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 Sequel to: Robin, The Girl Wonder

The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros. It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books. The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author.
 Batman was finding that working with the newest Robin to enter the Batman and Robin team was interesting, to say the least. Technically, this Robin had the mind with all the accrued crime fighting skills that he'd worked alongside for the past three years. The body within the costume was another matter, however. Tina filled out the Robin costume she'd devised very nicely, and while she proved to be a nice distraction to some of the crooks they had to fight, she also caught the eye of Batman himself far too much for the good of the team. 

 When Bruce asked Tina one day just why she'd wanted to stay in that body, instead of going back to being Tim, she told him that she had found so much more to enjoy with her new body than he had ever found in his male form. Bruce tried to argue that Tim hadn't yet reached an age where his male body could experience some of the joys it could bring. Tina told him that he'd snuck in enough activities, that she didn't want to discuss, while he'd been in school, to give her plenty of memories of what the male body could do. She had compared, and decided on her female form as the way to live the rest of her life.
 Tina didn't have the heart, however, to tell Bruce why she hadn't been in on so many evenings. The part of Tina that Harley had turned into a nymphomaniac was still there, and she was building up a slush fund of her own almost every night, on the streets of Gotham City.

It was already a foregone conclusion that Tina would have to find a new place to live, because of two things. Tim's parents had been told of an unfortunate accident that occurred during his camping trip, and that his body was never found. It was a crime to lie to them that way, but there weren't any easy ways to tell them that their Tim just didn't really exist any more, other than as a mind within a beautiful female body. This, of course, also took Tim out of the school system. The other reason she'd be looking for a place to live was that Wayne Manor was not the place for a nubile young woman to reside. Bruce had no idea that Tina was building up her own funds, and while she was in temporary residence, he worked on setting up a trust fund and also a working account that Tina could use to get herself started in a new home.
 After working side by side with the new Robin for only a few short weeks, Batman had to call it quits. She was becoming just too much of a distraction for him to operate at his best capacity in fighting crime. Batman had noticed how well Robin fit in with Batgirl on the missions they'd undergone together, and decided that from the moment that Tina moved into her own apartment, she would also become a team member with Batgirl. Batman would go back to working solo, for the time being, anyway, while Batgirl and Robin would be the new Dynamic Duo.
 When it came time for Tina to move out, all of Robin's equipment was moved to the special hideaway that was built adjacent to her apartment, but her access to the cave and its computers was still open. What neither Batman nor Robin gave much heed to was the Repartee costume which had been found in Tina's bag after her night in jail, and placed into the private display area of the cave. It stayed when Tina left.
 Besides her work with Batgirl, Robin also tried to persuade her old teammates in Young Justice that she was really who she said she was, and could still perform as an active member of the group. There had been some question of where Robin had been for the past few weeks, and the explanation now became obvious. The look of shock on her Young Justice teammate's faces was a Kodak moment that Tina wished she had on film. She did a few exercises in the group's training gym with the others to prove she could still manage just as well as before.
 Initially, there wasn't any problem, and Wonder Girl and Arrowette were especially pleased to have such a well endowed teammate on their side of the group, and Secret, though extremely puzzled about the change, was eager to ally herself with Robin to help her adjust. She felt a bit of a kinship with Robin, because of their shared differences from the norm. Soon the same problem that hit Batman hit Superboy and Impulse, however. Both were young males with hyperactive sex drives, and Tina's presence proved to be too much for them to handle.
 While Impulse was not exactly enamored with women due to his actual very young age, the pheromones exuded by Tina's body affected his body's teenaged hormones, and caused him to just plain drool over Robin. Superboy couldn't quite figure out what to do. He couldn't get over how good looking Robin was, and found himself staring quite a bit. Deep down, he knew this babe used to be his male friend Robin, though, and that gave Superboy an interesting conflict of values. His body argued that this was a hot chick to get it on with, while his mind countered that this was a friend who, deep inside, was a male. For the most part, Superboy's body won the argument, and he fawned over Robin like there was no tomorrow.
 Wonder Girl was none too pleased with this, since she had the hots for Superboy, and had been trying to get him to fall for her as well. As much as she liked having the new Robin as a teammate, Wonder Girl hated her for stealing her man. She worried that her jealousy could interfere in a critical situation.
 Tina decided on her own to leave the group after only a few visits, to get herself settled down a bit, and let Superboy get her out of his system. She was unaware at the relief expressed by Wonder Girl. Robin reluctantly bade her old friends good-bye. She would be always available as a reserve element, of course, and would wait for another day when she could participate with the group regularly. Robin made sure that her computer at the apartment was tied in with theirs for quick reaction capability.
 Her new apartment turned out to be just what Tina needed, because the security it provided for Robin's activities also paid off for her other nighttime job. She soon filled the closets of every room in the apartment, leaving her Robin operations room as the only place where there was room for anything more to be hung. Wisely, she used none of Bruce Wayne's endowment for these purchases, and utilized that for basic life necessities and bills.
