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When I first wrote this a long time ago, I had Lois as the new Cheetah killing Wonder Woman. A lot of fans complained, so I changed it to have WW become her accomplice. Originally I also had Superman getting killed, but now nobody dies, but all get changed in one way or another.
SteveZ (September 2019)
The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros. It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books. The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author. It is free to be archived on any site wishing to do so, provided the author is given proper credit.

I would really love to hear any comments you'd like to send me.
Thanks, and I hope you enjoy it!

The Further Adventures of Lois Lane - A New Destiny
by Steve Zink

As had been done every year in the past, The Daily Planet, where Lois Lane worked as one of the star reporters, was holding
a Halloween Party. Every year, a theme for the costume contest at the annual party was announced during the Labor Day weekend, to
give everyone about two months to prepare. Since Superman was a regular visitor to the Planet, and a very good friend of Lois, it was a bit of a surprise that this year's theme had not been used in the past.

Perry White, the editor of the newspaper, issued a memo on Friday afternoon before everybody who'd be able to took off for the
holiday, announcing that the theme of this year's contest would be super heroes and super villains. The only stipulation made was that no more mask could be worn other than what the costume of the original had.

Lois had won the contest three times in the past, with a combination of her originality in costume selection and her ability to put the costume together and wear it properly. That Friday evening, she started going through her memories of past and present super characters, trying to come up with a costume she could do and at the same time impress everybody with her choice. Some were too obvious and likely to be done by other women on the Planet staff, like Wonder Woman, Batgirl, or even Catwoman...the thought of whom made her shudder because of the way two years earlier she herself had been hypnotized by the original to know that she herself was the new evil as could be Feline Felon. It was a good thing the spell was broken before the day was through.

The masks worn by the latter two would be advantageous, but Lois wanted to be more daring, and find a subject that no one else would think of. It was while thinking about Wonder Woman that a spark of an idea came to her, and she started doing research in her home files right away.

She found absolutely no references to her subject in the past eight years, and Lois started to wonder what had become of her. The next morning, she called her friend Clark Kent, and asked him if he could get in touch with Superman and ask him to make a visit to her apartment. This would be easy for Clark, since he himself was Superman, as Lois sometimes suspected, but could never prove. She only knew they were close friends. He assured her that if no world shaking events had him otherwise occupied, Superman would surely be able to drop by at some point that morning.

Superman timed his arrival at Lois' apartment to coincide with her preparation of lunch. He had sneaky ways of working his visits with the cute looking brunette into dates, usually involving food. Super being that he was, he still needed to eat, and if he could get Lois to prepare the meal, it was less work for him to do. Of course, she usually found ways to utilize the Man of Steel's powers in speeding her meal preparations, heat vision being a likely subject, and quick hands and super breath often were drafted into use in cleaning up afterwards. During lunch, Lois mentioned to Superman that she would like to get in touch with Wonder Woman, currently operating out of Washington, DC.

Superman wondered if this request could have anything to do with the upcoming contest. As Clark, he was planning to attend the party in a Flash costume he would borrow from his fellow Justice League member. Not wanting to raise any suspicions about knowledge of the party with her, he kept his musings to himself, and told her he would get in touch with Wonder Woman right away, and try to arrange a get-together for them. After his super cleaning skills were put to use, Lois bade Superman a fond farewell, then went to work on planning her costume.

Later that afternoon, while she was at the mall shopping for materials, Wonder Woman called and left a message on her
answering machine asking Lois to call back at her convenience. When she got in with her bag of fabrics, the costume planner
checked the blinking light on her phone, played back the two messages there, and noted that the Amazon had called three hours

Lois picked up her remote phone, dialed the number in DC that the super heroine had left in the message, then tucked the phone
between her neck and shoulder as she started to put away her afternoon's acquisitions. Wonder Woman, in this case actually Diana
Prince, since she was out of costume and in her own apartment, picked up her phone after only two rings.


"Hi, Wonder Woman. This is Lois Lane..." While she was putting away two fabric rolls in her den, she engaged Wonder Woman in
girl to girl talk for a few minutes. Then Lois got down to the point of her call. "Is there any chance that I could fly down to DC to talk with you at length? I'm doing some research on one of your old foes, Cheetah, and our files are not very thick."

Diana wondered what need Lois would have for that kind of information, but answered, "Sure, I'd love to see you come down for
a visit. Next Saturday morning would be the best opportunity, presuming of course, that no crises develop that would keep me
from being there."

"Saturday morning sounds just great," Lois replied. "I'll see you then."

Diana then asked, "Lois, can you bring some files from the Planet's archives with you when you come down here?"

She wrote down all the info Diana wanted, then Lois asked, "How would you want that data, is a hard printout needed, or is a data file on disk okay?"

"The disk would be perfect," Diana answered. The ladies said their goodbyes, then Lois got out her pattern collection and started to work on her costume.

