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The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros.  It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books.  The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author.  It is free to be archived on any site wishing to do so, provided the author is given proper credit.

As with the way the original author started this story, it's set in the late 80s or very early 90s.
Lois Lane...Assassin
by Steve Zink
beginning from 'Deus Ex Machina' by libbylawrence

Clark Kent smiled as he reentered the Daily Planet building on Friday afternoon.  Even though his super senses of sight and hearing allowed the mild mannered reporter in the blue suit to notice an almost infinite array of details as he gazed around the busy city room, he relished all he saw and heard.  He truly enjoyed his job, and felt as if the great Metropolitan newspaper was a second home to him.

A young man with red hair and freckles glanced up from his own work to greet his pal as Kent drew closer to the other workers.  "Clark!  That was a nice piece you did on the possible reformation of the 1000.  Nobody has really followed up on them since they used Metallo against Superman and Cannonball a while back!" said Jimmy Olsen.

Clark nodded modestly and replied, "Thanks a lot!  I'd say that criminal group may indeed be up to their old tricks.  Some of their old bosses are out of jail and have returned to the city.  That can't be good news for honest citizens!"

Before Jimmy could reply, a pretty woman with dark black hair and a vivacious manner hurried out of the office of Planet editor Perry White.  Lois Lane wore a short black dress with matching heels and she waved in passing as she crossed the large room.  "Like the Beatles sang, Hello, Goodbye!" she said brightly.  "I'm late for my flight to Boston.  I can't afford to be late for my own tribute!"

"Congratulations, again!" Clark replied.  "We're all proud of you."

Jimmy nodded and said, "Yeah, Lois deserves that Women in Journalism Award for a lot of reasons in addition to her sensational story on the Invasion!"

Lois shrugged and said, "Thanks, fellows.  That story was pretty special to me.  I'm flattered the Women in Journalism group picked it as Outstanding Story of the Year."

A sultry, redheaded woman in a short pink skirt and white blouse leaned into the doorway and said, "C'mon, Luv.  I'm not about to share the flight out with Rona.  I mean, how many times can she crow about her win for that gossipy story she did on 'Super Hero Romances'!"

Lois turned and replied, "Okay, just a moment, I'll just grab my bag and join you!"

Lois scampered over to her desk to grab the large, soft bag she'd packed the night before and the hang up bag with the collection of gowns and dresses.  Her hand reached for the handle of the soft bag, but halted briefly as she thought, 'I don't remember stuffing it this full last night.  Oh, well.'  Hesitations or not, she grabbed the handle and hefted the bag, noticing that it wasn't just bulging more, but also now weighed a lot more than she remembered.  She picked up the hang up bag, then turned to go join Lana.

Lois and Lana Lang exited from the room and Clark leaned over to Jimmy.  "Well, I hope Boston is ready for those two!  Trouble can follow them, as well you know!" he said.

"Right!" Jimmy replied.  "Too bad for Trouble, they can usually handle almost anything!  Plus, I'm sure Superman will check in on them if they do need help."

Clark nodded in agreement.  "Right."

He was amused at Jim's deft handling of the fact that he now knew Superman was really Clark Kent.  He had proven to be very useful to Clark in helping him keep that fact a secret since he first admitted that he had learned the truth.

The two friends walked over to the windows and gazed down as Lois and Lana emerged below and hailed a taxi.

'I hope they have a good time,' thought Clark.  'I doubt very much could go wrong at a respectable banquet like that.'

* * * * *

Power of a different kind, or the lack of said power, was troubling another very different man as he brooded over a beer or three in a Boston bar.

He leaned over the counter and said, "I could use another!"

An elegantly demure blonde waitress gazed at him with a perceptive if dismissive glance.  "I'm sorry sir, but I think you've had enough for this...month!"

He nodded and stood up on unsteady feet.  "Yeah, thanks...Kelly, is it?  Kelly Kelly!  What a strange name!" he said as he stumbled out of the bar and ran a hand through his long, straggly red hair.

"Well, Len, you've worn out your welcome at another bar.  Just what is there to do when you're a balding stud without a friend or dime to his name?" he muttered.

He staggered down the sidewalk and gazed up at the plush Boston Arms Hotel.  "Man!  I could do with a good night's rest in a pace like that, but my bedbugs have bedbugs so I doubt they would welcome me with open arms!"

Then he stopped and his eyes went wide.

"Welcome, Women In Journalism!" he read as he looked at a sign on the hotel's front marquee.  "Sorry, Newsbabes, but I guess you'll have to do without my company!"

As he made his way down the street, a folded black object fell out of his pocket.  He never noticed, and swiftly left the hotel and a bit of destiny behind!

* * * * *

At the Boston Arms, dozens of well-known female journalists from print and broadcast media mingled at the Women in Journalism pre-awards social.  The elegantly decorated ballroom was filled with famous women whose bylines or images had graced hundreds of papers and screens.

Central City's Linda Park looked around the room with a certain air of cynicism.  She wore a long green gown with silver high heels and she tried to conceal the fact that she was more than a little dismissive of the entire affair.  'The same dinosaurs get honored every year,' she thought.  'Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Vicki Vale, the late Iris Allen!  Those same names have always dominated this thing.  If it's a TV award, Leggy Lana gets it.  If it's a print award, Superman's Girlfriend Lois gets it.  The photo field has always been divided between Batman's special gal Vicki Vale and Iris Allen, who kept company with the Ringmaster and the Flash in her day!'

Then a related thought hit her.  'The Flash!  I thought for a while that I was going to use him for a ticket to the top, but that just didn't pan out!'

She frowned as the sexy Lana Lang entered in a red beaded gown and matching high heels.

"Well, she sure caught everyone's eye!" said a black woman in a blue dress.

"Tawny Young?  I think I've seen your stuff from out West!" said Linda as she turned to face the speaker.

"I broke the story on Green Lantern," Tawny replied.  "The second GL, I mean."

Linda nodded and said, "I like your style.  Very hip, very incisive!"

Tawny rolled her eyes as a very pretty woman with long auburn hair styled in a fluffy do entered in a demure pink gown.  "Who's the Prom Queen?  She looks like she just stepped off a Homecoming Float!"

"I don't know her either!" said Linda.

The "Prom Queen" was smiling happily as she greeted a stunningly clad Lois Lane, who wore a sparkly black gown and shiny black heels.

"Miss Lane?  I'm Megan O'Dell," gushed the younger woman.  "I admire you so much!"

Lois smiled and said, "Megan?  I think I've seen a few of your pieces on the Blue Devil!  I think you have a real eye for a story!"

"Well," replied Megan, "the Blue Devil seems to attract the strangest elements.  I never know when a story about him will lead to an alien invasion or a mad gnome attack!"

The lilac-clad, dark haired Olivia Ortega of Gotham City listened as she drew closer to the pair.  She said, "It's not like that in Gotham City.  Batman leads to trouble, but rarely does he mix it up with space aliens or vampires!"

Lois laughed and said, "But working in Gotham City puts a girl at risk of ending up frozen in ice or tied to a giant flaming umbrella or something!"

Just then a hotel attendant approached Lois and passed a note to her.  "Lois, meet me in your room.  I've got something you need to see."  It was unsigned.  She put the note in her purse, then with a wave said, "Gotta go back to my room for a minute or two, ladies.  I'll get back with you in a little bit."  Her departure went almost completely unnoticed.

A soft whistle passed the lips of the slightly tacky Vicki Vale as she saw a blonde in a silver mini dress and strappy white heels enter.  "Cat Grant!  She is all body and no brains!"

"Oh, don't judge a book by its cover!" said the pretty, auburn haired Joan Lincoln.

Vicki nodded and placed one hand on Joan's bare arm.  "Sorry.  That was a bit catty!  Excuse the expression!"

"Forgive me for being so serious," answered Joan.  "I've just gotten back from Markovia and the perils and hardships those brave people face with their heroic ruler, makes me get a bit sober!"

A pretty woman in a light blue gown that revealed a lot of leg swept into the room and smiled winningly.  "Markovia?" asked Lola Barnett.  "Isn't that home to that gorgeous Geo-Force?  We simply must talk!"

At that moment, Lois was unlocking her room door, wondering how anyone else could get in to meet her there.  The opened door revealed nothing, for her room was totally unlit.  As soon as she'd turned on the light and locked the door behind her, the answer to her question suddenly popped into view.

"Who are you- oh, wait.  I've seen reports about you and the Fearsome Five from a couple of years ago.  You're Psimon, aren't you?"

"Yes, indeed.  I am Psimon, and if you were wondering about your heavier and more bulging bag earlier today, I took the liberty of adding a good bit to it while no one was watching.  Why don't you unzip the middle portion and take a look at what I added?"

From what she'd heard about this villain, Lois knew he could have just materialized anything into her bag.  She also knew he could use his mental powers to easily make her do anything, so why was he toying with her like this?  Out of curiosity, she walked over to the bag next to the bed, picked it up and then placed it on top of the bedspread.  After opening it up, she unzipped the inner portion.

"What the- How did all this weaponry possibly get in here, let alone get through all the airport security?  And what's with this red latex catsuit and red boots in with the weapons?  My God, look at the heels on these things!"

"Like I said, I added all of that to your bag earlier today.  As you probably know, I can materialize anything almost anywhere.  I made it so airport security systems can never see anything other than normal clothes and stuff in this bag.  The weaponry is all going to be put to good use.  The red costume with it is to be worn by the evil to the core villainess and felonious femme fatale known as Executrix, the deadly assassin who is the latest member of the newly reforming Fearsome Five.  And why do you suppose this assassin's costume is in your bag, my dear?"

"Did you put it there in order to get it into the hotel and ceremony area without question?  And if so, when is this Executrix, as you call her, supposed to come here and get her gear?"

"Of course it was to get it all here without any question," Psimon answered, as if talking to an ignorant youngster.  "And Executrix is already here."

"What do you mean?  Where?" Lois asked as she looked all around herself.

"Look at the mirror over the desk," he told her.

Lois found she had to do as instructed.  Something, or rather someone named Psimon, was in her head forcing her to do so.

"Do you see the face in that mirror?"

"Yes, of course.  That's my face."

"Study that face as I give your mind a bit of enlightenment," Psimon ordered.

A bit more than a minute later, as Lois continued to stare unblinking at her own image, Psimon said, "Do you still see the face in the mirror?"

"What a stupid question.  It's the same face I've been staring at for the last minute or two, and seeing in mirrors for all my life!"

"Now, keep watching that face.  It's important that you know exactly who you're seeing.  As of right now, you are no longer just Lois Lane."

Psimon used his mental powers, and activated the identity he'd placed in Lois' mind a moment before.  "Now then, whose face do you see in the mirror?"

"You silly boy, of course that's the face of Lois Lane.  But along with some makeup, my red wig and my mask, it's also the face of the most evil and malicious assassin the world has ever seen.  Suitably changed, this is the face of Executrix!"

Psimon grinned wickedly.  All was now in readiness for the debut of the Fearsome Five's newest villainess.  "Just remember, you have to hide yourself behind the good girl identity of Lois Lane whenever you aren't on the job.  No need to hide as of right now, though, because tonight you're on the job."

"Right!  Just give me a moment to change.  Who's my target for tonight?" asked the woman who still looked like Lois but now had an evil look to her face and a voice lower and more vile.

"Multiple targets, my dear assassin.  Every single lady here for this awards ceremony has a price on her head from the 1000.  I wouldn't recommend killing them all at once, though."

By now the woman who was more than just Lois Lane had taken all the weapons from the bag that had seemed to bulge and be heavier than she'd expected and pulled out her red costume.  She made quick work of removing her black dress shoes with their four-inch heels and the shimmering black gown, putting each into the closet.  Then she peeled off her taupe pantyhose and removed her black silk bra, leaving her appropriately minimal pink panties as the only clothing on her body.  She picked up the catsuit and sat on the edge of the bed to slide her legs into the shiny red latex, then pulled the sleeveless top up over her chest and secured the hooks on the halter behind her neck.  She laced the fully seven-inch stiletto heeled, thigh high shiny red PVC boots with white edging along the top and down the front tightly to her legs, putting her almost on her toes, then pulled the fingerless red leather gloves up past her elbows.  The diamond encrusted wide bracelets were then attached to her wrists.

Executrix then went to the mirror in the bathroom to make some careful changes to her eyes and cheeks with makeup, not even noticing as she walked with smooth, feline grace and a very sexy sway of her hips in her ultra high heels thanks to the increase in her agility and bearing given by Psimon.  This done, she pulled the long red wig on over her black hair.  She took the waist length red hair and wound it up on top of her head, then secured it with another diamond encrusted band to match the bracelets.  Then the wicked villainess placed the red domino mask over her eyes and pulled the elastic band back over her head.  Satisfied with her now totally different and incredibly evil look, Lois didn't even notice that she was still wearing the same earrings she'd been wearing all evening.

She walked back out and pulled the two weapons belts on over her hips, then Executrix secured the shoulder strap over her left shoulder.  To these were added her weapons of choice for the evening, an automatic pistol, a foot long dagger and her laser sighted sniper rifle that fired state of the art energy bolts, not traditional bullets.  "Now then, I'm ready to rock.  I don't want to have to turn back into Lois anytime soon.  In fact, how about finding some chick we can make to look like Lois that I can knock off, then I won't have to worry about my soft sister ever again."

"Good idea!  I'll see if I can arrange that for you.  Good hunting, my dear!"  Then, as suddenly as he'd appeared, Psimon disappeared from the room.

Executrix grinned wickedly, then turned off the light and left the room, careful to avoid any attention.

* * * * *

The famous women of the press mingled and joked and fawned and sneered as the evening passed, nobody even noticing the lack of Lois Lane, and then as many of them made their way back and forth in and out of the ballroom, a very differently garbed woman appeared.

Outside the ballroom, a lithe babe in a skin tight and gleaming red latex catsuit with matching thigh high, incredibly high heeled boots and opera length gloves waited in the shadows.  'I'm going collect a nice sum for blowing all these busybodies away!  The 1000 will pay me well to end the careers of snoops like Vicki Vale and Lana Lang!' Executrix thought.  'Heh!  And I bet they'll give me a fortune for killing Lois Lane.  I can't wait...'

Before she could raise the multiple weapons that were strapped to her back or hips, the assassin heard a sound and whirled around in a battle stance, her dagger bared.  'Nothing!  I must be getting nerves!' Lois thought as she returned to her previous position.

