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Why Crossdress?
 Well, for me it was a bit of a rebellion against a very domineering mother who brought me up to look after her and my father in their old age. I started quite young I suppose, I don't remember exactly when or how old I was the first time, just that it felt right.
 She only caught me the once, but there were a couple of close calls. After she caught me, it was never mentioned again, indeed, she didn't talk to me for a few days, but I still wonder if deep down she was grateful as it would mean that I would be unlikely to find "another woman" who would take me away from looking after her.
 By the time they died, I had really accepted that I will not find someone for me, so without really thinking about it too much, I found that I had a reasonable "wardrobe" of female clothing that fitted. Thank goodness for catalogue and mail-order shopping is all I can say!
 The clothes.

I had, and still have a selection of lacy bras and panties, along with various other foundation garments, opaque tights and padding along with a selection of tops. Some tight, some see through and others quite decorous in fit and style. As for skirts, my favourites include a long swirly black one with white glitter patterns, a tight red mini-skirt and a black mini that is about two sizes too small, but it pulls on and stretches very sexily.
 I also have a couple of nighties and lacy slips to complete the picture.
 As for shoes, I have a white pair with about two inch heels that I have had for years and are very comfortable. There is a blue pair with three inch heels and very pointed toes, that is less than comfortable, but look great. I've also a pair of chunky silver strapy sandals with four inch heels but my favourite is a pair of black knee boots with three inch heels. These fit perfectly and are so comfortable.
 I have a few wigs, mainly long, well below my shoulders, and in a few different colours. My favourite are my auburn pair, one short, finishing well above my shoulders, the other is long and as I say, well below the shoulders.
 Getting ready.
 After a long day at work, all I want to do is sit and relax, chill out with a bit of television or work on the computer, updating the website or just messing around. When it's been a really long or stressful day, then I need a little extra relaxation. These are the days when I can draw the curtains, shut the door and get things ready for an evening of enjoyment.
 First thing is of course to strip off, then pull on a pair of cotton panties, with either a condom on or some tissues to catch the semen at the end of the night, I don't want to spoil my lacy panties or corselet after all. Tucking myself up and back, pulling the panties up snugly, I next pull on a pantie corselet, slipping my arms through the straps, and adjusting the crotch so that I am fairly comfortable, and the cups are in the right place.
 If it's being a rough day, I may even put a second corselet on to give me a real sense of restriction. Slipping in the breast forms, makes a wonderful sensation as I bend forward to ease a pair of black opaque tights on my legs. The unaccustomed weight on my chest feels fantastic, I could sit there for ages, simply enjoying the sensations, but I behave myself and finish pulling up the tights. Again, depending on the day, I may add a firm control panty to add to the sensation of restriction, but regardless, a satin or nylon pair of frilly panties will be added.transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story Undies all laid out ready
 A lacy bra will complete the basic foundation of the evening, perhaps it will be the purple one, or a white one which will show though the top later, or the black and cream frilly one. Which one depends on the mood I am in or wish to set.
 As an example, if I wish to imagine I am the lady of the house, relaxing at the end of a hard days' work, or just doing a little housework, then I may slide my long cream satin slip on over the underwear as above. Following this with my slightly see-through white blouse and my long black floaty skirt and white shoes.
 If however, I wish to show off my legs, then I may put my short red satin slip on, the one trimmed with black lace, again with my white blouse and one of the short, tight, mini-skirts. Or possibly I will use my red patterned lace top, along with my suit jacket.
 Alternative outfits include a white jumper, quite see-through, a bra shows very clearly through this. This item is best worn with either the suit jacket or a blouse over it, but unbuttoned. Either the white blouse, or a purple satin one.
 A bad day.
 If I need a LOT of relaxing, then I may play act a scenario, perhaps a secretary who has been abducted as she arrived home, or a housewife who disturbed a burglar.
 In these cases, I get myself ready as normal, but I may add a butt plug and/or vibrator to the mix. The butt plug is liberally applied with lubricant and eased up; then my panties are pulled up to help hold it in place. The corselet follows and then it is a case of squeezing whilst I finish dressing. If I really want to be excited by the end of the session, then a vibrator also goes in place. Inside the cotton panties, resting on the base of the plug which really gets the vibrations deep inside me. The drawback to this is that I cannot sit on a hard chair as I run the risk of breaking the plastic shell of the vibe which could cause a lot of damage to a very senstive part of my anatomy!
 Sometimes I will use both, but sit and try to watch some television in a soft armchair, amazing just how quickly I lose the plot of whatever it is I'm watching!
