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 Story, Janus Logo & Characters © PJB except the Wizard, he's Bill Hart's.

NB: This story was issued in four parts, one each day starting December 21st, with the last part, and conclusion, being posted 24th December 2001. The Complete story is given below. (Editing by Steve Z with my thanks)


Day One:

The date was December 21st, the place an anonymous shopping mall in middle America. It was cold outside, and snow was falling for the first time in many years. Everyone was well wrapped up against the cold, and those brave souls who did venture out hurried from store to store, getting last minute essentials, just in case this Christmas was going to be the one where they would be snowed in.

In amongst all the hustle and bustle, one portly gentleman made his way through the crowds, and went down the side arcade toward the shop at the end. He hardly noticed the run down aspects of the stores on either side of him; his attention was fixed on the dingy looking windows ahead of him. He could just make out the faded lettering, "Spells 'R' Us" through the dirt.

The old man in the weird bathrobe was getting things ready for his next sucker, sorry, customer, when the door to the mall opened with its customary tinkling bell. The Wiz looked up, thinking it was a bit early for his expected customer, and in walked the portly stranger.

 "Greetings, Wizard, I need a special present for this special occasion," he said.

The Wizard was confused; this was not the young boy he had been expecting, and most strange, he could not sense the man's name or wishes. "Yes, of course, er, sir. What sort of gift do you want? Is it for yourself, your family?" His voice trailed off, for he was unused to not knowing everything about his customers even before they arrived in his store.

"No, not family, but a good friend who...oh yes, he would love this little trinket." So saying, the stranger reached over and picked up a gleaming medallion laying on a shelf just out of reach of the shopkeeper.

"No!! Not that; it has an instant effect spell on it that a competitor of mine...oh, never mind..." The Wizard's voice trailed off as the once portly gentleman was enveloped in an energy field so dark, it was almost black.

The man's body writhed in the strange aura, and his weight and bulk just melted away. His hair, already long and curly, grew longer still, straightened, and changed from a nearly white grey to jet black. His clothes, too, were changing; his underwear, a rather large pair of faded red long johns, it must be said, changed to a very sexy and patterned black body stocking. His vest also changed, this time splitting into two, the bottom half changing to a pair of lacy black nylon mini-panties and the top into a matching bra. This was now cupping a pair of very delectable and firm breasts, about a 36DD if the Wiz was as good a guesser about his favorite subject as he thought.

His coat and trousers changed, also; his trousers' legs moved upwards and the material changed from strong tweed to black leather, becoming a very short, very tight miniskirt with a split almost up to her panties, for he was now a very definite she. The suit coat had become a short bolero-type jacket, straining over the firm breasts. His bewhiskered and aged face had changed to a very youthful looking Asian visage, probably Chinese in origin, beautifully made up, with pouting red lips, and powder blue eye shadow accenting both the slant of her eyes and the arch of her exquisite eyebrows. Mi Lay

His black boots had grown several inches up her legs, adding about three or four inches to the heels, and tightened themselves around her now very shapely legs. She oozed sex appeal.

The medallion had one or two tricks left in it. The first blocked the man's mind away, and substituted one far more suited to the body, that of a very successful hooker. The second, well, that one was a stinker. Before the Wiz could get much more than a sense of who the man now was, the medallion disappeared in a bright flash. When he could see again, the girl was also gone, carried away by the final enchantment laid upon it.

'Oh, SHIT!' thought the Wizard, 'mental note to self, NEVER, EVER leave a trinket with a competitor's spell on it laying around.'

"Dannie, what have I told you about leaving trapped charms laying around!" the Wizard shouted at his hapless helper, toiling hard in the back room.

* * *

The afternoon dragged on. The boy the Wizard had been expecting duly arrived, and left as a buxom bimbo, dressed to suit, and reality moved to confirm that he had always been a she.

