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This story follows on from Together Again, where Dan was transformed into the identical double of Janet Jackson by Um'bala, the African Witch Doctor (who now fancies Dan, now Diana, something rotten)!

"Ah, come on, Diana, can't we get together sometime? Look, we're both black, you're a woman (and what a woman) and I'm a man! It makes sense to stick together." Um'bala tried everything he knew to try to get Diana to stop and notice him. But, all she wanted to do was get back to America and start up her new life.

The problem was that all her documentation was in Dan's name, including her passport! The customs people would not allow her to board the plane with the rest of the party, and almost arrested her for illegal entry into Africa.

Janet Jackson and her party had already departed, so she didn't know of the problems her new twin was now facing. Diana went back to her hotel room, or rather the one that had been Dan's, only to be thrown out as she was not a resident of the hotel. The hotel refused to even let her in to get his belongings, which was lucky in one way, as his clothes would never fit her now. Unfortunately, it did mean that she was dressed as a Massai Warrior Woman in the middle of a developed city, meaning that she stood out in a place that "her type" was not welcome.


"What am I to do?" she sobbed on the bench outside the hotel.

"Hey there, pretty lady, don't you be crying now. Surely things cannot be all that bad?" a twangy American accent asked from beside her.

She looked up to see a couple, obviously American tourists, sitting alongside her. The woman looking at her in concern, the man looking as if his eyes were about to pop out of his head.

The woman continued, "Cm'on, honey, dry your eyes and y'all tell Jessie all about it."

"Well, the hotel won't let me back in my old room to get my belongings, and the airport wouldn't let me fly home 'cos my passport is, err, lost." Diana suddenly realized that she couldn't tell the truth about the passport, so changed her answer to the only thing she could think of.

The man was nearly beside himself, trying to get his mouth to work and finally getting his brain in gear. "Jessie, Jessie, do you know who this is?"

"Hank, hush up, the poor girl is in trouble; we'll help you out, dear. Come along now, and we'll help you sort this out. I'm a lawyer back in Texas!"

"But, Jessie! It's Janet Jackson! THE Janet Jackson! The singer!" he all but shouted.

Jessie took a closer look at the woman in front of her. "Are you really who Hank says you are? No, you can't be her, for surely you wouldn't be stuck out here. What are you, one of those Celeb Lookalikes? You're the best one I've ever seen, if you are." Jessie was obviously a good lawyer, she fired her questions off as if she were cross-examining Diana.

Diana hung her head, deciding to come clean, well, partly anyway, and explain some of what had happened this last day or two. "Yes, Jessie, I am a lookalike, I'm American, and my name is Diana. I was here for a Video Shoot with Janet Jackson, but we got separated at the Airport and everyone else left, leaving me behind without a passport. Now, I'm stuck in a town were the people don't like the tribespeople, or anyone dressed like them," Diana said.

"Well, let me have a go at getting the hotel to at least let you in to collect your things, then we can go to see the American Consulate and see if they can help you, okay, honey?" Jessie offered.

Diana was only too glad to have some help, so just nodded and sat with Hank as they watched Jessie stride into the hotel.

"Don't you worry, miss, Jessie is one of the best lawyers in Texas, she'll soon have things sorted out for you," Hank said.

Diana could tell that there was something bothering Hank, and she had a good idea what it was, too. He probably fancied her in her new body, even if he was not too happy being seated with a black tribeswoman, outside a posh hotel with the few passersby glaring at her. Not to mention glaring at the white man who was seated so close to her.

After what seemed like hours, Jessie came back out of the hotel, her face giving away the fact that she had failed in her attempt to get them to allow Diana access to her old room. For a lawyer, she did not seem to have a poker face.

"Well, Diana. The hotel says that you tried to get access to a guest's room all right, but a room belonging to a man called Dan, who has disappeared. If you try to enter again, they will call the police and in this area, you will be in real trouble. We've all heard stories of tribespeople disappearing from this region after being picked up by the police, never to be seen again. Now, I think it's time you came clean with me. What is really going on, who are you really, and what do you know about the disappearance of that man, Dan?"

Perhaps Jessie was a pretty good lawyer after all, she could certainly fire the questions off like one.

