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 Story © PJB & Steve Z, pictures & Characters © respected
My thanks to SteveZ for his editing (and use of his photo's) and to Diana for her help in getting some details accurate!
Co-Written with the great Steve Zink.

The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros.   It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books.  The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the authors.  It is free to be archived on any free site wishing to do so, provided the authors are given proper credit.

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Having returned home some time after WWII, Wonder Woman once again must deal with the outside world, leaving Paradise Island. This time, she will work with Steve Trevor's son, and the danger comes from international terrorists with strange connections to the very same foes she'd battled during the war. Wonder Woman returns to "man's world", where as Diana Prince - Lieutenant, USAF - she works with Colonel Steve Trevor, Jr. in Air Force intelligence to fight more 'modern-day' battles.

The Story:

Unknown to almost everyone outside and to even very many inside the US military, there's a special USAF division of the Defense Intelligence Agency, headed by Col. Steve Trevor, working on secret aircraft and airborne weapons developed by the Advanced Research and Projects Agency. Headquartered at Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio, this small unit works on a day to day basis at the Pentagon in Washington, DC. His aide, Lt. Diana Prince, who is a tall statuesque woman, has quite an attractive figure almost always hidden by her shapeless Air Force uniform of a white blouse with long blue skirt and jacket. Diana often wears her long black hair in a ponytail or a tight curl bun, and seems quite plain, hiding her features behind large, heavy rimmed glasses.

Of course, she has a secret of her own, as you would expect reading this story! She is of course, Princess Diana of the Amazons, known to mortal man as Wonder Woman, in her tight, star spangled minimal costume. Her weapons have been her wits, her magic lasso, and of course, her bracelets, capable of deflecting bullets. She has recently also found herself capable of deflecting even laser beams with her bracelets, something she doubts very much her mother, Queen Hippolyta, nor the gods of ancient Greece who gave Diana her powers could have foreseen.

Diana Prince in the Major's office. transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction storyThis particular day, she and her boss, Steve Trevor, had driven an hour or so to the north, where they were due to inspect a warehouse on the docks of Baltimore's Inner Harbor, where a secret Joint Strike Fighter development aircraft's new systems were being assembled by a team from nearby Westinghouse and Lockheed Martin. This was one of the vertical takeoff and landing versions primarily intended for the Marine Corps, which was being tested further down Chesapeake Bay at the Patuxent River Naval Air Warfare Division test facility. Being a jointly developed program, the Air Force had its own interests in capabilities their sea-based compatriots were adding to the aircraft. Arriving in good time, they alighted from the staff car, Trevor telling the driver to wait for them with the car.

The two entered the warehouse to find the plane still under its covers, but the engineers and metalsmiths supposed to be working on it, laid out on the ground where they had fallen.

"Diana," whispered Steve, as he pulled the pistol from the holster hidden in the small of his back, "go and get help, I'll see if the X-35B's secret weapon is still intact."

"Okay, Steve, please be careful," Diana simpered, backing away, looking for a quiet corner in which to change into Wonder Woman.

Steve crept around the crates, gun in hand, trying to keep an eye open for any saboteurs who may still have been present, and checking the bodies scattered around.

Diana, meanwhile, had found an empty, blacked out office in which she could do her change. She quietly shut the door, and after taking her glasses off, started to whirl around with her purse clutched in her left hand and the glasses in her right. Faster and faster she spun, faster than a mere mortal should have been able to. As she reached the climax of her spinning, there was a flash of lightning and a thunderous crash of sound as mousy Diana Prince completed her change to glamorous Wonder Woman.

wonder woman
WW - Ready to fight the evil Red Claw

The noise startled Trevor, who looked behind himself at the same moment that Red Claw, herself the ultrasecret Nazi Fourth Reich's secret weapon, stepped out from behind a crate, knocking Steve's gun away and delivering an upper cut which sent him flying, out cold.

Who's Red Claw, you're wondering?

