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The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros. It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books. The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the authors.
 The number of burglaries in Gotham City had risen drastically lately. Precious gems, jewels, and art work were disappearing from the wealthy class all over the city. The rich citizens of Gotham wanted the crimewave stopped. The pressure was mounting on the Police Dept. to nab the culprit responsible for the thefts. Currently, the blame was being put on Gotham's top female criminal, Catwoman. Selina Kyle was on the police most wanted list.
 Selina was a thief by trade, but she had been trying very hard to go straight recently. She also wasn't the one committing the recent thefts in Gotham City. Someone was impersonating Catwoman, and pulling the heists. The fake Catwoman was also putting the blame on Selina, setting her up to take the fall. Selina knew that she'd have to capture the imposter to clear her name. Catwoman was still robbing people of their valuables, but she restricted herself to stealing from other criminals.
 Catwoman had been monitoring the police investigation, and was tracking the imposter. She had determined that the fake had a pattern to her thefts, and Selina figured the bitch was going to hit Gotham Towers next. So Selina donned her purple suit, and set out on the hunt. Catwoman had Gotham Towers staked out, and she awaited the imposter's arrival. And show she did.

The faux Catwoman appeared on the roof of the penthouse apartment of the building and broke into the home. She pried open the sliding glass door, and slinked into the apartment. The apartment belonged to the richest couple in the city. They were in Europe, so no one was home. The thief had the place to herself. Selina watched the fake's movements through her pair of binoculars, then jumped into action.
 Selina was quickly on the roof. She crept into the apartment and searched for her doppelganger. She was dressed in her full gear, which consisted of her purple and black costume, her gadgets, and her whip, with which she was deadly. The whip was curled up in her thigh-high black boot. Her cat claws were sharp and ready for trouble.
 The imposter was found in the bedroom, emptying out the contents of the safe. Selina quietly snuck into the bedroom unnoticed, and watched her twin at work. The fake Catwoman was sloppy, but she had potential. "Put the goodies back in the safe, you bitch!" Selina warned the imposter.
 The fake Catwoman whirled around in surprise, and faced the genuine article looming over her.
 "First, I don't like taking the blame for crimes I didn't commit. Second, I hate having some amateur copying my look and style. And third, I'm going to kick your scrawny ass and drop you off at the police station," Catwoman informed the imposter.
 The fake Catwoman stood to confront Selina, who took a second to admire the imposter's body. The catsuit fit the woman tightly, and accentuated her hips and tits. She was shorter than Catwoman, and not quite as well stacked. But she did have a nice body on her.
 The imposter's nipples were erect through the suit, and Selina was attracted to her. Selina was bisexual, and knew how to admire the beauty of the female form. This other Catwoman could make an interesting bed partner, she mused.
 The imposter decided to escape, and jumped into the air. She tumbled over Selina's head and landed on her feet in a crouch. She ran for the glass door; the fake was fast and agile. But, so was Selina Kyle.
 Catwoman chased the imposter and closed in on her. She grabbed the woman by the shoulder, and yanked her foe backwards. The imposter jerked back as she was knocked off balance. Selina spun the mimic around and punched her square in the face as hard as she could. The imposter's head snapped back from the blow and her mouth started bleeding. But she recovered very quickly, and kneed Catwoman in the stomach. Selina wheezed and dropped to the floor to her knees. She was doubled over, and the air had been expelled from her lungs.
 The imposter gave Catwoman a roundhouse kick to the chin, and she flopped backward as she smacked the floor with her body. Selina tasted the blood in her mouth, and this pissed her off even more. Catwoman let out an enraged feline hiss, and launched herself at the imposter.
 Both women crashed to the floor and fought visciously. The two females rolled around on the floor in an unbelievable catfight as the intense battle escalated. The imposter gained the advantage, and soon
 sat astride Catwoman's midsection. Selina was trapped under the fake, who had Catwoman's arms pinned down by her bent legs. Selina struggled furiously, but she could not free herself. The imposter smiled sadistically at Catwoman, and grabbed the sides of Selina's head with her own clawed hands. She then proceeded to pound Selina's head up and down on the hard floor, knocking the sense out of her.
