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The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros. It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books. The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author.
 As soon as Kitty brought the Cat Kit to her mistress, the new Selina started to plan a heist for the next evening. With Scratch and Cougar at her side to offer assistance when needed, Catwoman devised a plan to not only get her paws back around the golden cats, but also trap Batman and Robin. The mind of Barbara Gordon had only known of the golden treasure map cats from the Mark Andrews collection from her research at the library, but with her identity changed into a fanatic Selina Kyle, she wanted desperately to caress them. She didn't know it, but Catwoman was using the built up knowledge that she had attained in her earlier life to come up with a nearly foolproof ploy.

 In the meantime, Kitty took Leo outside with her. She wanted to check out the motorcycle on which they'd seen her new body arrive earlier. They found it carefully hidden in some bushes not far from where Leo had seen her come into view. "You know something, Leo?" said Kitty in what had been Barbara's voice, but with a new and ominous tone to it. "This black motorcycle would be perfect for me to use as Catgirl. It's already the perfect color, and it looks like it has plenty of power. Odds are, that if this was an alternate for Batgirl's use, it probably is very well equipped."
 While she was checking out the systems on the bike, Kitty spotted the satchel that Babs had secured to the rear fender. Her eyes lit up with glee when she opened the flap and saw what had to be a Batgirl costume. "Leo! Any worries I'd had of either trying to find her original home, or of having to craft a costume of my own to impersonate Batgirl have just disappeared. She brought along a spare costume, and even the red wig is in here. I've got everything I need!"
 "That sounds real good,, I mean, Catgirl. I'll put this bike in our garage, and add some whiskers to the windscreen for you."

Kitty chuckled at Leo's faux pas, then purred contentedly. "That sounds like a really good idea, Leo. Thank you. And just remember, Catwoman is the tall woman with blonde hair. Make sure you don't slip up like that in front of her. It may provide a spark to reignite her old memories." She then turned back toward the Lair while Leo went to park the motorcycle.
 The young woman known as Kitty, who had been Batgirl, and now held the mind of the old Selina Kyle, found that her replacement was fitting into her new role perfectly. Catwoman was curled up with Scratch going over some details of the plans she'd been concocting, so Kitty went to what had been her own bedroom until a bit earlier and grabbed a few items she wanted to keep for herself. With a small armload, she went down the hall to one of the unused bedrooms, and made it her own. When she went into the bathroom to wash up and get all the makeup off her face that made her look a bit like her old image, she finally saw the naked face of Batgirl.
 It then dawned upon Kitty that she should have extracted some information from the now ex-Batgirl before she told her to forget all her memories. She may have been looking upon the secret identity of Batgirl, but it was still a secret. Who the hell was she? Kitty had no clue as to whom her new face had belonged. Well, it was no use crying over spilled milk; it was her face now, and she had no intention of leaving it with such a sweet, angelic look. Kitty did a few experiments with makeup before finally turning in for the night.
 Everybody in the Lair slept in late the next morning so that they could be alert late into the next night. While Selina spent most of her time lounging in the rec room and watching soaps and talk shows, Kitty was busy putting together a costume for herself to wear as Catgirl. She was tempted to just use Vixen's, but that was being reserved for her favorite once she got out.
 She pulled out the black leather material from which Vixen's catsuit had been made, and crafted a sleeveless leotard with very high French cut legs. At first she was going to cut the chest open severely to display her cleavage, but Kitty thought better of it. Since her breasts would be a major draw that way, they'd also stand too good a chance of coming free in rough action. So she fashioned a pair of domes on the leather chest which would contain her assets proudly. While her present chest was not as well endowed as the one she'd just given up, Kitty was pleased that it was far from small.
 So that a trip to the store would not be needed right away, Kitty decided to use the smaller pair of Catwoman boots that she used while in Tara's body, and that Babs had 'borrowed' for her disguise. The short boots would not go well with the costume she was picturing, so by the next time Catgirl was seen, she would be in thigh high boots. Kitty knew there were black opera length gloves already on hand, with claws already in place, so that would not be a problem. There were also black fishnet tights on hand from Tara's stays, so these would be put to use, also. The mask and ears which she had been wearing the night before would finish her costume.