Diana hung her head again, and started to tell her story. "Two days ago, I was Dan. I worked for Janet Jackson on her Road Crew, and for a video shoot, she needed a double. This witch doctor helped her out by turning me into an identical twin for the shoot. I asked to be left this way afterwards, as I had always wanted to be a woman, from my youth. Janet was happy, and offered to use me again as a video double if she needed one. Now, I'm stuck here, unable to get home, nor get my wallet from the hotel safe so I can't buy new clothes, anything." Diana was almost sobbing again by the time she finished explaining to Jessie and Hank.

Jessie and Hank looked at one another in disbelief. Jessie had defended some strange cases in the past, but this one was in a class of it's own. She had defended, successfully, several cases against crossdressers who wished to work whilst 'dressed' and this seemed to take things a stage further. Mind you, the idea of being able to become someone else, both famous AND of the opposite sex certainly had it's attractions.

"Right, the first thing we need to do is get you some new clothes, then we need to find this witch doctor. Come on, Diana, let's go shopping!" Jessie declared.

The trio set off for the shopping mall, admittedly, nowhere near as big as an average American mall, and looked around for a decent women's clothing store. Finally they found one that would be suitable. The two women entered, leaving a bemused Hank outside with instructions to keep his eyes to himself and go get a coffee or something.

Jessie led the way inside the store. As Diana entered, one of the assistants came over. "Your servant will have to wait outside, we don't serve them here," she said to Jessie, her nose high.

"This isn't my servant, she is Ms Janet Jackson, the American rock singer. She has had all her clothes stolen, and has only a costume from a video shoot left. She needs a new outfit, and some fresh underwear. Do you mean to tell me that this store will not serve someone as famous as Janet Jackson?" Jessie was in her element here, she often took discrimination cases back home in Texas; she usually won them, too.

The assistant couldn't back pedal enough as she took a closer look at Diana, or 'Janet' as she thought it really was.

"Oh my, I'd heard that, oh dear, please forgive me, Ms Jackson, err. I'll go get the manager, she'll make sure you get the best service we can give." With this, she dashed off, her heels clicking on the store floor as fast as her long black pencil skirt would allow.

"Right, Diana, as long as you are in here, act as if you are Janet Jackson, only answer to Janet or Ms Jackson, okay?" Jessie whispered to Diana.

Diana could only nod. This was going to be fun, she thought!

The sales girl was soon back, bringing a flushed older woman with her. Both women were dressed alike, crisp white blouses with long black pencil skirts, though the younger girl's skirt was a lot slimmer, and tighter, for that matter.

"Oh, Ms Jackson, thank you for gracing our store for your needs. Whatever we can do, please just ask for me. My name is Jennifer," the manager simpered.

"Ms Jackson needs a new outfit to travel in, plus a casual one and an evening gown. Also, some new underwear, as everything was stolen yesterday, whilst she was on a video shoot," Jessie stated, rather haughtily, as if she was 'Janet's' aide.

"Yes, yes of course. If you would just come this way, Ms Jackson, we can get started." The manager led the way, almost bowing as she did so. "Off you go, Melanie, I'll deal with Ms Jackson now."

The three of them went to the back of the store, and after a calculating stare at Diana, Jennifer started pulling bras and panties off the racks. "Here, these should be your size, if you'd like to pick your favorite styles, you can go try these on. I'll get you a robe so that you can wander the store to choose your other outfits." Jennifer passed over the frilly underwear to Diana and Jessie, then led them to a large changing room.

"Oh, Jessie, I don't know how I'm going to be able to repay you for your kindness, never mind for the cost of all this lot. But, thank you so much!" Diana said, as she gave Jessie a hug.

"Don't you worry, 'Janet', we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Now, let's see about your trying on some of these undies. Then we'll get you that robe, and you can choose some outfits. Don't let's forget to get you a nightie or two, as well."

Diana had a very enjoyable hour trying on the various underwear that Jennifer kept passing in to them for her to try. There were balconette bras, wonder bras, lacy bras and satin ones. Even some that combined the two styles, and of course there were panties to match each bra, some briefs, some tangas, even a couple of thongs, though Diana was not too comfortable with those. Lacy panties, satin panties, high legs and even a couple of control briefs, along with a selection of different colors and denier tights.

Finally, she decided on a selection of underwear, mainly satin and lace bras, panties and camisoles. Deciding to wear a matching white lacy bra and panty set, and a pair of tan 10-denier tights, she pulled on the robe, and then the pair of them left the changing room in search of a few outfits.

