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The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros. It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books. The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author.

 Batgirl hid in a small copse of trees, observing a well-concealed entrance to a tunnel. The tunnel was brazenly set in the very heart of the Gotham City's largest park, though in a deserted section, off the bike and runner's paths. The colors of the costume she was wearing were not too conducive to hiding in greenery, though. Her dark blue spandex Bat Suit, with a large yellow bat straddling her bounteous breasts, clung sensuously to her body like a second skin, and came the closest. The lighter blue of the cowl over her head and cape streaming down Batgirl's back clashed a bit with the green around her, but her utility belt, gloves and boots really stood out. They were all a bright and glaring yellow, matching the bulging bat.

 The proud young woman was near ecstasy. This was the high point of her crime fighting career. That morning, Supergirl had warmly congratulated her for the capture of an entire gang of armed bank robbers. Any crumb of praise from the fabulous Maid of Might always set her atingle. She idolized the older crimefighter, who was so kind and generous to her, when she was a fledgling at this game. Now, she had tracked the elusive Catwoman to her lair. She would soon confront the evil villainess, and capture her. What a feather in her Bat Cowl!
 'Something Batman never seems able to do!' Batgirl thought with a sniff. 'Somehow, I don't think he tries very hard. Could the Dark Knight actually have a soft spot in his heart for that feline witch?" she thought, with a pang of jealousy. 'Maybe that's why he never seems interested, when I practically throw myself at him! Men are so stupid! Well, maybe he'll be sorry, when I leash his pet cat. I certainly won't mind showing him up a little! All that macho ego, and then that insufferable little twerp, Robin, always running after him, like an eager little dog. Maybe it's Robin he likes?' Batgirl thought with a nasty little jab of malice.

The Dominoed Daredoll had a mental picture of Robin kneeling at Batman's crotch, providing the ultimate male service. 'They could call him Cockrobin!' she thought with a malicious grin. 'Well, never mind "Cockrobin," now! It's time for that cat bitch! I can't wait to get my hands on her!' Batgirl thought eagerly, as she adjusted her utility belt to a jaunty slant low on her hips.
 She reached down to straighten the tops of her boots, just below the knees, and wished for the first time that she had flat heels instead of spikes. The soft soil she was hiding on wasn't nearly as hard as the packed ground closer to the Lair, and she had to keep her weight on her toes to prevent the heels from sinking into the ground. Babs put her mind to the task at hand, then stalked toward the concealed door of the Cat's Lair.
 Just as Batgirl was getting close, the door of the Lair sprang open, and Catwoman herself sauntered out. Batgirl froze as she saw the incredibly well-built, evil vision in black appear right before her eyes. Her supple black leather catsuit looked like it was spray painted onto that glorious body, and her long clawed gloves and shiny thigh high boots made Catwoman look for all the world like a dreamworld dominatrix. Her cat mask and cowl, with the long raven mane streaming out below it, completed that picture. The Feline Felon saw Batgirl standing directly in front of her, and the shock even left her startled for a moment. Selina recovered first, and laughed at the boon dropped into her lap.
 "Well, if it isn't the famous Batgirl! You've certainly made quite a name for yourself! In fact, at this rate, you'll soon be almost as famous as I am. Did Batman send you?"
 "Batman doesn't send me anywhere!" the Dark Knight Damsel snapped. "I go where I please! And when I capture you, we'll see who's famous!"
 "Oh, don't be so testy, my little pet! I didn't mean to offend you!" Catwoman purred sweetly. "What do you want, then, darling?"
 "I'm here to arrest you, Catwoman!" Batgirl replied, unable to keep the note of pride from her voice. "There's a warrant out for your arrest, and it's about time you paid for your crimes!"
 "So you think you're going to arrest me? Indeed!" Catwoman purred. "And I'm to 'pay for my crimes'? How droll! How are you going to do that, sweetie?"
 "Like this!" Batgirl replied confidently, as she reached out to grasp Catwoman's wrist. Instead, Catwoman shot out her clawed hand, and grasped Batgirl's wrist. With a quick twist, she judo tossed the shapely crimefighter. Batgirl landed hard on her impudently muscled, and well shaped bottom. She tossed her long, red hair angrily, and sprang to her feet, only to have Catwoman land a smashing right fist to her chin. The punch sent her staggering backward.
 As she gave another angry toss of silky red hair, to clear her head, Batgirl realized Catwoman's gloves were weighted and reinforced with metal knuckle plates. While Babs was considering this, Catwoman decided to take advantage of her inattention. A sharply pointed boot toe struck the heroine dead center in the solar plexus.
