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Here's one I originally wrote back around 2000, but I changed one of the major characters, added an origin of Batgirl's foe Vixen, along with
having Batgirl as Catwoman hypnotize Robin into wanting to be an avid crossdresser. That last bit builds into the way I've done so many
stories with Robin that way.

The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros. It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books. The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author.

The Three Faces of the Cat by SteveZ and twof

Even with her claws digging and scraping, her hand lost its hold...and with a caterwaul of terror, she plunged out of sight. Ten heartbeats later, they heard a SPLASH reverberating from far below.

"Catwoman!" shouted Robin. "Can you hear me? Catwoman!?"

"Catwoman!" came the echo. "Can you hear me? Catwoman!?"

"Greed is an overpowering emotion," said Batman as he coiled his Batrope. He put his hand on the youngster's shoulder, and added, "Come on, Robin; our job is done."

* * * * *

The swiftly flowing current of the underground river swept the body of Selina Kyle toward the waterfall. Within seconds, Catwoman's limp form was once again falling, this time through the starlit darkness toward the inky black ocean below.

Cold fresh air on her face revived the beautiful strawberry blonde woman. With cat-like agility, quick thinking and a lot of just plain good luck, the glistening black clad villainess had survived the plummet in the cave. As she fell, Selina had tied the loot bag full of gold and jewels to her right foot. This had allowed her body to align itself vertically and break the surface of the water feet first. She had lost consciousness and broken a few bones, but the feline felon had survived.

Once again she prepared herself for impact. Like her namesake, she hated the water, but despite those trepidations, Catwoman had trained herself to be an excellent swimmer and diver. Those skills were vital to her chosen career, and were a necessity that she abided no matter how much she abhorred the medium. Selina felt confident that her training, along with her superbly toned, Amazon-like body, would see her through this much shorter drop. She took deeper and deeper breaths to expand her lungs, then took one last big gulp of air before slipping like an arrow into the salty ocean with her arms close to her sides and her gorgeously curved body as straight as a nail.


This time, Catwoman remained conscious, but pain racked her battered body. She felt the loot bag beneath her touch bottom as her right foot sank into the satchel. It was now an anchor holding her to the sea bed. Working with that one last big breath, she had to bend down and untie the bag from her foot, secure it to her belt, and then somehow kick and claw her way to the surface with her heavy treasure in tow.

She estimated that the surface and life sustaining air were some fifteen to twenty feet above her. Driven by a combination of fear, greed, anger and an undeniable instinct for survival, Selina did the seemingly impossible. Not only did her head burst forth into glorious air, she still had the lucre!

Furiously treading water with her chin just barely out of it, Catwoman quickly assessed her situation. Light pollution from Gotham City provided enough illumination for her to tell that she'd been flung out not far from the rocky shoreline. High cliffs met the waves for as far as she could see into the night. She realized, that in her present condition, even she could not swim very far with the cargo she was hauling. Selina decided to hide the treasure as best she could among the rocks.

To avoid being battered by waves as she worked to hide her loot, Catwoman stroked a bit more than absolutely necessary to arrive at a spot that was in a lee to the waves, and only had to contend with some raging eddies. She carefully made her way to what she thought would be a likely spot, and hoisted herself out of the water with her arms. As soon as she tried to put any weight on her legs, they collapsed. Selina carefully turned and put her fanny on top of a good sized boulder, and spread out a few of the rocks from a sitting position. She hefted her loot, and then tucked the bag tightly among the stones. Even if the tide rose or fell substantially, the treasure would be safe. The now quite soggy cat got the feeling that she knew what the pirates in days of yore must have gone through to hide their own treasures on more tropical shores. She looked around while clinging to a rock to try and get her bearings.

Selina realized that this stretch of ocean was not too far from the pier that held Ye Olde Benbow Taverne, a notorious waterfront hangout for Gotham City's criminal element. With the favorable current, she might just be able to make it near there. If she could, it would be much more likely that Catwoman would find someone who would help her (for money, of course!) rather than turn her over to the police.

Pushing away from the rocks with the strength she still had in her arms, Catwoman got out past the eddies and started slowly stroking toward her destination. The salty sea was very cold, which deadened her muscles but also kept her shockingly alert. She needed to get back out of the water soon, before hypothermia set in.

As time passed, the adrenaline rush attained during her escape from Batman and Robin subsided. Selina Kyle then realized that she was far more seriously injured than she'd first assumed. A gash on her forehead just above her mask was bleeding profusely, which brought up the thought, 'I hope there are no sharks in the area!' Her right ankle felt like it might be shattered, while at least one bone in her other leg appeared to be fractured. Each breath now caused a sharp pain in Catwoman's chest, perhaps an indication of cracked or broken ribs.

Catwoman smiled, 'I guess I'll find out if this cat really does have nine lives!' Into the night she swam, getting closer and closer to her goal, determined to survive. When she finally got to the base of the ladder, she had to practically haul herself up by her hands, since she could only just barely brace herself with her right leg. By the time she made it to the top, Selina was too exhausted to go inside for help. She crawled a few feet, then collapsed against the side of a car.

* * * * *

Foo Yung stumbled out of Ye Olde Benbow Taverne. The first signs of the impending dawn were appearing on the horizon. It was long past the legal closing time for Gotham City drinking establishments, but the proprietors of this place cared little for laws and regulations.

Foo Yung was not his real name. He was not even vaguely Asian-American. It was the name given to him by his new boss. After all the time he had spent in the Metropolis prison system, a new name was a small price to pay to work for the smartest villain in the world.

The henchman picked his way unsteadily along the wharf, toward where he was pretty sure he had left his car. Years of drinking had given him some tolerance to alcohol, and though he wobbled, he knew where he was going. "Ahh, there you are!" he said aloud, in a bit of a slur. He found his old junker on the pier, near a ladder that led down to the waters below.

He walked around to the front of his car. Foo Yung had parked so as to leave about two feet between his car and the edge of the dock; plenty of room to wander a bit once he got the car moving without worrying about going over the side. Suddenly, he noticed that some sort of dark but shiny object was piled up against the driver's side door. "What the heck?!" Foo Yung blurted.

It was a woman! A woman with long, wet, strawberry blonde hair...dressed in a costume that every lowlife in Gotham City would recognize in a heartbeat! Catwoman was leaning against the side of his car!

"Catwoman?!" Foo Yung asked, amazed at his discovery. Getting no reply, he observed that she had passed out. Even in his inebriated condition, the hood could tell that the Countess of Crime didn't get that way from the same source he had; she was in pretty bad shape, with a lot of caked blood over a gash in her forehead. Lord only knew what else was wrong with her. He decided to lay her on the back seat of his car, and take the Feline Felon to his boss. 'He'll know what to do!' Foo Yung reasoned.

* * * * *

Selina Kyle awoke to find herself in a nice, dry, soft bed. Without moving her head, through half shut eyes, Catwoman looked around. She was in a spotlessly clean room in which ovals seemed to be the dominant decor theme. Everything she could see was either white or yellow. Then she spotted an egg-shaped door opening, and the answer she'd been assuming was confirmed. She had only heard of him recently, and seen only two pictures of him, but the debonair figure with a shiny bald dome in the lab coat she saw could be none other than Egghead!

There was no longer any need for subterfuge, so as Egghead came closer to her bed, Selina opened her eyes as if awakening. She tried to shift her position in the bed, but found that she was restrained. Before she could utter a word of shock or question her condition, Egghead picked up a chart from the end of her bed and said, "Good afternoon to you, Catwoman. I hope you slept well after I treated your wounds, set your broken bones, wrapped your chest and bandaged your face this morning."

"Did you say afternoon?” Selina replied. “The last thing I can remember was just barely making it up the ladder next to Benbow's, just before dawn." Then her catty guile kicked in, and her face flushed just a bit. She may have further need of Egghead's aid, and buttering him up couldn't hurt. "I'm sorry,” she said more softly. “Thank you so very much for fixing me up. I hardly know you, and yet you seem to have gone through a lot of trouble for me."

"For a beautiful woman such as you, my dear, I would go to eggstra lengths to make you healthy. One of my able bodied assistants found you piled up against the side of his car just outside Benbow's, and even in his not so able condition he recognized you and had enough sense to bring you here to me." Egghead then looked down at his chart before looking back up into Selina's eyes.

"As far as fixing you up goes, however, I believe that I have some bad news for you. You will mend in time, but you pretty thoroughly took out both of your legs, what with a disjointed ankle on your right leg and a fractured tibia on your left. One rib was actually broken, without piercing the lung, while three others are heavily bruised. There was a bit of a concussion behind the gash on your forehead, and even your arms are showing signs of a bad pounding. I must say, it was incredibly lucky for you to be escaping from whatever situation you'd found yourself in via water, and not land. You would have been crawling on your belly, dragging both legs behind you, if you'd been on the ground. It would seem that you are going to be a special guest of mine for at least the next six months."

"SIX MONTHS?!" Selina almost screamed. "I can't stay inactive for six months. I've almost got Batman just where I want him right now, and if I don't keep at it, he'll run roughshod over any of our fellow criminals, especially the newer and less experienced ones." Selina suddenly blushed, and lowered her eyes a bit. "No offense, Egghead, I wasn't including you in that new group; I know you can handle yourself in any situation." She was actually working on assumption, because she really knew next to nothing about his abilities.

What he told her next made Selina know that she'd assumed correctly.

"Well, that's not eggsactly a problem, Catwoman. The body that is bandaged and braced and set in casts on that bed is what will be laid up for six months. How would you like to get out of that heavily injured body and into a perfectly healthy one to continue your work?" Egghead raised an eyebrow, and saw Selina's mouth form a nice egg shape as her jaw dropped.

"What? How...?" was all she could get out.

"There is a device which I perfected two years ago that I lovingly call my Psyche Eggschange Machine. I'll have you know that I wasn't originally in this rather dashing body; after putting together my machine, I tested it on two of my yeggs, then put my own mind into this body and did away with the poor fool who was left with my short and fat body. I can put you into any body you desire, providing it is someone we can get our hands on and bring here to my lab."

"You would do that for me, Egghead? There has to be some kind of catttch," Selina purred.

Egghead put a very dignified, business-like look on his face, then answered, "I wouldn't try to restrain you in your activities, or make you do anything for me that you wouldn't want to, but I do require copious compensation for my work."

Without a hint of sarcasm, Egghead continued, "Call the work I did this morning the help any fellow criminal would give to another in need, but before I put you into another body to go back out into the world, I want $500,000 in whatever form you can manage to give it to me."

Catwoman could think of lots of other uses for Captain Manx's treasure, but if what she had planned paid off, giving Egghead a small portion of it would be like spreading kitty litter. "How would you like to have what could be worth well over $500,000 in gold and jewels? I have a bit of a treasure that I found, which is how I got into this condition. A portion of it is yours, if you can get me out of here!"

The chart was set on the side of the bed, then Egghead walked over and sat in the chair next to Catwoman's head. "How could you question my wanting treasure, my dear? If you were to hand me cash, I'd have $500,000 to go spend or invest. Jewels and precious metals present so many opportunities for appreciation. I will be very happy to take an appropriate amount of treasure from you in payment. I presume you have this loot hidden somewhere?"

"The treasure is safely ensconced,” Selina told him. “If you'll trust me to bring your payment once I can move again, you'll have your riches within a day. I'd tell you where to go find it so that you could get your payment before the transfer, but I think you and I both know why I'd like to keep its location a secret."

"Indeed I do!” Egghead replied. “As soon as you decide whose body you'd like to occupy, I'll send my yeggs out to grab her. Your word is good for me."

Selina smiled, looking for all the world like the Cheshire Cat. "Give me a bit of time to think on that. I want the new Catwoman to be someone special, not just any, uh, body,” she said. “No matter who I become, though, I've kind of taken a liking to this figure of my own over the years. I want you to work with whoever we put in this body, and make it possible for me to switch back...eventually."

Once again, one of Egghead's eyebrows lifted. "So you'd want to return to this body once it’s healthy again, eh? That is a bit of a surprise, but shouldn’t be a problem. It may increase the cost of our transaction, you realize."

"No problem, Egghead, no problem. With plans that are being laid this very moment, any payment you could possibly want will be yours for the asking. Now, give a lady some time to herself, would you, dear?"

Egghead patted Catwoman's shoulder gently, then said while rising, "You have all the time in the world. Just press the button near your right hand to call us when you're ready." Egghead took the clipboard off the bed and rehung it on the end, then went back from whence he'd come.

Selina spent a bit over an hour going over in her mind who a logical candidate would be for her to become. Movie and TV stars would be out of the question, because of the familiarity of their faces. Then she started to think of female athletes, since she wanted a body that was in good condition. None she could think of excited her, though. Her eyes closed ever so briefly before they sprang back open with so much life and vigor showing that no one would have believed this was a heavily injured woman. She pressed the button with a passion.

Moments later, Egghead came back into the room, a bit too casually for Selina's excitement. "You've thought of a person who appeals to you, Catwoman?"

"It struck me at the oddest moment, Egghead! Intelligent, a body to die for, physically fit thanks to all the work she's been doing as a reporter for a number of years, and good looking without having a face everyone would know the moment they saw it. Get Lois Lane! She lives in Metropolis but is doing talks at a women's roles convention right here in Gotham City. I'll have the body of my dreams when you do."

"A very nice choice, Catwoman, very nice. I see you aren't shy on brains yourself, in making a decision of that magnitude in such a wise manner. Miss Lane will be meeting you in no time!"

Egghead went back out into the lab, and gathered Foo Yung, Benedict and Roll to his side. He gave them explicit instructions on how to get at Miss Lane, who was scheduled to be speaking at an afternoon social at the Gotham Convention Center. They were told to be sure and let her finish her speech, then take her away when she started to head for the exit. Egghead himself would be watching from nearby in the convention hall, and would step in to help only if needed.

* * * * *

For one of the rare occasions in his life, Egghead had foregone wearing his usual white lab coat and donned a tuxedo. With his dashing good looks and the spiffy dress clothes, he blended right in with the rest of the males in the audience listening to Lois Lane talk about the chances for the expanding roles of women in American society. He thought it very ironic that Miss Lane was expounding upon the fact that women were capable of doing so much more than they were presently allowed to do. If she knew just what her body would be doing soon, Lois would think her other ideas were measly indeed.

As Lois gave her concluding remarks, she asked that any questions be held until an interview session that she would attend when the presentation was completed. The crowd rose and deafened her with thunderous applause, and then as the emcee thanked her for her speech and introduced the next speaker, Lois stepped off the stage and through a door at the base of the stairs. The hallway appeared to be deserted, so she reached into her purse for a hankie to dab the sweat from her brow. Miss Lane was just about to reach for her compact to touch up her makeup when a larger handkerchief made of cloth appeared in front of her face and was slapped over her mouth and nose.

Foo Yung was careful to brace Miss Lane's body against his own as he held the chloroform soaked handkerchief tightly over her lower face. This also effectively prevented any screams to issue forth from her mouth, even as her excited breaths drew more and more of the fumes into her lungs. In moments, he felt her body go limp in his arms. The volatile rag was placed in a plastic bag held by Benedict, then Roll went to her right side while Foo Yung moved to her left. They supported Miss Lane between them, with their arms crossed behind her back. Benedict followed carrying the bag and her purse, and for any eyes that might happen to spot them, the group appeared to be taking a slightly shaken Miss Lane for aid.

While everyone was still standing in the auditorium, Egghead edged his way through the crowd to a side exit. He excused himself to the usher at the door, saying that there was someone he needed to go see immediately. The usher waved him through, and Egghead made his way to the back door to which the hallway led. He got there with more than enough time to make sure the area was clear, and gave a hand signal to Foo Yung when the henchman's face appeared in the door's window.

Egghead's panel truck was parked only ten paces from that door, and in no time the sleeping Miss Lane had been removed from sight. All four guys doffed their tuxes, and replaced them with t-shirts and jeans. As the truck pulled away, it appeared to be nothing more than the average delivery vehicle being driven by typical working class Joes. Egghead's transition from upper-class patron to blue collar stiff had gone as smoothly as he'd timed it beforehand, and the panel truck was soon on its way with a very important delivery.

* * * * *

Selina was very carefully lifted from her bed and placed on a glorified gurney with padding that would make any hospital patient green with envy. She was then wheeled into the lab complex in Egghead's hideaway. When she saw the computer tapes whirling and lights flashing and all the different pieces of test equipment that seemed to fill the huge room, Catwoman knew that Egghead was for real. Never in her life had she seen or even heard of anyone other than a government or university lab having anything like this kind of setup. She saw Egghead standing near a hefty looking module sitting on a table, with a beautiful woman sitting in a chair in front of him, her mid back length black hair streaming down in front of her shoulders to rest on her abundant chest.

"You got her! Egghead, your ingenuity must be as canny as I've heard. Miss Lane looks like she’s in perfect condition, without any sign of damage. This is the first time I've ever seen her close-up, and it would seem I made a wise selection!" Then Selina noted the straps holding Lois' arms and legs to the chair. "If she’s sleeping, why do you have her tied down?

Egghead stepped out from behind the chair, and motioning to the sleeping beauty, said, "Miss Lane is still under the influence of the chloroform we used to knock her out at the Convention Center. It would not be healthy for either of you to do the mind transfer if one of you is asleep at the time. Lois is going to be awakened, and will know exactly what is going on. I doubt she would agree to our proceedings, so she will be restrained from bolting. When the process has been completed, you will find yourself in a bit of bondage, but I’ll let you out of this seat immediately. Miss Lane won't be able to go anywhere in the bedridden body in which she will find herself."

Egghead placed a metallic band around Lois' head that had connectors leading to the large box on the table. He then waved smelling salts under her nose. Lois Lane awoke from her slumber, and knew right away that she wasn't in the hallway at the Convention Center. She was smart enough not to scream, and feeling the restraints on her arms and legs, looked up into the smiling face of Egghead. "Where am I, and why am I strapped down in this chair?" She glanced down toward her wrist and thought, 'No way to reach my signal watch tied up like this....'

"Always the calm, cool and collected reporter, eh, Miss Lane?" Egghead said. "In mere moments, you will be doing something for society of which you could never have even dreamed. Do you see the woman on the bed before you?"

Lois averted her glare and saw the strawberry blonde haired woman who looked like she'd been through ten rounds with a heavyweight boxer. Even though she was in multiple casts and bandaged heavily, there was a malicious grin on her lips. Was that actually a sneer? "Yes, I see her, but what could she possibly have to do with me?"

"My dear Miss Lane, in no time at all, she will have a lot to do with you. You see, she is going to BE you. You are going to be her, and heal her body while she uses yours to get on with her life. Since you both will soon be eminently in touch with each other, allow me to introduce you to Selina Kyle. I doubt you know her by that name, but perhaps you have heard of...Catwoman?"

Egghead more or less ignored all the pleas of "NO! YOU CAN'T!" and the like which then started spewing forth from Lois' lips while he put Selina's bed near the other side of the table with her head at the fore. He placed another band around Selina's head, then said, "Are you ready to start a new life?"

"Ready, willing, and eager!" she told him, then watched with glee as Egghead decided to shut off the mouth that wouldn't stop. He took a towel and wrapped it around the reporter's head, with her teeth splayed wide to accommodate it, then tied it off. Gagged, Lois suddenly fell still, waiting for something that she couldn't prevent from happening to occur.