After her initial setbacks while trying to defeat Wonder Woman during WWII, Baroness Paula Von Gunther underwent a special conditioning and physical enhancement program. The now much more capable Gestapo agent took on the identity of Red Claw, in her own scarlet hued figure hugging costume. However, by the time she was finally able to meet the amazing Amazon face to face, Hitler's Germany was crumbling rapidly. With none of her expected backup, Red Claw was defeated by Wonder Woman when she came to rescue one of Major Trevor's compatriots who'd been shot down and was being held in a special Gestapo castle in Bavaria. Paula survived the war, and bore a daughter in 1947. She instilled in Helga a deep-seated hatred for the Amazon who'd defeated her so soundly twice, and in the late 60's a new Red Claw came upon the scene to vex Wonder Woman.

Diana was initially confused at seeing a near twin for the powerful blonde who'd vexed her a quarter-century earlier. After the young woman who was strictly on her own with no backup was defeated, the answer came forth. Under the influence of Wonder Woman's magic lasso, the new Red Claw told her about the training and indoctrination she'd been given by her mother. Helga was placed in the special prison complex that the government had for super criminals, but didn't stay there long. In the process of breaking out two felons with powers they wished to utilze, the strike team from the Fourth Reich's special projects unit found Helga in an adjoining exercise area. Recognizing her, they grabbed her and took her along with the other two to their base in South America.

Helga soon became a valuable tool for the fiends trying to build up a new Reich. It was discovered that the genes she'd inherited from Paula made her an ideal female fighting machine, but even more importantly, she could become a method of building an army of physically enhanced soldiers. The first of her progeny, a black haired beauty named Trudi, was raised from the day of her birth to one day don an exact copy of the costume originated by her grandmother, the original Red Claw. The deep red shoulderless bodice seemed to exhibit more of her succulent flesh than what it covered, with her bounteous breasts seeming to be red globes that held up the rest of the tiny piece. Near shoulder length deep red gloves covered her hands and arms, and matching boots came up to her mid-thighs. One thing Trudi's version of the costume had which matched Paula's but was missing from Helga's was the spike heels on her boots which were back in style.

She stood there proudly, with her clenched fists resting on her hips. "So, Trevor," the Claw said, in a sexy sounding but seriously hammy German accent, "ve meet again, this time you are at my mercy. As you know, ve Nazis haf none! I think it is time to test your new veapon, on you!"

She signaled one of her henchmen to bring the pulsar gun over to her.

As the thug handed it over, a strong voice rang out through the warehouse. "Not so fast, Red Claw, if that's who you really are. You have to deal with me, first!"

"Ach, Vonder Voman! I vondered if ve vould meet, you vill not find me zo easy to defeat as mein mutter or grandmutter! (Who vrites me zis krap?) I vill deal viz you in a moment, vonce I haf killed your Colonel Trevor!" So saying, she aimed the pulsar gun at the prone figure of Trevor and pulled the trigger.

"NO!" shouted Vonder, sorry, Wonder Woman, who jumped down from the crate she had entered the scene from, crossing her arms so that the bracelets took the force of the blast. Instead of deflecting the energy pulse away, however, the bracelets took the force of the blast and just plain stopped it, with an incredible burst.

The pulsar gun was, however, very powerful, and both she and Col. Trevor were blown across the warehouse and into the same deserted office where she had changed mere moments before. The force of the blast also brought part of the office ceiling down, burying them from sight.

When Red Claw could see again, it appeared that both Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor had been disintegrated.

"Yes, I am ze greatest! I float like ze butterfly, but sting like ze Stuka dive-bomber! You, take ze gun, we return to ze U-boat now!" the Claw crowed. Her 'U-boat' was actually an ultramodern diesel sub the Fourth Reich's General Staff had obtained from, of all places, Israel, thanks to a number of unscrupulous arms dealers that were finding themselves more and more in the clutches of the modern day Nazis operating from a very well hidden base in a certain South American country.

* * *

Some time later, Wonder Woman awoke with, it must be said, a splitting headache, the first time she had ever had such a complaint. She pushed her way clear of the fallen debris, stood, and looked around for Steve. There was no sign of him. No matter where she looked, no matter how much debris she moved, still no sign of Steve.