All day Sunday, and into Monday, which Lois was one of the lucky few at the Planet to have off, she worked with the patterns, trying to come up with a way for different sets to combine into a pattern she could use. A lot of trial and error eventually resulted in something the costume hopeful woman figured she could work with, and each night after work for the rest of the week, Lois did fabric cutting and stitching with her sewing machine, besides checking various shoe stores for what she figured would be hard to find boots with the matching colors and pattern. She eventually found a pair in one of the fetish sex shops with heels that looked a good bit taller than the ones in pictures of Cheetah, but at least had the proper colors on the knee high soft leather uppers. The tail was a real bitch to sew, but at least the springiness of the material with which it was stuffed
would allow it to fall down and curl up behind her even after being pushed aside to sit down. By Friday night, she was starting to feel good about the way her costume was coming together.

At work during each of those days, Lois went into the archive to find any older references to Cheetah, and also got the data that Wonder Woman had said she was looking for.

Lois was disappointed to learn that the shuttle flights between Metropolis and DC did not operate on Saturdays, but booked a seat on the first regular flight of the morning that would get her to the Nation's Capital at 8:00 AM. During the flight down the coast, the reporter reviewed in her notes what she had managed to come up with in her searches of the archive. She wanted to make her visit with Wonder Woman as fruitful as possible, without wasting any of the Amazon's time.

When the jet landed, she gathered her purse and shoulder bag from her seat position, then retrieved her suit bag from the closet at the front of the plane on the way out the door. Like many of her fellow passengers, Lois had flown enough to know that if she did not have to check any bags, she could get away from the airport a good twenty to thirty minutes ahead of anybody waiting on checked bags. She scooted through the claim area to the public transportation stand outside the door, then hailed a taxi to take her downtown.

Diana had arranged for Lois to meet her at one of the better restaurants in DC. This establishment had seen enough appearances by the super heroine to not give a second thought to seeing her eating inside. The information seeker had no difficulty getting to this restaurant, since Saturday morning traffic was nothing compared to regular weekday tie ups and snarls in rush hour. After giving the cabbie his fare and a nice tip for getting her there so effortlessly, Lois went through the front door of the restaurant and went to the seating desk.

"Just one in your party this morning, ma'am?" the cheerful blonde behind the desk asked.

"Good morning, it should be a party of two," Lois told her. "I'm here to meet with Wonder Woman."

The young lady at the desk immediately grinned, and said, "Right this way, ma'am. We were told to expect you. Any friend of Wonder Woman's is a supreme guest of the house."

Lois was led to an ornate section of the restaurant which served as the VIP dining area, and the super heroine who'd been one of the original founding members of the Justice League stood to greet her when she neared the table. "Good morning, Lois!"

Lois answered Wonder Woman with a quick hug, then took a seat opposite the Amazon. "Isn't this a bit much for a breakfast get-together?"

The star spangled heroine actually giggled, which looked so out of character to Lois, then said, "The owners of this restaurant value the services that my fellow super heroes and I give to the city, and allow us free usage of the facilities for hosting guests. So enjoy yourself!"

Lois then got right down to business, asking, "What ever happened to Cheetah? She seems to have just disappeared. Do you have any idea what happened to her?"

The Amazon wondered herself what had become of Cheetah, and said, "I last saw her about eight years ago. I have no idea where she went, and frankly, I hope I never see her again! It's awfully puzzling that she would fade from sight so abruptly." Then Wonder Woman began giving Lois some historical details about the villainess who'd given her so much trouble over the years, along with a number of her own personal photographs from her collection, while the two dined on exquisitely prepared omelets. She concluded by asking, "So I'm wondering, can you tell me what you need all this information for?"

Lois grinned, then told her, "The exact usage for the info is a secret, but just girl to girl, if you were to visit the Planet's Halloween Party, you might find your answer."

The super heroine returned the grin, and with a gleam in her eye, said, "I already had a good guess of what was going on, and that sounds like a nice confirmation. My lips are sealed! Now then, did you have any luck getting the info from the archives I'm looking for?"

Lois reached into her purse, and pulled out a small sleeve with a CD-ROM disk in it, then handed it to the Amazon. Now it was Lois' turn to get inquisitive. "What on Earth could you possibly need that information for?"

"The Justice League is interested in data related to Superman's early years," Wonder Woman said. "We're hoping that since he doesn't celebrate birthdays as such, the League could host a party for him celebrating the anniversary of his coming to this planet."

"Oh, so that's it!" Lois said through a tremendous grin. She was relieved to find that there wasn't any more serious need for the data she had pulled from the Planet's archives. She and Diana then talked a bit more while finishing their breakfasts and coffee afterward. Lois was wished a lot of luck by the Amazon in her search for information, then the two got up to leave. As Wonder Woman leapt into the air to be borne by the winds, Lois decided to put her time in DC to further use.

