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The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros. It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books. The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author.
 Interlude Between (Koolkat's) Chapters 6 and 7
 Superman had done the worst he could think of to degrade the Wonder Slut, and having her lick clean his cock after he'd finished reaming her ass was the crowning touch. Taking her own golden lasso, he hog-tied the Amazon with her braceleted wrists and booted feet pulled together over her back. Superman made sure to have her fingers wrapped around the heels of her boots before he secured the knot. The shredded blue shorts had been crammed back into her mouth once she had cleaned his tool, and the golden lasso rendered her powerless.
 Superman had fretted about Lois calling him 'Supervirgin' but that was no longer a problem. He was now a 'Superstud' who'd turned the proud and slutty Wonder Woman into a meek and hurting Wonder Slut, in his own depraved opinion. In a manner that only his clouded, sex-starved mind could understand, Superman was proud of what he'd done, and looked forward to proving his manhood to the next female on his list of super cunts able to withstand his super prick. Ignoring the transporter, he used the airlock to exit the Watchtower, and took off from the moon headed for Leesburg, Virginia, home of Supergirl.
 * * * * *


Lex Luthor welcomed Poison Ivy into his group of super villains. Jason Woodrue, the Floronic Man, had persuaded Pamela to work with the Sexual Society of Supervillains, rather than be targeted by them as an enemy. Her pheromones and other specially devised aphrodisiacs would be useful in bringing about the demise of the world's heroes. Ivy was introduced to those at hand, and then she asked where Catwoman and Huntress were.
 Luthor told her about the way the original Catwoman, Selina Kyle, had turned on the group when told of the plans they had. He told her that the group had desperately needed Catwoman working with them, so a replacement for Selina had been found. When Luthor told her that it was Lois Lane now wearing the purple catsuit, Pamela couldn't believe it. Luthor then told her about the neural manipulator he'd stolen from STAR Labs, and modified to his own purposes.
 Thanks to being the first 'user' of the manipulator, Lois Lane was no longer the star reporter for the Daily Planet who also happened to be the girlfriend of Superman. She was a sex-starved nymphomaniac, with undying loyalty to Lex Luthor. This loyalty had developed a mean streak in her that was then put to use by having her become the new Feline Fatale, who at the moment was busy converting Lana Lang to their way of thinking.
 Huntress had been turned into a sex craving bimbo by his friend, the Joker, with some special chemicals he'd forced her to ingest. The manipulator was then used to change her mental attitude from a heroine to a deadly villainess, much the same as Lois had. Luthor mentioned that between the two of these new sex maniacs, he was not getting much sleep at night. He then said that at that moment, Huntress was back in costume at an emergency meeting of the JLA that her communicator had alerted them to, relaying all that went on to the Society's comm center. Besides the taps they had into the JLA's computers thanks to the other hero they'd acquired, at which point Luthor told Ivy about Oracle/Batgirl, the group now had a spy directly in their ranks, getting the inside scoop on what the actual feelings of the JLA were.
 Luthor had just finished briefing Poison Ivy when a "POOF!" was heard, and a puff of ethereal smoke appeared in the middle of the table at which they were seated. The smoke cleared to reveal a being Luthor had met only a few times much earlier in his career.
 The extradimensional imp called Mxyzptlk was sitting on the tabletop, appearing to be less than half the size of a normal human being. His legs and arms were crossed in front of him, in what could only be described as a "make your 3 wishes" genie pose. Luthor knew from past experience that this image was only one that Mxy used to make earthlings think he was harmless. He was deadly with his magic, and had taken on some truly frightening forms on occasion. Mr. Mxyzptlk was, like Luthor himself, a lifelong foe of Superman, both having met the Kryptonian refugee in his school days.
 "Hello, Lex!" the imp proclaimed. "I've been enjoying the way you've corrupted the minds of the superheroes and the general populace in consequence. I see where you already have some of Superman's friends either working with you or soon to be, and I'll bet you already have plans to bring Supergirl into your group."
 Luthor nodded, then said, "Was that a lucky guess, Mxy, or do you have precognitive abilities, also? Supergirl is indeed going to be joining us here, but by the time we're done with her, I think you could more correctly refer to her as Supercunt!"