 Tina's apartment was not far from Barbara Gordon's, and the two girls saw each other quite a bit, aside from their crime fighting. Tina kept her street life away from her relationship with Barbara, however, because she was almost certain that the quasi-criminal activity would not sit well with her. Tina herself was doing a bit of value juggling, because a part of herself told her that what she was doing was illegal. The part of her that presided, however, told her that the oldest profession was merely another way of making money, and only prudes had any problem with that. Tina was hardly a prude, and enjoyed immensely what she did.
 * * * * *
 Almost as soon as she'd been taken back to good old Arkham, Harley Quinn found Mr. J to tell him about her exploits. Joker nearly throttled his accomplice for going out on her own like that, and that was the straw that broke the camel's back. Harley had put up with a lot of abuse from her puddin' in the past year, and she'd toyed with the idea of using some of Poison Ivy's mind control juice on him, but decided to call it quits. As far as she was concerned, Joker could find a new henchwoman, if anyone was stupid enough to join in with him. She was smart enough to know when to abandon ship. There were other friends she could work with, and as soon as she flew the coop, Harley knew of one accomplice she could easily get back into her hands.
 Harley met with Poison Ivy on a number of occasions, and was glad to find out that Pamela would work with her on a regular basis. Ivy was pleased to no end to find how readily Harley had used the mind control chemical. However, when she told Harley that putting it on the dildo may have been a good lubricant, but couldn't have aided the amount breathed into Tina's lungs, Harley frowned. Pamela reassured her that she had the right idea, and brought back a grin to the blonde's face. Harley was told of a place to find a further supply of the chemical, and Ivy grinned herself when she was told that Harley's next escape would be on the following morning.
 It also struck Pamela that Harley seemed to be becoming more and more a scheming, intelligent young woman, while becoming less and less the ditzy clutz she'd been while tied closely to Joker.
 One would think that the authorities at Arkham Asylum would learn after Ms. Quinn slipped out of their hands so many times, but her own tricky mind, and their antiquated security policies, guaranteed her latest jaunt to freedom. Instead of her usual trip out with the laundry, Harley decided to use subterfuge. The sessions of the past few mornings had given Harley a good pattern of activities for the psychiatrist who checked on each of the female inmates, and she also noted that they shared a hair color.
 Poison Ivy had given Harley a small portion of the mind control chemical. When the psychiatrist entered her cell, Harley talked with her a bit before wafting a bit of pepper in her direction while she looked down to take notes. When the doctor sneezed, Harley offered her a handkerchief. This handkerchief had been impregnated by Harley earlier with an additional gift from Poison Ivy, some succinyl choline to temporarily paralyze the good doctor. It was gladly accepted, and while rubbing her nose, she inhaled strongly. The elements of the chemical entered the doctor's system, and her movements slowed. Harley took the hanky from her hands, and replaced it with one soaked in the mind control chemical. She then placed it over the doctor's nose, so that she would breathe in a full dose.
 Harley waited patiently as the chemical worked its way to her captive's brain, and the paralytic wore off. While this was happening, she stripped herself of her prison wear. After a short wait, she saw the doctor's hand twitch, and Harley began her work.
 "Dr. Melrose," Harley said, "you will hear and obey everything I say. Do you understand?"
 "I do," she said in a monotone.
 "Take off all your clothes, including your underwear." The doctor complied. Harley removed the pile of clothes from the floor where the doctor had dropped them, then laid her prison garb in the doctor's lap. "Now, your new clothes are in your lap. Put them on."
 The doctor proceeded to put on the simple grey underwear and coveralls, then sat in silence while Harley put on the doctor's pretty pink underwear, suntan pantyhose, white cotton blouse, and pale blue skirt and jacket. She was glad the psychiatrist had been wearing a pair of black high heeled boots, because Harley found that her feet were a bit smaller than the doctor's. She could hide this easier in boots that covered her feet than with shoes. The doctor's feet easily fit into the canvas sneakers that had been Harley's, even though they were a tad small for her.
 "What name is on your name tag?" Harley asked.
 "Quinzel, Harleen," the doctor replied.
 "Then who are you?"
 "I am Harleen Quinzel, better known as Harley Quinn, as I'm sure you know, doctor." And she was now a differently named doctor.
 "Very good, now remember that. Harley, you do know all about your criminal past, and the way you like to behave, don't you?" the real thing asked. The doctor's memories of working with Ms. Quinn for on and off periods over the past few years were turned into a working mind for her.
 "That's silly, of course I know my own life! Why wouldn't I?"
 "Harley, your voice doesn't sound quite right. Are you okay? Can you try and sound more like the way you should?"
 In an almost perfect replication of Harley's lilting voice, she replied, "I was just kiddin' around. Sorry, Doc. Do I sound okay now?"
 "Yes, Harley, you sound like you're in perfect shape. Don't you think your hair looks strange without your ponytails, though? And what are you doing with makeup on your face? Don't you know that is against regulations?"
 The new Harley went to the sink and washed off the makeup so carefully applied earlier in the morning. While she was doing so, the old Harley undid her own ponytails and worked her hair into a bun similar to the one Dr. Melrose had been wearing. She used the Doctor's makeup kit in her purse to work her own face into something close to the Doctor's. A dab of makeup was used here and there sparingly to make the Doctor look a bit more like Harley, and with her hair done up, she could easily pass anything more than a close inspection.
