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Justice League of America - A New Legion by Steve Zink
from an original, shorter story by Singory Feb 19, 2013

In the Justice League of America's headquarters on the Moon, the Watchtower

An emergency meeting had been called at 4PM on the second Saturday in November, but only a small number of the Justice League's members could come.  Batman sat at head of the table, with Lois Lane as his special guest seated to his left.  Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Vixen and Black Canary were the others on hand, while Atom kept an eye on things at the duty desk.

The Caped Crusader looked at Wonder Woman, then at the others at the table.

Vixen broke the silence by asking, "So, what was the reason for the emergency meeting, and where's Superman?  It figures that Green Arrow, Aquaman, Zatanna, Flash and Hawkgirl couldn't make it, but Kal never misses an emergency meeting."

Batman told her, "Superman is the reason, he disappeared suddenly, and he didn't tell anyone.  Lois told us she thinks Luthor is responsible," she nodded, "and it seems Luthor is trying to rebuild his Legion of Doom.  Along with gathering-"

Black Canary interrupted him.  "Now wait a minute, how do you know all this information about the Legion of Doom?"

The Dark Knight clicked a button, and on the monitors in front of them they saw a figure clad in a familiar black costume sitting in one of the Watchtower's holding cells.  "That is Selina Kyle, known around the world as Catwoman.  I captured her last night trying to grab some items out of Wayne Tech, and after interogation with the help of Wonder Woman's lasso, we were able to get this information on the Legion."

Green Lantern raised his hand with the ring.  "So what we are waiting for!?  If there's even just a small chance that Luthor's somehow holding Superman, let's go knock down some doors!"

Batman turned to him.  "I'm sure we will, but first we need to find those doors, Hal.  Catwoman confirmed that it's Lex Luthor, but our surveillance of LexCorp didn't show anything suspicious.  We can't just storm his headquarters."

"And I know Lex from so much past personal contact," Lois added.  "He's got his headquarters sealed up tight and really secure."

Vixen pointed to Catwoman on her monitor.  "Then why not sneak inside Lex's headquarters, or attach a bug to Catwoman and catch Lex in the act-"

The elder member of the Dynamic Duo cut her off.  "No, we can't sneak inside, and even worse, for some reason we can't get Selina to cooperate with us."

Black Canary then said, "Why not use the Plastimold?  I can go as Catwoman."

Wonder Woman looked at Black Canary.  "I thought Superman disassembled it?"

"All he did with it as far as I know," Lois answered, "was move it so I'd no longer have easy access to it."

Batman nodded and then replied, "He left it up here for testing, but it seems we have to use it, regardless.  However, it has a drawback."

Green Lantern wondered, "And what is that?"

"Well, it would take around five minutes to take the shape you need," Bruce replied, "but it has one vulnerability..."

The Dark Knight started to scratch his chin.  The others looked at each other, and then at Batman, who pointed to Black Canary.  "Come with me to lab room five."

Both Batman and Black Canary exited the room and headed to the lab room with the Plastimold, while the others headed toward the duty desk.  When they were far enough away from the others that not even the Amazon's sensitive hearing would notice, Batman said, "I know you suggested turning yourself into Catwoman, but...  Well, I've known Selina for oh so many years, so it would be better if I took her place instead of you.  I intend to use the costume she wore a couple of years ago while still a truly evil villainess, before Selina changed and started helping me.  Why she helped Luthor by breaking into Wayne Tech is beyond me.  Anyway, you can guard me with your Canary Cry while I'm changing."

"Well, if you insist," Dinah replied.  "I guess you would know almost perfectly how to act as Catwoman...especially thinking as the evil to the core, totally wicked and sinfully corrupt Feline Felon that Luthor would be expecting to see."

A moment later, they entered the lab.

Vixen had followed Wonder Woman and Lois, leaving the Emerald Gladiator behind.  After catching up to them, she stopped to ask, "Diana, what is this Plastimold?"

Wonder Woman looked back at Vixen.  "You weren't briefed on it?  Lois, help me out if I get anything wrong."  The Amazon thought for short bit, then continued, "Well, the short version is, it's a device which was invented on Krypton, Superman's original planet, and it was brought to our world by some Krytonian scientist who used it to try and woo Lois; it can change your body to whatever you put into its programming.  Lois used it recently, and Superman moved it to the Watchtower for safe keeping."

Lois grinned.  "Good for a short description.  The name of that Kryptonian scientist who brought it here was Dahr-Nel, and specifically, he was from the bottle city of Kandor which Superman saved in his Fortress of Solitude after Brainiac shrunk it.  Recently, without Kal knowing about it until later, I got into the Plastimold to turn myself into a beautiful black chick, much better looking than when Supes turned me into a black woman a few years ago-"

Wonder Woman cut her off.  "You'd better not tell Mari what you did this time as that stunningly gorgeous black babe you became!"

Lois grinned again, than clasped her lips between her fingers.

Vixen nodded to them, saying, "Thanks for the info," while wondering if Lois had looked any better than she herself did as a black fashion model.

The trio heard Green Lantern whistle.  The two heroines and Lois turned to find Black Canary entering, and right next to her was Catwoman!  Or at least, the much sexier looking and evil Feline Felon from a couple of years earlier when she wore that really thrilling head to toe, skin tight and ultra shiny black latex costume which showed off very evidently her huge breasts and prominent nipples, along with thigh high black boots having skyscraper stiletto heels.  As they'd seen her in the holding cell, Catwoman was wearing her more recent, slightly more loosely fitted black leather costume with flat heeled knee high black boots and the goggles over her eyes.  This older version now walking toward them had the black latex cowl and mask which blended into her catsuit to hide her long black hair and had incredibly sexy, cat themed eye openings and the wicked looking cat ears up top.  A slightly less shiny and very wide black belt which doubled as a waist cincher held her cat weapons bag over her left hip.  Additionally, her shoulder length black latex gloves had claws at each fingertip much longer and deadlier than those on the elbow length gloves worn by the original.

Before any of them could say anything, Catwoman said, "Don't worry, everybody.  It's me, Batman, after I used the Plastimold."

Vixen replied to him, "That's really you?!  It's amazing!  You look and sound just like Selina.  That's the costume she was wearing a while back while still being a really bad and evil as could be villainess."

"That's why I chose this costume for the Plastimold to put me in," Catwoman told her.  "I've got to make sure Luthor knows I'm the most evil Feline Felon there ever was, and the weather in both Gotham City and Metropolis is cool but not cold this evening, so I should be comfortable in this latex."

"But I thought you said it had vulnerabilities?" Mari asked.