 Mxyzptlk giggled, then replied, "Just putting two and two together, Luthor. I just knew you couldn't resist going after that blonde super bimbo. If you already had Lois, and Lana was coming, Supergirl just had to be next on the list. Have you considered going after Maxima? Anyway, Lexxy old boy, I have a proposition for you!"
 Every face at the table was glued to the imp. Luthor knew that Mxy could easily do whatever he wanted to anybody there, just for fun, and knew better than to get him mad. "Maxima, huh? I hadn't considered going after her royal twat," Lex said. "Tell me about your proposition."
 The imp stood, then walked across the table to stand directly in front of Lex, looking down into the bald villain's face, confirming who was the dominant person. "Lexxy, besides your Supercunt, how would you like to have a Superslut, too? Your own precious Lois Lane has given the Man of Steel a complex, making him think he was a deprived and depraved Supervirgin. In a fit of super sexual craving, the Supervirgin went to the JLA's Watchtower headquarters on the moon. There, he conveniently found one of the few women able to withstand his super ejaculate."
 Mxy stopped for a pregnant pause, then continued, "Wonder Woman, who in Superman's clouded eyes was a Wonder Slut, was alone on watch duty while the rest of the JLA was out on a mission. She gave up her own virginity to the Supervirgin as he turned himself into Superstud by raping her. He left her hog-tied in her own magic lasso, then zoomed back to the Earth. He hasn't hit our atmosphere yet, but if you want me to, I could arrange it so that by the time Superstud arrives Earthside, SHE will be Superslut, eager to be changed by your neural manipulator!"
 Luthor grinned from ear to ear, then said, "Mxy, I had dreamt of merely debasing Superman by having his friends and the world hate him, but having him turned into a more than willing member of our own group would be outstanding! Go have fun!"
 Mxyzptlk "POOFED" back out of our dimension, leaving those at the table gaping in awe at the possibility of what they'd just heard. Luthor got everyone's attention by rapping his knuckles on the table in front of him. "I think we can put our trap for Supergirl on hold for just a bit. Lois should be getting back soon with Lana in tow, Huntress has said that the JLA won't be ready to attack us for a day or more, so let's wait and see what Mr. Mxyzptlk can do for us."
 Luthor then gave his friends some words of advise. "For those who've never met or worked with the imp before, Mxy is an incredibly powerful magician, for want of a better description, and you don't want to get him mad at you. His changes stay in place until he is forced to say his name backwards, at which point he is forced back into his own dimension. I'm betting that changes he causes will stay in place if he goes back to his own dimension willingly."
 * * * * *
 Superman was arcing through the sky far above the East Coast, aiming for the Washington, DC area, when his old 'friend' Mxyzptlk popped into view alongside him. Simultaneously, a glowing sphere came into being, surrounding them in arcane energy. Superman continued on, but knew what was going to happen next. He hit the surface of the eldritch sphere, and bounced back. The only two things that could affect the super powered and invulnerable last son of Krypton were Kryptonite and magic. Unfortunately for him, Mxy's magic was once again taunting him.
 "Well, Mxyzptlk, I haven't seen you in a long time," Superman said. "What brings you to my world this time, other than to make my life miserable like usual?" Superman's tool was still standing out prominently in the front of his shorts.
 "Well, Superstud," replied Mxy, "I see that you have already turned the glorious Wonder Woman into a bloody wreck. You have an undying need to fuck, right? Guess what! From now on, you're going to have an undying need to get fucked, Superslut!"
 Mxy snapped his fingers, and the Man of Steel started morphing slowly. "I want to make sure you enjoy the experience of this change, Superwoman," Mxyzptlk said, as the blue supersuit started to cling to an entirely new shape. The red trunks started to look like red hotpants, starting well below the exceedingly small waistline forming on her midsection, and now covering the bulge of her new labial lips instead of the tool she used to have bulging there. She could actually feel her insides scrambling into their new roles.
