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The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros. It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books. The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author.


Not long after Thorn, with help from Superman and other friends, took the 100 out of business, the brains of the criminal organization formed it once again. This time, there was going to be a bigger emphasis put on technology and science, and all this could do to bring more power and wealth into their hands. To show just how much better the new organization would be, it would now be called the 1000. Its Director was none other than a US Senator, who used his national position to maximize his criminal position.

In an effort to get Thorn before she could get them, the 1000 had their laboratories put together an android in the shape of a world class model, but with the head of a skeleton. The android itself was built with more than normal human strength, but the prime factor involved in its strengths and powers was a special suit constructed for it. This looked like standard lycra spandex in medium blue with dark blue diagonal bands, but in reality was one big web of electronics, with a memory and identity program to give the android its sense of self. It also held the great mental powers which the android would wield, bordering on being psycho-kinetic. Its primary use as a weapon, though, was in projecting a stunning mental bolt.

It was planned that this android, named Mindancer, would work in conjunction with a specially recruited criminal named Blackguard. He was a big brute, but with more than size to his advantage. He was an electronics genius, and nimble as a ninja. Together, they'd be able to cause enough havoc to bring forth the seemingly retired Thorn and any other heroes that showed up to face them. To make sure only Thorn and other 'lesser' heroes came forth, all operations were planned to take place only when it was known that Superman was away from Metropolis.

To make sure no one would be able to use or get any information from the android, it was programmed to keep anyone from ever seeing the skeletal form of its head. Should anyone ever expose the head, the android would vaporize within two minutes. The head was covered first by a nearly waist length, luxuriously full and quite real looking red wig, then by a medium blue full head covering mask with see through white eyes. The mask had a large opening at the top and back for the wig to fall freely. The mask was the only part of the outfit that was separated from it; the medium blue gloves were extensions of the sleeves, and the boots extensions of the legs. In keeping with the android's model-like shape, these boots were arched very high with heels that would have been difficult for a normal human female, but for the android, with its feet molded to that arch and its motion controls and balance programmed precisely for them, they were standard equipment.

* * * * *


Booster Gold was a young, blonde haired guy who came to the late Twentieth Century from the Thirtieth Century. He seemed to have special powers which he used to fight crime, but in reality, these powers were all derived from enhancing devices stolen from the Legion of Super Heroes, including one of their flight rings. He also had a small flying robot called Skeets that seemed to be more intelligent than Booster, and had electrical type powers of its own; this too was ex-LSH.

Booster got word that a pair of crooks who seemed to have super powers were breaking into a geological research laboratory. It started to make sense when he was told that a primary tool on hand there was a high powered solar drill, actually a chemical laser. In the wrong hands, it could be used to cut or drill through anything, leaving nothing man made secure. Booster wondered why they hadn't gone after Superman to have him take out the marauders, then remembered that he was off planet on some mission with the JLA. That left him to go after the crooks. After a quick change of clothes in the trailer he was using for the commercial they'd hired him for as the star, he was on the way, leaving behind a crew miffed that their schedule was shot, but at least realizing their star was an acknowledged action hero.

One member of that crew was a young blonde woman named Rose Forrest. She was in charge of artistic layout and design, and when she saw Booster fly off, asked what was up. As soon as she heard what was going on at the lab, a memory was sparked deep in her mind. A second personality, of which Rose was ignorant, had noted a series of messages amongst members of the 1000 referring to the use of a high powered laser. This second personality, which normally took over Rose's body after dark, shut down the meek young woman that had been working. Her weak sister Rose would be set aside until this latest threat from the 1000 had been neutralized. She grabbed her larger than normal purse and headed for her van.

The false bottom of the purse opened up to reveal a dark green costume, that of the heroine so dreaded by the 1000, Thorn. For it was no longer Rose Forrest in the back of the van, but Thorn. She shed the red business suit quickly, followed by every bit of underwear. The minimal leotard which formed the top of her costume barely covered her shaved crotch; Rose had no idea why she'd picked up the habit of almost erotically shaving this part of her body, it was her stronger, inner sister who had her doing so. After all, none of weak sister Rose's medium length blonde hair would be seen on her head, so none of it could be spotted in her crotch, either. Her bounteous breasts, which Rose's tight fitting bras always held close and repressed, filled the top of the leotard to form a pair of dark green globes, nipples automatically excited and poking out further.

