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The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros.  It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books.  The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author.  It is free to be archived on any site wishing to do so, provided the author is given proper credit.

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The Plastimold Machine - by Steve Zink

Jimmy Olsen, the brash young photographer and reporter for the Daily Planet who worked alongside his friends Clark Kent and Lois Lane, knew about the Kryptonian Plastimold machine which Superman had hidden away.  Lois Lane had been wooed by a stray Kryptonian trying to win her love, by having her change into various beauties, such as an Oriental body builder, a Parisian model magnifique, and a sultry bodacious blonde.  She was told the truth about her near fiance by Superman, who saved her from a horrendous fate.

Lois later used the machine one more time, by having the Man of Steel change her into a nondescript black woman so she could get first hand experience of what the slum residents of Metropolis were going through.  It was then put into storage.  Superman considered it to be too dangerous to leave in the open.

Jimmy wanted desperately to get the goods on one of the gangs that was holding the police force of Metropolis at bay.  Over the years, he'd developed a knack for disguises and ruses to solve difficult dilemmas, including turning himself into good looking females.  He knew of Lois' use of the body modification machine, and used the phone number entrusted to him by Superman to call him.  Little did Jimmy know that the number rang a phone in the residence of his coworker Clark Kent, and that the line had been tapped by Superman's archenemy, Lex Luthor.

After he got home from work on Friday, Jimmy called the special number for the Man of Steel.  "Superman," said Jimmy, "I hate to bother you on non-emergency business, but I have a favor to ask.  I know about the Plastimold machine that Lois used a couple of years ago.  I know that you have it in storage at the warehouse of S.T.A.R. Labs.  If you would let me, could I use the machine to change into Moses Majors, one of the ring leaders of the gang working Metropolis to the death?  I want to infiltrate the gang and get some solid evidence against them."

"Sure," replied Clark with a super tone of voice.  "I can see where your use of the machine should be relatively safe, and could be of great benefit.  For safety's sake, don't mention your plan to any other people, and meet me at the warehouse tomorrow morning at 10.  I'll have the machine all set and ready to go."

Jimmy's eyes widened in glee, and he answered, "Thanks a bunch!  This is going to mean a lot to me, and should give us all a big break.  See you tomorrow morning."

"You're welcome," Clark said, "and good night."

"Good bye," Jimmy replied, then hung up.

While Lex Luthor did have a tap on Superman's phone line, set up to activate a tape and alarm signal on his computer whenever it came into use, he did not know that the terminus of that phone line was in Clark Kent's townhouse.  Lex caught the last part of the conversation as he was alerted by the computer, then replayed the tape when they hung up.  "So Superman has the Plastimold machine right here in Metropolis, eh?" he muttered.  Things started to gel rapidly in the villain's devious mind, and a plot hatched that seemed more and more delicious as he worked it out.

Lex knew that there were but two things which could affect the Last Son of Krypton, Kryptonite in its various forms, and magic.  He had been enthralled a few years earlier by the exploits of a certain female who at first seemed to be a super powered alien fighting Green Lantern, but later turned out to be the very human girlfriend of the Lantern, Carol Ferris.  She had been given the powers and identity of Star Sapphire by an alien race of Amazons called the Zamarons, by magically infusing her with the power of the Star Sapphire gem.  It gave her the ability to wield her own will via magic, the way Green Lantern used his will via the power ring.

The alien gemstone had been secreted away in the Coast City Science Museum, and without access to her power source, Carol Ferris had not had a chance to become her villainous alter ego in many years.  Lex Luthor had known of Star Sapphire, and even shared a few adventures with her.  After a relentless search, he had found the gem in its hiding place.  Lex acquired it via devious means a year ago, in the hopes of putting Star Sapphire back into action eventually.

What Lex now planned to do was make use of the gem without having to bring Carol Ferris from Coast City, or go to her.  After making sure that he had a good photograph and all the vital statistics of Ms. Ferris, Lex got on the phone and rang the number from which the bugged call had been made.  "Jimmy," Lex said, using a voice box imitating Superman's voice, "I just realized that I had other plans for tomorrow.  Can you come in earlier, say around 8?"

