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Wonder Woman - Who's Who In The Justice League of America and the Legion Of Doom
by Steve Zink

The Justice League of America had met the new Legion of Doom put together by Superman's age old foe and now ex-President Lex Luthor when the villains tried to take over one of the Cold War relic underground facilities kept by the government in the West Virginia Appalachians.  It was only through the subterfuge of having Zatanna alter each of the League members to look like another while still keeping their original powers which gave them the edge they needed to overpower the Legion.  Overpower is a bit of an overstatement, however.  All they had really succeeded in doing was to prevent the Legion from taking over the facility.  All of the villains escaped after the debacle, and were still at large.

Of all the Justice League members, Wonder Woman in particular was worried the most about the new membership of Luthor's Legion.  It was bad enough that one of the original Legion of Doom's members and a long time foe of hers was back, but Cheetah was not alone.  The wicked witch Circe, from as far back as the early days of the Greeks, had decided to join with Luthor also, and with these two together opposing Diana and her teammates, it did not look good.  The fact that a new Star Sapphire who had no connection to John Stewart as Green Lantern was alongside Circe and Cheetah gave the Legion of Doom a number of potent females who had already proven themselves more than able to take on the Justice League.

An idea came to the Amazing Amazon one day in the Watchtower, the League's Moon base and headquarters while Batman was giving a briefing to his teammates on the current whereabouts of the Legion of Doom.  Oracle and he had traced some emails back to certain servers which pointed to Lex Luthor.  Logic and a lot of luck combined with the profound detective skills of the two Bats gave hints of the Legion's location, and it was now known that they had holed up in one of Lex's supposedly hidden labs.  The odd thing was the location of this lab, for instead of being near Lex's stomping grounds in Metropolis, it was outside of Gotham City.  Batman had to wonder if Luthor was trying to rub it in his own nose by having a lab and the Legion headquarters in his own neighborhood.

The Dark Knight had mentioned that his old sometimes friend, sometimes lover and other times enemy Catwoman was keeping an eye on the comings and goings at the Legion's temporary headquarters.  Eyes all around the table had gone up upon hearing this, and in particular Hawkgirl had asked, "Can Catwoman be trusted, Bruce?"

Only Superman and Wonder Woman had caught the slight blush and twitch of an eye as Batman heard this question.  They were the only members who hadn't turned to face Shayera when her voice had sounded.  "Yes, for the past year Selina has been on the side of the angels.  But to keep other villains from catching on, she and I have set up a few targets for her to hit while I do my thing and stop her.  So the general public and other interested parties still think Catwoman is an evil feline femme fatale."

Bruce hadn't taken that any further, but Diana had been inspired.  If Catwoman was known to be a tried and true villainess to other evil doers, perhaps she could actually approach the Legion of Doom and get inside their organization.  But just getting Selina in would not be enough; the Amazon doubted the Feline Felon knew enough of the Legion's members and background to get as much information as possible.  So, Wonder Woman waited patiently for the meeting to adjourn.

When they broke up, Diana approached Zatanna.  "Zee, I got an idea while Batman was giving his briefing.  Follow me to my room so I can talk to you in private."

The raven haired magician noted the hint of conspiracy in the Amazon's voice, and quickly moved to be side by side with her.  "Hmmm...You sound like you're getting a bit conniving."

Diana just turned and gave Zatanna a wink and a grin.  A very suspicious grin.  "If we have to wait until we're hidden in your room, why wait?" Zee asked.  "s'anaiD sretrauq."  Both of the heroines vanished.

Wonder Woman was totally nonplused at suddenly finding herself inside her room with Zatanna at her side.  She had been magically teleported by the League's beautiful mage enough times to no longer find it strange.  "Thanks a lot.  Now I can tell you all that much sooner about my idea."

Zatanna nodded when the Amazon was finished.  "Seems perfectly doable to me.  Do you think Selina would be willing to go along?"

"I sure hope so," Diana replied.  "Now that I know why she got into that catfight with me two months ago but didn't really seem to be trying hard, I'm pretty sure she'll do it."

"Okay," Zee answered, "but if she does, won't it seem more than a bit odd to the Legion or other evil doers if they fight the Justice League and Wonder Woman isn't in their midst?"

The Amazon put on a wicked looking grin.  "I thought about that.  Here's what I have in mind...."

Zatanna giggled.  "Oh my, but wouldn't Kal be surprised if he were to find out what you're setting up!  No doubt, he'd throw a super fit!"

"But if we do this right," Wonder Woman replied, "Superman will never know.  Let's go down to Metropolis right now, and see if that part of the scenario will work.  Otherwise, we're back to plan B without a plan A, and I'll have to come up with some other solution."  Zatanna nodded.  Wonder Woman walked over to the comm panel on the wall next to her door.  "Flash, do me a favor and tell the others that Zee and I are going to Paradise Island for a brief visit."

"Will do," Wally answered.  "Taking Zatanna to the island, eh?  Don't you two have TOO much fun down there!"

Zee looked at Diana.  "He really needs to get his mind out of the gutter sometimes, doesn't he?"

Diana actually giggled.  When she recovered, she pressed the button again to say, "Don't you worry!  Zatanna will still be hetero when we get back."  She burst out laughing after releasing the talk button.

Zatanna joined her, then while still holding a smirk said, "Hetero?  Oh, I don't know...definitely not lez, but I'd say bi for sure!"

When the laughing died down after that one, Zatanna asked, "Think we should call first before popping in?"

"Good idea," Diana replied, then changed the setting on the comm panel and in moments was more or less at a Moon based cellphone with NO connectivity problems.  "Hi, Lois.  This is Wonder Woman.  Any chance Zatanna and I could drop in for a few?"

"Sure, Princess," the star reporter of the Daily Planet replied.  "When should I be expecting you?"

"Would right now be okay?" the Amazon said from directly behind Lois.  Zatanna had zapped them both as soon as Lois had said it was okay.

"Damn, that was fast!" Lois Lane said in surprise.

Zee giggled and told Lois, "My magic makes even your boyfriend or the Justice League telepoters look slow.  Hmm, even Flash is no match for me!"

Then Wonder Woman put her right hand on the cute brunette's left shoulder.  "Lois, I have a big favor to ask.  For a week or two, hopefully no more, I'm not going to be able to be with the Justice League in any way if what I'm planning works out.  Would you be willing to take my place as Wonder Woman for the time I'm gone?"

Lois gasped.  "Be Wonder Woman?  I know we both have long black hair, but you're blessed with more than a few godly attributes that I'm lacking."

"That's where Zatanna comes in," the Amazon replied.  "Not only can she make you look EXACTLY like me, but she can also use her magic to give you all my strength and powers."

Lois' eyes opened in surprise.  "This would be a change!  Over the years I've worn one costume or another and willingly or unwillingly taken on the roles of a few heroines and even a few villainesses, but this would be the first time I'd actually be the person I was impersonating.  I'll have to call the Planet and tell them I'm going to be away for a while."

"Have you got any vacation time," Wonder Woman asked, "or could you say you're on a fantastic new story?"

"This would be one hell of a story, but I'm betting if Superman ever found out I'd be in big trouble."

Diana twisted her lips in thought for a moment, then said, "If I transfer some of my memories and thought processes to you, I doubt Superman would have any way of telling you're alongside him.  Even J'onn might have difficulty in finding your own identity in your mind if we do this right."

At this, Zatanna interrupted.  "We may have to bring Martian Manhunter in on this, Diana."

"For the time being, let's not," Wonder Woman replied.  "Lois, see if you can arrange that leave of absence or whatever at the Planet."

Lois got back on the phone, this time talking to someone a lot closer.  "Hi, Perry."

"Good afternoon, Lois, what's up?"

"Chief, (on the other end, the older man cringed) I just got a fantastic lead to a story that can't be beat.  I don't want even Clark to know about this.  Can you tell everybody I took a vacation, so I can follow this up?"

"Don't call me...  Okay, Lois.  If even Clark had asked for this favor, I doubt I'd be going along, but for you, I'll do it.  I do want the story when you get back, of course."

"That you will," Lois told him, "that you will.  Thanks a lot, bye."

"Bye, Lois.  Should I say, have fun?"

"Don't you know it!  Bye, Perry."

No sooner had Lois clicked off the phone and set it down, she heard a semi-familiar sounding gibberish being said by Zatanna.  Milliseconds later, she felt her body expanding and growing taller followed by a familiar red, white, blue and gold costume appearing on her now Amazon body, along with red and white boots on her feet with heels that made her even taller still.  She also felt as if her own memories and being were shunted to the side as the identity of Wonder Woman took over in her mind.  She now knew herself to be Princess Diana, but still had her own identity as Lois Lane buried deep in her psyche.  She looked at her twin.  "Well, if I'm now Wonder Woman, who are you going to be?"

"The less you have to know," the original told her replacement, "the easier it will be to pull off what I have planned...WONDER WOMAN!"

"But you will tell me all about it when we're finished, won't you?"

The original Diana grinned.  "You'll probably have it all figured out very soon, Lo-  Oops, I almost called you by your old name.  The plan I'm working on involves someone you yourself took on the role of, as you'd mentioned earlier, Diana.  You'll figure it all out real soon, I'm sure."

"Okay.  Now what?"

"Wait here for Zatanna to come back and take you up to the Watchtower.  She'll be leaving with me in a moment, but she should be back soon.  By the way, for the sake of eveybody in the Watchtower, you and Zee have just made a brief visit to Paradise Island."

"And just what kind of fun did we have there?"