Finally, closing time arrived; the Wizard was just slipping the bolts on the door, and about to set the wards for the night, when there was an urgent tapping on the window. He looked through the grime and could see four children, dressed in bright colors; no fashion sense, though, just colorful.

"I'm closed!" he shouted.

The children continued to tap, harder now.

"Grrahhh." The Wizard waved his hand, the bolts flew back, and the door whooshed open, seemingly by itself. He stepped out to berate the children. He would cast a spell if need be to scare them away.

Once he saw them clearly, however, no longer obscured by the grime on the windows, everything changed. They weren't children, but elves. Not just any elves, though; these were special elves, very special elves!

Day Two (after dark, 21st December, leading to midday, 22nd)

The Wizard knew immediately after he'd seen the elves just who they were, and also just how special they were. "What do you want here? You shouldn't be down here, not now!"

"We know that! Where is he, you old fool? What have you done with him? He's ever so late; he was coming here to get a special gift!" The elves fired their questions at the Wizard so fast that it seemed like one long question.

"Who? Douglas, the boy? What?" The Wiz was confused now, and he hated to be confused.

"No, not Douglas, or Daphne as she is now! No, HIM!" the chief elf all but shouted.

"WHO!" the Wizard thundered back.

"SANTA!" the elves shouted back together.

The Wiz went white. "Oh, crap!" The old man who had picked up the trap medallion. HE was SANTA. Or at least, he had been.

The Wizard staggered back into his store, the elves following him, still asking where "HE" was, and looking around the store to see if he was trapped in a bottle somewhere.

"I need a drink," and so saying, the Wiz sat down in the one safe chair in the store; he conjured himself a drink, a stiff one at that!

The lead elf quieted his fellow elves down, and indicated to them that they should let him do the talking to the old man. He approached the Wizard, weaving his hands to and fro to ward against any spells the Wiz might throw at him. "Wizard, where is Santa? We know he came in this shop, but we never saw him leave. He must be here somewhere, what have you done with him? You know how special this time of year is to the mortal children!"

"Yes, I know, elf, and stop waving your arms around, I did nothing to your dear Santa...and I won't do anything to you," he added irritably. "An old man came into my store this afternoon, and asked for a special gift for a friend. Then, before I could stop him, he had picked up a medallion that I was trying to de-spell. One of my competitors had cast an instant effect spell on it, and the old man, Santa, was transformed, then transported away before I could do anything to stop it."

"Well, where is he, and why haven't you tried to bring him back?"

"Why would I have worried about that? I couldn't tell who he was, so I had no idea it was important for me to try to find...err, him," the Wizard finished, rather weakly.

The elf picked up on his hesitation immediately. "What do you mean, 'err, him'?"

"Like I said, he was transformed. Transformed into a woman."

"A woman, and you don't think this is important? What else are you hiding from us, you old fool?" The elf was getting very angry, and was probably about to push the Wiz that little bit too far.

"Don't you call me a fool, you, you pitiful elf!" The Wizard stood and started to mutter under his breath, when suddenly there was a crash of thunder and a doorway appeared in the middle of the aisle behind him. A door made not of wood, nor had it existed a mere moment ago. This doorway was made of light.

The Wizard whipped around, and saw who was coming out of the doorway. "Oh, no, not you."

"Yes, Wizard, and a Merry Christmas to you, too," said Janus, the Roman two-faced god. "I have been sent to help you try to undo what has been done. We do not have much time. There are only two days before Christmas, and by then, Santa must be back to his own self and ready to deliver the billions of presents.

"First, we must find where Santa has been sent; exactly what did you sense from him...her in the instants before she was transported?" asked Janus.

"Come off it, it was hours ago, and anyway, I wasn't responsible for him picking up the medallion," sulked the Wizard.

"Wizard," Janus thundered, "you ARE responsible, YOU left the medallion out where anyone could have touched it. Now tell me, what you are hiding?!"

"Well, it was just a glimpse..."

"Tell ME! Tell me NOW!"