Above her in the shadows of a stairwell, another woman with red hair watched the crowd in silence.  She wore a daring red gown and fingered something soft and black in her clinched fists.

* * * * *

Moments later, Lana Lang went back into her room and placed the entrancing piece of black cloth on the dresser.  She had been alone on a terrace in a bit of uncharacteristic melancholy.  The red haired beauty had long ago given up on a romance with Superman, even though she had been linked to him during their teen days in Smallville.  She had moved on to a romance with fellow Smallville native Clark Kent, but that too had ended rather suddenly without much of a closure.  Between those romantic idylls she had fallen for another hero from space, but the noble Vartox had been a truly tragic figure doomed to lose more than one planet and more than one lover until he had settled on Earth and married the fiery, red haired alien Maxima.

Lana had hardly been sitting home alone since then, but she was alone now, and she longed for some romantic companionship.

She was pouting rather prettily when a glint of something silvery caught her eyes.  The pretty redhead turned, and a second later a bolt of energy sliced by her ear.  She dropped to the floor and waited, but nothing else happened.

The titian haired beauty stood up and made her way across the terrace to an adjoining terrace, where the fired beam had likely originated.

She was a television reporter with experience and courage and a powerful need to know!  Lana soon realized that there was no sign of her attacker.  Then, as she glanced around the narrow terrace, she saw a shiny bead.

Lana picked it up and frowned as her keen mind recognized it.  The decorative bead had to have fallen off one of the earrings worn by her friend, Lois Lane.

"What would Lois have been doing out here?" the puzzled reporter mused as she returned inside and felt a chill wind sweep across the empty terrace.  Something drew Lana to pick up the piece of black cloth she'd found earlier.  Moments later, Lana's room was once again empty.

In an alley nearby, the red costumed Executrix removed her mask and a flowing red wig to expose dark black hair in disgust.  "I'll get Lana next time!  That's a promise!  I'd have had her if that bitch's reflexes weren't so damned good," she said.  Still pissed, the assassin found a car window in which she could see her reflection and placed the red wig back onto her head, followed by her mask.  She couldn't let anyone see her in the costume but with the face and hair of Lois Lane showing.  After doing some more scouting and catching some hoped for targets of opportunity, she planned to go back to the room and catch a quick catnap, then get back to work the next morning.

Twice while scouting for targets, Executrix caught brief glimpses of a quickly moving black and red garbed, very feminine figure with a black hood covering her head.  Since she had no idea if this was a friend or foe, the super sexy assassin just observed and avoided the newcomer.

The next morning, Lana Lang knocked on Lois Lane's door and tried to find the best way to approach her friend.  'I can only assume Lois may be onto some big scoop.  She's been acting oddly and my efforts to find her last night failed completely.  She wasn't in her room at all last night from what I gathered after questioning the maid!' the gorgeous redhead mused.

Her thoughts were interrupted as the pretty, dark haired reporter opened her door and, hiding her new deep seated hatred for the redhead who had once been her good friend said, "Hi.  You seem to be up and ready to go this morning!  I thought you always took time for extra beauty sleep?"

Lois clutched a pink, floor length robe to her chest and listened intently as Lana replied, hoping her increased height wouldn't be too obvious.  "What about you?" the redhead asked.  "I figured you'd be sound asleep after the night you must have had!  And your hair looks like hell!"

Lois frowned and said, "Sleeping on that hairdo did a number on it.  A good wash and set will fix that.  And I slept like a log last night.  I guess I was dead to the world.  If you came by, I must have snored right through your knocks!"

"Sorry, pet.  My mistake.  I was a bit concerned about you after the sniper took a shot at me last night!"

Lois nodded and, trying to seem surprised said, "Sniper?  I didn't know!  No wonder you were trying to find me!  We've both made plenty of enemies through our work!"

"Some nutcase tried to kill me with a high tech energy rifle.  I actually thought you might have noticed something.  I found a bead from your earrings near the most likely spot used by the shooter!"

"That's impossible," Lois replied, hedging.  "I turned in early.  Oh, wait, I was walking around outside for a bit of air earlier.  I guess I lost a bead or two!"

They separated as Lois promised to meet Lana later for lunch.

Lois sneered, then closed her door and dropped her robe to reveal the figure molding costume of red latex and stiletto heeled, sexy looking thigh high red boots with white trim.  "Damn, I was just about ready to get back on my mission when you knocked on my door.  It's a damned good thing I was able to get my gloves and wig off and throw on that robe before answering the door.  Too bad I have to lie to you as a friend when you're actually a prime target, but I have a higher calling now.  Doing my work as a super villainess, criminal femme fatale for the Fearsome Five and the 1000 takes a priority over appeasing your need to know!" Executrix said with a wicked grin as she put her red wig back on, followed by her mask and gloves.  As soon as her weapons were loaded to the straps, the assassin was out the door.

Meanwhile, Lana went directly back to her own room after leaving Lois.  Just as the night before, something was drawing her to the mystical piece of black cloth.

* * * * *

Later, as Tawny Young jogged outside the hotel, she heard a noise and then gasped in shock as something struck her from the side.

She fell flat and clutched her side in pain.

Before anyone could rush to her aid, the red costumed Executrix dropped down from a rope and aimed her laser rifle at the prone figure.  "Consider this an honor, Miss Young, you'll be the first of your group to die at my hands!"

Before she could pull her trigger, an agile figure darted forward and kicked the gun out of her hands with a dazzling display of speed and skill.  She flipped backward and landed perfectly as she grabbed for a small throwing sai!

"Who the...?" the super assassin muttered.

The villainess gasped as the woman in black and red with a black hood she'd noted less clearly the night before connected with a rapid series of blows unlike any she had ever experienced.  "I'm a master of every known form of martial art!  What kind of fighting is this?" Executrix hissed as she wiped her bleeding lips and circled the hooded woman.

The woman in the black hood made no reply except to kick out again and narrowly missed the assassin.

Cat Grant suddenly turned the corner to witness the fight and realized something the hitwoman should have but didn't know.  'Klurkor!' she noted.  'That hooded heroine is using Kryptonian martial arts!'

Before the battle could continue, a burly, balding red haired man came into view and dropped the wine bottle he had been swigging.  "The Black Hood!  I must have lost it!  Can't believe it works even here!"

The woman in the hood turned for a moment and in that instant Executrix connected with the blunt end of her hastily recovered rifle.

The hooded woman dropped to the ground as her attacker cursed and raced away.  "Too many witnesses!" muttered the red haired hitwoman.

Cat raced forward to bend over the fallen woman in black and red.  "Are you badly hurt?  Let me help you!"

The drunken man with the red beard said, "She don't need no help, Baby.  The Hood will fix her up.  It's magic!"

Sure enough, the fallen woman in black and red sat up slowly as Cat impulsively removed the black silk hood to reveal the features of a woman she worked with and knew very well!  "Lana!  I knew it had to be either you or Lois under that rather tacky hood.  No one else knows Klurkor like you two do!" she said.  Executrix hadn't recognized what Lana was doing because when Psimon reworked the mind of Lois Lane, skills peculiar to Lois herself were hidden deep in her mind so as to make sure Executrix didn't do anything which could give away her true identity.  Much like the way the voice of the super villainess sounded differrent from the demure reporter.

Lana nodded as her hand reached out for the hood, but her movement was too slow and the man pulled it free of Cat's grasp first.  "I found that hood as a small swatch of cloth last night," she replied.  "A bit later I got back to my room and felt some urge to pick up the piece of cloth.  It turned into a hood and a form fitting red and black costume.  I put it on by impulse, and something took control of me.  It urged me to do only good and it enhanced all my abilities!  I became some sort of super heroine!  I was prowling the streets in search of crime to fight last night.  After checking on Lois this morning, I felt an urge to put on the hood once again, and it seems like the timing was just right to stop that assassin from killing Tawny.  It's been a while since I was last in a costume, as Insect Queen-"

"Tawny is hurt badly," Cat interrupted.  "We'd better summon medical help and take your story inside!"

The big man said, "I can explain it.  It's not a pretty story.  It's one I call 'Tell Me How Your World Died'!"

* * * * *

Later, as Lois and Lana sat across from the burly man in a hospital waiting room, he ran a hand across his face and gathered his thoughts.

Lois now wore a skirt, heels, and a blouse since she had changed out of the red wig and costume earlier, then gone to Lana as she waited for the ambulance to pick up her now still alive victim, the wounded Tawny Young.  Lana had also gone back to her own room to change out of the costume she was wearing, and filled in Lois about all that the man had told Cat and herself earlier as they'd waited.  "You said your world died," the brunette asked.  "Yet, you seem so human.  What planet are you from?"

"That's just it, lady!" the balding man replied.  "I come from good ole Mama Earth!  Or should I say, I'm from one of a couple dozen Earths.  Alternate Earths, as my egghead buddies call them, used to exist before most of 'em died!"

"You come from an Earth that was destroyed in the Crisis!" Lana blurted.

"Crisis?" he asked.  "I guess you could call it that!  I call it murder, 'cause plain and simple-like, Earth was murdered by a group of madmen!"

"Who are you?" Lois asked, acting as she would have in the past.  "Start from the beginning!"

"Okay, lady, you got it.  My name is Len Rothko.  During my days with a certain biker gang, I acquired the nickname Big Daddy.  I guess you don't have to be so formal, though.  You can just call me the only survivor of planet Earth!"

"Are you some type of super hero?" Lana asked.

He grinned and said, "Me?  Oh, yeah!  I'm a real Doc.  Strong!  Too bad, I wasn't a cape and mask type.  Maybe I could have done more than watch my friends and my world die!

"On my Earth I belonged to a law enforcement agency called the WEB.  We fought the good fight with armored battle suits and certain modifications to our bodies.  Those little tricks didn't help any when what you so deftly called the Crisis hit!

"You see, first the skies turned red.  They were as bright red as what is left of my hair!  Then, we started having weird time warp moments.  Dinosaurs roamed through the cities and space men fired blasters at bewildered cowboys!  It was a real trip, as my pal the Sunshine Kid might have said!  Then, while we good guy types were trying to find the reason for the chaos, a group of killers banded together and very neatly wiped out every hero on my world before finishing the job by destroying Earth!"

He added, "You've got to understand that while the WEB Agency tried to find solutions to the weirdness, a band of punks broke out of jail.  The strongest prison on our world was run by a guy named Weatherbee, and yet his technology spelled his doom.  You see, that's how it really started.  Some inhuman creeps with more of the machine than the man about them, got together and took over the jail.  They freed the inmates and organized them with military precision.  That's 'cause their leader was an ex-soldier!  A power mad renegade with a hatred for one good guy recruited a bunch of cyborg killers and used them and other super creeps to hunt down all the heroes!"

Big Daddy sighed and said, "You ever heard of a place called Los Arenas, Nevada?  On our Earth it was...the gambling center of the U.S.A.  Well, there's a real irony in the fact that in that place a hero called Blackjack finally ran clear out of luck!  He was a strong, agile, cocky do gooder in a colorful costume and a mask.  We never did figure out who was behind that mask but we knew he was one of us in spirit.

"Well, he suited up like we all did when the red skies started.  He figured he could punch a few heads and kick in some teeth and make wise and save the planet.  That was the way those missions had always gone before.  Why was this one so unlike anything we ever faced in the past?  Maybe, it was 'cause this time we were being hunted down by an evil group who didn't care nothin' about ending the world if they could take us down first!

"Blackjack darted across the neon signs over Los Arenas and he figured he could solve the mess and still catch Dino at the Sands by midnight.  Well, he was wrong.  He was dead wrong.

"Blackjack didn't go out in a blaze of glory.  Blackjack didn't throw one punch or make one quip.  He just stepped out on a roof and a gold costumed freak named Volt came up behind him and electrocuted him right there on the spot.  Yeah, Blackjack's corpse lit up the night sky and then he was dead!"

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" Lana said, while Lois just nodded.

Big Daddy looked at the red haired reporter with world weary eyes and said, "Honey, the story gets worse from that point on!"

* * * * *

Earlier, back at the hotel, Gotham City's Olivia Ortega had returned to her room in the hotel to change clothes after lunch.  As she went to her closet wearing only her bra and pantyhose, she was shocked to see a strange looking man with a huge brain encased in clear plastic and wearing red robes suddenly appear in front of her.  "Dios-  Who the hell are you?"

"I am called Psimon, and a better question would be, just exactly who are you?  I have need of you, or rather of your body.  First, let's get rid of that Hispanic accent, shall we?"

"What do you me-" Olivia started to say, but halted when she heard a foreign yet still somehow familiar Caucasian voice coming from her lips.  "What have you done to me?" she finally asked.

"Your voice is only the start, Ms. Ortega.  A new ally of mine has been instructed to kill all the female journalists at this awards ceremony.  As things stand right now, there is no way for her to kill Lois Lane.  I'm going to fix that problem right now.  If you didn't recognize the voice you now own, get used to it.  You are no longer Olivia Ortega, you are Lois Lane."

Olivia's last thought was the shock of hearing what Psimon told her, but in a flash her memories of being a journalist from Gotham City were superseded by those of the well known journalist from Metropolis.  Her body was changed in the next millisecond to be a duplicate of Lois Lane.  As soon as the new Lois realized who she was, Psimon also altered all the clothes in the room to match those in the original Ms Lane's room, along with making all the identification and credit cards and such in her purse become those of Lois Lane.  His work completed, the super villain disappeared as quickly as he'd arrived, leaving the new Lois Lane with no recollection of his being there.

Lois proceeded to get dressed, ready to mix and mingle once again that afternoon.  She was looking forward to seeing her friend Lana.

* * * * *

Not long after the original Lois Lane left the discussion and story telling outside Tawny's room, she made her way back to her hotel room.  Mentally cursing all the while that she'd had to restrain herself in the presence of Lana Lang, Tawny Young and Cat Grant, she stripped out of her Lois Lane garb with great celerity.

Psimon appeared before her and said, "There will be no more need for that dress and the shoes you just took off.  I think I'll add revised versions of them to what has already been done."  The dress and shoes disappeared.  "Your closets and drawers in this room are empty.  There is now a Lois Lane here in the hotel for you to kill!  Unfortunately, Olivia Ortega is no longer a viable target, but as Lois she does have a much higher value."

"Thanks for setting it up so that I can kill Lois Lane!  I'm a bad ass bitch super villainess with a wicked mind, and I don't want to have anything more to do with my do-good reporter self."