 As soon as all the sewing was completed, Kitty got started by taking her short black hair and working it into a different do which parted down the middle and changed her looks almost completely. She then did a severe makeup job on her face to make it look even more wicked than Babs had the night before. Her eyes, in particular, took on a malicious look to match her new soul. Then she pulled on her fishnet tights without any panties to show beneath them. The bottom of the leotard had just enough material to cover her private parts, and once it had been zipped up in back, its front was bulging proudly with the hard packed flesh within the globes of leather. She slipped her feet into the boots, and found that just as Babs had discovered, this body was not as adapted to ultra high heels as was Tara's.
 After she made sure that she could walk around once she stopped worrying about it, Kitty put on her mask and ears, then pulled on her gloves. Almost as an afterthought, she picked up a long, curved black cat tail and attached it to a wide black leather belt with a big square gold buckle. This she wrapped around her already small waist and drew it in even further. She made one stop in front of the vertical mirror in her new room to make a few poses and check herself out, and after she purred her approval, Catgirl strode purposefully out to the rec room to show Selina her new costume.
 All in the rec room were alerted to Kitty's approach by the clicking of her heels which could be heard in the hallway even over Jerry Springer's loud voice. Four pairs of eyes were trained on the doorway as a vision in wicked black made her entrance, and posed with her right hand in the upper corner of the doorway, her left hand spread out on her hip, and her legs spread powerfully. Her bright red lips were smiling in a nasty sneer.
 "Very nice, Catgirl!" Selina said. "If you don't watch out, you just might replace Vixen as my next in line."
 "If you think this looks good, Mistress, just wait until I get the thigh high boots that are going to really make this costume come alive. But this is how I'm going to join you this evening."
 "Mmmmmmowwwwwrrrrrrrr," Selina growled, "if you look that good now, I can't wait to see you in your ultimate costume!"
 "I'm glad you approve of this new costume, Catwoman. Now, let me leave you to your program for a while, and I'll come back to show you another surprise." Before anyone could make any response, Kitty turned and hustled back to her room with a proud grin on her lips.
 She did a quick change out of her black costume, and then Kitty washed away some of the more severe makeup. She left her eyes as is, and made her lips and cheeks look more cheerful. Kitty then picked up the purple costume that her body more normally wore, and slipped into it much the same way that she donned her catsuits. She slipped a wig cap on and tucked her hair up inside it, then pulled the long red wig into place.
 The short heels on the purple boots made it almost ridiculously easy to walk, and then she pulled on the lighter purple gloves. The yellow utility belt, which Kitty had yet to fully check out, rode the tops of her hips, which was just as she'd remembered seeing it on Batgirl before. The purple and yellow cape was clipped to her shoulders, and then finally the light and dark purple cowl was pulled down over her head. The image seen in the mirror was just what those eyes had always seen, but to the mind registering what those eyes saw, Batgirl was a new sight. She grinned with a sneer that had never before appeared with that costume.
 Batgirl's approach to the rec room was not as loud as Catgirl's, and she managed to slink in without being noticed. When Batgirl suddenly appeared before the eyes trained on the TV set, a number of loud gasps were heard.
 "I guess this proves that I can still be Batgirl should the need arise," Kitty said. "I think it will be a good idea to keep this costume on the bike while I'm using it as Catgirl, just in case." She walked over to Selina, who had stood upon her entry, and approached with her arms spread wide. Catwoman took Batgirl into her arms and hugged her warmly. Kitty knew for sure that Catwoman had fully adopted her new identity. She asked Catwoman to follow her so that they could discuss the plans and plots, and from what she heard while disrobing, Kitty was quite pleased. The ex-Selina was doing a good job of cementing the new Selina into her role.
 * * * * *
 Shortly after midnight, the Kitty Kar pulled into a hidden alleyway two blocks from the Gotham Museum of Art. A black motorcycle with whiskers on the windscreen pulled in behind it. With a stealth never before seen, Catwoman led Catgirl and her three kittens to the access ladder going to the air conditioning equipment on the roof. They made their way to the rooftop maintenance hatch, and used some acid to dissolve the lock. The progress of the five cat burglars to the hall holding the display case with the twin gold cats was almost flawless, thanks to the tactical knowledge that Catwoman had buried deep inside her head. Almost was the key word, though.
 Just that day, a new system which broke the state of the art in security measures had been installed in the museum. Sensitive panels in the walls detected their movements due to an ever so slight change in apparent air pressures, and this activated an infrared camera system. At the same moment, two alarms went off, one in the security office of the museum, the other in the GCPD. Both got the infrared video at the same time, and the museum staff were advised to sit tight until help arrived. The watch desk officer at Police headquarters went to the roof to turn on the Bat Signal, while the sergeant in charge picked up the Bat Phone. Even considering the time of night, the Bat Phone was answered immediately, and the Dynamic Duo were on the road in minutes.