Sounding a bit surprised, Jimmy replied, "Sure.  I'll get up a bit earlier and see you at 8.  If nothing else, it will give me an earlier start on the mission."

"Great," Lex continued, "I'll have the Plastimold all set up and ready to run.  If I don't get there right away, just get in and the process will activate automatically.  I will be sure to be there by the time you get out to make sure everything worked okay."

Wondering just a bit about Superman's seeming lack of punctuality, Jimmy said, "Okay, great.  I'll be there at 8, and just watch for you to get there.  See ya tomorrow!"

"Good night," Lex said, signing off and grinning from ear to ear.

* * * * *

Later that evening, Luthor drove to the S.T.A.R. Labs warehouse.  As he'd expected, security there was nothing like what it was at the labs themselves.  His hand held monitor told him of the infrared light beam used as an alarm on the access door that was least frequented by human guards, so Lex went to the back of his van and pulled out the framework he'd rigged up years earlier for just this type of security system.

The frame had mirrors angled at 45 degrees on both sides, and two more mirrors in the upper corners.  Using precision honed by many years in scientific laboratories, Lex inserted the frame around the door so quickly that there was no break in the light beam.  The receiver never registered a break in the signal as the infrared beam did four ninety degree turns up and over the door, allowing Luthor to get in without setting off the alarm.

A brief check of the warehouse using night vision goggles led Lex to the object of his search.  Superman had already been to the warehouse apparently, because the machine had been uncrated and the controlling computers set up alongside it.  Luthor did a quick scan to be sure he was alone, then turned on the machine.  The data for Moses Majors had even been input into the memory of the device, he saw.  The alien technology proved to be no match for Lex's intelligence, and in mere minutes, he was voiding the entries made earlier by Superman.

Lex unzipped the pouch at his side, and extracted the data he'd assembled earlier.  Photographs were fed into the machine, along with all body measurements and physical descriptions.  Luthor even fed the machine with a bonus, and inserted DNA and chromosome information into it.  He wanted to make sure he got an exact copy from the machine.  The sapphire gem was very picky.

After the machine had been completely rigged, Lex did a backout checklist to make sure that the area was left exactly as he'd found it, physically, at least.  With the Plastimold powered down, he made his way back to the door from which he'd entered, scanning constantly for any wayward guards who might stumble upon him accidentally.  His vigilance paid off, for just as he was about to open the door, a shuffling noise was heard to his left.  Ducking behind a crate, Luthor spotted an older watchman just killing time by walking through the building.

Not a patient man, Lex had to bite his tongue to keep himself from doing anything rash.  After an agonizing fifteen minutes, the guard finally was far enough away from the door for the villain to get back up and leave.  Another quick move with the mirror frame had the door's security system back online as if nothing had ever occurred, and it was rapidly disassembled and replaced in the back of the van.  Luthor then drove back to his hidden laboratory on the north side of Metropolis, to get a short nap before returning for his prize.

* * * * *

After turning off the alarm clock way too early for a normal Saturday morning, Jimmy took a quick shower and toasted a bagel.  He threw on a T-shirt and jeans, since what he wore wasn't important before the machine did its job.  Olsen grabbed the much larger suit of clothes he'd be wearing as Moses, and jumped into his little Ford Escort.  On the way out of his neighborhood, the young redhead stopped at a 7-Eleven to get a cup of coffee, and after downing it during the rest of the drive to the S.T.A.R. Labs warehouse, the caffeine jolt finally woke him up completely.

The Escort was parked in a multilevel garage a block away from the warehouse, and even at that early hour on a Saturday morning, Mr. Olsen was surprised to find that he had to go to the third deck before he found an open parking spot.  He took the suit bag from the hook behind the driver's seat, and slung it over his shoulder like any casual young man might.  Jimmy saw that the elevator was in a far corner, and muttered a low curse.  He did spot a stairwell in the corner nearest his location, and figured it was all downhill, so what did it matter.

