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Eric started a praise for my edit work message group on the FictionMania Hyperboard, and one of the replies/additions to the praise challenged Eric to write a story for me. He tookup the challenge and worked quickly. I just love his story!
 Old Proverb. Beware of what you wish, you might get it.
 The estimable Steve Zink and others have asked me to write a story with him as the main character. So here it is, a tribute to Steve,tireless editor and famous author. I shamelessly borrow characters from DC comics and elsewhere. And even more shamelessly, I have putmy own spin on their characters! Behold me, riddled with remorse!
 The Incredible Journey of Steve Zink
 Steve Zink was visiting an old Indian site. Like almost everyone, he had moods when he was dissatisfied with his life.
 Unknown to him the old demon RIEC was nearby, bored with the human world, which had become too drab and dull.
 A friend asked him, "Why so glum, Steve?"
 "I'm just a little bored with my life right now, and I sure wish mylife was more interesting and I could be...well, like the heroines
 or villainesses in my comics and stories!" he said, laughing.

The world suddenly grew very dark! He instinctively dodged razor sharp claws. An evil looking, bitchy blonde in an expensive,
 non animal friendly Cheetah costume had come out of nowhere andseemed to be ranting at him.
 "Think you're so the end, do you, Wonder Woman? Well, I the Cheetah will bring you down!" she spat.
 Steve looked down at 'his' body - he was dressed in a red and gold bustier and was very well endowed. His legs were perfect, and endedin knee high, red and white high heeled boots. A golden lasso was at his belt. He was Wonder Woman! He was so bemused that the clawscaught him across his magnificent tits. The breastplate absorbed most of the force, but still his sensitive tits hurt like the blueblazes.
 "You bitch!" he cried in a magnificent, trumpet-like voice and hit Cheetah with all his strength.
 Crack went Cheetah's neck. Steve/Wonder Woman had broken her neck.
 "I guess I don't know my own strength!" Wonder Woman muttered. "But those claws hurt!"
 The police and reporters were on the scene, and the press took pictures while the police shook their heads.
 "You really didn't need to kill poor Misunderstood Miss PriscillaRich, Wonder Woman. She was just a confused rich girl with lots ofpolitical power. Her uncle the governor isn't going to be very happy!"
 The next day, sitting in her new apartment, the new Wonder Woman looked ruefully at the headlines while wincing every time she
 moved her magnificent breasts. Ouch! 
 Wonder Woman kills poor, sick girl. In her usual brutal fashion, Wonder Woman has taken the law into her own hands and killed aprominent socialite, Miss Priscilla Rich of the South Hampton Richs. Miss Rich was - according to her family spokesman - going
 to a masquerade dressed in a chic costume when Wonder Woman mistook her for a villainess - at least that's what Wonder WomanSAID - and killed her. Miss Rich was a petite blonde weighing a measly 109 pounds (112! muttered Steve/Wonder Woman) and thenotorious self-appointed defender of Justice Wonder Woman stands six feet tall and weighs 180 pounds (I only weigh 160! she thoughtfuriously) plus having super strength.
 An indictment is pending against Wonder Woman.
 The phone rang, and she found an irate male voice was on the other end. "Diana, why aren't you at work?"
 "Steve?" 'Diana' asked.
 "Who else! There's lots of typing and filing you need to do. Now,get your ass in here!"
 A pouting 'Diana' put down the phone and hurriedly dressed in herdisguise as meek Diana Prince. The glasses were horrid. She spentthe day working at typing and filing and getting coffee and being patronized by Steve. Then, later that night, she had to fight
 Hercules - that wasn't any fun! But at last she won at dawn! Shedashed home for two hours sleep - then back to the office.
 In the next week she fought Ares, the God of War himself, alongwith his sneaky lackey the Duke of Deception. A mad female doctorwhose face 'she' had scarred, dodged process servers on the Pricilla matter and worked long hours as Steve's slave. She maybegot twelve hours sleep all week! Amazon or not, this was beginning to tell. "This isn't fun at all!" Diana muttered. "Why can't I bea person with one job and a boyfriend who loves me?"
 Suddenly, Steve found himself in a lady's room changing her tampon. Yuck! Lots better to read about than to do. She looked in the mirror. A very beautiful, sexy dark haired woman of about 5'7" stared back. She was expensively dressed like a professional in asuit, and wearing (of course) very high heels.
 "I wonder who I am now?" Steve muttered. "And what the hell is going on?"
 Steve swallowed and left the rest room. Suddenly she heard ademanding voice.
 "Lois, do you have that story ready yet?"
 'My God,' thought Steve in a moment of clarity, 'now I'm LoisLane, star reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper!'
 "In a minute, Perry!" Steve answered, sure that the question had come from the famous editor, Perry White.
 She hurried to her desk, somehow knowing where it was. An oldfashioned typewriter was on it with paper and carbon sticking out. At a close by desk sat a nerdy looking guy with glasses. Clark Kent, Steve's beautiful lips curved in a contemptuous smile. 'Whata creep!' she thought as she sat down at her chair, careful to display her world class legs and to make sure her seams were
 straight. She finished the story she was writing on Lex Luthor,the super criminal, and yelled, "Copy!"
