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The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros. It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books.  The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author.  It is free to be archived on any site wishing to do so, provided the author is given proper credit.
I would really love to hear any comments you'd like to send me.  Thanks, and I hope you enjoy it!

It was a big surprise to the Man of Steel when he checked out the rocket his super vision had spotted arrowing down out of the sky. When he arrived at its impact point, there was earth and rocks thrown all about, but no sign of damage to the rocket. It didn't take long to find out why it had incurred no damage. A door popped open, and out flew a young girl with short, golden blonde hair and a costume apparently based on his own in design but with a knee length skirt instead of pants. "Hi, cousin Kal!" she said with a bubbly voice.

"Cousin Kal?" Superman replied, and after the two sat down she told him the story of her own survival of Krypton's demise. A huge chunk of the planet had stayed together during and after the explosion, and a dome was built to cover the city on this chunk. To protect the occupants from the now deadly Kryptonite the chunk they were on had become, they covered the entire surface under the dome with a Kryptonian metal with similar properties to lead - it blocked the rays from the deadly Kryptonite. Kara Zor-El had been born ten years after the planet's demise, and grew up listening to the tales of her cousin who had rocketed to the planet Earth as an infant just before Krypton exploded. When it was discovered that the protection under their feet was deteriorating, a decision was made to send Kara to join her cousin.

"Your parents and others in Argo City were able to see me here on Earth?" he asked.

Kara nodded, saying, "Oh, yes! The telescopes of Krypton were able to see across the galaxies to your new home here on Earth."
The young teen was then tested quickly by her cousin to check if she had acquired the same powers he did thanks to being on Earth under the yellow sun. He wasn't terribly surprised, but she was ecstatic to find that she had all the same powers he did. "Wow! This means I can be Supergirl and help you, Cousin!"

Now having to act more like a surrogate father, Superman brought the young lady back to her senses quickly. "Maybe someday, but you will have to spend a few years learning just how to use your powers properly before you can become Supergirl. We'll have to get you set up with a secret identity so you can live here without gathering attention."

"Oh, you mean like the way you turn into Clark Kent when you're not in your power suit?"

"Exactly," he answered. "And please, don't be using my names while talking with anyone until we're both sure you are all set to go into action, Kara. I have to protect my secret identity, just as I'm betting you will have to start protecting your own."

The young girl was given the Earth name of Linda for her cover, and was adopted from the orphanage in no time by the Danvers family. While going to school and doing all the other fun things teenage Earth girls did, Supergirl also went out on occasion to do super deeds and get the experience her cousin wanted. She even went out on missions to faraway galaxies alongside Superman, gaining a feel for the interstellar travel. She was more than surprised when on one of these trips her cousin told her about time travel. But he told her that until she was proven, there was no way she was to do so on her own.

Shortly after she turned sixteen, Supergirl was on a mission with Superman that ended with her exposure to the press, and so the world found out about the 'new' Supergirl. He figured she did have enough experience by now, and so felt the time was right anyway. Besides helping Superman with his own battles, Supergirl also joined with him and other members of the Justice League of America to fight off various villains along with assisting with natural disasters. She also graduated to doing her own time travel trips, and discovered just how much fun her cousin had experienced while doing so. The far reaches of the universe and times both in the past and far into the future became known to her.

By the time Supergirl had gotten to her late teens, her cousin had noted that she seemed to be too serious and self-conscious. The Man of Steel knew that Kara had become eminently familiar with the Earth custom of April Fools Day thanks to high jinx at her school, and so as the end of March drew near, he figured it was time to play an adult April Fools joke on her. There was a piece of Red-K amongst his collection in the Fortress of Solitude which would turn a Kryptonian from a serious person into a prankster; he had experienced just that personality alteration for the 48-hour life of the Red-Kryptonite change back when he himself was a teen. So, Superman figured giving his younger cousin a change via the Red-K early on the 1st would give her new outlooks and maybe loosen her up afterward.