"Excellent!  That fits right in with the changes I made a bit earlier.  Since all of the IDs in what was Olivia's purse and room now say Lois Lane, all of yours now say Lia Long.  Your purse and wardrobe have been changed completely from what you'd brought with you, because the new Lois has them, and since this hotel is most likely going to become rubble very soon, I've put your clothing into room 236 of the Hilton next door, in your new name.  I think you'll enjoy the new look."

"236, eh?  I can't wait to see what you've got set up for me there.  So I'm Lia Long now, when I'm out of my costume.  Lia...hmmm...I like that!"

Psimon grinned.  His work in making a new villainess to join his group was going better than he'd expected, even if she had yet to kill off any of the targets assigned.  Getting her to New York later and into the group would be a, if only Gizmo, Jinx, Mammoth and Shimmer weren't still in lockup...

"After you've killed the new Lois Lane, we can put together your new life in New York City as Lia with a totally new face and body to really put your new clothes to use.  In fact, let's do your body right now, and just leave your new face for later."  Executrix felt her waist narrow considerably, as if being drawn in by a corset, but looked down to see just flesh covering a tiny and elegantly sculpted waist.  She also noted that her legs had lengthened a bit and become even more shapely.  She now stood an inch taller in her stocking feet.  The most obvious change was in her chest; her breasts expanded two full cup sizes, with not a sign of sag, accompanied by much larger aureolae and nipples.

Executrix walked over to the mirror.  "Wow, do I ever look sexy now!  I really appreciate this.  I could be a model now, but no model can have the kind of career I have.  I can think of at least two or three jobs that I can use my great new body with that wouldn't interfere with my work as the assassin of your group.  I can't wait!"

"That's right, you've got the perfect body for an exotic dancer, a whore, or maybe even a dominatrix."

Lia grinned wickedly.  "Right on all three counts!  Did you have to read my mind for that, or are you just a good guesser?"

"Just stating the obvious, my dearest Lia.  With your changes, your costume will fit you even better now as Executrix, and all your basic garments and clothes were altered next door at the same time you yourself changed.  For the time being, only your costume and weaponry are still in this room.  Here are some more goodies to add to your arsenal.  I'd suggest you take your entire weapons collection with you if you decide to use them.  Bang, bang, YOU'RE dead.  Or at least, your identity as Lois Lane.  Later, my dear."

Psimon did another of his disappearing acts, with Executrix wondering just where he went each time.  She pulled her red costume on over her newly enhanced body and slipped the wig back into place before she examined some round objects with hard metal casings.  "These bombs will take down the hotel and all the news women, too."

She made certain adjustments on the time and blast settings of the spheres and finally put her mask back on, then the evil assassin swiftly exited from her upper story window, loaded for bear with all her weapons.  The now more shapely super villainess had all but her energy rifle and dagger in the soft bag, which she quickly lowered to a hidden spot in the alley below.

Before the sexy assassin could depart from the huge building, a wild maniacal laugh echoed above her and she glanced upward to see a weird, nightmarish figure with green hair, yellow coloration, and a furry red vest-like garment.

"Even a pretty mortal who has no fear of heights should learn to beware the Creeper!" the hero said as he cackled madly.

She cursed and whirled around to target the wildly careening figure as he darted from side to side.  "I don't have time for this.  I never knew Boston was so full of super heroes," Executrix said.

She fired her energy rifle again and again, but the Creeper merely flipped out of her range and disappeared in the shadows.

Executrix jumped from the sill of her window and used her own impressive agility to turn her fall into a series of artfully executed rolls until she landed perfectly below on her toes before settling onto her ultra high heels.  She glanced up at the roof and saw nothing.  "I can't worry about that grinning goon.  I'll blow that freak to kingdom come with all the ladies," the assassin remarked as she activated the bombs via remote control.

Seconds later, to Executrix's horror she saw the spheres sailing out of her window directly toward her!

Before she could escape they struck her, and the evil vixen gasped as nothing else occurred!

Loud laughter rang out, and the newest villainess in the Fearsome Five saw the Creeper jump down to a spot directly in front of her.  "I thought you were the kind of woman who enjoyed making things explode.  Yet, you seemed as skittish as a farm girl in the big city!" he said in a mocking tone.

"You deactivated them!  You must have been watching me the whole time I was in my room!" she screamed.

He grinned and said, "Oh, the Creeper sees all, and you and Psimon put on a good show!  I couldn't hear what was being said, but I saw it all from just before he turned your normal female body into a walking, talking wet dream.  That wig and mask hide your true identity so well that if I hadn't seen you earlier I would never have known you really had black-"

Executrix punched him in the face to shut him up before he could say any more, but the hero shrugged off her blow as she then reached for her dagger.

"Ah, ah, ah, no pointy objects!" the Creeper objected.  "You could poke your eye out with that!"

As his eyes fixated on the dagger, Executrix used her other hand to bring up the butt of her energy rifle.  She rammed it against the side of his head, knocking him silly.  The Creeper fell to ground head first, taking yet another blow to the side of his head, and ended up at her incredibly high heeled feet in a heap.

Executrix had no way of knowing that the two blows had wiped out his memories of the past few hours; it would be a very confused Creeper who regained consciousness later on.

'Can't stick around to finish this fool off, although I bet I should to make sure he doesn't compromise my identity.  I'd better find Psimon soon and have him change my face also, so that even if that bastard does talk about Lois Lane being Executrix, it won't matter since I'll be Lia Long and maybe the new Lois will catch some hell,' the evil assassin thought as she looked furtively in all directions to see if their tussle had been observed.  Seeing nobody, she made her way to the spot in the alley and picked up her weapons bag.  On the way out, she spotted a strange looking piece of black cloth floating down from above to land before her feet.

"I wonder what this is?" Executrix said as she put down the weapons bag and reached for the swatch.

Incredibly, she watched as the piece of cloth morphed into what looked like a black hood.  Feeling a compulsion she could not ignore, Executrix lifted the hood over her head.  "Do only good!  That shall be my creed!" she said as the magic of the hood overrode all the evil programming done by Psimon the night before.  Its work done, the hood retracted itself instead of enclosing Lois in the red and black costume as it had Lana earlier.  She slipped the black cloth into one of the ammo pouches on her belt.

With full knowledge of what Psimon had done, Lois looked down at her incredibly more feminine body and what she was wearing.  "Pretty daring costume, and do I ever look sexy now.  And these boots!" she mused softly.  "But if I've been able to walk, run and jump around in these ultra high heels as Executrix, I suppose I can do at least walk around in them as myself for the time being.  First things first."  Using the agility her body obviously still seemed to possess, the evil looking but now good thinking babe in red grabbed her weapons bag and slung it over her shoulder, then made her way over to the Hilton and up one story to her new room that Psimon had mentioned, entering it like a catburglar from outside.  Now shielded from view, she reached up and pulled first the mask and then the wig from her head.  "Now, to get word to Superman and hopefully Zatanna."  She made her way to her purse on the new room's dressing table, hoping the changes to Lia Long didn't eliminate the special whistle for reaching Superman.  "Thank God, it's still here!"

Lois put the whistle to her lips and blew, making no perceptible sound but sending out a signal that not only would irritate many dogs but also bring the Man of Steel.  Since she hoped the short distance between Boston and Metropolis would mean a very short trip for her heart's desire, the sexy vision in red decided not to try and change clothes.  Judging by what he'd told her, she dreaded the thought of putting on any of the racy clothes Psimon had left for Lia, anyway.

Sure enough, Superman came flying through the window into her room only two minutes later.  "Lois, what's the problem?"  He made a point of looking up and down at his good friend's considerably different and latex clad body.  "I spotted that red outfit you're wearing and then your...ahem, much more sexy body as soon as I checked you out while zooming into Boston.  Your face is the only thing about you that still seems the same.  What's with the bigger breasts, among other things, and that wicked looking costume?"

"I'll tell you more about my body changes and what I'm wearing in just a bit," Lois answered.  "We have two problems that need to be taken care of quickly.  The first priority right now is my twin...well, the twin of my old room 731 of the Boston Arms next door.  That's the hotel I was originally in until a few minutes ago.  Psimon has turned Olivia Ortega from Gotham City into another Lois Lane, with all my memories and identification.  Can you get hold of Zatanna, or maybe Dr. Fate, to try and change her back?"

"Psimon is behind this?  I thought he was still locked up along with Gizmo and Mammoth in the male side of Rockport, with the rest of the Fearsome Five in the female side.  Let's hope he doesn't have the ability to monitor everything we're doing.  Zatanna should be up at the Watchtower right now.  What's the second problem?"

"For the past eighteen hours or so, I was living and acting as the evil super villainess called Executrix that Psimon turned me into as a really sexy assassin for his Fearsome Five.  I hate to say it, but I'm responsible for the near death of Tawny Young.  She's recuperating in the hospital now, but my shot at her came close to being deadly.  I hope we can find some way to get her out of danger quickly, and I must take responsibility for my actions legally."

Superman thought for a moment.  "I guess I just got part of your explanation.  Hmm, I wonder if maybe Wonder Woman's Purple Ray and the other rehabilitation gear on Paradise Island can help Tawny any more than the hospital?  And I wouldn't worry too much about facing any charges of attempted murder.  I'm pretty sure we can make the courts realize you weren't yourself when you tried to kill Tawny.  We'll worry about that later.  Let's take care of your new twin first."

The Man of Steel reached to his belt buckle and hit the communications button.

"What's up, Kal?" asked Black Canary, who was on the duty desk.

"Dinah, get Zatanna ASAP and tell her to use my homing signal to join myself and Lois in her room in Boston."

"Will do."

In what seemed like only a few seconds after Black Canary's signal, the beautiful, black haired mage appeared before their eyes, dressed in her traditional tails and fishnets outfit with spike heeled black pumps.  "What's the problem, Su-"  Zatanna's voice caught as she saw the outfit Lois was wearing, and the way she now looked.  The face was right, but...  "Is that really you in that heavenly body...Ohhh!" her hand went to her lips, "Sorry, Lois.  Can you really walk in those heels?"

"We need your magic, Za-"

"It's a bit of a story I owe to both you and Superman, Zatanna," Lois said, interrupting Kal.  "And yes, I can not only walk in them but run, jump and do acrobatics-"

"That's got to wait, Lois," Superman interjected.  "Zee, there's a young lady from Gotham City named Olivia Ortega in room 731 of the Boston Arms next door that got turned into a physical and mental twin of Lois by Psimon.  Well, as Lois originally looked, anyway.  I'm hoping your magic can give her back her original looks and life."

"I know Olivia," Zee replied, "Batman introduced me to her at a banquet last year.  Presuming Psimon only overrode her original identity with Lois' and not totally erased it, I should be able to change her back."  She turned from Kal to Lois.  "Let's do the spell for the change over in her room.  I'd better zap us over there, because I don't think you want to be seen in that costume by too many people.  Kal, find Lois' twin wherever she is in the other hotel and get her to her room."

The ladies both watched as the Man of Steel disappeared in a blur.  Then Zatanna said, "Hang on, here we go.  htoB fo su ot eht yawllah edistuo moor 137 fo eht notsoB smrA."

An instant later, Zee and Lois appeared outside the door to room 731 in the Boston Arms.  "That's even better than the JLA's teleportation system," Lois remarked.  "I didn't feel a thing, and we just went from there to here."

"Yes, magic is very useful," said the mystical maiden.  "Now, to get out of this hallway before anybody else comes along.  rooD kcolnu dna nepo."  They heard clicks as the locks unlatched, then the door swung open and the two costumed ladies entered.

"Better than, 'Open saysame'!" Lois exclaimed.

"Uh, huh.  Just not as quickly said.  Let's get settled and wait for Superman and our other Lois."

Not more than three minutes later, the Man of Steel walked in with another Lois Lane at his side.  She stopped in her tracks when she spotted the same face but different body of the original.  "What's going on here?  I'm Lois Lane, but who are you with my face?"

"Actually, you really aren't Lois Lane," the Last Son of Krypton told her.  "You've been transformed and tricked into thinking you're Lois.  Zatanna?"

Zatanna turned to the real Lois.  "I have a feeling that what you're wearing has something to do with this.  To make sure you don't revert to some other identity while I'm saying this spell, leave the room."  The enhanced Lois did as instructed, and went back out into the hallway and out of earshot.

"ytitnedI, sehtolc dna lla smrof fo noitacifitnedi trever ot ruoy lanigiro mrof.  uoY era aivilO agetrO, ton sioL enaL.  seiromeM of sioL raeppasid, gnivael ylno esoht fo aivilO.  ydoB engahc ot s'aivilO," Zee uttered.

As hoped, nothing Psimon had done had completely erased Olivia from her mind.  The form of the second Lois Lane shimmered briefly, then shifted to that of Olivia Ortega, while at the same time her wardrobe became once again hers and not that of Lois.  "Madre Dios!" she exclaimed.  "That was an experience I hope I never go through again.  It was sort of neat to experience her life for just a bit, but I'm happy to be in my own shoes, let Lois wear hers."

"Funny you should mention that," Superman replied.  Raising his voice, the Man of Steel said, "Lois, please come back in here now."

Olivia did a bit of a double take when she saw the costume Lois was wearing and the incredible body under it as she appeared in the doorway, then her jaw dropped when she spotted the seven-inch heels on the boots she was wearing.  "Those are definitely shoes I would not want to have to wear!"

"Believe it or not, these killer heels feel perfectly normal to me," Lois replied.  "Last night, Psimon showed up in my room and gave me the identity of an evil assassin named Executrix.  One of the side effects of that change is the increased agility I now have in my body..."  Lois went on to explain to her small audience just what had occurred since her encounter with Psimon the night before, with more details of her near assassination of Tawny.  She blushed when she got to the changes Psimon had just made to her body and the intention he had to give her a completely different face to go with it, and only touched upon his plan to give her the identity of Lia Long, mentioning the name only and leaving out any of the changes to her IDs and lifestyle.

The story teller concluded by saying, "Then, by either chance or some divine intervention, the mystical black hood which Lana had found and transformed her into a superheroine who saved Tawny from me, appeared before me a short time ago and overrode all the evil Psimon had planted in my head.  Interestingly, I still have full knowledge of what I did as Executrix and apparently all of her abilities.  I know the JLA has no need for any assassins or sharpshooters, but maybe my enhanced physical abilities can be put to use in some other way."

"That's good to know," Superman said.  "At least temporarily, in my opinion the League could find a good use for an assassin.  I think we might be able to use Executrix as a way to get to Psimon.  That would also be a good way to legally make up for your attempted murder.  Feel up to it?"