 Batman and Robin made a quiet entry into the museum, and after clipping on their Bat Night Vision Goggles, made their way to a position from which the cat burglars could be observed. "Holy Sidekicks, Batman!" the junior member of the team whispered. "Can you believe that black haired girl Catwoman has working with her?"
 "Quiet, young chum. I'm sure we'll be seeing her in much closer quarters any moment. Have you noticed that Selina seems to be moving in a much more careful and methodical method than in the past? Something is afoot here, and all the feet have cat's paws." Then, to the Bat Radio, he said, "Okay guys, let's have the lights at the count of three." As he started to remove his vision aids, with Robin mirroring his actions, Batman continued, "One...two...three!"
 Suddenly every light in the museum came on, including a number which were never seen by the public. The Dynamic Duo had known to shut their eyes momentarily, and jumped out into the foyer with full visual capabilities. Catwoman had detected light and quickly shut her eyes, but not quickly enough to keep from being temporarily blinded. Catgirl and the three kittens were all caught unawares, and could see nothing at all as the Bat Team went into action.
 Batarangs and Bat Ropes took Leo, Scratch and Cougar out of the picture right away. Even though she was snow blind and unable to see very much, Catgirl kicked and clawed her way into a near standoff with Robin, but he finally managed to tie her up securely, enjoying every moment. He lingered just a moment, but then tore himself away to help Batman with Catwoman. The Felonious Feline Femme Fatale was fighting with a hand to hand skill heretofore unseen, and was managing to hold off the elder member of the Dynamic Duo. When Robin joined him, she saw that the situation was rapidly getting beyond anything she could do, and looked around to sum up her losses. Both gold cats were still safely ensconced, her three kittens were apparently a total loss, and even Catgirl looked like she was out of action.
 Well, if Batman was going to take all of her assistants away, Catwoman decided she had better do the same for retribution. Instead of slinking away to escape as both of the crime fighters expected, she circled around into a display area that shielded her from their eyes. Then she crouched and waited. From her Cat Kit, she extracted a vial of Catatonic, and dipped her right fingers' claws into it. Whichever of the Dynamic Duo came into range first would be leaving in her hands.
 Batman saw the general area into which Catwoman had disappeared, and sent Robin around one way while he went the other to flank her and flush her out. The elder Bat was much too far away to be of help when Robin stepped into Catwoman's range, and she leapt out at him. As a short cry of disbelief left his lips, Catwoman stroked his inner left arm with her claws. The drug went to work right away, and in moments, he was asleep in her arms. When Batman came rushing up after hearing the cry, he saw his partner limp in Catwoman's hands. "If you have done anything to harm him, Catwoman, I don't care what we've shared over the years, all bets are off and I will do whatever I can to see you punished!"
 Catwoman hissed at him, then said, "Don't worry about your little birdie, Batman. You have Catgirl and my kittens, so I'm taking Robin with me. He is only asleep right now, thanks to Catatonic. If you don't let me out of here with him, a lot more will happen to him." She put a claw to the jugular vein on his throat. "Let us out of here, and we'll talk later about who has whom."
 The Dark Knight did not like giving in to the witch in black, but it appeared that she had the upper paw. "I'll let you go, Selina, but so help me, if you harm Robin, you will never hear the end of it." He gave word on the Bat Radio to allow Catwoman free travel, then watched as she made her way much more assuredly than he'd ever seen her move before.
 The three tied up kittens were left in the hands of the policemen who came upon the scene, all stunned to see Catwoman dragging Robin out with a claw to his throat. Catgirl was another matter, though. Batman wanted to take care of her himself. She hissed and spat at him as he approached her spot on the floor, and now that things had calmed down a bit, Batman started to study her more closely. Something about the shape of her lips and nose looked familiar.
 This needed to be done without onlookers.
 He picked up the writhing kitty and took her to the Batmobile.
 There, in the dark and with no one else watching, Batman lifted the ears and domino mask from her face. Then it hit him, and he was sure. There was enough makeup around her eyes and the hair was so totally different from normal that Batman did not see Barbara Gordon. But he had studied the Dominoed Dare Doll's eyes, nose, lips, teeth, cheeks and chin very much since first seeing her. He knew that this was really his ally underneath the wicked disguise. "Batgirl, is that you? What has Catwoman done to make you dress and act this way?"