Catwoman (or Batman's body changed to resemble Catwoman in that older and ultra sexy costume) said, "Yeah, that's where Black Canary comes in, since your mind is vulnerable in the five minutes it takes the Plastimold to change you.  If anyone speaks to you during this stage, it could get imprinted in your mind, but Black Canary here can use her Canary Cry to cover any chance of anyone speaking if they even had a chance of penetrating our defences and entering the secured lab."

Vixen and Wonder Woman nodded in understanding, with Lois being really impressed with how Bruce had changed and knowing from her own recent personal experience about that personality change bit.  Then Green Lantern started a slow clap.  "Brilliant as always, Batman.  Now, what is our-"

He got interrupted by a whip crack.

The Emerald Gladiator looked at Catwoman, who gave him a sly smile.  "No need for jokes, I will infiltrate Lex's inner circle and figure out where Superman is.  I'll be in contact with Black Canary."

The other League members nodded in agreement, and before Hal could open his mouth, he saw Catwoman preparing to swing her whip, so he kept quiet.

Wonder Woman followed Catwoman to the Watchtower's teleport pads; before the apparent Feline Felon entered, she held her hand. "Batman, are you sure about this plan?"

Catwoman give a sly smile to Wonder Woman.  "Batman?  Where is that hunk?  I've been looking for him."  She grinned even wider then.  "Now don't worry, this is the best possible course of action.  Lex won't suspect a thing, and I know Catwoman the most."

Wonder Woman replied, "Be careful, we don't know Lex's plan."

Catwoman stepped onto a teleport pad and then disappeared, so Wonder Woman returned to the duty desk area.  When she got there, Lois said, "What Hal had been trying to say before getting warned to keep quiet was that he was planning on heading back home to Star City."

"Too bad Atom's still here," Vixen said with a grin, "we could get into a nice girl talk session."

"Don't mind me," the currently full size Mighty Mite said with a grin as he swiveled his seat to face them.  "I've got enough on the monitors to hold my attention."

In Metropolis

Catwoman appeared in one of the safe houses in Metropolis set up by Superman for the Justice League's usage; she quickly left the building and walked stealthily toward the LexCorp Building.

From the information she'd gained from Catwoman via the lasso earlier, the replacement Selina knew she had to use another entrance.  After some time to get there unnoticed, she reached the wall, then exposed the hidden keypad and pressed the code.  A door opened and she entered.

Catwoman entered carefully, but nothing happened, no traps, no hidden lasers and no cages.

After some walking in the corridor, she reached a huge hall with chairs and a table built for meetings, with screens around the walls showing parts of Metropolis all around.

Then she heard Lex Luthor say, "Catwoman!  Sit, have a rest."

She looked and saw Lex entering the room from another entrance.  He pulled out a chair and sat, and then so did she.

"So did you bring what I wanted from WayneTech, and did you have any problem with it?"

Catwoman brought out a small circuit board from the cat weapons bag attached to her belt and slid it across the table to Lex.  "Luthor honey, you hired a legendary cat burglar, not a purse snatcher."

Luthor inspected the circuit board, then he heard a female voice on the speakers.  "Mr. Luthor, Mr. Luthor, a call on line two."

Lex replied while still inspecting the circuit board, "Who is it, Claire?"

"It's Mercy, sir."

Luthor stood up and clicked an earpiece, then started talking as he left the room.

Catwoman started to drift, thinking, 'Where should I look, before that hunk Luthor would return.'  Then she stopped.  'What was I thinking!  Luthor as a hunk?  Sure, his body is lean, but why think of him as a hunk?  Is it the effect of the Plastimold?  If the Plastimold makes you think like the target that would be a big problem, but a bigger problem is that damn Selina even thinks of Luthor as a hunk...'

Luthor returned, and then a couple of LCD screens came up.  On them was a picture portrait of Green Lantern.  Luthor started to explain, "This is our next target.  While I wouldn't want to attack the Justice League's big guns like Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman, we should start to attack other members, so we're preparing a trap for him-"

Catwoman interrupted him, "And what part of the trap would I play?"

Luthor clicked on the panel in front of himself.  "Nothing and everything."

A picture of two aliens with yellowish masks appeared.  "Since Sinistro is not responding, I was able to get these two clowns with yellow rings, and I'll use them to ambush Green Lantern.  Your job is to go to Gotham and distract Batman by bringing down his allies."

Catwoman nodded in agreement, thinking, 'What a brilliant plan by Luthor!  Especially since two yellow ring holders wouldn't be able to overcome Green Lantern.  I'll be able to warn the Justice League, but what fun I'm going to have in Gotham after that!'

Luthor interrupted her thoughts.  "I'll let Mercy take care of your travel, she'll take you in one my private jets to Gotham."

"Okay, this'll probably be a lot more fun than riding in an airliner," she replied, "and I can stay in my costume."

Mercy entered the room.  "The jet is ready, Catwoman.  Let's move."

Catwoman stood from her chair.  "Goodbye, Luthor," she said while sending a flying kiss toward him.

Catwoman sat in the jet thinking of what she did and felt in the meeting room before they got started.  'This Plastimold sure is dangerous, Superman never mentioned these side effects to it.'

It came as a surprise when Catwoman heard Mercy on the jet's intercom after the unexpectedly short flight.  "We're getting ready to descend to land in Gotham, please fasten your seat belt."

The jet landed, then Catwoman deplaned and looked at Mercy.  "I'll contact you once I need to return to Luthor, I can't be seen with you here in Gotham."

"Whatever you want," Luthor's beautiful, shoulder length brown haired bodyguard and assistant replied.  "Have fun!"

Catwoman moved outside of the airport easily since they were at the fixed base operator and not the international passenger terminal.  One of the cars from the Wayne Manor motor pool kept on hand in the parking lot provided her transportation, and she pulled back her cowl and loosened up her hair for the trip to avoid being noticed.  When it became obvious that no one was following her, she drove to one of the downtown safe houses set up for use by the Dark Knight and his assistants.  No longer thinking very much like the Dark Knight, she put her cowl and mask back on over her head and face, then went inside.  The cover over a panel inside was slid aside to reveal a Justice League communicator.  She hit the call button, and as expected, saw Black Canary at the other end.  "Dinah, this is Catwoman.  Luthor has set up a trap for Green Lantern, two Yellow Lanterns are going to ambush him."

Black Canary replied to her, "Acknowledged, I'll go with Wonder Woman and Vixen here and help him.  Lois can stay here at the duty desk."

To which Catwoman said to her, "Okay, I have a small mission for Luthor here, I'll go offline now," then closed the communicator.