"Okay, okay, you don't have to shout. I caught a flash from her mind; her name is Mi Lay, and she was looking forward to working the streets tonight in Chinatown. She was hot, too, a real good looker, with a petite but well stacked body. She'll get loads of customers at this time of year!"

"Wizard, if we didn't need you to help un-zap Santa, you would be a fairy on top of the Mall's Christmas Tree by now, especially after that last crack!" Janus warned him.

"Okay, shut up your store, and then all of you step through the doorway. I'll take you all to Chinatown, and we can spend the day looking for Santa...err, Mi Lay. I cannot bend time, so it will be late afternoon by the time we start. Only a half day to go to Christmas Eve."

The elves bowed to the god Janus as they passed him, and disappeared into the glowing doorway; the Wiz tried to dawdle, and thought about slipping out the back door, but Janus was onto him and he found all the doors locked, and the glowing doorway directly in front of him.

He finally gave up and stepped though. Janus looked around and thought about leaving the Wizard a surprise for when he returned, but {flicker} his kinder brother put a stop to that, and Janus stepped into the light and disappeared.

The glowing doorway folded up on itself, and with a slight 'POP,' also disappeared.

Day Three: (Midday 23rd December)

The Glowing Doorway reappeared in Chinatown, halfway down an alley, hidden behind a dumpster outside a bakery. The baker's assistant was just having a break and a smoke outside the bakery door when the doorway appeared. What appeared to be four small children dropped out, followed by an old man in a bathrobe and a very tall man who floated down from the doorway of light, which promptly disappeared.

Before the boy's abandoned cigarette had hit the ground, the boy himself had disappeared back inside the bakery, with the door slammed and locked behind him.

Janus, who had come down from the enchanted doorway so elegantly, watched as the Wizard and the elves picked themselves up and looked around. "Hmm, the middle of Chinatown, huh? So, where do we start to look for Santa, then? Hey, Wizard?" rumbled Janus.

"Well, from the glimpse I got into his, err, her mind, the red-light district should be a good start."

"You're going to be in so much trouble, Wizard, when Mrs. Claus finds out!" one of the elves said.

"Then it may be as well that she DOESN'T find out, okay, little one?!" he threatened. The elf quickly scurried behind his friends.

"Now, all of you, you need to work together on this to find Santa before she gets into any more trouble. Split up and work in pairs. You two, Pixie and Dixie, go search the blocks south of here; Wizard, you and Moxie do the blocks to the east, and Alfie and I will go west. Find Santa before nightfall."

So saying, the group split up and started walking the streets of Chinatown looking for Mi Lay. Funny, really, as that was what she was doing as well, but in her case, she was looking for business!

The Wizard and Moxie spent much of their time arguing about responsibilities, and only part of their time actually searching for Santa, which was a mistake. For, as they stood on a corner arguing, halfway down the street behind them, Mi Lay was getting into a car with a man, and then driving past them on the way to a seedy hotel room.

Janus and Alfie went to the West side of Chinatown; there they saw many nightclubs, open already for the night time trade. Some where purely strip joints, others had cabaret style events. All were trying to attract the men inside to spend their money on the girls on offer.

One of the clubs had a poster outside advertising the Irish singer, Samantha Mumba, proclaiming her "Live, today only!". Janus began to walk past, only to start getting the feeling that he HAD to enter the club.

"Strange. Alfie, we need to enter this club, now."

The bouncer saw a giant of a man with a gaudily dressed child approach the entrance. He put out his hand to stop them, and the next thing HE knew, SHE was sitting on the ground, red mini dress rucked up around her crotch, exposing her lacy pink panties. She raised her delicate hand to her long black hair, brushing it out of her almond shaped deep black eyes, catching her 38D breasts cupped in a matching lacy pink bra beneath her dress as she wondered how she had fallen. She had never fallen off her three-inch heels before. The tall man offered her his hand, and effortlessly pulled her to her feet.