 Kitty saw a possible way to turn this around developing, and went along with the play acting. "Batgirl? I'm not Batgirl! I am Catgirl. Meowwwwrrr!"
 The Dark Knight had seen something like this a few years before, and since he knew the face he was seeing was Batgirl's, even though he'd never seen her entire face before, he got out a can of Bat Antidote spray. "Batgirl, I think Catwoman has infected you with Cataphrenic. This spray will neutralize the effects of that agent, so that you can become yourself once again." He held her head with one hand as the other held the spray in front of her face.
 Inwardly, Kitty grinned to herself. If she had been suffering from any diseases or poisons, she would now be on the road to recovery. But if the Bat thought she should be turning into a law abiding crime fighter, then that was just what she would do.
 For the time being.
 Kitty shook her head as if clearing away cobwebs, then looked down at her leather clad body with a look of surprise on her face. "Oh...what am I wearing? Where am I, Batman? Wait, I remember, now. Catwoman made me become Catgirl and help her with this heist. My motorcycle is still parked a few blocks over. They even modified it to look like a Cat Cycle."
 A trusting Batman untied the Bat Ropes from 'Batgirl's' arms and legs, and she then led him to the hidden motorcycle. Kitty's advanced planning paid off. "See, Batman? I even had a spare costume on my bike that they never bothered to take away, even though the one I was wearing when they captured me is shredded." She held up the package for his inspection. Then, as a semi-stunned Batman watched, Kitty took off her high heeled black boots and set them aside, and took off the wide belt around her waist with the attached tail. She then put on the Batgirl costume right over the Catgirl costume without having to take any more of it off. Her chest ended up looking a bit more appealing than normal thanks to the shaping given by the leather costume underneath, but this was indeed Batgirl. She put the black boots and the belt into the bag the purple costume had been in, and Batman never even thought to wonder why.
 "I'm glad to have you back with us, Batgirl. Catwoman has taken Robin with her, and I don't know where she is hiding these days. I'm going to need all the help I can get in getting him back from her, so meet me at Police Headquarters tomorrow afternoon at four. We can try to work out a game plan then. Since I know you want to keep your identity a secret, I'll let you get on your way, and I won't follow you."
 While a sappy smile showed on her lips, inwardly Kitty was scowling. She had hoped that Batman might say who she actually was, or maybe take her to the Batcave. Oh well, at least he was going to leave her alone. There were a number of safe houses in the area that Kitty had used when she was Catwoman, and now one or more of them would be the temporary home of Kitty Kyle, alternately Batgirl and Catgirl. "Thank you, Batman. I'm glad you respect my secret identity as much as I respect yours. Good night, and I'll see you tomorrow afternoon."
 Batman watched as Batgirl climbed back aboard her Cat Cycle, thinking how incongruous it looked for the purple clad heroine to be riding a bike decked in black with cat whiskers. If only he'd known how right at home she truly was as she sped off to points unknown.
 * * * * *
 On the way back to the Batcave, Batman used the Bat Cell Phone to put in a call on the special line he had only just recently installed and had hoped to never need, especially at that time of the night. He was surprised when the phone was answered after only two rings. "This is Batwoman, how can I help you?"
 "Batwoman, this is Batman. I hate to call you at such a late hour, but I was just in a bad fight with Catwoman, who had enslaved Batgirl into being her ally. Batgirl is now back on our side, but Catwoman took Robin with her. I am going to need all the help I can get to get Robin back safely."
 "I will be glad to give you all the help I possibly can, Batman, but my own assistant, Flamebird, is not available. I will be on my own. Where and when can we meet?"
 "I've already arranged for Batgirl to meet me at Police Headquarters tomorrow at four in the afternoon. Can you be there, also?"
 "Four it is, Batman. Sleep well, for I have a feeling Robin is just fine, and we will have him back at your side soon."
 "Thank you, Batwoman. Good night."
 "Good night, Batman."
 As the action of the night was concluding, the Batmobile was fast approaching the Batcave, with only one occupant.
 Kathy Kane, who had been out with a friend and only just now headed for home, instead of fast asleep in bed as Batman had expected to find Batwoman, was nearing the front gate of her own country estate.
