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The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros. It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books. The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author.

 This year's Halloween was going to be something different. Or so claimed Kathleen, my significant other for the past three years.
 I first met Kathy when she reported to work as a newly transferred customer service representative. Like myself, she had been raised in the Middle Atlantic states, and ended up transferring to Florida because of its affordability compared to where she'd grown up.
 I guess you could say that Kathy was grown up, since she was all of 30-years old. But there was a lot of kid still inside Ms. Kathleen A. Larson. Maybe that's why we fell for each other right away. Opposites attract? I have a few more years under my belt than Kathy, and have spent most of them in indoors activities such as reading, gaming, TV and movie watching, and recently, learning about and exploiting personal computers. Kathy has shown an adept interest in whatever I'm up to at the moment, and almost always gets me out of the house and into some activity she has had planned.

Those plans happened to include Halloween this year. Until I met Kathy, I was happy enough passing out treats to the youngsters in costume knocking on my door every Halloween, only going so far as to rig sound systems with eerie feedback and wailing to scare the dickens out of some of the tykes. Kathy's wild streak came to a boil around Halloween, and for the past two years, she managed to get herself so well costumed that I'd had great difficulty in identifying her when she dropped by to visit, since she couldn't persuade me to join her in partying.
 I was unaware of the preparation Kathy had gone to in order to have her Halloween fun every year. It was after last year's event that I found out Kathy's secret. She was an artisan in fabrics. Kathy could have been a fashion designer or at least a Hollywood costume maker, with her talent for picturing a design in her head, obtaining the proper raw materials, then putting her hands to work in her sewing workshop at her house.
 Kathy became aware of my huge comic book collection and my fascination with stories about comic characters shortly after we met. The inspiration for her costume last year came from a comic book I'd shown her. I thought she had obtained the costume from a shop, but when I complimented Kathy on how good her Supergirl costume looked, she offered to show me where it had been made.
 I'd visited Kathy's house on a number of occasions, but had never had the urge to go digging into her hobby room. I suspected that she had the same trepidations about visiting my comic library. When I saw the setup Kathy had for working with cloth and other materials, I was astonished. Then Kathy hit me with a bombshell. She led me to a large walk-in closet in her spare bedroom.
 This closet contained all the costumes Kathy had assembled over the years, and the accessories to go with them, such as wigs and shoes or boots. It was at that moment that the current year's Halloween was born.
 Kathy knew about my love for comic book heroines. Since I had confided in her that I was a transvestite, using the name of Jennifer when dressed, and about my fantasy of dressing up Jennifer like one someday, she said that I would be pleasantly surprised when the next Halloween came near. Kathy decided to make a Catwoman costume similar to the purple one in the current comic book for me, or rather Jennifer, to wear, while she would make for herself a Poison Ivy costume. We'd be going out on Halloween as a pair of Batman villainesses, but I wasn't to know about this until the week before Halloween.
 Kathy must have had some odd hours to herself for the past year, because I never saw her working her costume magic. We ate and played together when we weren't working together, and we spent quite a few evenings together in one or the other of our bedrooms. When she had time to put together costumes I will never know, but a week before Halloween, Kathy asked me to come over to her house for a fitting, and to bring along all my basic female foundation garments.
 When I got to Kathy's house, she led me to her costume room. There I saw a sight that made my jaw drop. Hanging on a hook next to her sewing machine was a purple costume that could belong to only one character - Catwoman!
 Kathy told me that she had selected Catwoman for my costume for two reasons. For one thing, Kathy knew about my story writing and preference for Catwoman stories, and figured I must like her a lot. This was a no-brainer. On the other hand, Catwoman had a costume which covered almost every inch of her body, showing only the eyes and lower face. This made it a shoe in for a male to wear, if he wanted to hide the fact that the costume wearer wasn't everything he pretended to be.
 Kathy let me use her bedroom to change in while she stayed in the costume room. I took off all my clothes, then waited for my excitement to die down so I could fold my penis back between my legs. I pulled on my panties to hold it there, then laced on my corset to pull my 32-inch waist down to 26 inches. I put on my body briefer to smooth over the corset, then inserted my 38D silicone breast forms into the cups. I struggled at bending, but managed to put on two pairs of Lycra tights to smooth out my legs and cover the hair. Satisfied with my basic shape, I went back to Kathy in the costume room.