"Please, accompany us, my dear, and all will become clear shortly," Janus suggested.

Cher Ling knew that she had to go with the man and his son, and that everything would be all right soon. So, linking her arm in his, she went with them into the club.

Inside the club it was dim and probably filthy, judging by the predominant odors, but the people who came in there were more interested in the girls or the drinks than how the place looked and smelled. The place was full, hardly a table left unoccupied with the girls and their johns. All, however, were looking at the singer on stage. No one was drinking much, nor playing with their companions.

Apparently, Samantha was coming to the end of her show with an excellent and powerful rendition of "Always Come Back To Your Love". As the last notes of the song finished echoing around the club, the place erupted in cheers, catcalls and clapping. They loved her, and probably her music, too. samantha

As Samantha took her curtain calls, Janus waved at her. Being taller than most mortals, he had an advantage; also, being a god meant that he got noticed by the person to whom he'd waved. Samantha looked over at the bar, saw Janus, the child and the pretty oriental girl with him, and made her way over to them, avoiding the groping hands as she did.

"Hello, Janus, who are your friends, and what are you doing here so close to Christmas?" she asked in a beautiful Irish lilt.

"It's a bit of a story, and we haven't much time, so the short version is, Santa got transformed by a cursed charm in the Wizard's shop, he is now a petite but voluptuous and beautiful she called Mi Lay, at loose somewhere in Chinatown as a wanton hooker, and we have less than a day to get him...err, her back! Oh, this is Alfie, one of Santa's elves, and this young lady was the bouncer, she's now Cher Ling and she'll accompany us for a while. I think that covers everything. Except, we could do with your help to find Santa. Another pair of enchanted eyes would not go amiss."

"Damn, and I was having such a great time, as well. Still, if Santa's missing, I suppose I'd better change back. Boy, it's really been fun this past week. I've never had so much fun at Christmas time before now." As she spoke, her body seemed to shimmer, and her voice changed from a soft Irish lilt to a rougher mid-American male voice, as the Silkie became his normal human self.

"Okay, Janus, what does she look like? I suppose if I'm helping you to find her, I had better know who to look for," David, the Silkie, asked.

"That's easy, Cher Ling will accompany you as you look. I changed the bouncer to look just like the image of Santa in the Wizard's mind of how she appears now. Just try to find her twin sister, though Cher Ling is dressed a little more conventionally." twins

"Fine, come on then, Cher Ling, let's go find your sister, Mi Lay. Where do you think we should start?" David asked as he led the girl out of the club.

"Come on, Alfie, let's get back to checking this way," Janus directed, as they headed west again.

Meanwhile, Mi Lay was putting her clothes back on as the john counted out some money on the table. "Here you go, girl, you were fantastic! There's an extra $10 for you," the man said as he left the room, looking both ways to make sure no one saw him leaving.

Mi Lay picked up the money, tucking the tip down her bra and the rest into her purse. Stopping off at the mirror, she reapplied her lipstick, checked that her makeup was perfect, tidied her hair and set off for the street corner for the next trick.

Night was falling fast, and time was running out for the searchers. Tomorrow was Christmas Eve, and it was almost midnight.

Day Four (December 24th)

Santa, now an incredibly beautiful and tiny young Oriental-featured woman known as Mi Lay, was back on the streets of Chinatown, fishnet stockings tucked into her thigh high black boots with the four-inch heels, the tops of the stockings just peeking below her very short, very tight red mini skirt. As she bent down in her low cut black see-though top, to look in a motorist's window, the driver could see right down her exquisite cleavage to her very lacy black bra, whilst anyone behind her would have seen that she was wearing matching panties.

Janus and Alfie were searching the north side of Chinatown by now, Pixie and Dixie were searching the south, whilst the Wizard and Moxie were working the east. David and Cher Ling were helping out by also searching the larger and busier east side of town.