She took another cab to the Police Station a few blocks deeper into the city. Lois did some cursory checks into their historical files, then asked the sergeant at the desk, "Hi, my name is Lois Lane, and I'm a reporter for the Daily Planet in Metropolis. I'm trying to do some research on a criminal from days of old, Cheetah. Do you know if there's anybody here at the station who might have any memories of her?"

After he checked Ms. Lane's credentials, the first thing the police officer did was to pull a folder out of a restricted file, and give her a number of photographs. These were not mug shots, but photos taken at the scenes of many crimes, most with Wonder Woman alongside. The Amazon looked no younger than she had at breakfast. Then, to her surprise, Lois was told there was an old man not far from the station who was the local guru of info about the mystery lady. She thanked him for the tip, then walked the short distance to the address she'd been given.

The run-down townhouse that Lois found when she reached that address gave her second thoughts about going further, but she gathered up her courage, then went up two flights of stairs to reach the number of her contact. Surprised that the doorbell worked, the hopeful brunette waited only a few moments before the door was opened just enough for the occupant to stick an eyeball to the crack and see who was there.

Lois apparently offered no potential problem, and the door was opened a little bit more. He asked, "What do you want?" in a gruff, ragged old voice.

"Good afternoon, sir," Lois replied in as professional sounding a voice as she could manage in the setting. "My name's Lois Lane. I was told that you might be able to tell me something about Cheetah."

Upon hearing the name of the not seen in many years villainess, the old man's eyes lit up with a fire he hadn't shown in ages. The door was opened to the full after the chain was unhooked, and Lois was invited in.

The old man gave her a brief rundown on what he knew of the last days of Cheetah, and mentioned to Lois that it was not known why she retired or stopped her activities. Then he started to get a bit cagey with his further info. He asked her, "Are you aware that the wearer of the Cheetah costume did not die?"

"No," Lois answered, "all references to her stopped eight years ago."

The old man then dropped a bombshell on her. "The lady who wore the costume merely stopped wearing it. Her current whereabouts are unknown, and I presume that she is now an ex-criminal. She does send me cards on an occasional basis, to let me know that she's still alive and kicking."

Then Lois was stunned even further by the old man. Upon seeing the interest his guest was showing in his story, with her eyes wide and drinking in every detail, he asked, "Would you like to have the old costume? It was entrusted to my care when the old wearer left. Since I have no real need for it, and you're showing such a great interest, I'll place it in your trust."

The old man left her waiting in the living room while he went scrounging deep into his bedroom closet. After a brief wait, she was greeted by her host carrying a medium sized box. He gave it to Lois, and merely said, "Please take good care of this, and don't tell anyone where you got it from."

With that, he abruptly halted any further conversation, and showed her to the door. If Lois had seen the evil grin forming on the old man's face as he was closing his door, she might not have been smiling the way she was as she held her box while flagging a taxi. The old man knew a lot more about the costume, and why it had been left in his care, than he had bothered to tell her.

Lois managed to persuade the gate agent at the airport to let her take the box onboard the plane with her, even though she now had well over the usual limits for carry-on bags. Being a Saturday afternoon, there weren't that many passengers on the plane, so she was given permission to bring her entire collection with her.

While the jet was working its way back north, she got out the pictures which had been given to her by Wonder Woman and the police sergeant. Looking closely at the images of Cheetah, Lois noticed a few things she hadn't spotted in the pictures in the Planet's archive. She started to wonder about being able to accurately copy the costume with the way in which it had gotten started, then decided to do a comparison of her copy to the original which she now had after she got home. She figured that there was little point in worrying about it on the plane, so the reporter put away the pictures and got out the in-flight magazine to kill time for the remainder of the flight.

It was evening by the time she got back to her apartment. She laid her new photos out on the desk in her bedroom, then Lois got out the costume she'd been working on to compare it to them. Close inspection of the photos showed something she hadn't noticed before. The costume in the photos appeared to be in one piece, with no breaks from the head all the way to the feet. What she had presumed to be boots worn over the costume actually appeared to be part of the costume. She held up her costume, and saw that some major work would have to be done to make it more closely match the original. Then an idea came to Lois that she was surprised hadn't come to her before. She put down her own costume, then opened the box given to her by the old man.

Sure enough, upon lifting the costume from the box, Lois discovered that the photos were accurate. There was a cowl to cover the head which included material to encircle the neck. A zipper led from the neck all the way down to the crotch. The feet at the bottom of the leggings were indeed in the form of built in boots, with rounded toes and unbelievably high and sexy looking stiletto heels, an inch or so shorter that the seven-inch heeled fetish boots she'd found for her homemade costume.

What really got her attention was something that hadn't been apparent in the photos. The arms didn't end at the wrists. They continued down into realistic looking flesh colored gloves which looked just like hands, with sharp claws at each fingertip. Lois was amazed by the texture of the costume's material, thinking that it had to be at least twenty years old, but felt like it was brand new.