She slung the weapons belt around her waist, zipped on the right hand boot all the way to the top of her thigh, but folded over the left hand boot at her knee, which was wrapped in a white strap. Rose was wondering about the limp she had developed, but Thorn was well aware of the nearly leg breaking bash in the knee she'd gotten a week earlier while scraping with some 1000 goons. It was almost back to 100%, but the wrapping would stay until she felt perfect. Next on were her shoulder length gloves, which nearly reached the shoulders of the leotard. Finally, Thorn made herself complete by pulling the auburn wig on over Rose's blonde hair; she brushed it out, so that it fell to her mid back.

A quick all around scan through the heavily tinted windows showed no one looking in her direction, so she popped open the back door. Considering the wrap on her leg, and the heels of her boots, it seemed a bit strange to see Thorn take off at a pretty quick run to follow Booster. Close observation would show that she was favoring her left leg a bit, but the important thing was the apparent ease with which she was running in heels. Thorn kept her body very well trained and agile, something Rose seemed to take for granted. Rose herself never even seemed to wonder why she walked with such grace in her designer high heeled shoes.

For Thorn, it was a way of life. The costume she'd found in the abandoned costume shop basement on the day she was born following the murder of Rose's father had these boots as a part of the outfit; little did Thorn know that the outfit had been intended for original use by an exotic dancer who happened to have another night time job. Luckily for Thorn, the outfit had never been worn anywhere other than the stage; the dancer/small time villainess had been taken in along with everyone else concerned with the costume shop and the club next door. Thorn had liberated the costume, along with all the thorn weapons originally intended for criminal use, and ironically, now used them to fight criminals.

By the time Thorn got to the lab, Booster Gold was already fully occupied trying to handle both the big bruiser called Blackguard and the lithe and fluidly moving young woman called Mindancer. Skeets seemed to be the only thing allowing him to keep them at bay. Thorn broke into the scene, and while both of the criminals seemed to suddenly take an interest in her, Booster and Skeets managed to keep Blackguard in their arena of activity. Thorn went one on one with Mindancer, marveling at the apparent strength of the woman. For whatever reason, the android was holding off using its mind bolt or any other of its mental powers. It was almost as if it was trying to prove it could take on Thorn merely physically.

Booster and Skeets were keeping Blackguard well contained, and seemed to be close to taking him out. Thorn and Mindancer were tussling more evenly, Thorn using her full powered right leg to kick at her opponent regularly. They slowly but surely edged away from the area in which Booster was fighting Blackguard, but the last time she had the opportunity to check, Thorn saw that he was doing okay for the moment. Eventually, our heroine managed to kick Mindancer hard in the belly, knocking her back into a bank of equipment. While it appeared that she was knocked out or at least jarred, in actuality the android had taken an electrical spike upon contact, which had the mechanical equivalent of knocking out a person.

As she approached the fallen Mindancer, Thorn reached for the head covering mask with her right hand, while her left grabbed a shank of the villainess' red hair to get some leverage. "Now that I've finally got you where I can reach you, let's see what you look like under that mask."

"No! Don't!" Mindancer screamed, but Thorn was already yanking the mask up and over her head. The heavy spandex material hung up for a moment as the narrow neck reached her chin, but then sprang free. To her surprise, Thorn also found her left hand pulling away from the back of Mindancer's head with a long and full red wig in her hand.

Thorn was shocked when she saw what the mask had been covering. "Oh, my God!"

"Yes, you've finally seen me for what I am, Thorn," said what looked like no more than a skeleton head. "Now that I've been exposed, my time is finished! But I'm taking you with me!" With a burst of energy, Mindancer joined her hands together and hit Thorn under the chin with an uppercut strengthened by a last ditch mental bolt. Thorn reeled over backwards, and Mindancer turned to flee.

Still in shock, Thorn watched as Mindancer ran toward a room further down the hallway. Momentarily torn between going after her and going back to see how Booster was doing, Thorn hesitated. She looked back toward the central part of the complex where whe'd left the hero battling Blackguard, but figured if Booster had needed her she'd have heard about it. So with the mask still clenched in her right hand and the lustrous red wig still in her left hand, she went down the hall to follow Mindancer.

Mindancer hadn't been kidding when she'd said her time was finished. As soon as she'd entered the room, her enhanced skeletal form vaporized into thin air. When she'd been given form and then put into the special powers bestowing costume by the 1000's special projects scientists, the Director had warned Mindancer that exposure by anyone other than herself would mean her end, since compromise could not be tolerated. The costume, with nothing left to give it form, collapsed into a medium and dark blue heap on the floor.

Thorn pushed open the door she'd seen Mindancer going through, and warily hesitated upon seeing the pitch black of the unlit room. There wasn't a sound to be heard, so she moved the mask to her left hand to join with the wig and then reached to a spot on the wall near the door where a light switch would most likely be. Her fingers felt a rocker switch, so she braced for action and pushed the top of the switch. As the lights came on, she did a quick scan of the room's perimeter. There was no sign of any other doors, so she figured Mindancer would be hiding somewhere among the tables, cabinets and test stand.