Without any melodrama at all, Egghead reached to his machine and flipped a switch. Both women's minds were sucked into the maw of the Psyche Eggschange Machine, where the device momentarily worked on sorting and rerouting, then reversed the flow and placed the IDs within their new shells.

Finding her mouth unrestrained, Lois said, "No, please don--." Her words were cut short as she heard an entirely new voice coming from her lips, then she looked at the body stretched out before her on the bed, pain issuing forth from all her appendages. She saw the dark blonde hair falling past her chin, then said, "Oh my God, you did it!"

"Yes, indeed, my dear," Egghead said as he removed the band from her head. "You are now Selina Kyle, and will be healing for at least the next six months. Now, if you will excuse me, there is someone still tied up and gagged who might want to be freed!"

He looked over at the brunette, and she was grinning even through the towel gagging her. "Oh, does that mean you enjoy the bondage and wish to stay in that chair for a while?" Egghead asked, with a note of sarcasm in his voice. She shook her head playfully, still grinning.

The first thing Egghead did was remove the band from her head, then he untied the towel. As he reached down to unclasp her arms, 'Lois' said, "She may be in the body of Selina Kyle, Egghead, but that name still belongs to me. I’m the new Selina Kyle, and Lois can continue to use her own name while she recovers."

With her arms freed, Selina then untied her own legs. She stood and stretched her newly acquired limbs. She noted right away that things like the chair and doors which were always a constant seemed to be slightly higher. "Now there's one thing I hadn't thought of, Egghead," she said. "I think I'm about three or four inches shorter than I used to be. I'm going to have to make some entirely new costumes. My lurex is pretty stretchy, but I think my present costume would be baggy in the joints and loose in the crotch!"

Egghead merely chuckled as Selina walked over to the now bedridden Lois. "As gorgeous as this body is, I've developed a liking over the years for the one you now occupy. I'll give you something to look forward to; when that body has become completely healed, and I've finished with the work I need to get done, we'll switch back. You'll have some interesting tales to tell, and your voice will probably be heard even more in your work to expand women's roles."

"Well, I guess that is one bright spot in this situation," Lois replied. "I don't like what you've done, but since there's not a lot I can do about it, I'll look forward to the day that I look through my own eyes once again. I hope and pray that you don't do anything to harm my, well, I guess it's really your, body."

Selina tipped a finger toward Lois, then waved as she went over to talk to Egghead. "To make this easier, what would you think if I were to put Lois Lane into one of my own Cat's Lairs for her rehabilitation? That way she'd be out of your hair, errr...if you'll pardon the expression...."

Egghead nodded graciously.

"...and more easily watched by me. Also, just how much would you want if I asked to take that mind switcher back home with me?"

Egghead put on a grin that rivaled Selina's, and said, "I was hoping you were going to take charge of your old body. As beautiful as she is, this is not the place for her to recover. She needs another woman, not all the guys that reside here." He then leaned closer to her ear, and in a much lower voice, added, "I actually have a much more interesting device that’s almost complete, which will make the Eggschanger almost obsolete. The new one will drain all the knowledge from any brain, to be added to my own. When you come back with your treasure, we will decide how much of it you may keep."

"You devil, you!" Selina purred in her new, deeper voice. "The first thing I'm going to do is get to Lois' hotel and take care of a few loose ends. Then I'm going to get a much shorter hairdo, and make a costume that will fit. Watch for the new Catwoman to come back with your reward in another day or two!" With that, Selina spun on her heels and headed for the lab door.

Egghead signaled Roll, who was standing just outside that door, and he escorted Selina out of the hideaway and drove her to Lois' hotel. Selina was thanking the stars that the contents of Lois' purse had given her the basic info she'd need to act as Lois for a short time. Selina and Roll were both familiar with the neighborhood that Lois was staying in, and found the address that was on her hotel receipt in no time.

* * * * *

As soon as Roll left her to her own devices, Selina sat down at Lois' desk and penned a note to 'her' good friend, fellow reporter Clark Kent. Her handwriting was still Lois', so it would be recognized as the real thing. Selina had seen in the papers that Clark was vacationing in Japan at the time (an excuse given for him being off planet for a while as Superman), so the letter she was writing would not be read until he came back in another three weeks. Mr. Kent would read that his rival reporter had become disillusioned, and gone to Europe to assume a new and simpler identity so that she could blend in and find herself.

Selina folded the note and sealed it into an envelope which she then addressed to Kent's personal post office box, where it would languish until his return. While doing so, she noticed the odd looking watch around her left wrist; it was pulled off and thrown into the garbage pail next to the desk. She then did a quick inventory of Lois' goods to determine if there was anything she needed. Basic items like her underwear were a must for the time being, and quite a few of the dresses in her wardrobe appealed to Selina, so she filled a couple of trunks and suit bags. The rest was determined to be of no use, so Selina called to have the entire contents of the hotel room put into storage. She then called the front desk, and without telling him who she really was, told him that she wanted to leave right away. She told him that she would be back in touch in a month to arrange for the bill for her shorter stay.

With the mundane details of closing down Lois Lane's life for the time being accomplished, Selina then went about the business of getting Catwoman back into action.

* * * * *

Her Kittens had been more than a bit surprised to hear a new voice when their mistress called to tell them where to pick her up. When she easily proved who she was, they drove to Lois Lane's hotel with high expectations for a tale to explain what had happened. The trunks and suit bags were loaded into the truck, and the two Kittens in back that rode with her heard a story that was almost unbelievable. The two in the cab would have to wait until they got back to the Lair. The wait was a lot longer than they expected, also. Along the way, Selina told them to stop at a beauty salon which was known to ask no questions and tell no tales.

It was a much slinkier looking brunette who stepped out the door of the salon than the one who'd entered. Selina had her hair shortened to shoulder length, and styled with waves instead of hanging straight. She also had them do a makeover on her face, so that anyone looking upon her would have great difficulty in seeing Lois Lane. Where Lois had been hauntingly beautiful, Selina was now brazenly sexy. Her beauty was still there, but was broadcast strongly instead of being only hinted at.

At the Cat's Lair they were currently using, Selina had the Kittens bring in the plunder from Lois' hotel, then got out her sewing machine. There was an ample supply of black lurex on hand, and the patterns sized to her old body were brought out. She had work to do. Then a trip to the same shoe store at which she’d gotten her original three-inch heeled costume boots to get the same or similar style in black with five-inch heels to make up for some of her shorter height.

* * * * *

That evening, it was a much darker haired Catwoman that made her way, via land this time, to the spot in the rocks where she'd hidden her treasure. It was quite a climb down the almost sheer rock cliffs, but her new body completed the task with surprising ease. Just as she'd planned, Captain Manx's treasure was still tucked away safely among the rocks, wet but with no sign of tampering. Before midnight, the gold and jewels were safely at home in her Cat's Lair.

Egghead received a phone call the next morning, and since he'd given the phone number to only one person other than his yeggs, he knew to answer right away. "Henny's Egghouse, may I help you?"

Selina couldn't help but giggle before replying, "Eggie, you're too much! When can I drop in with payment for the new eggs I got yesterday?"

"Madam, we are open now, and would like to see you close to lunch time. There is a new dish you may be interested in obtaining, and can sample it during lunch. Can we expect to see you then?"

"I wouldn't miss a lunch invitation from you for anything, Eggie! I'll be there at 11:45. See you then!" Selina hung up before Egghead could make any more replies, and grinned at the thought that she'd used a nickname she'd been dying to employ since meeting him!

Over an admittedly scrumptious omelet, Catwoman worked with Egghead at divvying up the now dry treasure. Selina had been tempted to leave a good part of it at home, but her fears were relieved when Egghead took less than half of the total. He apparently knew more about their value than she did.

Selina worked with Foo Yung and Roll at moving the Psyche Eggschange Machine into her truck, then went back to Egghead inside, where he went through the hastily made instruction booklet he'd put together the night before. Since she would mostly be just throwing switches and placing the bands on heads, Catwoman didn't need a lot of technical info.

Lois was back on the gurney, and had been rolled into the back of the truck alongside the machine which had robbed her of her identity. She could do nothing more than glare at it. When Selina came out to the truck, Lois saw for the first time what Selina had done to change her looks. She was less astounded than fascinated. Lois had never before considered trying to look sexy, even at the various awards ceremonies and all the time spent trying to out do Lana Lang. When she got her body back, maybe a few changes would be in order....

Selina stopped at one of her lesser used Cat's Lairs to drop off Lois. The two nurses Catwoman had hired, who'd lost their licenses for stealing drugs, took the injured blonde into their loving hands, and made her comfortable inside. They would work with Lois for the next few months to get her back on her feet and into a fit and healthy form. What Selina had totally forgotten, and the nurses had no idea of, was that one of the costume closets in the Lair was not empty.

* * * * *

Before the month was out, Catwoman found herself in a situation she'd hoped to avoid for a while. She had an itch to get back into action, and along with her Kittens, made a run on a jewelry store shortly after it closed for the evening. There was a Cat's Eye Jade she'd read about that the store was holding. She wished to relieve them of the burden.

Lady Luck was not on Catwoman's side, however. A new security system she wasn't familiar with had been installed specifically for the jade, and while a rapid action camera took low light level pictures at a rate of two frames a second, an alarm was raised at the GCPD city desk. Three patrol cars were on the way in mere moments, and because of the value of the gems in the store, a call was put out on the Batphone.

The cops arrived long before Batman and Robin, and were clumsy enough to alert Catwoman and her cronies that they'd been discovered. Selina had her jade, so the rest was just fluff. She motioned for her Kittens to make a hasty retreat, and had almost made it to the door herself when another part of the security system dropped a bar in front of it, cutting off her escape. Tiger was looking back at her plight, but Catwoman waved him on; she had her plans for alternate escape routes, and would catch up with them later.

The first few policemen who saw Catwoman were unfamiliar enough with her that they merely saw the costume and assumed her to be the villainess. They slowed her down a bit, and it was as she was slinking out an air duct that the Batmobile came around the corner. Catwoman was briefly held in the glow of the headlights, and bared her claws in a vicious pose. This did little to influence the Dynamic Duo. As Batman leapt out of the Batmobile, he yelled to a rapidly running Selina, "We saw Catwoman die! Who are you?"

Selina couldn't resist. She turned her head briefly, and said, "I’m the new Catwoman, Batman. Meeoowwwwrrrrrrr!!!" With that, she disappeared from their view, making what seemed to them to be a classic Catwoman escape.

"Holy Recycling! A new Catwoman, Batman?" Robin said as Batman came back to the Batmobile.

"I'm not so sure, young chum. She looked different and sounded different, but the actions and motions she made were all traditional Catwoman. We saw Catwoman fall to her death, but now I have to wonder, did she really die, did she merely use up one of her cat's lives, or are we seeing a new incarnation?" Batman rebuckled his seat belt, then drove around to where the patrol cars were parked to give them the bad news.

* * * * *

The next day, Batman was in Commissioner Gordon's office reviewing the pictures taken the night before in the jewelry store. "She certainly is costumed as Catwoman, and all the movements she made seem to match our old foe, but she certainly looks different. Note the dark hair, and the fact that she seems to stand a bit shorter next to her henchmen, even with those slightly higher heels on her boots. Commissioner, I hate to say this, but it looks like somehow or other, Catwoman is back."

"Yes, indeed, Batman. This is a dire discovery. We;ll add the best of these images to our ID file."

* * * * *

Two months later, Catwoman was ready to launch her fantastic scheme. She got in touch with Joker. She told him to get a hold of Riddler and Penguin for a meeting at 10 o'clock that night in the upstairs room of Ye Olde Benbow Taverne. She also told the Clown Prince of Crime that she had a bit of a surprise for all of them to see.

After she was able to convince her cohorts in crime that she was, indeed, Catwoman, she laid out her plan to kidnap Commodore Schmidlapp and his incredible invention. The scale of the enterprise immediately appealed to the egos of the three male super villains, as she knew it would. United Underworld was born.

Penguin informed the group that he had already made inquiries to the Navy about acquiring a war surplus pre-atomic submarine. This fitted their plot perfectly, so Penguin was assigned the task of completing the transaction.

The three male super villains spent most of June and July out to sea, as they became novice sailors. Meanwhile, Selina was assembling some of Lois' clothes at their new headquarters in the upper loft of Ye Olde Benbow Taverne. United Underworld had some grand plans, and Catwoman would be on the outside going undercover while the others were keeping things on track at their base. Besides the elegant clothes, she worked at developing the Russian accent she would use. Selina was glad that Lois had become multilingual, and even though she herself didn't know the languages that Lois had learned, her mouth and lips were still adept at working an accent. Kitanya Irenya Tatanya Karenska Alisov was now set to do her work.

While Penguin, Joker and Riddler plotted and planned, argued and postured, Catwoman was out as Kitanya interviewing Batman while pretending to be a correspondent for a Russian newspaper, wooing millionaire Bruce Wayne, and all the while going out and about making herself a well known foreign correspondent. Little did Selina know that she was getting up close and personal with her wished for paramour, Batman, when she was cuddling with Bruce. Little did Batman know that he was falling in love with the one woman he'd done his best to admire, but never get close to in the past.

At the end of the adventure with the Commodore and the United World diplomats, when Catwoman's mask fell away from her face, Batman saw for the first time the face of the new Catwoman without any hindrances. He nearly gave away his own identity when he reacted at seeing the woman he had grown to love.

* * * * *

Lois had been on her feet for six weeks by then, and the rehabilitation program the nurses had used had put the strawberry blonde into better shape than Selina had ever been. Her muscles were taut and sinewy without becoming unfeminine, her stomach was tight and flat, and the special diet she'd been on had added fat to her body which was stored in the hips making them even rounder, to her fanny making it look even sexier, and to her breasts, which seemed to have gained a cup size. She was certain that Selina would be happy with the body she'd be getting back.

The nurses had not kept Lois isolated from the outside world, and she both saw and read about the exploits in which her body was involved. She'd recognized Kitanya right away, and had to give Selina credit for coming up with a crafty disguise that fooled everybody else. When she saw the pictures of Catwoman, it became obvious what her body was capable of looking like. She grew envious.

Then, by sheer chance, on the same day that Catwoman had become unmasked on the submarine, Lois went exploring in the Lair after her morning exercises. The nurses had gone to the rec room to watch soaps, so their charge was on her own. She found a few empty closets, then discovered one that had a couple of black lurex costumes hanging in it. Since she was in Catwoman's old body, with a few new improvements, and these appeared to be the feline felon’s costumes, she decided to see what the strawberry blonde Catwoman looked like.

In no time, Lois was decked out in shiny black. She was primping in front of a vertical mirror, hardly recognizing herself with the domino mask covering her face, when one of the nurses walked around the corner.

"Catwoman!? What are you doing here? ...Wait, you're Lois, aren't you?"

"Meowwwrrrrrrrrrr! Do you think I make a good Catwoman? This is how she used to look, and hopefully will again, soon. It's a shame, though. I could get to like this!" Lois Lane placed her clawed fists on her hips in a power pose. "I could almost take her place!"

"Come now, Miss Lois. You know Miss Selina will be keeping her own identity, and wouldn't like you trying to take her place. I must say, though, that you do make her look so much better now! Let's get you out of that costume now, and get you into some normal clothes. We just caught a news flash that Catwoman was arrested after a bungled attempt at world domination and ransom on a grand scale. For the time being, we'd better lie low here."

Lois took one last longing gaze in the mirror, and sighed. "Okay, I see your point. They'd go nuts out there if another Catwoman were to suddenly appear. I wonder what will happen now? Will I be stuck in this body?"

"For both of your sakes, I sure hope not!" the nurse replied.

* * * * *

When Selina was taken into custody, all her pictures were taken without any makeup. These made the front pages of all the Gotham papers, and a pair of eyes that had recently returned from yet another trip to the Moon did a double take when they saw them. Clark Kent, otherwise known as Superman, now knew what his fellow reporter was really doing, instead of going to Europe. No matter what she had been up to, Clark was not about to let his good friend waste away in Gotham State Penitentiary.

He was even more sure when he got a strange phone call at one in the morning. Lois had waited to be sure the nurses were sound asleep before making the phone call she wished she could have made months earlier.

The next morning, Police Commissioner Gordon picked up the Batphone with a grave look on his face. It was answered in seconds. "Batman, Metroplis reporter Clark Kent has filed a writ of habeas corpus in federal court for the release of Catwoman! Why on earth would he want to see her freed?"

'What's Superman up to,' he wondered. "I don't know, Commissioner, but let's wait and see. Mr. Kent is a law abiding citizen, and he must have good reasons. Both he and she will be right out there in the public eye."

Bruce hung up the Batphone and turned to the regular Gotham Bell phone next to it. Clark Kent was a friend of his, and he hit the number four on his speed dial. "Good morning, Clark, Bruce here. I just heard on the news about your writ for the release of Catwoman. Can you tell me why you want her let go?"

"Good morning to you, too, Bruce. I'm hesitant to mention much before the court hearing, but that isn't Catwoman they have in jail, she is my good friend and rival reporter, Lois Lane! I just heard from Lois herself, and I know this sounds confusing, but Lois is in Catwoman's body, while Catwoman is in Lois' body. Sorry I can't say more now, Bruce."

"That's okay, Clark, I know what you mean. Judges don't like information leaking. Good luck!"

"Thanks, Bruce. Goodbye for now, see you later."

Batman now knew why Catwoman had proclaimed herself to be the new Catwoman. He didn't know how it was done, but a body switch did seem logical. He, or rather, Bruce, was definitely going to be in that courtroom.

* * * * *

Judge Whopper, the presiding judge, instructed Mr. Kent's attorney, "You may proceed, Mr. McMahon."

"Thank you, Your Honor.

"Your Honor, Black's Law Dictionary tells us that habeas corpus literally means, 'You have the body'. In no case in our nation's history has that definition been more true than in ours here today.

"Whereas the State of Gotham may have incarcerated the mind of Selina Kyle, otherwise known as Catwoman, they have in custody the body of my client's good friend, Lois Lane. Miss Lane is completely innocent. In fact, she’s a victim! We demand that she be released!"

The tone of his words brought about a general uproar in the courtroom. The bailiff's glares and the judge's banging gavel had little effect. The cries for order were barely audible.

The one sound that could halt all other noise then emanated from the lips of the ostensible Lois. Catwoman let out a loud caterwaul, and every other voice in the courtroom fell silent. Even the judge stared with an open mouth. Bruce picked that moment to slip out the door.

"Meowwrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, darlings! What the lawyer claims is correct. I am Catwoman, that is true, but this is Lois' body I’m using. I propose a deal. If you let me go, and drop all charges, I will trade back with Lois, so that she can get into her own body and I can get back into mine." Selina folded her arms across her chest, which still made an impressive sight, even in the grey coveralls, and put a Cheshire Cat grin on her lips.

The Judge banged his gavel one more time, just for effect, then said, "If we were to agree to your terms, how could we trust that you would do as you say and not just run off to do more pillaging and looting?"

The door at the back of the courtroom swung open just then, and a deep voice said, "Because I will vouch for her. I, for one, do believe that Miss Kyle would like to be in her own body, and I’ll make sure she doesn't bolt before performing the switch. After the switch is made, Catwoman would be free to go." The figure in grey and blue was known and trusted by all law enforcement officers, and almost commanded their acceptance of his word.