Lois picked up the costume she had been working on and held it next to the original. While the colors matched nicely, the details of the original would be difficult to copy. She put both costumes down on her bed, then went back to studying the photos. It was while looking from picture to picture and back again that an idea started forming in her head. She put the photos down, and suddenly froze for a moment. She shook her head, then had an inspiration. 'Why should I worry about making my copy match the original? I've got the original right here in my hands!'

This thought was not the brunette's own. The original maker of the costume had been under the influence of a magical spell which bound her body and soul to the costume. This spell was still present in the costume. Lois was now acting as the costume itself suggested. She decided that if she was planning on using the original costume at the party, she'd better see if it fit.

Lois quickly stripped off her clothes, and then did something that puzzled her greatly. She sat at her dressing table and used her makeup kit to work over her face into an evil looking visage. Her eyes were heavily lined with dark blue, her eyebrows were angled sharply upward, her cheeks were brazenly highlighted and her lips were coated with a fire engine red lipstick. When she was finished, the now much different looking woman was aghast at what she saw in her mirror. This was only the beginning, however.

She reached for the original costume, and drew the right leg up as she would a pair of hose. Lois inserted her foot into the built in boot, and at this point felt the result of the extreme heel and arch the boot had. After doing the same on the left side, she drew the leggings up and smoothed them. The costume was pulled up past her waist with its tail becoming quite apparent, then she inserted her left hand into the left arm. When it had been brought into the flesh-like glove, the costume tester couldn't believe how realistic it looked. After the right hand and arm had been done, she pulled the costume up over her torso.

As she started to pull up the zipper, Lois noticed that any worry about the costume not fitting was ridiculous. She found that somehow, her body was being reshaped; the costume was forming her to fit it! Her waist was drawn in considerably, almost as if there was an extremely narrowing corset in the costume to give a true wasp waist, yet she felt no constrictions. The most noticeable change she saw was in her breasts. She had expected the tight material of the costume to squeeze down on her normally ample chest and flatten it. This was not to be. It was found that she now had two huge and bulbous breasts standing out with the costume clinging to them closely, molding them into tremendous proportions. To top this off, she saw her nipples growing and standing out at the front of each breast.

As she reached with her now clawed hands to cup her breasts, Lois was once again surprised to see instead the claws on each hand reaching for and pinching her nipples. The enchanted fabric of the costume resisted any efforts by the claws to rip it. She then completed her donning of the costume. She reached behind her head and pulled the cowl up over it, tucking her hair up and into the back of the cowl. Then she pulled the zipper the rest of the way up, sealing her neck tightly. At that moment, the sorcery in the costume became complete. The tail attached above her ass came alive, swinging back and forth and coiling and uncoiling. Added to this, to her astonishment, the zipper disappeared!

Lois turned to face her mirror. The image she saw was most definitely not her. Then she watched as her lips moved, and she heard a voice similar to her own, but with more guile in it. "Thank you, Miss Lane, for freeing me from my years of stasis. My old wearer had become just that - old. I have been waiting all these years for someone to come to me, and allow me to live once again. You are now mine for the rest of your life! I will allow you to live your own original life as before, but whenever I call, you will once again become your true, evil as sin self. You are Cheetah!"

As Cheetah primped for herself in the mirror belonging to Lois Lane, she checked to make sure the claw dart shooter on her left wrist still functioned. A small diamond shaped dart shot out, and imbedded itself in the wall to the left of the mirror. Pleased with the result, the newly revived totally wicked and evil as sin villainess used the knowledge she found in her mind and went to her dresser drawers to retrieve a small lead box. She extracted the small slivers of Green Kryptonite which Superman had entrusted to Lois a few years earlier, in case they were ever needed. Cheetah found a need for them that Superman would regret. She used her claws to whittle two of the Green-K slivers into darts, and slipped them into her wrist shooter. The other darts were still tipped after all the years with a diabolical drug which Priscilla Rich had acquired before losing favor with the Cheetah identity. These were intended for, but not strictly limited to, Cheetah's old nemesis, Wonder Woman.

The villainess smiled wickedly, thinking of just what she had in mind for her Amazon foe after seeing and knowing what Lois had been making before getting the real costume. She picked up the cowl which Lois had made and cut off the two ears, then found a thin black hair band to which she could glue them. Then she took the catsuit which had been intended to cover her whole body and used first scissors and then the sewing machine to put a deep, cleavage exposing V on its front going all the way down to the navel. Everything else that had been prepared would be perfect; she knew from her past experience that the Amazon's feet were close enough in size for the boots Lois had bought. The now modified costume was packed into the plain white box that held the boots.