 Kitty Kyle, who left her Batgirl costume on for safe travel, was parking her motorcycle in a shed behind a large house which looked neglected on the outside. The owners were supposedly a pair of Arab emirs who only used the house on their rare visits to the US. Rare, indeed. The emirs did not exist. Kitty knew exactly where the key was hidden, and would be sound asleep in a nice soft bed soon.
 The last parties to mention in this closing for the evening have been left until this time because all was not going well, at least for Robin. Catwoman was given freedom of travel, due to her hostage, and managed to lose the tail that tried to follow her. She even successfully evaded the police helicopter that was watching from above. Many years of tactics learned in her earlier life had proved beneficial.
 When Catwoman arrived at her Cat's Lair, she was one pissed off Kitty Kat. She was now all alone, except for the junior Bat.
 Then a thought hit her.
 Junior Bat.
 Junior Cat.
 Yes, he was just the right could be done...
 * * * * *
 While most of the above mentioned parties went to sleep after their arrivals, Selina went right to work. Once again, her past life's skills were coming to the fore to aid her in her scheme. Since Barbara Gordon's mind had been quite adept at costuming and disguises, Catwoman was now a similarly skilled woman.
 In order to make sure that Robin stayed asleep for at least a few more hours, Selina gave him another dose of Catatonic. With the young man now firmly in the grip of Morpheus, she got underway. Robin's costume was removed, and as the mask came off, it meant nothing to Catwoman, who couldn't care less who he was. He wouldn't be that way for long. Once he had been completely denuded, Selina took him into the bathroom and laid him in the tub. While the young Robin had very little hair on his body, she wanted him totally free of it. A layer of depilatory was spread over every inch of his body below the neck, and allowed to do its work. A little while later, after it had been rinsed and dried off, he had skin as soft and smooth as a baby's.
 While the depilatory had been doing its job, Catwoman was in the closet selecting all the costume components she would need. With everything spread out for ready access, she started to dress Robin. Selina took care of the one most glaring part of Robin's anatomy by folding it up between his legs and hiding it in some tight panties. Next, she placed a corset around his midsection and pulled the laces tighter and tighter until it could be closed no further, and he had a very feminine wasp waist. The corset pushed enough flesh downwards to give his hips a bit more shape than before, but there wasn't anything readily available with which she could expand his tush. One of Tara's all in one body briefers was then pulled onto his torso over the corset to smooth it out and give her a way to support the water balloons she'd made to serve as breasts until more appropriate forms could be attained. These had been made quite large to completely fill Tara's breast cups.
 With all the support garments in place, one of Vixen's body covering, head to toe black leather catsuits was pulled on to his still inert but now very femininely shaped body. Selina had a weird feeling of déjà vu when she saw the catsuit zipped up, molding the young male's body into that of a lush female, but didn't let it get in the way of the transformation she was doing. The external corset was laced on over the first one underneath everything next, and the extreme reduction this brought made the resulting figure rival her own. Vixen's boots were actually a size too big for Robin's feet, but because they were tightly laced around his calves, they were secure enough. The gloves were pulled on to Robin's arms, and it wasn't easy for her to get his limp fingers into those of the gloves.
 Selina sat the leather clad youth at her makeup table, and completely worked over his face until it looked so much like that of the usual wearer of the costume that it looked incongruous with the short black hair on his, no, make that her head. The same blonde wig that she herself had worn the night before, but now had no recollection of doing, was put into place over a wig cap and brushed out to straighten it. There was now a sleeping Vixen sitting at the table, with no sign whatsoever of the original face or body underneath. Selina picked her up, and set her into a high backed chair which faced the mirror.
 She tied the ex-Robin's ankles to the front legs of the chair, then her arms at both the elbows and the wrists to its unpadded arms. Selina folded a towel lengthwise to make a wide band, then used this to tie her neck to the back of the chair. She made it tight enough so that she wouldn't be able to even twist her head, let alone move it around, but not tight enough to block her breathing. A thick rope was used to go around her forehead and tie off behind the chair, which further locked her head in place.
 Selina left her there while she went to the drawers in her bedroom for the Cat's Eye Jade, some smelling salts, and the Cataphrenic laced gloves. The original Selina hadn't shielded all of the devices used to change Barbara into her replacement, and fully intended for the new Catwoman to have them at her beck and call. While Selina had no idea where the mind swap machine was located, she found the Cataphrenic and the Cat's Eye Jade easily, just waiting to be put to use. When she had the nefarious tools in hand, she went back to the dressing room.