Catwoman wondered, 'Now why didn't I tell them I've been planning to bring down one or more of my allies?  I could have told them to make them play along, but that would ruin the fun of the game.  Oh well, time to follow my orders and hunt down any of's allies.'

Back inside the Watchtower

Vixen was getting ready to move and Wonder Woman tapped Black Canary's shoulder.  She turned, looking at the Amazon, who asked her, "Why did Bruce call in as Catwoman instead of Batman?  And why didn't you ask him about what he's doing for Luthor in Gotham?"

Black Canary gave Wonder Woman a puzzled look.  "I don't know, maybe SHE wanted to stay in character?  Also, I think she can contact the people in Gotham better than us.  Now, let's get going before they get to Green Lantern before we do."

The two heroines left Lois Lane sitting at the console next to Atom, then hastened to the teleport pads and went to Star City to help Green Lantern.

* * * *

In Gotham, Catwoman was going from rooftop to rooftop wondering just who she'd be capturing.  She landed on a rooftop and heard someone say, "I see you're back, Catwoman.  Couldn't handle the heat in Metropolis?  You do look an awful lot sexier and more wicked in that old black latex version of your costume.  Going back to being a bad kitty?"

'Damn it,' thought Catwoman, 'it's Batgirl.  How did that brat sneak on me?  I should have been better than this, Luthor will be angry with me.'  She scowled, then told the young heroine, "Yes, I'm much happier in my sexy and slutty costume.  Damn right, I am the most evil villainess you've ever met!"

She brought out her whip, and Batgirl brought out her Batarang.

Catwoman knew how to handle the brat.  She feigned cracking her whip toward Batgirl's right, which the youngster in black and golden yellow fell for and threw her Batrang toward Catwoman.  Because the Feline Felon anticipated it, the weapon was easy to dodge.  Then she hit the Dark Knight Damsel with the whip, coiled her legs and yanked it, throwing her off balance.  This provided the opportunity for Catwoman to go behind her prey and hit her with the whip handle, followed by another and another again, and then finally, she kicked her.

Batgirl, after the flurry of hits from Catwoman, fell to the ground unconscious.

Catwoman looked at the unconscious young heroine and smiled.  "I know what would make Luthor happy, time to get to work."

She picked up the unconscious body of Batgirl and made her way toward another one of the safe houses.

* * * *

In Star City, Wonder Woman was looking at Green Lantern, who was talking to a couple members of the Green Lantern Corps who had two Yellow Lanterns held up.

The Emerald Gladiator then turned to Wonder Woman, Vixen and Black Canary.  "Okay, Kilowog and Salakk will take care of these two and transport them to the prison on Oa."

Wonder Woman looked at Black Canary.  "We haven't heard from Batman after that tip, we need to-"

She was interrupted by Black Canary smiling and placing her finger on her mouth.  "Let's not discuss Justice League matters in the street, let's go back to the Watchtower and talk."

She pointed to Green Lantern, who after creating a green sphere around them, flew them away.

Unknown to the heroes, a figure cloaked in the shadows had been monitoring the action.  She brought up a communicator to her lips.  "Mr. Luthor, the Justice League and a couple of Green Lantern Corps members have captured the Yellow Lanterns and got them off the planet, then the three heroines got sealed inside a green power bubble by Green Lantern and seemed to be heading toward the Watchtower."

She waited couple of seconds, then got a reply.  "Great going, Claire.  Now return to Metropolis."

"As you command, sir."  She closed the communicator and moved away from the roof.

Back in Gotham, in one of Batman's secret safe houses

Batgirl started to awaken after being aroused by her captor.  She looked around herself and found she was tied up to some type of chair.  She was connected to some wires, and in front of her there were mirrors and TV screens.

She heard heels clicking, so the Dominoed Dare Doll looked and saw the Feline Felon walking toward her.  "What is the meaning of this, Catwoman?  Release me at once."

Catwoman laughed.  "You're in no position to be demanding anything, girl!  And in no time, you will not be demanding anything from me ever again."

The heroine shivered a bit.  "You're not going to...?"

The shiny black latex clad figure walked over to her captive and placed her ominously clawed finger on Batgirl's lips.  "Silly girl, don't worry; I just need to change your perspective on things, and this setup will help me."

Catwoman placed headphones over Batgirl's cowled head and ears, then the TV screens started to play videos of her captive doing heroic stuff.

The Dark Knight Damsel started to say, "I don't understand what you..." but she was interrupted by an electric shock.

Catwoman looked at a monitor behind the mirror where Batgirl couldn't see it.  "Ah, I see it's working.  You see, each time you feel happy or proud of your heroic deeds you get shocked.  So after a while, you will learn not to enjoy these.  I'll be back in some time, so enjoy."

Batgirl tried to control her feelings, but shock after shock kept throwing her off balance.

A bit more than an hour later, and shocked beyond count, Batgirl heard the heels again.  She looked at Catwoman dazedly, who smiled at her.  "It seems you're tired; here, let me give you a prize."

She brought up a syringe and injected Batgirl with it.  The Dark Knight Damsel wanted to struggle, but she was too tired from the shocks, she gave in.  Catwoman then untied her, but Batgirl couldn't lift a finger; she was paralyzed it seemed.

Catwoman removed her cowl and placed another one on her.  When she had all the young woman's red hair completely covered and had adjusted it over her captive's eyes, the Feline Felon backed away and stood next to her.  Batgirl looked at her reflection in a mirror and saw it was a cat cowl identical to the one worn by her fact, aside from slightly differently shaped noses and lips, they looked like twins now.

She then felt Catwoman kiss her on the neck.  The villainess whispered to her, "Yes, that is a cat cowl, you are going to be Catgirl my dear, no more Batgirl.  Batgirl is only pain, Catgirl is all pleasure."

Then Catwoman pulled her cat's eye ring out of her cat weapons bag and slipped it over her left ring finger.  While holding it in front of her captive's eyes, which showed her enthrallment right away, she said, "Your past as the heroine called Batgirl is only a fading memory which brings you pain.  From now on, you will know that you are the villainess called Catgirl and do your best to help your mistress and mentor in committing crimes.  Being incredibly evil brings you undescribable pleasure and great pride.  Do you understand?"

While still being paralyzed, the youngster could give an answer, "Yes, I am Catgirl and just devious and evil as you, my mistress and mentor."

Catwoman smiled, then gave Catgirl another injection which freed her muscles to move.  Next she removed Catgirl's cowl and placed the Batgirl cowl back over her head.  Adjusting that one, Catgirl felt sad for wearing it, but she used to be Batgirl and she should be proud, shouldn't she?  An electric shock answered her.  She tore off that cowl which made her look so wrong.  Then she looked down upon her still costumed body with total disgust.