"Oh, Steve," she sobbed. 'Must have been hit pretty hard, my voice sounds so rough...'

"Colonel, Colonel Trevor, are you all right?" the Major from the Marine Corps platoon from Pax River staying in a hotel near their bird asked, as he and his troop arrived in response to the call for help made by the driver after the explosion caused by the Red Claw firing the gun inside the building earlier.

Wonder Woman was confused. She couldn't find Steve, but here was this Major speaking to him? She turned, only to find the Major saluting her, Wonder Woman. As Diana Prince, she was only a Lieutenant; she should salute a Major first. She saluted back.

"Major? I can't find Col. Trevor, help me find him," Wonder Woman asked.

"Excuse me, Sir? Are you okay, looks like it was a miracle you weren't killed, the office must have taken much of the force of the blast."

Wonder Woman couldn't understand why the Major was talking to her as if she was Steve Trevor, then she looked down at herself, and saw only Steve's now dusty crisp blue uniform, and not her brief costume. She WAS Steve Trevor, in body anyway. No wonder her voice had sounded so odd. Her mind certainly seemed to be her own, but where was her body, and Steve's mind?

What had the Claw done when she fired the pulsar gun?

Even Wonder Woman's mind could only take so much; she passed out.

Steve's vision finally cleared, and he found himself in the middle of a wrecked office, with a rather bemused Marine Major staring at him oddly.

"Yes, Major, what is it? Where did you come from? The last thing I remember was being hit by a strangely dressed woman, err, over there near the plane. What happened here, and where is Lt. Prince?"

The poor Major was beyond bemused, he was totally at a loss. Moments ago, he had been talking to Col. Trevor, only now it seemed as if the Colonel had just come to. Must be delayed shock from the explosion, he thought. He led Trevor out of the debris area, and handed him over to the medics.

Returning to his men, he posted a guard around the futuristic looking twin tailed bird, then instructed the rest to police the area, check the bodies to see if anyone was alive, and to search for this Lt. Prince. After that, he went to inspect the plane himself.

The medics took Steve to the nearby Johns Hopkins University hospital, where the doctors tried to give him a detailed analysis after they heard about his potential exposure to the pulsar gun's energy. He refused to sit down and allow them to check him over.

"Look, my place is out there, I should be looking for Diana, er, Lt. Prince, not stuck in here. I'm fine; I just got knocked out, that's all. Now, point me to the washroom, let me clean myself up and I'll get back to helping in the search for Lt. Prince." Steve couldn't mention the X-35B and its weapon system, it was of course, Top Secret.

The doctors finally admitted defeat, and pointed the stubborn officer in the direction of the men's washroom.

Steve gratefully closed the washroom door behind himself, and moved to the basins. Straightening his uniform, he brushed the worst of the dust off, then soaking a cloth, wiped his face clean. Perhaps the cold water would help clear his mind; it didn't. Entering a stall, he closed and locked the door, then unzipped his trouser fly, reaching in for his penis. But instead of finding that or his cotton boxers, his fingers caressed unbroken nylon covering a soft feminine mound.

Startled, he bent forward and unbuckled his belt, releasing his trousers, allowing them to slide to the floor. To his amazement, Steve found he was wearing frilly woman's nylon panties, complete with lacy suspenders which where supporting a pair of stockings.

Steve's mind promptly shut down, as it was one thing too much for him to take.

Wonder Woman awoke to find herself in a toilet stall, still in Steve's uniform and body, with his trousers down around her ankles, showing off her alter ego's panties, suspenders and stockings. She turned and, lowering the seat, sat down to think things through.

'Merciful Hera, the Claw's ray gun must have reacted with the metal of my bracelets, and the force of the explosion must have put me into Steve's body. But how did I get here? Where is here, for that matter? Let me think this through. The last thing I remember is climbing out of the debris, being unable to find Steve. Then that Major found me, or rather Steve, then??? Hmmm, if I passed out, perhaps they took me somewhere That's wrong, if they did, why am I in a cubicle, the door bolted from the inside?