 Catwoman was wracked by pain as she saw stars from the rough beating she was getting. Her head was smashed against the floor over and over. Selina got the impression that the imposter meant to do her serious harm, if she did not kill Catwoman first. Selina was starting to black out and was desperate. With her remaining strength, Catwoman freed her left arm. Her arm shot up and grabbed the fake's right breast. Selina wrenched the woman's tit hard, drawing a cry of pain from her opponent. Catwoman squeezed and twitsted the breast, making the fake think twice about hurting Selina again.
 Selina raked her claws across her opponent's chest, shredding the costume and drawing blood. The imposter screamed in torment and scampered off Selina. Catwoman sprang into the air and landed on her feet in a defensive stance. In a wild rage, Catwoman pounded on the imposter, and attacked her like a wildcat. Her razor sharp claws ripped apart the woman's costume and tore into her flesh. The imposter was cut and bleeding, but far from vanquished.
 The fake Catwoman did a quick backflip to put some distance between herself and Selina's fury. The woman was weak, and breathing hard. Her costume was in tatters and her right breast was expopsed, the crimson nipple being fully erect from the heat of battle. Catwoman was winning the fight, and seriously kicking her ass.
 The fake had to distract Catwoman so the feline felon could be subdued; it was was all part of the plan. The imposter had been committing the crimes with the aim being to draw out the real Catwoman.
 It mattered not that in her previous life, she had fought crime with a passion. She had so enjoyed becoming the new Catwoman that any connection to her past was long forgotten. She had but one goal now.
 Selina advanced on her foe to end the fight, when the fake suddenly turned to face Selina and took off her cowl. Selina stopped in her tracks, mouth agape and eyes wide in shock.
 "Barbara!" Selina stammered in surprise. The imposter was Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl! Catwoman knew Ms. Gordon was Batgirl. She and Barbara were friends, and on occasion, lovers. Selina was stunned. What was going on? Why was Barbara doing this? Batgirl's black wig came off, and her red hair fell down around her shoulders.
 "Hello, Selina!" Batgirl rasped in a terse voice.
 "Barbara, you've been robbing people and setting me up...why!?"
 "Because my Master ordered me to. We had to draw you out of hiding, and the best way to accomplish that was to make the good citizens of Gotham think you had returned to your life of crime. So I put on the catsuit and became Catwoman, and you got the blame. Master's plan worked perfectly," Barbara explained.
 "What the hell are you talking about?" Selina demanded. "The police are after me, and I'm on the run. I've got no place to go, and it's all your fault. How could you do this to me?"
 "The Master commanded me to trap you for him, and that's what I've done. I live to serve the Master, and I obey his every command. He is everything to me, and I would never disobey him. I told him about you, and he wants to give you the honor of joining his collection of slaves," Barbara said ominously.
 "This is insane!" Selina yelled in rage. "Who is this Master you are yammering about? What sort of hold does he have on you?"
 "He is called Thorne. But I call him Master, as will you. He is my lord and owner. I belong to him, and he has decided to extend his graces to you, and make you one of his Chosen. You don't know how lucky you are, Selina, to be selected by the Master and receive his gifts," Barbara explained.
 "I, too, was once foolish and disbelieved," she continued. "But the Master captured me and showed me the light. I know my true reason for existing now, to serve him! I am his, body, mind, and soul. I cannot live without him. Master owns a strip club, and he lets us work there as dancers. It's very exhilerating and arousing to take your clothes off for people. But you will see all this for yourself, once the Master embraces you into the fold."
 "Like hell he will!" Selina spat with venom in her voice. "You've been brainwashed by this Thorne, and you're under his control. Barbara, let me help you. We can beat him and free you," Selina told her.
 Barbara shook her head in resignation. "I understand how you feel, Selina. I resisted too, at first, but you'll feel differently after you meet Thorne."
 "Forget it, Barbara. I'm not going anywhere with you or Thorne," Catwoman retorted.
 "Then you leave me no choice, Selina. I am to bring you to Thorne, and I will not disobey my Master," Barbara warned her. With that, she took a small round object from her belt and tossed it toward Selina. The ball hit the floor and exploded with a flash, releasing a puff of green smoke that enveloped Catwoman.
 Selina jumped back alarmed, but it was already too late. She had breathed in the knockout gas, and it was taking effect. Catwoman choked on the gas and grew dizzy. Her head was cloudy, and she was sleepy. She tried to run, but Catwoman couldn't escape.
 Barbara had betrayed her, that was Selina's last thought as she succumbed to the gas and fell to the floor unconscious.