The original Wonder Woman and Zatanna shared a grin.  "You think just like Wally West, Diana.  Yes, you COULD have participated in some fantastic orgies with your sisters, but you and Zee were just there to confer with your Mother."

The new Wonder Woman was thoroughly enjoying the images in her mind and the moistening in her crotch this discussion brought up, and grinned.  "Queen Hippolyte is doing just fine right now, isn't she."

"Yes, I do believe she IS, Wonder Woman," Zatanna interjected.  "Just wait right here for a bit and I'll be right back, Princess."

The new Wonder Woman was feeling good at being called Princess when she heard Zatanna doing her thing once again, and this time, she and her twin disappeared.  Bored for just a moment, she decided to experiment with her new powers.  She spun in a familiar motion and, after a burst of light, appeared in the body covering blue dive suit costume.  Another spin and burst of light brought forth the identity of Diana Prince.  'This is really good,' she thought.  'Now, if I imagine any other forms while doing that spin...?'  After the next burst of light, Lois Lane was once again in her condo.  Inspired, she spun again.  Using memories of one of her past forced identities, the next burst of light revealed the dark purple and green costume of Catwoman!  'This new power is too good to be true.'  She quickly spun again and finally reappeared as the familiar Wonder Woman.  She went over to her (her?) couch and sat down with a copy of Newsweek to wait.

* * * * *

This time Zatanna's magic transported the pair to Gotham City.  Diana knew finding a phone would be near impossible, so she had Zee take them to the doorstep of the Clock Tower.  Oracle was more than a bit surprised to see them suddenly appearing in her sensors, but knew right away when she recognized Zatanna.  "Hello, ladies," they heard on the speaker next to the door.  "What brings you here to Gotham?"

"Oracle, I need your help, and I need for you to forget you've given it to me once you have," the original Wonder Woman replied.

"Sounds like you'd better come on up, then," Barbara Gordon, aka Oracle, told them.  "Both Huntress and Black Canary are out right now, so I'm all by myself and my computers."

A few moments later, the elevator door opened to a sight the two Justice League heroines had seen in imagery but never before in person.  The redhead in her wheelchair seemed totally dwarfed by the banks of computers and communications gear.  "Wow, this is really some setup you have here, Babs."  Diana had only found out the true identity of Oracle a year before, and became even more in awe of the League's primary information source.  "Now, Bruce said you've been working with Catwoman...."

A few moments later, after listening to the Amazon's almost unbelievable idea, Babs was in touch with Selina.  "Catwoman, this is Oracle."

"Go ahead."

"I have visitors that wish to see you.  Are you available?"

"Available for what?"  All three could hear the inflection in Selina's voice, and two of them thought she should be grouped with both Wally and the new Wonder Woman.

"They want to talk.  Where are you now?"

"Just talk?  Damn.  I'm in my suite.  Do I need to get dressed up for this?"

"I don't think so," Barbara replied.  "But if you're nude, you may wish to put on something."

"You spoil all my fun, Oracle."  Selina was grinning wide.  "Not to worry, I'm all dressed up with no place to go."

"I wish I had video, Catwoman.  Watch for two visitors who will just pop into view."

No sooner had Babs said this than Selina saw Wonder Woman and Zatanna appear before her.  "Heh!  They're already here, Oracle."

Babs looked up to see no sign of her visitors.  "Okay, I'll check back with you later."  Then she thought, 'And I need to forget that Wonder Woman and Zee were even here....'

In Selina Kyle's elegant condo, the visitors saw the beautiful raven haired woman wearing a knee length metallic gold dress but without what would seem to be needed matching heels.  "Now I see what you meant by all dressed up, Selina," Wonder Woman said.  "Why so showy?"

"I was originally going to be attending a function at the Opera House this afternoon, but Oracle cued me in to be ready to get close to Lex and company.  I didn't feel like getting out of the dress right away, so here I am."

Wonder Woman smiled.  "I got inspired with a way to get REAL close to Lex and the rest of his Legion while Bruce was briefing us earlier today.  So far, Lex has no reason to think of you as anything other than another felon just as evil as himself, right?"

Selina gave the Amazon a quizzical look.  "I suppose you're right, they wouldn't have any way of knowing how I've been working WITH Batman instead of against him.  But why?"

"I thought of a way for me to get up close and personal with not only Lex Luthor but also two of the old enemies of mine that are working with him now," Diana replied.  "If you would go along, I want to have Zatanna put you and I together and share your body.  We could go to Luthor as Catwoman and offer to join his group or otherwise assist them.  In the process, I'd be getting all the inside information I'd need to let the Justice League finally put the Legion out of business."

Selina's mouth was agape.  "YOU want to join with ME in MY body?"

"Yes, I know it sounds far-fetched," the Amazon replied, "but I think it's a perfect way to get inside and get up close to both Cheetah and Circe."

"We'd be together in my head?"

"I know, it seems strange...but I think it can work," Wonder Woman told her.  "I'd sort of be along for the ride, while you would be in charge.  You and I together would be Catwoman, with you being the primary motivator."

"This is really something...okay, I suppose I can manage to still be me with you riding along.  You have to promise me that you won't make me do anything I don't want to do once you're inside with me."

"Like I said," Diana replied, "I'm doing this strictly as a rider or spectator.  If you will agree to do this, I'll make sure Bruce gets the good word eventually, and you'll get even more credit for helping out."

"Okay, I'll do it," Selina said, nodding.  "What do I have to do?"

"Just sit there," the Amazon told her.  "Zatanna?"

A spell that Zee had spent a good bit of time working out to make sure no slip ups occurred was then spoken.  "...era htob anileS elyK dna namowtaC," she finished.

The image of Wonder Woman disappeared.

"This is a new perspective, to see and experience being you after being in battles with you so many times," Selina said.

"I presume you're now able to see and fully understand all my thoughts," Selina replied.

'Yes, and let's just converse mentally now so that we don't give away that I'm along for the ride, okay?'


"I am Selina Kyle, Zatanna.  You'd better get out of here.  This is the home of the ultra evil feline femme fatale called Catwoman, and unless you want to feel the pain of my whip, you'd better go NOW!"

Zatanna saw the deadly serious look on Selina's face, and didn't dare make any kind of joking or even serious reply.  She only hoped it was all an act, and that she hadn't somehow screwed up her spell.  "oT rednoW s'namoW ecalp," she said, and poofed out of sight.

'We sure put the fear of death into Zatanna, didn't we.'

'Yeah, did you see that look on her face?'

'Time to get ready for work, isn't it?'

'Indeed, let's get dressed.'

Off came the gold dress, and in no time Selina Kyle and her rider were clad in the black leather costume she'd started using after giving up on the purple spandex a few years ago.  Both occupants of her mind appreciated the fact that this costume had chunky but comfortable boots with flat heels.  Forty minutes later, Catwoman was looking into the sensor outside Lex's lair.

"Well, if it isn't Catwoman.  I'd been wondering when you were going to come and join us.  Come on in," said the electronic sounding voice of Lex Luthor.

'Well, here goes.  Just remember, you're along for the ride, and I'm in charge.'

'Yes, Mistress!  Just kidding.'

'Stay away from some of those memories.'

'Sorry, I can't stay away.  Your memories are mine, and if you check, you'll find that mine are yours, also.'

After a brief lull, 'Oh, so you and all those other women on Paradise Island do have all kinds of fun there....'

'YOU stay away from THOSE memories!'

'You know, this is going to be a lot of fun with you and I together!'

'Time to get down to business now, let's not be playing around.'

After passing through three different security doors, Catwoman walked into what looked like a break room.  Lex was standing at the counter on the far wall, with a coffee pot in his hands.  Star Sapphire and Circe were lounging in deep chairs conversing.  Cheetah was leaning on the top of a chair.

'For at least this start to things, let me be in charge since I know Circe and Cheetah so well.'

'If you insist.'

"Hi, Lex!" Catwoman said in greeting, "Long time no see."

Lex put down the coffee pot and walked over.  "So, we are to be getting the assistance of the premier cat burglar.  I've been wondering why when we were so close you haven't come to us any sooner.  I'm not taking any chances, so if you're going to be working with us, let's be sure you ARE working with us.  Circe?"

As instructed by Lex as soon as he'd seen Catwoman on the monitor, Circe put a freezing spell on the Feline Felon.  Not as in chilling, but as in not being able to move a muscle.

'What's she doing?'

'Hell if I know.'

"Catwoman has been known to be a lover and helper of Batman," Lex said.  "But no helper of Batman could ever fight against him.  Sapphire?"

Suddenly a magenta hued energy field enveloped Catwoman.  "Catwoman is pure, unadulterated evil," said Star Sapphire.  "She has no knowledge of any good tendencies.  There is only one true Catwoman, the one who knows she is an enemy of all that is good.  There is no other mind thinking good thoughts, just the mind of the world's most deadly, wicked and totally evil Feline Felon.  Catwoman also is out of costume in black.  Purple is correct."

The energy field went away.

There was suddenly no indication of voices talking to each other in Selina's mind.  She had but one identity, and now she knew just exactly who she was - the incredibly evil Catwoman.  And she just loved finding herself in figure hugging purple spandex with black thigh high boots having sexy stiletto heels making her stand six inches taller and shoulder length black gloves with long and wicked claws.  Her one thought was to make as much mayhem as possible to help her teammates in the Legion of Doom.

"Yes, I am Catwoman, the Mistress of Malice.  Meowwwwwrrrrrrrr!"

"I just knew Catwoman was coming to join us," Lex said.  "Cheetah, get Catwoman set up with quarters and get her acquainted with the facility."