 But, if I really need relaxing, once dressed up I will get some bondage stuff to hand and get a hard chair as well. Having drawn the curtains, hopefully it is dark outside and without a light, dark inside too. Setting a timer on the bedside light, giving me a maximum of 15 minutes to get ready, before being plunged into darkness, for a random time, set usually by depressing the pins in the timer with my eyes closed, I put the light on and start my preparations.
 Getting everything to hand, I first of all fasten a ball or material cleve gag, knotted in the middle, into my mouth,transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story muffling most if not all sounds I may try to make later. This gets me excited to start with, and I've only just begun! Next, I decide if I am going to tie transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction storymy ankles one to each chair leg, or cross them and tie them together to one leg, which will put me at an angle across the chair.
 A belt around my waist is then tied to the uprights at the back of the chair, left and right, this stops me moving more than an inch or two, making a butt plug interesting, especially on the hard wooden seat. A blindfold blacks out much of the light from the bedside lamp, soon to go off, and either a pair of handcuffs slipped over some long thin gloves, fastened though the ropes behind the chair or prefixed to the back of the seat, secure my wrists for the duration of the session.transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story
 Then I have to wait for the light to go out. Did I set the timer correctly, surely the fifteen minutes has long since passed? It must be jammed, I better free myself and go look. It must be faulty, I'd better do something about... Oh hell, I'm tied up, I'm stuck and bugger! The light just clicked off! I'm stuck for now 'cos it's pitch black in the room, the door's shut, the curtains are closed, the light's just gone off and I'm blindfolded. Perhaps I can bounce the chair nearer the bed so I can tilt the chair onto the bed and slip the ropes off the leg of the chair and then....
 OOOOOHHHH OWWWW! The butt plug just jammed itself HARD up me, thankfully the gag stifled most of the noise I wanted to make. Let's try this a little more gently, damn, I've tied myself too tightly to get much of any movement out of the chair, my breasts are bouncing inside the corselet and bra, wish I could see that as well as feel them jumping around! Ooohhh, even my bra straps are cutting into my shoulders, I'm going to be marked after this! Perhaps if I can just ease my foot out of my shoe, maybe I can free one leg from the ropes and let a little leverage?
 Shit! No, that didn't work, just moved the butt plug around. Perhaps another time I'll wrap rope or something around my feet and shoes so there is no way I could do that anyway, take my shoe off I mean, might make things more interesting. (What am I saying?)
 Okay, let's see if I can shuffle over to the bed, erm, which way is it? Let's see, it's my bedroom, I ought to know where the damn bed is! Okay, should be there, if I just try to tip the chair a little to the right, is that it? Ooops, the chair is caught in the carpet, try to ease that chair leg free of the carpet, Oh no, I'm tipping!
 Sod it, that hurt! My leg feels burnt from the impact, hope I haven't laddered my tights, they are my favourite pair, black lycra and seriously opaque and quite slippery, wonderful for fidgeting around on a chair. Well, I found the bed, but only with my chin. I'm currently resting my chin on the edge of the bed, that much I can feel, but still can't see anything. I can feel my breasts being pushed back by the side of the bed, but the chair had slipped and twisted so fast I'm still quite dizzy. If you don't believe me, just try sitting in a swivel chair, close your eyes and spin yourself fast, see how quickly you become dizzy and even feel sick!
 My knees are on the floor, my ankles off the floor as the chair is tilted both by the way I've fallen and the fact that it's caught on something . My arms are trapped by the pressure caused by the angle at which I'm now laying and the back of the chair is pressing into my neck forcing me harder against the bed. Feels great!
 My jaws are aching from the gag and my hands have gone numb from the handcuffs now cutting into my circulation, not to mention the angle at which the chair is holding them. Oh shit, now the phone decides to ring! What timing!
 I'm enjoying this evening, but surely it's time the light came back on, and all good things must come to an end. Well, better call it a night, the call might, just might be important. Okay, just twist my hand to feel for the quick release for the handcuff, damn, I can't move it that much and I certainly can't feel the release. I've waited too long in this position, I can't use my hands! Now I'm starting to panic, what the hell can I do to free myself! Where did I put the handcuff keys or the knife in case I got into trouble? On the other side of the bedroom! I'm still stuck to the damn chair and the butt plug is hurting me now too! I want to orgasm and I can't in this position! I want this to be over, Help me, please? Help......
 I can't move, the chair is stuck on something which I can't see, of course not, I'm blindfolded, gagged and the bloody light still hasn't come back on! The phone is ringing again, is that you on the phone? Please help me, I can't answer it, but if it's you, you know I need your help, don't you? transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story

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