Darkness had fallen, and wonder of wonders, it was now snowing! Well, it was the evening before Christmas Eve, after all. The muggers in the area were looking forward to this and the following nights; there would be plenty of ripe pickings, to be sure.

David and Cher Ling were walking down yet another alley, looking for Mi Lay, when a gang of four Chinese featured youths stepped out from behind a dumpster.

"Okay, gaugin, hand over your wallet, and get your hands off the geisha!" one of them shouted.

"Forget that, this is Christmas time! Let me ask you first, have any of you seen a girl looking like Cher Ling here? She's probably working the streets, I'm sorry to say," David asked, trying to defuse the situation.

"What's up, white man, you deaf?! Hand over your wallet and the girl NOW, and we let you leave alive!" one of the others threatened.

"Stand behind me, Cher Ling, I'll only be a minute," David said as he put himself between the girl and the gang.

"Cut him up!" the first said, as the four moved in on David, then slowed. Then they all started to back off as the Silkie transformed into a full sized grizzly bear, complete with five-inch claws and jaws so big and sharp they looked like they could tear a man's head off in one twist.

At least one of the youths wet himself, and from the smell, another soiled himself at the sight of a two-ton grizzly now standing in front of them, instead of what they thought was an easy mark.

Seconds later, one was flying through the air to land unconscious in the dumpster, another was three floors up on a fire escape landing and the other two where in the bear's grasp. Held up, about two feet from the ground by their throats, David was very careful not to scratch them too deep, of course. Then he transformed the bear's face to a more human appearance, still too much like a bear for the youths, but enough for him to speak clearly to them.

"Now," he growled, "I asked you if you had seen my friend's sister. I will ask you one more time, then, well, you think about it." He then gave them both a little shake and a few seconds to think, then relaxed his grip on them so that they could speak.

The two youths could not have been more helpful after this; they told David that they thought they saw Mi Lay getting into a car not too far from that very alley. They also suggested that a certain hotel was often used by hookers, and there were some two dozen other muggings that they would like to admit to.

After hooking them onto the fire escapes, on opposite sides of the alley, David transformed himself back to his human form and, having taken Cher Ling's arm, left the alley, heading for the hotel. On his way down the street, he mentioned to a cop they passed that it would be worth his while to call for some backup and pick up four muggers in an alley. A Silkie's suggestion was of course sufficient for the cop to do just that.

Meanwhile, the Wizard and Moxie were also being stopped by a gang of Oriental youths out for a chance of violence in Chinatown. "Okay, old man, hand over your watch and money, or the kid gets it!" Jet Li, their leader, snarled.

"You really don't want to do this! But if you insist, we can talk about finding a certain girl in a minute," the Wizard said, as he watched the youths look at one another in puzzlement. Never before had one old man stood up to them before.

The leader of the gang held back as his fellow thugs grabbed for the old man's sleeves, then his jaw fell open as the four male thugs fell back from him as very female hookers. Each one was different in appearance, but basically each was now a big breasted bimbo with a very appealing face done up in whorish makeup. One was a blue-eyed blonde with 44DD breasts, another was a green-eyed redhead and even bigger boobs, whilst the others now sported black hair. One's hair came to her shoulders, while the other's fell all the way to the bottom of her very shapely bottom, and both had chests that must have measured at least 50EE.

The blonde was wearing incredibly high heeled knee high white stretch boots that molded to her well shaped black fishnet covered calves. The tiny white shorts which barely covered any of her tush looked more like large panties, and only just covered the tops of her fishnet pantyhose. The thin band of white spandex around her chest had a tough time containing her enormous breasts. Her redheaded companion was wearing black ankle boots with similar heels, and her own good looking legs were covered with black fishnet hose whose stretch tops were normally just inside the bottom hem of her tiny red spandex mini skirt. The red tube top she wore was molded so perfectly to her huge breasts that nothing at all was left to the imagination.

