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The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros. It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books. The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author.

Gotham City

Superman had alerted Batman to the one object known to be descending upon Gotham City, and Batman had already found out the hard way what that object had been. Both Batman and Robin were now identical copies of their friend, Selina Kyle. In effect, there were now three identical, yet different, Catwomen.

The recovering but still blockaded Gotham City was hardly the impact point for only one ejected trophy room display, however.

Gotham was divided into defined zones, ruled over by one criminal mastermind or another, the beleaguered GCPD, and various members of the Bat team. Azreal and the new Batgirl were holding their own, and actually improving relations among the denizens of their zone, while Batman had struggled with the help of Robin in theirs. With both heroes now transformed into perfect copies of Catwoman, the situation there may be in for a change.

After giving up her role as the past new Batgirl, Huntress decided to give in and work with Nightwing in another zone. All worked via the coordination given by Oracle, the original Batgirl from way back when, who still kept her computer center operable.


For good reason, the zones still commanded by criminals like Joker, Two Face and Penguin, allied with Poison Ivy and a few lesser bad guys freed when Arkham had opened up, were the ones where the residents were in the worst shape. Food was something of dreams, water was collected when it rained, and temperature control was something done with hand held fans or blankets. It was in one such zone that Mark Colby 'lived', for want of a better word.
 Mark had lost his wife and their two-year old daughter in the quake that almost destroyed Gotham, and had despairingly hung on in the remains of their home in the hope that someday salvation would come. There was no work to be had, other than joining one of the criminal gangs and taking a small share of the spoils they acquired, and being an honest man, Mark did his best to avoid the gangs and scrounge for any scrap of food he could find.
 Two days after the attack on the Watchtower, Mark was out scrounging once again for any morsel he could convince his stomach was really food, when he chanced upon a metallic box in what looked like an impact crater. It appeared to be some kind of alloy with a strange rainbow-like glint on its surface, and showed signs of intense heat, presumably where paint or labeling had once been. This and the crater got Mark wondering about where it could have come from, but one thing was for sure. He wasn't going to leave it there for somebody else to find.
 He might be able to trade it for some food!
 Mark stooped to pick it up, and found the box to be heavy for its small size. He easily slung it under one arm, though, and took off for his hovel, hoping nobody had seen him with his prize. Luck, or maybe something else, was with him, and he arrived unchallenged.
 When he got inside, and set the box on the floor of what had once been his living room, Mark gave it a closer look. Obviously, if this was a box and not a solid block, something had to be inside it. At first, he could find no seams, or even hinges. Then Mark picked it up to turn it over. It became obvious that he had set it down the wrong way in the first place. The now top panel was the lid, with its very edges the seam. One corner must have taken the initial impact, because it was warped slightly compared to the others, and allowed Mark to start prying the box open with his fingers, bit by bit. Tools such as screwdrivers were things of the past.
 The lid was just about at the point where Mark could slip two fingers under it, when it popped completely off. He backed away in surprise, but recovered quickly, and laid the lid off to the side.
 What had made the box so heavy now became apparent. A huge tome, bigger than the family Bible that had once graced the table still standing near his bedspread covered front doorway, took up almost all the available space within the box. The small open space contained a gaudy purple glove, with gold and jewels bedecking the parts beyond the wrist. The sight of the obviously valuable glove made Mark cower in fear at first, but as he saw that no one was observing his find, he picked it up out of the box to examine it more closely.
 As soon as he touched the glove, Mark heard a voice in his head telling him to put it on. He jumped back, with more fear than before, breaking away from the treasure. That voice had seemed to reek of evil, he thought. Where could it have come from? He was an honest man, so why had he found this evil box, instead of one of those hoodlums running around aimlessly?
 He decided to take a different tack. Mark reached for the huge book, and lifted it gingerly from its container. The gilt edging to the pages hinted at even more wealth, and when the apparent cover was raised, he saw characters that were completely foreign to his eye. The pages Mark looked at all held the same strange language. "I can make you read that," the voice in his head told him. The glove was beckoning.
 Mark should have noted the choice of words the voice had used. It did not say, "let" you read, it said, "make" you read. Inquisitiveness and a growing feeling of self-importance that overruled his natural good nature made Mark reach for the glove once again, and this time, he picked it up with every intention of slipping it over his right hand.
 Instant awareness came upon Mark, but unfortunately for Mark, he was no more. "At last! The Wizard is free from the prison of my own magics!" Indeed, the JLA had removed the enchanted glove from the last Wizard, and using a spell taken from his own book of spells, sealed his soul within the glove through which he normally wielded his power.
 The Wizard accessed the mind of his new host, and discovered the horror that was the reality of his current existence. That was going to change. He would no sooner live in this paltry reality, than be in an insentient cell within the glove. Before he left, though, the Wizard thought it would be appropriate to see what changes he could leave behind.
 When he reached out ethereally to seek out the Batman, the closest known champion, he found that some unknown force had beat him to the punch. Of course, the Wizard had no way of knowing that the Catwoman was a heroine, and not the villainess he'd assumed her and her new twins to be. Had he checked further, he would have found fertile ground for warping heroic minds into villainous ones.
 Wizard came upon Azrael and his partner, the mute Batgirl, and had a thought of making her turn against him, but decided the whole rotten mess they were in wouldn't make it worth it. What would be more interesting, though, would be to have Mute wake up the next morning in the body of Azrael, and Azrael find himself in the form of the unspeaking Batgirl. Would the new Azrael even know how to talk? Would the new Batgirl find any way to tell anyone who she'd been, without giving away secrets?
 He decided to make it even more intriguing, and have Azrael so enjoy her new female form that she would fight to stay there. Hmm, maybe Batgirl would turn against Azrael after all!
 Wizard decided at that point to say good-bye to the dimension of this war-torn Gotham, and seek out another on a different plane that would be ripe for his picking. He cast a spell to make his monstrous tome an immaterial component of his vile mind, then departed the ruined Gotham City.
 From the void between worlds, Wizard spotted a reality in which the original Batgirl was working alongside Batman and Robin, with another partner called Nightwing. They lived in a Gotham City that thrived with lively exuberance, ripe for the picking. These all had their equivalents in the world he'd just left, but they were all so young and pure of heart, the perfect targets for his vile deeds. Oh, this was going to be fun!
 Wizard decided to start with the little font of purity, Batgirl.
 The rest of this story is contained in the story, "Batgirl - Who, me?" by myself (Steve Zink).


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