The next thing Cheetah did was take one of Ms. Lane's special shoulder bags from out the closet, which had a false bottom, and laid it on the bed. She then got on the phone to make a reservation on the first flight of the next morning, Sunday, to Washington, DC. After that call was completed, she called and made a reservation at the Crystal City Marriott right outside the airport. With the phone calls finished, Cheetah took off her costume by first inducing the zipper to reappear, then reversing the process in which Lois had put it on. While still controlling her mind, Cheetah went to the sink and washed off the garish face her host had put on. The makeup she had used was then placed in the shoulder bag. Cheetah then allowed her alter ego's mind to come forward.

Lois blinked her eyes, then noticed that she was naked, sitting on the edge of her bed. The costume she had acquired earlier in the day was folded up on the bed next to one of her bags. She looked at her wall clock and saw that it was getting close to midnight, and wondered where the time had gone. Without a clue as to why she was doing so, she took the costume and placed it into the bottom of the shoulder bag, then put the false bottom over it and put some underwear and clothes on top of that, along with the box holding the boots she'd found a few days earlier.

Lois put on her nightie, then set her alarm for 5:00 AM in order to be up early enough to catch her flight. 'My flight? Why am I going back to DC? Oh well, it must have slipped my mind,' she thought.

The brief sleep that Lois got ended with an incessant ringing of her alarm clock. Reluctantly, she shucked her covers to the side of her bed, then slid her legs over the edge, stretched her arms in a gaping yawn, and stood up. The groggy brunette went to the kitchen to start the coffee going, then went to her bathroom to take a quick shower.

After she had toweled herself dry, Lois went to get a cup of her freshly brewed java to sip at while she got dressed. Somehow, she knew that, this time, she had no need to dress sharply and just put on a blouse and some slacks. She got on the phone and arranged for a taxi, then noticed what the lack of sleep had done to her face. She required just a little makeup to brighten her face with her natural good looks, and was finished there before her first cup even started to cool. She made two pieces of toast, then ate these and finished off her coffee.

A short toot was heard, which let Lois know that her taxi had arrived. She grabbed her purse and the shoulder bag, put on a light jacket, then locked up her apartment and got on the start of her trip into a world she would be altering radically.

The flight southbound was uneventful, and the coffee and breakfast snack offered on the plane were gratefully accepted by Lois. The buzz she got from the additional caffeine gave her enough of a jolt to be fully awake as the plane touched down at Washington National Airport, now with Ronald Reagan's name attached to it, also. Since all her bags were in the overhead bin, she made a bee line for the ground transportation area.

Lois got on the courtesy phone in the bag claim area, and reached the Marriott to get a ride on their airport shuttle. She was still trying to figure out why she was there in DC, only one day later than her last visit, but assumed that after she'd gotten to her hotel room she'd probably remember.

She might not remember, but Lois would certainly find out why she was there, after she got to her room.

The wait for the shuttle was brief, and a short five minute ride got her off the airport and into the drive through lane in front of the entrance of the hotel. Checking in at 7:30 in the morning was not a normal occurrence at the Marriott, but with the combination of proximity to the airport, the Pentagon, and DC itself, the front desk staff were not terribly surprised to find Lois checking in at that time. She was given a room facing the airport on the 7th floor, and she ignored the bellhops who approached. She slung her shoulder bag into place and grabbed her purse. After a quick elevator ride, the brunette went down one corridor and turned right, finding her room halfway to the end of that hallway.

Shortly after she entered her room, Lois opened up her shoulder bag and pulled out the boot box, hat, trench coat and gloves she had put there earlier. 'Now, what need do I have for these?' she wondered. 'And why are the boots here?' The underwear was easier to understand, but then she saw the false bottom bulging a little bit. She lifted the bottom, and saw the costume folded up there. "Why on earth would I have brought this costume with me back to DC?" she muttered to herself. Then she saw the cosmetic kit under the costume.

As the now puzzled young lady lifted the costume out of the bag, she started to recall doing something like that the night before. "No!" she exclaimed. "I remember now! I refuse to let this costume take me again!" Regardless of her own objections, Lois found herself picking up the cosmetic kit and sitting at the room's dressing table.

When she looked into the mirror, Lois was shocked at the reflection she saw. "What's the matter, Lois?" she heard her own but evil sounding voice say, as the lips on the Cheetah image in the mirror moved. "You can't deny me! I am your true self now, the predator, huntress and supremely evil villainess you have become. You have no choice but to bring me forth!"

"No! I won't let you..." Lois started to say, but noticed her voice starting to match the image's. A sneer formed on her lips, then only a "Ha, ha, ha!," was heard. She stripped off her pants and blouse, then removed her panties and bra. Once again, she worked over her face with the cosmetic kit, and in no time, the possessed woman's beautiful face became a picture of elegant evil.