 As usual, Clark asked her out but she sneered at him, "Go out with you? Yuck, farm boy!"
 On the way out of the building she was kidnapped by Luthor's men and whisked away. She was doomed! No, she wasn't! Look, up in thesky, it's bird, it's a plane, no, it's SUPERMAN! Whoosh! The thugs didn't have a chance and they knew it, and they cried and beggedfor mercy! Soon they were in the hands of the police, and Steve/Lois found her beautiful hands clasped admiringly, lookingup adoringly into the dreamy blue eyes of the Man of Steel!
 "SUPERMAN, you've saved me again!"
 He smiled, and her feminine heart fluttered and she was picked up in his strong arms and they were flying.
 "This will save you cab fare home!" he said with a smile that got her weak and wet.
 When they got to her expensive apartment (she had a rich physician for a father) he dragged him into her bed. 'My God, I can't believehe is so hard!'
 "You are a Superman," she murmured into his ears, "a real Man of Steel!"
 Her orgasms were incredible.
 The next week she almost got burned to death in a fire, but Superman rescued her! Communists tried to kill her when she
 exposed their spy ring, but Superman rescued her. She broke a heel going downstairs, but Superman rescued her. Lois loved
 dressing sexy, and she had a movie star body! No wonderSuperman was always around, and sack time was unbelievable! Still,
 it was kinda of humiliating to be rescued all the time andfeeling so helpless.
 In disbelief, Lois listened to her doctor.
 "I'm pregnant?" she asked. "But he was using condoms."
 Then she thought, what condoms could stop SUPER SPERM?
 Then she thought, 'A baby - a SUPERBABY. What will his kicks inside me be like? Oh, my God, I will be kicked to pieces! HELP! I want to be a villainess, not a good girl!'
 Everything suddenly changed, and Steve found himself hissing at a policeman, and then with a well timed kick laid the man out
 with a blow to the groin.
 She looked down at herself! She was dressed in a purple catsuit and black boots with heels so high she was surprised she could
 walk in them. A whip was in her right hand, and with it shedisarmed a frightened flat foot. "Come on," she said to her gang.
 "Move it!" They stuffed the cash and jewels into bags and away they whizzed.
 She laughed to see the Bat signal in the sky! "A day late and a dollar short," she said, purring. But she had to admit that
 Batman was the Cat's Meow!
 When they got to the Cat's Lair, Steve really enjoyed going over her wardrobe. This was more like it! For a month she terrorized
 Gotham City (boy, did the streets need cleaning!).
 Batman vainly tried to capture her. But she had a hidden ally inRobin; they met secretly, and did she drive him wild with sex and
 he spilled to her all of Batman's plans! He wasn't much of a lover, too much boyish enthusiasm and no staying power, but still very
 useful and Catwoman, Selena Kyle/Steve took pleasure in corrupting Batman's partner in good!
 During their latest bout in the sack, where as usual, Selina triedto pretend Robin was Batman, she suddenly felt bat cuffs being
 slipped on her wrists. She looked up - it was Batman!
 "How?" she spat like a cat.
 "I figured it out, Selina. You seemed to know my every move. The only one who knew them was Robin. And he has been acting evengoofier lately so I followed him and-"
 "Gosh darn, Batman, I'm sorry, but she is so sexy!"
 "No allowance for you for a month, and you're grounded until further notice, young man!" Batman said sternly.
 She batted long lashes at him. "Can a girl ask for a last request, 'Bruce'?" she purred.
 "So Dick blabbed even that, did he?" asked Batman angrily. He kicked Dick in the rump, and the Boy Wonder left in a huff,
 "What do you want?"
 "Sex...and to be let go?"
 Wow! Sex with Batman was a dream come true! He was certainly talented.
 She lay purring in his arms, she even liked the bondage part.
 Batman said, "I have to decide what to do about you knowing who Iam, Selina my love."
 "Well, as your wife I couldn't, wouldn't tell!" she hinted broadly.
 He looked thoughtful. "Perhaps, but I think there is no silence like death."
 She looked at him. A mad light glittered in his eyes. "Yes, I canlet nothing - nothing - interfere in my quest to revenge my
 murdered parents. Dick will have to go, too, but partners are adime a dozen and I am rich. Sorry, Selina, I really do love you!"
 he said, smiling.
 His powerful hands closed about her slender throat. She screamed and vainly tried to struggle. "Love and death!" he said, smiling.
 "One last kiss!" And he kissed her as he was killing her.
 "I don't want this! I don't want to die, I want to go home!" Steve/Selina thought with her dying thoughts.
 A girl sat with her dog in the Kansas sun. It wasn't easy being a young farm girl in 1900, boring school and farm chores.
 "Dorothy!" called a tired voice, impatiently.
 "Coming, Auntie Em!" she said, skipping down the dirt path to the farmhouse. "I shouldn't complain or dream, right Toto, for after
 all, there's no place like home!"
 Somewhere, RIEC the demon laughed wickedly.
 The End
 (And Steve the editor grinned from ear to ear. Thanks, Eric!)

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