 Barbara replaced the black wig on her head, then brushed it out. She stripped the shredded costume from her body, then removed the intact costume from Selina. The now naked natural brunette was laid on the loveseat, then Barbara proceeded to put on the genuine Catwoman costume. Looking down at her vanquished lover, she said, "Now, Selina, I am the only Catwoman. You have lost the right to the name. Let's get you into some clothes so I can take you upstate to the estate, where you will start your new life!"
 Some clothes that would have been loose-fitting on their owner were removed from the closet and put on Selina, who filled them tightly. The Catwoman then carried her unconscious friend to the car she had waiting behind the building.
 * * * * *
 Selina awoke several hours later, dazed and weak. Her eyes slowly focused and took in her surrondings. She was in a large bedroom, but she had no idea of where she was. She tried to rise, but found she couldn't move. She looked down at her body, and screamed when she realized her predicament, but it was muffled. Selina was tied spreadeagled to the bed with a gag in her mouth, and she was naked!
 Her arms and legs were tied to the bed posts with leather straps. She pulled on the restraints, but they held firm. They had some slack, but only enough to allow her to squirm around on the bed. To top it
 off, she was also gagged. Selina was pissed. What had Thorne done to Barbara to turn her into his loyal slave, and an eager criminal? Babs had turned herself into a new Catwoman and baited Selina, and she had fallen into the trap. She was now strapped naked to a bed. Selina didn't know what to do or how to get out of this mess.
 The bedroom door opened, and Barbara walked into the room. She had on a short blue silk robe that just barely concealed her crotch. She smiled lustily at the bound and gagged Selina Kyle. "I'm glad to see you're finally awake, lover," she said. "I'd like to welcome you to Thorne's private estate. We're on the outskirts of Gotham, and only the Master knows we're here. So don't expect any last second rescues. I have to soften you up for Master's arrival, so I get to start training you tonight. I can't wait!" Barbara smirked.
 Selina thrashed on the bed and screamed into the gag. But her vocals came out like muffled chirps. Barbara untied her robe and let it drop to the floor. She, too, was now naked. Despite the danger she was in, Selina found herself becoming aroused by the sight of the nude heroine.
 In their past relations, Catwoman had always been the aggressor, with Batgirl being the recipient of her ministrations. But now, Barbara was in charge, and Selina found herself secretly wanting to be dominated by Batgirl. Barbara climbed on the bed and crawled between Selina's spread legs. Babs laid on her stomach and licked her lips as she ogled Selina's exposed vagina. Selina had a thick tuft of black pubic hair on her mound, and her pussy lips were long and slender. As Barbara knew, Selina had a nice tight cunt.
 Barbara leaned her face inward toward Selina's cunt, and inhaled the woman's vaginal scent. Her smell was intoxicating. Selina groaned in despair, for she knew what would happen next. Babs opened her mouth and snaked her tongue into the folds of Selina's burning sheathe. Selina moaned and arched her back as Barbara's tongue made contact with her enflamed pussy. The familiar tongue lapped at her dripping cunt. Selina tried to resist, but the urges building within her were too strong. She could feel her will power slipping away.
 Barbara slowly and expertly licked at Selina's sopping pussy as she had done so many times before. She pried apart the brunette's nether lips with her fingers, and drank deeply of her love juice. Selina
 squirmed about uncomfortably as she tried to pull her genitals away from the woman's face.
 Barbara was very good at orally stimulating her pussy; Selina had taught Batgirl well to be a talented cunt-eater, and was now finding out just how good a student she'd been. She was driving Selina mad with desire. Selina began to grind her hips against Barbara's face. Her pelvis rotated in small circles as she brushed her pussy up against Barbara's hungry mouth. Selina tried to beg Babs to stop her cunt
 lapping, but she could not speak clearly because of the gag in her mouth.
 Selina twitched and quivered upon the bed. Barbara's tongue sought out and found her clitoris. Her tongue slithered up and down the glistening slit, and then turned to her sensitive button. The
 ex-heroine's tongue swirled around the tiny button, and slowly sucked the nub into her mouth. Selina groaned and tossed back her head as she was growing more and more excited. Her defenses were crumbling under Barbara's oral attack.
 Barbara fastened her mouth on Selina's throbbing clit, and gently sucked on the knob until Selina was panting and writhing in response. Selina tried to resist, but she had to give in to her sexual instincts. Her body was aroused and primed for sex, and she had no control over the situation. Barbara's teeth playfully nipped at her love knob, and that sent Selina over the brim. A strong orgasm suddenly washed over Selina's shuddering body. Her lower torso rippled in waves as she frantically humped her crotch up and down on Barbara's face. Selina howled into the gag as she came.