"I've been looking forward to working with another feline femme fatale," Cheetah said as she took Catwoman's black leather clad arm into her own.  "We cats have to work together!"

Somewhere, deep inside Catwoman's mind, a tiny voice said, 'NO!'

"Yes, we have the claws to keep ourselves scratching, don't we, Cheetah!" Catwoman replied in a very strong and sure voice.

* * * * *

Zatanna reappeared in the condo belonging to Lois Lane, only momentarily surprising the woman who was now much more Wonder Woman than Lois Lane.  "Ah, you're alone," the Amazon noted, "so I presume whatever plan my twin had is now in progress?"

"Yes, and you are now the only Wonder Woman in the world," Zee replied.  "From what I saw and heard as I was getting ready to come back here, I just hope things are going according to plan.  It seemed like the original Diana may have gone further into what she wanted to do than she wanted, but she may have been just playing with me."

The heroine who had been Lois stood.  "Still mum about why I'm the only Wonder Woman now?"

Zatanna smiled.  "I'm not going to betray Diana's trust, so yes, for the time being you'll just have to know that you're who you are now and wait to see how things develop to find out why."

"Okay, I guess that will make this impersonation a lot more fun and interesting.  I do have a few detail questions, though."

"There's no hurry to get back to the Watchtower, so why don't we sit and talk?" Zee answered.

"Sure, join me over here."  Both of the women sat casually on the couch.  "The bit you did to my mind must be working pretty well, since I reacted to being called Diana perfectly normally.  Now, I'm wondering if I need to collect any of my own old personal gear from here to take up to the Watchtower?"

"No, at least I don't think so," Zatanna replied.  "Since you are now Wonder Woman, you will be using everything in what is now your quarters there.  I suppose we can pick up fresh soap and toothbrushes from supply if using the older ones seems a bit foreign."

"That's mostly what I was thinking about, thanks.  Now, more about the lack of appearances by Lois Lane.  I found out while you were gone that I can use my transformation power to change into Lois again if needed, but I think if I...I mean Lois gets in touch with Superman right now to let him know she's going away on a special investigation, it might reduce the amount of questions."

"Good idea!  I'd like to see this transformation you mentioned.  I've rarely watched Wonder Woman doing that spin bit."

Wonder Woman stood and moved to the center of the room, then started to spin with her arms outstretched.  After the burst of light, Zatanna saw Lois Lane standing there.  "What do you think?"

"WOW!  I was always under the impression that Diana could only go back and forth from her costumed identity to her civilian identity using that power."

"I think maybe it has something to do with the fact that this is my true form that's still known to my mind," Lois said.  "I found out in my trying this while you were gone that I can alter my look to any form I can picture in my memories of myself.  Let me use the phone to call Clark, since using my or your Justice League communicator would be a bad idea."

Zatanna was grinning.  "That ability to transform yourself could come in real handy.  Go ahead and call Supes."

Lois picked up her cellphone and punched the special series of numbers she'd been given to connect to the duty desk at the Watchtower.  It got picked up in the middle of the second ring.

"Hi, Lois.  What's up?" Flash asked.

"That caller ID you guys have must be pretty handy, Flash.  Is this line secure?"

"You bet it is, on both counts."

"I need to talk to Superman.  Can you get him for me?"

"Shouldn't be any problem.  Hang on a sec."

In less than that second, Flash got up from the desk and zoomed through the Watchtower until he found the Kryptonian hero chatting with Martian Manhunter in the rec room.  "Kal, Lois is on the special phone line.  She's on hold back at the desk."

"Thanks," Superman said while standing.  "Sorry, J'onn, I'll be back in a few minutes."

"Take your time," J'onn said.  "I know how Lois can get sometimes."

The Man of Steel grinned.  "That's why I love Lois.  I wonder what she's getting into now?  Only one way to find out.  Wally, I'd race you back to the desk, but I think it's best if you get back and tell Lois I'll be there in just a moment."

Flash winked, then turned and disappeared in a blur.  When he got to the duty desk, the Scarlet Speedster clicked the button and said, "Lois, the man of your life is on the way.  I know he can fly faster than I run, but I guess he's more cautious about zooming around in the Watchtower."

Lois had placed the phone in a hands off mode while she was waiting, and both she and Zatanna smiled when they heard Wally's remark.  Both knew, in Lois' case twice over, about Wally West's almost juvenile attitudes and demeanor.  "I'm glad Clark's not racing you in those tight spaces, Wally," Lois said as Zatanna struggled to keep her grinning lips sealed.

Moments later, Lois heard a deeper and more familiar voice.  "Hi, Lois, what's up?"

"Clark, I just arranged with Perry to take a couple of weeks off.  I don't know how I'm going to manage with not having you close by, but I need to get some things done all by myself."

"I know you better than that," the Man of Steel replied.  "What have you gotten into now?"

"None of your business, Smallville.  Just don't worry about me until you hear from me again in a few weeks.  Even if I end up in a perilous situation, I don't want to have the Last Son of Krypton streaking to my rescue."

Wally saw Kal's eyebrows rise.  "Okay, if you insist.  If you end with the story of the year, I'll be jealous.  It'll be hard not being your guardian angel until I hear from you again."

"I doubt very much you'll have to worry about coming to my rescue," Lois replied.  "I'll either watch for you at the Planet or give you a call if you're not here when I get back."

"Okay," Kal said.  "Be careful, and I guess I should say have fun."

"I will, and thanks.  Bye!"

"Bye, Lois."

The Man of Steel saw Wally looking at him with a goofy expression.  "I know she's up to something," he told his speedy teammate, "but I'll wait and see for the time being.  That's what I like about her, I guess.  Lois is just so unpredictable."

"I'm glad she's your girlfriend and not mine!" Flash replied.  "I'd never be able to keep up with her!"

Superman was going to challenge that, but just grinned at Wally.  Both knew the younger man was probably right.

Back in the condo, Lois did her spin back into Wonder Woman right after shutting off the phone.  "Now then, let's get back up to the Watchtower to tell everybody about our quick visit to see my Mom and the other Amazons on Paradise Island."

Zatanna did her thing, and moments later Flash watched as Wonder Woman and the good witch of the League blinked into view at the desk.  The two women joined Superman in a casual walk back to the rec room, where an animated discussion soon ensued about the latest things going on at the Amazon's home...derived from a quick info spell done by Zee.

* * * * *

After spending only a few moments getting settled into her new quarters and then getting a quick tour of the facility from Cheetah, Catwoman made her way back to Luthor.  "Lex, I think that for us to just sit and wait for the Justice League to come after us is pointless.  We need to take the battle to them.  I've been thinking while Cheetah was showing me around, and I've got a perfect plan for getting inside the League without them knowing it and taking them down from the inside out."

Lex's expression changed from animated glee at seeing Catwoman in her sexy and evil glory to one of surprised expectation.  "By all means, tell us what you cooked up."

"Let's sit and get comfortable," Selina replied.  "This involves all of us, but most especially Star Sapphire and Circe."

Catwoman proceeded to brief her new teammates on the plan she had formulated using knowledge she found in her mind which seemed out of place, but at the same time very handy.

* * * * *

Wonder Woman spent a week doing her thing with the Justice League and also back home in Gateway City.  Either because she had given him no reason to do so, or Martian Manhunter had found no way to discover any sign of Lois Lane in her psyche as they fought side by side and together with other League members in battles with Mirror Master and Captain Cold.  The two super villains usually were major pains for Flash or Wonder Woman when they got into each hero's daily work, but even together they proved no match for the prowess of the group's teamwork.  It was while handing the pair over to authorities that Aquaman uttered an unknowingly significant thought to Green Lantern, "Good thing these guys were working on their own.  Could you imagine if Lex Luthor was to add them to his Legion of Doom?"

The others just looked at Arthur and dreaded having to face the group of super villains again anytime soon.

The next day, the Amazon found herself doing the daily tasks of her other identity, Diana Prince.  Gateway City was such a nicer place to live than Metropolis, but that was a thought she had to keep to herself.  She was in the process of getting groceries when an alarm went off in the bank right across the street.  'You've got to be kidding,' she thought.  The cart was left in the middle of the bread isle as Ms. Prince rushed to a spot in the back room, since the ladies room was occupied.  With the back room seemingly vacant, a quick spin resulted in the appearance of Wonder Woman.

The super heroine quickly made her way across the street, then did a double take when she saw who was robbing the bank - Mirror Master!  'Didn't we just have him put away yesterday?'  It seemed way too easy for Wonder Woman to take the villain down once she confronted him, and she was shocked to see his form changing right before her eyes once he was down on the floor.  No longer was he Mirror Master, he was just some nondescript guy.  She shrugged her shoulders as a crowd surrounded them, and told the police who showed up that they did have a bank robber to take in, but that something was definitely not right.

Then, as she was leaving the bank with many questions in her head, Wonder Woman spotted Silver Swan swooping down into an alley two blocks down the street.  'First Mirror Master, and now Silver Swan?' she pondered, but had to investigate even if doubts floated in her mind.  A quick sprint to the alley found the golden haired, beautiful winged villainess around a corner in a much more concealed alleyway using her shriek to try and open a lock box.  The Amazon knew better than to confront the woman with the killer cry directly, so instead she stealthily crept up behind her.  Taking care to avoid the razor sharp feathers of her wings, Diana stuck out her right leg to kick the villainess off her feet.  As she was unclipping her lasso to secure her foe, the heroine became frozen in shock once again.  The form of the beautiful Silver Swan changed right before her eyes into yet another nondescript GUY!