This time, Cheetah was fully aware of the way she was putting on her costume, and savored every feeling as the sleek lycra-like material was drawn completely onto her body, molding it to its greatly enhanced shape with such a tiny waist and incredibly huge breasts. After her hair had been tucked up and the cowl drawn over her head, the feline villainess willed the zipper to fade away. The now seamless vision of feminine guile reached for and attached her dart shooter to her left wrist as her tail became alive and wiggled almost seductively.

Then Cheetah put on the coat which Lois had packed, effectively covering her tail and hiding the garish cheetah print costume from view, except for the bottom, which any viewer would see as merely a set of cheetah print boots with really sexy, ultra high stiletto heels. The boot box was placed back in the shoulder bag and slung over her shoulder. She pulled Ms. Lane's leather gloves over her clawed 'hands' to hide them, then pulled the hat down over her cowl. This disguise would do well enough to get the villainess out of the hotel. She would not need it for long after that!

Cheetah got a couple of dollars out of Lois' purse and put them into a pocket on the coat. She then went down the elevator back to the lobby, where she attracted a large number of ogling eyes checking out her outrageous makeup and fantastic 'boots'. Ignoring them, she proceeded to the front desk and asked for a ride to the Metro station. There, a pass was obtained from the bank of machines against the wall leading into the station, following which Cheetah got on the next Yellow Line train going directly downtown. Soon, she knew, all hell would be breaking loose.

The still covered up villainess had no clue as to the super heroine's location, but quickly figured out a way to get Wonder Woman to come to her, instead of her having to find the Amazon. At the L'Enfant station on the DC side of the Potomac River, Cheetah got off the train. She had no sooner approached the turnstile to leave the station when she stripped off her outer coverings, revealing her true self to all those present at the station. They soon were wishing they had never seen her.

In an effort to draw out Wonder Woman, Cheetah fired one of her original darts at one of the security guards, which embedded itself in the soft skin of his neck. The drug went to work in only a few seconds. The guard's face took on a blank look, while his body straightened to stand rigidly. "Who do you work for, cop?" Cheetah asked as she drew her own face near his.

"I work for the DC Transit Authority."

"Not anymore. You work for Cheetah. You love and obey only Cheetah. Give me your gun."

"Of course, mistress," he said as he unholstered his weapon, "I live only to serve you."

She grinned wickedly as the effectiveness of the drug on her darts was proven. "Now, go sit along the wall and stay out of the way." He turned and went to do as he was told. Cheetah then took his pistol and shot up the computer linkages in the station, effectively shutting it down and trapping close to a hundred people inside. No one on the outside could get in, either, for that matter. An alarm was quickly raised, and in no time, a swarm of policemen were descending upon the besieged Metro station.

Shortly after they spotted the garishly clad female causing all the trouble, the police came to the conclusion that Wonder Woman should be called for. Diana Prince had a set of alarms in her apartment for a number of different agencies, among them being the Justice League, the police, the Pentagon, the UN, and Themyscira, her original home. When the specific tone of the police alarm started going off while Diana was reading the comics in her Sunday paper, she put down the paper in a blur and hit the transmit button on the alarm. "What's the situation, Chief?" she inquired.

"We're not sure just who we're contending with, but there's a female in a gaudy costume holding the L'Enfant Metro station hostage. She has somehow taken control of at least one security guard and shut down the computer control system at the station. There are close to a hundred people trapped in the station with her as of right now."

"Okay, Chief. I'm on my way!"

Diana spun clockwise with her arms spread. After a quick flash of sparkling energy, the drably dressed Diana was replaced by the brightly clad Wonder Woman. She checked her back window to be sure no one was observing, then leaped into the sky. The Amazon was borne by the winds as if she were gossamer, and shortly was descending toward the Smithsonian side entrance to L'Enfant Plaza. She got a quick rundown from the officer in charge, and then the super heroine worked her way through the crowds building up outside the station. Her incredible strength easily handled the barriers immobilized by the computer shutdown, and soon she was descending the stationary escalator leading to the underground siege.

As she came to the bottom of the escalator, Wonder Woman gasped. Apparently, all the trapped people had been herded to other parts of the station. Only one person was in sight on the floor adjacent to the escalator. There in front of her stood Cheetah, someone the Amazon thought she'd seen the last of a long, long time ago. "Cheetah, how did you come back into being?!" she exclaimed. "I thought you had ceased to exist eight years ago!"

"That I did, oh Amazon most hated!" replied Cheetah. "I went into retirement when Priscilla couldn't handle me anymore. I've found a new host to start my life all over again and allow me to finally get rid of you as a despised vexation. Do you recognize my voice, Wonder Woman?"

With the way Cheetah was playing with Lois' vocal cords, her voice wasn't clearly one that Wonder Woman could remember hearing, and she said, "No, I'm sorry. I recognize you only as Cheetah, I can't place the voice."

"See if this does anything for you, then!" Cheetah said, as she pulled her cowl back.