True enough, the sprightly jog down the steps got Olsen's blood flowing even better, and he felt much more alive as he sauntered down the sidewalk to the front entrance of the S.T.A.R. Labs warehouse.  Just thinking ahead to what he imagined would be occurring later in the day got Jimmy all fired up, and he was in an unusually chipper mood when he got to the check in desk inside the front door.  The guard there had Mr. Olsen listed for a 10 AM appointment meeting Superman, but took Jimmy's word that the schedule had been moved ahead.  If nothing else, he wanted to get rid of the sprightly young redhead who seemed way too happy to be up and around this early on a Saturday morning.

Another guard led Jimmy to the machine which Superman had set up earlier.  Olsen told his escort about the absolute need for security, and the other youngster was more than happy to leave the goofy reporter by himself.

Olsen hung up the suit on a chair back, then went over to the control panel of the Plastimold.  Superman had left easily understood instructions for turning it on, with assurances that the transformation data was already in place.  Thus assured, Jimmy stripped out of his clothes, since even his underwear would be way too small for the body with which he'd come out of the machine.  He saw that the door to the transformation chamber was to be opened and closed only from the outside, then saw the note left by Superman that explained why.  The transformation process, once started, could not be halted in any way.  The subject inside had to remain in place, or dire circumstances could result.

Placing full trust in his Kryptonian friend, Jimmy hit the start button and stepped into the chamber, pulling the door closed behind himself.  He heard it latch shut, then became sealed inside the dark chamber to wait for his transformation and Superman's eventual arrival.

The machine started its work while Jimmy was contemplating what might happen.  At first, the changes being wrought on his body were expected, as he felt his insides scrambling in turmoil.  He felt bones being reshaped, and waited for the increased mass of his new body to form.  To his utter horror, however, the young man discovered that he was losing bulk, not gaining it.  His plane of reference with the way the device narrowed below the shoulders altered as his body shrank a few inches in height, then long hair was felt brushing his shoulders and back.  Due to the darkness, there was no way to tell its color.

As Jimmy looked down, he could see nothing.  However, it was possible to sense that his frame had become very much smaller and he started to explore it with his hands.  It felt like he was taking on the shape of a svelte female.  His waist had pulled in to an alarmingly small dimension, and nicely rounded hips flared out below it, leading to some of the most shapely legs he'd ever felt.  He tried to imagine what they and the rest of his body looked like.  But what was he doing with this shape on his body?  Below his trim and flat tummy, Olsen tried to find his manhood, but as suspected, he felt a small mound of bristly hair, with an apparent slit under it.

While he was checking this out, his upper chest started to expand finally, eventually blocking his, no make that her, ease of exploring downward.  Her hands could move enough within the chamber to feel her crotch, but could not reach up to cup her new breasts.  Jimmy was no expert on female anatomy, but she'd ogled enough women with bodacious breasts to know that she was very well endowed.  She seemed to have much larger breasts than even the fake ones worn in some of her past disguise capers.  The size of the nipples alone, standing out from the fronts of the massive globes of flesh, would have made a male Jimmy drool.  All she could do was gasp.

While the machine was turning young Mr. Olsen into a very good looking young woman, Lex Luthor himself was checking in at the front desk.  He had hacked into the S.T.A.R. Labs computers the night before, and put a Mr. Bill Smithers on the schedule for an 8:15 appointment to inventory a cache of hand held lasers confiscated from a terrorist group earlier in the year.  The blonde wig on his head, along with some crafty makeup work and a faked ID, had Bill waved through to do his work unattended.

Out of sight, Bill pulled off his wig, wiped the makeup from his face, and took off the S.T.A.R. Labs security uniform.  Lex was in, and ready to check on his new toy.

Making his way back to the Plastimold, this time much easier than the night before, Lex saw that, as instructed, the brash young reporter had followed all his instructions.  The machine was humming nicely, and Luthor could imagine the familiar image of a beautiful face framed in black hair its occupant now owned.  The presumed look of shock on that face brought a huge grin to his malicious face.