"Before you start shredding that off your body," Cataoman said, "keep it intact.  You might be able to find it useful as a way to disguise yourself later on.  Here's your new costume to put on after you get that one off."

Catgirl followed her orders and got out of the now foreign and repulsive to her Batgirl costume, then slipped her body into an identical black latex outfit to that of her mistress.  She got a thrill from zipping on the thigh high boots with their six-inch heels tightly to her legs and wearing her wickedly long clawed gloves.  After her own belt and cat weapons bag were put on, she finally pulled the correct cowl back on over her head to hide her red hair.

"You look great now as an almost exact copy of me," Catwoman told her.  "I need to go take care of some business, so you'll be on your own for a little while until I get back."

In the Watchtower

Wonder Woman paced back and forth in front of the monitors.  Then she put her hands on Atom's shoulders.  "Any contact yet?"

"No," came the terse reply from the hero watching over the duty desk.

"We haven't heard a thing," Lois added.

Black Canary and Green Lantern entered the duty desk area.  Canary looked at the Amazon.  "Still waiting for Catwoman to call?"

Diana turned to her inquirer.  "Yes, we're still waiting for BATMAN to call."

Dinah took a defensive stand.  Hal Jordan's ring put a giant green hand between Wonder Woman and Black Canary.  "Ladies, ladies, please."

A beeping sound stopped them.  They all turned and looked toward Atom at the monitors, who turned his chair.  "Catwoman was just sighted at Gotham Museum."

Wonder Woman pointed toward the teleport pads.  "LET'S GO!"

Leaving Lois to just continue giving Atom some company, the four Leaguers all raced toward the teleport pads and zapped down to Gotham.

Back in Metropolis

Luthor was looking at reports of Catwoman's sighting in Gotham City.  When he heard heels clicking, the super genius villain turned and saw Catwoman smiling at him.  "Miss me, Mr. Luthor?"

Lex smiled back at the villainess in shiny black.  "So the reports about you in Gotham are incorrect?"

Catwoman gave him a sly smile before answering, "Oh...I wouldn't call them incorrect...more like mislabeled."

The Legion of Doom's leader was a bit puzzled, and it showed on his face.  Then he put his hands around Catwoman's tiny waist.  "Never mind.  Come with me, I need something from you."

They walked down the corridor and entered a room full of monitors with a sumptuous and gorgeous looking black haired female sitting at the console working.

Luthor knocked on the door to get her attention.  "Claire, I need to use the console now, go check with Mercy."

The young lady sitting at the console turned the chair and stood up.  Catwoman looked at her.  Claire was a very shapely young lady with breasts even larger than hers, about the same height as her, and black hair just a bit shorter than her own.  The Feline Felon had a feeling she knew her, maybe she had worked with Catwoman before, but she wasn't sure.

Claire exited the room, but before closing the door, she looked at Lex and sent a flying kiss toward him.

Luthor smiled at her, then turned to Catwoman.  "Claire is a great assistant, the best I've got.  While she is new, I promoted her over Mercy."

Catwoman whistled softly.  'I know how much Luthor valued Mercy, this Claire must be really good, she has to be to beat his original best babe.'

Luthor pointed toward the chair, and Catwoman sat on it.  They heard beeping, then Mercy's voice.  "Mr. Luthor, you need to check Gotham channel 7, I'll put it up on monitor 5."

Lex and Catwoman looked at that monitor.  On it was a street in Gotham City with the Justice League members Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Vixen and Green Lantern cornering a figure wearing a costume identical to Catwoman's.

Luthor looked at Catwoman with puzzlement.  She give him a sly smile.  "I told you it was a mislabel, that's Catgirl.  I hope she can escape those arrogant super losers."

The Legion's bald leader smiled at Catwoman, and continued to watch.  As bravely as Catgirl fought, she was alone versus four super powered Justice League members, and they captured her.  It was after her cowl was pulled off that Catgirl's red hair became seen, meaning the heroes hadn't caught who they'd expected.

Catwoman pouted, but she relaxed when she felt Luthor's hand on her shoulder.  "Don't worry.  We shall return your girl to you.  Anyway, first things first."

He clicked on the console, and Catwoman recognized what Lex was doing.  He was trying to tab into the Bat Network, and he had limited access to it.  It was about the same as the Justice League's access to it, but smaller.  He couldn't get information that way from the Bat Network.  She looked at Luthor, who smiled at her.

"Now you see, Catwoman, I was able to access the Bat Network with a little help, but I want the full access, and you are the key."

Catwoman tried to show puzzlement to hide her true feelings.  'Did he figure out that I used to be Batman?'

Luthor whispered to Catwoman, "This will make me happy and proud of you, unless you want me to get Claire to do it."

Catwoman nearly melted after he whispered in her ear.  She typed and typed and typed.  Luthor's smile turned into a grin.  The Bat Network, he was finally going to get full access to it.

After Catwoman finished, she turned and looked at Luthor.  "Full access and control on the Bat Network, I hope you enjoy, Mr. Luthor."

Catwoman crossed her hands and pouted.

Luthor surprised her with a deep kiss, and she returned it.  All the feeling of anger melted away, and only love for Luthor filled her.

When he broke the kiss, the villainess felt she wanted more.  Luthor put his finger on Catwoman's lips.  "I know you want more, but you also want your Catgirl back, so let me check the Bat Network so we can go get her.  Now be a good girl and go to the meeting room, and no fighting in the meeting room.  Okay, honey?"

Catwoman jumped up smiling and replied, "Yes, of course!"

She exited the room, and then remembered what Claire did, so she also sent Luthor a flying kiss.  He smiled back at her, then went to work on the console.

She was flying high, very happy, then Catwoman entered the meeting room where she found Mercy and Claire were waiting for her.

She sat at the head of the table, Mercy giving her a strange look.

Then Claire spoke.  "So your contract ended, and you're waiting for payment now?"

Catwoman gave Claire a hateful stare, then responded to her, "Don't you have a report to type, office tramp?"

Mercy had to intervine.  "Girls, girls, if I was you I would stop this before Mr. Luthor gets angry."

The mention of Luthor's name calmed both Claire and Catwoman.

Back in the Watchtower

Wonder Woman opened one of the holding cells not far from the one in which she and Batman had placed the original Catwoman and tossed Catgirl into it.  Then she returned to the duty desk area with the other League members.