With his face hidden from view, Batman was hardly a legitimate entity in a courtroom, but the Judge knew a good thing when he heard it. The gavel came down once again, then he said, "This court remands Miss Kyle into the hands of Batman, to guarantee the conduct of the prisoner in the actions she has promised. Plaintiff and his attorney are to accompany them. Case closed!"

* * * * *

Selina convinced Batman that privacy was called for in the performance of the swap, since he believed her lie about the bodies needing to be nude for the process to work. Selina had one of the nurses do the switch flipping, and made absolutely sure the Psyche Eggschange Machine was hidden again before any questions could be raised. Seeing her own body for the first time in months, Selina smiled at the enhancements brought about by the rehab. When Lois told Selina about her costume tryout just before the switch was thrown, Selina knew she had nothing to worry about with what Lois knew. She was thinking that Lois just might be the first female Kitten to join with her.

When the bands were pulled off their heads, Lois was back in her now quite sexy body, and had no intention of going back to a dowdy look. Selina was back in her now pumped body, and in a plainly thankful tone, said, "Thank you very much for what you've done with my body while I was gone, Lois. This is too good to be true!"

"That thanks goes both ways, Selina. I’m in your debt for showing me what I can do with my own body. I hope we can stay in touch...."

The rest of that discussion is classified information....

As promised by the Judge and guaranteed by Batman, Selina walked out of the room a free woman. Her toy would be safe until she came back to retrieve it.

* * * * *

When a couple of years later Lois Lane found herself captured by Catwoman and forced to put on a duplicate costume then become hypnotized into thinking she was Selina Kyle and Catwoman, the reason the earlier good feelings between the two mattered not. By that time, an entirely new Catwoman had come on the scene. While this new Catwoman had full memories of the earlier Feline Felon’s criminal history, she had no memories of the identity switch machine. So ergo, Lois was viewed as being a target for this new Catwoman.

* * * * *  

When Selina put on her costume for the first time after the swap, she was more than pleased with the improvements made by Lois and the nurses. The skintight material clung to her enhanced curves and shape, molding her in black. Selina had seen mannequins with fantasized figures that weren't as well built as she now was, and couldn't wait to show off in front of Batman. Maybe now she could better get his attention.

Catwoman decided to open a school for cat burglars. Thus began a series of five adventures, including an ill-fated partnership with the European criminal, The Sandman, and a couple of fake reformations. She even rented use of the Psyche Eggschange Machine on a few occasions.

One night while Catwoman was scouting possible entry points on the roof of the Gotham Securities Exchange, she was more than surprised to see a woman with long and straight hanging white hair approaching her. Since she wasn’t exactly in a normal location, her footwear was sneakers as opposed to her usual high heels. This put her almost a foot below Selina’s height. “Hello there, Catwoman, my name’s Silver St. Cloud. I hope I’m not interrupting you.”

“That’s an interesting first name you’ve got,” Selina replied. “No, I’m just looking over this roof for possible ways to get into the building. I think I’ve seen you before at Bruce Wayne’s side, but never heard your name before.”

“To show you how serious I am,” Silver said, “if you come in as Selina, I can get you into any part of the Exchange. You won’t have to sneak in from the roof. Also, I wanted to tell you how much fun it’s been seeing you in different bodies lately.”

“That would be great! I might even use a wig to hide my regular hair,” Catwoman replied. “The different bodies came about because my original body got rather beat up, so Egghead used a device he had to put my mind in Lois Lane’s body, and hers into my body while it healed. You know about Lois Lane, the reporter for the Daily Planet in Metropolis?”

“Yes, and I did think that was who you were with the black hair. Now, the real reason I came looking for you is that I’m getting so fed up with the high and mighty, super rich Mr. Bruce Wayne,” Silver added. “He disappears when set for dates, doesn’t answer calls, and so many other ways of making me frustrated. So I’m totally sick and tired of being the good girl called Silver St. Cloud. I want to become just as evil and totally wicked as you. Is there any way I could hide my identity and become one of your kittens?”

“Yes, indeed! I was hoping Lois would, but getting her away from Metropolis would be difficult, as she informed me after we got our original bodies back. If you’re willing, there’s a special guy here in Gotham City right now called Wizard. He can give you an entirely new body, even slightly younger, fully able to handle all the evil doing you want. Let me give him a call. Give me your number right now, so I can call you about tomorrow and then let you know what Wizard says.”

“That’s sounds great!” Silver replied. She wrote her number down and passed it to Selina.

The next day, Silver and Selina in a waist length golden blonde walked into the Securities Exchange. Silver got into the special holdings area, and Selina had a field day in there. Nothing was discovered as being missing until a week later, and by that time Silver St. Cloud no longer existed.

Two days after that, Silver went just where Catwoman had told her in downtown Gotham. It was a very noisy cafeteria where she could meet with Wizard and talk with him without being heard by anyone else. “Now then, I hear you want to do away with your current life and start a new one working with Catwoman,” he mentioned softly.

“That’s correct. It may have been premature, but I’ve already moved everything from my old place,” she told him. “I presume we need to get into a more private space for you to change me like Selina said you could.”

“It’s good that your past life has already been more or less erased,” Wizard replied. “Selina told me she set up new place for you to live in, so let’s do your change to the new you there. Stand up so we can blend in with the crowd.” She did, as did he, and a moment later they both disappeared.

Inside the condo Selina had set up, the pair reappeared. “Now then, how does this sound?” Wizard asked. “The same white hair, but just shoulder length. The same height, but slightly larger breasts. You’ll be able to do all your work with Catwoman in any size heels, all the way up to ballet toed ones. Oh, and a slightly smaller waist below your huge breasts to look even greater.”

“That sounds great!” she said, “But I also want to be a smoker, not constantly but just casually. That would work with my also wanting to work as a promiscuous whore. Besides my new body, can you get my closet started with my black leather costume for my new villainess name, Vixen, and at least a start on my sexy clothes for working the streets? I know I’ll be able to handle more later on myself.”

Suddenly, the now shorter white haired woman found herself in a skintight black leather catsuit with both a corset underneath and another on the outside. Her body was covered from her neck down with shoulder length black gloves. No long claws, but obvious fingernails and high grip fingertips. Knee high black boots were laced tightly to her lower legs, with five-inch stiletto heels. A wide and upswept black domino mask covered her eyes.

“Vixen lives!” she exclaimed.

“Yes, and for your other things to do,” Wizard added, “your name is Bethany Horkin. This place is in that name. Do have fun working with Catwoman, and having fun all on your own. Bye, for now.”

“Thanks a lot!” Vixen said, and as he nodded, Wizard disappeared.

Vixen right away started helping Catwoman, in particular starting to hassle and vex Batgirl. One of those outings with Batgirl got Vixen arrested and taken to Gotham State for an extended period.

Selina became more and more frustrated, however. Not only did she keep ending up back as a guest of Warden Crichton, all her efforts to entice Batman ultimately came to no avail. Catwoman started to wonder about those rumors concerning Batman and Robin. 'No, that isn't possible. Is it?'

Winter turned into Spring, which gave way to a long, hot Summer. By the time Fall rolled around, Catwoman had escaped from Gotham State Penitentiary once again. Selina decided to try to enjoy a night out strictly as herself.

She went to a nightclub renowned in Gotham City criminal circles. The place was a speakeasy during Prohibition. Subsequent owners realized that it could be more profitable to stay on the wrong side of the law. Gambling, prostitutes (of both sexes) and drugs were available to anyone willing to pay. The proprietors did, however, maintain another tradition started in 1920. They continued to book top flight entertainment at high wages, open to all performers not too squeamish about where they worked.

At the club, Selina was drawing so many stares and had so many men hitting on her that she began to think going out was a mistake. She wanted only one man, and he seemed so unattainable. Selina, now an escaped con, was also discovering that many people knew who Catwoman was. Selina started to toy with the idea of using the Psyche Eggschange Machine again, but with whom could she exchange bodies?

While she was musing, the announcer told everyone to welcome Tara Kaat, just in from the West Coast. Selina paid no attention until she heard Ms. Kaat's breathy, cat-like singing voice and looked up to see a tiny, incredibly beautiful, African-American flowing with motions that looked so much like her own. Selina's attention was locked onto this fascinating woman. She waited for the set to finish, then watched to see where the singer sat down.

Selina was smitten, captivated, infatuated with this woman! Selina might be Catwoman, but this singer was a cat! Selina just had to occupy that body!

Selina made her way to the table with two drinks in her hands. "Can I offer you something to wet your throat?" she said as she approached the singer. She noticed that no guys were at the table, or even nearing it. The thought went away as soon as it had appeared.

"That’s one of the better pickup lines I've heard in a long time, honey! Thank you, yes, and please, take a seat. I'm Tara."

'Uh oh,' thought Selina, '...'pickup lines'?' As she was sitting, Selina said, "My name’s Selina. I must say, I've never seen or heard your act before. You are incredibly good!"

As Tara was taking a sip of the Bloody Mary, she looked across at Selina, seeming to take her in. "If you think I'm good on the stage, would you like to see how good I am in the bedroom?"

Now she knew why none of the guys were coming to the table! 'But wait, this could be perfect!' thought Selina. 'If I want to get into her body, what better way than during a night "together?"' So she said, "When you're finished here tonight, can I bring you back to my place? I have some toys that will make it even more fun!"

Selina couldn't believe what she heard next. "Meowwwrrrrr, darling, you just made yourself a date. I get free here in one hour. Meet me at the side entrance on 37th Street. It's lit to keep away muggers, but not enough to be obtrusive. Toys, you say? Mmmrrrowwwwrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

'My God, she already talks cat!'

* * * * *

On the drive to her nondescript hideout where Catwoman kept the Psyche Eggschange Machine, Selina made small talk while she tried to decide how she was going to get the band around Tara's head. Drug her? No, she'd be the drugged person after the transfer...and besides, Egghead had warned her that both people needed to be alert for a safe exchange. Just overpower her? Although Tara looked strong, the singer was so much smaller than Selina that Catwoman was sure she could physically restrain her...but... 'Hmmmmm.' Another idea flew into Catwoman's fertile brain.

"Tara, I have a bondage game I like to play...if you're interested?"

"Rrrrrrrrrrrrr. That sounds simply purrrrrrrrrrfect."

'Good grief!' Selina thought. 'This woman is nuttier than Joker! I didn't think anyone was this reckless these days!'

At the hideout, Tara willingly hopped up on the gurney. She seemed absolutely delighted as Selina made the African-American's bonds as tight as possible. Tara's beautiful face showed no signs of fear as Selina wheeled her into the next room and up alongside the Psyche Eggschange Machine.

Catwoman had built special restraints into the gurney and the chair in which she would sit, so she could perform the switch without assistants. The shackle on one wrist attached to the gurney was set on a timer, so that it would pop open by the time the switch was made. That way, Selina, in her new body, could get free. Also, a loaded cat dart gun was within reach, in case her old body gave her any trouble. Further, shackles on the chair would automatically snap into place over the wrists and ankles of her old body once the switch had taken place.

Now that there was no chance Ms. Kaat would escape, Selina decided to tell her captive what was going to happen. Selina told Tara about her Catwoman alter ego and the device attached to the singer's head. Instead of the expected screams or pleas for mercy, Tara surprised Catwoman with her response! "Honey, I knew you were Catwoman as soon as you came by my table. Among a certain elite group, you are not just well known, but deeply admired. Hell, where do you think I got the idea for my growl?”

Tara paused for a moment, and put a wicked smile on her face. "I know all about this machine. I'm glad to let you use my body as Catwoman. I hope, though, you'll let me do as I please while I'm in your body."

Overcoming her shock, Selina managed to joke, "Just as long as you don't do anything I wouldn't do! Please stay in touch, though. If, for any reason, I need my own body back, I'd like to have ready access to it."

Tara giggled in a throaty way that sounded seductive, and said, "Let's do it!"

* * * * *

Selina got out her patterns and really shrunk them down this time. In Tara's body, she stood a full seven inches shorter than before. Her closet was starting to look like a multi-sized costume shop. Small, medium and large Catwoman costumes: take your pick! The world took on a whole new perspective. She decided that one of the first things to change besides the costume size was to get some boots with a slightly higher heel to try and get some of her height back. It helped, but she still looked up at a lot of people. In particular, a certain Bat.

The strange thing was, Selina hadn't figured on Tara being a lesbian. When Batman first saw the tiny, new Catwoman, he wondered how she had become an African-American, and of such small stature, but assumed that Selina had been playing with her mind swap machine again. When Catwoman saw Batman, she was looking up at him, but that was just it. She was looking up AT him, not to him.

Batman no longer caused any sparks to fly within her soul.

That new helper Batman had, though, was another matter.

Selina found herself seeing eye to eye with Batgirl, and lust was making her fall for the woman in purple! Just as her relationship had been with Batman, however, that didn't stop Catwoman from trying to kill Batgirl in delightfully devious ways!

* * * * *

Selina later discovered that Tara enjoyed switching bodies. Not only was it an interesting change to become tall and white after a lifetime of being short and African-American, but Tara learned that her new tall blonde persona was straight. Who knew that so much of sexual orientation was contained in the body?

This opened up whole new avenues of entertainment to her. Tara became a popular performer on the West Coast, where Selina's visage was not as well known. Her ample body made up for the fact that Selina's vocal cords didn't take to singing, and she found that the men who clamored for her company brought great pleasure. It was something new and exciting to experience feelings of which her own body was incapable.

Selina felt grateful for Tara's cooperation. When, for the second time, the ‘black cat’ had been thrown in jail, she was willing to ask the prison authorities to let Tara have her own body back. This time, the deal was that Catwoman would have to return to prison, although again Selina was able to arrange things so that she was able to keep the exact location of the machine from Batman and the police.

Tara agreed to the ploy without any argument. She knew Selina would want her lithe, tight, little body again someday. Tara went back to singing, for the time being.

Now, when Catwoman was on the prowl, Batman and Robin, Batgirl and the police never knew for sure just what version they would be facing: the original, tall, blonde Catwoman; the short, African-American one; ...or maybe someone new?





The Final Batgirl Story
by SteveZ

It was only a short time after her debut as Batgirl that Barbara had fallen into the clawed clutches of Catwoman for the first time. The Felonious Feline tried to turn Batgirl into a sewing pattern, squeeze the life out of the Dominoed Daredoll with Cat's Whiskers, and too many other cleverly catty catastrophes to list in this small space. All the while, though, Selina kept an amorous eye on the purple clad babe. Catwoman had to fight the urges inherent to the short and sexy body she was in, that originally belonged to Tara Kaat. It was one of the unforeseen side effects of taking her body that Catwoman lost interest in Batman and developed a special feeling for Batgirl.

During many of their close battles, where the villainess in black fought hand to hand with the heroine in purple, Batgirl noticed how similar in height they were. There was a lot of heat generated between their two bodies on a few occasions, but Barbara was too intense in her fighting to notice the passion in Catwoman's embraces. While Catwoman was getting her short lived thrills, Batgirl was simply fighting for her life against a wily criminal.

Barbara kept a close eye on any crime related news, and when the public almost ignored a story about Selina Kyle making a deal just before going back behind bars, she paid close attention. The news about the mind transfer machine that Catwoman had was something she'd not heard about before. Since Batman had acted as if this was old hat, Babs made a point of asking him about it when she next saw him in her Batgirl identity. Batman gave her a brief rundown of the story, and also took Batgirl into the Bat Cave.

There, Barbara was shown a number of pictures of Catwoman in not only two, but three different bodies. Her photographic memory took all this in, along with an almost involuntary scan of all the equipment and layout of the Bat Cave. The cave looked almost the same as she remembered it from her visit after getting turned back into a 3D person from the life size stand up poster she and the Dynamic Duo had been turned into by Dr. Cassandra's Alvino Ray Gun. Batgirl catalogued the newest entries in the little museum of past adventures that Batman kept, and also noted the updated computer hardware. It was just the nature of her inquisitive mind, and she didn't even notice that she was doing so.

It wasn't long before Catwoman made yet another of her escapes from the warden's hands. This time, she wasn't alone, and had taken advantage of a mass escape engineered by that same Dr. Cassandra which also freed a number of her fellow arch-criminals. Selina was back in her statuesque blonde body, and when Batgirl next encountered Catwoman, she noted a decided change in attitude of the villainess. You could also say she noted a change in altitude. Catwoman now stood tall enough that Batgirl stared into her voluptuous neckline instead her eyes. Catwoman also fought her with a viciousness that made prior engagements seem like family outings. This was most definitely a different Catwoman, and Batgirl was glad that Batman had let her in on the body situation.

The situation became even more interesting when Selina and Tara made another swap, and this time Batgirl was prepared for both the idea of a different Catwoman and the vastly different attitudes shown by her. The fact that Batman had finally briefed her on the situation made it a lot easier for Babs to take on the Kleptomaniacal Kitty without question. The fact that any past hesitation in close encounters was cleared by this knowledge gave Batgirl a distinct advantage in her fighting. The Tara version of Catwoman noted a distinct aloofness exhibited by the Dominoed Daredoll even when they were in very close situations. It came as a big surprise to Catwoman that Batgirl did not seem fazed at all about the different forms she wore.

There was one thing that puzzled the inquisitive Batgirl, more than anything else. If Batman and the authorities knew all about Selina's mind machine, why did she still have it in her possession? Had Batman made some kind of deal with Catwoman behind the backs of those with more legal authority? Batgirl made it her next goal to ascertain the location of the device, and dig up any information on the strange situation surrounding it.

The first idea Babs had for trying to get close to Catwoman was to disguise herself as one of Catwoman's more recent Kittens and see if she could draw her out of hiding. Vixen was still safely locked up at Gotham State, but with Catwoman out on the streets somewhere, it was unlikely that the Felonious Feline was aware of this. Her first try would be for that very evening.

As soon as she got off work from the library, Barbara made a few stops at some of the more ritzy clothing shops in Gotham's garment district. She still had a very sharp image in her mind of what Vixen had looked like that night at the Cathedral when she was taken in. It was a good thing that her credit card was unburdened, because it took a beating in paying for the clothes Babs needed. She did get lucky in one part of her shopping frenzy, though; the shoe store she stopped in had what she was looking for, and on sale!

It may have been a demure brunette who entered Barbara's apartment when the shopping trip was finished, but it was an unbelievably beautiful and wanton honey blonde who left it an hour later. Barbara had made up her face to resemble Bethany's, with bright red pouty lips and devilishly made up eyes to look like the lady of the evening that the was when not acting as a villainess alongside Catwoman. She had styled her shoulder length honey blonde wig to look like Bethany's hair, and it framed her slutty hooker's face perfectly.

The corset that she’d drawn about her waist made the shiny red micro miniskirt ride well below on her hips, and the lacy pink blouse made of spandex showed off her tiny waist. It also clung closely to each of her breasts, making them stand out to draw attention. Her normally gorgeous gams were clad in black fishnet tights, and the bright red shoes on her feet with the unbelievably high six-inch heels associated with Bethany caused her to take very short steps. They also caused her hips to wiggle in an ultra sexy manner as she walked. The tiny red clutch purse completed her picture, and after she’d driven closer to the red light district, Bethany got out onto the streets.