Jennifer led them to another part of the store, and showed off some excellent suits and evening gowns. Obviously, they were top priced items, and this showed in the quality of the material as well as the styles. Diana picked a modest three piece camel colored suit, complete with jacket, trousers and shortish skirt. Adding a few blouses to the selection, the group moved on to the next aisle.

Here they looked at a range of evening wear. Diana rather liked the look of an off the shoulder gown, all glitter and sparkling blue. Trying it on, she looked in the mirror; she looked gorgeous! As she came out of the changing room to show it off, there was a collective sigh from the all-female staff gathered around.

Returning to the changing room, she removed the gown, adding it to the pile, and putting the robe back on, went to choose a casual outfit and some shoes. Finally, her shopping was finished. She dressed in her chosen skirt suit with a white blouse, and a pair of white shoes with two-inch heels, all of which helped show off her legs.

Jessie was at the cash desk, making arrangements for the clothing to be delivered to her hotel later that day, and handing over her credit card. "Well, Ms Jackson never carries cash or pays for items. The arrangement is that I, as her aide, do this, and her company reimburses me later. The card is good for the amount, of course, what's the problem?" Jessie demanded, when Jennifer seemed unhappy with the offer of Jessie's card for payment.

"Well, I just did wonder if Ms Jackson might, err, well, sort of endorse our store in some way?"

"Let me discuss it with her, please. If we can have a little privacy?" Jessie suggested.

The staff moved away, so Jessie whispered to Diana, "What do you think? Can you sign something as Janet?"

"Yes, should be no problem there," Diana answered.

"Very well, Ms Jackson will sign something for you to display to say that she bought her clothes here. However, after the way we were treated when we first came in, I would expect a substantial discount for signing this."

Jennifer was only too glad to offer a discount, after all, when she displayed the endorsement in one of the windows, perhaps just a framed note against a backcloth of black velvet, her store's popularity would soar!

Having sorted all that out, the two ladies left the store in search of Hank. A very bored Hank by now, it must be said.

However, Hank was not bored. He was deep in conversation with a tall black man. A certain tall black Witch Doctor that the group was looking for.

"What a coincidence!" Diana said. "We were just about to come looking for you!"

"Coincidence my foot. I had a feeling that you would have difficulties, so I came looking for you, myself. After all, I still want to help you, and perhaps get to know you, Diana, better," Um'bala offered.

"So, you are the witch doctor that dropped Diana in so much trouble, are you?" Jessie stated.

"Yes, guilty as charged, Madam. However, I can help if she so wishes," he rejoined.

"Oh, yes, and how do you plan on doing that? By turning me back to a man, which I don't really want to do, although it would mean that I could go get my passport and go home again. But dammit, I like being female, and I love being a Janet Jackson lookalike!" Diana said, almost stamping her foot to punctuate her remarks.

"Well, I could do that, but I thought you might prefer it if I changed things so that as far as everyone else is concerned, you have always been female, and help you set up a top-class celebrity lookalike agency. I could even help you get some more lookalikes to staff your agency. What do you say?"

"Hey, you can do this to other people, do you mean?" Jessie asked, surprised.

"Oh, yes, the only conditions are that I'm part of the Agency, and that each new celebrity lookalike is the opposite sex to their chosen celebrity. Also, if the celebrity is not available, or dead, then I need a photo, or for a singer, a CD and photo with which to work my magic."

"Opposite sex? So, you mean, for example, I could become Celine Dion, but not Elvis Presley?" asked Hank.

"Yes, if you have a CD and photo of Celine Dion, I can change you to look like her, and you would be able to sign any of the songs on the CD. Whereas, if your wife picked a CD of Elvis, I could change her to be a duplicate of him, and the resulting male would be able to sing any of the songs on the CD perfectly," Um'bala explained.

"Okay, I've been thinking about this. I want you to change things so that I have always been female, and look like this. But, I'd like it so that Hank & Jessie know the truth, as I think they would like to join 'our' agency. Am I right?" Diana asked with a smile.

Jessie looked at Hank, and Hank looked at Jessie. Both nodded together.

"Jessie, I love you dearly just as you are, but I know I would love you just as much if I were female and you were male," Hank said, as he held his wife's hand.