"A man-" she started to say, when Wonder Woman was startled to feel her lasso being yanked from her hand.  "Who-?"

She could not believe the sight that greeted her eyes.  It was Wonder Woman holding her lasso!  But she was Wonder Woman, so who was this usurper?

This moment of confusion was just what the faux Wonder Woman had counted on.  She rapidly wound the magic lasso around what she thought was the real Wonder Woman's shoulders.  "I order you to remain silent and make no moves.  You cannot move a muscle."

Wonder Woman then felt what she had considered experimenting with back in the condo a week or so earlier.  She felt compelled to do just as she'd been instructed.

Then she was shocked to see Circe approach them.  "Perhaps you were wondering about your fake foes, Wonder Woman, no pun intended!"  The witch was grinning wickedly.  "Lex arranged for Mirror Master and Captain Cold to battle the Justice League yesterday and lose, just so I could make a false Mirror Master to draw your attention today.  And turning this unsuspecting man into the gorgeous Silver Swan was icing on the cake.  She really took to her new role!  In fact, since that fool is still here," he'd only just started to edge away from the scene, "let's have Silver Swan continue to have her evil fun!"  The transformation was instantaneous, and after again finding himself being turned into a gorgeous young woman with long, golden blonde hair with devilishly sharp white angelic wings and wearing a sleeveless silver bodice that showed off her cleavage along with elbow length silver gloves and knee high silver boots with great looking stiletto heels, the super villainess smiled at Circe, waved and then flew off.

The false Wonder Woman held up her left hand.  "Don't gloat, Circe.  You have way too much fun changing people around, but I'm glad you did change me first.  You do still have the copy of my costume with its second power gem, don't you?"

Circe held out her hand, with a black and magenta costume in it.  "Of course, WONDER WOMAN!"

The fake then turned to her captive.  "Yes, that's right.  I am Wonder Woman, and that means you're wearing the wrong costume.  I order you to take off your false costume."

Feeling a compulsion she could not deny, the woman tied up in the golden lasso proceeded to take off her boots, remove her golden belt, pull down her white starred blue shorts, unzip and pull away her red and gold bustier, pull off her bracelets and tiara, and finally remove the red star earrings.

"She doesn't look quite right, does she?" the only dressed Wonder Woman said.

"No, which means she must have also changed her physical look.  Let's get her back into her true form."  Circe waved her hand, and the Amazon felt herself becoming smaller once again.  She could feel her face and hair changing, too.  But what did she look like now?

The only apparent Wonder Woman then said, "I order you to put on your true costume."  Circe handed it to the changed woman.  "I'm going to remove the lasso so you can change.  I order you to have no thoughts of escaping or doing anything other than putting on your costume."

The ex-Amazon, ex-Lois Lane took the magenta mask with a glowing gem centered over the eye holes and placed it over her face.  The power of the gem flowed into her body and mind.  Suddenly, it seemed like no further orders from the lasso were needed.  She knew who she was, and wondered why she was naked and out of her costume.  Before anything else, she grabbed the magenta colored, nearly crotch high boots and pulled them onto her feet and legs.  She felt so much more comfortable in her boots with their impossibly high stiletto heels instead of flat footed in her bare feet.  Then she pulled on the long sleeved black leotard with a magenta starburst design between and over her breasts.  She finished by drawing the elbow length magenta gloves over her hands and up to her elbows.

Wonder Woman stood facing her with her hands on her hips.  "Now, let's see, sweet princess.  What's your true name?"

"My name is Star Sapphire, Mistress!"

"Good, and who am I?"

"You are Wonder Woman, of course.  My enemy, along with the others in the Justice League."

Before Star Sapphire could lash out with her power, Wonder Woman drew the lasso over her shoulders once again.  "Yes, I am Wonder Woman.  But for the time being, I'm not your enemy.  I'm now working with Lex Luthor as a spy for the Legion of Doom.  Together, we will turn all the members of the Justice League into our slaves!"

Star Sapphire nodded.  "Ah, I'm glad you're working with us instead of against us!"

"Okay, Sapphire," Circe said, "let's get back to Lex so Wonder Woman can get back to her teammates in the Watchtower."

"Yes, let's!"  With that, Star Sapphire took off to fly by the power of her gem, with Circe in her hands.  It was through careful suggestions to Sapphire that Circe gave her directions, since until she got there, THIS Star Sapphire would have no knowledge of the lair's location.

* * * * *

The person who was now the third but still only present Wonder Woman did just as Circe had suggested.  She'd never before been inside the Justice League's Moon sited headquarters, but finding her way around and fitting right in proved to be no problem.  While others had no clue, she visited nearly every part of the complex gathering information to pass on to Luthor.  There was just one problem.  She had no idea that Zatanna was aware of earlier changes in identity for the Amazon, and so got tripped up.  It was as Wonder Woman asked the Mistress of Magic if there were any plans for the League to use her as a counter to Circe and get even with the Legion of Doom that Zee started to wonder.  Lois as Wonder Woman did know something was afoot, but nothing specific.  Yet again, there wasn't any reason she would be asking the magician for info like that.

Zatanna started paying closer attention to everything the Amazon did.  She was NOT acting like the heroine who helped build the Watchtower and would know everything there was know about it and, for that matter, all the other Justice League members.  All those memories had been given to Lois.  Zee made her way to J'onn, and asked the Manhunter to do a mind scan of Wonder Woman, something she and the other two conspirators had insisted on not doing before.  J'onn reached out, careful to make sure his target was unaware, and found a mind totally foreign.  "That's not Wonder Woman, she's Star Sapphire!"

"We've got to stop her quick!" Zee replied.  "I should be able to constrain her with my magic."

"Let's just hope she has only the powers of Wonder Woman, if those even, and not the powers of her sapphire gem in addition.  You go find our faker, and I'll get the others!"

"Do hurry," Zatanna said.  "I don't like the idea of taking her on all by myself."

"Just exercise caution, and good luck."

While Martian Manhunter went to hunt down not just the men but also the other three women of the Justice League who were on hand, Black Canary, Big Barda and Huntress, Zee made her way to the last place J'onn had seen Wonder Woman in his mind.  The mage discovered her crouched at the computer bank.  'Crouched as she is, the faux Amazon presents a much more tempting target than if she'd been standing and ready to move,' Zatanna figured.  "rednoW namoW, emoceb dezylarap!"

Since in effect she was now Wonder Woman, the faker felt herself freeze in place.

Zatanna saw the effectiveness of her first spell, and so got bold.  "uoY era ylsuoivbo ton rednoW namoW.  ekaT no ruoy eurt mrof dna ytitnedi."

Suddenly, still frozen in a crouch, the image and size of Wonder Woman the Amazon shrank and changed to that of Star Sapphire.  But since Zatanna's spell had told Wonder Woman to become paralyzed, as soon as she took on her true form, Sapphire felt free to move.  Hiding this ability for a moment, she willed her gem to make Zatanna freeze in place, including her mouth.  A quick look showed what the purple beam had accomplished, and she rose to her feet and then walked to stand next to Zee.

"So you figured out that I wasn't really Wonder Woman.  I have to assume that more of your teammates were alerted to this fact and are on their way.  I have to work fast, then."  Her gem flared, and in less than a second Sapphire's costume and also her body had changed to make her look like a twin of Zatanna, but with a smaller version of her sapphire gem mounted as a brooch on her lapel.  The true full sized gem was on a necklace hidden under the white blouse between her breasts.  "Now to give you a change so my teammates can see that I've succeeded in capturing Star Sapphire."

Her gem worked through its junior partner on the lapel and hit Zatanna with a compulsion to speak, and the following came from Zee's lips.  "yM ydob dna emutsoc kool yltcaxe ekil ratS erihppaS dna I evah a gnikow ypoc fo reh meg."  Her body and costume changed, and now the images were reversed from moments earlier.  Then her lips moved again, "ehT ylno ytitnedi I nac egdelwonkca si taht I ma ratS erihppaS, dna I evah lla reh seiromem."  Now Star Sapphire knew who she was, and why she was on the Watchtower.  But before she could use her gem to fight the League's magician, a purple beam enveloped her and moved her to a crouching position next to the computer bank.  She was unable to move.

At the same moment, Martian Manhunter came around the corner, followed quickly by Green Lantern, Blue Beetle and Aquaman.  "Zatanna, you sure work fast!" J'onn said.

Aquaman was already using his own mind reading capabilities as J'onn was congratulating Zee.  "This is the true Star Sapphire.  She and Circe have taken Wonder Woman and changed her to look like Sapphire and think that's who she is!"

"So right now there are TWO Star Sapphire's?" Green Lantern exclaimed.  "Let's get that gem away from her so she can be handled a lot more easily."  A green pincher reached out from his ring to snatch the glowing magenta gem from her mask.

"Now we'd better get Star Sapphire locked up before she can do anything else," Zatanna said to no one in particular.

Blue Beetle gave Zee a closer and quizzical look when he heard this, then whispered into Aquaman's ear, "Zatanna never used to have a purple brooch on her lapel, did she?  And wouldn't it have been a simple thing for her to say a backwards spell that would have moved Sapphire into a cell?"

At this the King of the Seas looked closely at the gem on Zee's lapel.  Then he did a mind scan of her.  <Jonn, this isn't really Zee, it's Star Sapphire disguised as her.  That must be Zatanna changed to look and think like Sapphire who Kyle took the gem from.  We have to get the gem off her lapel.>

<I see what you mean.  Kyle, use your ring to grab that other purple gem from Zatanna's jacket.>

Green Lantern immediately did the second grab, a bit more difficult this time since Sapphire had put this gem securely into the brooch.