The one thing missing from the blonde hooker's usual display was her constantly lit cigarette, but she hoped that would not be a dead giveaway. Bethany got quite a few offers from cars which pulled up to the curb next to her spot, but she tactfully declined each in order to keep up her vigilance. This was a good thing, because two of the potential johns that tried to hire her were undercover cops trying to bust prostitutes. The faux hooker was also drawn into some truly fascinating conversations with some of the other ladies in her vicinity. She did her best to wing it and act like Bethany would, and would have been very surprised to find that one of her companions was a female cop planted there.

After spending way too much of the evening standing in heels that made anything in her own wardrobe look puny but got her very used to their height, Barbara gave up waiting to see if Catwoman would recognize her as Bethany and contact her. She already had plans for the way in which she would try to lure the Countess of Crime the next evening. Just after she left her corner, a vehicle drove by whose occupants would most definitely have recognized Bethany and wonder why or how she was loose on the streets. The Batmobile was making its rounds, and just missed seeing Barbara in a form they'd never forget.

The next night, it was a far different Vixen who went out onto Gotham's streets. Barbara had squeezed herself into the black leather catsuit and then tightly laced the even smaller corset around her waist on the outside. It made her wonder just how Vixen was able to work while in costume. The shiny black boots that were laced onto her feet and legs had slightly lower heels than the red shoes had, and Babs was glad that Vixen did do one thing sensibly in her costume. Well, sensibly was relative; they still were a good two inches higher than the heels on her Batgirl costume boots.

Babs had done up her face the same as the night before, but also added a thin black domino mask over her eyes. The shoulder length black gloves on her arms were also identical to Vixen's, and unlike Catwoman's, had no claws on the fingertips. The leather made her body sweat considerably even though the evening air was cool, and Babs was glad it wasn’t the middle of summer.

This time, Vixen did see the Batmobile, and most definitely did not want to come into contact with its occupants. Luckily, her natural skills in avoiding attention, honed to perfection as Batgirl, allowed Vixen to remain unspotted by the Dynamic Duo. Vixen spent the whole night going in and out of various haunts known to have been visited by Catwoman, but never saw the villainess. A number of thugs and petty thieves did see her, and if nothing else, Babs hoped that their sightings of Vixen might bear results. In the course of one of these sightings, Babs was even drawn into a minor crime being committed, since Vixen could hardly refuse to assist. Batman and Robin would be puzzled the next day when they got such good inside information about the crime and its perpetrators from an anonymous tipper.

Barbara decided that coming close to being arrested as a prostitute and nearly becoming an accomplice in crime was not for her. The provocative clothes that had transformed her on each night were added to her extensive disguise collection. Babs decided to just wait and see if Catwoman would be spotted by herself or the Dynamic Duo, and to do some heavy research in her information systems to try and pin down the feline felon's location.

She went back to working at the library in her demure form of Barbara Gordon, keeping her eyes and ears open for any situations needing the assistance of Batgirl. While engagements involving Playgirl, and a host of penny ante criminals while assisting Batman and Robin, kept her busy, it was the next appearance of Catwoman that she awaited most anxiously. Batgirl wanted more than anything else to solve the mystery of the mind machine.

The young heroine did not have very long to wait.

Batman and Robin were engaged in stopping a robbery at the Gotham City Diamond Exchange, which was only one block from the Central Library. As soon as word got out about the robbery, Babs made an excuse to get away from her desk, and changed in the secret closet she kept in her office. Batgirl made her appearance at the jewelers moments later, and found who it was that the Dynamic Duo was fighting.

The tall, strawberry blonde Catwoman and her kittens held the three heroes at bay for a while, but soon the superior fighting skills of the Terrific Trio came to the fore, and the crooks were apprehended. Batgirl watched as the villainess was led by Batman to a spot where she and her gang would wait for a police paddy wagon to collect them. With everybody from Batman down to the lowly kittens being occupied by the insistent news cameras, Batgirl was able to make her usual stealthy departure from the scene.

Apparently, Catwoman had traded bodies back again recently. This gave Batgirl just the opportunity she'd been hoping for. If she could get to the Cat's Lair while the police had her in custody, she might find some clues leading to the mind transfer machine. As a bonus, Babs might even find some of the hidden loot supposedly stashed there over the last couple of years. Just the night before, she had nailed down the Cat's Lair's location after a good bit of information sifting. The Dominoed Dare Doll figured this gave her a slight edge on Batman, who didn't have quite the reference material she did, even with his Bat Computer. She departed the scene without giving Batman or Robin any word on what she had planned.

Batgirl slipped into a phone booth, and after retrieving some change from her weapons kit, called her desk at the library. "Hi, Marcy," Babs said in her chipper non-costumed voice, "can you cover for me for the rest of the afternoon? I had to get to my apartment, which is why you haven't seen me for the past thirty minutes. You can? Great, thanks a lot, and I owe you one! Bye, Marcy." It was from behind her apartment a few minutes later that the Dark Knight Damsel took off on her Bat cycle.

Our intrepid heroine got to the Lair an hour later, and finding it quiet, figured it was safe to explore. She went down each hallway in turn, checking room by room, but Babs found no signs of obvious scientific equipment, nor any hidden loot. She did find the central rec room with lots of cat toys and plenty of seats and couches. Batgirl knew that Catwoman must have had a lot of kittens, but was surprised to see the accommodations. Babs was about to give up and leave when she checked the last room she hadn't yet inspected.

There were no electronics, and no hidden treasure. What Batgirl had stumbled upon was Catwoman's dressing room.

In her investigation of this wardroom, Batgirl noted a number of closets and a huge makeup table. The first doors she opened up revealed a closet full of Catwoman's catsuits, in what looked like three very different sizes. There also appeared to be a complete set of Vixen's costumes, waiting for her return. Suddenly, the Dark Knight Damsel's brain lit up like a halogen lamp on high beams. 'Ah,' she thought, 'if I can get a complete Catwoman costume from here, I could come back later and search at will. To heck with pretending to be Vixen, I'll go all the way to the top! If any of the other kittens are here or come in while I'm searching, I might find some way to get them to lead me to the device and the hoard.'

Batgirl went back to the rec room to get a large sack, then returned to the closet. She took one of the medium sized catsuits off the rack, and held it up to her own body. It dragged on the floor. Babs then figured that the smaller suits must have been the ones worn by Catwoman when she saw her eye to eye, and pulled one of those out. It looked like it would fit perfectly! 'No,' she thought, 'purrrrrrrfectly!'

Barbara looked over the boots on the floor of the closet, and noticed that among the ones which were Catwoman's and not Vixen's, there were three different heel heights on them. Some looked like an easy three inches, others had what looked like five inches, and more with a totally awesome six inches. Logic told her that the lowest of the heels were probably being worn by the tall strawberry blonde, while the middle set must have been worn by Catwoman in the brunette body. Batgirl wracked her brain to see if she could recall the short colored Catwoman wearing skyscraper stilettos, but she'd been too busy fighting to notice. 'If Catwoman was fighting in these, though,' Babs mused, 'she must have had a really lithe and coordinated body!'

Almost dreading what she would find, Batgirl checked the sizes of the three different boot variations. Sure enough, the ones closest to her size were the ones with the six-inch spikes. Babs sighed, then put one pair into the bag with the catsuit she'd taken down. She collected all the other accessories she'd need, such as gloves, belt, necklace, domino mask and cat ears. Once the bag held what the heroine felt was a complete costume, she straightened everything up as best she could, and got out while everything was still quiet.

Batgirl's timing was impeccable. Not more than ten minutes after the Dominoed Dare Doll departed the Cat's Lair on her Bat cycle with a large black bag tucked onto the back, a vehicle pulled up to the entrance of the Lair. Had Batgirl checked with Batman about her mission or even conferred with him about the arrest, she would have found out that Catwoman and three of her kittens escaped from the holding point before they could be taken in. They stole a car during the escape, and it was this car that arrived at the Cat's Lair.

None the wiser about the fact that their hideout had been rifled through moments before, Catwoman, Leo, Scratch and Cougar settled in to recuperate from their failed robbery. Selina went to her dressing room and quickly doffed her costume, tossing it on the couch next to the makeup table. She opened the other end of the closet from the costume parts, and got out a blouse and slacks set to lounge in.

Selina turned on the news later that evening, and watched as the Dynamic Duo were interviewed about the attempted robbery and the escape of their captives earlier in the day. "Batman, how is it that you can always be such an easy fool to escape from?" Catwoman commented, wondering to herself if just maybe the Dark Knight had a thing for her and was purposely letting her escape. She chuckled and purred, then turned off the TV. She called her kittens into the rec room, and started plans for their next escapade.

* * * * *

When Batgirl got back to her apartment, she entered via the hidden tunnel at ground level. After securing her motorcycle, she got into the private elevator which opened three stories up into her own hidden wardrobe. She flipped on the lights, then set the black bag on her dressing table. Barbara then took off her costume and the shoulder length red haired wig, revealing her short black hair. After she brushed out her hair so that it wouldn't look like it had been under a wig cap for a few hours, she changed into a skirt and blouse, put on some sandals, then hit the switch on the reversible wall panel that swung her into her publicly seen apartment.

Barbara looked down at her watch, and said to her parrot, "Charlie, it looks like I still have time before the shops close. See you later!"

"Awk!" Charlie wasn’t a talking parrot. Too bad, because things he was going to see would have enlightened a lot of people....

Purse and keys were scooped up quickly, then Babs took the normal elevator to the garage. She got into her little Ford, and proceeded post haste to the garment district, looking for an open wig shop. She got lucky. After a brief search, she found an open shop and even a parking spot nearby. Then her luck tripled. The shop had precisely what Barbara was looking for, a shoulder length strawberry blonde wig. With her new purchase clutched closely, she quickly made her way back to her apartment.

Since it was still relatively early in the evening, but by now quite dark, Barbara decided to make another visit to the Cat's Lair right away. As she passed her pet bird on the way to her wardrobe, Babs said, "You just watch, Charlie. If you thought I looked good as Vixen, just wait. In a few minutes, I'm going to come back out here, but I bet you won't recognize me!"


Babs punched the button once again on the reversible door panel, and waited as her hidden dressing room swung around. After she took off her clothes, she sat down at the makeup table and worked over her face to highlight her cheeks and eyebrows. She carefully reshaped them into a different face that was foreign, yet looked oh so familiar. Then she put on some cherry red lipstick and liner, making her lips look a bit puffier. She tucked her hair up under her wig cap, then pulled on her new blonde wig and brushed it out. When she pulled the black lurex catsuit out of the bag, Barbara realized she may have almost blown it.

She set the catsuit down, and Barbara then took off her bra. Now she was ready to put on the catsuit. Once she had wriggled into the skintight lurex garment, she reached behind herself and zipped up the back. She marveled at the way her free standing breasts stood out. She pulled the black ankle high boots out of the bag, looked dauntingly once again at the heels on them, then figured that if Selina could handle them, so could she.

Babs slipped the boots over her feet and zipped them up, then tried standing. "Whoa, almost as bad as Vixen's street shoes!" she said, wobbling at first, then steadied. She got the black leather gloves out of the bag, carefully pulled each finger into the claw at each tip, then zipped the gloves tightly closed on each arm halfway from the elbow to the shoulder. She flexed her fingers and curled them, and muttered a low, "Wow..." as she saw the way her claws looked. She lifted the gold plate necklace and tucked it under her hair around her neck. Just as she remembered seeing it on Selina, the necklace hung very nicely in the black covered cleavage on her chest.

The wide golden belt was then wound around Barbara's waist, and it rested low on her hips just as Selina's did. It was then that she noticed just how much her waist was apparent in the catsuit, and worried that maybe it was just a bit too narrow to match Selina's. 'Well, with the model's figure she has,' Barbara thought, 'I can't be that far off. I doubt anybody would catch the difference.'

If she was so quick to catch the possible difference in waists, how is it that Babs failed to think that a short blonde Catwoman might be a bit questionable? This oversight would not go in her favor….

Lastly, Babs got the cat ears and slipped the band into her hair, then pulled the domino mask over her face and put the elastic under her hair in back. She struck a pose in her mirror, purred softly, then loudly said, "Meowwwrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

Turning away satisfied, Babs used the reversible panel, then jauntily walked over to Charlie in short but steady steps, and purred, "I am Catwoman! Cat's eat birds, you know. But I'll let you be for now. I'll be back soon, Charlie!" Little did the bird, or Babs for that matter, know how true the first part of her statement could be, and how incorrect her last remark was fated to be....

"Awk!" If only what Charlie had seen and heard could be told to someone.

In the Bat Cave...

Batman turned to Robin after going through the data file on the day's botched robbery and arrest, and said, "You know, Dick, I don't remember seeing Batgirl anywhere around the jewelry store after the robbery was foiled today. Did you see her?"

Robin thought for a moment, then said, "Holy Disappearing Act! No, come to think of it, I never even saw her sneak off the way she usually does. I wonder where she ran off to?"

Batman groaned audibly, then regained his composure. "I'm sure she's okay," he said. "Batgirl has a habit of getting inside info on cases, and going off on her own. I'm sure she'll be getting in our way again soon, like usual. We'll probably see her again tomorrow in Commissioner Gordon's office."

Well, Batman, partly correct on the first assumption, very wrong on the second….

In the Cat's Lair...

Selina wasn't a slob, and after the fun knew there was work to do. She picked up her cast aside catsuit from earlier on, and went to hang it up in her closet. "What the...! There's a catsuit, a pair of boots, and its accessories missing," she screamed. An alarmed Leo came bounding into the room he was normally forbidden to enter. Selina turned to him and said, "There's a costume missing here! Unless one of you guys is getting weird on me, somebody has gone through our little abode while we were gone. Wait a minute...Leo, did you see Batgirl at any point after the fight today?"

Leo took a moment to search his slow memory banks, then said, "No, all the time we were being herded and then escaping, I never saw her."

"That's right," agreed Selina. "And during the newscast we watched, Batgirl was nowhere to be seen. The catsuit that's missing is one of the small ones for Tara's body, which just happens to be about Batgirl's size. I wonder...?"

Gotham City...

After chatting with the pet bird who was totally confused by hearing a familiar voice but seeing a completely foreign person talking, Barbara started practicing with her voice to try and get close to how she remembered Selina sounding. As she was doing so, Babs bundled up a red wig and one of her Batgirl costumes to put on her bike as an emergency measure, just in case a quick change might be necessary. Then a totally different picture from normal was seen after she turned the wall back around.

Now actually appearing to be Catwoman, Babs went down her private elevator to the minigarage where the Bat cycle waited. To avoid questions from anyone seeing her in transit, she decided to drive the spare motorcycle, which was black with no bat emblems. The pouch with her Batgirl costume was strapped to the rear fender. Babs looked longingly at her blue Bat cycle, but knew she'd have to leave it behind.

As she zoomed out of the hidden tunnel, Babs looked quite different from the figure people sometimes saw riding the blue bike in the vicinity. She was a picture in black sexuality, a far cry from the purple and yellow figure and cycle seen rarely by those lucky enough to spot her. Of course, the black gave Barbara the same benefit it gave its normal wearer; it blended nicely into the night. The disguised heroine saw no other vehicles as she made her way to the Cat's Lair. Her approach to the Lair did not go unnoticed, however.

An alarm Meow went off loudly in the rec room of the Lair, and Leo got to the monitors moments before Selina did. The low light level TV monitors showed a blonde haired black figure on a motorcycle approaching the entrance. As she got nearer, the two looked at each other, Leo grunted a, "Huh?" and Selina said, "I bet I know who that is. If Catwoman is coming to the Lair, while Catwoman is already in the Lair, that has to be whoever it was that went through this place earlier. Leo, get Scratch and Cougar and wait for our visitor to come in. I'm going to change. Stall her until I get back out to see what's going on."

"Gotcha, Catwoman," Leo responded. "Hey, look at how short she is! At that height, she should have black hair, not blonde."

"Let me see," she purred. "I see what you mean. She does make a very convincing Catwoman, though, don't you think? Let's make her feel right at home!" Selina then turned and ran back to her wardrobe.

Barbara parked her motorcycle in some bushes off to the side so it wouldn't be readily found, not knowing that her caution was pointless. Leo was watching her every move, and her image was being saved on tape. She put her mind into the proper mode and attitude, and Catwoman then strode confidently to the door of the Cat's Lair.

She slowly and quietly eased it open; she saw lights on down the hallway, and thought, 'Okay, Plan B.' Now striding purposefully down the hallway, her heels clicking loudly on the tiled floor, the faux Catwoman made her way to the rec room, where she saw three of the Cat's Kittens lounging while watching TV. "Well, is this how you bide your time," she asked, "while your mistress is out trying to make her way back home?"

"Oh! Gee, Catwoman," said Leo, "we didn't know what happened to you, so we figured on just killing time until something happened." While he was saying this, Selina, now decked out in her own Catwoman costume, approached the rec room quietly from behind her height challenged twin. She motioned for Leo to get the usurper into the chair. "Well, anyway, now that you're here," said Leo, "get off your feet and rest." As Babs slowly meandered toward the seat, Leo maneuvered to get behind her.

As soon as Barbara sat down, Selina jumped out of hiding and yelled, "Grab her arms, and hold her down!"

Barbara let out a quick gasp, then put on a wickedly made up poker face. "Now, who do you suppose this Catwoman is that you're holding in the chair, Leo? I wonder," said Selina. "Earlier today, Batgirl disappeared after our fight with Batman and Robin, and wasn't around for the telecast later, either. I wonder if she might have been sticking her fingers into a pot she shouldn't have been?"

When she saw a slight twitch on Barbara's face at hearing Batgirl's name, Selina figured she had the problem nailed. "Leo, leave Scratch and Cougar holding my short twin here," said Catwoman. Barbara blinked knowingly at hearing this, which was also noted by Selina, then heard her say, "Follow me. I need some extra arms for the toys we're going to play with."

Barbara played it cool because she knew that panic was the last thing she needed, and sat there making a picture that would have had Joker laughing heartily. Two of Catwoman's kittens were standing at each side of the chair in which Catwoman regally sat, one restraining her left arm and the other her right. Had she been standing, Babs knew there would have been some chance of wriggling free, but in the seated position, she had no leverage whatsoever. She could only sit and wait, in anticipation of some nasty surprise from Catwoman.

After what seemed like only a few minutes, Selina came out of the hallway carrying what looked like a pair of metal halos and a bunch of cables. Leo was right behind her with a big metal box covered with dials and switches. Barbara then remembered Batman's briefing about Selina's mind switch machine, and recognized the object of her search. It looked as though she was going to be introduced to the machine in a way not to her liking. The box and its attachments were set on the table to the faux Catwoman's left.

Barbara's patience gave out. "Catwoman, what is it with you and that body switching machine? You seem to change bodies more often than I change costumes! And just what exactly have you got in mind?"

Catwoman turned back to look closely at her near twin, and said, "You know, Batgirl, I heard from some of my contacts that Vixen had helped them on a break-in a couple of weeks ago. I happen to know that my favorite Kitten is locked up tight right now, so could it be that you have been doing some other costuming disguises? You really have done an outstanding job of trying to look like me. Since you wanted so much to look like Catwoman, you’re now going to not only look exactly like her, you’re now going to be Catwoman!"

With the odds stacked so high against her, even Batgirl's witty mind couldn't come up with a retort. She decided to see what was going to happen.