'Oh, Hera, Steve is inside me! If I pass out, Steve must come to! That's how I got here, it's got to be a men's room! Then when Steve found my underclothes and, hmmm, my vagina, HE passed out, which must have allowed me to come back and take control of 'our' body again.' Wonder Woman sat and pondered for a while.

She decided that as she was here, she may as well take advantage of the facilities anyway, so, dropping her panties, relieved herself. Wiping herself dry, dropping the wad in the toilet bowl, she flushed it and pulled her panties back into place. Bending down, she refastened the trousers and belt, struggled with the man's fly zipper, then opened the door just as an orderly, sent by the doctor, entered. "Ah, Col. Trevor, Doctor Hillerman was concerned about you. Wondered if you had passed out or something?"

"No, thank you, I just needed a little longer to tidy myself up," Wonder Woman bluffed.

The orderly watched as the burly airman walked carefully to the basins and washed his hands. "Okay, Colonel, if you're sure you're okay."

"Yes, thanks. I'll be fine. Oh, do you know if the car I came in is still outside?" Wonder Woman asked.

"Err, no, the ambulance left to go back to check for survivors at that plane the Marines are guarding, I think," he replied.

Wonder Woman thanked the man and, asking for directions to the exit, left the hospital. Making her way back to the warehouse was the only thing she could think of. As she passed a deserted alleyway, she decided to try an experiment. She entered the alley, going around the bend so that she could not be seen from the road. Checking that the coast was clear, she started to twirl around. Faster and faster she went, then with a flash of light and a crash of thunder, she changed.

Looking down at herself, she was grateful to see that she was now Diana Prince, dressed in her usual crisp white blouse, below the knee blue skirt and matching jacket. She breathed a sigh of relief, and was about to set off for the warehouse when she became aware of something that wasn't right. As she started to walk, something between her legs caught her attention! A quick feel, then she turned from the alley, and facing the wall, lifted her skirt up high to check out what it was that she could feel.

'Oh, boy! Literally!' she thought! 'Male shorts, and what must be a penis and testicles, ooohhhh YUK!'

Thankfully for Steve Trevor's state of mind, Diana did not pass out, but felt quite queasy for a moment or two as her situation sank in.

She lowered and smoothed her skirt almost automatically as her mind raced, trying to make sense of what was happening to her, and Steve for that matter.

'Right,' she thought. 'As Wonder Woman, I look like Steve, but have my own vagina. If I change to Diana, I look like me, but with Steve's sex organs. So, I think this means, for as long as I'm awake, I'm me. If I pass out, Steve's mind takes over. I wonder if that applies if I fall asleep? Oh, dear, what am I going to do? I need to find a way of appearing as Wonder Woman and catching the Red Claw, getting the Pulsar Gun back from the Nazis and somehow, restoring both myself and Steve, and all without Steve finding out about me!

'I can't even go to Paradise Island and see if mother can help. If I set foot on the Island, as a man, the Amazons will be rendered powerless. It's no use, I've GOT to find Red Claw myself and defeat her! Hmmph, nothing to it, I don't think!

'But how can I appear as Wonder Woman? When I change, I have her strength, but end up in Steve's body. No way can he be made to look female...or is there? I remember seeing a poster for a masquerade convention recently, I wonder..."

Diana made her way back into town, and sure enough, there was the poster advertising the first Masqueon Convention.

'What a strange name' she thought, 'but there it is, a full body Wonder Woman costume, complete with face mask. That's NOTHING like what I look like!'

But as the saying goes, beggars cannot be choosers, so Diana set off for the convention center, still not too sure what she was going to do when she got there, nor exactly what she would find, either.

As she neared the site, she found that she was not the only one heading that way. There seemed to hundreds of people going, many in costumes and face masks, while others who, although dressed as women, were obviously men. 'Stranger and stranger,' she thought.