 Sick and dizzy, the gallant young crimefighter doubled over, gasping for breath. Catwoman stepped in close and hit her with a left to the cheek and a right to the jaw. The deadly combination tossed her shimmering, auburn hair first one way, then the other. The dazed heroine felt Catwoman grab her neck, and slam her backward, across an upraised thigh. The villainess held Batgirl's girlish figure bent backward, over her thigh, long enough to slam her fist deep into the heroine's abdomen.
 Then, seizing her around the waist, Catwoman lifted Batgirl's athletic form into the air, holding her upside down. Avoiding Batgirl's wildly flailing legs, Catwoman clamped her thighs shut on her dangling red head, muffling the involuntary sounds of pain.
 Still squeezing Batgirl's middle with her arms, Selina clamped her legs so tightly around Batgirl's head that the redhead momentarily feared her skull would crack, like an eggshell. Then, with a carefree laugh, Catwoman let go, and Batgirl fell heavily, landing on her back. As she lay on the ground, stunned, the Feline Femme Fatale leaped into the air, and came down sitting backwards, astride Batgirl's chest. The impact nearly caved in Barbara's rib cage.
 Through a red haze, Batgirl looked up at Catwoman's back. She made a desperate grab at Catwoman's long, black hair. More by luck than anything else, she caught it and toppled Catwoman from her perch.
 With an angry feline hiss, Catwoman sprang to her feet, just as Batgirl, still groggy, sat up. Selina seized Batgirl's cape, dragged the auburn haired heroine over on her knees, and drove her knee into Batgirl's chin. Batgirl, her head throbbing and spinning, balanced precariously on her knees, and raised one hand to ward off further blows. Catwoman's booted foot easily slipped by her defenses, and lanced into a girlish, but very generously proportioned breast.
 "Oooh, my boobie!" Batgirl whimpered, as the kick catapulted her backward. Before the heroine went over backward, Catwoman buried her toe in the redhead's belly. Batgirl's gasp of pain was loud and explosive. Spasmodically, her athletic form reacted naturally, and curled in a ball. Barbara's fetal position didn't help ease the waves of pain in her middle, or ease the wound to her vanity. In just moments, the dastardly villainess had beaten her into the ground.
 The crimefighter's fierce pride, not to mention her redheaded temper, was outraged. Disregarding the agony that had virtually paralyzed her a moment before, Batgirl called upon all the strength in her shapely, well-toned body, rolled away from Catwoman, and sprang to her feet, with the fluid motion of a graceful dancer. Once she had solid footing, Batgirl became savagely single-minded, and advanced on Catwoman with murder in her blue eyes.
 For just a split-second, Selina experienced a pang of doubt. 'Maybe the little slut's tougher than I thought?' she mused. 'Well, it's too late to worry about that now!'
 The shapely felon raised her gloved fists with her claws tucked away, and fell into a fighter's crouch, ready to meet the crimefighter's charge. Villainess and heroine stood toe to toe, exchanging blows. Though Batgirl landed her share of punches and jabs, she found they did little damage to Catwoman's hard chin, and a heavy, reinforced corset under the black leather catsuit absorbed her body blows.
 Soon, Batgirl's long elegant hands were swollen and bruised, even under her decoratively fringed yellow gloves. Catwoman remained on the defensive, allowing the younger girl to tire herself. Occasionally, Selina would drive through Batgirl's defenses, and a hard fist would plow into her still tender tummy.
 Batgirl kept doggedly punching, until her aching hands throbbed with pain. Whenever Catwoman landed a blow, Batgirl gasped audibly, and her beautiful, red lips twisted painfully. By now, her arms ached, and she was panting for breath. Feeling her strength ebbing, Babs tossed caution to the winds. She stepped in close. Sure-footedly, she drove her right fist squarely into Catwoman's jaw. Batgirl felt the impact, painfully, all the way up her arm, but at least Catwoman looked stunned. The Dominoed Daredoll fell back a step for a clearer shot, and threw another haymaker, her Sunday punch. At the last second, Catwoman dodged to one side, and just barely avoided the blow.
 The missed punch left Batgirl off balance, arms akimbo. 'Oh God, I'm wide open!' Batgirl thought in panic. Before she could cover up, Catwoman drove in with both fists, in quick succession, deep into her lower belly. Batgirl gagged, and felt her long, fabulously shaped legs turn to water. Reflexively, she clutched her belly, leaving her face unguarded, just as Selina threw a right uppercut from the ground in front of her. It crashed into the point of Batgirl's chin. The heroine sagged backward, long legs wobbly. Her eyes were glazed and unfocussed.
