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This weekend has been a really good one, I've been dressed up from Friday evening right up until this morning (Monday) in one form or another. I've also been bound in one form or another for about 25% of the time, I've been really lucky. Rather than repeat myself, the weekend is described here but after those sessions, I was punished by being instructed by my loving Mistress to change my tights for a suspender belt and white bow top black stockings.

Having soaked my purple hood earlier, I was given my red hood and strictly gagged over this, strapped so tightly there was NO give in the gag at all. This was hooked to the strap at the top of the door so I could not relax and move away from the doorway and a neck brace was added, again, very tightly fastened around my neck so I could not look around and if I tried to lower my head to look at myself, the brace cut off my airway.

I had the Magic Wand roped in place, so it was pressing tight up against my buttplug under my pantie girdle and set to run on a timed program switch. My wrists where placed in metal cuffs and they where padlocked in front of me. I thought for a moment I was going to be able to play with myself, but no, my Mistress was not going to let me have too much fun this weekend. She added a belt around my elbows so there was no play and I was unable to move my hands more than an inch or so up or down my stomach. The session lasted an hour or so before my Mistress tired of my been stood in the corner, then I was allowed to sit down and watch her programs on the television, buttplug in place of course for another 3 hours before I was allowed to dry myself off and attend her in bed.

It's my turn next weekend, but I think I might be dressed as much as this weekend, I enjoyed it so much, but she will be the slave next weekend and she will be the one being bound and gagged!


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