 The mind control would hold for at least two weeks, and even if the authorities found that the person in the cell wasn't who she thought she was, Harley still had at least a day or two before it would become obvious. The next stop on her visit list was Poison Ivy, and Pamela was more than a bit astonished when she heard what her slightly different looking doctor had to say. It was quite a bit different from the usual morning drivel. Harley made plans for their eventual joining of forces once Ivy was released or otherwise freed, and was told by Pamela where all her chemical supplies were hoarded.
 Since she had been a psychiatrist herself, Harley had no problem faking her way through the next two interviews, which would be her last for the day. When she finished, she flashed her ID at the guards on the way out, and Harley was once again free from Arkham. She used the doctor's own car to head straight for her old hideout. Since it was known to the Joker also, she collected all of her supplies, and proceeded to a new location that she'd scoped out a few months earlier.
 The new site was not one amenable to animals, so Harley was glad that her hyenas were still in the hands of one of Joker's henchmen, who would continue to care for them without knowing where to find her. The last thing she did before securing her new home was to make sure there was still an adequate charge on the batteries in her new toy. They showed an eighty-seven percent charge, so Harley put it away, with visions in her head of some new female friends she could make. As a psychiatrist, she was going to have much more fun turning certain people into totally different persons. The Harley Quinn that was finally freed of the Joker's direct influence was a villainess with a gifted mind for mayhem.
 * * * * *
 The criminal element within Gotham City was at a real loss. Batman operated by himself most of the time, which was almost a natural for him. Batgirl and Robin worked their own areas, complementing Batman's work. On the occasions when the team operated as a threesome, they were a sight to behold. The skill with which they blended their abilities and worked as a coordinated team was almost too much to believe. Robin had been the combining factor there, in bringing to Batgirl all the particular habits drilled in by Batman during the time they'd operated together. Effectively, this meant there was now a three member team all working on the same plane. After getting over his initial shock, whenever Nightwing came to visit, there was hell to pay for the criminals.
 There was one night that had Batman occupied on the wharves, and Batgirl and Robin were patrolling the garment district. They were a bit surprised at the help they got when an alarm sounded at one of the furriers. Catwoman was on her good side again, for the time being, and provided another skilled pair of hands and other nifty body parts in helping to subdue the four man team of robbers. Batgirl came real close to introducing Robin more than casually to Catwoman, but the situation didn't quite allow it. Selina was surprised to hear who this new female Robin was, though, and told them both to plan on getting together sometime.
 When all three left the furrier's, Catwoman took her purple and black clad body and proceeded back to her penthouse suite, Batgirl went back to her apartment to get some rest before another day at work, and Robin went home to change into some more daring clothes, to get in some more action. Action that was profitable.
 The next day was a hectic one for Barbara Gordon. It was a laid back sleep-in day for Tina Quinn, who the reader should notice had decided to keep the full name that had appeared on the ID in her purse. The day was a typically easy one for Bruce Wayne, and a busy one for Harley Quinn.
 Barbara was in charge of the reference section of the Gotham City Public Library main downtown branch. She was hammered throughout the day with requests for information that could be found either on the shelves behind her, or in the computers that lined her cubicle. It seemed that everybody was doing research projects, and it wasn't even during the school year. This mattered not to Barbara however, for she was being paid to do something she loved. Her mind was like a sponge that soaked up information, and added to her photographic memory, made her a practical walking, talking computer. Luckily, most of the day's activity involved brain work and not muscle work, meaning that Batgirl would have plenty of energy in her muscles, but possibly a slightly overdrawn mind for the evening's activities.
 Tina had been turning tricks until 2 in the morning, and slept soundly until 10. Sooner or later she would have to get some kind of day job to make it look good for Bruce, but so far she had nothing at all to occupy her time during daylight hours, unless some crime occurred that called for her response. She decided, therefore, to spend her day the way she'd spent many others lately, shopping.
 With her closets full, and capable of holding no more clothes, Tina decided to start filling up the closet floors. She found a few shoe stores that catered to men and women with out of the ordinary tastes, and brought home some new ultra high stiletto heels with buckled ankle straps, and also three new pairs of boots. One of them was her first try with ballet toes, and she couldn't wait to see how they'd look with some of her street clothes. Tina had no intention of trying to walk around in them, though she would give it a test, but they would be excellent bedroom boots. She considered most of these new purchases as investments for her trade.
 Bruce Wayne started out the morning with his usual three mile run, and followed with a workout in the mansion's gym. All this occurred early enough for Bruce to sit down at the breakfast table at 0730, and be dropped off at WayneCorp by Alfred in time for his 0900 meeting. The board of directors were giving him a rundown on all the latest projects, and even though he'd been out late as Batman and gotten up before the roosters, Bruce never once nodded or yawned during the presentation. His body had been taught to live on very little sleep, and somehow his high energy usage did nothing to keep it from doing so. When the meetings were concluded at 11, Bruce's business day was over.