"Lois Lane! Even under that garish makeup, I'd recognize that face and hair!" replied a shocked Wonder Woman.

"Yes," said Cheetah, "I have taken Lois to be my new host. I'm Cheetah, once again in a viable young body. Now, prepare to start a new life of your own!"

She saw Cheetah starting to move her left wrist, so Wonder Woman instinctively raised her bracelets to deflect anything coming her way. Cheetah had this move planned for. She raised her left wrist to aim at the Amazon's head and neck, and let loose a shotgun style burst of the drugged claw darts. Her beautiful target deflected a few of them, but four got through and embedded themselves deeply in the Amazon's skin. The drug was very fast working, but before the super heroine's willpower faded completely away, she reached to her belt and pressed the Justice League alert signal there.

It was her last willful action. The colorfully clad Amazon became frozen in place with a blank expression on her face. "Take off your costume, Wonder Woman," a gloating Cheetah told her.

Diana found herself doing something she'd rarely had to do, manually removing her costume. In short order there was a pile of red, white, blue and gold near her now bare feet. "First unhook the magic lasso and hand it to me, then put your power belt and bracelets back on."

As soon as she had done as instructed, Diana felt the lasso being wound around her upper body. "I'm reasonably sure the drug on my darts will be enough to change you, but I know for a fact that with the aid of this lasso there's no way for you to resist." Cheetah half expected Wonder Woman to scowl or show some other expression in reply, but the drug was indeed very effective. The Amazon remained stoical.

"You still have all your memories and incredible powers as an Amazon, but you're no longer Wonder Woman, my dear. Tell me, though, what's the name you use in everyday life?"

"I'm Diana Prince."

Cheetah knew all about Diana Prince and the IADC. The wicked villainess sneered as she realized the added boon this would bring. "Diana Prince, you will still continue your job at the IADC. But you have an additional life to lead now. Away from the job, you're a fun loving and vibrant young lady who calls herself Debbi Domaine. Debbi is my partner in crime, Leopard. I am your mistress. Here's your costume, put it on over your belt and bracelets."

Cheetah uncoiled the lasso from around the now wickedly smiling Debbi's body and put it into her shoulder bag. She reached into the shoulder bag and then handed the nearly nude woman the boot box. Debbi quickly slipped her legs into the catsuit's leggings, then pulled the rest of the costume up over her torso and slid her arms into its sleeves. She adjusted the deep V on her chest so that it was perfectly centered between her massive orbs, then proceeded to zip the boots with their incredibly high stiletto heels up to her knees. The hair band was placed over her ears, so that only the yellow and black cat ears stood out from her black hair. Debbi wiggled her ass to see her tail move, but was a bit disappointed that it wasn't as active as her partner's.

"You look really good, Leopard. Let's get going, because I'm sure there will be more trouble here very soon. I'm prepared for Superman with a Green Kryptonite dart, but I sure wish I had access to the sample of Pink Kryptonite Brainiac had a few years ago. Can I presume that even as an Amazon, you're still immune to any Kryptonite like other humans?"

"Yes, you're correct, Cheetah. If you want that Pink K to use on him, I have it in a lead box. Superman asked me to safeguard it back then, but now I can see the great use it can be put to. Let's see what kind of trouble we can make in other places. Say, presuming he'll be here soon, would you like me to go get it for you?"

"You can still do that?" Cheetah asked.

"Yep! Be back in a minute or two." Leopard leapt up and flew at high speed toward Diana's place. It took her no time to grab the lead box, and then she took off to get back to her mistress.

"Here's your Pink K, and it would be good to weaken him with the Green K first. I wonder if there's any way for me to get a tail like you've got, and I also want to get some claws that look as good as yours."

"Thanks! I will shoot him with the Green K dart first, then we'll hopefully see a nearly brainless blonde Superbabe after exposure to the Pink K," Cheetah replied. Let's go now."

Cheetah watched as Leopard seemed to walk quickly with feline grace even in the heels on her feet. 'Having the Amazon's powers must give her a lot of advantages,' she thought. As they started walking rapidly up the static escalator, she mentioned, "Since claws like mine would look out of place on Diana Prince's hands, we'll have to get you some clawed latex gloves like the ones on the ends of my sleeves. A tail might be difficult. That can wait, though. Let's just get out of here for now."

"Oh, yeah, I guess the stuck up Diana Prince would look kinky with long claws at her fingertips. I bet Steve Trevor would like 'em, though. He'll just have to put up with the normal me."

'The normal you!' thought Cheetah. 'This has all worked out just as good, if not better than I'd hoped!'

