was no give in the suit there, or in my crotch, I could feel the suit pressing against my most sensitive areas. I wriggled more as I tried to stop myself sucking on the bit in my mouth, and tried to hold the juices in my vagina in, both to no avail, both the bit and my panties got wetter and wetter, and the suit got warmer and warmer, and me along with it.


Struggling to release my foot, without success!

As I struggled to free myself somehow, anyhow, I was getting warmer and warmer in the sealed suit until I was running with perspiration inside it and my vaginal juices were flowing freely now.

Soon I felt myself passing out from the heat and the exertion of trying to free myself from my bonds and I slumped in the chair, trying to get some oxygen into my lungs so as to clear my head so I could try to think my way out of the situation.

As I rested, I started to hear a voice! It started off faint at first, then became louder, but it was not from someone in the room with me, it was more like someone in my head. The voice was male, American accent I think, and yes, it was in my head!

"Hi there Petra, I guess by now you are wondering what is going on, perhaps a bit scared." The voice said. 'A BIT scared!' I thought.

"Well, this suit is a little gift from your friends in the States for your stories and pictures, just to say thank you, so make sure you take loads of pictures whilst you're in the suit for your website, you know we love to see you in such items! And in such a predicament too."

"Don't worry," the voice went on. "You'll be able to release yourself in a few hours. In the meantime, the little item in your vagina is a bonus from us, it's a motion activated vibrator that will keep you occupied for the rest of the night. Once switched on, and it is now, it will get you some wonderful sensations every time you move your latex clad bottom on the chair. SO..... If you want a bit of peace tonight, you'd better keep still otherwise...."

Of course, I had to have an itch then didn't I! The vibrator picked up the movement as I tried to wriggle enough to relieve the itch and the next thing I knew I was in midair as the vibrations nearly sent me into orbit, the vibe was so powerful! I'm sure a pretty loud moan even escaped the bit gag too.

I eventually managed to stop writhing and panting long enough for the sensor to switch the vibe off and I could stop coming though my panties were now completely saturated with my juices. Once I managed to settle down onto the chair again, the voice returned.

"Hmmm, that was a long one, are we going to try for an endurance record later? Anyway, a little detail about the suit, it is magic and a spell has been cast on it so that once a week, you will find yourself drawn to put it on and spend the evening and night in it and once a month, you will be fastened in it, tied to your chair for the weekend and you will find that as you do so, you will even lose weight, a few more inches off your waist and have a firmer, sexier body as the months go by. You will be unable to resist and you will be unable to damage or dispose of the suit. Oh, and you'll set up your camera so we get plenty of images for your website! Enjoy yourself and we look forward to the wonderful results!"

With that, the voice ceased and I was left alone in the dark, sealed in a latex body suit for the weekend. Every so often I found myself wriggling my bottom, or clenching my vagina so as to set off the sensor controlling the vibe and off it went, and so did I!

And yes, I think the suit and I DID set an endurance record for the orgasm it created, several times. By the time Monday morning came around, I was a few pounds lighter from sweating the weight off, and not eating since Friday evening, and when the handcuffs dropped off around 5am Monday morning, I was able, with difficulty as my arms had been fastened behind my back for nearly 58 hours, to bend forward and untie my feet, then fumble behind me for the release to the hood, then once that was loose I could remove it from my head.

My hair! What a state that was in now! All sweaty and matted, once I got the suit off, and that was stuck to so many parts of my body, that was less than easy I can assure you, it was off to the toilet for some much needed release and then into the shower for a LONG hot, then cold, shower to clean myself up.


Guess what, I was unable to destroy or get rid of the suit, nor could I resist it, but once a week, I would put it on and sometimes I would be in the chair, and other times, well, see for yourself!


Hope you enjoyed the story of the arrival of my latex Zentai body suit almost as much as I have receiving, and now, wearing it! Please feel free to pass a comment, or via email using the Get In Touch menu link, thank you. Would love to hear from you if you've enjoyed the above account.

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