 He had made a date with Selina Kyle for lunch, and the tall black haired beauty met him right on time at the front door of the towering building. She was dressed in a light blue cotton dress which displayed her magnificent figure nicely, without being ostentatious. They took a leisurely stroll down King's Boulevard to their favorite bistro, and were seated at their usual table by the maitre'd, who had come to expect the couple at that time on a semi-regular basis. The few days that the table remained open until it was assured that Gotham's richest man and his enticing date would not need it did nothing to hurt their profits. Bruce left large enough tips to cover a whole day's use of the table.
 The paparazzi and rumor mill writers were out in force like usual, and the couple were noted to be at their usual daytime bliss. It had been noted by a number of writers that the pair were almost never seen together at evening affairs, and they themselves never asked each other about it. Bruce and Selina each had their suspicions of the other's nighttime activities. They respected each other enough to never ask. Both figured that if ever they were to become closer, a merging of nocturnal duties could occur, also.
 Miss Harley started out the day in some very plain jeans and a red T-shirt, with a brown wig covering her blonde locks. She was taking no chances with the imminent discovery of the plant in her cell, and wanted to do some shopping without being readily apparent. The first stop she made was at the bank, where Harley checked her account balance and then made a withdrawal. She thought it was so funny that she was banking legitimately with the same bank that she'd helped rob only a year ago.
 Harley was visualizing her newest partner in crime, and wanted to buy as much of the costume as she could without having to improvise with her sewing machine. It was so much fun for her, because not only could she invent the costume, but she could just as easily invent the body to fill that costume. She just had to bide her time until that body could be made. Harley spent the rest of the afternoon in her hideout, planning the trap that she hoped would bring her 'sister' back into her hands.
 Harley picked the wrong time to go back out on the road, and found herself slogging along in rush hour traffic when she decided to find out where Tina was staying. Playing her cards closely, Harley had installed a homing device in Repartee's costume when it was being made, just in case they ever became separated. The signal was drawing Harley to the west side of town, and as traffic started thinning out a bit, she got a chance to both increase her speed and ogle at the wealthy estates surrounding her. The homing device pegged itself out when Harley reached the front gate of Wayne Manor, and she wondered if maybe Tina had shacked up with the multimillionaire.
 Then Harley noticed that the signal was not coming directly from the house, but from a spot twenty or so yards to the right of the mansion's side. How could that be, she wondered. By sheer chance, the answer came when Harley accidentally tipped the homing device sideways. The arrow started to point to the side on the scale, and that was toward a spot a good ways underground.
 At that moment, a bright light blinked on in Harley's head. Tina used to be Robin. Robin hung out with Batman. Batman and Robin operated from the Batcave. Repartee's costume was apparently sitting in the Batcave, which appeared to be directly under Wayne Manor. Bruce Wayne had to be Batman! Her next partner in crime was now that much closer to being hers. One half of the team was already her wayward sister, and soon the other half would join them.
 * * * * *
 That same night proved to be an interesting one for Tina. She and Batgirl had been involved in busting an easy heist, while Batman was across Gotham involved in a stickier situation. Batman ended up getting an assist from Catwoman, and had to stroke her a bit to keep her from sticking her claws into the loot that the crooks almost got. The night was young when Batgirl and Robin were finished, so Barbara invited Tina back to her apartment. Tina got her first look at Barbara's extensive collection of bondage and discipline toys.
 Barbara was still hoping that she could get Catwoman to come over and show Tina some really fine S&M work, but she had picked up a few tricks from Selina in the times they'd spent together, and wanted to show off to Tina. What Tina learned could easily be applied to her own nightly activities, but she was still leery of telling Babs about that. Barbara went easy on Tina, and only used a few basic rope bindings to get Tina into a hog-tied position. She explained that this basic bit of bondage was a usual way to start, and could be quite stimulating if the person applying the bondage also had a whip, a crop, a cane, or even feathers. Babs demonstrated with a light application of a crop, just drawing it along Tina's thighs, arms and breasts, without slapping it.
 Tina found great joy in the experience. She orgasmed twice in the forty-five minute period that Barbara had her tied up. She liked it so much that she asked, "Babs, that was incredible! If we get tomorrow evening free, could we get into this again?"
 "Sure, Tina! I may even break out a few more goodies, and make it so that you won't be able to ask questions. Interested still?"
 "Would something like, 'MMMMPPHHH!' be an appropriate answer, mistress?"
 "Ha, ha, you even know the proper terminology, Tina! Are you sure you've never done this before?" Barbara replied, trying to stifle a giggle.
 "This is a first, but I've seen enough literature, and photos, of course, to give me an idea of how the session should proceed. I sure hope nothing big goes down tomorrow night!"
 Barbara untied Tina while they chatted about general girl talk, and after Tina put her Robin costume back on, she went out thru Batgirl's secret exit and entry point.
 As much as Barbara wanted to relieve herself from the excitement she'd generated in dominating Tina, she still had to get up early the next morning. She decided to show Tina an even more interesting time the following night, when Babs would get off in ways her friend could never imagine.