"Oh, Hank, you know I love you, too, and I will as a man, too. I think you're going to need a lawyer, Diana, so why not join your agency as a lookalike and your lawyer! I'd love to join you!" Jessie said.

"Okay, lets go find you some props so that I can change you two into who you want to be, then I'll sort things out so that you've always been those people. Passports, credit cards and so on. Then we can get a flight over to America, and we can start up our new Agency, okay, Diana?" Um'bala asked hesitantly.

Diana nodded. She was coming to terms with being female more now. The clothes certainly helped, and Um'bala was a real hunk. ('Where had THAT thought come from!' thought Diana.)

With a stop off at a record store there in the mall, the foursome returned to Hank & Jessie's Hotel room for a conference, and to organize their flight and have a meal together.

It was decided to leave the transformation of Hank & Jessie until they arrived in America, after all, how easy would it be to explain to both customs and fellow passengers about being on the same flight as Janet Jackson, Celine Dion, a young Elvis Presley and a Witch Doctor! So, instead, Um'bala arranged it so that Dan was always Diana, generated her passport and credit cards for her new look and name and, apart from Hank & Jessie, everyone who had known the old Dan, now knew her as Diana, a Janet Jackson lookalike.

Returning to the States was now easy. Janet and Um'bala moved in with Hank and Jessie in their spacious Texas home, and started work on their Agency. Their first clients became Celine Dion (Hank, now Helen) and a youthful Elvis Aaron Presley (Jessie, now James), and reality moved to confirm that the couple had always been the way they are now. Jessie had found a ten-CD set of almost every song Elvis had ever recorded, so no matter which song was requested, James always managed to sing it just as The King had originally performed it. He sounded exactly like Elvis had in his youth, he looked exactly like him, and he had the pelvic thrust and curled lip down to a "T".

Hank had Celine Dion's Greatest Hits double album, and once both James and Helen had done their shopping, they were in as great a demand as Diana was as Janet Jackson. James got a number of Jump Suits, some plain white leather, others encrusted with rhinestones, just like The King's. When not performing, he was able to use Helen's old clothes, as they were of a similar size. Whereas Helen, as Celine, needed a whole new wardrobe, both to perform and for day to day wear.

Helen preferred to pick underwear that as Hank, he would have loved to see Jessie in, had she been slimmer and being honest, a little younger, too. Nice, sexy lacy frilled bras, panties and camisoles. Baby doll nighties, and from time to time, she would also dress up for her friends as a French Maid to entertain them for an evening. When performing, Helen always had the long flowing figure hugging dresses that Celine wore for her videos, and thanks to Um'bala's magic, she looked tremendous at all times!

Jessie, now James, dressed as any man did during the day, either casual or in a suit depending on the occasion, only getting out the trademark Jump Suits for the evenings when he was performing or opening a music store. Previously, neither Hank nor Jessie had had sex with each other, or anyone else for that matter, for many years now. As a man now, James found himself very attracted to his new wife, as did Helen to her new husband, and the two enjoyed many nights of passion with each other for the rest of their lives. For, although they did not know it, one of Um'bala's specialties was an improvement of a changee's sex drive, for the better!

Diana was also much in demand as a Janet Jackson lookalike; she was booked most weeks, often two or three times a week, from Alaska to Mexico, and their agency was soon one of the top lookalike agencies in the US. Diana and Um'bala became close, and in time they became an item. Their nights at home were often spent locked in passionate embraces, Diana loving to wear revealing babydoll nightdresses and matching panties, whereas Um'bala wore just his witch doctor's feathers! Diana always insisted that he take those off, as they tickled! The sex that they had was both incredible and wonderful, for Um'bala knew all the pleasure spots on a woman's body, and could hit them EVERY TIME. Their love making was regular and long, Diana orgasming at least twice a night, usually more. There was no danger of her becoming pregnant, of course, Um'bala making sure of that with a gentle casting of a spell. There was no way either of them wanted to ruin the Agency by her becoming pregnant before they could extend their client base.

The group quickly became so successful and earned so much money they soon moved from what had been Hank and Jessie's home to a large ranch outside Austin, which had much more room for expansion, as well as thousand of acres of private land for the Agency to use in the future. The Agency was doing so well now, they paid for the ranch in cash. In the meantime, the four founders of the agency kept an eye open for others who would join them, those prospective celebrity lookalikes with a special requirement or desire.

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