Selina reached down and pulled first the mask and the ears from the interloper's head. She toyed with the idea of taking the wig off and washing away the makeup also, but merely nodded; there would be more than enough time to figure out what Batgirl really looked like...very soon.

"Leo, you remember how to hook up the bands, right?" The kitten also nodded. "Good, get Batgirl all set up. As soon as the process is finished, get the bands off and take the machine back to its hiding place. She’s going to be Catwoman, but I don't want her to know anything about my toy."

At hearing this, Babs felt her bravado drop. She had hoped that even if she was going to be put in Selina's body, she'd know where to find the device and maybe switch back. Now, even though her quest was at a conclusion, and she was strapped to the very device she'd been searching for, it seemed like it was going to become hidden once again.

While Leo was doing as he was instructed, Selina was taking off her own ears and mask. She hooked up the wires to the other band, then placed this band around her own head. With both she and her near twin all hooked up, Selina sat down in a chair brought over by Leo. She turned to glare at the seemingly unafraid figure in the other seat, then sat back smugly. After grinning like the Cheshire Cat for just a few moments, eyeing the body she would soon occupy, Selina said, "Flip the switch, Leo!"

There came a soft hum from the Psyche Eggschange Machine, and both women had a momentary loss of awareness. Then Barbara blinked her eyes, and saw Catwoman being held down to her seat by two kittens. She didn't know why they were holding Selina down now instead of her, but knew that this was her chance to escape. It was as Leo grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down tightly that Babs noticed that she was in a different chair. "Oh my God, you...."

Barbara's words trailed off as she recognized the voice which said them.

"Yes, Batgirl," said the shorter blonde as the kittens were letting go of her arms, "you are now Catwoman for real. Not just dressed and made up to look like her, you are her. And while in the past I have always used whichever body I got to become a new Catwoman, this time it's going to be different. You’re Catwoman, and I’m Batgirl. I can't wait to see what kind of trouble I can get Batman and Robin into now."

"You may now have Batgirl's body, Selina," Babs said, "and I may now have Catwoman's body, but I still have my own free will, and nothing you can do will make me act as Catwoman!"

"Would you care to put any money on that, CATWOMAN?" Selina said as she stood in front of a mirror. "Let's see, I'm betting that this is a blonde wig. I can't wait to see my long red hair!"

Selina pulled off her wig, and was just a bit stunned to see the short black hair which spilled out of the wig cap that followed. "So Batgirl's red hair is also a wig?! I wonder who this cute brunette is that I've become? Oh well, it doesn't matter. I can always put on a red wig to be Batgirl, and Catgirl can have short black hair. Yes, that's a plan!"

Selina picked up her ears and mask, and put them into place in her now black hair. "Yes, indeed! Meet your newest kitten, Selina. My name is Kitty Kyle, and I am Catgirl! When I wear my other costume, I am also Batgirl."

"But I'm not Selina! I'm not Catwoman, no matter what I look like!" complained Barbara. "I’m the real Batgirl!"

"Not for long, SELINA!" said Kitty with utmost confidence. "I'm going to fix you right up. Scratch, go get my special gloves!"

Kitty had originally intended to merely hypnotize Batgirl into assuming Selina's identity using her Cat's Eye Jade, but now doubted the thoroughness of the resulting change. The heroine's psyche was just so strong. But this could be turned against her. The disorientation caused by the body swap was a good start, but if Batgirl was to be given a dose of Cataphrenic, the bauble would have no problem at all in making the change. The former Batgirl would know for sure that she was Catwoman.

While Scratch was turning to run down the hallway, Catgirl walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a small bottle filled with a clear fluid. She then walked over to stand directly in front of Catwoman. "Did Batman ever tell you about the time I turned Robin into a rabid criminal with a mind totally devoted to mayhem and anarchy? It's a nifty little drug that a dearly deceased scientist devised for me. I call it Cataphrenic, and in mere moments, it is you who will lovingly call it Cataphrenic. Say goodbye to any thoughts of good and heroism, Batgirl...oops, I'm sorry, SELINA. Soon, you will be thinking only of evil and villainy."

Scratch approached Catgirl with a heavy plastic bag which contained another pair of clawed gloves. "See these gloves, Selina? We keep them sealed up because of the strength and tenacity of Cataphrenic. They were last used three years ago, but I could probably use them on you just as they are now. But I want to make sure you get a good dosage, so get ready! Cougar, give Leo a hand."

Just in case Catwoman reacted wildly, Catgirl was having two of the Kittens hold her down, not just one. She took off her right glove, then carefully pulled on the right glove from the bag, avoiding the claws like they carried the plague. In effect, they did. Catgirl dipped first her pointing finger's claw, then the index finger's into the small bottle. "I don't want to scratch your beautiful face, Selina. Your shoulders, however, are well hidden, so let's bare one."

Leo pulled the black lurex away from Barbara's left shoulder. The exposed nicely tanned skin gave a wide target, and Kitty placed her right hand's claws against the top of her arm. In a quick slicing motion, three red streaks were left on that tanned skin. One of the streaks was innocent and merely drew blood. The other two were more nefarious.

The Cataphrenic worked its way into the hapless heroine's blood stream, and in a matter of seconds, she was a heroine no more. A vicious scowl formed on her face, and a sneer on her lips. "I feel like I could tear you apart with my bare hands, Catgirl," she hissed, "but that’s my body I'd be tearing up. I'm still Batgirl, no matter what else you've done to me!"

As she was carefully removing her right glove and placing it back in the plastic bag, Catgirl said, "Think so, SELINA? You have to get it straight. I'm Batgirl, besides being Catgirl, and you are Catwoman. Your name is Selina Kyle. I think I can help you with that identity crisis, too. Hold on a sec."

Catgirl walked back to what had been her wardroom. She was going to have to make a few changes now; this was now Selina's wardrobe, not hers. From a drawer in her closet, she grabbed a bright green stone mounted in a silver frame on a long neck chain. Kitty made damned sure that she didn’t look directly into the stone as she handled it. She knew from past experience about the strength of the Cat's Eye Jade's lures, and that was an experience she did not want to encounter herself.

Kitty once again took a position standing directly in front of the seated Catwoman. She took the gem by the necklace it was attached to, then held it directly in front of her eyes. "Watch the Cat's Eye Jade carefully, you can't take your eyes off it. Let its powers work their way into your brain. You feel relaxed, don't you. You have no cares. You want to accept the Cat's Eye. It is your destiny. Your mind is clouding now, isn't it? Yes, you have no will of your own, now, do you? Good, your life is now at a new start. You may have been Batgirl, but she is no more. You are Catwoman. Your name is now Selina Kyle. You know where your Cat's Lair is, and you know where your wardrobe is in that hideout. Catwoman, nod if you understand me."

The held down woman did so.

"Very good, Catwoman," said Catgirl. "I want you to keep in mind all the tricks and knowledge you had in your past life, and put them to good use in leading your new life. When you hear a loud clap, you will awaken from your little nap, and get on with planning your cat crimes."

Catgirl passed the gem to Scratch, who took it back to the wardrobe. She then clapped her hands loudly. Catwoman blinked her eyes, turned her head to either side, and said, "What are you morons doing holding me down in this chair? We've got work to do! Catgirl, go get my Cat Kit, and don't waste any time!"

"You bet, Catwoman! And then let me tell you about some new ideas I had for a crime spree!"

* * * * *

The person once known as Batgirl may indeed get into Batman and Robin's way sometime soon. It’s a sure thing that Catwoman will be committing some crime sure to get their attention. It is doubtful she will soon be with them in the Police Commissioner's office, at least as an ally.

And it may be a while before Charlie gets fed....




Tune in next week for the answers to these and many more questions,

same Cat-time,

same Cat-Channel!

Catwoman In All Her Glory

As soon as Kitty brought the Cat Kit to her mistress, the new Selina started to plan a heist for the next evening. With Scratch and Cougar at her side to offer assistance when needed, Catwoman devised a plan to not only get her paws back around the golden cats, but also trap Batman and Robin. The mind of Barbara Gordon had only known of the golden treasure map cats from the Mark Andrews collection from her research at the library, but with her identity changed into a fanatic and incredibly evil Selina Kyle, she wanted desperately to caress them. She didn't know it, but Catwoman was using the built up knowledge that she had attained in her earlier life to come up with a nearly foolproof ploy.

In the meantime, Kitty took Leo outside with her. She wanted to check out the motorcycle on which they'd seen her new body arrive earlier. They found it carefully hidden in some bushes not far from where Leo had seen her come into view. "You know something?" said Kitty in what had been Barbara's voice, but with a new and ominous tone to it. "This black motorcycle would be perfect for me to use as Catgirl. It's already the perfect color, and it looks like it has plenty of power. Odds are, that if this was an alternate for Batgirl's use, it probably is very well equipped."

While she was checking out the systems on the bike, Kitty spotted the satchel that Babs had secured to the rear fender. Her eyes lit up with glee when she opened the flap and saw what had to be a Batgirl costume. "Leo! Any worries I'd had of either trying to find her original home, or of having to craft a costume of my own to impersonate Batgirl have just disappeared. She brought along a spare costume, and even the red wig is in here. I've got everything I need!"

"That sounds real good,, I mean, Catgirl. I'll put this bike in our garage, and add some whiskers to the windscreen for you."

Kitty chuckled at Leo's faux pas, then purred contentedly. "That sounds like a really good idea, thank you. And just remember, Catwoman is the tall woman with blonde hair. Make sure you don't slip up like that in front of her. It may provide a spark to reignite her old memories." She then turned back toward the Lair while Leo went to park the motorcycle.

The young woman known as Kitty, who had been Batgirl, and now held the mind of the old Selina Kyle, found that her replacement was fitting into her new role perfectly. Catwoman was curled up with Scratch going over some details of the plans she'd been concocting, so Kitty went to what had been her own bedroom until a bit earlier and grabbed a few items she wanted to keep for herself. With a small armload, she went down the hall to one of the unused bedrooms, and made it her own. When she went into the bathroom to wash up and get all the makeup off her face that made her look a bit like her old image, she finally saw the naked face of Batgirl.

It then dawned upon Kitty that she should have extracted some information from the now ex-Batgirl before she told her to forget all her memories. She may have been looking upon the secret identity of Batgirl, but it was still a secret. Who the hell was she? Kitty had no clue as to whom her new face had belonged. Well, it was no use crying over spilled milk; it was her face now, and she had no intention of leaving it with such a sweet, angelic look. Kitty did a few experiments with makeup before finally turning in for the night.

Everybody in the Lair slept in late the next morning so that they could be alert late into the next night. While Selina spent most of her time lounging in the rec room and watching soaps and talk shows, Kitty was busy putting together a costume for herself to wear as Catgirl. She was tempted to just use Vixen's, but that was being reserved for her favorite once she got out.

She pulled out the black leather material from which Vixen's catsuit had been made, and crafted a sleeveless leotard with very high French cut legs. At first she was going to cut the chest open severely to display her cleavage, but Kitty thought better of it. Since her breasts would be a major draw that way, they'd also stand too good a chance of coming free in rough action. So she fashioned a pair of domes on the leather chest which would contain her assets proudly. While her present chest was not as well-endowed as the one she'd just given up, Kitty was pleased that it was far from small.

So that a trip to the store would not be needed right away, Kitty decided to utilize the smaller pair of Catwoman boots that she used while in Tara's body, and that Babs had 'borrowed' for her disguise. The short boots would not go well with the costume she was picturing, so by the next time Catgirl was seen, she would be in thigh high boots with similar ultra high stiletto heels. Kitty knew there were black shoulder length gloves already on hand, with claws already in place, so that would not be a problem. There were also black fishnet tights on hand from Tara's stays, so these would be put to use, also. The mask and ears which she had been wearing the night before would finish her costume.

As soon as all the sewing was completed, Kitty got started by taking her short black hair and working it into a different do which parted down the middle and changed her looks almost completely. She then did a severe makeup job on her face to make it look even more wicked than Babs had the night before. Her eyes, in particular, took on a malicious look to match her new soul. Then she pulled on her fishnet tights without any panties to show beneath them. The bottom of the leotard had just enough material to cover her private parts, and after it had been zipped up in back, its front was bulging proudly with the hard packed flesh within the globes of leather. She slipped her feet into the boots, and found that just as Babs had discovered, this body was not as adapted to ultra high heels as was Tara's.

After she made sure that she could walk around once she stopped worrying about it, Kitty put on her mask and ears, then pulled on her gloves. Almost as an afterthought, she picked up a long, curved black cat tail and attached it to a wide black leather belt with a big square gold buckle. This she wrapped around her already small waist and drew it in even further. She made one stop in front of the vertical mirror in her new room to make a few poses and check herself out, and after she purred her approval, Catgirl strode purposefully out to the rec room to show Selina her new costume.

All in the rec room were alerted to Kitty's approach by the clicking of her heels which could be heard in the hallway even over Jerry Springer's loud voice. Four pairs of eyes were trained on the doorway as a vision in wicked black made her entrance, and posed with her right hand in the upper corner of the doorway, her wickedly clawed left hand spread out on her hip, and her legs spread powerfully. Her bright red lips were smiling in a nasty sneer.

"Very nice, Catgirl!" Selina said. "If you don't watch out, you just might replace Vixen as my next in line."

"If you think this looks good, Mistress, just wait until I get the thigh high boots that are going to really make this costume come alive. But this is how I'm going to join you this evening."

"Meowwwwwrrrrrrrrrrrr," Selina growled, "if you look that good now, I can't wait to see you in your ultimate costume!"

"I'm glad you approve of this new costume,” Kitty said. “Now, let me leave you to your program for a while, and I'll come back to show you another surprise." Before anyone could make any response, she turned and hustled back to her room with a proud grin on her lips.

She did a quick change out of her black costume, and then Kitty washed away some of the more severe makeup. She left her eyes as is, and made her lips and cheeks look more cheerful. She then picked up the purple costume that her body more normally wore, and slipped into it much the same way that she donned her catsuits. She slipped a wig cap on and tucked her hair up inside it, then pulled the long red wig into place.

The short heels on the purple boots identical to her original Catwoman boots made it almost ridiculously easy to walk, and then she pulled on the lighter purple gloves. The yellow utility belt, which Kitty had yet to fully check out, rode the tops of her hips, which was just as she'd remembered seeing it on Batgirl before. The purple and yellow cape was clipped to her shoulders, and then finally the light and dark purple cowl was pulled down over her head. The image seen in the mirror was just what those eyes had always seen, but to the mind registering what those eyes saw, Batgirl was a new sight. She grinned with a sneer that had never before appeared with that costume.

Batgirl's approach to the rec room was not as loud as Catgirl's, and she managed to slink in without being noticed. When Batgirl suddenly appeared before the eyes trained on the TV set, a number of loud gasps were heard.

"I guess this proves that I can still be Batgirl should the need arise," Kitty said with a grin. "I think it will be a good idea to keep this costume on the bike while I'm using it as Catgirl, just in case." She walked over to Selina, who had stood upon her entry, and approached with her arms spread wide. Catwoman took Batgirl into her arms and hugged her warmly. Kitty knew for sure that Selina had fully adopted her new identity. She asked Catwoman to follow her so that they could discuss the plans and plots, and from what she heard while disrobing, Kitty was quite pleased. The ex-Selina was doing a good job of cementing the new Selina into her role.

* * * * *

Shortly after midnight, the Kitty Kar pulled into a hidden alleyway two blocks from the Gotham Museum of Art. A black motorcycle with whiskers on the windscreen pulled in behind it. With a stealth never before seen, Catwoman led Catgirl and her three kittens to the access ladder going to the air conditioning equipment on the roof. They made their way to the rooftop maintenance hatch, and used some acid to dissolve the lock. The progress of the five cat burglars to the hall holding the display case with the twin gold cats was almost flawless, thanks to the tactical knowledge that Catwoman had buried deep inside her head. Almost was the key word, though.

Just that day, a new system which broke the state of the art in security measures had been installed in the museum. Sensitive panels in the walls detected their movements due to an ever so slight change in apparent air pressures, and this activated an infrared camera system. At the same moment, two alarms went off, one in the security office of the museum, the other in the GCPD. Both got the infrared video at the same time, and the museum staff were advised to sit tight until help arrived. The watch desk officer at Police headquarters went to the roof to turn on the Bat Signal, while the sergeant in charge picked up the Bat Phone. Even considering the time of night, the Bat Phone was answered immediately, and the Dynamic Duo were on the road in minutes.

Batman and Robin made a quiet entry into the museum, and after clipping on their Bat Night Vision Goggles, made their way to a position from which the cat burglars could be observed. "Holy Sidekicks!" the junior member of the team whispered. "Can you believe that black haired girl Catwoman has working with her?"

"Quiet, young chum. I'm sure we'll be seeing her in much closer quarters any moment. Have you noticed that Selina seems to be moving in a much more careful and methodical method than in the past? Something is afoot here, and all the feet have cat's paws." Then, to the Bat Radio, he said, "Okay guys, let's have the lights at the count of three." As he started to remove his vision aids, with Robin mirroring his actions, Batman continued, "One...two...three!"

Suddenly every light in the museum came on, including a number which were never seen by the public. The Dynamic Duo had known to shut their eyes momentarily, and jumped out into the foyer with full visual capabilities. Catwoman had detected light and quickly shut her eyes, but not quickly enough to keep from being temporarily blinded. Catgirl and the three kittens were all caught unawares, and could see nothing at all as the Bat Team went into action.

Batarangs and Bat Ropes took Leo, Scratch and Cougar out of the picture right away. Even though she was snow blind and unable to see very much, Catgirl kicked and clawed her way into a near standoff with Robin, but he finally managed to tie her up securely, enjoying every moment. He lingered just a bit, but then tore himself away to help Batman with Catwoman. The Felonious Feline Femme Fatale was fighting with a hand to hand skill heretofore unseen, and was managing to hold off the elder member of the Dynamic Duo. When Robin joined him, she saw that the situation was rapidly getting beyond anything she could do, and looked around to sum up her losses. Both gold cats were still safely ensconced, her three kittens were apparently a total loss, and even Catgirl looked like she was out of action.

Well, if Batman was going to take all of her assistants away, Catwoman decided she had better do the same for retribution. Instead of slinking away to escape as both of the crime fighters expected, she circled around into a display area that shielded her from their eyes. Then she crouched and waited. From her Cat Kit, she extracted a vial of Catatonic, and dipped her right fingers' claws into it. Whichever of the Dynamic Duo came into range first would be leaving in her hands.

Batman saw the general area into which Catwoman had disappeared, and sent Robin around one way while he went the other to flank her and flush her out. The elder Bat was much too far away to be of help when Robin stepped into Catwoman's range, and she leapt out at him. As a short cry of disbelief left his lips, Catwoman stroked his inner left arm with her claws. The drug went to work right away, and in moments, he was asleep in her arms. When Batman came rushing up after hearing the cry, he saw his partner limp in Catwoman's hands. "If you’ve done anything to harm him,” the Dark Knight warned, “I don't care what we've shared over the years, all bets are off and I’ll do whatever I can to see you punished!"

Catwoman hissed at him, then said, "Don't worry about your little birdie, Batman. You have Catgirl and my kittens, so I'm taking Robin with me. He’s only asleep right now, thanks to Catatonic. If you don't let me out of here with him, a lot more will happen to him." She put a claw to the jugular vein on his throat. "Let us out of here, and we'll talk later about who has whom."