 Now Catwoman's blows plowed relentlessly past Batgirl's feeble, uncoordinated defenses, and deep into her body. Batgirl stumbled backward before the onslaught, unable to think or plan any defense. Catwoman followed eagerly. She easily brushed aside Batgirl's aching arms, and landed punch after punch, with mechanical regularity. She pounded the breath from Batgirl's lungs, and turned her tightly muscled middle to mush.
 After Catwoman doubled Batgirl over with a flurry of body punches, she pounded her erect with another flurry of head punches. The cascading waves of Batgirl's hair danced madly in the air, as Catwoman snapped her head back and forth like a professional wrestler. The pain caused unbidden tears to flow, which blurred Batgirl's glazed eyes. A trickle of blood ran down her cheek. Then, a straight right to her mouth slammed her back into a tree. There was no place to retreat. The dazed heroine gallantly raised her tired arms, and put everything she had left into a few last desperate punches.
 Catwoman laughed at the futility of the Caped Crimefighter's last-ditch attack. She put her hands on her hips, and contemptuously let Batgirl's punches connect. As each punch landed, it was Batgirl who gasped and winced, from the pain in her swollen hands. At last, gasping for breath, Batgirl fell back against the tree for support.
 Catwoman dropped to a crouch, and drove her fist right between Batgirl's sweetly rounded thighs. As the heroine sobbed raggedly, she fell forward. Catwoman caught the overtaxed girl across her shoulders, and lifted her slim, athletic body in an airplane spin. Sick and dizzy, Batgirl felt a thrill of fear at her dangerous predicament. She struggled wildly, and her long, shapely legs flailed the air madly, but to no avail.
 Catwoman held Batgirl securely trapped across her shoulders, and spun around, whirling the alarmed girl in dizzying circles, as she built up speed. As Selina readied herself to hurl the heroic crimefighter to the ground, Batgirl somehow spied a thick fallen log. Was Catwoman aiming her body at that?
 Batgirl wailed fearfully. "Oooooh, nooo, don't!" Too late! Her body was already flying through the air, at an alarming speed. Batgirl landed on her back, spread-eagled across the log, just as Catwoman planned. The small of her back absorbed all the impact. Batgirl screamed in agony and terror, convinced her back was broken.
 Gradually, she realized she could still move her legs. The superb tone of tapered back muscles had saved her spine, but the searing pain in her back and kidneys was unbearable, and Batgirl wept involuntarily. She tried to free herself, to ease the agony, but her splendid, lithe body barely responded. She scratched at the dirt uselessly, and feebly wiggled her beautiful legs.
 Catwoman stepped between Batgirl's widespread yellow booted legs, contemptuously sneering down into her young foe's face. "Stupid little bitch! You were going to arrest me, huh? Well, we'll see who pays for my crimes, you self-righteous little bitch!" She stooped down, and grasped Batgirl's legs under her arms at the knees. Roughly, she dragged the weeping, helpless crimefighter off the log, bumping her shoulders and head purposely. Batgirl's wails filled the deserted clearing. Catwoman twisted suddenly, and sent Batgirl rolling.
 Somehow, the vestiges of her pride brought the dazed crimefighter to her knees. Just then, Catwoman came up behind her. Seeing Batgirl's impudently rounded bottom sticking up in the air as an inviting target, and straining against the skintight spandex of her Batsuit, Catwoman licked her lips in delight. She slowly and deliberately kicked poor Batgirl in the behind, sending her hurtling forward on her belly.
 Catwoman laughed at inflicting this indignity upon the young crimefighter, then rolled the red headed heroine over. There was no resistance left in Batgirl's battered body, but Catwoman still saw a glint of defiance in her tear-wet, blue eyes. The villainess grabbed Batgirl's cape and cowl, and sat her up. She wrapped the cape around Batgirl's arms, trapping them at her sides.
 Holding the cape closed with one hand, Catwoman viciously smacked Batgirl's face back and forth. The battered heroine whimpered, shamed by her utter helplessness. Her swollen, beestung lips pouted open, and her fair complexion flamed brightly from the slaps. Her long eyelashes fluttered rapidly, behind her mask, blinking away the copious tears flowing from her hurt, blue eyes.
