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Disclaimer: The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros. It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books. The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author.
 This came about following a challenge from DCComicSlash Yahoo Group were Zatanna had misfired a love spell, members of the group were challenged to write stories based on this premise. Thank you for the incentive to write this, Darklady. This is Steve's. Enjoy!
 One day during a slow moment at the Planet just after lunch, Lois Lane started to think. With her husband Clark Kent having already written a whole series of hot selling romance books under the pen name Lavender Larkspur, she finally came to a conclusion that Clark had wondered when she'd do so. With all the awards she'd gotten for her own writing over the years, why should her Man of Steel be the only one in the family to write scorchingly hot female oriented books?
 If Clark could write under the name Lavender Larkspur, her scorchers would be penned by Kitten Katharina. Since Clark had the advantage of using his shapeshifting friend J'onn to pose and appear as Lavender on occasion, Lois figured she could kill two birds with one stone. Kitten's first subject would be the various women in and out of costumes who had been the object of Bruce Wayne's attentions over the years. She would have to be careful to keep any connection to Batman out of the story, so for her first interview and also to ask about becoming the gorgeous face of Kitten Katharina, Lois got on the computer and asked Oracle to set up a get together between herself and Selina Kyle.

Lois knew she'd asked the right person when she'd contacted Oracle. Before she even left the Planet that afternoon, a call came in from Gotham City. She didn't want to give away anything with all the ears surrounding her desk, so Lois just told Selina she'd like to see her as soon as possible. Selina was just as brief, and Lois nodded before saying good-bye. As soon as she used a finger to tap the line closed, that finger punched the numbers for her favorite travel agency. She was booked on the 6:15 flight from Metropolis to Gotham. She then punched the intercom button to Clark's desk and told him he'd be on his own for dinner that night. When he asked, she told him, "Sorry, that would be telling!"
 When Clark looked in her direction, his wife was placing the phone back in its cradle and grinning at him like the Cheshire Cat who'd just eaten a canary. 'That minx, I wonder what she's up to now,' he thought.
 * * *
 Selina had suggested Lois watch for her at the Barnes & Noble book store in the terminal since there was no longer any way for her to meet Lois in the gate area. She didn't have long to wait. Lois stepped into the shop only a few minutes after the announced arrival of the flight. The reporter spotted the raven haired beauty along the right wall looking at, of all things, Lavender Larkspur's latest. "Hi, Selina, glad you could meet with me tonight," Lois said as she came up to her.
 Selina turned to face Lois as she placed the book back on the shelf. "Glad to be of help, Lois. It's not often that I get a reporter that wants to talk to me as a woman. It's usually while I'm costumed as Catwoman that they want me."
 "Are you that open about your identity as Catwoman, Selina? I didn't think it was that open a subject."
 "Well, we're not exactly broadcasting right now, and I doubt very many ears around us are paying any attention. I'm betting their eyes are doing all the work...the guys, anyway. What few other women are in here are probably doing their best to ignore us. Let's go, so we can talk more freely."
 "Okay, lead the way!"
 After the usual hassle of getting out of the airport parking lot, the pair made good time getting to Selina's downtown Gotham condo. Lois whistled when she saw the building at which they were parking. "Not bad, lady, not bad. Is this affordable because of your *ahem* activities while in costume?"
 "Heh! To some degree, yes, but I've been a good investor, and with help from Bruce, I've managed to keep my nose clean here. What Bruce doesn't know about...well, maybe he does...I have a few select places around Gotham in which I keep my cat goodies hidden. Just wait til you see what's inside upstairs!"
 Selina gave Lois a quick tour through her opulent two bedroom abode. Only the main bedroom was gone through, because as Selina told her, "The second one isn't my bedroom, it's Catwoman's, if you get my drift. You'll have to use your imagination for that one." They eventually settled in the living room, with the TV off and the CD player softly playing light jazz.
 Lois spent about five minutes explaining her plans for the books she wanted to write. She held off mentioning her close connection to the Lavender Larkspur book Selina had been looking through at the book store. "So, what I'm hoping is that you can give me some input on what it's like to romance Bruce Wayne, and offer help with some of the other women he's been connected to over the years."
 "And you want *MY* face to be seen on Kitten's books? I should say I really can't refuse with a name like that. Oooo, have I got some gems to pass on to you about our dear Mr. Wayne. By the way, what's it like being married to that cold fish, Clark Kent?"
 Lois was sooooo tempted to open up to Selina and tell her who Clark was, but held back. "He might be a real klutz at the office and on assignments, but once he's in bed, Clark's a real stud, Selina. I really love the tender way he treats me and builds me up during our love making. No wham, bam, thank you, ma'am, from Clark. He really knows how to make a woman feel good."
 "That's a surprise, Lois. I'd always thought you married him for his looks only. Yeah, I know, with those glasses he's not too studly, but I can see the sharp manliness of his face anyway. Sounds like you're as lucky in bed with Clark as I am with Bruce. Man, can that hunk make a woman hot!"
 It was just at that moment that an aura of iridescent colors appeared just below the ceiling and descended to surround each of their bodies for a few seconds, then as suddenly disappeared.
 "Yeah, but who cares how good Clark or Bruce can be in bed, right Selina?"
 "You've got that right, Kitten. Only a woman knows how to make another woman glow with feminine bliss. Why are we sitting here wasting time, anyway? The story can wait."
 Selina led the reporter to the bedroom, but it was not Selina's bedroom they entered. It is arguable just who got out of their blouses, skirts and underwear faster, but no speed was noted as two beautifully sculpted female bodies joined in a tight hug. Selina's massive mounds of flesh mashed against the reporter's only slightly smaller orbs as tongues shot forth to explore the other's mouths and play at tongue sword fighting.
 Selina felt herself being pushed down hard on her back and soon felt a tongue make its way from her lips to her chin to her neck to first one nipple then the other. All this time a finger was exploring the slit between her legs that was getting hotter and moister every second. After her nipples had been kissed and then nibbled on, she felt fingers squeezing and pinching her nipples as a tongue entered her fuck hole, quickly finding its target. Selina squealed in bliss as she was brought to her first orgasm of the night. Kitten lapped up all the joy juice.
 "Oh my, you do that so well, Kitten. Now it's my turn to give back what you've given me. Cats aren't known for sharing, but there is an exception to every rule, isn't there."
 Kitten Katharina felt herself being pulled down onto the bed and then flipped over on her back. She started to move her own fingers to her engorged nipples, but felt Selina's push hers aside. Selina played with Kitten's tits with her fingers as she tongue fucked her playmate's mouth. Then Selina reversed herself, and as Kitten felt a tongue dive into her pussy she found a now very familiar mound of black hair with an inviting slit descend upon her mouth. Once more her tongue found Selina's clit, and she felt her partner shudder a number of times as she herself moaned and screamed in bliss with each succeeding orgasm.
 * * *
 It was nearly 11 pm when the two cats finished playing with each other in bed. "I don't know about you, Kitten, but I'm so hot for action now that I can't wait to get into costume and go out on the prowl."
 "Meowww, I know what you mean, Selina. What shall it be tonight, you in purple and me in black, or the other way around?"
 * * *
 Lois Lane was a bit late getting back to Metropolis. She knew it was only a pen name she used in her cover as a newspaper reporter. Kitten couldn't wait to get back to Gotham City. Then again, she had already made arrangements to set up a few Cat Lairs in Metropolis for when Selina came to her instead of the other way around. Couldn't have Selina using the same bed she shared with Clark, could she?
 the end (but boy, could these shorties ever go onward...)

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