 * * * * *
 Tina did not have to get up early, and decided to get out on the streets in a considerably different garb from her Robin costume. To save time, she left her face as it was without adding a lot of makeup, and decided to just go with her natural hair instead of a wig. Tina put on her crotchless black fishnet tights, a black patent vinyl micro miniskirt, and a matching bra that barely qualified as an outer garment. She slipped her feet into a black pair of platform sandals with stiletto heels that she'd bought earlier in the day, and was all set. She then went out to her usual street corner, and had a rather productive evening.
 There was one person that Tina did not see, but who was very fascinated and pleased when she saw Tina. Without heavy makeup, and with her natural brown hair showing, Tina was an easy spot for Harley, who just happened to be cruising that night, checking out the street scene. "So Tina is still hard at work, under some of my influence, it would seem," Harley muttered to herself. "If I don't see Robin first tomorrow, I know where to find you now..."
 As tempted as she was to just wait it out and follow Tina home, Harley decided that she wanted to play the game, and not take the easy way out. Grabbing Tina could wait for a day. She went back to her hideout, and set up things for the next day's fun and games.
 Harley made a few contacts the next day to have some of the guys pull a heist at a bank branch office at 7 in the evening. With them running the heist, she could stay off to the side and observe. Harley was almost positive that Batgirl and Robin would be called out to stop the robbery, and she would be waiting out of costume for Robin to get near her.
 * * * * *
 In anticipation of a fun evening with Barbara, Tina packed her crotchless fishnet tights, and another one of the new pairs of shoes she'd bought the day before, into a small duffle bag. The shoes would be appropriate, because besides the incredibly high heels, they had twin ankle straps that had locks on them. When she bought them, Tina just thought they looked kinky. After the night before, she now saw that they had a practical, and quite appropriate, application.
 Tina stuffed the duffel into the container on the back of the Redbird, because one way or another, she was going to be in her Robin costume when she went to Batgirl's hidden entry. She spent the rest of her afternoon at the computer, checking up on new entries in the Bat Computer and then on the Web in general. Tina totally lost track of time, and was still glued to the monitor's screen when the alarm sounded for Robin to make an appearance. She whipped into her costume while getting the details, then logged off. Robin shot out to her Redbird, and was out the door and on the way to the bank mere minutes after getting the call.
 On the way, the comm light blinked on the Redbird's handlebar, and Robin flicked a switch with her left hand. The speakers in her helmet came alive.
 "Robin, this is Batgirl. Check with me outside the bank so we can get coordinated. What's your ETA?"
 "Be there in ten. Any idea who we're up against? All they told me was that there were at least three hoods trying to break into the bank."
 "That's all I got. If any of the master criminals are involved, they must not have made themselves known before our calls. That's the main reason I want to get together with you before we go in."
 "10-4. See ya in a bit!"
 The two Bat cycles arrived within moments of each other, and Harley watched as the Dynamic Duo en femme conferred briefly. As soon as they broke away to go after the poor fools she'd set up on the inside, Harley made her way to the Redbird and attached a homing transmitter under the seat. She would now be able to tell wherever Robin went for the evening. Mission accomplished, Harley made tracks back to her car, and then went back to her hideout. She'd give Robin a couple of hours to settle down after the heist, then go to bring Tina back.
 The three cut-rate goons were the only criminals involved in the bank robbery, and Batgirl and Robin were hardly even challenged in stopping them and turning them over to the waiting policemen. The cops told the girls that there had been no other reported incidents requiring their aid, so they turned to each other and gave knowing winks.
 On the way out of the bank, Robin asked, "Okay if I just follow you home? I brought some extra clothes with me for tonight."
 "Sure, Robin. Do you remember the way, just in case we get separated enroute?"
 "You bet! Just make sure I can get into that special entryway of yours when I get there."
 "Okay, Robin. I still wish we could get Catwoman to join us, but I have a special treat for you tonight!"
 "I can't wait! I'll make sure to stay a good distance behind you so that our arrivals won't be too suspicious."
 Batgirl spanked Robin's ample tush, and said, "See ya later!"
 The blue Bat cycle took off a moment later, and the Redbird diverted over a block so as to not be obviously following. Soon, though, the Redbird was three blocks behind Batgirl, and pacing her through the Gotham traffic light cycles. Batgirl got to her hidden entry, and parked her bike just in time to get back to the doorway for Robin's arrival. When she heard the muffled roar of the Redbird, Babs hit her remote and the door slid open. The Redbird was parked next to her Bat cycle, and Robin opened the hatch to get her duffle. She had no reason to suspect that her seat was hiding a bug.
 Batgirl led Robin to the changing room she used, and told her to go on in to the bedroom and wait for her to come out. Tina then stopped before leaving the room, and said, "Before we get into more bondage, can we do some fun and games?"
 "What did you have in mind?"
 "Let's trade costumes! Then you can dominate Batgirl the way Catwoman does. I think that would be a neat way to start!"
 "Hey, that's a great idea, Tina. But I still want a bit of surprise in this, so let's both strip in here, but then you get dressed in my bedroom, and I'll get dressed out here."
 Both girls ended up joking with the costume doffing, impressing each other with a bit of striptease. Tina then gathered up the Batgirl costume and her duffle, and headed into the bedroom.