She hadn't gone but a few steps when Thorn spotted the medium and dark blue pile of fabric on the floor. She recognized it as Mindancer's costume as soon as she saw the heels at the bottom of what had to be the outfit's legs. 'How the hell did she have time to get out of her costume?' Thorn wondered, then crouched to look under all the tables and chairs. With no sign of her prey, she set the mask and wig on a table top and edged her way to the test stand. No sign of a presumably nude, or more likely skeletal Mindancer was evident. 'Oh well, I don't know how she got out of here, but it's pretty obvious Mindancer's no longer in this room,' she mused. 'I'd better get back to Booster and see how he's doing.'

Then, as she turned to go back out, Thorn noted the costume on the floor again, and had an inspiration. 'If I go back there dressed in Mindancer's costume, Blackguard would have no idea it's not really his partner coming to his side. I'll be able to take him down so fast Booster won't have any worries!'

Thorn spotted a full length mirror on the inside of the door through which she'd entered, so she picked up the costume and one of the chairs and moved close to the door. She sat down to pull off the right boot which was almost all the way up to her crotch, then unfolded the top of the left boot at her knee and pulled it off. She couldn't take a chance on her knee brace showing under the presumably skintight costume, so even though it hurt just a bit, she unwrapped the tape from around her knee and set it aside. Next off were her shoulder length gloves, followed by the thorn weapons belt around her waist and hips. Finally, she stood and reached behind herself to unzip the leotard, which was then pulled down and off.

As she reached for the Mindancer costume, Thorn noticed it seemed to be a bit heavier than it should, but let that pass and then thought of something she wished she'd considered before undressing. 'Since this costume's legs have the shoes or boots more or less built in, I wonder if they're going to fit? Only one way to find out, I guess. Damn, not only did she somehow have time to get out of this costume, but she even zipped up the back. How, and why?'

It wasn't until she unzipped it and then sat down to slip her right leg into the costume that Thorn noticed just how high the heels were that Mindancer had on her costume. 'Geez, I guess these are part of the reason she always seemed to be moving in a sort of dancing motion. Oh well, let's see...' She pulled the costume's leg further up her own, then pointed her toes to slide them into the highly arched boot. Her foot snuggled into the molding as if it had been made for her, to her surprise. She smoothed that leg out up to her knee, then proceeded to repeat the process for her left leg.

Then she came to her feet in the heels that had made such a big impression, and didn't even think about them as she stood tall and steady to pull the costume's legs up to her waist. She reached down and slipped her left arm into the sleeve, which started to pull the body of the costume up over her chest, and found another surprise in the gloves which were actually the ends of the sleeves. She used her still bare right hand to stretch the left glove's fingers over her own, then smoothed out the sleeve over her arm. She then poked her right hand into the other sleeve, which in the process pulled the top completely into position over her chest.

She was so busy getting her fingers set and smoothing out the sleeve that it wasn't until Thorn saw her reflection in the mirror as she reached for the zipper in back that she noted how the spandex or whatever of the costume molded itself around her globes of flesh. Once she had the zipper up to her neck, she put her arms to her side and took stock of what she saw. 'Wow! This thing almost looks like something that was spray painted onto my body. Okay, now for the crowning touch.'

Thorn was about to pull the red wig down over the long auburn wig covering her head when she decided it would be a lot easier to put it on over Rose's short blonde hair. Thorn, being a distinct and separate personality from Rose (and a few other personalities, of which neither was aware) had no problem referring to her 'weak sister' as a completely different woman. What she wasn't prepared for was what was about to happen when she pulled off her wig. She closed her eyes as she was facing the mirror while pulling her wig up and back from the front. When she opened them again, it was a vision of a cute blonde in a tight fitting medium and dark blue costume that she saw.

"Who am I?" the blonde said in a confused voice. Then she closed her eyes again and tried to think if she'd ever seen herself like this before. After a thorough mind search, Thorn's memories of Mindancer came into view, boosted a bit by the input from the suit. A wicked sneer formed on the cute blonde's lips. "I know who I am!" She carefully placed her glorious red wig over the blonde hair, then picked up the blue spandex head with the see through white spots where her eyes would go and pulled it down over her face. In place, it completed the costume, which then transferred all its powers and past memories to it's wearer. Once she had her mask down and smoothed out, with the neck tucked down into the top of the body suit, she knew she was complete in her newest, and sinfully evil personality. "I am Mindancer!"