 Selina took in the site of the deliciously bound leather clad babe as she entered the room, and said out loud, "Soon, oh so soon..." She placed her tools on the bed behind Vixen, then the salts were waved below her pert nose. It took a while for the salts to overcome the Catatonic, but eventually her eyes shot open to see an unbelievably sexy looking blonde in wicked looking bondage staring at her. Then she realized that the blonde was herself when she felt that same bondage constraining her. Her confused mind took a moment to sort this out, then she said, "Who am I? I thought I was Robin, but that isn't me in the mirror." She also wondered to herself why her voice sounded so low.
 Selina turned the chair so that it faced her, then held the Jade in front of her eyes. She waited until those eyes took on a glazed and entranced look, then started her conversion. "That's it, take in the glow of the Cat's Eye, it wants to help you. You will fall into its power and listen to all that I say. You don't look like Robin because you aren't Robin. Your name is Vixen. You are a crossdresser who wishes to be seen in only her current form, and the junior partner to your friend and lover, Catwoman. You are a very skilled criminal who excels in hand to hand combat, and your primary foe is Batman. You must forget your old identity, because this is who you truly are, and no one else. All the skills you've gained over the years are now the skills of Vixen. You also can only talk in a higher pitched timbre to sound like your true form, not the low pitched voice of the person who longer exists. Do you understand all of this, Vixen?"
 In a new voice which wasn't quite perfectly feminine but definitely did not sound male, she said cheerfully, "Yes, Catwoman, I know that I am Vixen. I work with you in our crimes, and here at home, I am your lover. Only you and I know of the special tools I have for that love. I thank you for making me who I am. I live to serve you."
 Selina then took off her right glove, and as she was replacing it with the Cataphrenic-laced one, she said, "That is good, Vixen, but you sound entirely too pleasant to me. I'm going to make sure that you can become as evil as you look."
 Catwoman used her left hand to lift the blonde hair up and expose the side of Vixen's neck below the towel. She then raked the infected claws across that thin skin, and saw the bloody tracks left behind. She saw Vixen's body tense up, and let her hair fall back into place. The blonde hissed loudly, then said in an even more sultry and venomous voice, "I am the living embodiment of sin. Vixen is my name, and vexing is my game. I am the close confidant of Catwoman. We live and work together to bring misery to the world while we plunder it. Now, why have you got me in such a nifty bondage position, Catwoman? Are we going to be having some fun?"
 Selina put aside the glowing gem and malicious glove, then untied the rope and towel from behind Vixen after replacing her right glove. "No, I was just testing your mien, my little kitten. I wanted to see what you could take. I was worried that if Batman caught you, he might be able to turn you against me." She then untied her arms, and let her reach down to untie her own legs.
 Selina put away the gem and glove in a drawer while Vixen was freeing her legs, then said, "Very good, Vixen. Your bedroom is the second one down the hall on the right. We both need to get our rest for tomorrow, so get some sleep. I'll help you to get dressed again in the morning."
 Vixen stood, and looked to the left at her reflection. She was wickedly beautiful. She knew who she was now, and just loved the way she looked. The first few steps she took in her new high heels were faltering, but she picked up the short steps and feminine sway of the hips right away. Before she got to the door, Vixen turned and looked longingly at Catwoman.
 Selina came to Vixen and took her into her arms. Two massive chests met, one real, one constructed, but the close hug was endearing to both. They were, quite possibly, the two most evil women in Gotham, if not the world.
 When finally the two black bodies separated, Selina led Vixen down to her bedroom and helped her to undress. She had to fight her way past Vixen when she tried to show her devotion to her mistress in the bedroom. "Patience, my dear Vixen," Catwoman said with a wide grin, "the time will come when we will become very close, but the night is almost done and we both need to be alert tomorrow. Sleep tight!" Vixen could not see the contented look on Selina's face as she made her way back to her own boudoir.
 * * * * *
 Finally, the night was over. It had ended with some major changes.
 * * * * *
 Early the next day, Kitty arose from slumber in a queen sized bed with silk sheets. After a short shower, she did a quick check to see if any of the stored Tara-sized clothes would fit her new body. The pants were the right inseam but too broad in the waist, but blouses, skirts and dresses all fit fine. It was a lucky thing that her new body shared a shoe size with Tara, also. Before mid-afternoon, she intended to add a pair of boots to the inventory on hand. Catgirl's costume was hanging right next to Batgirl's in her closet.