 She gave a whistle, since she'd never before seen me in drag, and said, "You've got a better figure than I'd hoped for when I was making the costume. You're going to love the way it fits you!" She then pulled the purple catsuit onto my transformed body. It was made of a shiny Lycra Spandex material, and stretched to cling tightly to all the curves and bumps that Kathy had marveled at. Since this was only a fitting, she told me that we wouldn't have to worry about makeup until Halloween. Kathy put a long black wig over my short blonde hair, then pulled the cowl of the costume up over my head. The hair streamed out the back of the cowl to fall down my back, just like it did for Selina Kyle in the comics.
 Next Kathy pulled the black opera length gloves onto my arms, taking care to work my fingers into the clawed tips of the gloves' fingers. Then she zipped the black thigh high boots onto my legs. As in the current comic, these boots were flat heeled, and I envisioned no problem at all with walking in them. I was used to walking in five inch heels, and had thought that Kathy might get boots with heels on them. Since we were going to be on our feet all evening, I was glad she had gotten flats. Kathy stuck a coiled bullwhip into my right boot top, then had me walk over to her mirror.
 I couldn't believe what Kathy had crafted. Aside from the male features showing on the face, the image I saw in the mirror was a perfect copy of the comic book Catwoman. Satisfied that her year's work was a success, Kathy helped me to disrobe, then told me that trick or treat on Halloween night was going to be just Batty!
 Well, it was now one week later, and Halloween evening was just starting. I went back to Kathy's house after work, with my bag of undergarments in hand. Before I got dressed in my foundation garments once again, Kathy handed me a box. When I got into her bedroom, I opened it, and discovered a much larger set of breast forms than the ones I'd brought with me. I decided to leave my questions until I saw her again in the costume room.
 I saw the Poison Ivy costume for the first time that evening after Kathy had once again put me into my Catwoman costume. I mentioned to her, as she did my makeup, that the breast forms were much larger than the ones I'd worn the week before at the fitting. Kathy explained that the oversized tits of the women in the comics would be a bit much in real life, and that the ones I'd worn a week ago were okay, but nowhere near big enough to wear with a comic book female's costume. She said I'd need something just a little bit bigger and more daring. It turned out that she had purchased some 40DDD forms at a mastectomy shop, where fewer questions would be asked, and a much smaller fee charged than getting them from a fetish shop. These formed a much more pleasing pair of bulges on my purple clad chest, even if they didn't balloon out quite as much as Selina's did in the comics.
 I was able to study the result of Kathy's makeup job in the mirror while she changed into her own costume. I couldn't believe how feminine my eyes and lips now looked. Even my partially covered nose seemed more petite. How women worked these miracles in reworking faces with makeup was beyond me. In all the years I'd been dressing, I never did my face, since I never went out of the house. Now I knew just how good I could look!
 Kathy stepped out, dressed in green from head to toe. She had placed a long red wig over her own shoulder length black tresses, and it fell to her waist. If I didn't know better, I'd have sworn that Uma Thurman had put on her costume from the movie and walked into Kathy's bedroom. I knew better, because Uma didn't look this good! Kathy had done her own makeup to put on a vicious look, and if anything, it made her look more mature than my younger looking face. As we stood side by side at the mirror, I almost looked like Poison Ivy's younger sidekick. The makeup jobs and costumes had effectively reversed our age differences!
 We were going to go to a couple of Halloween parties later on, in particular the one at work, but figured that going out from door to door trick or treating would be fun, if for no other reason than to see the reactions from all the kids at seeing their Batman villains in real life. Kathy had me practicing using a higher pitched voice while we walked from door to door, and after a while, I was able to say a few things so that Poison Ivy didn't have to do all the talking.
 Kathy and I approached a house that we both knew to have been vacant until recently, but now seemed to be thriving with life. There were a large number of both adults and kids going into and out of the house, not just getting goodies at the door. We passed a young mother and her daughter who were departing the house with grins on their faces, and figured there must be a nice person living there now.
 We saw that the occupant of the house was an older woman, who stood at her doorway to greet each individual or group of trick or treaters. She seemed to have an air of authority about her, from the way she carried herself in her movements, and the kindly but stern look on her face. She grinned broadly at seeing Kathy and I, and invited us into her house.
 The older woman complemented us on the Hollywood quality of our costumes, which Kathy admitted to making herself. This made the lady even more complimentary, and when she asked me if I was old enough to be Catwoman, my falsetto voice gave me away. "You have nothing to worry about, young man," she said. "Without hearing you, I would have sworn you were the younger sister or even daughter of your companion. When I saw you coming up my walk, I was trying to decide which of my special candies would be best for such a stunning looking young lady as you. Now I know exactly which one would be best."