Jimmy was wondering when the machine would finish as she contemplated one more time what her friend, Superman must have done.  She hoped very much that the Man of Steel could tell her what had happened, and change her back to a male Jimmy Olsen, soon.

Lex bided his time as the Kryptonian Plastimold finished its reprogramming of the body within its chamber.  He had little time to wait.  Luthor had timed his arrival for three minutes before process completion, and his timing was perfect.  With a low and brief "beep", the body modification machine announced that it was finished.  Lex stood up, then casually walked over to the door of the chamber.  He decided to make the young woman all the more uptight by waiting a brief moment before unlatching the door.

After a few seconds that seemed like hours to her, Jimmy heard the door catch snap open, and watched as light streamed into the chamber as the door reopened, finally.  The photographer's now sexy mouth opened in a huge gasp, and stayed agape as she saw not Superman, but Lex Luthor standing in front of the cubicle.  The felonious scientist grinned with a wicked leer as he saw the look on Jimmy's face.  Jimmy's very feminine face.  His plan had worked perfectly!

So far.

With not enough hands to cover her open to view body, Jimmy threw caution to the wind and strode out with her hands on her hips, trying her best to look defiant.  "Lex Luthor!" she exclaimed.  "What are you doing here?  Did you have anything to do with my being turned into a woman by the Plastimold, instead of Moses Majors?"

"My, but don't you look delectable, MISS Olsen," Lex replied.  "Right on the first guess.  I found out about your appointment with Superman, and decided to make a few changes.  It is most definitely a woman you have become, but not just any woman.  You, James Olsen, are now a genetically exact copy of a woman named Carol Ferris.  If you've never heard of her, I wouldn't be surprised.  She lives on the west coast, and is the girlfriend of Green Lantern, whom I'm sure you do know.  You may also know about a certain super villainess that has plagued Green Lantern over the years.  She just happens to be Carol Ferris, herself.  You see, Carol has a certain affection for this gem," he said, as Lex opened a small jewel box.

Jimmy saw a glowing purple gem within the box, and upon being bathed in its energies, felt clothes forming on her body.  A costume, to be precise.  She saw a tight fitting pink leotard form on her torso, with enough cleavage to show plenty of her abundant chest.  There was a white collar that folded back from this deep V, and it rose to a great height over her shoulders before going under her long black mane.  A white belt appeared around her tiny waist, pulling it in even further.  It was quite wide in front, and had a large, purple atomic star design on it.

Knee high boots of the same pink hue formed on her feet, and Jimmy sensed that her loss of height had disappeared.  She soon realized that she hadn't grown taller, but that her tiny feet were perched upon very sexy looking five-inch high stiletto heels.  Purple gloves to match the star on her belt appeared on her arms, and above the wrists, they flared out nicely before stopping at her elbows.  Something formed over her upper face, and Jimmy correctly assumed it was a mask of some kind.  She felt something else forming on the top of her head.  Looking at the costume parts she could see, Jimmy still did not recognize it.

"You look a bit puzzled, my dear," said Luthor, "I guess you've never heard of Star Sapphire.  Here, take a look in the mirror."  Lex held up a mirror that allowed his victim to see herself from the neck up.  The mask over her eyes was a sexy pink domino mask, with a matching tiara in her hair above her forehead.  There appeared to be a gaping hole in the front of the tiara.

When Jimmy looked back up, she saw Lex approaching her with the gem in his right hand.  He reached with that right hand toward her tiara, and the gem practically leapt out of his hand and flew into the hole there.  With her costume now complete, Jimmy felt her will being pushed aside, her sense of identity being pushed into the far reaches of her being.  She had become Star Sapphire, and it was the villainess that now dominated her mind.

"Star Sapphire," exclaimed Luthor, "it is so good to see you again!"  Like the gentleman he wasn't, Lex took her gloved right hand into his own and raised it toward his lips, feigning a welcoming kiss.

