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It was Halloween, it was dark, she was walking home alone.

She was old and tired, and yet she had an ethereal beauty to her, though her body ached and some times it seemed only her stick held her upright. She knew, yes she knew that there was somebody watching her, stalking her, but she did not worry, was not scared. She was ready to die, yes to die again.

Suddenly he was there in front of her. She raised her stick to ward him off, but he was too fast. So fast he was just a blur as he ripped the stick from her frail arms and held her tight. A quick flick, and she was held in his arms, neck raised and his head dipped and he bit her neck, hard.

"You fool, " she gasped "I was ready to die."

"You will you old hag! If I was not so hungry, I would have waited for a young sweet-tasting girl. It will take ages to get your old bones out of my teeth" the virile young vampire snarled, her blood running from his fangs.

"Not so long as you may think" she whispered as he drank deeply, draining her blood, and her life from the wizened husk of her body.

The vampire sucked the last of the blood and life from the woman, dropping the lifeless husk at his feet. He licked his fangs, there was something tangy in the old woman’s blood. He couldn’t identify it, but it started to spread through his body. It rippled his skin, what was happening to him! He fell to his knees, they could no longer support him.

"What....." he looked at his hands, they glowed, then as the glow faded, he could see that they had become slimmer, warm with life. His whole body was slimming, he could even feel his cold dead heart start to beat again. His chest started to shrink, then grow, his face felt different, he put his hands to his face only they weren'’t his any more.

With a final sigh the beautiful young woman stood where the vampire had been. Long dark hair cascaded down to her trim waist, her pert breasts pushed the fabric of his shirt out as her hands flew down to grab the belt of the now loose trousers, slipping down her luscious legs.

"Well, I must say that if it’s not yet my time to die, having a virile male vamp drink my blood is an interesting way to continue as a witch , but I really must do something about his taste in clothes!"

So saying Eve, the reborn witch, snapped her fingers for her broom to swoop down to take her to the mall for some clothes shopping.

Just a short one, hope you liked it.

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