As soon as Kyle had both power gems secure in a green box his hands, Aquaman grabbed the apparent magician's arms from behind and held her tight.  "Now, if you were really Zatanna," he challenged her, "you'd be able to say a spell that would make yourself free."

Her lips stayed sealed in a grim look.  While Sapphire could have easily used the real gem hidden on her chest to get free, she knew the situation was not good.  J'onn switched to doing a thorough check of the mind of the apparent Star Sapphire, and deep under all the indications that she really was the super villainess with all her memories, he found Zatanna's identity being squelched.  Some quick but delicate mental work put his mind in touch with the supressed Zee.  <Do you think you can overcome the Star Sapphire identity which is prevalent in your mind?>

<I'm sure I can, as long as I have your help.  This is the second time I've been turned into Star Sapphire, but with a different costume this time.>

<If you do overcome your other identity, will you still be able to make use of the sapphire gem?>

<Of that I'm sure!>

<Good, then get ready.  I'm going to open up and work with your other identity now.  I'll see what I can do to help you.>

Manhunter engaged the more prevalent identity in the changed Zatanna's mind and started to put it into a mental vise.  Zatanna sensed the opening and brought her original identity into the primary position, closeting the Star Sapphire identity into a back corner of her mind.  <I've got it, J'onn.>

Zee felt the other identity move elsewhere in her head to be put away and made untenable just as it had done to her, then even though the body and costume she wore were foreign said, "ydoB dna emustoc nrut kcab otni ym raluger mrof."  Everybody watched as the apparent Star Sapphire seemed to use Zatanna's magic and turn into her.  Then she said, "Seems like I won't need to use the gem, J'onn.  Even in that different body, I had my magical powers."  With a glare she turned to stare at her apparent twin.  "ekaT no ruoy eurt mrof."

This time the group watched as the apparent Zatanna altered into Star Sapphire.  Without her gem over her eyes in her mask, though.  She was still able to control her gem since Zee hadn't said anything about that, and it was still hidden under her own more figure hugging costume, buried between her breasts.

"She's no more powerful than an average woman as long as Kyle keeps that gem away from her," Zatanna said.  "Let's make sure both her original gem and the copy I got get locked up securely very far from the cell we put Sapphire into."

As Martian Manhunter grabbed Star Sapphire's wrists he asked, "Do you want to magically move her into a cell, Zee?"

"I could, but I think we'd be better off if someone physically puts her into a cell and sets the lock."

After hearing this, the manhunter started to lead her away, but just then Huntress finally came upon the scene.  She was in her body covering dark purple bodysuit costume, as opposed to any of her more revealing ones.  "Helena, take this intruder to the cell block and make sure she gets securely locked up."

"Securely you say, J'onn?  Good thing I got here before Dinah did."  Huntress reached into the pouch on her belt and pulled out a huge orange ball gag.  "Too bad this isn't a red one, Star Sapphire.  It would go with your black and magenta much better than this orange one.  Open wide, bitch."

Sapphire knew there was no way she'd be able to keep her mouth closed, so she did as instructed and opened her mouth wide.  It was filled right away by the big rubber ball, which was then tied tightly around her head.  'This should end up being perfect in a few more minutes,' she thought as Huntress started to lead her away from the others toward the Watchtower's jail block.

As the pair left them, Zatanna said, "As I told J'onn in my mind while he was getting me free, this was the second time I was put into the body of Star Sapphire.  But the costume sure was different this time.  emutsoC engahc."  They watched as Zee's magician style costume changed into the magenta and black one she had just been wearing, but this time still in her own body and a fake power gem over her eyes.  "These boots are close to the right color, but the originals were pink and only knee high and had more manageable four-inch or so heels.  The gloves are the same as the boots in color now, where they used to be a dark purple.  The biggest change is the color of the leotard, it used to be a nice pink, not black.  And this mask holding the gem over my eyes is simpler than the older domino mask and tiara that held the gem.  egnahC ot eht redlo emutsoc."  Then she struck a pose.  "Which costume do you guys like better, this older one or the new one?"

"Hal would have been the best person to answer that question," Kyle said.  "But I'll say that for me, the new one is much better."

"I'll vote for the old one, myself," Blue Beetle said.  "It seemed simpler and more combat capable."

"New," was the only word that came from Aquaman and Manhunter in unison.  Then J'onn added, "But since the true wearer of that newer costume you showed us is being locked up, I hope you'll go back to being our more familiar Zatanna."

Right away he heard another, "emutsoC engahc," followed by the appearance of the customary black and white Zee normally wore.

* * * * *

As they came to the jailblock area at the end of the very quiet and comparatively dimly lit hallway, Huntress confidently said, "Now that you can't argue with me, bitch, I'm going to not only put you away in a cell, but use you for some bondage practice to really put you away.  You're gonna just love being hog-tied!"

'Yes, I think you certainly will,' Star Sapphire thought.

Suddenly Huntress felt her legs stiffen as her body became rigid to appear as if she was standing in a military formation at attention.  She couldn't see it in the dim light, but a purple aura had projected from her prisoner's chest to envelop her own body, barely visible since it so closely matched the color of the catsuit covering her body.

The heroine could see Star Sapphire dimly, and watched in awe as purple fingers projected from her chest and then undid the laces holding the ball gag in her mouth.  Those same fingers then brought the ball over toward her own mouth, and two magenta gloved fingers pinched her nose closed.  As Helena opened her mouth to gasp, in went the ball gag.  "Now then, BITCH," she heard, "it's time for me to use you for some bondage practice.  But first...."

Star Sapphire's voice trailed off as she used her gem to change Helena's costume to a perfect copy of her own, with an empty hole over her eyes where the gem would normally go.  Then the gem hidden in her cleavage changed what the super villainess was wearing to become a copy of what Huntress had been wearing.  "Okay, Star Sapphire, into the cell you go."

Even though her body had been freed, Helena still tried to keep standing at attention, but now doing so not in the flat heels of her Huntress boots but the six-inch or more stiletto heels of the Star Sapphire boots.  She felt herself being pushed, and off the heels she went, sprawling into the cell which her imposter had opened, landing on her belly.  An effort was made to get up fight her attacker, but sapphire energy pinned Helena to the floor.  She watched as from her own equipment pouch came what she had planned to use for tying up the prisoner.  "Okay, bitch, let's tie your ankles together first."

Helena felt her ankles meeting, then rope being wrapped around them and also into the arch of her boots and around the ultra high heels.  She felt her arms being pulled back and together, and more line was wrapped around her wrists.  Then her feet were pulled up to meet her hands, at which point a chain was looped between the two sets of ropes.  A lock snapped the chain closed.

"Looks like the practice was good, BITCH!  Make sure to look as pathetic as you can when some other Justice League members come to check on you later.  They're only going to see Star Sapphire very well tied up in her cell, looking pathetic and hopelessly hog-tied."  The gem at the new Huntress' breasts flared, seemingly to cover both of the girls' bodies, then the tied up Helena heard her replacement with a new voice, her own voice, say, "Time to let J'onn and the others know that I got you all tied up, bitch.  Then I think a trip down to Gotham is in order.  Huntress needs to be in her home turf near the Legion of Doom, instead of in the Watchtower.  Too bad that gag keeps you from talking, bitch.  I'm the only one with the voice of Huntress, of course."  She lifted the mask from her face, then added, "And of course, the only one with the face, hair and body of Huntress.  I also borrowed some of your memories so I can safely take your place.  While you're spending all that time tied up, you can check out the memories I left for you in your mind.  You see, you're not just in the costume now, bitch.  Too bad you don't have your power gem, Star Sapphire.  Do have fun, gotta run, BITCH!"  She put her mask back in place, then swung the door shut, setting its lock.

Tied up the way she was, and in the near darkness of the cell without any mirrors nearby, Helena Bertinelli could only assume from what she'd just seen and heard that the body she now occupied was one foreign to her.  But there was no way to tell, and other than the bondage she was in, her body felt perfectly normal.  It felt like it was naturally her own.  But after a few seconds, she started to feel a sort of emptiness, as if her body was looking for some thing or some power to make it complete.  Then she started to access the memories which seemed so foreign but at the same time seemed so fitting.  After a bit, she would start to wonder why it was that as the evil villainess known as Star Sapphire, she seemed to have memories in her mind that belonged to some woman named Helena Bertinelli, a heroine who called herself Huntress.

The new Huntress walked over to the comm station on the wall and figured it out quickly enough.  She pressed the button for J'onn.  "Yes, Helena?  Is Star Sapphire all put away now?"

"That she is, Manhunter.  Not just locked up, but I got some good practice in doing hog-tie bondage.  Star Sapphire won't be a bother for you at all.  Oh, and pass on my news about her to the others.  I'm going down to Gotham."

She hung up before J'onn could make any reply.

As soon as Manhunter told the others that the true Star Sapphire was powerless in bondage and locked up in the Watchtower's holding cells, Zee gathered all the available heroes, who by now also included Superman, Batman, Green Arrow, Black Canary and Big Barda, into the briefing room.  "I have a confession to make, guys and gals," she said in introduction.  "What this Star Sapphire was caught doing is nearly identical to what the true Wonder Woman thought of to do against the Legion of Doom.  A week ago, the two of us didn't go down to Paradise Island.  We made a stop in Metropolis, then went to Gotham City."

Superman interrupted.  "Zee, does this have anything to do with that call I got from Lois?"