 Selina pumped her hips up and down in desparation, trying to get more of Barbara's tongue into her private region. She eagerly swayed her hips to meet Barbara's sucking mouth. Selina could hold back no longer. She was lost to the throes of her climax. Her nipples were erect and her fat tits jiggled on her chest as she spasmed on the bed. She wantonly yelled into her gag as she came. It was one of the most
 intense cums she'd ever had.
 The fact that she was being humiliated and dominated by the woman who had once been Batgirl, and bound and gagged, made the sexual assault all that much stronger for her. All her emotions and senses were magnified. It made Selina think that perhaps she was a latent submissive, and she longed to be dominated.
 Barbara contiued to eat Selina's cunt, and drove her to several more climaxes. She kept her on the brink, never letting her come down from her orgasmic high. Selina climaxed over and over, never being allowed to crest and finish. The endless orgasms wracked her body and mind. Her tits and cunt became super sensitive, and she came at the slightest touch. Selina was beginning to lose her mind and sanity as she slowly became a creature of solely instinct. She couldn't think, and she was turning into a drooling idiot.
 Thorne had put Batgirl through her paces, and as a result, she was a very sexual person now. Her whole existance evolved around sex, so Barbara was very well schooled about intercourse. She knew countless ways to make a person cum, and to give pleasure. She was one of Thorne's best pupils.
 Selina was soon a nervous wreck and babbling incoherently. She had never cum so long and hard in all her born days. She had nearly forgotten her own name and identity. Selina was tired, but Babs wasn't
 about to let her rest. Barbara climbed on top of Selina and started rubbing her naked body against Selina's own. The older woman was a livewire, and every touch ignited the fires in her body even more.
 Barbara slowly rubbed her abundant breasts against Selina's larger endowments. Selina gasped as her tits melded with Barbara's swollen golden globes. She was made to climax yet again as both sets of breasts slid against each other, their hard nipples flicking back and forth. In her past life, Batgirl had always been obsessed with Catwoman's large tits.
 Selina panted and gurgled as her melons were massaged by Barbara's orbs. She slid down Selina's body and cupped her large tits with her hands. Babs lowered her mouth and fastened her ruby lips on Selina's hard nipple. She started sucking on the pointed tip, and Selina cooed softly.
 Barbara squeezed Selina's tits together and alternated between sucking her red nipples. Her tongue grazed across the elongated tips. Selina's face showed her building lust as her tits were accosted by
 the redhead's greedy mouth. She whimpered as Barbara's teeth brushed her nipples and tugged on her teats.
 Selina arched her back and offered her giant boobs to Barbara. She wiggled on top of Selina and made her respond against her will. Selina twisted helplessly on the bed as she was worked like a musical instrument. The tied up beauty was frazzled and frustrated. Their pelvises slowly ground together, giving both of the women great pleasure.
 Babs slid down to Selina's cunt, and sank her fingers into her seething pit. Her fingers sawed in and out of Selina's flustered furrow. Selina writhed on the bed, and drove her starved pussy down on Barbara's hand. She rolled and undulated her wide hips up and down in wild abandon, to the extent that her bonds let her.
 Barbara grinned smuggly. Selina was losing control, and would soon be broken. The aphrodisiac she had injected Selina with earlier was doing its job very well. Selina was hot, and rutting like a bitch in heat.
 Selina flailed rabidly on the bed as she came, causing the restraints to grow taut and dig into her wrists and ankles. She convulsed and trembled like a woman possessed as she was induced to climax again and again. Selina's body contorted and rippled as the orgasms consumed her. Her pelvis gyrated in circles and swayed side to side as she drew the digits of her mistress' hand deeper into her cunt.
 Barbara pounded her fingers into Selina's cunt without mercy. Selina suddenly arched skyward and her body bowed in an arc. Her eyes fluttered and rolled back in her head. Her head flopped about listlessly, without direction. Selina howled in ectasy as she was smacked by the tidal waves of orgasm.
 Her fits eventually subsided, and Selina slumped to the bed exhausted. Her eyes were closed and she was smiling. She had never experienced such exquisite bliss. Her body was sheened with sweat. Selina opened her eyes and saw the naked Barbara looming above her, holding a four foot riding crop in her hand. Selina screamed in terror as the next phase of her training started.