"That wasn't Catwoman," the Amazon announced to Atom and Lois, "it seems Catwoman has changed Batgirl's allegiance from good to evil."

Black Canary was smiling.  "Don't you mean Batman?"

Wonder Woman stared at Black Canary, who stared back at her.  Vixen interrupted the staring match.  "Look, we have a problem.  Batman or Catwoman, whatever you want to call her, isn't responding to our call, and she seems to be doing some stuff we didn't talk about like change Batgirl, who doesn't seem to be playing a role, so we need to get into Luthor's headquarters and figure it out."

Green Lantern used his ring to construct an image of a newspaper.  "And be attacked again on every newspaper?  We can't afford another PR nightmare, considering our only knowledgeable members in PR aren't here.  We can't risk it."

Vixen looked at Wonder Woman and Black Canary.  "We could use the Plastimold?"

Black Canary hastily said, "No, we can't.  Batman used it, and we aren't sure about it."

Wonder Woman, looking at Black Canary, replied, "It's our only hope now, but I'll go with Green Lantern only."

Vixen looked at Wonder Woman.  "Why only you and Green Lantern?  Why can't I go also?  And for that matter, Canary in addition?"

Wonder Woman, slamming the table with her clenched fists, said, "Because this time you and Black Canary will be standing by up here and ready to go.  If we aren't out in an hour, you two will go in and bust us out.  AS YOURSELVES!  We'll have trackers on us in case he tries to move us someplace else.  We won't take any chances this time."

Black Canary and Vixen both nodded in agreement.

Wonder Woman pointed to Black Canary to follow her.  "Now, let's go use the Plastimold, you'll need to help me with it."

Wonder Woman and Black Canary exited the room and headed toward the lab.  Lois Lane, Green Lantern and Vixen followed them, and stood waiting at the lab entrance.  After the door was closed they could only wonder what the Amazon had in mind, because they couldn't see or hear anything inside the isolated lab.

After five minutes they heard the door opening, and Cheetah exited the room followed by Black Canary.  The new villainess was much smaller than statuesque Amazon heroine she'd been, with the exception of her huge breasts.  Of course, now they were completely encased by the unspotted golden yellow chest part of the costume covering her body from her neck down.  It even covered her hands with the built in gloves having claws that made Catwoman's look tame in comparison and her feet with its built in boots having heels nearly as high as Catwoman's.  Her face was open to see, with the brown spotted, golden yellow cowl covering her ears and hiding her long blonde hair by seeming to join with the neck of the catsuit.  The spots were only at her extremeties, from her knees down, from her elbows to her fingertips, and from her neck up.

Cheetah (or Wonder Woman) pointed to Green Lantern.  "Go inside and use the Plastimold to change into Star Sapphire."

Hal objected, "But the ring can change my shape."  To prove it, he used it to change his body and costume to that of Wonder Woman.

Cheetah pointed toward the lab.  "Yeah, but the scanners that Luthor employs can detect that type of disguise.  Now, get in there!"

So the Emerald Gladiator entered the lab with Black Canary.  After another five minute wait, Canary exited the room followed by Star Sapphire in green.

Then Star Sapphire noticed the look in Cheetah's eyes.  "Yeah, yeah, I know, pink.  I was just kidding, and Dinah liked my idea.  Give me a minute to adjust."

Cheetah, Black Canary and Vixen watched as Star Sapphire tried to focus, then they saw the green in her costume and the glow around her change from green into pink.  Now she looked correct in the original outfit as worn by Carol Ferris and at least two other women over the years having a long sleeved pink leotard with a deep, cleavage exposing V that was edged by the expanding in height white collar that swept to just over her ears above her shoulders and back down to nothing at the nape of her neck.  The same color was on her knee high boots with nice spike heels, wide domino mask and the tiara over her forehead which displayed a fake Zamaron power gem.  A white belt was around her waist, narrow from the back to her sides and expanding deeply over her tummy with a pink star burst design on the center.  Elbow length purple gloves completed her costume, with the almost invisible green power ring over her purple covered right ring finger.

Cheetah and Star Sapphire started to walk toward the teleport pads.  Cheetah then looked at Black Canary.  "Remember, one hour, then you and Vixen go in."

Black Canary saluted Cheetah while saying, "Aye, aye!"

Cheetah grumbled, then the teleport sent them down toward Metropolis.

Black Canary patted Vixen on the back.  "Come, let's drink some tea to relax before the fight, I've got some good herbal tea."

As they started toward the lounge area, Lois said, "Canary, wait.  Vixen, go on ahead.  Dinah will be back with you in a few minutes."  Black Canary turned around to check with Lois.  Mari gave them both a puzzled look, but then started walking.

"What I wanted you to come back for," Lois told Dinah, "is that there should be one more member of Lex's Legion of Doom going down with Cheetah and Star Sapphire.  An important and vital member.  Circe needs to join them, and since you have to stand by up here with Vixen, I need to turn into Circe."

"You really want to be turned into her so much?" Black Canary asked as she led Lois into the lab to finally see what she had been so used to seeing inside S.T.A.R. Labs at home.

"Yes, and not in that hanging, wispy sort of diaphanous gown the witch wears sometimes.  I want to have all of her magic powers," Lois told her, "and be in that medium green catsuit with darker green knee high boots and elbow length gloves.  Her boots always seem to have great high heels just like all the ones I've seen on Catwoman, Cheetah and Star Sapphire, too.  To look and seem good for Luthor, I want to be the really evil and truly wicked purple haired witch who has been such an essential member of the Legion of Doom."

"Well, you know your way around the Plastimold," Dinah said, "so go ahead and step into it.  I'll set up all the programming for you.  But instead of waiting to escort you out like I did for the others, I'll leave to go and join with Vixen when your five minutes is up.  So just get out and use your magic to join with Luthor and the others instead of teleporting."

"I understand," Lois replied as she stepped into the refrigerator sized box, "and I'm betting I'll be a big surprise for all of them, Lex included."  She pulled the door closed and secure.

"Better believe you will!" Black Canary said as she got to work.

The lab looked totally deserted to Circe when she opened the door, just as expected.  She stepped out, thinking, 'Too bad Wonder Woman's no longer around any more!  And to make sure if we get some other Amazon showing up to take her place, I'm going to be the only purple haired bitch to be around hassling her.'  A spell got cast right away which the original witch was unprepared for, resulting in her being resituated on Cyprus as a simple, middle aged shop keeper.  'Now I am the one and only Circe, and this is so much better than being plain old Lois Lane.  Speaking of whom,' she went into the mystic realms to find where Clark had gone.  It came as a surprise when the Man of Steel was seen going into the Plastimold and emerging shortly thereafter as a beautiful brunette who went straight to Luthor's side via a teleport.  'Aha!  So, first Luthor got Clark, and now he'll have me, too!'