 By ten in the morning, Kitty figured that Selina should have gotten enough sleep, and used the phone that was known to her only. To any other visitors of the house, it was one of many large books on the shelf in the living room. Opened, it had a cell phone with a built-in key pad. An obviously groggy Selina answered after hearing Kitty's voice on the answering machine and call screener in the Lair. "Purrrrr, hello, Kitty. I presume you are free and on your own this morning?"
 "Yes, Selina. I fooled Batman into thinking he'd changed me back into Batgirl. As Batgirl, I can lead him into a trap tonight if you feel up to it."
 "That sounds like a good idea, Kitty. Also, I will be bringing along a surprise for you. I presume you know that I took Robin away from Batman last night. There is no more Robin. SHE is now Vixen! Wait until you see her. She can't wait to get her hands on Batman."
 "Selina, you are doing even better than I'd imagined you could without me at your side. Here's what we'll do this evening..." The two then shared their plans and plots for the upcoming trap. Kitty told Selina that she'd call back after the meeting in the afternoon to finalize everything. Then she left to go shopping for some new boots.
 * * * * *
 Batman went to Commissioner Gordon's office a bit early to let him know about the situation at hand with Robin gone. While they were chatting, the Commissioner asked Batman, "Have you heard anything about my daughter, Barbara? She has missed a day at the library, and her phone is being answered by the answering machine, but no replies are forthcoming."
 The Dark Knight told him, "Barbara is a capable young woman. If she was in any trouble, she would have gotten word to you, I'm sure. If it will make you feel any better, I'll stop by her apartment during my mission tonight and look around." The chatting went to a more general and lighter tone after that, and when it got close to four, Batman cut it short to await his helpers.
 At the corporate headquarters of Networld, only a short distance from where that meeting was taking place, Kathy Kane exercised one of her prerogatives as CEO. At 3:30, she called her secretary on the pager, "Jeffrey, I'm going to be taking off early today. If anything major comes up that needs my attention, take care of it as best you can. I'll see you in the morning."
 "Will do, Ms. Kane," was his brief reply. Jeffrey was so glad that Kathy had gotten over the problems generated by Playgirl's mind warping computer game. It was great to hear her normally pleasant voice once again. As Kathy came out of her doorway, Jeffrey noted the smile on her lips and added, "Have fun this evening, boss!"
 'If only he knew what kind of fun...' Kathy thought, then said, "You know me, Jeffrey. I'll probably be sitting around watching a movie or something while you and everybody else are enjoying yourselves. See you later!"
 Jeffrey watched his boss go into her personal elevator, and saw the decreasing numbers that showed the lift going down to the parking garage. What he could not see was the special key Kathy used to get the car to descend a good bit lower than the garage. It opened into the downtown corporate Bat Cavern, and in no time, Kathy had shucked the day suit that she had been more or less forced to wear by tradition. She opened up the small closet, and after hanging up the suit, pulled out something in which she would be much more at ease.
 The beautiful brunette had known enough to not wear any panties under her pantyhose when getting dressed that morning, and so just pulled her sleeveless yellow leotard on over her hose. She adjusted the black bat on her chest so that it was centered over her unfettered breasts. The wide black belt was drawn around her waist, and the cut of her leotard had her legs coming almost all the way up to the belt. Her Bat Kit was attached to the belt, then she pulled on her knee high black boots and turned down the cuffs. Their low block heels were bit of a relief from the heels she'd been wearing all day. Kathy clipped her yellow cape to her shoulders, and attached the wide black domino mask via a thin elastic band which was then hidden under her hair. After she pulled on her elbow length black gloves, Batwoman was ready to get on her souped up Harley Bat Cycle and get over to Police Headquarters. Her cycle exited the hidden Cavern in a disused alley two blocks from Networld.
 Batgirl met Batman inside Commissioner Gordon's office shortly before four, and was taken a bit by surprise when the yellow and black clad heroine joined them a few minutes later. She hadn't figured on Batwoman in her plans, but they could be easily adapted to cover her presence. Kitty took advantage of the gathering to pass on 'the information about Catwoman she'd learned while under her spell' that would lure the others into her trap. She hadn't before come into contact with Batwoman, but if Batman trusted her to help him, she would not be an easy take.