* * * * *

When word went out to all the Justice League members about Wonder Woman being in some kind of trouble, Superman replied that he would be closest and would check out the situation after a hyperspeed jaunt from Metropolis to Washington. At the time he received the signal, Clark was on the phone trying to reach Lois, who didn't have her answering machine on and apparently wasn't home to pick up the phone, either. With the lightning-like speed he was capable of, Clark hung up the phone, changed into his blue and red costume, and was zooming out his window within seconds. In the space of only eight minutes since getting the alert, the Man of Steel was descending into Washington, DC.

When he saw the crowd forming at the Metro station, Superman did a quick scan with his super vision, and noted a pair of females in wild looking costumes running briskly away from the station. He knew they had to have had something to do with the emergency, and the Man of Steel wanted to go after them, but felt that checking on Wonder Woman had priority. He was shocked when he discovered the Amazon's costume piled on the floor of the Metro station, with so sign of the his teammate herself.

He left this question to the police who were coming on the scene. Superman turned and shot out of the station to find the person or persons presumably responsible for Wonder Woman's disappearance.

The Last Son of Krypton once again spotted the running figures, and sped to a position directly in front of them. He dropped to the ground and, blocking their path, said, "If you had anything to do with the disappearance of my friend, Wonder Woman, you'd better hope the justice system gets to you before I do!"

Leopard came to a stop and glared at the Man of Steel. He was starting to think she looked familiar, but had his train of thought interrupted. Cheetah halted in her tracks, placed her arms akimbo on her hips, then said, "Oh, pooh! Just what I need! Get rid of one Justice League member, and another shows up to try and ruin my day."

Superman noted a strange familiarity to the voice he was hearing, then did a quick scan with X-ray vision to look behind her cowl. The face was modified with the makeup, but the rest of that head belonged to his girlfriend! "Lois! Is that you? Why are you wearing that costume, and what on Earth have you done with Wonder Woman?"

"No, you blabbering super oaf! I am no longer Lois Lane. I've decided to do without her," replied Cheetah. "I'm now and forever more Cheetah. I changed your precious Wonder Woman into my new ally you see beside me, because I've been trying to get rid of the heroine since I came into being. And thanks to my new host, I'm now prepared to do the same to you! Goodbye, Superman!"

Cheetah raised her left wrist, and before a shocked Superman could move, two Green K claw darts shot into his neck. As the Green-K quickly sapped him of his strength and then the ability to even stand, he used his last strength to reach up and pull them from his neck. But he was too spent to do anything more, and collapsed in a heap of red and blue as the pair of cats watched. Cheetah had originally wanted Leopard to pull out the Green K darts, but now it was even easier. "Quick, while he's still down, expose him to the Pink K. I'm betting the change will eliminate effects of the Green K from HER new body."

Leopard opened up the lead box, then scampered over to the unmoving Man of Steel. The Pink K worked just as fast as other forms of Kryptonite and in just a few seconds, laying there was obviously now the new Woman of Steel. Instead of short cut black hair, she had nearly waist length, wavy golden blonde hair. She did have blonde bangs still having the particular curl over her forehead. Her waist was too tiny to be true, absolutely huge breasts with evident nipples were over that, and below were sexy rounded hips and a superbly bulging tush. She had legs a model would be proud of, along with a face a cover model would envy. Her costume also got changed by the Pink K, for it now had a plunging opening from her shoulders down to her navel, exposing oh so much of her monstrous breasts...or as she knew them, tits. The red at her waist now looked more like a G-string than men's shorts, her red gloves went up to halfway between her elbows and shoulders, and the red boots on her legs were now thigh high with six-inch stiletto heels.

"And hello, Superbabe!" Cheetah said with glee.

The gorgeous blonde blinked her eyes, rose up onto her right elbow, then replied, "Like wow, what hit me? I feel like I got hit by a runaway bull! Oh, like you're Cheetah, right? Who's the black haired beauty next to you holding what looks like a lead box?"

"Sorry you're feeling so out of it right now," the villainess replied, "and yes, I'm Cheetah and my assistant is Leopard. I do hope you'll be continuing to go by your old principle of letting female villains like us go on with our fun, while you go after only the bad guys doing their thing."

Superbabe got to her feet easily now, and stood tall in her ultra high heels. "Glad to meet you, Leopard. Oh yeah, I won't bother you or Catwoman or Star Sapphire or any of the other bad girls. We need to help each other, not fight each other. But all those big bad boys better watch out, Cheetah. Hey, I'd better go see if anybody's around up in our Justice League headquarters on the Moon. I wonder if any of the guys are looking forward to getting some more super sex." She took off and shot up skyward.

Cheetah gloated, "Gee, two Justice League members in one morning! I can't wait to see what the future holds for me! Let's go, Leopard. Our destiny awaits!"

Both of the new vixens walked away to fade into the shadows, ready to commit crime and have fun doing so.

So this story ends. Lois, Superman and Wonder Woman have lost their connections to their past lives. Cheetah has stolen them from all three. Cheetah is now not just a costume party entry Lois would play. She is her actual identity now!

The end
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