 Tina had a feeling of déjà vu as she slipped into the black bodysuit, but couldn't figure out why that seemed like something she'd worn before. She noticed that the slinky fabric had a strange way of stretching around even her more abundant frame, and clung to every curve as if it was molded to her. When she saw the way her tits stood out, with the yellow bat wings highlighting them, Tina made a bet with herself that Barbara would wish her own did the same. She followed with the belt, cape and gloves.
 By the time she zipped on the yellow boots, Tina was afraid that Barbara might have a difficult time with her Robin boots. The heels on the yellow boots were a mere three inches, and Tina almost had difficulty with the shortness. Barbara would have to contend with five inch heels on her red boots.
 Tina gathered up her hair, and pulled the wig cap over it. She then pulled the Batgirl cowl with attached long red wig over her head, and looked in the mirror. She was Batgirl, albeit with a much fuller figure than normal. She sat down on the bed to await the appearance of Robin.
 Barbara had no problem with any of Tina's costume, but did notice that she didn't fill it out as well. Not only was her chest not as busty, but her hips and ass didn't push it out anywhere near as much, either. "Damn, that girl is built!" Babs muttered as she reached into her disguise closet for a long brown wig. She had less difficulty than Tina in putting her short red hair under a wig cap, then pulled on the wig itself. She put the small domino mask over her eyes, then Barbara picked up the red boots. She'd worn five inch heels before, but somehow the stilettos on these boots looked like they'd be tough to walk in. Babs wondered how Tina could fight in them as Robin. "Oh well," she muttered as she slipped her feet into them and zipped them up.
 Babs stepped over to her dressing mirror, and saw an underdeveloped Robin. She could just imagine what Tina looked like in her own costume.
 Tina heard the door open, and looked up to see Robin teetering slightly as she approached. She stood, and noticed that Robin towered over her thanks to the difference in heel height added to Barbara's slight height advantage in stocking feet. "You look just great, Babs! If you could get used to the heels, you could be Robin easily."
 "You look utterly awesome, Tina! There's no way you could pass as Batgirl, though. Not unless word got out that Batgirl saved up her pennies for breast implants! Now, since you mentioned that you wanted to see how Catwoman handled Batgirl, I'm going back out into my dressing room. I just thought of a better way to do this than for me to just dominate you as Robin or naked. You just sit back down, and I'll be back in a few minutes."
 "What've you got in mind?"
 "You'll see. Just hang on and I'll have a surprise for you!"
 Batgirl sat down, and watched Robin reverse herself and head back out to the dressing room. She seemed more sure footed already.
 As soon as Barbara got out into her dressing room, she stripped out of the Robin costume as easily as she normally shed her Batgirl costume. She pulled the long brown wig off her head, but left the wig cap in place.
 Babs went over to her costume closet, and pulled out a shiny purple body stocking, or as its past owner referred to it, a catsuit. After one of her tête-à-têtes with Selina, Barbara had been given a complete Catwoman costume as a gift, since Selina knew she liked to collect costumes and costume parts. She couldn't fill out the chest the way Selina could, but aside from that, Barbara loved to dress up in it every now and then and fantasize. She pulled the catsuit on over her body, and zipped it tight in the back. The black thigh high boots had heels that easily matched Robin's, and she zipped these onto her legs, relishing the way they molded her legs to their shape.
 Barbara reached for her long black wig, and put it on over the wig cap. She pulled the purple cowl over her head, then threaded the hair through the slot on back. The cowl was then tucked into the top of the catsuit, making it look almost like a one piece suit. Babs pulled the opera length black gloves on, and flexed her fingers in the claws at the fingertips. She coiled her bullwhip, and stuck it into the top of her right boot. Babs looked into her mirror once again, and said aloud, "Oh boy, is Batgirl going to be surprised!"
 Tina turned her head when she heard the door, and her mouth dropped into a shocked gape when she saw Catwoman stepping towards her. She sputtered, "I thought Barbara said you couldn't join us any time soon! Hello, Catwoman!"
 "Selina couldn't be here. But that doesn't mean that Catwoman couldn't make an appearance to show Batgirl some real bondage and discipline!"
 "Babs! Is that you?"
 "I already told you, Batgirl. I am Catwoman, and I don't think I want to hear any more lip from you!" Barbara reached into her top drawer, and pulled out an orange ball gag. The ball was big enough to force Tina's jaw wide open, and it was shoved into place with just jaw pressure holding it for a moment.
 "Now then, Batgirl, my sweet little kitten, I am going to make you wish that you never crossed paths with this cat," Catwoman said while pulling Batgirl's gloves off. She unzipped the boots and tossed them aside, and unhooked the cape from her shoulders. The belt was the last accessory to come off, then the zipper on the back of the black body suit was pulled down.
 Tina was fascinated by the way that Barbara, well, Catwoman, was stripping her. It actually felt erotic. She could just imagine how it had been for Barbara in the hands of Selina herself.