"Do I ever!  I'd love to get that giant sized brain on top of his head in the sights of my energy rifle!"

"Whoa!  Take it easy," Zatanna said.  "Don't let your Executrix persona get too strong, you might not have that hood around if you need it again."

"Yeah, we need you as a law abiding heroine, not a criminal villainess," Superman added.

"Oh, don't worry," the redhead in shiny red answered.  "I have the body of Executrix, but I have the mind of Lois Lane."  One of Zatanna's eyebrows lifted and a gleam appeared in her eye as an idea came to her when she heard that.  "Now, to get back into some normal clothes so that I don't have to show off my body in this outfit anymore today," Lois finished.

"I presume we should not mention much of any of this to anyone at the awards ceremony, right?" asked Olivia.

"For the time being, please," Lois said, nodding.  "Before I let word out about what went on, I'll confer with both you and Lana to make sure we can all be together on the story.  I'll see you later at dinner."

"Okay, then," Superman replied.  "Zee and I will check with Diana and see if there's anything she or the rest of the League can do to help Tawny recover.  I'll be back as soon as we come up with anything."

Olivia was a bit in awe as she watched Superman walk over to the window and then disappear in an upward blur as he took off for the Justice League's Watchtower.  That wasn't all.  She heard what sounded like gibberish, "sioL dna I ot 'sioL moor ni eht notliH," and saw both Zatanna and Lois blink out of sight.

Lois was ready for the change in location this time, and hugged Zatanna as soon as they appeared in her room.  "Thank you for helping Olivia so quickly."

"You're welcome.  What did you say Psimon's new name for you was, Lena?"

"No, Lia.  It's a good thing I didn't kill Lois Lane, or maybe I'd be Lia no matter what.  Well, I guess I'd better start getting ready for that awards dinner, and I bet you need to get back to the Watchtower."

Zatanna giggled when she considered the gag she thought of a bit earlier to pull on Lois.  "Okay, and I guess I should get back up to what I was working on, so goodbye.  sA noos sa eht sdrawa era revo, ll'uoy trats gnileef na egru ot emoceb iaL.  retfA uoy teg kcab morf eht sdrawa dna otni ruoy moor, uoy lliw egnahc morf sioL ot aiL rof eht tser fo eht thgin.  ll'uoY emoceb ruoy eurt fles sa noos sa uoy ees ruoy laer eman no ruoy DI ni eht gninrom.  yM moor, rewothctaW."

Lois had given up at the very beginning of Zatanna's spell, and just listened as something that Zee didn't know was being turned from a gag on the part of the magician to something that was going to make a big difference.  She watched as the magical super heroine popped out of sight at the completion of the spell.

The very much changed reporter was a bit surprised when she went to the closet in her new room.  She had forgotten that the 'normal clothes' she intended to change into were not the ones she'd brought with her from Metropolis, and wished she had thought to ask Zatanna to make them more like her regular clothes.  After getting out of her wig, boots, gloves and red catsuit, she discovered just what Psimon had thought would be more appropriate for Lia Long.  "So that pervert wants me to dress like a sex crazed wanton whore, does he?" she muttered.  "More reasons for me to want to get that bastard in my sights."  Lois hoped when Superman came back she could get him to have Zatanna change her clothes back like she did for Olivia.  Well, some of the clothes, anyway.  'I think I could get to like some of Lia's outfits...'

Since the Man of Steel had not returned before the dinner and awards ceremony Saturday evening, Lois had by the far the raciest outfit worn by any of the women attending.  Added to the enhanced body she now possessed, the cleavage bared by the electric blue dress that hugged her body and had a hem halfway between her crotch and her knees made even Cat Grant seem tame.  The matching blue shoes on her feet had heels not quite as high as those on her red costume boots, but since Psimon had changed all of the footwear the reporter had brought to shoes and boots for Lia with nothing less than five-inch heels, her legs were elevated and shaped very nicely.  Without even realizing it, she also posed very seductively when the pictures were taken during and after the awards.

Among many of the other women at the dinner and awards who knew Lois, Lana Lang wondered about the seemingly much more feminine shape the brunette had in the much sexier clothes she was wearing.  Olivia so wanted to tell some of the questioners about Ms Lane's experiences from earlier in the day, but abided by the agreement she'd made with the reporter.  Lois herself told Lana and others that what they were seeing was the result of the special enhancements of the clothing she'd found.  It was explained away as being a matter of her breasts being lifted by the nifty new bra and her waist narrowed by the dress bought just for the night which she claimed was killing her but in reality felt like heaven.  The now far more sexier woman managed to get through the entire affair without having to get into the real story.

'I keep feeling this urge to try on more of those really sexy and slutty as sin clothes and shoes Psimon left for me, and see just what being Lia would seem like,' Lois mused as she walked back toward her room in the hotel next door, carrying her awards.  'Good thing that hood gave me back my regular life to live, even though all my IDs say I'm Psimon's slut named Lia Long.  That reminds me, I wonder where that hood went?  Weird as it sounds, I couldn't find it when I was emptying my ammo belt earlier.'

Back in the Boston Arms, at that very moment, another female journalist just back in her room from the awards was packing her luggage and smiled as she held up the black silk hood she'd found in the hallway just before the dinner.  She recognized it from when she'd seen Lana in it earlier, and holding it gave her the knowledge of ownership.  "Do only good!  That shall be my creed!" Cat Grant said.  The hood was now far from being of any help to Lois that night, but would at least be nearby later.

Lois was grinning with girlish pride as she approached her room, but as soon as she opened her door, the grin transformed into a wicked looking sneer.  'Seems like I lost a great opportunity with all the other women around me at the awards dinner.  Ah, to hell with it.  I think I'll just have fun for the rest of the night.'  The brunette bombshell now knew that she was Lia Long, and whereas Zatanna had thought that all this would entail would be some confusion on Lois' part, it actually went much further.  The awards given to Lois Lane meant very little to Lia, and she dumped them unceremoniously into her suitcase.  What Zatanna hadn't counted on was that Lia would also know about her other role as Executrix.

Lia decided that having some fun would mean hitting the clubs and seeing if she could bring somebody back to her room.  Off came the electric blue dress and shoes, followed by her bra, hose and panties.  The red wig was put on, then from the suitcase which had been restocked by Psimon, she pulled out a black G-string and garter belt and put them on.  She thought for just a moment, then picked a pair of hose that were a shiny grey with black swirls and pulled them on.  Once they'd been hooked to the garters, she slipped into a pair of ultra high heeled, twin strap black shoes.  Then the reinstated sexy brunette with an evil personality sat down at the dressing table and completely reworked the makeup on her face from that of an elegant businesswoman to that of a totally slutty whore.  She brushed out her wig to make it fall almost straight down her back, then tied a big black bow on top of her head.  Finally, she dabbed perfume into all the right places while sipping from the glass of wine which had been found on the desk top.

From her wardrobe, Lia grabbed her chosen outfit, a shiny black latex miniskirt and a bright red latex bra top that barely covered her nipples.  She then made her way to the full length mirror on the door.  'Oh yeah, you are one hot lookin' slut!' she thought, then reached for her purse.  She pulled it over her left shoulder, and felt she was now ready to hit the clubs.

While Lia was out and about, Superman came back to pick up Tawny and bring her to Wonder Woman for a trip to Themyscira for treatment by the Amazons.  He hadn't brought Zatanna with him, and wasn't concerned when he didn't spot Lois in her room.  He figured she was out celebrating with some of the other women.  Out, yes.  Celebrating?  Not in any way the Man of Steel could have imagined.  He left Boston having no idea what Zatanna had unknowingly unleashed.

Needless to say, by the time Lia felt satisfied and went back to her room for the night, her purse contained quite a bit more money that it had when she left.  She stripped out of her clothes for the...well, she'd given up counting around midnight, and went into the bathroom to wash away the oils from all the condoms that had rubbed against her feminine mound.  No oils were on her lips, though; more work was entailed in washing away the taste of cum, both male and female, with her toothbrush.  Then she finally got around to packing up all her clothes for the flight the next morning.  The weapons went back into the bag which Psimon had speciallly altered for the flight up to Boston, hidden so that no airport scanners could find them.

Lia opened up her purse to put away all the cash, and decided to see just what kind of changes Psimon had made for her.  She noted that the info on her driver's license showed not only her new name and physical details, but also that it was a New York license.  That piqued her interest, and got the slut to take a look at her ticket for the flight home.  She smiled like the canary eating cat when she saw that instead of the flight back to Metropolis, her ticket and reservation were for a flight to New York La Guardia.  'Hmm, I'll have to think of something to tell that bitch Lana in the morning as to why I'm not flying back to Metropolis with her.  Sick?  No, that wouldn't work.  Decided to stay one more day to sight see in Boston?  Maybe.'  With that she put away her wallet and ticket, and went to bed.

* * * * *

Zatanna's error really took hold when Lia woke up Sunday morning and went to check her flight times again, and where she'd be heading once she got to New York City.  When she saw her name and address on her drivers license, Zatanna's magic made it so that instead of turning back into Lois Lane, Lia Long knew precisely who she was and where she now lived.

Lana Lang was a bit surprised to hear her phone ringing only moments after her wake-up call.  "Hello?"

Lia thought it was funny to have to talk like her old self.  She was looking forward to getting her new face and hopefully new voice real soon.  "Hi Lana, it's me, Lois.  I hope you don't get stuck sitting next to Rona on the flight back.  I won't be going back with you.  It turns out that a tip I got for a hot story last night after the awards is going to keep me here in Boston another day."

"Hmm, I'll keep my fingers crossed that Rona still has her original seat and that someone else got your seat.  Does Perry know you won't be coming back right away?"

"No, I didn't call him or anybody else at the Planet yet.  Wanna let them know for me?"

"Sure.  You got space in your bags for those trophies?"

Lia grinned.  "Yeah, I found places to squeeze 'em in.  I might even get another bag sometime today to give me some more room.  That would give me space to add a couple of new skirts and stuff, too.  With any luck I'll be able to do some shopping, too."  No way could Lana imagine the kind of skirts and stuff Lia was thinking of picking up.

"Okay, have fun.  I've gotta get into the shower so I can get to the airport on time.  See ya!"

"Bye, Lana."  Lia tried to imagine getting Lana in her crosshairs, but she knew she had to get ready for her own flight.  Maybe she'd get another chance at Lana and the others sometime soon.  Too bad she really wasn't getting another bag, though.  It seemed like the great clothes Psimon had given her took up a bit more space in the luggage than had her original clothes that made the flight up.  Then an idea came to her.  She pulled the trophies out of the folded clothes that were cushioning them and unzipped the lining for her weapons.  The awards fit very nicely sandwiched in with her rifle.  Maybe they'd make good practice targets...

Since her flight to La Guardia was a half-hour later than Lana's trip to Metropolis, Lia wouldn't have to worry too much about being spotted in the terminal.  By Lana, Cat and Rona, anyway.  She didn't know about too many of the other journalist's itineraries.  She did watch out the front window of the Hilton, checking to make sure the girls going to Metropolis got their cab before checking out and getting a cab of her own.

One person that she hadn't considered just happened to be checking in for her own flight back to Gotham just as Lia stepped up to the counter for her flight.  Olivia Ortega spotted who she thought was Lois in that red wig she'd been wearing as Executrix just as she was turning to head for her gate, but didn't have time to say goodbye, let alone ask her why she was in that wig and flying to New York City instead of Metropolis.  That would have to wait for later.

As she had more or less assumed, Lia had no trouble with her bag full of weapons while checking them as luggage.  She also made it through security with no more than wide eyes and low whistles as she proceeded to the gate from which her flight would depart.  One thing she hadn't noticed when looking over her ticket the night before came as a surprise when she checked in at the gate for seat selection.  "Oh, Ms. Long, what are doing standing in this line?  Didn't you know you could go directly to the club since you have a first class seat?"

Lia smiled smugly as she thanked Psimon mentally for the upgrade in seating, then verbally thanked the young woman at the gate before turning and heading for the club for a drink or two.  She started to think that this first class stuff was something she could get used to with her new life.  The time did pass, though, and before long it became time to take her seat at the front of the jet.  Lia Long was now on her way to her home in New York City.

On the airliner headed to Gotham City, Olivia waited until they got to cruising altitude and the flight attendants announced it would be okay to use electronic devices.  She got her address book out of her purse, then picked up the in-flight phone in her arm rest and dialed the number for Clark Kent's desk at the Planet.  Since it was Sunday morning, she doubted he'd be there but figured he might have a recording giving other contacts.  When she got through, she did get a recording, but no connections were given.  Olivia hung up, then looked to see if she had Lana's number.  She found what she hoped was a home number and not another desk at the Planet, and dialed.  It was Lana's home phone, and when the beep sounded on the recording, she left a few words of pleasantries, then asked Lana why Lois was flying to New York instead of Metropolis, without mentioning anything about the red wig, and left her own phone number.

Since she wanted to get straight back to her condo to change after the flight, Lana wasted no time after picking up her checked bags.  It was close to 2:45 when she did get into her condo, and as usual, checked her phone for messages.  She saw a total of four blinks.  After setting the bags down in her bedroom, she went back out to the answering machine and hit the play button.  The first two calls were telemarketers, the third was Clark telling her to catch the 5:30 news later that day for a short piece on the awards, and the fourth made the redhead's eyebrows raise in wonder.  'What the hell was Lois doing flying to New York when she told me she was staying behind in Boston?'  She figured that the fight to Gotham City was only a bit longer but most likely with less air traffic, and so Olivia should be home by then.  She dialed the phone number that Olivia had left.

"Hello?" Olivia said, while putting the bag she was holding on her couch.

"Olivia, this is Lana.  What was that about seeing Lois going to New York City?"

"Hi, Lana!  Perfect timing, I just got in.  Yeah, I saw her checking in as I was heading for my own gate this morning.  It seemed kind of strange, and I thought maybe Clark or you would know why."  She thought about telling Lana what she knew from the day before, but again figured Lois would let her know when to bring that up.  "I tried Clark's number at the Planet, but got nowhere, so I called your number."

"Okay, thanks for letting me know.  I'll see if I can get a hold of Clark.  Maybe he can get Superman to check this out.  I'll let you know what we find out."

"Good luck, Lana.  Bye."

"Bye, Olivia.  And thanks again."