 Seeing the resistance fade from Batgirl's large, soulful, blue eyes, Catwoman let her trembling body flop back down on the ground. Then, just to make sure, or perhaps just for the sheer feline fun of it, she stood up and knee-dropped into Batgirl's middle. Her knee sank into the stricken girl's belly. Batgirl gurgled, about the only sound she could utter. Her body jerked in agonizing spasms. Catwoman stooped over the shapely blue form, and her around the waist. She hauled Batgirl to her feet, and tossed the beaten heroine over her shoulder, like a bag of laundry.
 Like a house cat with a wounded bird, Catwoman triumphantly carried her prize back into the Cat's Lair. Now that she'd defeated the cocky young crimefighter, Catwoman was determined to teach her a lesson she'd not soon forget. She mused, 'I can always rob that jewel exhibit at the museum another day; it'll be there for three more weeks. I think teaching this impudent little slut some proper manners will be more fun!'
 Inside the Cat's Lair, Catwoman set Batgirl down on her feet. The adorable young beauty tried to stand, but her legs betrayed her, and she sank down to the floor. Defeat left her in a state of shock. Batgirl shuddered in dread, as she looked up at the dominant feline who had just handed her the first disastrous beating she'd ever taken as a crimefighter. She realized she was in terrible danger. No one knew where she was. She was at Catwoman's mercy, and Batgirl instinctively knew that Catwoman had none.
 Catwoman quickly realized Batgirl's worst fears. She knelt down alongside her, and untied the strap under her chin which secured the Bat Cowl.
 "Don't you dare!" Batgirl wailed frantically, as Catwoman began to lift the cowl and mask from her face. Exposure of her true identity could permanently end her career as a crimefighter. "How dare you? Oh, let go of me, you nasty witch!"
 Catwoman laughed in delight. Batgirl continued to whimper, in protest, but there was nothing she could do to stop the feline arch-criminal from exposing her face and her precious identity. Once her mask was gone, Batgirl suddenly felt naked and scared. If the evil Catwoman could unmask her so easily, she was hardly a crime fighting heroine.
 Catwoman laughed in delight. "So, Commissioner Gordon's wimpy, little librarian daughter is really the indomitable, well, maybe not so indomitable, Batgirl! How delicious! You should have stayed in the library, sweetie, and left the big girls alone!"
 Hearing this, Batgirl thought maybe Catwoman was right. 'I've never met anyone so scary!' Batgirl silently admitted to herself. 'What will she do to me?' She began to tremble in fear.
 Catwoman removed Batgirl's utility belt next. "You won't be needing this again, sweetie!" Catwoman purred. She examined Batgirl's spandex Bat Suit. It was a two-piece affair. She slid the upper part up Batgirl's slim, athletic torso, exposing the redhead's delectable bosom.
 "How adorable!" Catwoman cackled, tweaking a pouting, little nipple.
 "Pl...please, don't do that!" Batgirl whimpered, reverting to the shy, timid librarian she thought she'd left behind, when she donned the Bat Suit. This purring feline completely unnerved her.
 "Now, now, my dear! That's the price you must pay for failure!" Catwoman pontificated.
 Her courage and pride seemed to have deserted the defeated, unmasked young crimefighter. She sobbingly begged Catwoman, "Please, let me go! I'll never bother you again! I swear, I won't! Honest! I'll go back to my job at the library, and never bother anyone again, if you'll just let me go!"
 "Oh, no, no, my dear! I can't do that! You know too much!" Catwoman purred in reply.
 "Are you going to kill me?" Batgirl whimpered miserably.
 "Oh, nothing as drastic as that, my dear! No, I think I'll keep you as a pet! You'd make a nice kitten. You really are an adorable little thing! First, though, you must learn to obey me! A little discipline will do wonders for that brazen attitude of yours!"
 "Please don't hurt me!" Batgirl pleaded, but the remorseless Catwoman sat down in her large arm chair, and pulled the weakly struggling young redhead face down, across her lap. She patted Batgirl's upthrust derriere. "You have such a cute little behind, I'll give you that, my little Batslut!" Catwoman laughed. She thrust her fingers into the waistband of the body stocking, and pulled Batgirl's spandex tights down off her impudent bottom, exposing the firmly muscled white buttocks, so deliciously formed.
 'Oh, Dear God! She's looking at my naked heinie!' Batgirl realized, wanting to crawl into a hole somewhere and die. 'This is so embarrassing! She isn't really going to spank me, is she? Daddy never spanked me, even when I was a little girl!' Batgirl speculated in growing dread.