As much as she wanted to wreak some havok on the Justice League's moon base, it seemed pointless with the way it was becoming less and less useful.  It seemed much more important to her to get down and join with Luthor.  She shook her head to loosen up her nearly waist length, slightly wavy purple hair, then the witch having the most powerful and evil magic ever known pictured in her mind where everyone was inside the Legion's headquarters at that moment.  She found the woman Superman now was in a large room with Catwoman who used to be Batman.  'Oh, this is just too good!  The World's Finest are close together and don't even know it...of course, with both of them working with Luthor now, it would be better to call them Mischief's Finest.'  A blink of an eye later, she was there with them instead of inside the lab.

As they were munching, Vixen asked, "So what was it that Lois wanted, and where is she now?"

Black Canary swallowed, then replied, "Oh, she just wanted to see how the Plastimold had been set up here before going to the teleport pads to go back home."

"Oh, that was all?" Mari asked.

"Yep," Dinah answered.  "So now we're back to just us three Justice Leaguers now.  Say, why don't you go to the cell blocks and see how Selina is making out in her cell.  I'll clean up the dishes and utensils."

"Thanks," Mari replied, "I've been wanting to see how she's doing with Catgirl nearby.  Still hard to figure how or why Batgirl got changed by Batman.  See you in a little bit," she concluded while satanding and waving.

In Metropolis

After they teleported, both Cheetah and Star Sapphire made their way toward LexCorp on foot, since zapping there via Sapphire's modified ring power without knowing exactly what the interior looked like was out of the question.  When they got there, the pair of false super villainesses walked toward the main entrance, where they were stopped by Mercy.  "What the hell, ladies?  What did Mr. Luthor say?  Never use the main entrance, go to the side entrance."

Cheetah furled her brow and asked, "What side entrance?"

Mercy pointed toward a small building north of the LexCorp building.  "There!  Did you already forget it?"  Then she raised her voice, "GO AWAY, SUPER VILLAINS, YOU'RE NOT WELCOME HERE."

Cheetah and Star Sapphire went away from the main building toward the other one after this harsh brush off.  They reached it and then entered.  At first it was similar to any other building, then the lobby changed and the hologram disappeared with the door closing behind them.

Luthor appeared.  "Welcome, ladies.  It's nice of you to join us.  Come, follow."

He headed into a corridor, and the pair followed.  After they entered the corridor, the hologram returned and the outside door opened, but the corridor door closed behind them.

They walked for a bit, then reached a meeting room.  They entered and found Catwoman and a female with black hair sitting at a table, and standing near them imperiously was Circe.

"Circe, this is a surprise!" Lex said.  "When did you get here?"

"Oh, I just popped in," she told him with a grin.  "I was watching how you've been putting the Legion back together, and decided I might as well get in on the fun."  Then she walked closer to Luthor and whispered into his ear, "Actually, I used to be the wife of Clark who is now your Claire, but it's so much better being Circe!  I also made it so I'm the only one of me in the world, the original is now just a humble woman on Cyprus.  If you encounter any difficulties in getting any of our new Legion babes to accept being who they are now, let me know.  My magic could easily fix that."

He raised his eyebrows, then Lex grinned.  Just as softly, he told her, "Excellent!  I'm glad Lois isn't around any longer.  I doubt we'll have any need of your magic, but I'll keep that in mind."

Luthor then pointed to the pair sitting at the table.  "Cheetah and Star Sapphire, you know Catwoman, and this is my new assistant, Claire."

They nodded to her, then Luthor pointed toward the Feline Felon.  "Catwoman, why don't you show Cheetah around, while I talk to Star Sapphire here about the Yellow Lantern meeting.  Circe, you stay here with me."

Catwoman escorted Cheetah outside the meeting room while Claire started searching in a box in the corner of the room.  Luthor walked over to Star Sapphire and said, "Well, it's good of you to join us, Star Sapphire.  We need someone of your power in our ranks.  I thought you were finished with the sapphire business."

Claire brought a small box to Lex, who took it and stood next to Star Sapphire, who was trying to answer his question.

"Well," he told Star Sapphire sternly, "if you ask me, I don't think you're fully powered yet."

Star Sapphire looked at Luthor in puzzlement, while Claire was smiling.  "Why do you think tha-"

She was interrupted by Luthor placing his finger over her lips.  "You see, I've noticed you're wearing a green ring, which is limiting your power."

Luthor opened the small box he was holding in his hand and from it pulled out a glowing purple gem.  "Now be a dear and remove your green ring for me."


Lex gave her a sly smile.  "This will make me happy."

She hesitated at first, then Sapphire removed the green ring.  Without it shielding her body, the powerful gem held by Luthor started to adapt the body it recognized as one of its bearers.

A deep purple glow surrounded Star Sapphire, hiding her from view.  Inside, the costume originally on her body was vaporized so a new one could take its place.  When the glow faded, it was in effect a brand new Star Sapphire standing there in a sure, steady and really imposing stance.  Covering her upper body was a long sleeved, very dark blue leotard which almost looked black.  It was cut very high to show off her upper thighs and hips, and it covered her neck all the way up to her jaw and ears.  But this top portion was magenta, straight across the top of her back, over her shoulders and then down to a point just below her breasts.  From each of her nipples, it branched out wider to form an arrowhead.  A very high, pointed magenta mask covered her eyes and forehead, joining with the leotard's neck at her ears with a so far empty mounting at the point above her eyes where the high spike on each side came down to meet.  Deeply cuffed, elbow length magenta gloves sheathed her forearms, and matching thigh high boots came up almost to her crotch on the inner sides, angling up and out to rounded tops over her thighs.  To match what her Legion teammates were wearing, there were sexy shaped six-inch stiletto heels on these boots.

She smiled at Luthor.  "This new costume is a great one!  I know who I really am now, to hell with that past life I'm leaving behind.  Are you happy with me now?"

"Yes, very much," Luthor replied, returning the smile while placing the purple gem into its receptacle above Star Sapphire's eyes in her new tiara like mask.  The he put the green ring inside the box and handed it to Claire.  As she went to put it away, Lex said, Now then, let's check and see if Cheetah has finished her tour."

After Cheetah and Catwoman exited the meeting room, the changed Dark Knight's hopefull savior waited until they were a bit further from the room.  Then she held the villainess seeming to now act like a truly evil Feline Felon by the shoulders and pinned her up against the wall.  "Cat...err, I mean Batman, wake up, what are you doing?"