 Barbara raised the riding crop and brought it down harshly against Selina's jello-like tits. She screamed in agony as the crop cut into her tit flesh. Her breasts shook and wobbled as Barbara rained blows down on Selina's tits over and over. Her tits stung and were raw from the whiping she recieved. Babs smiled sadistically as she beat the helpless Selina Kyle. She shrieked in pain as she was punished by Babs. Selina had never known such horrible pain in all her life.
 The riding crop slashed into her pussy and she squealed in mortal agony. Her body was criss-crossed with red welts. Her cuts were burning and bleeding. Barbara was destroying her body and mind. Selina
 was turning into a withered husk, and her mind was being shattered beyond repair by the torture. Barbara was aroused as she made Selina suffer. The anguish on the woman's face was exciting her. Barbara rubbed her tits and shuddered as a small climax washed through her system.
 Selina sobbed hysterically, trying to plead with Barbara to stop the beating and show mercy. But this only egged on her supposed friend to increase Selina's torment. She lashed Selina with renewed vigor. She had a crazed look in her eyes as she revelled in destroying Selina.
 Selina's will and mind crumbled as she fell victim to Barbara's discipline. Her mind shattered as she was reduced to a snivelling, cowering, drooling idiot. Selina was ready to do anything to halt the pain. Babs took the riding crop and placed the thick, wide handle between Selina's outstretched legs. She squawked in protest at what was coming next. Barbara gathered her strength and ruthlessly jammed the handle of the riding crop into Selina's flogged cunt hole.
 Selina shrilled loudly as the crop was shoved into her ravaged twat. Her body shot upward as she strained at her bonds. But she could not escape her dark fate. The youngster that she herself had once raped and taught the pleasures of sexual pain took twisted pleasure in raping Selina. She grabbed her clit with her fingers and raked her nails across the button.
 Barbara viciously fucked the crop in and out of Selina's trounced pussy. The brunette bucked and railed wildly from the force of her thrusts. The riding crop slid in and out Selina's dry cunt. The crop
 drove deeply into her sore vagina, and made ground beef of her insides. Barbara giggled as she rammed the crop into Selina's tortured box. She twisted the handle around in her cunt and tore up Selina's womb. Barbara ripped at her clit and pinched the love knob with wicked glee on her face.
 The rape of Selina continued, and she started to enjoy the rape. She could no longer tell the difference between pleasure and pain. The line that separated the two feelings blurred. Barbara made Selina cum on the riding crop, and she yelled out as she was overcome by still more climaxes that made her weakened mind reel. She soon wanted and needed the pain that came from Barbara's hands. Selina begged Barbara to beat and rape her until she shed tears over it.
 Selina came even harder as her mind was torn asunder and her personality changed. She was Barbara's pain slut, and the redhead was the giver of pleasure and pain. Selina quickly devolved into a primitive animal nature, and she wanted to become Barbara's slave. Babs smiled in triumph; Selina Kyle had at last been broken.
 * * * * *
 Thorne arrived at the estate several hours later. He couldn't wait to open his present from Batgirl. He raced up the stairs and entered the bedroom. Barbara greeted him wearing a red silk teddy that was
 transparent. "Welcome home, Master," she smiled radiantly. The young redhead slinked over to him, and gave Thorne a passionate kiss.
 "How did it go?" he asked.
 "See the results for yourself, my lord," Gordon beamed at him.
 Barbara left the room and went into the sitting room. She did a quick change into her Catwoman costume, then returned with a leash in her hand. On the other end of the leash was a naked Selina Kyle. She had a leather collar around her neck and she had a purple bow ribbon in her hair. The leash was clipped to the collar.
 "Ah, the new Catwoman!" Thorne exclaimed. "I must say, Barbara, that you have really taken nicely to your new identity. I presume this means that you have truly taken Selina's place?"
 "Only if you wish, Master," Catwoman replied, as she bowed submissively.
 Thorne studied his new toy. Before him stood a broken woman. She had big, plump tits and she had red welts all over her body. Selina stood before him humbled. Her head was lowered and her eyes were downcast. She had been told not to look up at the Master unless she was addressed. She had been cleaned and bathed in preparatin of his arrival.