The Dark Knight didn’t like giving in to the witch in black, but it appeared that she had the upper paw. "I'll let you go, but so help me, if you harm Robin, you’ll never hear the end of it." He gave word on the Bat Radio to allow Catwoman free travel, then watched as she made her way much more assuredly than he'd ever seen her move before.

The three tied up kittens were left in the hands of the policemen who came upon the scene, all stunned to see Catwoman dragging Robin out with a claw to his throat. Catgirl was another matter, though. Batman wanted to take care of her himself. She hissed and spat at him as he approached her spot on the floor, and now that things had calmed down a bit, he started to study her more closely. Something about the shape of her lips and nose looked familiar.

This needed to be done without onlookers.

He picked up the writhing kitty and took her to the Batmobile.

There, in the dark and with no one else watching, Batman lifted the ears and domino mask from her face. Then it hit him, and he was sure. There was enough makeup around her eyes and the hair was so totally different from normal that he didn’t see Barbara Gordon. But he’d studied the Dominoed Dare Doll's eyes, nose, lips, teeth, cheeks and chin very much since first seeing her. He knew that this was really his ally underneath the wicked disguise. "Batgirl, is that you? What has Catwoman done to make you dress and act this way?"

Kitty saw a possible way to turn this around developing, and went along with the play acting. "Batgirl? I'm not Batgirl! I’m Catgirl. Meowwwwrrrrrrrr!"

The Dark Knight had seen something like this a few years before, and since he knew the face he was seeing was Batgirl's, even though he'd never seen her entire face before, he got out a can of Bat Antidote spray. "Batgirl, I think Catwoman has infected you with Cataphrenic. This spray will neutralize the effects of that agent, so that you can become yourself once again." He held her head with one hand as the other held the spray in front of her face.

Inwardly, Kitty grinned to herself. If she had been suffering from any diseases or poisons, she would now be on the road to recovery. But if the Bat thought she should be turning into a law abiding crime fighter, then that was just what she would do.

For the time being.

Kitty shook her head as if clearing away cobwebs, then looked down at her black leather clad body with a look of surprise on her face. "Oh...what am I wearing? Where am I, Batman? Wait, I remember, now. Catwoman made me become Catgirl and help her with this heist. My motorcycle is still parked a few blocks over. They even modified it to look like a Cat Cycle."

A trusting Batman untied the Bat Ropes from 'Batgirl's' arms and legs, and she then led him to the hidden motorcycle. Kitty's advanced planning paid off. "See, Batman? I even had a spare costume on my bike that they never bothered to take away, even though the one I was wearing when they captured me is shredded." She held up the package for his inspection. Then, as a semi-stunned Dark Knight watched, Kitty took off her high heeled black boots and set them aside, and took off the wide belt around her waist with the attached tail. She then put on the Batgirl costume right over the Catgirl costume without having to take any more of it off. Her chest ended up looking a bit more appealing than normal thanks to the shaping given by the leather costume underneath, but this was indeed Batgirl. She put the black boots and the belt into the bag the purple costume had been in, and Batman never even thought to wonder why.

"I'm glad to have you back with us, Batgirl. Catwoman has taken Robin with her, and I don't know where she’s hiding these days. I'm going to need all the help I can get in getting him back from her, so meet me at Police Headquarters tomorrow afternoon at four. We can try to work out a game plan then. Since I know you want to keep your identity a secret, I'll let you get on your way, and I won't follow you."

While a sappy smile showed on her lips, inwardly Kitty was scowling. She had hoped that Batman might say who she actually was, or maybe take her to the Bat Cave. Oh well, at least he was going to leave her alone. There were a number of safe houses in the area that Kitty had used when she was Catwoman, and now one or more of them would be the temporary home of Kitty Kyle, alternately Batgirl and Catgirl. "Thank you, Batman. I'm glad you respect my secret identity as much as I respect yours. Good night, and I'll see you tomorrow afternoon."

Batman watched as Batgirl climbed back aboard her Cat Cycle, thinking how incongruous it looked for the purple clad heroine to be riding a bike decked in black with cat whiskers. If only he'd known how right at home she truly was as she sped off to points unknown.

* * * * *

On the way back to the Bat Cave, Batman used the Bat Cell Phone to put in a call on the special line he had only just recently installed and had hoped to never need, especially at that time of the night. He was surprised when the phone was answered after only two rings. "This is Batwoman, how can I help you?"

"Good evening, this is Batman. I hate to call you at such a late hour, but I was just in a bad fight with Catwoman, who had enslaved Batgirl into being her ally. Batgirl is now back on our side, but Catwoman took Robin with her. I’m going to need all the help I can get to get Robin back safely."

"I’ll be glad to give you all the help I possibly can, Batman, but my own assistant, Flamebird, isn’t available. I’ll be on my own. Where and when can we meet?"

"I've already arranged for Batgirl to meet me at Police Headquarters tomorrow at four in the afternoon. Can you be there, also?"

"Four it is, Batman. Sleep well, for I have a feeling Robin is just fine, and We’ll have him back at your side soon."

"Thank you, Batwoman. Good night."

"Good night, Batman."

As the action of the night was concluding, the Batmobile was fast approaching the Bat Cave, with only one occupant.

Kathy Kane, who had been out with a friend and only just now headed for home, instead of fast asleep in bed as Batman had expected to find Batwoman, was nearing the front gate of her own country estate.

Kitty Kyle, who left her Batgirl costume on for safe travel, was parking her motorcycle in a shed behind a large house which looked neglected on the outside. The owners were supposedly a pair of Arab emirs who only used the house on their rare visits to the US. Rare, indeed. The emirs did not exist. Kitty knew exactly where the key was hidden, and would be sound asleep in a nice soft bed soon.

The last parties to mention in this closing for the evening have been left until this time because all was not going well, at least for Robin. Catwoman was given freedom of travel, due to her hostage, and managed to lose the tail that tried to follow her. She even successfully evaded the police helicopter that was watching from above. Many years of tactics learned in her earlier life had proved beneficial.

When Catwoman arrived at her Cat's Lair, she was one pissed off Kitty Kat. She was now all alone, except for the junior Bat.

Then a thought hit her.

Junior Bat.

Junior Cat.

Yes, he was just the right could be done....

* * * * *

While most of the above mentioned parties went to sleep after their arrivals, Selina went right to work. Once again, her past life's skills were coming to the fore to aid her in her scheme. Since Barbara Gordon's mind had been quite adept at costuming and disguises, Catwoman was now a similarly skilled woman.

In order to make sure that Robin stayed asleep for at least a few more hours, Selina gave him another dose of Catatonic. With the young man now firmly in the grip of Morpheus, she got underway. Robin's costume was removed, and as the mask came off, it meant nothing to Catwoman since having Batgirl’s memories, she who he was. He wouldn't be that way for long. After he’d been completely denuded, Selina took him into the bathroom and laid him in the tub. While the youngster had very little hair on his body, she wanted him totally free of it. A layer of depilatory was spread over every inch of his body below the neck, and allowed to do its work. A little while later, after it had been rinsed and dried off, he had skin as soft and smooth as a baby's.

While the depilatory had been doing its job, Catwoman was in the closet selecting all the costume components she would need. With everything spread out for ready access, she started to dress Robin. Selina took care of the one most glaring part of Robin's anatomy by folding it up between his legs and hiding it in some tight panties. Next, she placed a corset around his midsection and pulled the laces tighter and tighter until it could be closed no further, and he had a very feminine wasp waist. The corset pushed enough flesh downwards to give his hips a bit more shape than before, but there wasn't anything readily available with which she could expand his tush. One of Tara's all in one body briefers was then pulled onto his torso over the corset to smooth it out and give her a way to support the water balloons she'd made to serve as breasts until more appropriate forms could be attained. These had been made quite large to completely fill Tara's breast cups.

With all the support garments in place, one of Vixen's body covering, head to toe black leather catsuits was pulled on to his still inert but now very femininely shaped body. Selina had a weird feeling of déjà vu when she saw the catsuit zipped up, molding the young male's body into that of a lush female, but didn't let it get in the way of the transformation she was doing. The external corset was laced on over the first one underneath everything next, and the extreme reduction this brought made the resulting figure rival her own. Vixen's boots were actually a size too big for Robin's feet, but because they were tightly laced around his calves, they were secure enough. The gloves were pulled on to Robin's arms, and it wasn't easy for her to get his limp fingers into those of the gloves.

Selina sat the leather clad youth at her makeup table, and completely worked over his face until it looked so much like that of the usual wearer of the costume that it looked incongruous with the short black hair on his, no, make that her head. The same strawberry blonde wig that she herself had worn the night before, but now had no recollection of doing, was put into place over a wig cap and brushed out to straighten it. It was a bit more reddish than the true Vixen’s honey blonde, but if nothing else meant they’d both have the same color hair. There was now a sleeping Vixen sitting at the table, with no sign whatsoever of the original face or body underneath. Selina picked her up, and set her into a high backed chair which faced the mirror.

She tied the ex-Robin's ankles to the front legs of the chair, then her arms at both the elbows and the wrists to its unpadded arms. Selina folded a towel lengthwise to make a wide band, then used this to tie her neck to the back of the chair. She made it tight enough so that she wouldn't be able to even twist her head, let alone move it around, but not tight enough to block her breathing. A thick rope was used to go around her forehead and tie off behind the chair, which further locked her head in place.

Selina left her there while she went to the drawers in her bedroom for the Cat's Eye Jade, some smelling salts, and the Cataphrenic laced gloves. The original Selina hadn't shielded all of the devices used to change Barbara into her replacement, and fully intended for the new Catwoman to have them at her beck and call. While Selina had no idea where the mind swap machine was located, she found the Cataphrenic and the Cat's Eye Jade easily, just waiting to be put to use. When she had the nefarious tools in hand, she went back to the dressing room.

Selina took in the site of the deliciously bound leather clad babe as she entered the room, and said out loud, "Soon, oh so soon..." She placed her tools on the bed behind Vixen, then the salts were waved below her pert nose. It took a while for the salts to overcome the Catatonic, but eventually her eyes shot open to see an unbelievably sexy looking blonde in wicked looking bondage staring at her. Then she realized that the blonde was herself when she felt that same bondage constraining her. Her confused mind took a moment to sort this out, then she said, "Who am I? I thought I was Robin, but that isn't me in the mirror." She also wondered to herself why her voice sounded so low.

Selina turned the chair so that it faced her, then held the Jade in front of Vixen’s eyes. She waited until those eyes took on a glazed and entranced look, then started her conversion. "That's it, take in the glow of the Cat's Eye, it wants to help you. You will fall into its power and listen to all that I say. You don't look like Robin because you aren't Robin now. Your name is Richard or Dick Grayson and you like more than anything else to make yourself look like really beautiful and excellently shaped females. Right now, you’re dressed as the incredibly evil henchwoman of Catwoman called Vixen. The original Vixen as you know is Bethany Horkin, locked up in the Pen right now. Again, you’re a crossdresser who just loves to dress up as a female who wears really high heels, especially on boots, and wishes to be seen in only your current form, and the junior partner to your friend and lover, Catwoman. You’re a very skilled criminal who excels in hand to hand combat, and your primary foe is Batman. You can still hold on to your old identity, and be Batman’s sidekick, but right now Vixen is who you truly are, and no one else. All the skills you've gained over the years are now the skills of Vixen. You also can only talk in a higher pitched timbre to sound like your true form, not the low pitched voice of the person you also are. Do you understand all of this, Vixen?"

In a new voice which wasn't quite perfectly feminine but definitely did not sound male, she said cheerfully, "Yes, I know that I’m the new Vixen. I work with you eagerly in our crimes, and here at home, I’m your lover. Only you and I know of the special tools I have for that love. I thank you for making me who I am. I live to serve you. I do know that I’m really Dick Grayson and also Robin while I’m a male, but I just love making myself look like a beautiful female and right now I’m one of the most evil women there is on Earth!"

Selina then took off her right glove, and as she was replacing it with the Cataphrenic-laced one, she said, "That’s good, Vixen, but you sound entirely too pleasant to me. I'm going to make sure that you can become as evil as you look."

Catwoman used her left hand to lift the blonde hair up and expose the side of Vixen's neck below the towel. She then raked the infected claws across that thin skin, and saw the bloody tracks left behind. She saw Vixen's body tense up, and let her hair fall back into place. The blonde hissed loudly, then said in an even more sultry and venomous voice, "I’m the living embodiment of sin. I hate looking like a guy, and try to be the most beautiful female I can. Patty Harold’s my name, and vexing as Vixen’s my game. I’m the close confidant of Catwoman. We live and work together to bring misery to the world while we plunder it. Now, why have you got me in such a nifty bondage position, Catwoman? Are we going to be having some fun?"

Selina put aside the glowing gem and malicious glove, then untied the rope and towel from behind Patty after replacing her right glove. "No, I was just testing your mien, my little kitten. I wanted to see what you could take. I was worried that if Batman caught you, he might be able to turn you against me." She then untied her arms, and let her reach down to untie her own legs.

Selina put away the gem and glove in a drawer while Vixen was freeing her legs, then said, "Very good. Your bedroom is the second one down the hall on the right. We both need to get our rest for tomorrow, so get some sleep. I'll help you to get dressed again in the morning."

Patty stood, and looked to the left at her reflection. As Vixen, she was wickedly beautiful. She knew who she was now, and just loved the way she looked. The first few steps she took in her new ultra high heels were faltering, but she picked up the short steps and feminine sway of the hips right away. Before she got to the door, Vixen turned and looked longingly at Catwoman.

Selina came to her kitten and took her into her arms. Two massive chests met, one real, one constructed, but the close hug was endearing to both. They were, quite possibly, the two most evil women in Gotham, if not the world.

When finally the two black bodies separated, Selina led Vixen down to her bedroom and helped her to undress. She had to fight her way past Patty when she tried to show her devotion to her mistress in the bedroom. "Patience, my dear," Catwoman said with a wide grin, "the time will come when we will become very close, but the night is almost done and we both need to be alert fully functional tomorrow. Sleep tight!" Patty couldn’t see the contented look on Selina's face as she made her way back to her own boudoir.

* * * * *

Finally, the night was over. It had ended with some major changes.

* * * * *

Early the next day, Kitty arose from slumber in a queen sized bed with silk sheets. After a short shower, she did a quick check to see if any of the stored Tara sized clothes would fit her new body. The pants were the right inseam but too broad in the waist, but blouses, skirts and dresses all fit fine. It was a lucky thing that her new body shared a shoe size with Tara, also. Before mid-afternoon, she intended to add a pair of boots to the inventory on hand. Catgirl's costume was hanging right next to Batgirl's in her closet.

By ten in the morning, Kitty figured that Selina should have gotten enough sleep, and used the phone that was known to her only. To any other visitors of the house, it was one of many large books on the shelf in the living room. Opened, it had a cell phone with a built-in key pad. An obviously groggy Selina answered after hearing Kitty's voice on the answering machine and call screener in the Lair. "Purrrrr, hello, Kitty. I presume you’re free and on your own this morning?"

"Yes, Selina. I fooled Batman into thinking he'd changed me back into Batgirl. As Batgirl, I can lead him into a trap tonight if you feel up to it."

"That sounds like a good idea, Kitty. Also, I’ll be bringing along a surprise for you. I presume you know that I took Robin away from Batman last night. There’s no more Robin, at least for the time being. I made Robin know that he’s a crossdresser who likes to turn himself into gorgeous females who wear really hihg heels. After both the Cat’s Eye and Cataphrenic, SHE is now Patty Harold which she came up with on her own and the new Vixen as I informed her, and just loves being her as my really evil henchwoamn! Wait until you see her. She can't wait to get her hands on Batman."

"Selina, you’re doing even better than I'd imagined you could without me at your side. Here's what we'll do this evening..." The two then shared their plans and plots for the upcoming trap. Kitty told Selina that she'd call back after the meeting in the afternoon to finalize everything. Then she left to go shopping for some new boots.

* * * * *

Batman went to Commissioner Gordon's office a bit early to let him know about the situation at hand with Robin gone. While they were chatting, the Commissioner asked Batman, "Have you heard anything about my daughter, Barbara? She’s missed a day at the library, and her phone is being answered by the answering machine, but no replies are forthcoming."

The Dark Knight told him, "Barbara’s a capable young woman. If she was in any trouble, she’d have gotten word to you, I'm sure. If it will make you feel any better, I'll stop by her apartment during my mission tonight and look around." The chatting went to a more general and lighter tone after that, and when it got close to four, Batman cut it short to await his helpers.

At the corporate headquarters of Networld, only a short distance from where that meeting was taking place, Kathy Kane exercised one of her prerogatives as CEO. At 3:30, she called her secretary on the pager, "Jeffrey, I'm going to be taking off early today. If anything major comes up that needs my attention, take care of it as best you can. I'll see you in the morning."

"Will do, Ms. Kane," was his brief reply. Jeffrey was so glad that Kathy had gotten over the problems generated by Playgirl's mind warping computer game. It was great to hear her normally pleasant voice once again. As Kathy came out of her doorway, Jeffrey noted the smile on her lips and added, "Have fun this evening, boss!"

'If only he knew what kind of fun...' Kathy thought, then said, "You know me, I'll probably be sitting around watching a movie or something while you and everybody else are enjoying yourselves. See you later!"

Jeffrey watched his boss go into her personal elevator, and saw the decreasing numbers that showed the lift going down to the parking garage. What he could not see was the special key Kathy used to get the car to descend a good bit lower than the garage. It opened into the downtown corporate Bat Cavern, and in no time, Kathy had shucked the day suit that she’d been more or less forced to wear by tradition. She opened up the small closet, and after hanging up the suit, pulled out something in which she’d be much more at ease.

The beautiful brunette had known enough to not wear any panties under her pantyhose when getting dressed that morning, and so just pulled her sleeveless yellow leotard on over her hose. She adjusted the black bat on her chest so that it was centered over her unfettered breasts. The wide black belt was drawn around her waist, and the cut of her leotard had her legs coming almost all the way up to the belt. Her Bat Kit was attached to the belt, then she pulled on her knee high black boots and turned down the cuffs. Their low block heels were bit of a relief from the heels she'd been wearing all day. Kathy clipped her yellow cape to her shoulders, and attached the wide black domino mask via a thin elastic band which was then hidden under her hair. After she pulled on her elbow length black gloves, Batwoman was ready to get on her souped up Harley Bat Cycle and get over to Police Headquarters. Her cycle exited the hidden Cavern in a disused alley two blocks from Networld.

Batgirl met Batman inside Commissioner Gordon's office shortly before four, and was taken a bit by surprise when the yellow and black clad heroine joined them a few minutes later. She hadn't figured on Batwoman in her plans, but they could be easily adapted to cover her presence. Kitty took advantage of the gathering to pass on 'the information about Catwoman she'd learned while under her spell' that would lure the others into her trap. She hadn't before come into contact with Batwoman, but if Batman trusted her to help him, she wouldn’t be an easy take.

