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I have had the most wonderful weekend! Started off Friday night by getting tied up in my ivory satin blouse, tight red skirt, black tights, and purple heels. I had a pair of earplugs connected to an MP3 player so I couldn't hear much going on around me, blindfolded and hooded, then a panel ballgag was strapped in place, and fastened at the back of my head. This was clipped to a top of the door fastening so I couldn't move much.

My ankles had straps around them fastened to a spreader bar and a magic wand, on a timer, was strapped in place, resting against a buttplug under my panties and tights. A neck brace was put in place and fastened tightly so I had little movement and a chain was run from the spreader bar up to the neck brace and looped around it, pulling the spreader bar up and a pair of metal cuffs where placed on my wrists and padlocked to the chain so I could not reach either to fondle my breasts nor to ease the pressure when the magic wand kicked in.

After an hour of this and the pain from been stood awkwardly in heels had got quite bad, and the motion sensor program had finished, the key to the padlock was released and I was able to undo the padlock, freeing my hands and thus I was able to release myself. My panties were soaked by this time as the magic wand had been on a timer for much of the time I was bound. A quick shower and change and it was bedtime. My nightwear was my bra, a pair of cotton panties and a satin nightie and I slept through the night, waking early Saturday morning.

Saturday was spent in my satin sheer blouse, short pleated black skirt, tan tights and heels and I managed to spend some of the day cleaning around the house as a good wife (slave) should. The rest of the time I was once again chained, blindfolded, hooded and gagged to think about my less than stellar cleaning techniques. The magic wand was left to run for what seemed like hours today and I was sore as hell afterward.


Saturday night was a repeat of Friday night, a nice restful sleep in my bra, panties and satin nightie, waking refreshed and ready for a day of work for my beloved Mistress.

Up before the dawn, as instructed, I got dressed in my ivory satin blouse, tan tights, tight red skirt, and heels. I made my Mistress her breakfast and then was allowed to prepare her Sunday lunch before having my own slice of cold dry toast and water before cleaning the house better than on Saturday. This time he was pleased with my efforts and I was allowed to stay unbound. When one of my Mistress's friends came I was made to answer the door and greet him before opening the garden gate for him to deliver Mistress's order. He was allowed to fondle my ass and breasts as part of his payment and I was required to say "Thank You Master" or my Mistress would have been angry with me.


Mistress had her Sunday lunch which she enjoyed and allowed me to eat some of it with my hands cuffed behind my back, whilst on my knees beside her at the table so she could feed me when she had finished. I was then allowed to wash up and tidy up the kitchen before being allowed to go stand in the corner for a few hours whilst my beloved Mistress thought of what she would require of me later.


She decided that I looked untidy just stood there so she blindfolded, hooded and gagged me once again, before pulling my panties down and pushing a large buttplug up and fastening the magic wand tight against the plug before chaining me in place for the rest of the afternoon. She was disappointed with me for making such a mess of my panties and tights so I was instructed to get into yet another pair of clean panties, this time with a suspender belt and black stockings, a pair of very firm pantie girdle on and required to sit on my Mistress's lap while she watched her TV and played with me. I, of course, could not see what she was watching as I was once again blindfolded, hooded and gagged as well as having my wrists bound whilst she fondled my breasts through my satin blouse.

She has very kindly allowed me to type this out as per her dictation before been sent to bed to await her to come to bed to share her love for me by wearing her double ended dildo and ramming me doggy style until she is tired out. No headaches allowed for me!

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