Searching the venue for someone dressed in her all over electric blue divers costume, complete with full-face mask, she was amazed to find someone dressed as a cat-woman, and someone else who must have been confused, surely. He was dressed as a female Batman. Diana was very confused, for she knew of Batman, and he was most definitely male. Finally she saw him, a Wonder Woman impersonator, complete with the costume and mask she needed.

Wonder Steve, sorry chum, I need your costume!

WW's target at Masqueon Convention
(Sorry chum, just need to borrow your costume)

Approaching him, she flashed her DIA badge quickly so that the person inside the mask saw the badge, but couldn't tell that she wasn't police or convention security. Mind you, visibility in one of those masks was not the best, but Diana was not to know that, yet.

"Excuse me, err, sir? Madam? Would you mind accompanying me to the office over here, there's a problem with your costume and it needs adjusting in private." She pointedly led the way to the empty office she had already noticed.

"What seems to be the problem, ma'am?" the man inside the costume mumbled in a near-female voice behind the latex lips of his mask, to what looked to him to be a woman in some kind of mid-blue uniform.

"If you'll turn around, I'll make the adjustment for you," Diana offered.

The costumed guest did as he was asked, and for him, the sun went out as Diana cold cocked him.

"Sorry, chum, but the free world's need is greater than you or I." Diana quickly stripped the unfortunate man, and spinning quicker and quicker, with a flash of lightning and crack of thunder, transformed herself back into Wonder Woman, or rather, the version that looked like Steve Trevor who currently wore Diana's underwear.

Making sure the door was locked, Wonder Steve stripped off his uniform and then completely disrobed the faux female she'd just knocked out. All of the feminine support garments, including the corset which luckily seemed to be self-lacing, were used to turn Trevor's body into as feminine a shape as the young man who'd been wearing them until moments ago. It wasn't anywhere near as nicely shaped as her near perfect Amazon body, but it now at least had semi-familiar curves and not quite as voluminous breasts. She then climbed into the Wonder Woman costume, leaving the face mask until last. Standing there in her diver's costume, Diana felt more than ready to battle the Red Claw. Before she left, however, she used some rope left in the office to tie the man from the costume to the chair. She tied his feet to the legs of the chair, and his hands behind him to the back of it. She only had her stockings with which to gag him, so used one of those to do just that.

"I'm sorry about this, but it is important. I'll get back to you as soon as possible, or send help if it looks like taking a long time." Unfortunately, he was still unconscious, and so had no idea why he was going to awaken, tied to a chair in a darkened office, after the convention crowd went home for the day.

Wonder Steve pulled the latex female face mask up over her face, adjusting the eye holes and nostril tubes so she could breathe, then laced it tight in back. The cowl of the dive suit was then pulled up and over the bald latex head, and she finally looked like Wonder Woman. Backing out of the office door, locking it behind her, she turned and set off for the exit.

"Hey, Steve!" came a male-voiced shout behind her.

Wonder Woman kept on going.

"Steve, Wonder Woman, hold up a minute. They want a photo or two of us both! Damn it all, Zinkman, come on!" The caller caught Wonder Woman's arm and turning, she saw what had to be a man very convincingly dressed as Sue Richards, Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four.

"What, no, sorry, I'm in a hurry." Wonder Woman tried to get away.

"Oh, come on, Steve, it'll only take a minute!" Sue insisted, and soon both of them were up on stage, having their photos taken.

Wonder Steve and Sue from the Fantastic Four

Wonder Steve caught for a photo-op with "Sue Richards" of the Fantastic Four

As quickly as possible, Wonder Woman made her excuses and dashed out the exit. Once there, she found the crowds were looking her up and down. They thought she was just another female impersonator, well, in one way she was, but she didn't feel that way at all.

Finding a clear area, big enough for her magic invisible plane to land, she sent the signal for it. Minutes later, the crowd were stunned into silence as first a strong wind came out of nowhere, then the assumed man in a Wonder Woman costume climbed into nothing and sat down in it. The next thing the crowd knew was that Wonder Woman was flying through the air in apparently, nothing! They cheered wildly. They had never seen anything like this. This Masqueon Convention might just catch on, especially if the effects were like this!