The two raven-haired beauties were each wearing glossy black pumps with even higher heels. Each was wearing a shiny black mini skirt which just came to the tops of their black fishnets, but while one's was faux leather, the other's was PVC. The one with the faux leather skirt wore a sleeveless stretch top made of black spandex, whilst her companion was wearing what looked like a black PVC bra top.

The girls giggled their way down the street, ignoring the Wizard, who now moved toward Jet Li. He, for his part, backed up against the wall in terror.

"Oh F**k, oh f**k, oh f**k, I know who you are, you're a myth. You're the Spells geezer from the Internet. Oh, please, don't change me into a bimbo, I'll turn over a new leaf, I'll go straight, honest," Jet Li cried, as the Wizard and Moxie approached, sinking to his knees in abject terror and clasping his hands as if in prayer.

"Oh, stand up, you sniveling coward. Tell me, have you seen this woman?" As the thug stood up, the Wiz held what must have been a photo of Mi Lay up in front of him. Of course, it wasn't a photo. It was a mirror!

"Oh, yes, she's pretty, isn't she?" lisped Yun Lay, the spitting image of Mi Lay, as she ran her hands up and down her bright red PVC mini dress, caressing her curvaceous body as she tried to think where she had last seen the girl the nice gentleman wanted to find.

"I don't suppose you and I could get it together? Or do you really want her?" she simpered.

"Don't be disgusting, you little whore, just tell me where I might find this girl!" the Wizard demanded.

In the end, Yun Lay suggested the same hotel to which David and Cher Ling were making their way. Leaving Yun Lay to make her way and find her next customer in her high heeled red boots that seemed to be three inches higher than when she'd slipped into her four-inch heels this evening, only partly due to the one-inch platforms they now sported, the Wiz and Moxie headed for the hotel.

Janus and Alfie were also heading for the hotel, as they had approached a gang of black youths who where trying to exhort money out of a pair of elderly shopkeepers. The youths were staggered that anyone would try to interfere with their "business deals", but after Janus explained to them what they wanted and the description of the girl was given, the group of now stunningly pretty black girls were only too happy to suggest the area in which to search. The shopkeeper and his wife couldn't believe their eyes and ears when the girls offered to work for them free for a year to help run their business to make up in part for the trouble to which they had put the elderly couple.

On the way to the hotel, Janus and Alfie met Pixie and Dixie, and all the groups arrived at the hotel at about the same time.

"Wizard, can you sense, her?" Janus asked.

"No, but I couldn't, anyway, before the change. The medallion also confuses me in trying to find her," the Wizard replied.

"David, can you sense anything?" Janus then asked.

"Why, yes, can't you?"

"It's a little embarrassing; I've not been summoned, as it were, and so cannot actually locate someone who has been enchanted. Remember, I was sent by the council to try to put things right, but as you see, I need all your help tonight." Janus almost blushed in embarrassment.

"Okay, sorry. Err, Santa is out of the building, he, or she's around the corner, probably trying for her next customer as we speak."

The group set off for the specified corner, the elves running ahead. Alfie was first to turn the corner, and the group following heard him shout, "Santa!"

"Better hurry up, guys," David said, "sounds like there's going to be fun!"

As they rounded the corner, there was indeed fun to be seen. Alfie had gotten his arms around a very shapely leg, pulling for all he was worth, and bringing the top of Mi Lay's thigh high boot down around her pleasingly shaped calf. Meanwhile, the driver of the car who had stopped to proposition her was trying to get Mi Lay's hands off the car door and floor the accelerator at the same time, failing miserably in both.

As the group watched, Santa, or Mi Lay, managed to free herself of Alfie, and he went flying though the air as she managed to get sufficient force into a kick which would have done an NFL punter proud. Alfie lost his grip on her leg, and was heading for the middle of the road, when he disappeared and reappeared beside Janus.

"Thanks, big guy!" Alfie stammered.