Catwoman gave a sly smile.  "Oh, I like where this is going, you like it rough?"

Cheetah replied to her, "Most of...  Wait, that's not the point, what are you doing, Batman?  Stop this charade!"

Catwoman's expression changed from fun into anger.  "Charade!  CHARADE!  What we were doing was a charade.  We weren't happy, I wasn't happy, you weren't happy, even Kal-El wasn't happy.  Now I'm happy, and you should be, too!"

Cheetah shook Catwoman.  "No, no!  We were superheroes!"

Catwoman pushed Cheetah away from her, then held her head close to her own.  "Were is the key word.  But we were also sad.  Now you enjoy the new body and identity you have, just like I do, and Luthor is going to make you happy, also."

Cheetah tried to focus.  As a sign of how her own mind was changing, she thought of the villainess in shiny black as who she really was now.  'Could what Catwoman is saying really be true!?'

Then the changed Diana heard Luthor calling.  "Cheetah and Catwoman, I think you cats should be done introducing yourselves to each other."

Cheetah turned and saw Luthor flanked by Star Sapphire and Circe.  Catwoman looked at Cheetah, and then back toward her leader.  "Cheetah still wants to be the boring old her."

Luther stepped closer to the confused villainess.  "Is that true, Cheetah?"

Cheetah gave Luthor a sad face.  "I don't know anymore.  Part of me just loves being the evil villainess that I truly am, but there's still a tiny wish to go back to being a super heroine.  I need to shut that wish down, it just seems so revolting to me!"

Luthor patted Cheetah on her head, which seemed to calm her a bit.  "Don't worry, you'll figure it out soon.  Now, lets go.  Oh, and Claire, bring your costume."

Claire disappeared in a flash, then came back.  When she reappeared, Catwoman and Cheetah looked at her with amazement.  The beautiful brunette was wearing a long sleeved, cherry red latex body suit, ultra high heeled knee high shiny red boots and shoulder length shiny red gloves.  The torso portion over her massive breasts had a cut out with a double L on it to show her allegiance.  She took an imposing pose, then said, "Tomorrow Woman is here."

Both Catwoman and Cheetah said together, "Kal-El?"

They both looked at each other and laughed.  Luther clapped.  "Very good, Claire.  Now then, Mercy, is the teleporter set up for the trip?"

They heard Mercy's voice on the PA system.  "Yes, I've got it all set for you.  It will take you to the Watchtower's lounge as soon as you want to go."

"Lex, it might be easier if I used my magic," Circe suggested.

"Possibly," he replied, "but we've been planning on this teleport.  Join us."  She nodded.

Luthor picked a remote from his suit, clicked it and a teleporter pad appeared from the ground.  They all stepped on it.  Luthor, Cheetah, Star Sapphire, Circe, Catwoman and Tomorrow Woman stood on the pad and got teleported to the Justice League's headquarters on the Moon.

When they appeared in the lounge area of the Watchtower, the six Legion members were met by Black Canary.

Star Sapphire surrounded them with a protective shield while Catwoman and Cheetah took an attacking stance.  Circe just grinned, looking smug, while Tomorrow Woman stood by her leader without showing any concern.

Luthor stopped them.  "No need for this, Black Canary has been my agent for a long time."

Dinah smiled at the ladies with Luthor.  "I see you brought all the girls with you, but where's my partner?"

Lex smiled and clasped Black Canary's hand.  "Don't worry, Condor is here."

They heard a teleportation, then turned to see Mercy wearing a new costume and carrying a box with her.  The statuesque beauty with shoulder length brown hair was in a sleeveless, royal purple bodice which accented her crotch and ass along with showing off her cleavage all the way dowm to her belly button.  Thigh high boots of the same color with heels to match her teammates and opera length gloves to go along added to her sexy look.  Finishing her outfit was a sweeping wide and high royal purple domino mask.

"I brought your stuff here," she told Dinah, holding up the box.

Black Canary gave her a sly smile.  "Good!  Now, let's go change in my room.  Follow me, my dear partner."

Luthor sat on one of the seating sofas and pointed to Tomorrow Woman.  "Claire, come sit with me.  Let the other ladies deal with the Cats in the holding cells."

Catwoman, Cheetah and Star Sapphire went toward the holding cells, while Circe headed for the duty desk.  A few minutes later, they returned with Vixen and the original Catwoman held up by a Star Sapphire bubble, while Catgirl was hugging the new Catwoman.  They were followed by Circe, who had Atom on a leash attached to a collar around his neck.

Vixen looked at Luthor.  "Don't think you've won, we will stop you."

Lex laughed, and the other ladies joined in his laughing.  "Think so?  Vixen, Vixen, you shouldn't throw around this cliche talk, that is why we villains lose.  The cliche, I will return or I will take my revenge, and then you get obsessed by that and stop thinking rationally.  Let me tell you a small story."

He pointed for Cheetah to sit next to him.  She did, and he started to rub her back.  She smiled and purred.

"You see, Vixen, each time I tried something with the Legion of Doom, I failed.  Why?  Because I was teamed with idiots, or they had less smarts than their counterpart in the Justice League.  So that was first problem, and the second one is the use of cliche words and the effect it had on me.  I should have figured that out long time ago, but I didn't."

He stopped and looked at Catwoman and Catgirl, who were sitting next to Tomorrow Woman and just happy to be next to each other, and asked Circe, "Could you give Catgirl a better costume so she won't look like Catwoman's twin?"

Circe turned toward the twins in shiny black latex and asked, "Any objections?"

"No," came from two different voices.

Then Catgirl on her own said, "Could you change my hair to black, and give me Catwoman's old swimsuit style costume?"

"Good choice!" Catwoman added.

"And done!" Circe grinned.

Instantly, Catgirl changed to having black hair falling to her shoulders instead of the red it had been, and it was now fully visible.  When Catwoman had worn the costume now on her body, she had much shorter black hair.  But the costume was still the same.  Light blue tights adorned her legs, with a dark blue, sleeveless bodice covering her entire waist area down.  It rose up to cover her breasts and split there to show the cleavage and go up over her shoulders to form a high collared halter behind her neck.  The longer hair she had just fell over and past this collar.  Cuffed, opera length dark blue gloves with the usual claws were on her arms, dark blue boots which would have gone up to her knees had their tops folded down as big cuffs showing the red inside and having big gold buckles over her insteps with heels just those on the boots her mistress was wearing wear on her feet and a high and broadly seeping red domino mask with adjustable filters over the eye holes covered her upper face.