 Shortly after the meeting broke up, and the trio split to meet after dark, Kitty got back on the phone to let Selina know about the extra help Batman was getting. Kitty couldn't see it, but Selina's face clouded and scowled viciously at hearing Batwoman's name; she didn't know exactly why, but the new Selina hated the heroine with a passion. In actuality, even when she had been Batgirl, the person now known as Selina had subconsciously seen Batwoman as a rival in her crime fighting, and even for Batman's attention and approval. Now, as Catwoman, she found it easy to hate the heroine with a passion. The look went away as Vixen stuck her head around the corner to see what was up, and she listened in as Catwoman turned on the phone's monitor so she could share in the conversation.
 "Here is what I am going to set up in the warehouse, Kitty. Vixen and I are going to get a lot of my old Cat's Whiskers line from the back of the Lair, and rig it in the rafters of the warehouse in the form of a huge Cat's Cradle. When it falls on the two heroes, it will entangle them so severely that they will not be able to extricate themselves. I had originally planned just to kill Batman, but if Batwoman is going to be with him, so much the better. Batman thrashing on his own with the Whiskers contracting about him would have been perfect, but with two victims, a horrendous death will come all that much quicker for this pair of Bats."
 There was a brief pause, as if Catwoman was expecting Kitty to comment, but then she came right back with, "Think of it, Catgirl! The two of them, caught as if wound in the coils of a giant boa constrictor, with the Cat's Whiskers shrinking about them from their body heat. Their bodies will be literally screaming for oxygen! Ha, ha!"
 Kitty was still a bit stunned and shocked, and heard her now murderous replacement continue, "And yet, near the very end, they would both try to hold their last breaths. If they give in to their bodies' overwhelming need for air, the Cat's Cradle would be waiting...waiting for them to exhale...waiting to take advantage and close down even further so they could never expand their chests back out."
 Catwoman was getting more and more excited during this tirade, and was saying it more for her own enjoyment than to inform Kitty. Selina felt as if she had even experienced the Whisker's deadly embrace around her own body! "Each time they exhale, the Whiskers will contract to follow. It will become so tight around them that they will only be able to take more and more shallow breaths. Finally, after the last final exhalations, they would discover that they can no longer inhale. The Cradle's latest constrictions wouldn't allow it! Then the Bats would die!"
 Kitty was taken aback. She wasn't sure if she really wanted to see Batman perish...and had she really made her replacement that evil a Catwoman? She had never before killed anyone...
 Regaining her composure and coming back down to earth, Selina continued when she heard no reply from Kitty, "Don't worry, Catgirl. This Cat's Cradle I've designed is foolproof. It would be so confining that Batman wouldn't be able to get to the toys in his utility belt. Now, if that hussy Batwoman is going to be with him, she will be just as helpless and unable to get to any of her own gadgets, either. I can't wait to see the look on her face, as Batwoman realizes her fate at my hands!"
 Kitty felt like this was getting way out of her league, and feared that the Catwoman she'd created was a beautiful Frankenstein's Monster that had escaped from her creator and was ready to create untold mayhem. All she could say was, "That sounds like you have it all set, Catwoman. I'll see you with our victims just after dark."
 "See you then, Kitty, or better yet, Batgirl. Thanks for the help."
 As she was hanging up, Kitty thought, 'Help? My God, the woman is doing this all on her own.'
 * * * * *
 Shortly thereafter, Catwoman left with Vixen to set up their trap. Inside a disused warehouse close to the waterfront, they rigged a huge Cat's Cradle with the Cat's Whiskers material. It had originally been designed to ensnare only Batman, but by expanding the dimensions of the trap, the female Bat could be handled just as well. Kitty, still dressed as Batgirl, would bring the trio to the side door into the building. She would let them enter while she used a different doorway.
 Catwoman and Vixen made quite a sight while setting it up, both being decked out in form fitting black and having blonde hair hanging past their shoulders. Fortunately for them, there was no one there to appreciate the scene. Vixen was a lot more sure of herself while working, since Selina had gotten silicon inserts to replace the fragile water balloons. She was also proud of the fact that with the new inserts, her chest was even more pronounced than the night before. Selina had been constantly stroking Vixen's ego all day, so that she became more and more sure of herself, and proud of herself. The ex-Robin was sinking deeper and deeper into her new identity, knowing only who she currently was.
 * * * * *
 continued in Batgirl is the Quarry part 1

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