Lana did have Clark's phone number memorized, so without any need to go to a book, she dialed again as soon as she hung up on Olivia.  With the caller ID, he knew right away who was calling.  "Hello, Lana.  How'd it go at the awards ceremony last night?"

"Hi, Clark.  Lois was glowing and looked magnificent as she was getting her awards.  But more will have to wait.  Early this morning, Lois called me to say she wouldn't be coming back to Metropolis on the flight with the rest of us because she had a story tip to check out and some more shopping to do, and would be back tomorrow.  But I got a real surprise when I got home just a few minutes ago.  Olivia Ortega left a message on my machine two hours ago and I just called her back.  She saw Lois at the airport a bit after my flight left, checking in for the flight to New York.  Something strange is going on.  See if you can reach Superman and have him get up to New York City to try and find out what Lois is doing."

"Uh-oh..." he replied, then Clark remembered he shouldn't know anything about what had gone on up in Boston the day before, "that does sound like either Lois gave you a story to take you off her track for something special, or maybe something even stranger is happening.  I'll get in touch with Superman right away."

"Good.  Please let me know what he finds out.  Just FYI, Boston was a lot more interesting than just the awards.  There was a really wicked girl in red trying to kill some of us, and by luck or whatever, I found an enchanted black hood that turned me into a costumed heroine to stop that assassin in her tracks.  But I don't know what happened to that strange hood after I wore it in the early afternoon.  It seems to have disappeared."

'Yeah, Lois got it, thank Rao,' Clark thought.  "Ah, so you've added another heroine identity to your past exploits as Insect Queen and...oh, never mind.  I'll let you know as soon as Superman fills me in.  Thanks for letting me know what's going on."

"Okay, Clark, bye."

"Goodbye, Lana."  Seconds later, Clark was no longer there.  The blue and red clad Superman was already zooming at max speed to New York City.  He knew from what Lois had told them that Psimon had intended for her as Executrix to get to New York for her new life, and if for some reason Lois had reverted to her evil identity, things would be very interesting.

Since even at super speed and with his enhanced sight and hearing it would be nearly impossible to find Lois amongst the millions of people in New York City, Superman decided to first check the last known location for Psimon, prior to his being incarcerated.  For whatever reason, luck was with the Man of Steel; Psimon was inside the converted warehouse that had almost elegant living quarters built up in the interior.  As if Lady Luck hadn't already bestowed her benefits on Kal, there beside Psimon in what looked like a regal living room was the object of his search.  Lois, or in this case Executrix, was facing the criminal fully dressed in her scarlet costume and in her red wig.

It was as Superman flew around to the opposite side of the building and looked again at the scene that his jaw dropped in awe.  Apparently, the reason Executrix had gone to Psimon was to have him do the totally new face Lois had told them about; instead of the face he'd come to love seeing over the years, Executrix now had the younger looking face of a stunningly beautiful cover model with totally different eyes, nose, lips and other facial structures.  Her wig was no longer needed, since the long red hair on her head was real now.  She was in effect, totally unrecognizable.  Just to be sure, though, Kal used his super hearing to check her heartbeat.  'Thank Rao, it really is Lois.'

There was a slim chance that Superman could have made his way into the building and grabbed Lois and maybe even Psimon, but he figured that with the way the felon could manipulate reality it wouldn't be wise to go after either of them alone.  But just to make sure he'd be able to find at least Lois again when he came back with reinforcements, the Man of Steel zipped into an electronics shop he'd seen a few blocks away from the warehouse.  Faster than any eye could follow, he picked up an ultrasonic beeper and the tiny hardware needed to turn it into a bug he could clip onto the weapons belt of Executrix's costume.  He surprised the clerk at the register when the colorfully garbed super hero briefly came to a standstill and told him that he'd be back later on to pay for the items he had picked up.  "Hey, if you can't trust Superman, who can you trust?" the clerk said with a smile as the Last Son of Krypton zoomed out of the store.

Moments later, Superman sped through the room holding Psimon and Executrix; thanks not only to his high speed but also the trick Flash had taught him about vibrating his body to become more or less invisible, he did his work unnoticed.  The tiny beeper was now clipped to the ammo belt of the villainess Lois had once again become, and he noted its shrill tone as Kal flew away.  He was headed for the Justice League's Watchtower, to bring back some reinforcements.

Since he could get to the Watchtower nearly as fast as a radio signal, Superman felt no need to use his JLA communicator before arriving.  As soon as he was onboard, the Man of Steel went directly to the duty desk.  He had hoped to find Flash there, but instead saw Wonder Woman watching the monitors.  "Hi Diana, any word yet from your sisters about Tawny?"

"Oh, hi Kal.  Yes, Epione told me that Paula's Purple Ray has already healed the energy burn on her side.  In another day or less, she should be out and exercising on the beach to get back into shape.  Tawny will come back to Man's World in even better health than before she was attacked."

"Better health?" Superman asked with a grin.  "Tawny is already a good looking young lady; if your Amazon sisters make her any better looking, the guys better beware."  Then he stopped abruptly.  "Are any of the other Leaguers onboard right now?  I've got a problem that I could use some help with."

"The only one here besides us is Zatanna.  She just came back up an hour ago.  Let me page her."  Diana hit a selector, then punched a button.

There was a short delay, then, "I was in the shower, Diana.  What's up?"

"Zee, try and dry off ASAP.  Kal's here, and he needs some help."

A muffled, "ydoB dna riah, yrd!" was heard, and only a few seconds later Zatanna popped into view right behind Wonder Woman, costumed in her tails outfit less the top hat.  "What's up?" she asked.

"Zee, I need some help.  Somehow, Lois has reverted to being Executrix, and-"

Diana broke in.  "Say what, Kal?  Lois is that new villainess I saw reports about in Boston yesterday?"

"Yes, unfortunately.  She got turned into this new super villainess assassin by Psimon and now I have to try and get her back, not only home but also into her usual self and body.  I'll tell you more about it later, Diana.  Zatanna, not only is she back in her costume, but she's already gone to New York City and joined with Psimon.  He gave her a new face to go with that new body."

"Oh, oh..." Zatanna said softly.  "You're not gonna believe what a dumb mistake I think I made that most likely made Lois change back.  I don't want to admit this in front of Diana, so can we go to the briefing room?"

Superman had a very puzzled look on his face, and when he turned to the Amazon, she just shrugged with an even more puzzled look.  "Okay, this I've got to hear.  Let's-"  He got cut off as he blinked from sight.

"laK dna I, gnifeirb moor."

"-go..."  Superman caught himself.  "Oh, we're already here.  Okay, now tell me what happened."

"Right...after hearing Lois tell us about that other identity Psimon was going to give her, I got the inspiration for a joke to play on her when she and I got back to her room after you left.  She said something like it was a good thing she hadn't killed Olivia as Lois or she'd be Lia Long for sure, and I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist.  I made a spell that would have Lois get an urge to become Lia as soon as the awards were over, and then once she was in her room, she would be Lia for the rest of the night.  I made it so she'd get her real identity back after seeing her IDs in the morning.  I just figured it would be a fun joke on Lois to spend the night as Lia, but now I guess I really blew it.  Believe me, I'm sorry."

Superman scowled and shook his head, then said, "Well, since you're the only one here that can help, let's see what we can do about getting Lois back and also taking in Psimon.  I tagged Lois, or rather Executrix, with a miniature homing bug so I can find her again."

Zatanna thought for just a moment, then her face lit up.  "Hey, aren't Psimon's other Fearsome Five members all still in prison?"

"Yes, Gizmo, Jinx, Mammoth and Shimmer are all still locked up in Rockport.  I thought Psimon was, too, but he obviously got free somehow.  Why do you ask?"

"Let's have Diana get word to Rockport that a false press release is going to be made, and to make sure all four of them are kept away from hearing the news.  Jinx and Shimmer just escaped, and are being hunted to be brought back to Rockport.  The two of them are going to be trying to find their boss, Psimon, real soon."

"You've got me confused.  Would you like to give that to me again?"

Zatanna just grinned, then she said, "I kool ekil xniJ dna evah lla fo reh srewop ni noitidda ot ym nwo lanigiro seno."  Superman watched as Zee disappeared, and in her place stood the Fearsome Five's Jinx!  She had the olive complexion of a Hindi, and was wearing the djinn like costume of white with a strange head piece sprouting a pair of curled, golden horns.  "Now, I am Jinx," he heard her say in the Indian accent of the super villainess.  "I can still do my spells, but I also have all the powers of Jinx."

Superman still looked a bit puzzled.  "That works for you, obviously, but what about Shimmer?"

"I was at first thinking to turn you into Gizmo, but then I thought it would be best for you to be yourself at all times to be able to handle whatever happens without the distraction of a different form and powers with which to contend.  Now, since we can't use Diana, I was thinking of a good friend of yours who just happens to be the same height with the same hair color as Shimmer..."

Kal thought for a moment.  "You've got to be kidding!  Lana?"

"Sure, why not?  Lana's had lots of experience in costumed roles, most recently just the other day.  We can beam down and check, and I'm betting she'd love to help."

"No, I've got a better idea.  You wait right here.  I'll be right back."

The apparent Jinx watched as Superman disappeared in a blur.

Before she even had time to think about that, Superman was at Lana Lang's living room sliding glass door, tapping it.

"Superman!  What brings you here?  Any news about Lois?"  As soon as the door was open, he was standing beside the redhead with whom he'd grown up.  She was casually attired in dark blue slacks, a loose fitting yellow pullover shirt and sneakers.

"You're not going to believe the story of what's happened to Lois.  But...Rao, I hate to do this...would you consider becoming a key member of a team we're putting together to get her back?"


"Yes, Zatanna is working out a plan to have you and her turn into two of Psimon's female accomplices while I stay in the background so we can get close to him.  Zatanna's already at the Watchtower in the form of Jinx, and if you're willing, she wants you to be Shimmer."

"That Aussie redhead who can alter matter?  I wonder if you guys are aware that I'm almost exactly the same height, weight and hair color as that witch."

"I didn't know, but somehow Zatanna knew.  She said she can make you look exactly like her and give you her powers."

"I know this doesn't sound right, but this sounds like fun!  It'll be yet another costumed role to add to my list.  I'll be glad to help.  We can even use my place here as a starting point before heading to New York.  Oh, and you might want to see Cat Grant before we leave.  She called me a few minutes ago to tell me that, get this, she's the new Black Hood!"

"Cat as the Black Hood?  You've got to be kidding!  Thanks for volunteering your place for the mission.  Leave your patio door unlocked so I can get in and out as needed.  Okay, I'm off to Cat's place, wait here a sec."

Kal was starting to think this routine of leaving lone females behind and zooming away quickly was getting old.  Nevertheless, he was at Cat Grant's door in a matter of seconds.  He pressed the door bell.

A few seconds later the door opened to reveal Cat, barefoot in red shorts and a pink blouse.  "Oh, what brings you here, Superman?"

"Hi, Cat.  Is what Lana just told me true?  You now have the Black Hood?"

"Yeah, talk about weird.  I saw Lana in action as the Black Hood, and then that night following the awards I found the patch of cloth that becomes the hood in the hallway.  It sorta joined with me as I was packing it into my bag."

"We may have a need for the Black Hood soon.  Would you be willing to go up to the Justice League's Watchtower with Lana and I, in case you can help?"

"Of course I would!"  Cat turned to go into her bedroom, but stopped to turn and say, "I sure hope that hood works the way it did for Lana.  I've never done any real fighting before."

"From what I've seen, that hood gives the person wearing it some great fighting skills and awesome healing abilities.  Go ahead and get it, then we'll go back to Lana's and from there up to the Watchtower."

Superman heard a voice coming from inside the condo, "I get to go up to the Watchtower again?  WOW, I can't wait!"  He shook his head, it seemed like that was the usual reaction from anybody who knew about the League's HQ on the Moon but rarely got a chance to go there.  A minute or so later, Cat was back with a small white bag hung over her shoulder and sneakers on her feet.  "Sorry, I couldn't resist.  Had to pack some undies just in case I'm gone for more than a day."

Superman grinned.  "I hope not, and anyway, you should see the stores of garments we have at the Watchtower, let alone the stuff we can have made in mere instants.  You should see some of the costume variations Zatanna and Black Canary have done with that thing."

"Ooo, I can't wait!" she grinned.  She patted her bag.  "I've got the hood, so let's go!"

Only a few minutes after he'd left, the disguised Zatanna watched as Superman walked back into the briefing room with not just Lana Lang, but also Cat Grant.  "You go back for one, and come back with two?  I knew you were a ladies man..."

"Cat, Lana," the Man of Steel said, "that doesn't look or sound like Zatanna, but she is.  Zee, you already know Lana, and better than I thought I guess since you knew about her similarities to Shimmer, and she's going to let us meet in her place before heading to New York.  This other young lady I'm sure you've heard of but never seen.  Meet Cat Grant, who is here because she is the new holder of the Black Hood."

"Pleased to meet you, Cat," Jinx said.

Then, to enlighten Cat and Lana, Kal gave a short synopsis of what Lois had told him the day before about the way Psimon had changed her.  He stopped at the point at which he'd left before the awards ceremony.

"And I made a really dumb spell to play a joke on Lois before leaving her," Jinx added.  "That's why she's back to being Executrix again."  She looked up at the Man of Steel and asked, "What do you think Cat should do, stay up here in reserve?"

Superman pondered that for moment.  "Yes, I can't think of anybody we could disguise her as while we're at work, so I guess having her stay with Diana at the duty desk would be best."

"You're going to disguise yourselves?" Cat asked.

"Just Lana," the altered Zee replied.  "I'm already in the form of Jinx, and now for our other femme fatale member of the Fearsome Five.  anaL si lacitnedi ot remmihS htiw lla reh srewop dna egdelwonk ot esu meht, tub sniater reh nwo dnim dna fles lortnoc."

Lana didn't change anywhere near as much as had Zatanna earlier, thanks to her already close physical similarity to Shimmer.  The biggest visible change was to her long hair, which now looked very full and curly.  Her face looked a bit more exotic and younger, and her body was covered by a sleveless yellow catsuit with a large, circular hole exposing her cleavage and other, connected oval holes going down her chest and then branching out onto her legs.  There was a wide golden collar around her neck, along with opera length golden gloves and thigh high golden boots with short spike heels.  The biggest change was apparent when she said, "Oh, wow, do I feel powerful all of a sudden," and heard her new Australian accented, almost bimbo voice.