 "And now we will see just who this sweet little Batgirl really is," Catwoman said in a vicious voice. She pulled the cowl off Tina's head from the back, so that her face was the last to be seen. "What's this? Your red hair is just a wig? Let's get this wig cap off, and see what your real hair looks like!" As it was literally yanked off, Tina's long brown hair came spilling out. "Oh, how could you hide such pretty hair under that red wig? At least now I can secure your gag!" With that, Babs tied off the leather straps of the gag behind Tina's head.
 Babs saw the small duffle sitting off to the side, and said, "What have we here? Were you planning on trying to disguise yourself before I caught you, Batgirl?" She opened the bag, and pulled out the fishnets and shoes. "My, my, my! Could it be that Batgirl is a little...ahem, big slut? Just look at these! I think we'll dress you up before tying you up."
 Babs took a set of padded wrist cuffs and locked Tina's hands behind her back, and Tina was just a bit scared when she heard the locks click closed. Barbara showed her the key, and winked. She then took the fishnet tights and pulled them over Tina's legs. When she noticed the gaping hole in the crotch, Babs smiled. Tina thought it looked like Catwoman was grinning maliciously.
 Babs reached back into her drawer, and pulled out a two headed dildo. Tina felt a huge device entering her pussy, then cringed as a slightly smaller piece entered her anus. Babs made a point of not turning it on just yet.
 Catwoman pulled the spike heeled shoes over Tina's feet, and whistled. "What are these, six inches, or more? My, Batgirl, you do like to punish yourself, don't you!" She secured the twin straps over Tina's ankles, then clasped the locks. Babs placed the key alongside the one for the wrist cuffs on her dresser. No sooner had she done this than Babs reached for another set of cuffs, and locked Tina's legs together at the ankles.
 One last set of cuffs came from the drawer, and these bound Tina's elbows together. This forced her massive tits out even further, and Catwoman flexed her claws to tweak the extended nipples. She saw what this was doing to Tina, and smiled. Selina had gotten the same reaction from her. Tina's breasts were more of a handful for Catwoman to squeeze that Barbara's had been, but Babs had fun, and was sure Tina was enjoying it as well. "Enough fun, Batgirl," she then said, "its now time to make you hurt a little bit."
 Babs pulled a black choker with rings all around it from the drawer, and secured it around Tina's neck. A rope was then tied to one of the rings on the back of her neck. It was threaded through the elbow bindings, then up to the wrist cuffs, and finally to the feet. Barbara elected to do something different this time, since Tina had the incredible heels on her shoes. Instead of tying the rope to the ankle cuffs, she wrapped it around the heels and tied it off there, with Tina's legs pulled down almost to her hands.
 Another rope was then threaded through the elbow binds, and drawn across the dildo to force it in as far as it could go. The rope was tied to one of the rings on the front of Tina's choker. Any movement she made with her legs or arms pulled the rope all that much tighter through her crotch. Catwoman then turned on the two headed vibrator, and watched as Tina squirmed.
 "I imagine you will orgasming at least a few times before I take you out of that rigging, Tina, or should I say, Batgirl. This is very similar to an arrangement that I myself was put into not too long ago by Selina. But that's not all. I have another surprise for you, which should have you orgasming even more while I do the same!"
 Barbara stripped out of the Catwoman costume completely, including the black wig, and set it aside on her bed. She then reached into the second drawer of her dresser, and pulled out another set of cuffs and a chain. She got out her own pair of crotchless suntan pantyhose, and pulled them on. These were followed by a pair of seven inch heeled shoes that made even Tina's eyes widen amidst her sensual glee.
 Barbara locked her ankles together, then put another dildo into her own pussy. She set the timer on it to start in five minutes, and then tied an orange ball gag around her own head. Babs then buckled the cuffs on her wrists. She rolled over on her belly, then grabbed the chain hanging from her ankles. She pulled it as tight as she could down to her wrists, and then clicked home another lock.
 She grinned at Tina just as the dildo in her pussy cranked up, and pointed with a finger to the key for her lock on the edge of the bed, within easy reach, to reassure her. Barbara had practiced self-bondage before, and knew what she was doing.
 Tina was in the midst of her fifth orgasm after being in bondage for about twenty minutes, while Barbara was enjoying her second orgasm after being in self-bondage for about ten minutes, when Harley arrived at the hidden doorway, in her full costume. Her bug told her that the Redbird was inside, and Harley assumed this was Tina's residence.
 It did not take her long to figure out how to jimmy the door open, once she knew there was a door there. Harley discovered the fact that the Redbird looked like it was only visiting, and that the blue Bat cycle, which could only belong to one person, apparently was right at home. A quick trip up the steps to Batgirl's dressing room confirmed Harley's godsend.
 She wasn't going to just bring Tina home, she was going to get a bonus. Harley was going to get Batgirl as well!
 Harley tore the rag she'd intended to use into two, then thoroughly soaked each one in the mind-control chemical. She noted Robin's costume on the floor, but did not see Batgirl's. This puzzled her to a degree, but Harley very carefully edged her way to the door, listening carefully. She thought she would have heard feminine banter, but at first, all she heard was silence. Then she heard the distinctive sound of a number of vibrators going at a pretty high speed, and grinned. 'The girls must be really enjoying themselves!' she thought.