"Can the histrionics, you egotistic bastad!" she said with a vile sneer in her expression.  "I can only be here with you if there is nefarious work to be done.  What is going on that you needed me here to help you with?"

Luthor threw his arms back as if in shock, and said, "Far be it from me to impose upon you!  I just knew of a meeting here that my old foe, Superman, was going to attend.  I was hoping you'd help me with your magic in finally bringing the Kryptonian fool to his knees."

"I'm game," she told him with a wicked looking smile, "but what do you need me to do?"

Lex motioned her toward a nearby chair, and took one himself.  Sapphire sat down in a typically feminine fashion, as if she'd been doing so for all her life.  In effect, she had.  The male within her psyche was nowhere near the control center of her mind, to have any influence on the way she acted.  Star Sapphire crossed her legs demurely, one heel wiggling back and forth in expectation of hearing something significant.

"This machine behind us is currently programmed to change the body inside the chamber into a perfect duplicate of your own magnificent form," he told her.  "Superman is scheduled to be here shortly after 10 this morning.  That is about an hour and a half from now.  Once he comes back into this area, you'll need to use your powers to subdue him.  We will then put him into the machine, and watch as he becomes a normally powered human female.  I imagine that seeing your gem and being exposed to it will have a very interesting effect."

"Oooo, I like that idea a lot," Sapphire said.  "How do you think we can best overpower him?"

Lex thought for a moment, then said, "If you were to either hide or change your appearance, Superman should walk into this area expecting to see Jimmy Olsen waiting for him.  Your magic should be able to hold him until we can get him into the chamber."

Sapphire stood and turned away from Lex, her right fist under her chin as if deep in thought.  Then as he watched, her form began to shimmer.  When the effect stopped, she turned to face Luthor and said, "Okay, what do you think?  Different enough to fool Superman?"  Star Sapphire no longer looked anything like Carol Ferris.  She looked like a dolled up Lois Lane.  'Lois' was wearing a mid blue leather miniskirt under a white lace blouse.  Her legs were in black fishnet hose, and her feet had black, twin strap shoes with ultra high stiletto heels on them which made those on her pink boots look tame.  There was a locket hanging around her neck and plunging into her cleavage, containing the sapphire gem.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Luthor.  "Star, if I'd known you could do that, I wouldn't have had any worries at all!  Even your voice sounds different, although not quite like Lois.  If you can change yourself like that, can you do that to others?  Like, maybe make me look like Jimmy Olsen?"

Star Sapphire concentrated for just a moment, then said, "Does this sound more like our dear friend Lois, Lexxy?"

Lex stood there mouth agape, then recovered.  "You not only sound like her now, you even used a nickname for me that only Lois uses!" he said.

"I have more than a few tricks up my royal sleeve," Sapphire told him.  "I seem to be drawing memories from somewhere in my head of what Lois looks and sounds like.  I don't even want to know where they're coming from, but they should help us this morning.  As for changing you, I don't think I can easily reduce your mass to match the youngster's."

Luthor put his tricky intellect to work, then thought of a possible solution.  He saw the clothes that Olsen had left to change into once the process had completed its work.  Then he remembered who it was the youngster planned to impersonate, Moses Majors.  BIG Moses Majors.  Lex checked the size of the suitcoat on the chair, and saw that it was very close to his own size.  "Sapphire," he said, "I think I know who you can change me to without changing any body mass other than to move it around."

Lex pulled out his laptop, and did a search for Moses Majors.  When the front and side mug shots came into view, he said, "Can you make me look like this gent right here?"

'Lois' sauntered over to the laptop in a seductive wiggle, then bent down to study the images on the screen.  Then without saying another word, she turned to Lex and pointed a finger at him.  Luthor's frame was frozen as Star Sapphire did with magical gem power what the Kandorian machine did with alien technology.  When he could move again, Lex Luthor looked for all the world like Moses Majors.  He picked up his mirror and saw just what he'd hoped to see.