"Okay, Shimmer, let's get going," said Jinx.  "Kal, I guess you should lead us so we can use your homing bug to get close to them.  Diana already made the arrangements with Rockport and got the press release out.  If we time it right, we should get to Psimon right about when the time to get from Rockport to New York would be right."

"Wait a minute, Zatanna...or Jinx, well, whatever..." Cat said, breaking in.  "I can't stand the idea of just staying up here and waiting.  I know there weren't any other girls in the Fearsome Five, but how about this?  Say I happened to be a new and unknown villainess who decided to break Jinx and Shimmer out of the slammer and then go with them to join with Psimon?  Superman told me you have a great machine that can make costumes up here."

"Kal, what do think?" the changed Zatanna asked.

Superman shook his head, but more in wonder than as a sign of a negative feeling.  "Cat, are you sure you want to do this?  Without any experience in this kind of thing, you could get into real trouble."

"But don't you see?" Cat replied.  "That's the whole point - my new bad girl will be just that, inexperienced and showing signs of overzealousness.  That way I can sort of be just what I am, and play it by ear.  Please?"

"If I can put in my vote," added an Aussie accent, "I think having her along would be great.  Hell, when she first spoke up I was thinking Cat wanted to pull a reversal of that time Selina Kyle took her place on a tour of the Watchtower by wearing a Cat Grant mask.  Could you just see our own Cat as Catwoman?"

Cat grinned.  "Meowwwwrrr!  That would be fun, but as much as I love the idea of being covered by purple spandex, I think Psimon would have quite a few questions about Catwoman leaving Gotham to come to his aid."

"Well, as much as I hate the idea of risking another non-super powered friend in this mission," Superman said with hesitation, "if you really want to go and both Zatanna and Lana want you to go along, who am I to say no?"

"Great!" the disguised Zatanna said.  "So, a totally new and original villainess?  Who needs the costume machine?"  She crossed her arms and thought for a moment.  "Best bet would be a form of magical powers, so let's see...taC si won nwonk sa ehT rednevaL sserecroS, htiw eht rewop ot retla ytilaer ni yna yaw ehs serised.  nevE ni siht mrof, reh kcalB dooH lliw krow dna ehs lliw syawla wonk s'ehs yllaer taC."

Suddenly Cat Grant disappeared and was replaced by a very short and petite woman with a figure even better than her original, and plainly evident in the head to toe shiny purple latex costume she wore.  There were two huge purple globes on her chest signifying her tremendous new endowments, and the long black hair which replaced her short blonde hair was hidden by the head covering cowl which continued up from her neck.  This cowl came down to a point between her eyes, with no mask covering any of her impishly cute face.  A typical witch's hat was atop this cowl, with a black band around the base above the brim.  A black cape clasped to her throat with a silver hemisphere fell from her shoulders down to her ankles.  The sleeves of her costume continued to become her purple gloves, and the bottom of its legs formed built in boots with shapely stiletto heels.  For effect, she was holding a glowing pumpkin in her left hand and what looked like an ultramodern broom in her right hand!  The pumpkin was actually her tote for carrying mystical goodies and most importantly, the swatch of black cloth.

The tiny vision in purple willed her broom to stand at attention as she placed her balled fists on her hips and spread her legs in a power pose.  "I look like..." she started to say before being surprised by her lilting and ultra pleasant sounding voice, "...the Wicked Witch of the West after visiting Fredericks of Hollywood, but this voice?  And so tiny?"

"Your small size is to play a balance to your extensive power, Sorceress," the true magic wielder of the group offered.  "And your voice is what will show how you have to fight to seem as evil as possible to Psimon.  When he asks, you can do lots with your magic, but you can't do anything about yourself and ask him to help you."

"Okay, ladies, NOW let's get going," Superman suggested.  "I'm going to fly down, and I'll leave it to you as to whether you use the Watchtower's teleport system or magic to join me.  Meet me inside Lana's condo in Metropolis, and we'll go from there to New York City to track down Psimon and Lois, err...Executrix."

The apparent Jinx raised a hand and added, "Let's make sure we give word to Diana before we leave so she'll be able to keep track of what's going on."

"Of course," Kal told her.  "I'll leave via the hatch next to the watch desk after checking with Diana, then you ladies come on down."

Superman started to turn and leave, then did a sort of, "d'oh," when he heard, "llA fo su, ytud ksed."

They blinked from sight and popped back into view behind Wonder Woman.  The Amazon Princess turned when she heard heels clicking on the deck, and her jaw dropped upon seeing the purple addition to the group which Zee had mentioned to her earlier.  "I've met my share of witches in my day, what with Circe and Morgaine Le Fay, but WHO is this beguiling creature?"

The Lavender Sorceress held up a finger to silence her companions (who found that they truly had been silenced!) and said, "Before I became the Wicked Witch of the West, I was Cat Grant.  I'm the one who has broken these two femme fatales out of Rockport so I can go with them to find Psimon.  And I dare say, I could give either Circe or Morgaine a run for the money."

Wonder Woman nodded, then grinned as she motioned for the Sorceress to check her companions.  Shimmer was pointing at her mouth.  The vision in purple then turned deep shades of red as she said, "Oops!  Sorry about that."  One finger came up, and three voices in unison said, "Phew!"

Superman chimed in first.  "Cat, I know you're supposed to be sort of inept with your powers, but do be careful when you're thinking about us.  I'd hate to have to contend with magical misfires."

"I was about to use some of my Jinx powers to free my lips, since I couldn't utter any spells," the altered Zatanna added.  "Just be really careful with what you wish to happen, Cat.  Oh, and from this moment on, let's stop using our real names.  Sorceress, let's say your name is Kelly instead of Cat.  Jinx and Shimmer are good enough for us."

Shimmer shook her head.  "Nope, Jinx may be enough for you, but Shimmer is only my code name.  I'm Selinda."

Superman's eyes went skyward, and when Wonder Woman noticed, she offered, "Easy, Kal.  They're just getting used to who they are now.  Better to get it settled now than when you're in the presence of Psimon."

"Right.  Okay, I'm out of here.  I'll see you all down below in a few minutes."  The Man of Steel turned and disappeared through the airlock down the hall.

"To hell with the teleporters," said Jinx.  "Magic can get us into Lana's condo even before he gets there, but let's give him a chance.  Want to give your new powers a try, Kelly, or should I do the honors?"

The Lavender Sorceress shook her head.  "To go from up here on the Moon to Metropolis down there?  No way would I trust myself for that yet.  You do it."

"If I may," broke in Wonder Woman, "just remember that you are fully capable of doing this, Sorceress.  After all, it was your powers that got Jinx and Shimmer out of Rockport.  You do need to get into the habit of using your new powers so that you don't look totally out of place down there."

"Okay, in that case..." the witch said as she thought about the three of them inside the Lang condo, "here we go.  Jinx, forget it."

Wonder Woman watched as Sorceress made her broom levitate to a level position just below her shapely butt.  "Ladies, climb aboard!" she said with a giggle, and as soon as all three were seated, side saddle, the three fake villainesses disappeared.

A blink of an eye later, The Lavender Sorceress and her two passengers came into view on her broom right in the middle of the living room of Lana's condo.  Thanks to the visits she'd made to the Lang household in the past in her original identity, the cute witch had known exactly where to place them.  "Betcha you couldn't have gotten us in here this easily!" she remarked to Jinx, who merely shook her head before hopping off the broom.  Shimmer followed, and Sorceress had her broom go into an at rest position as the three awaited their teammate.

"You have a big advantage over me," Jinx mentioned.  "I presume you've been here as a visiting coworker of Lana many times.  I would have had to have Selinda give me directions before trying this.  You got us here-"  Her voice halted as a sound came from the direction of the patio door, and three sets of super villainess eyes turned to watch the Man of Steel enter.  "Hey, what took you so long, traffic on the way down?" the disguised Zatanna said with a grin as he walked in.

Superman smiled.  "I presume you just zapped the three of you down directly from the duty desk?  No way even my speed could compete with your magic!"

"Nope!  Not me, it was our cute and sexy witch in purple who did the honors," Jinx replied.  "She knew how to get here and I didn't, and this was a good test of her powers that Diana suggested."

Kal turned to face the changed Cat, who took a bow in acknowledgment.  "I'm feeling a lot more sure of my abilities already!" she told him.  "I think I can pass this test for going to Psimon now without very many worries."

"That's good," the Man of Steel told her, "because I'm still more than a bit hesitant about allowing somebody like you with no experience to go into battle with such an unbelievably powerful super villain.  But as long as you're feeling good about your abilities and the others agree, I think we'd better get going now.  I want you three to wait here until I ascertain exactly where Lois is, presumably with Psimon close nearby.  Jinx already knows this, but since you're all working with the names that go with your villainess identities, make sure to know that Executrix isn't Lois Lane anymore, she now has the name Lia Long and looks completely different.  Just being basic, she has a supermodel's face and body with the chest of an exotic dancer, and long red hair.  I'll send my voice out to tell you where in the building either she or both of them are.  Since your magic is so fast, let me make sure where they are for you, then zap your way to the converted warehouse Psimon is using at 6248 West Carlson Street in Brooklyn.  I'd recommend using the roof to avoid being seen by too many other folks.  If they've gone elsewhere, it may take a bit longer before you hear my voice.  Oh, and I guess this is obviously the whole reason for this mission; as soon as you can get Lia separated from Psimon, or have him otherwise restrained somehow, use magic to turn her back into the Lois we all know."

"I know I'm aware of what we're doing, and thanks to the memories of Jinx I gave to myself and those of Selinda that I gave to Lana, we both know where that warehouse is," the changed Zatanna answered.  "My turn to do the zapping this time."

Shimmer just nodded in agreement, and Sorceress grinned, "Right, I'll be just along for the ride until we get to the roof.  Then it might be better for Psimon's purposes if when we appear before him, it's my magic that does so.  Jinx might be better for changing her back to Lois, but we'll see."

"I guess we're set then, so here I go," Superman said.  "It's going to be fun projecting my voice all the way from New York to here!"  The three saw his image become a streaking blue and red blur as soon as he was outside on the patio.

As he neared his goal, the Man of Steel listened for the tone of the bug left on Executrix's belt.  It was coming from the right direction, so from hearing he switched to utilizing his vision powers to see if she and Psimon were still where he'd left them.  Psimon appeared to be looking at some kind of panel full of dials and switches, while his partner seemed to be just standing and watching without showing any signs of moving.  But one thing about her caught his attention.  Apparently, while he'd been away setting up the rescue mission, Psimon had given the changed Lois an even more huge set of breasts.  The bulges on her red catsuit made it look like she now had an unbelievably large chest.  It was easy to guess what her boss intended for Lia to do in her otherwise unoccupied time.

Superman went into the building the same way he did earlier, intending to make certain via another heartbeat check that it was still Lois in that incredible body.  He picked up her heartbeat, but for some reason it didn't seem to be coming from the right direction.  After making another super speed entry into the large room, Kal suddenly felt what seemed to be his body freezing in place.  Uncontrollably, he found himself coming to a standing position in the middle of the floor, with Psimon looking up from his panel with a big smile on his face.

Very casually, the super villain walked over to stand facing the immobile super hero.  "You may have come in here unnoticed to place that bug on Lia's costume belt, but my sensors picked up the signal coming from it right away.  I had to do a stop motion, frame by frame check of what my security cameras got during your visit, so we found out who it was that left the bug.  I rigged the very special body freezing field which you just hit after activating it by coming into the building, and then I made a very special body similar to Lia's but even larger where it counts up front.  Oh, and I did just say we a moment ago, didn't I!"  Psimon turned and looked toward a door in line with the direction from which the heartbeat Superman had heard had come.  "You can come out now, Lia," he said.

The door opened, and Kal saw the woman Lois had been turned into step out.  She still had her nowhere near as large but still very impressive chest, and was dressed in almost not there faded blue jean shorts, a fire engine red spandex tube top and knee high black boots laced tightly to her lower legs with heels a bit lower than on her Executrix costume, at six inches instead of seven.  'But if that's Lia, who's in the Executrix costume still in my right side field of vision?'

"Looks like you got him, Psimon!" the gorgeous redhead said as she came up behind her leader.

"Yes, indeed!" he replied.  "Now, go back into hiding until this is taken care of, my dear."  Lia nodded, and went back into her bedroom.  Her own bedroom, that is.  Another had been set up, presuming it was needed for her soon to be even more heavily endowed twin sister.  Then to the immobilized super hero he said, "After we traced where you had gone, it was easy for me to monitor what was being set up by you and your three female accomplices.  How convenient that word just came about Shimmer and Jinx being broken out of Rockport.  It was easy for me to find that they really are still there, supposedly out of my cognizance.  So when those three fakes get here, we have to have somebody they can rescue and change back into Lois Lane...much as I'd also like to play with their minds and make them think they really are who they're portraying, getting you changed in more ways than one is much more interesting."

Psimon smiled, then the Last Son of Krypton had the strangest feeling of being sucked out of his body.  This was followed by another sensation of insertion.  The following perceptions brought forth a very stunning realization - there was a huge arch under his feet putting him almost on his toes, and a tremendous weight on the front of his chest.  From what was being seen now, including the body he was used to seeing in a mirror, he had to assume that insertion sensation meant being placed into that Executrix form seen with the much larger chest.  And still, no way to move.

"Now, as you've noticed," Psimon said as he came over to face the new and still immobilized Executrix, "that body form you spotted upon coming here was contrived by me while we waited for your return.  It is now being animated by your psyche and soul."  He grinned, then added, "But it wouldn't do for those three impostor rescuers to find anybody other than the woman you told them to look for here."  The villain did his thing and placed a copy of Lia's mind with a few special modifications added into the ex-male's brain, overriding any control functions but still allowing everything experienced to be noted.  Then he released the hold on her body, and she relaxed from that rigid pose.

"Phew, I sure am glad you finally finished this great super expansion of my tits!" she said enthusiastically.  "Much better as done by your powers than having a plastic surgeon place silicone inserts inside my chest, for it's all my own real flesh!  Now, besides doing my duties as your top assassin, I can really give them a thrill at the exotic dancer clubs.  Not to say I wouldn't also be giving a big thrill to the slaves in my dungeon, along with the owners of the cocks filling my pussy."

"It was easy to do," the super villain told her.  "Why don't you go ahead and enter your dungeon and get changed into your Mistress Dominique guise, since I don't think there are any targets waiting to get into your sights right now.  It was a shame you couldn't get any more of those news babes up in Boston, but I've already cleared it with the 1000 to give you more time."