Shortly after the meeting broke up, and the trio split to meet after dark, Kitty got back on the phone to let Selina know about the extra help the Dark Knight was getting. Kitty couldn't see it, but Selina's face clouded and scowled viciously at hearing Batwoman's name; she didn't know exactly why, but the new Selina hated the heroine with a passion. In actuality, even when she’d been Batgirl, the person now known as Selina had subconsciously seen Batwoman as a rival in her crime fighting, and even for Batman's attention and approval. Now, as Catwoman, she found it easy to hate the heroine with a passion. The look went away as Patty stuck her head around the corner to see what was up, and she listened in as Selina turned on the phone's monitor so she could share in the conversation.

"Here’s what I’m going to set up in the warehouse, Kitty. Vixen and I are going to get a lot of my old Cat's Whiskers line from the back of the Lair, and rig it in the rafters of the warehouse in the form of a huge Cat's Cradle. When it falls on the two heroes, it will entangle them so severely that they won’t be able to extricate themselves. I had originally planned just to kill Batman, but if Batwoman is going to be with him, so much the better. Batman thrashing on his own with the Whiskers contracting about him would have been perfect, but with two victims, a horrendous death will come all that much quicker for this pair of Bats."

There was a brief pause, as if Catwoman was expecting Kitty to comment, but then she came right back with, "Think of it, Catgirl! The two of them, both caught as if wound in the coils of a giant boa constrictor, with the Cat's Whiskers shrinking about them from their body heat. Their bodies will be literally screaming for oxygen! Ha, ha!"

Kitty was still a bit stunned and shocked, and heard her now murderous replacement continue, "And yet, near the very end, they would both try to hold their last breaths. If they give in to their bodies' overwhelming need for air, the Cat's Cradle would be waiting...waiting for them to exhale...waiting to take advantage and close down even further so they could never expand their chests back out."

Catwoman was getting more and more excited during this tirade, and was saying it more for her own enjoyment than to inform Kitty. Selina felt as if she had even experienced the Whisker's deadly embrace around her own body! "Each time they exhale, the Whiskers will contract to follow. It will become so tight around them that they will only be able to take more and more shallow breaths. Finally, after their last final exhalations, they would discover that they can no longer inhale. The Cradle's latest constrictions wouldn't allow it! Then the Bats would die!"

Kitty was taken aback. She wasn't sure if she really wanted to see Batman perish...and had she really made her replacement that evil a Catwoman? She had never before killed anyone....

Regaining her composure and coming back down to earth, Selina continued when she heard no reply from Kitty, "Don't worry, Catgirl. This Cat's Cradle I've designed is foolproof. It would be so confining that Batman wouldn't be able to get to the toys in his utility belt. Now, if that hussy Batwoman is going to be with him, she’ll be just as helpless and unable to get to any of her own gadgets, either. I can't wait to see the look on her face, as Batwoman realizes her fate at my hands!"

Kitty felt like this was getting way out of her league, and feared that the Catwoman she'd created was a beautiful Frankenstein's Monster who had escaped from her creator and was ready to create untold mayhem. All she could say was, "That sounds like you have it all set, Catwoman. I'll see you with our victims just after dark."

"See you then, Kitty, or better yet, Batgirl. Thanks for the help."

As she was hanging up, Kitty thought, 'Help? My God, the woman is doing this all on her own.'

* * * * *

Shortly thereafter, Selina left with Patty to obtain some perfectly shaped and fitted silicone breast forms that, after being glued in place and blended by makeup, looked and felt perfect for the young male who desired to look as much like a true young woman. Then in the afternoon, the pair of totally evil villainesses left to set up their trap. Inside a disused warehouse close to the waterfront, they rigged a huge Cat's Cradle with the Cat's Whiskers material. It had originally been designed to ensnare only Batman, but by expanding the dimensions of the trap, the female Bat could be handled just as well. Kitty, still dressed as Batgirl, would bring the trio to the side door into the building. She would let them enter while she used a different doorway.

Catwoman and Vixen made quite a sight while setting it up, both being decked out in form fitting black and having blonde hair hanging past their shoulders. Fortunately for them, there was no one there to appreciate the scene. Vixen was a lot more sure of herself while working, since Selina had gotten those special inserts to replace the fragile water balloons. She was also proud of the fact that with the new inserts, her chest was even more pronounced than the night before. She was also fully at ease in getting around in her boots with such high stiletto heels. Selina had been constantly stroking Vixen's ego all day, so that she became more and more sure of herself, and proud of herself. The ex-Robin was sinking deeper and deeper into her new evil identity, knowing only who she currently was.

Batgirl is the Quarry
by Steve Zink
The totally new Bat Trio made its way down the back streets along the docks until they got to Cattail Lane. Batgirl had told them that Catwoman was using the third warehouse down from the corner as her lair, and the Dark Knight figured that the street name made it an almost obvious choice. "Batman, while you and Batwoman make your entry though the side door, I'll circle around and come in through the rear door," Kitty told them. "It should take me only an extra minute to get there, so I'll be on the scene at the same time as you two."

"That's a plan," said the elder Bat. "Whatever you do, don't get involved before you see us coming to join you, if you get in before us. Batwoman and I will try to work our way to the center as soon as we see you come in."

"And you be careful, too, Batgirl," the yellow clad heroine added. "Even though you've been in here and know your way around, Catwoman may have changed some things to account for your escape."

"Don't worry, I'll be on top of things from the start. Don't get too tied up on your own before I can join you," Batgirl answered cryptically. She was going to be a big part of the trap.

As she watched the pair go inside, Kitty tried one last time to sort through her own feelings. She had never 'really' tried to kill Batman in any of her own traps over the years. Oh, it may have seemed that way, but deep down she had known that the Caped Crusader would be able to escape the Bengal Tiger, giant magnifying glass, acid coffee pot and her poisonous perfume. She had even subconsciously aided his escapes at times, such as by not tying his legs to the aluminum reflectors.

Yet now her replacement was making her an integral component in a sure-fire deathtrap. 'The Dark Knight has always managed to get out of traps before,' she rationalized, 'so maybe his luck will hold and also save Batwoman. Save Batwoman? No, it would serve him right to die along with her for running around with other women like Batgirl and Batwoman instead Oh God, now I AM Batgirl! Oh, I don't know what to think anymore....'

As soon as Batman and Batwoman went inside, Batgirl stripped off her purples. The Catgirl costume was underneath and now proudly displayed, it made her thoughts more sure. It was as if her change in costume brought with it a total change in identity. The new boots which she'd obtained earlier in the day were hidden in a box alongside the building, and after she pulled the zippers up to her thighs, Catgirl stood a couple inches higher than she had moments earlier. The black domino mask was put in place over her face, and the cat ears lodged in the hair over her ears. She was now ready to join Catwoman and Vixen, wholeheartedly proud of her role.

Batman was more than wary as he entered the dark interior of the building. With the way Catwoman had been acting the night before, he expected all kinds of variations on the behavior he'd observed in the past. This was obviously Catwoman, but it almost seemed as if someone far more vicious was in her body than the old Selina he knew and almost loved. He could hear Batwoman's gentle steps behind him as he slowly advanced. He turned and softly said, "Batwoman, stay here and drop behind me a bit, just in case. Follow at about ten to fifteen feet, and be very careful."

In not much more than a whisper, Kathy replied, "Okay. Stay nimble and be ready to jump."

Batman was following the only available path, and it was opening into a gap in about another eight feet. Just before he reached it, however, Batwoman, whose ears were not covered by a cowl that could block tiny noises, heard a sound to her right which should have been the direction Batgirl would come from to meet them. It was dark, but she could tell that the moving figure was not dressed in purple, but a sexy looking black outfit. In a whisper just loud enough to be heard by Batman but no others, she said, "Batman, STOP! There’s someone approaching from where Batgirl said she'd be coming, but it isn't her. I smell a big trap!"

Batman halted just as the Cat's Cradle dropped from above. Had he continued moving, and with Batwoman directly behind him, they both would have been ensnared. As it was, he'd stopped in time to see the lines fall harmlessly to the floor in front of him. Batwoman raced up to join him at the sight, and at the same moment, he looked to the right to check on what Batwoman had told him. His jaw dropped. It was Catgirl, and she looked even sexier than she had the night before, with black boots having really high heels now going all the way up her legs. Had Batgirl reverted to her criminal identity? Something was definitely not going the way it should.

At almost the same moment, Catwoman and Vixen came out of hiding to check on their trapped foes. Both stopped abruptly when they saw the Whiskers loose on the floor. Catgirl saw the failed trap and fled, without any thought of aiding her compatriots. Batwoman watched her running away, and told Batman, "We're down to two on two. The girl in black that I saw is bugging out quickly."

"Great! If those two split up in any way,” the Caped Crusader replied,” you go for the one in the glossy leather, and I'll take Catwoman, who's in the shiny black lurex. If they stay together, we'll hit them as a pair ourselves. Let's go!"

The two Bats started to advance on the black cats, and the villainesses looked like they were going to hold their ground. However, as Catwoman spun to take up a more secure position, she slipped in some oil on the floor. Her right foot went out from under her, and on the way down, her left arm caught the side of a can with jagged edges and marked XXX. The can's edges tore a gash in her costume, and also opened up a bloody slash on her arm. The can spilled over on top of her, drenching the open wound with the poison. In the confusion, Vixen became torn between caring for her mistress, and personal survival; Batwoman was able to grab her from behind and wrap her thoroughly in Bat Ropes.

Batman was on top of Catwoman in no time, and gasped when he saw what had happened. Before any other thoughts even came to mind, he whipped a canister of Bat Antidote from his utility belt. Villainess or not, this was a human being getting poisoned. "Batwoman! Quick! Find some water somewhere, and get it here for a rinse!" As Kathy turned to look around, Batman was spraying the open wound liberally. By the time Batwoman returned with a small pail full of tap water, Catwoman's left arm was bright red, and she seemed to be calming down.

Batman carefully doused the arm with a bit of water to wash away the remaining liquid poison, and also rid her appendage of some of the blood. When it looked pretty clear, he sprayed some more Bat Antidote on the opening. Added to the liberal dosage from before the rinse, it worked its way into her bloodstream right away due to the position on her arm, and did two things. The poison was neutralized, and the Cataphrenic from two nights before was attacked and eliminated. The shock from the accident combined with the elimination of the Cataphrenic allowed Barbara's mind to overcome the effects of the Cat's Eye Jade.

Catwoman's eyes blinked a few times and her head shook back and forth, with blonde hair streaming out to both sides. Then she blurted out, "Batman! I’m Catwoman, but I'm not Selina! I’m Batgirl. She switched bodies with me, and made me think I was her. The Cataphrenic must have been overcome by the antidote, and everything together must have undone her hypnosis. Though what you see and hear is Catwoman, she is right now running around in my body."

"Selina, do you really expect me to believe that?" Batman told her with more than a hint of sarcasm in his voice. "Whenever you've switched minds in the past, you kept your identity in whatever body you took over. So if a body swap was done, we would have seen Batgirl running around in a Catwoman costume. No, she's in a wicked Catgirl costume, and I think you just changed her somehow that the Bat Antidote couldn't erase. Don't try to fool me."

"Batman, you have got to believe me! Selina *DID* switch minds with me, but this time she made me think I was Catwoman so that she could wreak havoc running around in my body, acting both as Batgirl and as Catgirl," she continued in trying to persuade him. Batwoman was watching this exchange with a lot of interest, all the while also watching Catwoman's assistant. Catwoman zipped her lips and put an innocent look on her face as she thought for a moment, then said, "Wait a minute. I know how I can prove that I'm really Batgirl. Has Catwoman been inside the Bat Cave recently?"

"No, and we changed things quite a bit after the one visit you...she made," he replied. "Why?"

"Come closer so Batwoman can't hear," she told him. When they were close enough to talk privately, Catwoman rattled off all the things that Batgirl had noted a few weeks before on her visit. Batman couldn’t believe the detail that the woman's mind held, but felt deep down that only Batgirl could have known what he was just told.

As they broke apart, Batman turned to Batwoman and said, "I really do believe that Catwoman is telling us the truth. She has to be Batgirl in that body, and the real Selina must have been acting as Catgirl and pretending that she was Batgirl. She fled as soon as she saw that the trap had failed. Now, who is this Vixen? I thought she was in prison?"

"Oh, my God!” Barbara exclaimed, “I was so overcome by my Catwoman persona last night that I took Robin and turned him into Vixen!"

"That's Robin?!" said a pair of Bat voices in harmony.

"I'm not Robin, you stupid oafs!" the leather clad evil goddess said. "I’m the evil as can be Vixen, can't you see that?"

Catwoman thought, ‘I know I gave her the full knowledge of still being Dick Grayson and Robin, but I want to see how this develops for Dick. As she slowly stood up, she said, "I pretty thoroughly eliminated Robin's good nature with Cataphrenic, and took away his identity with the Cat's Eye Jade that also turned me into a wicked Selina. His body is still under her new costume, but if his mind is still in there, I think we need to hit him with the Bat Antidote, too, and then get him to the Cat's Lair so I can try to bring back Robin with the Jade."

Batwoman went back to the blonde vision in black, and said, "I still can't believe that this is really Robin. You must have done an awesome makeup and costuming job to get him looking like this. Wait, now I can see that you're not kidding; his Adam's Apple is still apparent if you look closely under that leather collar." She grabbed the ropes and pushed the still protesting Vixen closer to Batman and Catwoman. Batman sprayed the can point blank into the apparent female's pretty nose, and between what went directly into her lungs and what was absorbed through the skin on her face, Vixen started to lose her animosity. However, since Robin was still effectively Vixen, the ropes securing her arms were left in place.

"Let's get Robin to the Cat's Lair right away. I can only try to use the Jade and hope for the best," Babs said. "I may still look like the villainess, but as of right now, Catwoman is the heroine, and Batgirl is the villainess. If Batwoman hadn't already taken the name, I would change my name and costume for the time being, but it looks like I will be staying as Catwoman for now."

"This is going to take some getting used to..." was all Batman could say. He helped Batwoman load Robin/Vixen into the Batmobile, still thoroughly tied up. Batwoman then joined Barbara in the Kitty Kar, and the pair of vehicles made a very interesting sight for anyone lucky enough to spot them that evening, especially if they spotted the occupants of the vehicles. The Batmobile was following the Kitty Kar, since Babs was the only one in the group who knew the way, and could be trusted. Vixen probably knew, but who knew where she would take them before she could be turned back into Robin.

While the two vehicle convoy was headed for the Cat's lair, Kitty was making her way back to her temporary home. Since the Bat team might be looking for her if they got past Catwoman and Vixen, she was less worried about someone seeing her in the black costume than she had been the night before. Besides, this time, she wasn't pretending to be Batgirl for Batman. She was Catgirl, and proud of it. She still had her Batgirl costume, though, and intended to put it to good use. She just wished that she’d been able to get back to the Cat's Lair.

* * * * *

Batman had been inside one of Catwoman's past Cat Lairs, and therefore was not particularly amazed at what he saw once Barbara led them inside. Batwoman, on the other hand, was getting her first look at the living standards of the villainess. A short gasp escaped her lips before she recovered her composure and started to take in all that she saw. She followed Batman, who had what looked like a stunning blonde haired, black leather clad babe in his arms, as he followed Barbara to Catwoman's bedroom.

After he sat the transformed Robin on the edge of the bed, Batman was approached by Babs. In what looked to Batwoman like lovers whispering sweet nothings, she told him, "I don't think it would be a good idea for you or Batwoman to stay in here while I try to bring back Robin. The shock of seeing your image at any point might bring Vixen's hatred of you to the fore, and completely block any further pathways to Robin's mind. Do me a favor, and wait just outside the door until I call for you. If I can get Robin back, I may need you to come in and work with him to get his full identity. I’ll leave at that time."

Cat lips left the Bat ear, and Bat lips then went to the Cat ear. "You know more about how this works than I do...Catwoman. I can't even think of any better way to call you, since I don't know who you really are, other than Batgirl. I do see the logic of your point, and I'll take Batwoman outside with me. Call me when I'm needed."

Batwoman watched as Batman pulled away from Catwoman, and then heard him say, "Come on. We need to let Catwoman do this on her own. And yes, even though we know that she is really Batgirl, there is no other way to call her other than Catwoman for now. Follow me."

As the only apparent male in the room turned to go out the door, Batwoman looked at Catwoman with a bit of puzzlement, but then saw the pleasant smile on her lips that looked so contradictory. She trusted Batman completely, and so turned away and followed him out into the hallway.

When she was alone with Vixen, Catwoman brought the Jade up to her eyes. "Vixen, or Patty, you’re not really who you think you are. Deep, very deep in your mind is the person that you were until last night. Close your eyes now, and let Vixen go to sleep. You need to let Robin wake up, and let him become himself again, but still loving to be in this costume." The sultry blonde's eyes closed, still behind the domino mask, and a pleasant smile formed on her lips.

Catwoman waited a few moments, then said, "Robin, can you hear me?"

A still quite nice feminine voice answered, "Am I Robin? I seem to think I’m here, but it’s so dark. I don't feel like myself. But yes, I truly am Robin. I can now remember watching what I did as both Patty and Vixen. She is still here with me, but I’m letting her rest while I gather my strength. Yes, I love being the female I look like in this costume, and Vixen is now asleep. I’m Robin."

"Open your eyes now, Robin."

Those same beautiful eyes flickered open, and took in the sight of Catwoman directly in front of them. Before the alarmed look on Robin's face resulted in a question, she said, "I may look like Catwoman, but I'm really Batgirl. I’m sorry for changing you into a totally new form and a completely evil identity, and now that you’re at least partially back to your own true self, let me bring in Batman." She got up and walked away before the still puzzled Robin could say anything.

Moments later, Batman sat down next to his still tied up transformed partner. "Old chum, you look a bit different today. You do know that you really are Robin now, right?"

"Yes, Batman. My mind is still a bit confused, but I am slowly putting all of Vixen's thoughts into her own little niche, and I’m putting my own personality in charge."

"Do you remember your own real name, Robin?"

Those gorgeous eyes closed once again, and Batman had to fight the thoughts that were coming up at the sight. "I can picture what I look like, and I’m seeing another face which must be yours, but my own name...Patty? Patty Harold. But another name I seem to know is Dick Grayson." He was still speaking in a feminine voice.

“That must be who you were changed into,” Batman said. “The alter ego of Vixen. Try to search further back in your memories. There’s a young male, not female, who you really are. You did say his name.”

The beautiful young lady closed her eyes and concentrated. Then she said, “I’m a guy who prefers to always be seen as a gorgeous gal, but what’s my name as a guy? I think it might be Dick. I also seem to think I’m Robin.”

"Yes, Robin, you’re Dick Grayson. As Patty, you played the role of Vixen. As Dick, you play the role of Robin, my assistant. Does that name help your memories to come back?"

A wide grin formed on the bright red lips. A normal male voice said, "Holy Mind Mix Ups!" Batman knew instantly that his young chum was back, even if he didn't look like himself. "All my memories of last night just came back, and everything from before." Those bright red lips drew closer to Batman's cowled ear, and whispered, "Just in case Catwoman or Batwoman can hear us, I'll keep this quiet. I’m Dick Grayson, you’re Bruce Wayne, and even though she doesn't look like it, Catwoman is Batgirl."

"Glad to see you coming around!" Batman said aloud as he stood. He immediately reached down to untie his companion, who then stood to the greatly increased height brought on by the boots he was wearing which he really loved, and looked down at the shape he was in.

After another few seconds, he said, "Holy Identity Crisis!"