Superman contacted Supergirl after checking three possible locations, and asked her to come see him at the Fortress. He knew by the time she got there it would be just after midnight Metropolis time, and so the time would be right for his April Fools Joke. He made sure to avoid exposing himself to the Red-K sample, and placed the lead box just inside the entry to the Fortress. After he went back to the living area, Superman activated one of his robots to go to the box and open it up. It also set a sign next to the box saying, April Fools! As soon as Kara flew in, she'd be exposed and see the sign.

Sure enough, it was only a few minutes later that Supergirl utilized the big key to open the door to the Fortress of Solitude high in the Arctic wastes. As soon as the door was open, her body was bathed by the radiation from the Red-Kryptonite. Almost instantly her mind was altered from being safe and sane to being wild and reckless. She saw the sign which had to have been left by her cousin, and thought, 'April Fools, eh, Cousin? I'll give you April Fools!'

Instead of immediately flying into the living areas of the Fortress as Kal had expected, Kara flew right back out of the doorway and zoomed into outer space. In the process, she went not only light years away but also to a time in the future she had once visited. A museum in the 30th Century Earth of the Legion of Superheroes had a collection of all sorts of Kryptonite which had been collected by the Superman Family over the years. There was one piece in particular Supergirl doubted her cousin knew about, since there was no record of him ever visiting the collection during his own trips to the LSH. She knew this particular piece of Kryptonite could not affect her, since she was already female. But boy would it ever have an effect on her cousin!

For the trip back, Supergirl placed the glowing red rock into a large lead box. That way her cousin wouldn't be able to see her own April Fools joke until it was way too late. Experience had given Kara the ability to time travel back to the exact time at which she had departed, and so it was that just when he had expected, Superman saw his cousin fly into his living area. He noted the box in her hands, but knew it was different from his own and so took no alarm. He did make note of the gleeful expression on her face, though. So for the next 48 hours, Supergirl would be a fun loving prankster.

What he failed to see was the almost evil look in Kara's eyes. She walked up to her cousin and said, "Thanks for the April Fools joke, Kal. I just love the way I feel now. And in return, April Fools yourself!" She opened the box right under her cousin's chin, and radiation started affecting his body immediately. Short black hair became platinum blonde and falling past the shoulders which already looked much less muscular. His masculine to the Nth degree face turned into that of a gorgeous babe. Likewise, as his waist shrank and his ass and hips expanded into a figure a model would die for, his chest expanded inside the blue costume until the gold and red S shield resided atop two humongous breasts. By now HER legs had turned into ones making Kara's own look scrawny, and the red boots on her feet became much smaller; it seemed a good thing the costume was made of such a material that it handled all the changes to her cousin's body.

The new girl backed away from Supergirl, and exclaimed, "Great Guns! Supergirl! What are you doing to me?"

With a now almost wicked grin on her face, Supergirl told her, "I'm exposing you to Red Bimboite, Superman! And soon, you'll be exposing yourself!"

Without any control, the now Superbimbo took her dainty hands and cupped the massive breasts on her chest. Then her fingers, which she discovered to have long, pointed fingernails, pinched the nipples atop each mound. Excitements totally foreign to her but rapidly becoming accepted made her crotch tingle. Supergirl watched in glee. "Yes, this is your new future, Cousin. You figured you could pull an April Fools joke on me? Well, I hope you like the results of MY April Fools joke on you! Have fun explaining why Clark Kent isn't around anymore, and...just in case you want some help in adapting to your new life as a bimbo before going out into the world, I'm willing to give you some training."

And so it came to be that the world soon saw not one Supergirl but two, with one seeming to be a super bimbo and the other her level headed partner. The short haired one seemed to have lots of difficulty in controlling the sexual abandon of her long haired partner. The short haired one, who by the way lost her prankster personality as predicted but still enjoyed seeing her new female cousin going through her problems, let the world know that Superman would no longer be around. She told them that she hoped Superbimbo would do okay in taking his place. No explanation was ever given as to why The Man of Steel was no longer around. It just became accepted that something had happened to him. Something they couldn't imagine, which had turned him into The Babe of Brawn, as she liked to call herself.

Needless to say, things changed quite a bit in the JLA...

Thanks a lot for the fun Red Bimboite pic, Tebra!


Bimbonite (image © Tebra with thanks) transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story superhero superheroine supervillain supervillian Kryptonite

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