"Thanks for letting me know, and I'm still feeling bad about missing out on getting all those women.  Got anybody in mind to feel my whip?"

"Not in particular, but presuming you're just as good in handling other girls as you are with the guys, there might be a subject or two or even three for you by the time you're ready."

With a big grin on her face, Executrix turned away from Psimon and headed toward her dungeon.  'It's going to be a lot of fun to get back in black and onto my tiptoes again!'

Psimon figured the time had been about right, so as soon as he was alone the super powerful mental villain flipped a switch on the panel to turn off the stasis field.  Then he walked over to pick up the now collapsed form of Superman and then place the costumed body in a seat.  He put another seat in front of that one so that he could sit facing the now soulless super body of the hero he'd just changed.  A moment later, the eyes of Superman's body blinked.  "Ah, yes!  I can actually feel the power saturating this body," Psimon said from new lips.  'I'd actually be tempted to stay in this body after all this is done,' he thought while picking up his original body with expected ease, 'but even with my mental powers added to these super powers, I like the better feel for what my mind can do in my own body even more!'  He went over to his own bedroom to place the body on his bed.  Then he went back out and flew at super speed out of the building and up into the sky.

Facing toward Metropolis, the fake Man of Steel projected his voice to announce from a spot in between the three good girls turned bad, "It turns out the warehouse building is still being used, but Psimon must have left.  Lia is here all by herself, and while the bug on her belt is still broadcasting, it's only near her instead of being around her waist from what I could tell by her heartbeat.  She must have taken off the red catsuit costume, but the walls seem to be lined with lead so I can't see what she's changing into instead of that.  But no matter how she's dressed, you should still be able to find her and do the changes to her body and mind.  I suppose Psimon could still be inside, but blocked from my sight by those walls.  I'll be nearby, watching how you make out and ready to come in once things are straightened out.  Don't try to say anything in reply, it would be too difficult to try and sort out your voices at this distance."

The apparent Superman then dove straight down into the bedroom he'd just left.  A moment later, he was back into his more familiar form and the blue and red clad body was laid out on Psimon's bed.  If needed, another switch could be done easily.  But only a short, temporary occupation of the super hero's body, for right after leaving it the conniving super criminal had placed a booby trap inside the now vacant mind and body.  If somehow the Man of Steel was to get out of being Lia's overendowed twin sister and back into his own body, twenty-four hours later his mind would alter into that of a brainless bimbo with his body remolding into a form even more overendowed with golden blonde hair hanging all the way down to her butt.  Then he went back out in the main room to wait.

As soon as their compatriot's voice ended, Jinx said, "Seems like it's all set now.  When we get to the rooftop, Selinda and I will try to give you some idea of what to expect inside, Kelly.  Last chance to back out, are you both still ready to go?"

"You bet!" Shimmer said with emphasis.

"I'm wondering if maybe I was actually born to be a super, super villainess!" Sorceress replied.  "Let's go!"

"ehT eerht fo su ot eht nepo tops txen ot eht ria renoitidnoc no eht foor fo s'nomisP gnidliub."

Lana Lang's condo became empty.

As soon as the trio popped into view, Jinx spoke loudly enough to make sure she could be heard over the almost deafening roar of the air conditioner.  "Selinda, instead of taking the time for you and I to tell Kelly about what's inside, I'll do a spell to enlighten her."

"Good idea!" Shimmer yelled.

"Go ahead, fill me in!" the cute witch in purple said, barely loud enough.

"eviG ylleK a lluf gnikrow egdelwonk fo eht roiretni dna gnihtyreve gniog no."

Very much more than what the altered Zee expected was placed into her teammate's mind.  Jinx and Shimmer saw two purple encased fingers come up and a concentrated look come to the witch's face, then suddenly the three costumed babes were enveloped in some kind of sound proof shell.  "I did that," The Lavender Sorceress explained, "so you'd be able to hear me.  There's a lot more going on down there than we'd expected.  First of all, that was Superman's voice we heard, but it was Psimon in his body telling us.  He was able to do that because- hey, let's do this quicker."  There was another quick swipe of her fingers, and everything she now knew was given to Jinx and Shimmer.  In addition, all three were now aware that no matter what Psimon or either of his girls did to physically or mentally change them, they'd still be aware of their true identities and mission even while very convincingly acting just as expected.

"Now it's time for us to arrive via my spell from Rockport to tell Psimon about the way I broke you two out."  Sorceress did the spell, and while the audio shield disappeared, so did the villainesses.

Just as he'd expected, Psimon saw the bogus Jinx and Shimmer along with their supposed rescuer suddenly appear in the middle of the room.  To make it look good, he faked a look of surprise.  "Hi, Psimon!" the purple clad witch who looked overly cute instead of wicked in any way said in greeting.  "I wish I could have gotten Gizmo and Mammoth for you also, but only your two girls were readily available."

First she uttered a short curse in Hindi, then Jinx sneered, "Am I ever glad to be back here with you."

"My brother is still locked up, but at least I'm free to work with you again!" Shimmer enthused.

Psimon nodded, while at the same time placing a delayed until activated mental trap into Jinx and Shimmer's minds.  As had been set up while on the roof, each of them knew already what to expect and how they'd act.  "Even without Mammoth and Gizmo, it's good to have Shimmer and Jinx back," he told them, looking directly at Sorceress.  "Thanks for getting them out for me.  But, who are you?"

"I am The Lavender Sorceress, and while this soft voice of mine doesn't help, I'm trying hard to build up my background as one of the most evil and wicked witches possible.  You're welcome, of course."

"The name fits you well!" Psimon replied.  "Ladies, I want to get to know your rescuer better, go take a get of jail free break in the lounge."

Jinx and Shimmer nodded, then headed toward the door to what used to be the lounge when the original two villainesses had been in the building before, but was now being put to a more sinister use.  As soon as the door closed behind them, sealing them in the pitch black darkness, each of the faux villainesses felt the work of Psimon which would have made them eager to submit to what was to come.  It was now time to act as if this had really happened, and thanks to Kelly's spell, each found it very easy to do.

Then a spotlight clicked on in the far corner over to their left.  Illuminated was a redheaded vixen in a glossy black leather corset that narrowed her already tiny waist to an unbelievably minuscule size.  The cup bottoms of the corset at its top only made the briefest impression under the two incredibly huge breasts contrasting to that tiny waist.  As originally intended for the first Lia to use, the top of the corset would have cupped about the bottom quarter or so of each breast.  But the ballooned in size breasts Psimon had set up for the second Lia made the corset cups seem pointless.  Below her corset was a very wide black leather belt with lots of clips holding cuffs, chained nipple clamps, gags, eye blinders, a crop, a paddle and even a leg spreader bar.  The belt was draped over her hips at a jaunty, high on the left side angle.  There was a black garter belt which held the thigh high black fishnet hose, and a black panty with two snaps at the top front to expose her pussy.  Covering her legs from her knees down were highly buffed, laced up black boots with stiletto ballet toe heels.  Similarly shiny black gloves with talons rivaling Catwoman's covered her arms tightly to just shy of her armpits, and a really wicked looking black domino mask hid her eyes.

'I knew what Psimon had done to Kal,' Jinx thought, 'but wow, actually seeing him, heh, her as Mistress Dominique is really eye opening!'

"Welcome to my dungeon, ladies," the red headed domintrix sneered.  "Which of you would care to submit to my whip first?"

Jinx put her lips next to Shimmer's ear and very softly said, "Talk with her for a moment while I work up and do my spell."  Her partner gave a barely perceptible nod.

"Mistress, I want to be secured to your rack and feel your whip," Shimmer said loudly.  "As another redhead, I trust you to show no mercy, but not cause any permanent damage."

"I was hoping you'd go first!" the dominatrix replied while starting to unclip a big orange ball gag, the spreader bar and four cuffs.  "That means I'll need to gag and secure your friend so she doesn't try anything while I play with you."

'Does she somehow know I'm really Zatanna and need my mouth free to do my spells?' Jinx wondered, but before the wicked dominatrix could even get out of her spot lit corner she started her spell.  "ssertssiM euqinimoD pots dna dnats llits."  The vixen in black halted and became like a statue.  "teL eht dnim fo laK emoceb tnenimorp htiw eht dnim fo aiL ylno gnivresbo."

Both of the faux villainesses saw a big change come to the face of the masked dominatrix.  "I was only able to go along and watch as the version of Lia which Psimon placed in my brain took control and started to change from Executrix into Mistress Dominique.  Then I had to see and experience what I was about to do to you two.  How did you know I was in this body and that you could bring me back into control, Zee?  Or should I be asking Jinx?" she said with an incongruous looking grin.

Before she answered, the apparent Jinx said, "ssertssiM euqinimoD si eerf ot evom sa ehs sehsiw."  Then she changed to normal English and said, "When the three of us arrived on the rooftop, I did a spell to give Sorceress a full and complete knowledge of everything concerning the inside of this building, along with knowledge of everything going on.  That gave her a lot more than I'd thought, and she did her own spell to give the two of us all that she now knew.  So we had a full understanding of what Psimon did to you and what was intended for us at your hands in here."

Shimmer had been looking closely at the dominatrix while Jinx was talking, and as soon as she finished got her chance.  "I can't believe how small your waist is with that corset doing its thing, and while I know you'd said Lois as Lia was wearing really high heels, I'm amazed to see you as her in ballet toe heels!"

"Even as a sort of accidental information giving spell," the changed Superman replied, "that was a great idea you had with which Cat did a good job.  The waist of this body is already quite small, and pulling it in further wasn't easy, but I managed.  I find it quite easy to walk in these boots, which fits with what Lois had told us about the increased agility she got as Executrix, and I'm presuming it was part of what Psimon put into my head that made me want so much to wear them as the dominatrix I wanted to become."

"He must have done some real work on doing a copy of Lia's mind with some additions," Jinx answered.  "Also, I doubt you're aware of the fact that Psimon occupied your body as you went into this room to change so he could do that alert via voice throwing bit.  He seems to know about ALMOST all of what we're doing."

She thought for a moment, then the altered Zatanna did another spell before letting Kal make any reply.  "nomisP yats deippuco tuo ni eht niam moor dna od ton emoc otni siht moor.  kcalB dooH, emoc tuo fo s'ylleK nikpmup dna eb dleh ni ym tfel dnah."  She nodded as the swatch of black cloth was felt in her grip, then told them, "On the presumption that our witch is keeping Psimon occupied while we're in here being dominated by you, I just made it so he won't come into this room.  At least, not until we're ready for him.  I also got the Black Hood from out of her pumpkin so we can use it on Lois again as a prelim to me doing more with my magic.  Let's change her back before we do anything else."

"I was wondering if we were going to do that any time soon," Shimmer replied.

"I had a feeling he'd pull a stunt like that of getting into my body.  Good idea you had for keeping Psimon out, and let's just hope he isn't doing anything to change Cat," Kal said in a sexy voice that didn't match his name, while gathering all the unclipped tools of bondage in her left hand, then going over to the switch on the wall to turn on the lights with her right.

"That's another part of what Cat did with her spell up on the roof," Jinx told her.  "No matter what Psimon, you or Lois as Lia could do to change us in any way, we'd still be in control of ourselves and act like we're supposed to after any change to make it look good.  So she should be safe out there, even if Psimon does something to totally alter her mind, body, or both."

"She thought of that?" the dominatrix asked.

"Yes!" Shimmer answered.

"I'll have to compliment her about how she handled things on this mission," Kal said.  "Seems like my worries were groundless."

"You'd better," Jinx said with a grin.  "She's really impressed me so far."

While they were in the dungeon talking about her, The Lavender Sorceress was indeed taking advantage of the protection spell she'd done.  As soon as her two partners had gone into the dungeon, she'd told Psimon about her inability to alter herself to look more evil.  He then mentally gave the impression of overpowering the handicap, after which the witch used her own magical powers to alter both her body and the outfit covering it.  She became nearly a foot taller with a much more narrow waist and way more than proportionally larger breasts, her garb stayed the same but changed to shiny black, her shapely stiletto heels became more wicked looking by gaining another inch and to top off the changes, her face changed from looking cute to being exceedingly beautiful and at the same time sinister and wicked.  To go along with her new look, her voice altered to match and her name became The Sinful Sorceress.  As much as she'd changed though, the original thinking was still going on while acting as and portraying her new persona.

When the witch's metamorphosis was completed, Psimon grinned his approval and then said, "For your new look, don't you think that broom should look just as wicked, and I think that pumpkin you're using for a handbag needs to go.  It doesn't fit for you at all now."

She nodded, and the broom in the witch's hand turned gnarly looking.  But the pumpkin?  She looked down into it, thinking all connection to the Black Hood was going to be lost, but was pleasantly surprised to see that the swatch of fabric was no longer inside it.  She knew it hadn't spilled out or been pulled out by anyone, so the only assumption was that Zatanna had magically moved it to where she was to have it for use with Lois.  Then to make it look good for Psimon, Sorceress cast a spell to make the pumpkin disappear from her hand and appear next to Wonder Woman with a note inside saying, 'So far so good.'  "Is that better?" she acidly asked Psimon.

"Very much!  You look and also sound as evil as you're thinking now."  Of course, he was assuming that she was indeed thinking evil now instead of being the good thinking altered heroine she'd showed up as.  Then, as per the spell Zatanna had cast, he felt satisfied in having a good discussion with the witch as to what they could get together in doing.

Back inside the dungeon, Jinx was saying, "Kal, I think before we bring Lois over and go to work on her, it would be better to change you back into Superman.  That would be better for her as she comes out of being Lia, I think.  Your body is laid out on Psimon's bed, and I doubt moving it to this room would be noticed by him."

"Yes, I agree!" the dominatrix replied.  "It seems that I'm rapidly becoming more and more attached to this female body I'm in; if we wait until after Lois, you might find me wanting to stay like this."

"Uh oh," Jinx said, "I was afraid that might be happening."

"I bet it has something to do with the way Psimon put you into that body and then messed with your mind," Shimmer added.