 Her pubic mound was devoid of hair; she was now bald between the legs. Barbara had ripped out Selina's pubic hair with tape. It had been another depraved act done to her. Thorne liked her without pussy hair, she'd have to keep the hair shaved off her crotch. Her arms were handcuffed behind her back.
 Barbara yanked on the leash and the collar tightened around the submissive's neck. "What are you waiting for, whore? Go greet your Master properly," Catwoman demanded.
 "Yes, Mistress," Selina answered demurely. Selina approached Thorne and knelt in front of him submissevly. She never once looked up at his face.
 Thorne lifted her head, and said, "Look to me."
 Selina did as he commanded. She felt her mind opening up. "Hello, Master. I am your whore, Selina. I am your slave, and I am a slut, please use me as you see fit. I live to serve you and the Mistress. I
 shall do whatever you command, Master. You can fuck my mouth, asshole, or slutty cunt. Fuck me any way you desire, I love to fuck and suck. I can never have enough cock, I am your pussy. I will fuck all the men and women you want me to, I will fuck animals if that is your wish. I will fuck anyone or anything that you want me to. Please use me, Master!" Selina concluded. Barbara had made her memorize that pledge, and practice it until she knew it by heart.
 Selina looked at him with adoring eyes, waiting for his orders. She had meant every word she of her oath. She was totally devoted to Master and Mistress.
 Thorne nodded his head in approval. He turned to Catwoman and said, "Good work, slut. You did a good job training Selina."
 "Thank you, Master. I'm glad you are pleased. She is ready to serve your needs," Barbara told him. She was happy that Master liked her work.
 "Your job here is almost completed for now," Thorne told her. "If you wish to go out and create some more havoc before getting back to the club, Catwoman, you have my permission. Just wait until I have finished with Selina."
 Catwoman purred. "Meeeeooowwwwwrrrrr! Thank you, Master!" The no longer faux Catwoman then turned and moved back out of the way, with Thorne grinning from ear to ear about what he'd done to the ex-Batgirl.
 Thorne turned his attention to the devastated Ms. Kyle. He took off the cuffs, but Selina kept her arms behind her back. Thorne reached down and groped her heavy tits. Selina moaned as he felt her breasts
 and tweaked the erect nipples. Selina lowered her head and nuzzled his arm like a pet cat. Her mental faculties had pretty much been reduced to that of a house cat. She purred as Thorne fondled her ample bosom.
 "Assume the postion!" he snapped. Selina nodded her understanding. A thrill ran through her as she realized that the Master was going to use her slutty body. She got on her hands and knees and presented her backside to Thorne. He had full access to her pussy and asshole.
 Thorne took off his clothes and got behind Selina. He placed his hard cock against her wet slit and prepared to mount her. Selina dared to look back at him and begged, "Please fuck me, Master!"
 Thorne put his hands on her thick hips, then lunged forward with brutal force. He drove his large cock all the way into Selina's cunt. She chirped in pain as she was raped by his big cock, but she loved it,
 the rougher she was treated, the more she liked it. Her cunt was still tender from the beating and raping Barbara had given her earlier. Thorne pulled back and rammed his meat into her again.
 Thorne plunged in and out of her pussy with blinding speed. Her body rocked and swayed from the force of Thorne's pistoning motions. Her tits wobbled and shook under her in opposite directions. The pain she felt was wonderful; she begged Master to hurt her more, and he drilled into her harder and harder. His boring cock slammed into her cunt over and over, turning her insides to mush. Selina had never been fucked by such a big cock before. She gasped as she was filled with his raging manhood.
 Thorne concentrated, and his prick grew another two inches in her body. Selina lifted her right hand and started pawing her balloon tits. She groped and kneaded her milk sacs. Thorne fixed his gaze on her tits and activated his mind powers. She felt a tingling sensation in her breasts; they felt heavy and ladden. Her tits swelled in size as they filled with milk. He was causing Selina to lactate, and her breasts
 were producing milk.
 The milk dripped from her elongated nipples and formed two small puddles on the floor as the milk dripped from her breasts. Catwoman, who had been off to the side watching the scene and masturbating, decided to get some of the action. Barbara crawled under Selina and laid on her back with her face directly under Selina's tits. She fastened her lips around Selina's nipples and sucked the milk into her mouth. Catwoman proceeded to milk Selina's tits, and drank their contents. She nursed on the tits until they were drained. Selina shuddered as she came; the fucking and mouth action overwhelmed her.