As soon as she'd uttered this, Mindancer felt her mind become infused with all the telekinesis, psychic bolt and other powers with which the costume had been empowered. Interestingly, she had much more capacity for using the suit's mental powers than the android had; the suit interfaced with her mind much more fully than it had with the computer before. She could actually feel her mind humming with its newfound power. There was nothing she couldn't do, she felt. These mental powers were in addition to all the physical fighting powers her body already had, making her a quantum improvement over the original Mindancer. In effect, she was now a most wicked witch.

"Hmm, let's see, the Director wanted to get his hands on Thorn. One little blast of eldritch energy..." she held out her right hand and zapped the piled up Thorn costume, "and the very next person to touch this costume will become the new Thorn. She'll be easy pickings, and a nice present for the Director."

The new and improved, or is that new and worsened villainess then hid behind on of the cabinets; she knew her wait would be short.

After he'd finally managed to knock out Blackguard and secure the laser before it fried them both, along with all the computer banks and instrument consoles, Booster Gold looked around. There was no sign of Thorn, or Mindancer either, for that matter. There were no sounds of battle between the two that he could hear, so after tying up and gagging Blackguard and sending Skeets out to bring back the authorities, he went down the nearest hallway to look for either. After checking sixteen offices, he took off and flew over to the next hallway. The first three doors opened to more empty offices. The next revealed a small lab, and a quick scan revealed a small pile of dark green clothes on a table top; the same shade of green as Thorn's costume.

Booster crept through the doorway slowly, every sense on the alert for trouble. If Thorn's costume was here, what could have happened to her? Mindancer could very well be close by. Again, there were no apparent sounds in the room, and there was no sign of activity, either. He didn't see either a nude Thorn (drat!) or Mindancer, so he walked over to the table holding the green pile. As he got closer, it became obvious that it was Thorn's costume. The thorn weapons belt and her thigh high boots were readily apparent, along with the gloves. They all turned out to be the majority of the green pile, for as he came up to it, Booster saw how little there was to the leotard top. He briefly pictured what he remembered Thorn looking like in that little number, and smiled while feeling a distinct hardening in his crotch. He also finally saw what looked like a long, auburn wig; Thorn must have worn it over her own hair as a disguise, but it had always looked real to him.

Mindancer was watching, and suddenly thought of one thing she'd missed before in putting the spell on the costume. She projected a mental command toward the blue and gold clad hero.

Before he even reached out to grab some of the pile, Booster felt a sudden compulsion to take off his own costume. What was it with this room and the piles of costumes, he wondered. Nothing he thought or tried was able to stop himself, the first item coming off being the Legion flight ring. In no time, there was a pile of blue and gold next to the pile of green, and Booster stood there for a moment, a well built, short blonde haired man looking almost like a mannequin. More and more, the young man tried to figure out what was happening. Then finally, he started to move, but it was a motion over which he had no control. His right hand reached for the green pile, and as soon as it touched the leotard of the costume, he felt an unnerving jolt course through his entire body.

The jolt was nothing compared to what he felt next. In rapid sequence, he felt himself shrink down at least a foot, followed by his waist compressing and his hips and ass billowing out. The hair on his arms, legs, back and chest seemed to just disappear, while on his chest appeared two expanding masses of flesh. He could see and feel his limbs becoming softer, rounder and much more curved, and his feet and hands becoming smaller and daintier. His short blonde hair seemed to be lengthening greatly, showing up on his sides in his peripheral vision. The sensation of his manhood, which had been stiff from thoughts of what Thorn looked like, seeming to shrink away and then suck up into the new slit forming in his crotch seemed to complete the process, mere seconds after it had started.

"My God, I've become a woman!" she blurted out, then noticing not only her new feminine voice, but a distinct similarity to a voice she knew.

Just then, she saw Mindancer step out from behind a cabinet. "Yes, my dear, a woman." The villainess had thought to alter her own voice while stepping out, and now sounded nothing like Rose or Thorn, but more like a cruel and inhuman mistress. "But not just any woman, you are now Rose Forrest," she told the person who was now a mental blank slate being rewritten so fast that by the time her name had been mentioned, she knew nothing of the person who had worn the pile of blue and gold before her. "Rose is only part of you, though. Go to sleep, Rose!"

The cute blonde's face went blank all of a sudden. A quick mental spur from Mindancer brought expression back, but looking harder and more defined. "You might as well forget about escaping from me, Thorn. I don't know what made you think taking off your costume could hide you from me. Go ahead and get dressed; we have an appointment with the Director. To reduce any temptation, give me your weapons belt."