Zatanna hung her head.  "Yes, it certainly does.  You see, the Wonder Woman that Circe and Star Sapphire changed into the new Star Sapphire wasn't really Princess Diana.  That was Lois."

"WHAT!?!" screamed the Man of Steel.

"I'm sorry, but Diana had sworn me to secrecy.  The princess had me change Lois into her twin so that she could go to Catwoman and have me merge her with Selina so they could get inside the Legion and scout around."

It was Batman's turn now.  "Maybe that explains why Selina has been observed acting like a villainess with not a moral in her body in this past week.  Maybe she got caught by Lex or the others just as we caught Sapphire, and had her mind twisted by them...possibly Circe or Sapphire's work, maybe both."

Zatanna nodded.  "I fear that may have happened.  We need to get close to Catwoman so Diana and Selina can be separated again, and also to the Star Sapphire who is now with the Legion and make sure Lois gets her true identity back.  But how?"

Silence reigned for a few minutes.  Faces screwed in contemplation.

Then Martian Manhunter raised a finger.  "Zatanna, could you simulate the powers of Circe?"

Zee thought for moment before answering.  "As long as I'm not noticed uttering my spells under my breath, I suppose so.  What did you have in mind?"

"If we can trap one of the other Legion members, I can change to take their place and lure Circe into another trap.  Then you could use your magic to alter yourself to look like Circe and we could then together go in to get both Lois and the combined Selina and Diana."

"That sounds workable, J'onn," Kal said.  "I'll fly down there right away and watch for any of the Legion members to leave the lair and try to grab them, then let you know."

As Superman left, Green Lantern turned to J'onn.  "I presume you realize that the odds of a male member of the Legion leaving are a lot smaller than a female's?"

As if to prove he had no problem in taking on the identity of a female Legion member, before he even answered Kyle, J'onn altered into a feminine form of Martian.  "The shape I take is of little significance, Kyle."

"Point taken, J'onn.  Sorry.  I'm glad you have no problem with that, though.  I'd hate to even think of being a female."

Kyle drew nasty looks from various women at the table.  "Uh...I said that wrong, didn't I?"

Under her breath, Zatanna muttered, "neerG nretnaL si a elamef."

Those watching were surprised to see Lantern suddenly turn into the woman he'd have been if his chromosomes had been different.  And while not particularly beautiful, she had a fashion model's figure and was quite good looking.  "Okay, I'm sorry," she said meekly.

Zatanna undid her spell, and Kyle returned to being the man he'd been before.

It was only moments later that the group heard a call come in from Superman.  "I thought I was going to get lucky and find, Star Sapphire coming out.  But she stayed inside.  Cheetah just came out all by herself, and it was a piece of cake for me to grab her.  Her claws might need to be resharpened."  He continued by telling them exactly where he was.

Martian Manhunter immediately took on the form of Cheetah.  "Okay, here goes.  I just hope I can get Circe into my claws."  She held up her formidable looking hands which had claws that most definitely did not need to be resharpened.

While everybody was gawking at J'onn as Cheetah, Zatanna muttered, "mroF fo ecriC."  Moments later, the group turned and gawked at the witch in a figure hugging, sleeveless green body suit and long purple hair as she said, "I'm going with you, CHEETAH!  I can get you there fastest, and be right there if it works out."

As the apparent Circe and Cheetah stood, Black Canary mumbled, "We've got Star Sapphire in the cell and Circe and Cheetah right here.  Is this a meeting of the Justice League of America or the Legion of Doom?"

"Dinah, I could easily make the answer to your question much simpler," answered Zee in Circe's voice.  Then with her voice lowered, she continued, "haniD skool ekil anileS elyK dna si ni s'namowaC emutsoc, ruhtrA skool ekil xeL rohtuL, adraB skool ekil atnagiG tub si ruo ezis, elyK skool ekil ratS erihppatS, yllaW skool ekil orraziB, revilO skool ekil alliroG ddorG, deT skool ekil xileF tsuaF dna ecurB skool ekil cainiarB."  In turn, each of the heroes and heroines became the villain or villainess Zee as Circe said, until around the table sat the Legion of Doom.

"Neat trick, Zee...or should I say, Circe!  With luck, Catwoman...err, Dinah," the apparent Cheetah replied, "we'll have a complete Justice League back in form again soon."

Zee undid her spell after all the others got a good look at each other, then said, "Now it's back to just J'onn and myself, or should I say, now it's time for Circe and Cheetah to get to work!"

Cheetah walked over to Circe as the witch said, "oT s'namrepuS edis."  The two popped out of sight, to appear nearly simultaneously alongside the Man of Steel.  The true Cheetah hissed when she saw J'onn.

The faux Cheetah said, "Zee, you wait here with Superman.  I'll send a mental signal when I've got Circe out of there."

"Just remember, Cheetah, I'm Circe now, not Zatanna."

Cheetah crouched and flexed her claws.  "Hisss...Yes, Circe."  She then went back toward the lair's front door.

Lex greeted Cheetah upon her arrival.  "Back so soon, Priscilla?"

"Yes.  I decided it wasn't too smart to go off on my own.  How about if I take Circe along?  I'd feel a lot safer with her magic to back me up."

With this, Circe's face turned from her conversation with Catwoman and Star Sapphire.  "Not a bad idea, Lex.  I had fun earlier today, and maybe I can have some more fun going out with Cheetah."

"Okay," Lex answered.  "You both be careful, and if you do change any more hapless fools into villains, Circe, how about giving them some real powers and bringing them here to join us?"

"Hee, hee, maybe Lex, maybe.  You never know.  Silver Swan does have all of her powers, so maybe I can get her to join us."

It wasn't more than four minutes after the two left the outer security doors that Cheetah dropped in behind Circe.  As soon as the witch's attention was off her, she mentally called to Superman, <Okay, Kal, come and grab Circe so Zee can take her place.>

Milliseconds later, Circe was surprised to find herself being grabbed by the strongest hands in the world.  These same hands then did a precision tap on her head to knock her out.  The Man of Steel had no intention of letting Circe cast any spells on him, since he was quite vulnerable to magic, as Mxy had shown on many occasions.  He landed next to the other Circe, who had cast a binding spell on the true Cheetah.  "Be real careful to keep her from casting any spells, Superman," the faux Circe said.  "We both know you're susceptible to magic."

"I intend to keep her unconscious, don't worry."

"Okay, wish us luck."

"Yes, best of luck to you.  Bring back Lois and the combined Selina and Diana, please."

As Circe approached Cheetah, the faux feline femme fatale said, "Lex suggested to Circe that she come back with some new villains after our trip.  We'll have to wing it when we come back empty-handed."

"How long do you figure we should wait before going back?"

"I don't know what the original Cheetah had in mind," the new one said, "but I presume it involved her doing some mischief of some kind.  I asked for Circe to come along for backup.  Let's wait about an hour, then head back."

"I don't think we should wait that long.  Let's go back right now, and I'll just tell Lex I can always bring back more villains and villainesses sometime later.  I'll mess up our costumes to make it look like we got into a scuffle."  To make it look like she really was Circe, Zatanna waved her hands as she almost silently uttered the spell to make them look roughed up.  Both instantly looked like they'd been in a really tough situation.

Cheetah looked down at herself with her arms outstretched.  "Did you have to make it this bad?"

"Heh, do you want me to make it so you FEEL like you got that mauling?"

"Hey, I thought you were Zatanna, not Circe!"

"I am, but from this moment, you and I are Cheetah and Circe."

The disguised J'onn answered, "Right, I just hope this works."

"Let's go."

Gotham City, inside Helena Bertinelli's condo

Curiosity had overcome the woman who used to be Star Sapphire but was now in the body and costume of Huntress.  Upon her arrival on the planet's surface, she decided to put off temporarily making a visit to Lex and the others in the Legion.  Instead, she became overly curious as to what kind of life the original owner of her body led.  The memories she had accessed gave her enough of a start, but now she wanted to add to that.  It was no problem making her way to the domicile in which her purloined body resided.

The faux Helena made her way up to the condo, and after entering the number code on the key pad, the door opened up.  'She lives in a place this small?' was her first thought upon walking into the living room which to her original form seemed like slave quarters.  She closed and locked the door behind herself after turing on the overhead light, then made her way to Helena's bedroom.  'Well, it may be small, but at least her bed is nicely adorned.'  She was looking at the queen sized bed with a dark purple silk like spread over the blanket and sheets.  Besides the plump pillow at the head of the bed with a matching purple pillow case, there were also a pair of similarly colored smaller throw pillows on one side.

Now to satisfy the prime cause of her curiosity.  She went over to the closet on the wall to the right, and slid open the door.  There hanging on the overhead rail were not only more of the same catsuit style costumes she was wearing, but also enough individual components to make up at least four different costumes that would reveal a lot more of her body.  "These are more like what I recall seeing Huntress wearing in the past," she said aloud as a hanger holding one of the dark purple halter bra top and G-string thong outfits was removed.  Then she giggled.  "More like what I wore in the past!" she corrected herself.  'But not quite this erotically daring,' she added.

While leaving the mask over her face, the new Helena pulled off her gloves and boots, the utility belt and cape, then finally the purple body suit.  She took care to neatly fold and stack all the items since she did intend to put them back on for her visit to Lex.  She looked down and noticed the sapphire gem between her breasts and looped behind her neck.  In that halter bra top the gem would stand out and look out of place, if not actually get in the way.  She pulled the gem out and up, then pulled it off and set it on the top of the dresser next to the bed.  Her chest now free, the purple bra top was looped behind her head and then its cups were placed over her ample breasts as she sat on the edge of the bed, followed by the strap being connected behind her back.  She took a moment to adjust the tightness of the halter by pulling at the small metal slides up near her shoulders.  Then the dark purple thong which looked more like what would be worn by an exotic dancer was pulled up over her legs to look so seductive over her crotch and the tops of her thighs.