Wonder Steve looking for her invisible plane
Wonder Steve looking for her Invisible Plane

Steve's friends could not believe what they had just seen their friend do, or so they thought.

Wonder Woman flew wider and wider circles, using the dockside warehouse as her starting point, until finally she saw the wake of a submerged submarine's snorkel. Commanding her invisible plane to dive, she prepared herself to enter the sub while it was still underwater.

The invisible plane entered the ocean as smooth as the silk panties currently worn by Wonder Woman, and it soon caught up with Red Claw's "U-boat".

Traveling alongside it, Wonder Woman thought about how to gain entry, and how she had long ago defeated the last Red Claw, possibly this Claw's mother. The last time she and a Red Claw had fought, Wonder Woman had been victorious by a ricochet from her bracelets, ironically fired by the Claw's own gun.

Wonder Woman did not like to take lives, but in this case, her options were quite limited. She didn't have her bracelets in this guise, just the metallic fabric wristlets representing them on the costume, so she could not deflect bullets. Also, time was marching on, soon even she would be so tired she would have to sleep, and Steve would reemerge in this mixed up body, and who knows what would happen then.

<Invisible plane, ram the sub, get me inside, then standby to reverse thrust so the water can flood in.> she mentally commanded. 'I will only do this as a last resort, but the Free World needs protecting against such as Red Claw and her cronies!' she thought.

The plane veered to starboard, away from the sleek submarine, so as to get sufficient force to penetrate the hull. Then, zooming into a 180-degree turn, it applied full power and entered the hull without warning. The crew of the sub was still celebrating the defeat of Wonder Woman and the theft of the Pulsar Gun when the plane struck amidships, destroying many power systems and shutting the engines down.

Wonder Woman popped the canopy of her invisible plane and jumped out into the confusion that was the control room of the sub, water already surging in from around the gaps between the plane and the hull of the sub.

"Ach, curses, Vonder Voman! Vat are you doing, you haf doomed us! Vat haf you done to your hair? Haf you put on weight, too? You and you, attack her, kill her!!" Red Claw screamed at the top of her voice, straining to be heard over the noise of the panicked crew.

The crew rushed Wonder Woman, who effortlessly threw them away, then stepped in close and started knocking them out, one by one. One ended up over by the Red Claw, who was forced to duck as he came flying by, another was wrapped around the periscope, totally unconscious.

Wonder Woman soon had the Claw's minions strewn around the control room, and was advancing on Red Claw, who was trying to get the Pulsar Gun to fire.

"I wouldn't fire that in here, Claw, it'll probably blow the entire submarine to pieces!" Wonder Woman warned, making an effort to sound at least a bit like her own voice and not Trevor's. The sealed lips of the mask didn't help, but then, in a way, they did muffle her voice.

"I don't care! If I cannot haf it, no vone can! If I fail, like mein mama, zen perhaps mine own daughter vill take over and defeat you later! Ach, vhy von't you fire, you damn heap of Yankee krap!" the Claw raged.

Then, as Wonder Woman got close enough to grab the Claw's arm and pull her towards her fist, the Claw

Success, Wonder Woman is herself again

managed to fire the weapon. The blast was awesome, that close up! The sub did indeed explode into a million pieces. Red Claw was completely destroyed by the back blast, whilst the Invisible Plane simply floated to the surface to await its mistress' return.

Wonder Woman felt herself being torn apart in the explosion that destroyed not only the sub and Red Claw, but the Pulsar Gun as well. She saw the surface above her and struck out for it, her powerful arms making it easy for her to break the surface and breathe fresh sea air. Her strokes were so powerful that she lifted herself almost clear of the water, right down to her satin star-spangled panties before splashing back down.

"Wait a minute, I'm me again, I must be!" She had a quick feel. Yes; besides her distinctly female shape and regular costume, she also had her vagina back. "Oooohhh!"

Yes, Wonder Woman was definitely back to her normal self once more.