 Indeed, Catwoman was going to spank her, and painfully hard, too. The Feline Felon raised her arm, and brought her gloved hand down, as hard as she could, on Batgirl's bare bottom. Batgirl yelped, "Oww, that hurt!"
 She admitted to herself, 'Well, I've taken a lot worse than this! I guess I can take a little spanking, without any trouble!'
 By the fourth slap, Batgirl was yelping louder and louder. 'Owww! Isn't she ever going to stop? It burns so!' She kicked her legs desperately, to ease the fierce burning sensation.
 Batgirl lost count of the blows after twenty something. By then, she was sobbing and whimpering out loud. "Stop it! Stop it! It hurts! Oh, you mean, nasty witch, you're hurting me so!" She scarcely looked, or sounded like the bold, confident heroine who confronted Catwoman, so short a time ago.
 Along with the pain, Batgirl felt strange stirrings, deep within her womanhood. Her precious little pussy was hot and tingling. 'Oh, it feels like when I wake up in the middle of the night, and I'm touching myself!' Batgirl marveled through the pain. 'Ohh, what's happening to me? I feel like I'm going to explode! Dear Lord! I must be having an orgasm!'
 As she paddled the redhead's cute little butt, Batgirl's knowing feline tormentor saw the signs of arousal and explosive release. "Why, the little slut likes it! She's getting off on being spanked! How marvelous!" Catwoman gloated.
 Poor Batgirl was in an agony of shame and self-doubt. 'I've heard of perverted people who like to be hurt! Dear God! I didn't think I was like that!'
 Batgirl was still sobbing when Catwoman let her slide off her lap. The weeping heroine crouched at the older woman's feet, and looked up fearfully, rubbing her smarting behind. She still felt those strange horrible feelings in her wet, and very hot, pussy.
 "Don't you want to rub your hot, little pussy, too, Batgirl?" Catwoman snickered, cruelly.
 'Oh God! She knows! How can I ever live with myself? How did she guess?' Batgirl agonized. Catwoman looked so stern and unconquerable, when she looked down into Batgirl's eyes, that Batgirl feared she was looking right into her soul. It was a terrifying feeling.
 'She's so strong, and she seems to know everything about me! She scares me! Why did you ever try to capture her, you little fool?' Batgirl gulped silently. She had an uncontrollable impulse to beg Catwoman's forgiveness, so the stern frightening criminal would leave her alone. It was terribly distressing to feel such overpowering fear of another person.
 Catwoman stood up, and commenced what to the cringing Barbara looked like a sexy striptease. The villainess slowly unzipped her patent thigh boots, and lost a good bit of height as her ankles came down to the floor. She made a show of easing off her opera length gloves, and tossed them on top of the piled boots. Selina removed her black leather catsuit in an incredibly sensuous manner, then unhooked her armored corset. Finally, the wicked cat mask and cowl were pulled up and off her head, exposing Selina's beautiful face.
 While her legs scrunched together to try and subdue the burning in her severely inflamed pussy, Batgirl's heart hammered in fear of the dreadful, raven haired criminal. In the buff, she was even more vicious looking than dressed! Once naked, Catwoman silently guided Barbara's face to her crotch. The terrified redhead didn't dare refuse the unspoken command! Better to please the terrifying criminal, than incur her greater wrath.
 With an eagerness that she could not explain even to herself, Babs dove into Selina's crotch with her tongue extended and her lips moist. She somehow found that lapping the insides of the villainess' cunt was thrilling. Selina was a bit surprised herself when she felt the passion in the youngster's mouth work. She could feel her clitoris being first lapped, then nibbled on, as Batgirl found a skill she never knew she had. The redhead kept right at it as Selina came in a crashing orgasm, with her juices flowing freely.
 'Fairs fair,' Selina thought as she looked down at the woman who had just brought her to the best orgasm she could remember. Barbara was more than surprised when she felt Selina pulling her head away from her pussy, and laid her out on the bed. The shock she felt when she saw the beautiful villainess dive into her own crotch made Batgirl gasp, but the gasp was caught up short as she felt the very experienced tongue of Selina Kyle go to work.
 The rousings that had made Barbara's pussy so hot and wet earlier had her ripe, and Selina actually had to pace herself and play within the cute little red bush slowly. She didn't want Batgirl to come to an orgasm before she had given her a good time!