 Ms. Kyle threw back her head and screamed in delight as she came. She was ecstatic to be breast feeding Mistress, and getting reamed by Master at the same time. Selina shoved back on to his sawing cock as he dove into her churning cunt tube. She was euphoric as her pleasure and pain meshed into one indistinguishable emotional state. Barabara emptied her tits, and then left the room as Thorne ordered her to do so. Gotham City was about to be visited by a renewed Catwoman.
 Thorne fucked Selina long and hard. Her mental state was decaying rapidly. She cried out as she came on his driving cock. Her ass cheeks smacked against his thighs as their bodies connected. Thorne continued his onslaught and Selina shouted as she climaxed with him.
 Thorne grunted and his body tensed. His cock suddenly exploded in Selina's savaged cunt, shooting thick ropes of hot cum into her pussy. Selina screamed anew as she felt him cum inside her. Her cunt filled with his sticky sperm, and it soon dribbled out from between her pussy lips. She begged him for his cum, and he planted his seed deep into her womb. Selina was glad to be the recepticle for his semen. Her cunt milked him dry. After Thorne finished cumming, he pulled out of her pussy, and Selina eagerly cleaned his cock with her mouth.
 He was hard again in seconds, and he made Selina suck his cock. Thorne deposited three loads of cum into her belly. By the end of it, Selina was plastered with cum. She had cum all over her face and tits.
 She rubbed his sperm into her tits like it was sun tan lotion. She grovelled at his feet like a junkie, and begged him to fuck her again.
 Thorne's next step was to have Selina dance at the Justice Club as his latest stripper. She would be a fine addition to his stable of slaves. But he first had to complete his domination of her. Selina looked up at him and smiled. Thorne gazed at her, and said in a forbodding voice, "Selina, look into my eyes!"
 She did as he instructed, and saw that his eyes were glowing...
 * * * * *
 Selina was kept at the estate for a week, to allow the welts on her skin to subside. All the while, Barbara worked at training her for the role she would be playing at the club; this left very little time for Catwoman to be out on the town. Wonder Girl and Fairchild gave the eager patrons of the club heroic performances, but the best act they'd seen, Batgirl, or rather, Anygirl, was dearly missed. They had become quite fond of Barbara doing her act in so many different costumes, stripping out of each of them to give the crowd her raw show. Wonder Girl and Fairchild announced each night that Barbara would be returning to the stage on Friday night, with a new act that would floor them.
 The promotions during the week paid off. Friday night, the Justice Club was not just SRO, it was shoulder to shoulder for all of Batgirl's new fans. Wonder Girl went on stage to get the crowd loose, and by the time she'd worked her lithe, young body into a frenzy, they were hot. As Wonder Girl oozed her way off the stage, the crowd started chanting, "Bat-girl, Bat-girl..."
 The announcer came onto the stage, waving the frantic throng into a more sedate mode. "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Justice Club is proud to present your favorite dancer, the one you've missed for two weeks, the one and only...Batgirl! But wait, Batgirl is being chased by her new partner..."
 The lights dimmed.
 Batgirl came slinking out onto the stage, dressed in her traditional black and yellow costume. A spotlight hit her, and she threw her arms back in alarm, thrusting her seemingly larger tits forward. Murmurs started spreading in the crowd, " a boob job in that two weeks, huh?..."
 Then Batgirl turned in fear as a whip cracked behind her.
 Catwoman stepped onto the stage, her body draped in royal purple with black gloves and thigh high boots. She wrapped her whip around Batgirl's ample chest and arms. Catwoman pushed Batgirl to her knees, then bent to pull her chin up. Catwoman gave Batgirl a full mouth kiss, then slapped her with the back of her hand to avoid clawing her face. Batgirl looked down meekly, then bent to kiss Catwoman's boots.
 Batgirl then rose, wiggling her body until the whip fell into a coil at her feet. Catwoman then put a claw under her chin, leading her forward. Catwoman picked up her coiled whip, and stuck it into the top of her right boot, then made her way to a spot directly behind Batgirl. Her clawed hands reached around to fondle Batgirl's breasts, then pinched the aroused nipples. As Batgirl reached up, Catwoman placed a knee between her legs and pushed upward until she was rubbing Batgirl's crotch with her leather clad upper thigh.