"Wait a minute. If I'm me, where's Steve? Oh, no!" she gasped, looking around herself for any sign of Steve. No sign, so, taking several deep breaths, she once again dove beneath the surface of the water, and swam around, looking for Steve Trevor, but without any success.

Steve was only a mortal, he could not hold his breath this long, he would be sinking deeper and deeper by now, surely drowned. What could she do? Nothing, even she had to breathe, and her lungs were straining now, trying to get her to breathe one more time. Wonder Woman had to admit defeat this time, and struck out once more for the surface, so far away now.

Her lungs, now empty, the lack of oxygen must have been causing her to hallucinate, there was a buzzing in her ears, her vision fading, and she could have swore she saw people or large fish nearing her. Must be a sharkkkk... As she passed out, water entered her mouth, weighing her down, and slowly sending her back down to the depths.

Wonder Woman came to, coughing up enough ocean to sink a submarine in. Alongside her, on the wing of her invisible plane, Steve Trevor was doing the same, coughing up the water from his lungs.

When the duo finally stopped coughing, and could talk without hacking from the salt in their mouths, Steve turned to Wonder Woman to say, "Thank you, Wonder Woman. I don't know just what has been happening recently, but thank you for saving my life!"

Wonder Woman could only nod mutely and accept his thanks, even though she knew that she was not the one responsible for saving Steve. In fact, she also did not know how she got onto the wing of her plane, either.

"Come on, Steve, let's get you back to the mainland and some dry clothes. Climb into the back seat of my plane, and we'll be on our way," she said, still looking around the plane for some clue as to how they had survived.

The twosome climbed wearily into the plane's cockpit, and it took off for the far away coastline. Watching it go from a safe distance away, several feet below the surface, were the pair's saviors, a family of Merpeople who were on their way to visit relations nearby for New Year. As everyone knows, humans can breathe underwater if in the company of merpeople, though the human usually sees them as dolphins.

Arriving back safely in America, Wonder Woman let Steve off outside his apartment building.

"Thanks for everything, Wonder Woman, will I see you again soon?" Steve asked, hopefully.

"I'm sure we will see each other soon enough, Col. Trevor. Don't worry about Diana, by the way," she said as the plane started to rise, "she was found wandering rather dazed. Seems that the weapon knocked her out and by the time she came to, everyone had gone."

Back to Normal at last

Back to normalacy outside the Steve's apartment building.

With hardly a sound, Wonder Woman and the plane then zoomed away, leaving a bemused Steve Trevor wondering how Wonder Woman knew he had been thinking about Diana Prince. He took a step toward his building and jumped as something under his wet trousers went TWANG! As it did so, something hit him sharply on the soft portion of his rump.

"Yeow!" A quick feel made him realize that not everything that had happened was a dream. He quickly went into his apartment and stripped as he headed for the bathroom. Yep, what he had felt was there, all right! He WAS wearing silky women's panties, a suspender belt, a very frilly one at that, with the strap that had hit him hanging loose and a single very soggy stocking. Where was the second?

Turning the shower on hot, he jumped in, and started to thaw out, peeling the women's underwear off and throwing it into the corner to dispose of later.

He finished his shower and dried himself off, getting a change of uniform out for later. Dressing casual for the evening, he collected the lacy underwear together, to throw away, you see, then decided that its real owner may want them back someday, so put them into the laundry basket to be washed later. That way he could store them, just in case.

Wonder Woman, grateful to be herself again, landed near the Masqueon convention. After reaching behind the seat for the bag she'd filled on the way, she sent her plane away to wait for the next time she needed it. Making sure she was unobserved, she was about to transform herself back to mousy Diana Prince when she remembered that the poor man she had stunned and stripped would probably still be tied to the chair in the office.

'I'll go as I am, that way I can thank him properly, then use my magic lasso to stop him talking about this day.' She made a quick trip to one of the local malls and picked up replacements for all the support garments that had been lost at a Victoria's Secrets. Seeing Wonder Woman picking up feminine finery had everyone in sight doing double takes.