"Hey, what's going on? You guys want three on one? That cost extra! Much dollar!" Mi Lay said to them as they approached. "You kids no watch, or else serious top dollar charged!"

Janus bent down, and down, to peer in the car window. His cruel face was dominant. "Beat it!"

The driver needed no more encouragement; he forgot the window, and floored it, leaving black tire marks halfway down the block, narrowly missing several other cars in the process.

"It's all right, miss, if we could just have a few words with you, everything will become clear," said David, in full Silkie suggestion mode.

As was said before, a Silkie suggestion was not to be ignored. Mi Lay approached the group, tugging her boot top back up to her thigh.

"Janus, Wizard, Mi Lay, please, all hold hands, and we must form a circle. Elves, just keep Cher Ling and anyone else from getting too close for a minute," David said.

The four of them linked hands, forming the circle, and Janus, the Wiz and the Silkie all concentrated. A ruby glow appeared from within Mi Lay, and very quickly was too bright for the elves and Cher Ling to look at. A subdued chanting could be heard from the three powerful beings as they murmured spells and anti-hexes until finally, the glow abated and the elves could look again.

This time, the four were all male. The Wizard looking tired, for it had been a hard spell to counter, and it wasn't as if it was his fault, anyway. Besides, who knew how much mischief or loss Dannie had been up to in his absence at the shop. His mind was already wandering from the huge task he'd just helped accomplish.

Janus was Janus. But deep down, though he would not admit it, the spell would have been much harder, if not impossible for even him to reverse, without the Wizard's and the Silkie's help.

The Silkie looked faded; if it had not been for Janus on one side holding him up and the changed Santa on the other, he would probably have collapsed.

And Santa was once again Santa Claus! His rotund appearance was back, as was his trademark red suit, white beard and rosy face. And his booming, hearty laugh!

Janus turned to Cher Ling and said, "Well, thank you for your help, now I'll change you back to your male self."

Cher Ling held her dainty hand up to stop him. "Please, kind sir, David has explained much of tonight to me. I would, if permitted, prefer to stay as I am. I always wished I was a girl from when I was very young. This has been a night to remember, and I would like to stay as I am. Though what I should do now, I don't know," she finished sadly.

"Well, in that case, you may of course stay female, and I suppose the Wizard and I could fix reality for you to be female, and indeed to have always been so. But I see no future for you here," he said with some concern about the fate of the ex-bouncer who had become a willing helper, for he knew that the bouncer was supposed to have died in a drive-by shooting earlier this evening.

"It's all right, Janus, I'll take her back with me to Fairy Isle, she will be safe and happy there, and I know she will find joy and fulfillment there. After all, it is Christmas!" David offered.

Cher Ling grabbed his arm in glee at these words, and whispered in his ear. David, remembering Stephanie waiting for him back on the Isle, gently disengaged his arm and placed it instead around her shoulder, both protecting her and magically calming her down slightly.

"Thank you all, my friends, this has been an experience all right, but now it's time to get Christmas back on track! Elves, to the sleigh, we have billions of presents to deliver by tomorrow night! Where is the sleigh, by the way?" Santa boomed.

"Aww, Santa, it's wonderful to have you back, the sleigh is right here." So saying, Alfie put his fingers in his mouth and gave a piercing whistle. As the last note of it faded, a jingle of bells could be heard, and down from the sky came the magical sleigh, pulled by eight beautiful reindeer.

As it landed, piled high with bags of presents, Santa turned to the Wiz and whispered, "Wizard, once I've delivered the presents to all the children of the world, perhaps we could have a talk about my having use of Mi Lay's body for my summer holiday? I quite enjoyed the experience and sensations, though I would like to keep my own mind this time. It would make a nice change from carrying all this blubber around in mid-summer, and even Santa needs a break..." Happy Christmas from PJB (Image from my favourite computer game of 2000/01)

Ho Ho Ho, Happy Christmas to one and all!

(So says our eloquent British author. From your American editor, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!)

The End.

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