Luthor enthused, "Very nicely done!" and then he turned back to Vixen.

"You see, when I figured out that bit about the cliches, it was just before I was foiled, so I didn't use it, and started to plan.  I started to study the Justice League, how you and your teammates think.  I knew if I didn't do anything for a long time, that Superman would start to get suspicious because he thinks I'm obsessed about his defeat.  And the best way was to get him to use the Plastimold, but I needed to convince him to use it, and that was when I made a breakthrough."

And as if on cue, Black Canary entered with Condor.  But Dinah was wearing a new costume, a black version of the one Condor was wearing.

Luthor clapped.  "Fantastic look, Black Vulture and Condor, now join us.  Where was I...oh yeah.  See Vixen, Black Canary was at a low point, her love left her, Batman was cold toward her, Mercy here met her in a bar, and after a brawl, they hooked up.  And a couple of weeks later, Dinah was begging to join the Legion."

Black Vulture said to Vixen while looking at Mercy, "Damn straight, anything to get me close to my love here."

Vixen protested, "Why didn't you talk to us, Black Canary?!"

Black Vulture gave her a stare.  "If you weren't in that bubble, I would have slapped you.  Black Canary is dead, I'm now Black Vulture."

Luthor rubbed Cheetah's back again.  She purred again, and smiled at her leader.

"And Dinah convinced Superman to use the Plastimold," Lex continued.  "So, since she was the one who could counter anyone saying anything in the lab, she was in, and it was easy for her to imprint commands for everyone going into the Plastimold to obey my commands and love me.  Isn't that right, Cheetah?"

She smiled at Lex.  "Yes, of course!"

Then Circe added, "And I can thank Dinah for all the help she gave to me!"

In reply, Luthor said, "Claire and the rest of you, you're seeing the new Circe who used to be Lois Lane!  She's already eliminated the original, so now she is the one and only Circe."

Vixen yelled out, "You lied to me!" to Black Vulture.  All she got back was a big grin.  There was an even bigger grin on Tomorrow Woman's face.

Luthor smiled.  Then he pointed to his Feline Felon.  "Catwoman, take the old Catwoman and Vixen here and go to the Plastimold.  Sapphire, give her some help.  Selina, get more cats or whatever, I don't care, but I don't think we need two Catwomen, do we?"

Catwoman smiled at Lex.  "Of course not!  Different cats for sure!" she stated, then stood and went toward the lab, followed by Catgirl and Star Sapphire.

Cheetah looked up at her leader.  "Mr. Luthor, can I get Vixen as a partner?"

Lex smiled at her.  "Yes, by all means!  Have fun."

Cheetah stood up and followed the trio already heading out.

Circe then said, "In case you're wondering why I've got Atom on a leash, we're about to get another of our old girls of the Legion back.  No need for the Plastimold, I'll change both his body and mind using my magic.  Say goodbye to the hero who shrinks down," her spell got cast, "and hello to the villainess who expands up!"

Standing there now with no sign of a collar or leash was Giganta, still in her 'inside' normal woman size.  Even so, she was still a rather taller woman with long, wavy red hair.  A bandeau going over just her right shoulder covered her very ample breasts in yellow with brown leopard spots.  Similar material formed what could loosely be called a thong, riding low on her hips and just barely covering her crotch.  Golden cylinder bracelets were around her wrists, and the same ringed just above her ankles.  Her feet would usually be bare while in action, but for the present, she was wearing ankle high boots to match that had great looking six-inch heels which made he seem all that much taller!

Giganta grinned broadly.  Then she nodded to to both Circe and Luthor while saying, "Thank you!  It's so much better to be the super villainess who can grow to stupendous sizes and heights than the mediocre super hero who gets smaller.  I just love now being a part of your Legion, Luthor!"

"I'm glad you're with us," Lex replied.  Then he crooked his finger toward Circe to draw her closer and after she stooped closer whispered, "Nice the way you changed Atom.  If you get any ideas for magically changing any of the other Justice League members who weren't here for this start of my new Legion, feel free!"

She grinned wickedly.  "Already getting ideas..." she replied before standing back up.

Black Vulture walked toward Luthor.  "I like this Legion better than the League."

Luthor stood up, followed by Tomorrow Woman.  "I knew you would, and this Legion doesn't have one critical weakness of past Legions."

Condor walked toward Lex.  "And that is?"

Luthor, clicking on a console, said, "Loyalty."

They heard Catwoman's voice on the PA system, "Watchtower systems are now connected to LexCorp."  A few momemts late, Lex heard a number of heels tapping, then turned and saw a bunch of cats.

Catwoman, Catgirl and Cheetah had two new ones with them.  "So who are our new members?" he asked.

Cheetah bowed down and said, "Our new super villainesses are my assistant Puma and Catwoman's second kitten, Tigress."

The only thing left of the original Vixen was that Puma was still a black woman, now with an even more gorgeous looking face.  This was the only part of her body visible, all of the remainder being covered in a second skin of golden brown latex.  Like Cheetah, her sleeves had built in gloves having very long talons and her cowl had more puma like cat ears up top.  In addition, the built in boots had similar very high stiletto heels.  Cheetah had thought it would also be good for her cohort to still have Vixen's animal powers, so that super power was saved.  "I'm going to really enjoy working with Cheetah and the rest of you!" she enthused before purring.

Tigress, on the other hand, had some skin showing.  Her sleeveless leotard or bodice was yellow with black tiger stripes and exposed quite a bit of her impressive cleavage.  A cape falling to just below her knees was of the same pattern, attached to the base of her tiger striped yellow cowl that left her face exposed but fully covered her long black hair and her neck.  Like the other feline villainesses, she had sexy cat ears atop this cowl.  Elbow length gloves with long, sharp claws and knee high boots, both tiger striped of course, had white fur edging and completed her costume.  "Meowwwwwrrrrrrr!" she uttered.  "Don't worry, that'll be a lot more like a roar when it's needed, and I'm all set to work beside Catgirl helping my mistress and all the rest of you."
"Amazing, amazing," Lex told them.  "Now, ladies, go rest, for tomorrow we've got to deal with some loose ends in Gotham and Metropolis."

They all answered him, "Yes, Mr. Luthor."

They started to walk away, but stopped when they heard him say, "Ladies?"

They turned toward him.  "Enjoy your partners, but don't ravish them much, we need you to be able to walk tomorrow."

They all giggled and walked toward the rooms.

Luthor looked at Tomorrow Woman.  "Let's go, Claire, my prize..."

She held his hand, smiling, and they walked toward an unoccupied room.

The end...for now

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