 The old lady told Kathy to take whatever she'd like from the candy assortment on the table, then turned and reached into a jar sitting on a countertop off to the side. She came and stood directly in front of me, and said, "Spread your claws, Catwoman. I have a surprise for you that will make your heart's desire come true. Take this piece of candy, but don't eat it until you have both gone back outside. Enjoy it; I call it a truth drop."
 Kathy had grabbed a few chocolates and mints, then saw the interchange between myself and the old lady concluding. She came back to me, then we thanked to older woman and turned to go out the door.
 As we retraced our steps back out to the street, we saw a few more of the characters out gathering treats, in particular some costumes that had to be hotter than our own Spandex. The furry creatures looked almost cuddly, but we decided to let them have their own fun, and went on our way.
 Kathy asked me what was so special about the candy the old woman had given me, instead of the regular candies she had gotten from the table. I unfurled my left hand once again, showing her the piece of candy, which looked like a lemon drop in the shape of a woman. "She told me to wait until we were outside her house before eating this," I said, "so I guess now is as good a time as ever."
 Not knowing the consequences of eating the candy, I unwittingly got Kathy involved in the old lady's intentions for me. The drop looked sort of large, so I broke it in two, and offered the other half to Kathy, who held on to it in her hand. I popped my half of the drop into my mouth, and the tartness caused me to salivate profusely. It melted rapidly, and as we started to walk along once again, I noticed odd feelings inside my body, but felt an inner peace that made me ignore them.
 Kathy was the first to notice the changes I was going through. Walking along, I failed to notice the raising of my sight line, and wasn't paying attention to sounds. Kathy looked down when she started to hear a clicking sound with each step I took, and grabbed my arm to stop me. As she popped her half of the drop into her mouth, she pointed to my feet, and exclaimed, "Look! The flat heels on your boots have just turned into metal tipped stilettos, and they look like they are at least six inches in height!"
 She then shook her head, as if trying to clear up something intruding on her mind.
 I looked down to see what Kathy was talking about, but found that I couldn't see past the now monstrous boobs on my chest. They easily matched the oversized breasts of the drawn comic Catwoman, and seemed to be in the 50HHH size range. Interestingly, I felt no more tugging on my chest than the smaller inserts had caused earlier. My hands shot to my side, and felt no corset or other undergarments under the catsuit as they almost wrapped around my less than 20" waist. The front of my pelvis was flat and smooth, and I could even see the outlines of the lips on my new feminine mound. There was nothing left to rub between my legs in my crotch!
 I turned sideways, and lifted my left foot in a truly feminine way to look at my new heels, then started to say, "What is happ..." but stopped when I heard the contralto voice coming from my own lips. I put a puzzled look on my face, then asked her, "Who am I?"
 Since Kathy had also eaten a part of the truth drop, she had changed, also. Poison Ivy put an evil grin on her face, then said while I was starting to cup my huge breasts in my clawed hands, "It would appear that you have been given the actual identity of your favorite villainess. You are now Selina Kyle, and you really are the Catwoman. I guess when we go to the party and contest later on, you won't have to worry about being discovered. Our pasts are gone. We have a new life to start together, now!"
 Indeed, we were an even bigger hit at the costume party later on, and the other partygoers discovered to their chagrin that purses and wallets that had been left in the storeroom had been rifled through.
 Poison Ivy and Catwoman were on the start of a new crime wave...
 But as was recorded in one of the later tales in the series, when the old lady closed up shop as it were, and left the house in the morning, all the changees were reverted to the forms they had been in before entering her house.
 So as much as I would have loved to remain as a living Selina Kyle, the Catwoman, with Pamela Isley, Poison Ivy as a partner in crime, at dawn I found myself in a much sexier costume than I'd started out the night in, teetering in heels that were way beyond any I'd worn in the past. Kathy and I both looked into our candy bags and wondered where all the money and jewels came from, and how they were there instead of candy. The old lady had remembered my fondness for the costume, and had left that one change unaltered. That and the fact that there still wasn't anything between my legs and there was flesh on my chest, not silicone...
 Kathy would be going back to her regular job, but I think I'm going to have to start looking for something new. Jennifer's new shape won't fit into any of Steve's uniforms.

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