 The well defined muscles on her legs and arms became softer and smoother, with exquisitely shaped calves and thighs. Above the wasp waist she now had, Superwoman watched as her chest started to expand outward. The red boots on her feet morphed to fit the shape they now covered, developing sky high stiletto heels. She could feel her face reshaping itself, but could only guess at what Mxy would have her looking like. The jet black hair on her head started pouring outward, forming a raven halo around her face, then dropping to the middle of her back. The last thing she saw changing was her hands, becoming petite and svelte with fingers bearing long, red-painted nails.
 "My, don't you look gorgeous, Superwoman," said Mzy. "Oh wait, that's right, I said Superslut, didn't I! Sorry, my mistake. I'll fix that for you right now!"
 The former Super Man then felt herself becoming the ultimate Super Woman, and felt herself shrinking to a very short height. Mxy said to her, as the further changes took place, "You were so impressed with the jugs on the Wonder Slut you just raped, now you'll have some of your own that make hers look miniscule!" The already large breasts on her chest started to balloon outwards, stopping only when they were sticking out so far that Superslut could not fit her arms around them. "Congratulations, Superslut," added Mxyzptlk, "I think, in earth terms, you would call those melons, measuring 54HHH. I'm glad you are super, because you'll never find a bra big enough to hold them!"
 "Now let's see, what else should we fix here," Mxy went on. "Ah, I know! That costume is so blase! Let's give you something more appropriate for that incredibly well-built tiny body you now have." A bright blue leotard with a deep V front, sleeveless with a scoop back and French cut legs took the place of her former body covering blue suit. Bright cherry red gloves, with claws at the fingertips covering her own nails, appeared on her arms, going almost to her shoulders. Likewise, similarly colored thigh high boots took the place of the ones she had, with even higher heels arching her feet into a ballet toed pose. A silver spiked red choker formed on her neck, and for good measure, Mxy had a red domino mask form on her face.
 Superslut reached to feel the tips of her new mammaries, and shook with pleasure at the feeling she got. The male still in her head had never before felt anything like this! She started to explore the rest of her new body, first fitting her hands all the way around her tiny waist, her fingertips and thumbs easily meeting each other. These hands worked their way southward, and claws pushed in on the thin material hiding her new pussy. Once again, heretofore unfelt pleasures went streaming through Superslut's ultrasensitive body.
 "What have you done to me?" the overdeveloped little bombshell asked, in such a sexy smooth voice that shocked her even further.
 "Why, Superslut, I've only given you what you wanted, the ability to superfuck with no limitation," Mxy answered. "You might want to be careful, though," the imp continued, "your new super powered cunt could easily snap off a mortal human's prick if you clamp down too hard on him. Come to think of it, you might want to remember that as a way you'll work in your new way of life. Oh, did I forget to tell you?"
 Mxyzptlk snapped his fingers once again, and the sphere disappeared. "You're going to start working with your old girlfriend, Lois, and the rest of the Sexual Society of Supervillains. She's going to love having sex with you now, Superslut!"
 * * * * *
 Mr. Mxyzptlk and Superslut were magically transported to the conference room Mxy had left mere moments ago. Luthor and company gasped in unison when they saw the incredible petite vision in red and blue standing on her toes next to the imp. In transit, which through different dimensions actually took much more than the seconds in our time, Mxy had prepared Superslut's mind for her introduction to the group. Superslut minced in short sexy steps, with her hips wiggling sexily, over to Luthor's side, then cooed in an unbelievably sexy voice, "Lex, dear, I hear you have a way to make me so horny that I will be your devoted slave. Please, I beg of you, make this so!"
 "As you wish, my dear," Lex replied. He stood, then took Superslut by the hand and led her to the small room in which the neural manipulator was kept. The thin metal band was pulled down over her voluminous head of hair to rest close to her scalp. "This won't take long at all, Superslut, and with your invulnerability to pain, I'm sure you won't feel a thing, other than a reordering of your psyche. You'll love the new you!" Lex flipped the switch, and a surge of energy worked its way through Superslut's body. The same patterns used for the transformation of Lois Lane and the Huntress now embedded themselves into the mind of the male occupying an unbelievably female body.
 When the process had finished, there was no more sign of this male mind. There was nothing but pure, honest to God, evil to the Nth degree woman standing next to Lex. In body and soul, she was his. Another tool had been added to the Sexual Society of Supervillains' arsenal, and with Superslut on their side, they had little to fear from any foe.


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