Thorn scowled, and feeling the mental pressure Mindancer was putting on her, figured she didn't have much choice. She picked up the belt and passed it to her tormentor. Then, before anything else, she wanted to get away from looking anything like her weak sister. She grabbed her auburn wig and pulled it on over her short, wimpy blonde hair. She pulled on her leotard next and zipped it up, then zipped both boots on all the way to the tops of her thighs. Finally, she pulled on her gloves, and Thorn felt herself whole again, for the first time.

In light of what Mindancer had told her, Thorn shouldn't have been surprised to feel her arms being drawn together behind her back, then being tied together with her own weapons belt. So near, yet so far and inaccessible. She watched as Mindancer collected the strange pile of blue and gold clothes, sorting out various devices and weapons. All were placed inside one of the plastic liners from a garbage can, except for the flight ring. This went onto the left ring finger of Mindancer. They then both walked as far as the end of the hallway, where the villainess picked her up with one arm and flew to the nearest door leading outside. This short practice flight gave Mindancer all she needed to know to add her own powers to the flight ring. With the bag in one hand and Thorn in her other, she zipped to where she could feel Blackguard's thoughts originating. She didn't even need a hand to first remove his gag, then untie him.

"How did you do that, Mindancer?" Blackguard asked, nearly stunned.

"I'm a lot better than I used to be. You're on your own, as far as getting out of here. Forget the laser; I've got a better prize for the Director. Presuming you get out of here and past the cops that are sure to be coming, I'll see you a bit later."


"No buts, damn it! Get the hell out of here, NOW!"

Mindancer turned her back on her supposed ally, and they were gone and already up to seven thousand feet, shooting along at nearly Mach one, when the police arrived, escorted by Skeets.

The authorities found the laser and all other systems to be in perfect condition. Skeets in particular, and the police in general, were surprised to see no sign of Booster Gold or Thorn. They'd expected to find Blackguard all tied up, from what the little robot had told them, but there was no sign of him, either. Skeets could find no sign of his companion using his sensors, which had VERY long range. It was as if Booster had disappeared from the face of the Earth. Poor little Skeets, that's exactly what had happened. His companion no longer existed.

Skeets went back alone to the site at which the ad was being filmed, to pass on the bad news. No one at the site had seen Rose Forrest for a while, either, but since her van was still in the lot, nobody paid much attention to her. The van was going to leave the lot during the early hours of the morning, with no one the wiser.

* * * * *

When Rose Forrest went back to that parking lot later that night, it was a far different Rose from the one who'd parked it there the morning before. Actually, though, it was a VERY SIMILAR Rose who drove her van back home. It was the second person who thought of Rose as her weak sister that was now VERY DIFFERENT. While the Director had wanted nothing more than to watch as Thorn was killed before his very eyes, something far better had been suggested to him by Mindancer, who seemed to be so much surer and in control than when she'd departed. Instead of killing Thorn, the 1000 got a new ally. Mindancer worked with the Director in forming an entirely new identity for Thorn. Now, whenever Thorn put on her costume, it would be used precisely for its original intention. Thorn was now one of, if not the most wily criminals in Metropolis.

That's only the first half of the original costume's uses, though. The 1000 told her the costume was strictly for criminal activity, so Thorn put together a completely different outfit with a waist length black wig to wear on the nights when she fulfilled her role as an exotic dancer. She looked quite fetching in what looked like a fetishist's dream black latex dominatrix outfit that rapidly came down to just a G-string, then nothing. Other than her thigh high black boots with heels too high to be real, of course. The crowds just loved seeing her strut in those!

It wasn't long before Rose was wondering how in the hell her bras didn't fit anymore. She had to go to some shops she'd never have thought to enter to get some big enough for the monsters she now sported. She had to buy a lot of new clothes, too, since none of her suits would fit around them.

Thorn started to fill out her costume so much more up top in front; the implants she'd gotten to spice up her dancing made her look like a hot babe now, and she loved it.

Oh, and that outfit that Thorn starts her dances with? Surely you don't think it doesn't get any better use than that. Rose has NO idea, and Thorn has some ideas since there are some nights when she doesn't get a check from the club. The third personality that Mindancer put into Rose's head, to sort of match her original, puts that outfit to VERY good use at the S&M club down the street from the dance club. Mistress Crimson loves all her black latex, and particularly enjoys getting clients who either are crossdressers or give the impression they wish to be wimps.

The end

(Unless I get an idea of how to have yet ANOTHER Thorn come forward to bring the now evil one to justice. I've got an old short story I did a few years ago in which the original Thorn went to Lois Lane's condo one night, and when she left, there were now TWO Thorns, one for daytime missions (Lois) and one for nocturnal missions (Rose...well, Thorn, actually...

We'll see...)

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