"You slut!" the new Helena said to her reflection as she got up to go back to the closet and get the boots and gloves that went with the more open style costumes.  She found the thigh high lighter shaded purple boots with metallic golden bands at their tops which had no zippers and seemed to stretch, and looked at the relatively short block heels on their bottoms.  'Too bad they don't have good spike heels instead of these blocks,' she mused, then while concentrating said aloud, "Gem, do your thing!  Give these boots the right kind of heels, that would look right for the exotic dancer costume I'm wearing."  A purple ray flowed up from the gem atop the dresser, and settled on the boots held in her hands.  When it finished a blink of an eye later, there were heels on the boots which would have made those on her Sapphire costume boots look short in comparison.  She grinned, then went to grab the shoulder length purple gloves with matching wide metalic golden bands at their own tops.

After another trip back to the edge of the bed, she first slipped both of her feet and legs into the boots and worked the stretch material up to her thighs.  Her feet became arched so high that only a tiny tip holding her toes would be flat on the floor.  'Wicked! she thought, then pulled on each of the gloves.  It was after pulling up the tops as far as they'd go and then straightening them out that she noticed the tiny golden circles over each hand's four knuckles.  'Wow!'  Then she slid back toward the center of the bed and swung her now incredibly high heeled boots up so that she was laying with the throw pillows to her right and the big pillow behind her head.

The purple sheathed fingers of her right hand slipped under the top of the thong and stroked the outer edges of her newly acquired, seemingly more sensitive and aching for attention pussy.  As her forefinger entered the slit and dove through the wet folds to reach her clit, the new bearer of Helena's body gasped and concentrated on the bliss she was experiencing.  "Oh, my God!  Dressed like this, I want to really be the horny and sexually promiscuous Helena Bertinelli, the slutty whore who is merely a teacher in the daytime but actually a prostitute and exotic dancer who only sidelines as the heroine called Huntress!"

The sapphire gem on the dresser top noted this order, and sent a purple energy field out to cover the black haired babe dressed so seductively in purple on the purple bed.  She now became just as she had exclaimed.  No longer a very evil super villainess, she was a heroine.  No evil thoughts in her mind, but they were quite sinful.

The sapphire gem now felt no nearby sign of the villainess who normally put it to use.  It started a search, and in mere moments found its mistress holed up in the Watchtower, all tied up and wondering where her power gem was.  It disappeared instantly from the top of the dresser.

The Watchtower

Inside the dark holding cell, hog-tied on its floor, the woman in both the body and costume of Star Sapphire suddenly felt the power she'd been craving.  To stay hidden, the gem remained on the necklace and resided in the trough between her magenta covered breasts instead of taking its normal place over her eyes on the mask.  It found some memories in her head that seemed to go more with the slut it had just left behind, and erased them so that its owner would know exactly who she really was, the super villainess called Star Sapphire, not some promiscuous whore.  A dominatrix who enjoyed to take as much as give, but not a whore.

Sapphire decided that as much as she was enjoying the bondage in which she'd been placed, it was time to blow this joint and get back to her teammates in the Legion.  She willed her gem to reappear above her eyes on the mask, in the process eliminating the empty necklace.  For her enjoyment, the gem then slowly and methodically undid all the bondage, finishing with the ball gag.  She flexed her jaw and lips for moment to loosen them up while at the same time bending and tensing her magenta covered arms and legs to undo the cramps.  Then she stood with her fists on her hips and said to the empty darkness, "As much as I'd like to get my hands on some one of the other Justice Leaguers to take my place hog-tied in this cell, I'm outta here!"  Her gem flared, and Sapphire teleported back down to the Earth's surface.  But for a visit to her place on the West Coast before heading toward Gotham and the Legion.

Outside Gotham City

About fifteen minutes after Circe and Cheetah had left, Lex was surprised to notice them back at the entrance monitor.  "What the hell happened to you two?"

"Get us back in," Circe said.  As soon as she and Cheetah were with Luthor, and the other girls listening, she continued, "Batman may have gone up to the Justice League's Watchtower like you said, but those young twerps Nightwing and Batgirl are still here.  They have a lot less compunction about beating up their opponents than the older Bat.  I thought Cheetah and I could handle them, but they must have had some kind of magical shield put around them by Dr. Fate or something.  No spell I cast seemed to have any effect on them, and since I have no physical prowess, we both got creamed.  Let me go talk to Catwoman, I want to find out what she can tell me about those two."

Lex shook his head.  "Just get cleaned up a bit first, Circe.  Although I suppose you could just magically clean yourself up."

"I could, but a nice hot bath seems like just the thing for relaxing right now."

"Women..." he muttered.

"What was that, Lex?  How would you like to find out just how good a hot bath can feel?"

"Sorry, no offense, Circe.  Enjoy yourself."

"Watch yourself, Lex."  Then, as she passed Catwoman, Circe said, "Selina, could you come with me to the bath?  I want to find out what you can tell me about Nightwing and Batgirl."

"Sure, I can do that.  Did you say they seemed to have magical protection?"

"Seemed that way.  I'll tell you about it in the tub."

As soon as they were in the bathroom, Circe quickly said, "ehT live namowtaC ezeerf, eht neddih ytitnedi fo rednoW namoW emoc kcab tuo."  The purple and black clad Feline Felon stood motionless, while next to her appeared the form of Wonder Woman.  "Am I ever glad I was able to get you back, Diana!"

Wonder Woman held out her hands and looked down at herself to make sure she wasn't imagining things.  "Diana?  I'm not Diana, I'm Selina.  When Star Sapphire did her thing to make Catwoman have one and only one incredibly wicked and evil identity, Diana's mind was prominent, and I got shunted out of the way.  So somehow, Diana's now the evil villainess called Catwoman and I'm the valiant super heroine called Wonder Woman!  But why did you split us apart, Circe?"

"I may look like Circe, but I'm really Zatanna.  And you're saying Diana is still in the body of Catwoman?"

The Amazon twisted to see herself in the mirror.  "My God, I really am Wonder Woman!  I don't know why I came out instead of Diana, Zatanna."

"It had to be the fact that Sapphire's work turned Diana's mind into the truly evil Catwoman."  The apparent Circe thought for a moment, then added, "I wonder if I can cast a spell to change her back to a heroine?"

"Well, I certainly feel like a heroine now," Selina said.  "I sure hope Diana isn't stuck with the unbelievably evil personality I've had to live with for the past week or so."

Circe nodded.  "namowtaC esol lla ytilitsoh, wonk taht er'uoy ton a ssenialliv tub a eurt enioreh.  ezeerF dne."

Catwoman blinked her eyes, then as Wonder Woman had done before, lifted her wickedly clawed and black gloved hands and arms to look down upon herself.  Then she looked at Wonder Woman.  "How is it that I'm still Catwoman, and now Selina is Wonder Woman?  At least, that's who I presume she is, since I don't hear her voice in my head.  Her head.  Oh Hera, we must have split up and gone into the wrong bodies.  Now I really am the one and only Catwoman!"

Circe shook her head.  "I'll try to make up a spell to change you both back later, but right now J'onn is in the form of Cheetah and is talking with Star Sapphire.  We still have to get Lois Lane back into her own self instead of Star Sapphire."

Almost in unison, the Amazon and the Feline Felon said, "Lois Lane is Star Sapphire!?!"

Then Diana as Catwoman said, "I remember was a plan I gave to Lex to get the original Sapphire into the Justice League's headquarters as Wonder Woman.  Hang on, I'll go get the Sapphire who replaced her.  I know she'll trust me, the only woman she knows to be more evil than herself."  Catwoman then turned and left, with both Selina and Zee wondering what was going to happen next.  Circe uttered another spell, and was suddenly both clean and in a fresh costume.

When Catwoman came back out to find Star Sapphire, she found her conversing with Cheetah.  The other kitten was still looking like death warmed over, and badly in need of both a bath and a fresh costume.  "Sapphire, can I get you to come back to Circe's bathroom?  Cheetah, you need to get cleaned up...BAD!"

"What does Circe need?" Star Sapphire asked.

"She's soaking away the grime she came in with," Catwoman replied, "and told me to get you.  I'm not sure just what she wants, but hey, you don't get that witch mad at you.  Then again, I suppose you're even more dangerous than she is, Sapphire.  Just see what she wants, okay?"

Star Sapphire stood, saying, "Cheetah, if you'll excuse me.  I have to see what the witch wants."

"Sure, I'll go get fixed up myself.  See you in a bit, Sapphire."  Then, after Cheetah and Catwoman were alone, Cheetah asked, "And how are you feeling now, Selina?"

Catwoman grimaced.  "I'm feeling much better now, thank you."  She looked around to make sure there were no other ears present.  "Better and no longer evil to the core.  But I'm not Selina.  I'm Diana, and somehow Selina is now Wonder Woman.  Let's get back and see how Zee is doing with Sapphire, J'onn."

"Oh no, you must truly have been changed back by Zatanna since you know I'm not really Cheetah, but you're in the wrong bodies?"

"Zee said she'd try to figure out another spell to change us back, but it would have to wait.  Let's go see what the latest is."