Lex stripped out of the clothes he'd worn and put on the suit that Olsen had brought with him.  Without a tape of Moses' voice, Sapphire couldn't do anything about Lex's voice, so he was going to have to wing it on that one.  Lois Lane and a Jimmy Olsen already changed to Moses Majors then sat to wait for Superman's arrival.

* * * * *

It was only 10:04 when Superman entered the building, and a moment later approached the cubicle where the Plastimold was held.  He was more than a bit surprised when he spotted Lois Lane sitting there, but no sign of Jimmy.  He noticed the open door to the machine's cabinet.  The super hero saw the back of the head of a large older gentleman, and started to wonder.

"Lois," Superman said upon arriving, "fancy meeting you here.  I thought Jimmy was going to be alone in doing this change, but since you've used it before, I guess there's no harm in you being here."  He then caught sight of how Lois was attired.  "Wow!" he added, "I can't recall ever seeing you look this nice before!  And those heels, they're incredible!  Have you seen Jimmy?"

Sapphire in the form of Lois Lane stood so that Superman could take in her entire ensemble, then said coyly, "Nice?  I was trying for sultry, sexy and slutty!  As for Jimmy, meet Moses Majors.  We started without you!"

Lex stood to greet Superman, and in his best imitation of what he recalled Majors sounding like, said, "How do I look?  Think I can fool the gang members?"

The Man of Steel entered the cubicle, and unknowingly placed himself between 'Lois' and 'Moses' while continuing to ogle 'Lois'.  Sapphire noticed the way he was checking her out, pleased with her earlier selection, then said, "I hope those aren't X-ray eyes you're using on me!"

For the first time that he could ever remember, Lex saw the Kryptonian blush.

Superman shook a bit in settling himself down, then said, "Jimmy, you do look like the machine worked perfectly.  Even the voice sounds about right.  Why did you start so early, though?"

Lex waited until the Man of Steel was facing him directly, then while flicking a finger to signal Sapphire, replied, "Since Lois had experience in using the machine, I figured that having her on hand would be better than getting started without you.  We decided to just go ahead and get the job done.  Now we can finish the job!"

As Superman was trying to figure out the significance of 'Jimmy's' concluding remarks, he suddenly felt himself freeze in place as a purple glow formed around his body.  He watched in awe as the shape of Moses Majors melted into that of Lex Luthor.  Then, as 'Lois' slowly walked around to place herself next to Lex, her form started to change also and took on the visage of Star Sapphire.  Her right index finger remained aiming at him as she walked.  "I've got you now, Superman!" Lex chimed.  "With the help of Star Sapphire's gem powered magic, you are going to be taken out of my way forever!"

Star Sapphire allowed the muscles in the jaw of the Man of Steel to move, and he then said, "I don't know what you have planned, Luthor, but I have gotten out of all your traps in the past, so what makes you think that this time will be any different?"

Lex grinned broadly, and said, "This time I have an ally with me who can keep you in control.  We will only need to maintain that control for another few moments, though.  Star," he looked toward his partner, "why don't we give the poor sap a clue as to his fate?  Use your power to give his boots some heels and change them into a material that will conform to his new shape."

Superman felt his ankles rise as incredibly high stiletto heels like what he'd seen on 'Lois Lane's' shoes formed under them, then felt the material of the boots become like a sort of hard spandex.  He was now getting worried.  "Oh, those do look so good on him, Lex," Sapphire remarked, "so let's get him changed to make them appropriate!"

Superman felt the magic pushing him toward the open maw of the Platimold's conversion chamber.  With no control and having no prior experience with walking in high heels, incredibly high heels, he took short, mincing steps in his new ultra high heeled boots, and stepped into the waiting machine.

Lex reached for the door while Sapphire continued to hold the Man of Steel in her thrall, then slammed it shut, securing the outside lock.  Something that Superman had never imagined was that the machine was Kryptonian, and therefore, of the same origin as himself.  Its materials were therefore impervious to any pounding and prying he could do, once sealed off from Star Sapphire's energy.  He truly was trapped in the machine, and prepared himself for whatever the malicious pair had planned.