 Catwoman then grabbed Batgirl's hands, and started pulling off her yellow gloves. The yellow cape was unclipped from her shoulders, and tossed aside. The two women were now clad in no more than their skin tight catsuits, cowls and boots, and did a slow act of feeling up and groping each other, spandex rubbing upon spandex, yellow heels locking with black heels. Catwoman unzipped Batgirl's unitard, then made a show of helping her to pull it down past her monstrous tits, and finally baring her smoothly shaved pussy. The unitard was pulled down past each boot, leaving Batgirl clad in only her yellow cowl and knee high boots.
 Batgirl then turned and did the same for Catwoman, only more erotically. Batgirl grabbed the claws of first the right, then the left glove with her teeth, and then gingerly pulled the glove off each arm. She crouched low and maneuvered her way behind Catwoman, then pulled the whip up and out of its resting spot as she rose. Batgirl hugged Catwoman from behind, then massaged her purple orbs. She lifted Catwoman's hair, giving her access to the back of her neck. Batgirl flicked her tongue across the nape, then nibbled with her teeth. Catwoman reached with her own hands to fondle her breasts while Batgirl nibbled, then lowered one hand to caress her crotch while Batgirl grabbed the zipper with her teeth and pulled it down to the top of her ass.
 Batgirl made a show of pulling the purple away from Catwoman's body, and when it fell below her crotch, more murmuring started in the unnaturally quiet crowd. The red haired bush they saw looked awfully familiar. At that point, both Batgirl and Catwoman stood facing the center crowd, hands on hips and legs spread defiantly. Anticipation built like a wildfire in the once again hushed audience. Then, in one fluid motion, Batgirl and Catwoman each reached up to pull off their cowls. They shook their heads in unison, red and black hair streaming outward. Again, the two vixens stood motionless, hair settling into a fall down each of their backs and framing their tits, letting the tension build in the audience. Each left hand then reached up to the scalp, and the red and black wigs came flying off.
 The crowd roared in glee! The big titted Batgirl turned out to be a new dancer, who some quick-witted types realized to be Catwoman. The dominatrix dressed in the Catwoman costume was their own favorite, Batgirl, doing a new role for her act. Barbara and Selina then went into a syncronized act, each mirroring the other's motions. The act Barbara had done to get the worship of the crowd was being done in double. They went to the poles, first giving their pussies a good rubdown. Then Barbara hooked her black booted right leg around the base of her pole, Selina hooked her yellow booted left leg around her pole, and the two leaned toward each other, just reaching to kiss.
 Coming off the poles, the women went into the 69 position to tongue each other's clits, then writhed seductively around each other in tune to the music. Selina then stepped to the back of the stage, letting her Mistress, Barbara, have center stage to give the crowd what they craved. By the time she was covered in sweat, with every muscle of her body aching, Barbara had the audience in a frenzy. Once again, her limp body had to be carried off the stage, but with great care and reverance, now.
 Barbara was so good that she almost made the crowd forget about the new dancer who was working her first night at the Justice Club.
 While Barbara was being majestically carried off the stage, the music was still playing softly, in a sort of building tempo. Then, in an outstanding display of coordination, the music blared, all lights went out save a spotlight on center stage, and Selina leapt into the spotlight. The training Barbara had given her for the week at the estate showed. Selina's body may have been slightly older than Barbara's, Wonder Girl's or Fairchild's, but it was incredibly lithe, with energy to spare. The contortions she went through to give the Justice Club's patrons their fill were heretofore unseen at the club. The cat-like motions that Selina had used all her life became the ultimate in sexual display.
 Selina's huge tits were a prime target of the crowd's stares, and she worked them in a fanatical way to please them. The splits and stretches she was able to do made the crowd wonder if they were seeing an adult oriented dance show or an Olympic gymnastic event. Selina made a point of holding back from her full potential in her act, because she did not want to surpass her Mistress and take her place in the crowd's favor. When she had finished giving the crowd a sampling of her catty sexual moves, Selina stood in full-strengthed glory, then bowed to let her massive chest hang for an encore presentation. She turned and marched strongly off the stage, to join her Mistress in the office, making sure Barbara was okay. The crowd was screaming its approval.
 Thorne was pleased with Selina's progress. She was an excellent strippper, and she really got into her knew role as his sex slave. He left the stage area and went to his office where Selina and Barbara awaited his appearence. They were already enjoying each other when he got there. Thorne knew he had to start making plans for his next addtion to the Justice Club employee roster.
 To be continued. By Yenoc and Steve.

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