 When Harley edged the door open and peaked around its edge, she could not believe the sight before her eyes. Tina was so heavily bound that it had to have been done by Batgirl, and Batgirl herself, or at least, a short red haired woman who had to be Batgirl, was pretty thoroughly bound in what appeared to be self-bondage. Harley rather casually walked over to Barbara's bed, and noted the key strategically placed near her side. She picked it up, and also the keys she saw on the top of the dresser.
 Tina saw Harley first, but could do no more than, "Mmmpppphhh!" which to Barbara sounded like more orgasm reactions. Babs knew better, though, when Harley walked to a position where she could see her. A look of terror filled Barbara's eyes, and Harley just giggled. "I'll bet you were hoping these were still within your reach, right, Batgirl? You are Batgirl, I presume. I see your costume over there," as she pointed to where Babs had laid it after taking it off Tina's body. "I just came through your garage and costume room. Yes, I do believe you are Batgirl."
 Just then, Harley noticed what she'd missed while collecting the key from Barbara's bed. There was a complete Catwoman costume sitting there, along with an appropriate black wig. The plans that Harley had been making then started to work out a convenient alteration.
 "You may be Batgirl, but you won't be for long."
 Harley placed one of her rags under Barbara's nose, and in her excited state, Babs started sucking in tremendous quantities of the chemical. The other rag was placed under Tina's nose, and Harley was pleased to note the look of joy on her face from the onslaught in her crotch. This situation could not have been better if she'd planned it. Harley waited about fifteen minutes, enjoying the scene of the two bound girls in the throes of multiple orgasms, and let the chemical do its work.
 Harley untied the gag from behind Tina's head, and pulled the ball from her mouth. "Hello, Tina! You remember who I am, don't you? I'm your sister, Harley. I've missed going out with Repartee while you were on vacation. Are you ready to get back into action?"
 Memories buried deep in the back of Tina's mind came flooding to the fore. "Hi, Harley! Are you here to join us in our bondage games? I'm having so much fun. But if you say we have to get back on the job, I guess I'll have to go with you."
 "Okay, Tina, but there is one problem. I've got your Repartee costume in storage, and won't be able to get to it for a while. How about if you dress up as Batgirl for the time being, and we can really confuse the cops. They're going to think Batgirl has gone bad on them!"
 "Oooo, that sounds like fun, Harley! Untie me, so I can get dressed."
 "Just a moment, Tina. You enjoy your vibrator a little bit more for a moment. I want to go wake up our newest ally."
 Leaving the rest of Barbara's bondage in place, along with the still running vibrator, Harley untied her gag, and pulled the ball from her mouth. "I know you were Batgirl. Tell me your legal name," she ordered.
 "What do you mean, were Batgirl? I am Batgirl. My name is Barbara Gordon."
 "Holy shit!" Harley muttered softly. This was the daughter of the goddamned Police Commissioner! This was going to be even better than she thought.
 "No, I said you *were* Batgirl. You are going to remain as Barbara Gordon, though. Hang on to all of Batgirl's memories and fighting skills, but forget that name. There is a certain feline criminal who has been going in the direction of the good guys lately, and that is bad. We need a wicked and evil Catwoman to replace her. Your name is Barbara Gordon, and you are Catwoman."
 Harley then noticed the purse on the nightstand. Upon opening it up, she found the wallet with all of Babs' ID's and credit cards. More ideas came to her. She turned back toward the bound redhead, and added, "Your non-costumed background is still solid here, Catwoman, so make sure you get yourself straight. I think you know enough about your background to make it your own, so add that to whatever memories and fighting skills you kept from before."
 Then Harley decided to ice the cake. Why not go all out, if she could? "There is not a shred of decency in you. Evil drives your being, and the more wicked your deeds, the happier you will be. Though she isn't anywhere near as evil as you, Harley Quinn is a friend, and wants to work with you. Now then, Barbara, have you had enough fun with your bondage games, and are you ready to get back into your costume?"
 "Meeowwwrrr! Hissss! Of course I'm ready, Harley! Get me out of this bondage, and let me get to work."
 Harley keyed the lock on her wrists, then Babs undid the rest by herself. She turned off her dildo, pulled it out, and licked it clean. Barbara swung her legs out over the bed, and placed her feet on the floor. She stood tall in her seven inch heels, not even wavering. She wished her costume's boots had similar heels, but maybe she could fix that.
 While Barbara was getting back into her Catwoman costume, Harley went back to Tina and loosed her bonds. She then got into the Batgirl costume for the second time that evening, but only the first that she knew about.
 "Catwoman," Harley said as she turned back in her direction, "I can give you a chest that would really fill that costume. How would you like to make your already good looking costume fantastic?"
 "You could do that for me, Harley?" she replied. "I would love that." Harley was already thinking of fully modifying Barbara's body to a twin of Selina Kyle's. She would then be the true Catwoman in both body and mind.
 Harley now had an awesome team to work with, and she had yet to get her primary prize. With Tina playing both Batgirl and Robin, she now had an easy way into the Batcave, and with Barbara Gordon now thinking she was an incredibly evil Catwoman, things were going to start popping soon.


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