The machine started to hum, and another conversion cycle started.  As his shape started to change, Superman knew why they'd put heels on his boots.  The stretch material of his super suit clung tightly to whatever shape was inside it, and that shape became more and more like his cousin Supergirl's with every second.  He felt the organs and bones of his body being manipulated by the machine as it did its work, and the Man of Steel wondered just what female form had been programmed into it.

Superman knew she was a Superwoman, or at least shaped that way, when she reached up and hefted the huge breasts bulging out individually from the golden S and blue of her chest.  She sensed the dainty fingers on her hands, and used them to investigate the area of her body below her expansive chest.  A fingernail traced the flat stomach, and went lower to find the slight mound of her new sex.  She knew better than to try and explore deeper into that area.

After the machine had seemed to finish with its modifications, the new woman started to reach with her hands to discern the shape of her body.  She discovered an impossibly small waist, nicely curved hips, a bulbous ass, and tight thighs.  Feeling down past her waist, she felt the shape of her gorgeous legs with beautiful boots on them.  The earlier change to the boots had been perfect, she realized.  They fit her to a T.

It was when the door popped open that the ex-Superman came to her worst discovery.  She felt no strength whatsoever beyond a normal human being's, and worse, that of a mere female.  The machine had changed her into a body based on an Earth-born female.  When Lex held up his mirror, she saw the incredible shape within the red and blue costume.  She also saw a distinct resemblance to the villainess in pink who had forced him into the chamber!

As that same villainess walked over to a spot directly in front of her, the energy from the gem bathed her.  The ex-Superman was astonished to see her costume be replaced by one identical to her tormentor's, with thankfully shorter spike heels.  Only one Star Sapphire had the gem in her possession, however.  The Star Sapphire who had once been Jimmy Olsen told the Star Sapphire that had once been Superman, "Luckily for me, I have the gemstone!  You may now look like me, but I'm sure you still have your original mind.  That will change, also.  First to go, though, will be that costume.  That is mine!"

Star Sapphire waved her hand at the impostor standing before her, and then said, "I know!  You liked the way I looked as Lois Lane so much earlier, let's get you dressed accordingly."  The purple energy field washed over the ersatz Star Sapphire, and the pink and purple costume was replaced by the exact same ensemble 'Lois' had been wearing earlier, but with one important difference.  The heels on her shoes had even higher seven-inch heels, in which she could barely walk - yet.  Very soon, these heels and some even higher ballet toe ones would become her standard wear.

"Don't worry about walking much, dearie," Sapphire told her, "you won't be doing that much walking in your new job!"

Sapphire's energy enveloped her head, and moments later, a confused and practically brainless bimbo named Bibi Barton shook her head.  Her face had been made up to look as much like a whore as possible, and her hair was coifed in an inviting style.  As future events would show, Sapphire's only failure was in not altering the face of Bibi Barton.

Bibi was led to the van by Lex and a decostumed Star Sapphire, and taken to a safe house that Lex had set up years ago in case of emergency.  For the time being, the safe house would be Bibi's home and sometimes place of business.  Since Bibi would be busy on Saturday evening, they put her to bed with the alarm set for 7 PM.

Lex and Star Sapphire then went back to the warehouse.  The entire cubicle, with the Kryptonian Plastimold and all its related computers and controls, was slipped out of the building by Star Sapphire, who had miniaturized it to the size of a loaf of bread.  Together they took the machine to Lex's hidden laboratory, where it was enlarged and set up for future use, of which Luthor already had definite plans.

The end, of part 1 and the initial story.

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  • 23 July 2022 POW

    23 July 2022 POW

    This week's image is of a pretty long haired blonde in her black bra, panties and stockings. Original...
  • 16 July 2022 POW

    16 July 2022 POW

    This week's image is of a pretty lady in her black lingerie, sheer top and black stockings and...
  • 09 July 2022 POW

    09 July 2022 POW

    This week's image is of a pretty lady in her mesh poolside dress, with her white bra and panties...

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