A traditional groan escaped Batman's lips. Then the reality of the situation hit him and he smiled broadly. "Welcome back, Robin!" he said with a chuckle. "Can you still use the female voice you had until moments ago?" He then turned toward the doorway, and said, "Come on back in, ladies. Robin is back!"

Robin thought about it for a moment, then, just as Catwoman and Batwoman came through the doorway, said in a once again sultry feminine voice, "Do you mean like this, Batman?"

To the stunned looks on the true female faces, Batman said, "Robin, would you mind staying as Patty in that Vixen costume for the time being?" To the stunned looks on the two true females' faces, and the only slightly puzzled one on his assistant, he continued, "I was just thinking that the best way to get our hands on Selina, whether she’s Catgirl or Batgirl, is to have Robin pretend to be Vixen still, and that she was able to get away from us and get back to her. So, would you be willing to stay dressed up like that and do some more acting for a while?"

"If it means getting Selina and Batgirl back into their own bodies, I can put up with what I've become for a while longer," Robin said in the voice that went with what he was wearing. "I just don't think that we should stay here to wait for our opportunity. Let's all go back to the Bat Cave, and we can all sleep in shifts until Selina surfaces in one form or the other."

"That sounds like the Robin I know," Batman said. "Catwoman, you've been inside the Bat Cave before as Batgirl, so I see no problem with bringing you in. Batwoman, I can't let you or Catwoman see where the Bat Cave is, but it’s about time you got a detailed look at my base of operations. Care to join us?"

"Would I!" Batwoman was amazed at what she heard, and couldn't wait to see the Bat Cave for herself.

Just as they were getting ready to leave, Selina grabbed the Cat's Eye Jade and put it into the Cat Kit on her belt. She couldn't have said why, she just had a feeling that it might come in handy.

* * * * *

Robin's original costume was retrieved from the box Barbara had put it in the night before, placed into the trunk of the Batmobile, and then they proceeded to the Bat Cave. Robin, who looked quite appropriate behind the wheel, drove the Kitty Kar with a blindfolded Catwoman laying down on the back seat out of sight. Batman had Batwoman accompanying him in the Batmobile, and her own eyes were also covered. Both vehicles took a slightly roundabout path to get there, just in case either of their passengers was keeping track of turns and other sensory perceptions other than sight.

What really threw them off was when the Batmobile pulled up at Babs' apartment. She had no idea, laying in the back of the Kitty Kar, that Batman was quickly going up to find a totally empty apartment other than a squawking parrot. Batman had been introduced to Charlie once before, and when he saw the empty food tray and water dish, decided to do at least one useful thing in an otherwise fruitless visit. The fact that Barbara's pet bird had been underfed for a couple of days backed up what the Commissioner had said about his daughter being apparently missing. He was going to have to tell him that the evidence backed that up.

The Bat Cave looked quite strange a bit later with the Kitty Kar parked alongside the Batmobile. Batman called Alfred right away to let him know that visitors were on hand, and not to make his presence known. Even with all the strange sights he'd seen in the past, the grey haired butler would have still been stunned to see Batman accompanied by three voluptuous females if he had come down. As soon as Catwoman and Batwoman had their blindfolds removed, Barbara took Kathy in tow to show her around. This, too, would have made quite a picture. Catwoman was giving the guided tour to Batwoman!

With Robin at his side in a form never before seen in the Bat Cave, the Caped Crusader went to the computers while the ladies were sightseeing. The two of them put out word to the GCPD and others that Batgirl was not to be trusted if she tried to work with them, and for them to contact the Bat Cave as soon as she was seen anywhere. They also told the powers that be about the new assistant that Catwoman had, Catgirl. They were assured that at the first sight of either of the ladies, they would be called.

Since it would be a bit difficult to sleep in the corsets he was wearing, Robin told the others that he would take the first watch while they napped. Batman showed Catwoman and Batwoman where the cots were, and then went to his own personal rest spot. Even after all the action, all three were soon resting comfortably.

Robin decided to kill time by playing some computer games, and got out one of his favorites from Networld. Had he known that the person behind that game was sleeping nearby, the changed Boy Wonder would have been more than a bit surprised. With no need for the domino mask, he took it off and set it on the counter top, then started playing games. He did find that none of his skills or any of his dexterity were impaired by the costume he was wearing, and this made him all the more sure that he'd be able to perform when needed to bring in Selina.

When he got up to get a drink of water, Robin approached a mirror in which he could see his reflection for the first time since getting his identity back. All the time he'd been driving the car and working in the Bat Cave, he'd never seen just what he looked like. Then he looked into the mirror above the sink, and saw what Patty looked like. He knew that he had been changed, and even recalled seeing what Vixen had seen the night before, fully enjoying how SHE looked both ways. Barbara’s hypnotism had made him really enjoy pretending to be a female. But in seeing the beautiful face that he now wore, Robin became a bit confused. This allowed both Patty and Vixen to come out of their slumber, and Robin went back to sleep.

Patty reached up and fondled her breasts, and even though only her hands felt it and not the silicone, she felt herself becoming more complete. She looked around and saw where she was, then decided that she had to get away and find Catgirl. She had to tell her that Catwoman was no longer on their side. She picked up her Vixen domino mask from the counter, and made herself whole.

Walking as carefully as she could to keep her heels from clicking on the Bat Cave's floor, Vixen made her way to where she knew from somewhere in her mind that a motorcycle could be found. This she wheeled into the access tunnel until she got a good ways down, and then started the engine. She was long gone and on the roads leading into Gotham moments later, with none of the sound being loud enough to awaken the Bat Cave's occupants.

* * * * *

Batman awoke first four hours later to the sound of the Batphone beeping. On the way to the phone, he looked up at the wall chronometer. 3 AM. Where was Robin, and why hadn't he answered the call? "This is Batman."

"Batman, this is Sergeant Dougherty. I was just told that Batgirl is in the Gotham Central Train Station. She has already told one of my officers to leave her alone while she does her work, and that made him call me."

"Thank you, Sergeant. We'll get down there right away. Tell your men and women to avoid contact with Batgirl until we get there. Please call me back with any updates on her location."

"Will do, Batman. Also, you might be interested to know that there’s a blonde in a black costume that looks a lot like Catwoman's old crony, Vixen, going from door to door in the all night bars along the waterfront. She seems to be looking for someone."

"Thanks again, Sergeant. We had lost track of that other young lady, and are glad to know where she is, also. Good night."

Batman hung up the phone to see a pair of slightly groggy women approaching him. "Don't ask me how, Catwoman, but Vixen must have taken over from Robin again. He isn't here in the cave, and I just heard that someone answering his description is along the waterfront looking for somebody. Probably Catgirl. Which brings up the other point. Selina is wearing your Batgirl costume, and is currently at Gotham Central."

Barbara reached into the Cat Kit on her belt. "Don't ask me why I decided to bring this along, but here’s the Cat's Eye Jade. If I can get it in front of Robin again, I should be able to bring him back. I don't know how he lost out to Patty or Vixen, more likely both, but the Jade should help him. How about if I go after Robin, or rather, Vixen, and you and Batwoman try to get your hands on Selina? The sooner we get her in our clutches, the sooner I can get my own body back."

"I have a better idea," chimed in Kathy. "Since Robin, or Vixen, knows that you’re one of the good guys, Catwoman, how about if I go with you? We can get into totally different costumes and act like friends to, her, whatever, and get close that way. It should be easier than a confrontation."

"Good idea, Batwoman," Bruce said. "I should be able to handle Selina, so if Catwoman agrees, that sounds like the plan."

"Sounds good to me," Babs replied. "Where are we going to find the costumes, though, especially at this time of the night?"

"Welllllll...since you've been inside the Bat Cave," Batwoman answered, "I guess it couldn't hurt to show you the insides of the Bat Cavern. I have a good assortment of costume components there, and we should be able to work something up."

"You'll be one step ahead of me, then," Batman added. "I knew there was a Bat Cavern, but where it is and what's inside it are beyond my ken."

"And so they shall remain, Batman." Kathy turned toward Catwoman, and said, "I hope you don't mind another blindfold. While I'll let you have free rein inside, I don't want you to know where the Cavern is."

"Not at all, Batwoman. Let's get going!" This time, the Kitty Kar left the Bat Cave with Batman at the wheel and two blindfolded ladies riding in back. As soon as he got far enough away from the entrance to make it safe, he stopped the car and let Batwoman take over in the driver's seat. He waited until they were gone, then got his radio from the utility belt and called Alfred to come pick him up. The subterfuge added about fifteen minutes to the time he'd need to get to the train station, and the Dark Knight wondered if maybe it was time to let his closest allies know who he really was and where they had just been.

* * * * *

While Batwoman knew Catwoman's face, it would reveal too much to allow Catwoman to see hers. So after both of the ladies had selected what they would disguise themselves as, they split up into divided sections of the Cavern. Kathy picked a shoulder length red wig to cover her own long black locks, and Babs picked a short brown one to cover her now blonde mane.

Babs got out of the skintight black costume, and slipped her legs into some yellow spandex leggings. She put on a bright orange leotard that somehow clung even closer to her torso than the black lurex did. The deep V on her chest allowed a lot more cleavage to show than Babs would have been happy with, but for the show they were going to make, it would be a bonus. There were white knee high PVC boots and shoulder length gloves that she donned, and Barbara wondered where Batwoman needed white boots with very high stiletto heels. They sure looked good, though. A white domino mask completed her outfit. She was now Sunburst.

Kathy got out of yellow spandex and into black leather. The catsuit took longer for her to put on than Barbara's outfit, because the legs and arms all had lacing which needed to be tightened and then tied off. The knee high black leather boots also had to be laced on, and the heels they perched her on made Kathy stand almost on her tiptoes. The added height gave her a commanding presence. The elbow length black gloves, with wide flaring cuffs, were drawn onto her arms. A knee length black cape was clipped to her shoulders, with the red hair spilling out behind it. After the wide black belt with an attached coiled whip was drawn over her hips, Kathy pulled the black cowl with rakish eye holes down over her head. She was now Eclipse.

When Kathy called out that she was ready, Babs stepped around the corner and whistled. "If I ever thought that Catwoman was the ultimate in evil looking black, that just went out the window! Batwoman, that outfit is a killer!"

Kathy grinned, then put a sneer on her lips and growled in a voice that totally fit her appearance, "Batwoman is no more! I am Eclipse, the Mistress of Evil!"

"And evil you look! I'll be your henchwoman, Sunburst. I can see that you've got a whip; what do you think I should use?"

Back in her normal voice, Eclipse said, "Grab that white belt, and hook the holster to it. You can use the laser pistol from the video game in the other room, and its beam can be altered from pinpoint to wide angle. That way you can live up to your name. You can also put the Jade into the pouch on the other side of the belt."

A few minutes later, the new team of Eclipse and Sunburst drove from the Bat Cavern in the Kitty Kar. Eclipse looked like she was right at home at its wheel.

* * * * *

Batman arrived at the train station just in time to see Batgirl pouring acid over and into the coin boxes at the turnstiles. She obviously couldn't be intending to steal very much that way, and had to be just trying to be a nuisance. When she saw Batman approaching, Kitty said, "Where's all your help, Batman? I thought you would at least have brought Batwoman with you."

"Batwoman is busy right now, Selina," he told her. "And Catwoman is with her. We now know that it is Batgirl acting as Catwoman, and this time, once we get you and her back into your own bodies, that machine is going to be taken away from you."

'So, I'm back to being Selina again?' she thought. 'Good!'

"What makes you think I'll want to use the machine, or even show you where it is?” Selina asked. “There isn't anything wrong with this fresh young body I have now, and I'm sure Batgirl can have lots of fun being Catwoman. Besides, you have to catch me first, before you can even think of doing anything else."

Batman could not believe that Selina was just standing there trying to taunt him. If she had any plans for escape, she wasn't giving any of them away. Of course, the fact that she was so intent on facing him and challenging him made it easy for Batman's plan to come into play. "I'm not worried about catching you. We've had too much going on together over the years for me to not know just how you think. No matter what you do, I’ll be right there. Even with the quick and nimble body you now have, you’ll never be more than one step ahead of me."

She took his bait, hook, line, and sinker. Selina's hands went to her purple covered hips in a challenging pose, and both her chest and her chin shot forward. "Not good enough to get away from YOU?! HAH! Don't make me laugh. I'm going to be so far gone from you before you can even move that you'll wonder what happened!"

And as she turned to race away from the elder Bat, Batgirl faced Detective Montoya with a can of mace in one hand and cuffs in the other. All the time that Batman had been keeping Selina occupied, Renee had been circling around and behind her. One brief burst from the can had Selina bringing her hands up to her stinging eyes. Before she realized where that put her hands, Selina felt the cuffs being slapped around her wrists. "I'm not even going to bother with Miranda, you bitch," the grinning Montoya said. "You've already gotten around our justice system too much. I'm giving you to Batman. Let him figure out what to do with you."

Then turning to a grinning Batman, the detective said, "Your plan worked like a charm. Though this looks like the Batgirl that I'm used to working with, she sounded like Catwoman through and through. I sure hope you can find a way to get them straightened out. It would be awfully strange in Gotham if Catwoman was the new helper to Batman and Robin, and Batgirl was the villainess to track down all the time."

"Thanks for your help, Detective Montoya. I'm going to try my best to get Selina back into her own body, and then you'll be able to have Batgirl working alongside you once again." Then Batman turned to Selina. "No matter what it takes, we will find a way to make you switch back. Even if I have to get Egghead to make another contraption, you’re not staying in a body that isn’t yours."

Selina was too angry with herself to show any more animosity to Batman. To think that she had allowed herself to be corralled that easily! All she did was scowl, and it was a very different looking Batgirl that walked back out of the station in the arms of Batman.

The black motorcycle, with Catgirl's costume in the sack on back, was loaded onto the back of the Batmobile. With a band over her eyes, the person who looked like Batgirl was then driven to the Bat Cave.

* * * * *

Eclipse and Sunburst cruised up and down the street slowly, scanning the bars and the spaces in between for any sign of their black clad prey. On their third run, while Kathy was intently watching the red light at which they were stopped, Babs pointed forward and to the right and called out, "There she is! Or he. What the hell, the way Robin looks right now, it's got to be she. She just left the front door of O'Flannigan's, and is walking toward the parking lot along the side. Let's get this car parked so she can't see it, then join up with her."

"Okay, Sunburst. As soon as the light changes, I'll pull in along the curb. Keep her in sight, and don't lose her. If you have to, jump out and go after her, and I'll catch up with you."

Just then, the light changed and no rash action was needed. Kathy squeezed into one of the few open spots along the curb, then the two commanding women stepped out of the car. Kathy heard a few low whistles, but the sneer that Eclipse gave them made them shut up instantly. She and Babs went first toward the bar door, all the while watching Vixen, to make it look like they too were coming out of the bar. When Vixen spotted Sunburst's bright colors first, she didn't know what to think. When she spotted Eclipse, though, she knew she was among friends.

As Eclipse strode purposefully toward her position, Vixen evaluated what she saw. This woman had to be a commanding demoness! Maybe she knew where she could find Catgirl.

Babs spotted one lone eavesdropper who was nearing their position, and unholstered her weapon. She set it for pinpoint to sting him, and hit the guy on his right elbow. The laser didn't burn, only irritated. Then Sunburst reset it, and while making a grand show for any other observers, took a daring stance and fired a broad beam of light toward him. In the dark of the night, it actually looked like Sunburst was living up to her name. The broad and expanding beam was bright enough to outshine any and all lights in the vicinity, and the interloper was temporarily blinded. He knew better than to get any closer, and turned to walk away, groping slowly as he went.

Eclipse got right to the point. "Vixen, we've been looking for you. We got word that Catgirl was holed up and waiting for you to join her. Come with me." Her commanding tone left no question, and Vixen followed Eclipse as ordered. They walked toward the back of the parking lot, where a large number of cars were parked, and very little could be seen by onlookers.

"Vixen, Sunburst brought you a present from Catgirl as a sign of good faith. Sunburst?"

Babs reached into the pouch on her left hip, and extracted the Cat's Eye Jade. In the intense dark of the lot, it glowed eerily. Vixen's eyes were drawn to it, and locked onto the orb in seconds. A blank look formed on her face. "Vixen, you are drawn to the Eye. Let the Eye take you. It wants you, and you want it. Go to the Eye, and let Robin come forth," Babs intoned.

"No, I want to live! I can't go to the Eye, or I’ll die. I must not, must not, I must...I must...go to the Eye. I...I..." Vixen's voice faded away.

After a brief moment, a deeper male voice said, "Holy Disappearing Act! When Vixen came back in the Bat Cave, I could see and feel everything she did. I couldn't control anything, she had taken over completely. I sure hope that whatever you did this time keeps her away for a long, long time!"

Then Robin noticed the two costumed ladies standing next to him. "Who are you? I thought only Catwoman had the gem which could bring Vixen back and forth."

"Relax,” Babs said. “Right now, I'm Sunburst, but you know me as Catwoman, or Batgirl. The vision in black next to me is Eclipse, the Mistress of Evil, but you know her as Batwoman. How do you like our disguises?"

"Holy Halloween! I'd have never guessed who either of you were if you hadn't told me. I guess that makes three of us in totally different costumes right now!"

"Too bad I didn't bring a camera," Kathy said. "No one is ever going to believe this without any pictures."

"Personally, I hope nobody EVER hears about how I look right now!" Robin replied. ‘But with other disguises and female costumes….’

"Now that we're all back to normal, other than how we look, let's get back to the Bat Cave. I want to find out how Batman is making out with getting Selina," Barbara said in conclusion. The three of them went back to the Kitty Kar, and this time, there were two blindfolded women going in instead of going out.

To make a long ending short, an amazed Batman took in the sight of the costumed ladies who arrived. Babs used the Cat's Eye Jade on Selina to learn where in the Cat's Lair the mind swap machine was hidden. After a quick trip to the Lair, the still cowl covered Batgirl had one band put around her head, and Sunburst had one on hers. When the transfer took place, Batgirl's identity was still more or less a secret, since the full face that Batman had seen two nights earlier was surrounded by hair in a totally different style, and the makeup had been enough to hide her eye shape.

Babs drove the black motorcycle home, and put her hair back into the normal, almost bland style she was known to have. She called her dad and told him that she had been gone for a few days because Penguin had grabbed her once again. She didn't get free until Batgirl found her early that morning. She told him that Batgirl had said that she had her own troubles that she had just been through, and was glad to be back to normal.

Batman had been tempted to use the Jade to leave Catwoman in the Sunburst identity that she was dressed as, but that would not be right. The Justice System would have to take her into its possession once again, but at least this time, there weren't any chances for a mind swap to screw things up. He had taken it into his possession as soon as Batgirl was herself.

Batwoman gained quite a reputation for costuming and disguise work. Along with Batgirl, she helped Flamebird get a knack for it, also. As more and more different heroines were seen around Gotham City, the criminals thought they were being totally outnumbered.

The two costumes that were never worn again were the black one of Catgirl which Batgirl took home to add to her collection, and Vixen's, which Robin placed into the mini museum in the Bat Cave, along with Catwoman's Cat's Eye Jade and the Psyche Eggschange Machine. He didn't want to let the Vixen costume have any chance of ever taking over his mind again. If so, though, why did he have it so close by in the Bat Cave....

The End?

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