 Babs had done herself on numerous occasions, but the experience was nothing like what she was feeling now. Her body was undulating in a steady rhythm as Selina worked the insides of her pussy with that unbelievable tongue. Batgirl was about to reach for her engorged nipples with her own hands when she saw Selina's hands reaching up without the raven mane moving. She watched in awe, and felt with glee, as Catwoman fondled her tits and nipples while still keeping her head buried in her crotch.
 The excitement and sexual burning in Batgirl rose to a fever pitch, and Selina could tell when she was about to come. Her experienced tongue recognized the swollen clit, and bit down gingerly just as Batgirl was about to come. The young redhead screamed in joy as a monstrous orgasm rocked her body, and her back arched, pushing her red bush even farther into Catwoman's face. Selina eagerly lapped up the results of her plaything's orgasm, and nearly brought on a rapid second one while doing so.
 Considering what had been taking place only a quarter hour before, the two women looked totally out of place as they cuddled and kissed. They rolled together on the bed, arms entwined, as the satisfaction felt by both canceled out almost all other feelings. Finally, after breaking away and laying apart for a few minutes, Selina got up off the bed, leaving Batgirl by herself. Batgirl sat up, wondering what could come next.
 It was as the glow of their lovemaking subsided that Batgirl got her next shock. "You know how I told you I was going to make you see just who would be paying for my crimes? A thought hit me as you were eating out my pussy, Batgirl. You aren't all that much smaller than me, so let's see..."
 Catwoman picked up the Batgirl costume, and proceeded to pull the dark blue leggings and top over her lithe body. The elastic cling of Batgirl's costume made it adhere to her body as if it belonged there. Catwoman next zipped on the yellow boots, which felt quite comfortable, since they were the same size and had slightly smaller heels, and pulled on the yellow gloves. She hooked the light blue cape to her shoulders, then went over to her dressing table and hunted through a drawer until she pulled out a red wig.
 Putting her own long black hair into a net, Catwoman then pulled the red wig over her head. The last item of the Batgirl costume, the cowl, was then pulled down over the wig, and with the mask positioned carefully over her eyes, Selina secured the strap under her throat. The new Batgirl then put her hands on her hips in a typical heroine pose, and said, "Well, if I'm going to be making the scene as Batgirl, somebody else will have to be Catwoman, to pay for her crimes!"
 'Batgirl' kicked the black catsuit in the direction of the young redhead. "Put it on, Catwoman! That's who you are now. You can forget about ever being the heroine from now on. Your life of villainy awaits!"
 The young redhead picked up the armored corset, and laced it around her waist, pulling it in to an even smaller size than she already was. She grabbed the black catsuit, and slipped her legs into the silky smooth leather of the costume. Pulling it up over her torso, she marveled at how her breasts stood out in it. With her arms inserted, she then pulled on the clawed gloves, and zipped on the thigh high boots with their stiletto heels. She stood, and wobbled slightly before gaining her balance on the new heels, and was about to put the cowl over her head when she heard, "Hold on a sec, Catwoman!"
 Batgirl had gone back to the drawer, and fished out a long black wig. She came over behind the young redhead, and drew the red hair up on top of her head. The black wig was then placed over the piled up red hair. "Now you may put on your cowl, Catwoman," Batgirl said.
 As the youngster picked up the cowl with the wicked looking cat eyes in the attached mask, and held it in front of her face, she seemed to realize that something dire was about to happen. Nevertheless, she held the cowl open and pulled it down so that the mask covered her face, and the rest was pulled up and over her hair.
 Batgirl led the black clad woman over to a vertical mirror. As she stood there, with her eyes looking out through the evil mask, the ex-Batgirl watched as her clawed hands spread around her tiny waist, and her stiletto heeled feet spread into a challenging pose. She saw a sly sneer somehow form on her lips.
 "Behold the new you!" Batgirl said as she stepped away, leaving her to take in her visage solo.
 Catwoman was reborn.
 The terrible shock of her first defeat, her unconditional surrender to the evil criminal feline genius, and the horrifying aftermath, had permanently scarred the young crimefighter. The totally different pleasures felt mere moments later broke her will. Selina had engineered the entire session perfectly, without even planning it beforehand.
 The ex-Batgirl would never be the same again. Selina turned her into a cringing little slave in one lesson, brought her to the incredible joy of shared sexual excitement in the next, and then traded places with her.
 The new Batgirl was now a villainess, and the new Catwoman was gifted with an extensive knowledge of legal and criminal systems, and a keen intellect. It would be a long time before she would be caught to pay for her crimes.

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