As soon as Star Sapphire got back to the bathroom, she was momentarily stunned to see Circe clean as new and standing next to Wonder Woman.  This delay was all the faux Circe wanted.  "ratS erihppaS ezeerf."

"What do you think will work best, Zatanna," Wonder Woman asked, "my lasso or your magic?"

"Go ahead and try the lasso, Di-...Selina," Circe said, shaking her head.

The golden lasso was wrapped around Star Sapphire's shoulders.  "You look like Star Sapphire, but that isn't who you really are.  Your true name is Lois Lane, whose mind and memories are yours to have."

When she saw Cheetah and Catwoman stick their heads into the room, Circe took a chance and uttered, "erihppaS ezeerfnu."

Now it was Lois Lane's turn to hold out her arms and look down upon herself.  "Oh, WOW!  This is a much better Star Sapphire costume than the other one I once wore!"

Wonder Woman looked at Circe, and both nodded.  "Yep, that's Lois again, for sure," Circe said.  "Lois, I know I look like Circe, but I'm really Zatanna.  How about trying that spin transformation again to get out of Star Sapphire's body and costume?"

"Uh, have I been Star Sapphire and acting like her?" the now confused instead of awed Lois asked.

"Yes, but don't let it bother you," the apparent Circe said.  "Now, please try your spin."

"Spin?" Selina now asked.

"A power you may not yet know you have, Selina," Catwoman replied.

Just before she spun, Lois said, "Selina?"

"Selina is Wonder Woman, Diana is Catwoman, and I do hope to get this all fixed, Lois.  SPIN!" Zee said in exasperation.

It looked odd for Star Sapphire to hold out her arms and spin, but sure enough, since she had been in the form of Wonder Woman, the burst of light occurred.  Two mouths dropped when the light dissipated.  Lois Lane was back in her own body and her own Catwoman costume.  She giggled.  "I just had to show you, Zatanna.  And I know Selina must appreciate this."

When she'd recovered her breath, Wonder Woman said, "Okay, Lois, don't rub it in that you can be Catwoman and I can't.  Or maybe I can...."

Circe shook her head.  "Not now, Selina, PLEASE!  Lois, since we know that you can change this way now, how about doing Star Sapphire again so we can make tracks and get past Lex to go back to the Watchtower?"

Another spin brought back the form of Star Sapphire, and Circe said a spell that made Wonder Woman invisible.  Another spell reversed what she had done to Cheetah earlier, and the whole troupe then proceeded back to the entryway.  Luthor was only a bit surprised to see all four of his female group members going out together as the ensemble of villainesses they were.  Star Sapphire put a finger on his nose and said, "Don't wait up, Lex.  We're going out for some all girl fun.  Or maybe you'd like to change and join us?"

Lex Luthor shook his head.  "No thanks, Sapphire.  Just stay away from the Bat's junior batties, okay?"

Lex could have sworn he heard five different giggles as they all went out the door past him.  He must have been hearing things....

* * * * *

Luthor was more than a bit alarmed when he saw a bit in the paper about Circe and Cheetah being behind VERY secure bars.  When he heard their stories eventually, the Legion's leader was one very mad scientist!  At least the real Star Sapphire was still with him; too bad the bitch hadn't showed up while the Justice League imposters were still there.

* * * * *

Back inside the Justice League's Watchtower, the easiest changes were for J'onn and Zatanna.  They became themselves with no problem, though J'onn did admit to Zee only that he did have a lot of fun being both a female and playing the role of Cheetah.  Lois Lane hugged Clark tightly for the second time in a Star Sapphire costume, but eased his fears when she spun back into herself moments later.  She and the others were keeping it a secret from Smallville for the time being that not only could she spin into Lois, but also any other form or identity she had portrayed over the years...or for that matter, whoever or whatever she could imagine!  She particularly enjoyed the fact that as Star Sapphire she had all the powers that came with the gem.

No matter what Zatanna tried, Selina found that she was stuck being Wonder Woman, while Diana found that she was stuck being Catwoman.  Selina also found out about doing the spin, and discoverd that she could appear in any costume she could imagine whilst spinning...including of course any type of Catwoman costume.  The Amazon planned to give a hand to Catwoman in Gotham whenever she could.

Since she was already used to the slightly shorter heels of her original costume boots and had gotten to feel very much at ease in the stilettos on the boots of her purple and black costume, the ex-Amazon decided to stay in the much sexier 'old' costume instead of going back to the more recent black one.  Diana got used to being the feline femme fatale instead of the super strong Amazon, and the relationship between Batman and Catwoman started to really take off soon afterwards.

Catwoman did enjoy having two kittens helping her in her crime fighting who could spin into their new forms.  One was usually but not always in a fetching dark purple and green costume which brought back memories in Gotham City, while the other seemed to never be in the same costume more than once a year.  There were also the rarer times when her third kitten showed up, usually in a yellow costume with brown spots.

Then there were the even rarer occasions when her magical kitten who said things backwards joined in.

Oracle turned out to have gained a lot for her trust in Princess Diana; the Birds of Prey became bigger and more capable, almost an all female version of the Justice League of America.

But then, Oracle did find it harder and harder to get Huntress to work with her and the others.  It seemed like their dependable teacher was no longer interested in education.  It wouldn't be until a few months later that the redhead along with Canary went out for an all girls night and happened to spot a familiar looking brunette doing the exotic dance routine.  No wonder Huntress had become so scarce!

One of the biggest surprises came when Princess Diana made her next visit to her mother, Queen Hippolyte on Paradise Island.  The Queen nearly fainted when she found that it was the cowled and masked passenger dressed in a body hugging purple catsuit with stiletto heeled black boots and wickedly clawed black gloves who got out of the invisible jet and was her daughter.  It was shortly arranged for Selina Kyle to become Hippolyte's adopted daughter, since she was now in the eternal body formed from clay.  While Princess Diana did still hold her title, it was acknowledged that since she was now in a body that would age and die, aside from the fact that she was known as a past criminal, she could no longer visit Paradise Island without an invitation.  As Catwoman, Diana herself felt no more need to do so.

Yes, it all turned out quite well for Princess Diana, AKA Catwoman.


It wasn't until three months after this event that one of the things Martian Manhunter and Zatanna had combined mental forces on came back to bring on more changes.

One night while she was very exhausted after one of her Friday night magic shows, Zatanna used a spell to transfer from the backstage of the theater in Miami, Florida to the bedroom of her home.  She was almost on autopilot while taking off her stage costume which looked no different from her Justice League outfit other than being more delicate.  Moments after hanging up her outfit in the closet, the beautiful magician was under the covers of her bed with her eyes shut tight.  Sleep came very quickly.

While she was sleeping, her brain was very active.  But instead of generating the normal type of dreams or nightmares, there was a suppressed identity residing in the back of her mind that had been completely forgotten about and was now reasserting itself since the normal identity was too exhausted to fight back.  As soon as this other identity felt completely in control with its opposition even more further squelched than before, it sent messages to the muscles of her body to awaken.

Zatanna sat up in her bed as her eyes went wide.  Then her new identity worked the mage's mouth to make it complete.  "I ma ylsuoivbo ton eht namow nwonk sa annataZ.  I tsum ekat no ym eurt mrof dna ytitnedi.  yM ydob skool yltcaxe ekil ratS s'erihppaS dna eerht fo eht semutsoc ni ym tesolc era rof ratS erihppaS.  erehT si a laer erihppas meg ni ym ksam.  oN regnol lliw sdrow nekops sdrawkcab eb cigam.  I am Star Sapphire!"

Zee's body and a few of the costumes in her closet changed, and she no longer knew of herself as Zatanna Zatara, her name was the same as the last time, Debbie Darnell.  But she also knew everything about what her role had been and would continue to be in the Legion of Doom.

Debbie got out of the bed and went to the closet to put on her black and magenta hued costume.  Within moments of her mask going on over her eyes and face and her gem becoming active, its power was used to bring Zatanna's long time maid to the bedroom.  Karen's still sleep laden eyes became wide and alert when she spotted Star Sapphire instead of her mistress in the room with her.  Before she could challenge the super villainess, a purple energy field formed around Karen.  "It would look odd if there suddenly was no Zatanna to do magic shows or fill her role with the Justice League.  I guess you're going to have to hire a new maid, Zatanna."  The purple energy disappeared, revealing not Karen in her nightie but Zatanna in her full costume.  "Don't bother trying to use your magic to stop me, witch," Sapphire told her, "I've made it so that your magic can never affect me."

Star Sapphire went back to the closet as Zatanna watched, and grabbed the old version of her costume and the spare that was in there.  She used her gem to zap them and the boots that went with them to her home on the other side of the country.  She was tempted to leave a few surprises for Zatanna amongst the costumes belonging to her in the closet, but decided fun and games could wait until later.  Sapphire snickered as she started to contemplate what her first priority should be, making life difficult for the Justice League and the rest of the world, or finding and challenging the other Star Sapphire for the right to the name.  "I am the only Star Sapphire.  I hope you're set for a good fight!" she uttered after making her decision.

Soon, two Star Sapphires who had each originally been heroines in the Justice League would find themselves in deadly battle.  A battle sure to be won by the one whose name was Debbie and had been Star Sapphire for a much longer time.  But it wouldn't be deadly in so far as the other Sapphire's life was concerned.  Debbie gave her opponent not only a new name and super vilainess identity, but a new costume.  Thus was begun the start of the Star Sapphire Corps.

None of the members of the Justice League ever found out that their backwards chanting team member was a totally new Zatanna.  The fact that she also went to Gotham occasionally and worked with Catwoman and her other kittens made her fit right in.

The End

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