After she made her way back to the convention hall, she found that most people had left, as the show was winding down for the day.

Several people in costumes waved to her, obviously thinking she was a fan, wearing an excellent costume as a tribute to Wonder Woman. Not wishing to disillusion them, she waved back and moved away. Finally arriving at the office where she had left her unwilling helper, she unlocked the door and entered.

Still seated, tied to the chair, was the mostly naked man who was now straining against his bonds. As the door opened and shut again, he looked up, obviously dazzled by the quick burst of light, and tried to shout for help. Of course, Diana's stocking tied around his mouth made the noise he managed quite muffled. Wonder Woman moved in front of him, then kneeling, giving him a great view of her bodice and cleavage, she gently untied his gag.

"Oh, thank God you came," he finally managed to get out, his lips and mouth so dry from the hours he had been gagged. "Some woman with a badge got me in here, then the lights went out! She must have hit me then stripped me and tied me up and left. I haven't been able to move or anything for what seems like days!"

"Don't worry, it's not been days, just about six hours. I'm sorry about having to do this to you, but for reasons I cannot go into, I needed to borrow your Wonder Woman blue dive suit costume. I can't really apologize enough for having to do this to you, but I hope this will make up for your discomfort."

So saying, Wonder Woman coiled her magic lasso around the once again worried man who tried to struggle, but to no avail. As the lasso settled around him, his struggles stopped and he sat there, just waiting for instructions.

First things first. Wonder Woman took all the new pieces of female underwear and put them onto his body, hoping that he wouldn't notice readily that the new corset brought in his waist an inch more than the old one and that the new breast forms were a tad bigger. "Now, first of all, you have no memory of ever having your feminine underwear removed, just your costume and mask. You cannot talk to anyone about this, but you may remember helping Wonder Woman out, perhaps as you dream some nights. As a little way of saying thank you, I will leave you with one of my own dive suit costumes. Don't worry, it's spandex, it'll stretch to fit you, no problem. Also, the boots are your size, but fully correct for my costume with the white stripe. Your face mask actually survived today's adventure; I found it in my plane as I dropped off a friend. I will untie you now; after I leave, you can dress yourself and also leave. Thank you for your help, we will not meet again, I feel."

Dropping the costume and face mask by the man, Wonder Woman knelt again, and with a quick twist, removed the bonds securing him to the chair. Standing, she removed her lasso and went to the door.

With one hand on the knob, she had a thought and turning, said, "By the way, I hope you can explain to your friends about flying in an invisible plane earlier today! Just tell them it was a special effect for the promoters."

Steve watched her leave, then with a shake of the head, came to, realizing he was dressed in his full female underwear and a bra packed with his 36DD breast forms, not knowing why he wasn't in his costume. Strange, his costume was on the floor in front of him. Picking it up, he placed his foot into one leg, pulling it up, then his other leg into the other opening, pulled up the costume. Snug fit, he thought. Slipping his arms into the armholes, he pulled the top up and carefully zipped it up. He then zipped on the perfectly correct white striped boots that lifted his heels four inches off the floor. Pulling the face mask on, carefully positioning the eye holes, easing the nostril plugs up into his own, he then laced it tight and pulled the cowl up over it and made his way out the door.

Steve in his new WW Costume.  transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story

Wonder Woman's present to Wonder Steve, a new, upgraded costume

"There he is!" a shout came from the stall nearby.

"Hey, Zinkman! Just how in the name of all that is holy did you manage to pull that disappearing trick, not to mention seeming to fly off in thin air?"

All his friends gathered around him, bombarding him with questions about his apparent flight earlier that day and absence for the rest of the afternoon. There were also a few questions about his costume, like was it a new one, it looked different. Superb fit, dig the fabric, where did he get it made? And so on.

Steve had a wonderful evening as he was treated to drinks and food all night long, as people tried to get him to tell them the secret of the effect they had seen, and to top off his visit to Masqueon, he was even voted the Best Costumed Superheroine of the Event!

The end.

Hope you enjoyed it! Petra Jane & Steve




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