Without wasting any more time, Jinx said, "Kal, put the bar and cuffs back on your belt, then put that huge orange ball gag in your mouth and buckle it tight, and after that go over and place your body in front of the X-frame.  I'll tell you why later."  Mistress Dominique replaced her gear and gagged herself even better than Jinx had hoped.  She went right over and spread her legs to meet the ankle clamps on the bottom arms of the bondage device, then lifted her arms so that her wrists were in front of the upper arms' clamps.  Jinx nodded, then said, "spmalC kcol desolc revo eht s'xirtanimod stsirw dna selkna.  nruteR flesym dna anaL ot ruo eurt smrof htiw eht kcalB dooH llits ni ym dnah.  s'namrepuS ydob emoc ot eb thgir txen ot eht emarf-X, neht refsnart ylno s'laK dnim dna luos morf ssertiM 'seuqinimoD ydob ot sih."

As soon as she finished, Zatanna was back as herself as she'd been just before turning into Jinx, in her usual outfit minus her top hat.  Lana was back to her not that different self in her yellow pull over and dark blue slacks and Superman was standing adjacent to the mistress in bondage.  The version of Lia placed by Psimon into her brain to supplant and override the Man of Steel's was now the only mind in her head, but with no soul to animate her she was as inert as when Kal had first seen her.

"The reason I had you get that body gagged and locked up," Zee said, "is that I'm thinking I can place Psimon's mind into it.  The difference from when he was in your body is that this time he won't be in control.  Locked in her form, I'm hoping to make Lia the dominant mind like he did to you, and that the compulsion to want to be her will be even stronger than when you felt it.  Are you both ready for Lois to come in here now?"

"I sure am!" Lana replied.

"I'm wondering," Superman answered, "if you think the Black Hood is really necessary?  Couldn't you just change her back with a spell?  Your idea for putting Psimon into this body I was in is a good one, but don't put Lia's mind in control right away.  As long as he gets locked into this body with no way to get himself back out quickly or easily, I want to rub it in just a bit, in return for what he did to me."

"I want to use the hood to turn the ex-Lois into a good thinking woman with no delay, then it will be a lot easier to change her back," the mage replied.  "That's a good idea you've got for getting some revenge on Psimon.  refsnarT sioL sa aiL morf reh moordeb ot ereh htiw su dna ecalp eht kcalB dooH ni reh sdnah os sti noislupmoc lliw ekam reh tup it no."  Zee's hand became empty as the original Lia suddenly appeared, facing her near twin.  The black swatch was in her hands, already morphing into its hood form.

The redhead immediately pulled it on over her head and said, "Do only good!  That shall be my creed!"  Lia then looked over the situation in the room and saw the two super heroes along with Lana Lang and the only possible trouble maker, her near twin in her dominatrix role, safely locked up and secure.  She could see no need to don the full Black Hood costume, so off came the hood.  As it changed back into a simple black piece of cloth again, the red headed beauty held it as if she couldn't figure out what to do with it.

The other free to move around redhead walked up to Lia and said, "Since I've had some experience with that hood, I'll be glad to hold on to it."

"Sure, here you go.  I only had it for a few minutes compared to the hours that you did."  Lia passed it to Lana with a grinning nod, then the red haired beauty stepped back to where she'd been standing before between Zatanna and the door.

"Lia," Zatanna asked, "I'm wondering if you have any memories of other identities you've had?"

"Well, I presume Superman's no longer in her, but before my bigger chested twin became Mistress Dominique that was one of my roles, and I'm also Executrix."

Zee scowled, then said, "Right, I was afraid with the way things have gone that you'd have no memory of the life you led before taking on these roles.  I hope you will be agreeable and go along, for you see, the whole reason we're all here is that until yesterday you used to be Lois Lane...and we want to change you back into her."

"Yes, your mentioning that name just sparked a recollection that I presume must have been hidden from me by Psimon when he gave me my new face, hair and body today.  I'm really going to miss having this fantastic figure, but I guess that's the price I have to pay to become the real me again."

"Hey, Zee," Superman said, "since she was seen in it by all the others at the awards banquet and celebration last night, do you suppose Lois could at least keep that slightly less enhanced body she got via Psimon yesterday afternoon?  If anybody at work, home or elsewhere questions her new look, she could easily explain it as a benefit she got from one of the other women there who will remain nameless but was actually a witch."

"How would you like that?" Zatanna asked Lia.

"That would be great!  But if I'm going to have to at least explain how I looked while at the awards ceremony, why can't I just I look forward to fielding all those questions about this body I have right now?"

Superman considered that for a moment as Zee and Lana wondered, then finally said, "Explaining this body wouldn't be any different, I guess; just be glad you won't have to explain having those huge breasts I had as your near twin until a few moments ago."

"Thanks, I'm going to be so happy to keep this fantastically sexy body," Lia said.

"Good!  So in a moment, you'll be Lois again," Zee replied.  "nruT siht lanigiro aiL kcab otni sioL htiw eht decnahne ydob ehs sah thgir won.  ekaM lla eht sehtolc dna raewtoof ehs snwo eb ni reh tesolc ta emoh, dezis ot tif siht ydob, dna enoyreve ohw sees reh lliw wonk siht si woh s'ehs syawla neeb sa na tluda; ylno laK, anaL, taC dna flesym lliw wonk s'ehs degnahc."

The stunningly beautiful redhead disappeared, her place taken by the gorgeous if not quite as beautiful brunette in exactly the same body.  The surprise came in that she was still in the jeans shorts, tube top and boots hooker outfit she'd been wearing as Lia.  "Oops!" Zatanna giggled.  "I included a resizing of all the clothes and shoes you own, but I hadn't figured on specifying something to take the place of this outfit.  I guess it must have been included in with your other clothing, which by the way is all in your closet at home or inside your bag now sitting on your bed now since repacking your suitcase here wouldn't be a good idea.  I also made it so you won't have to answer any questions about your body, with only those of us in this room and Cat to remain aware of the changes you underwent.  Hang on a sec, and I'll fix this clothing screw up.  ntuT-"

"Zatanna, WAIT!" Lois said while grabbing the mage's arms for emphasis.  "Thanks for fixing the bit about body questions, but don't do that spell.  It may seem strange, but I like the way I look right now.  Don't worry, I don't have any urges to go out and prostitute myself."

Lana snickered, then said, "I have to admit, that does make a sexy casual outfit that shows off your great body.  The boots might be a bit iffy, but they do add a lot to your enticing look."

"I second that!" Superman added.  "Just so long as that look doesn't give you any ideas..."

"Well, I guess it's unanimous then!" Zee said with a laugh.  "So is it time now to bring Psimon's mind and soul in to become the new Lia?"

"Say what?!" Lois replied.

"That discussion took place just before Zee brought you here from your bedroom," Kal said.

Zatanna took it from there.  "That new version of Lia that Psimon put Superman into has just that personality in her mind, not animated on that X-frame after he got out.  The plan is to put Psimon into that body, with no way to switch back to his own body.  To quickly bring you up to speed, Lana and I didn't come here as ourselves, I turned myself into Jinx and Lana into Shimmer.  I changed us back just before bringing you into this room.  Presently, while we've been taking care of first Superman and now you, Psimon has been kept occupied talking with The Lavender Sorceress, our cute little witch being played by the third member of our team, Cat Grant.  She's the only one of us I didn't change back yet.  But after we get Psimon..."

"Seems like a good way to eliminate the threat from him and get that villain back behind bars with a much smaller chance of getting out again," Lois replied.  "I sure hope I get to see Cat as that cute little witch!"

Zatanna nodded and said, "evomeR s'nomisP dnim, ehcysp dna luos morf sih tnerruc ydob, ekat yawa lla repus srewop morf sih dnim, dna ecalp meht otni eht ydob fo aiL deruces ereh.  evaeL sih dnim tnerehoc edisgnola s'aiL."

Out in the main room, The Sinful Sorceress was concluding a part of their ongoing conversation when Psimon's eyes suddenly seemed to take on a vacant stare and his body started to go limp in his chair.  She got up and waved her hand back and forth in front of his face, with no reaction.  'Hmmm...I wonder...' she pondered while looking toward the still closed door her compatriots had gone through.  Just then that door opened a bit and she saw Lana Lang's true head come out.  But before she could make any question or remark about Lana being herself again, the redhead beat her to the punch.

"All black now instead of purple, and with a newer, sexier and really wicked looking body and face?!  Cat, I sure hope that's still you, or I'm in big trouble."

"You would be if I hadn't done that protection spell," the wicked witch replied with a grin, now clueing in Lana to her new and more sultry voice also.  "The way Psimon was messing with me, I've only got the name of The Sinful Sorceress...along with her super sexy body...and not her evil mind set and personality.  But I sure had him thinking so, at least until just a moment ago when he sort of blinked out or whatever.  Something Zatanna did, I presume?"

"Correct!  That's why I came out, to check on him and get you.  This new voice you've got is really something else, in addition to your new look.  Good changes you did for Psimon.  He wasn't standing when Zee pulled his psyche out of his body, was he?"

"Nope, we were both seated.  If I go in with you, will it be safe to leave his form out here?"

"Should be," Lana replied, "Zee did her spell to make it so Psimon can't move back into his original body.  Wait'll you see the body he's in now!  Oh, and don't use your powers to change yourself back yet.  I bet the others would love to see the new you, and we told Lois about you being the cute little Lavender Sorceress.  You might have to change back in stages to show yourself in purple to her.  So come on in, and I'll give the hood back to you in there."  She didn't wait for any reply, and went back in with the door closing again behind the redhead.

"Hey, everybody," Lana said loudly as she came back in, then lowered her voice with their attention grabbed, "Just wait 'til you see what Cat looks like now!"

"I assume she's right behind you?" Superman said, avoiding the use of his X-ray vision so as not to spoil the surprise.  "And just looking, not acting thanks to her spell."  Kal went speechless as the door opened while he was saying 'spell', to reveal the sexy vision in black.

Lois was the first to utter, "WOW!" as the door opened again and the wickedly beautiful and incredibly evil looking black witch stepped through.

Superman said his own, "WOW!" after getting his voice back and followed that with, "The result of Psimon thinking of changing you to a properly evil cohort, I'm betting."

"Oh, WOW!" Zatanna added, providing a bit of difference.  "I wonder how he would have worked at changing myself and Lana while we were Jinx and Shimmer."

"If you didn't have her gagged," Lana said, "maybe Psimon would be telling us."

Sorceress noted the dominatrix locked to the X-frame with the big ball gag keeping her quiet, and said, "Oh!  So that's where Psimon ended up going when I saw his body go limp.  But what's to keep him from getting out of that body and back into his own?  Lana told me you did something."

"I don't want to tell her very much this soon," Zee answered, "just feel safe that she's stuck like that for the time being."  A quick glance she took in the dominatrix's direction showed hate in even her masked eyes, and the mage was glad she'd thought of having Kal gag herself before going to the X-frame.

"Before we get around to playing with the Mistress," Lana suggested, "I told Cat to hold off changing herself back so you all could see her like this.  Also, before going all the way back, Lois might want to see The Lavender Sorceress."

"You bet I do!" Lois added.  "The way you are right now, you look tall and really sexy, Cat.  Now I want to see cute and little."

"Your wish is my command," the witch replied.  "Now, not to make Zee feel unneeded or anything like that, but..."  In the blink of an eye, The Sinful Sorceress was replaced by The Lavender Sorceress, including her more benign looking broom.  "I'd also show you the pumpkin I was carrying," she added in her also cuter voice, "using as a purse as Psimon put it, but I sent it up to Diana with a progress message inside."  She stopped and seemed to concentrate for a few moments, then continued with, "I just saw that my pumpkin is at her side on the counter top, so I asked Diana if I could bring it back and she told me to go ahead."  In another eye blink, the pumpkin was back in her other hand.  "Ta-da!" she said gleefully.

"It's too bad we can't keep you as this or even your more wicked looking witch in the Justice League," Zatanna opined.  "With magic as strong and powerful as you've got, and even the tactical know-how you've shown on this mission, you could be a big help to both me and Dr. Fate."

"From what I just saw and what I was told earlier," the Man of Steel said, "I'd have to second that idea.  You've proven my fears of letting you come along were all wrong.  Would you be willing to keep up this role in the League?"

The petite sorceress in purple didn't answer right away, but instead walked over to Lana and held out her pumpkin.  The redhead dropped the black swatch in, and then they all saw the witch shimmer and shift back into the form of Cat Grant in her pink blouse and red shorts from before, holding the basic form of the hood in her hand.  "This change should give you a clue concerning my answer," the blonde said.  "As much as I'd love to be helping the League, I have too much going on in my life to do that.  But if you'd allow me to continue having access to these powers and consider me a reserve member available only part-time, that's something I think I could do."

"With the way we only have access to Huntress irregularly because of her job," the Man of Steel answered, "you'd be in a similar status."

"That's the same example I was going to give," Zatanna mentioned.  "So can I nominate Cat, or rather, The Lavender or Sinful Sorceress for a part-time membership at our next meeting?"

"Fine by me," Superman replied.  "That okay with you, Cat?"

"Sure, and watch for a surprise when I appear in the Watchtower for my induction.  I plan on using my taller and sexier form, but not in basic black.  Looks too wicked for a good witch.  I'll keep what I'm thinking of for a costume as the surprise, but you can nominate me as Endora, a nice short name I assume I can steal from the old 'Bewitched' show with no problem."

"Good name choice," Lois said, "short and easy without any way I can think of to be contracted for a nickname.  I'm sure everyone hearing that name would recognize you as a witch."

"So now that this has been decided," the Man of Steel said, "let's get started on concluding this affair.  Lana and Cat, do you want to stick around and witness the way I rub it in for Psimon to get back for what he did to me?"

"I've been in for everything so far," Lana replied, "so I want to be in on it 'til the end."

Cat nodded.  "Ditto," was all she said.

"Okay, so you two stay about where you are, and just Zee and I will be up close," Superman told them.

The mage followed her red and blue clad teammate's advance on the bound and gagged dominatrix.  Zatanna reached and touched Superman's shoulder for attention, then raised her right index finger to imply one moment.  She then said, "dniM fo aiL, tegrof lla taht koot ecalp ecnis gnimoc ni ereh ot egnahc otni ssertsiM euqinimoD, dna niamer gniwonknu litnu dlot ot trats."

"Care to tell me what that spell did?" her partner asked.

"I just made it so that after we submerge Psimon's mind under Lia's, she won't have any memories of us nor what has been going on."

Superman nodded with a grin, followed by, "That's good.  I had been wondering about our security with her being here during everything we've done."  Then, facing the dominatrix he himself had been until shortly before said, "So, how does it feel to be in this way over endowed version of Lia's body?  Are you experiencing the same deep felt joy of being her that I did after you embedded my mind in her?  If not yet, you will.  You see, that same modified Lia personality you placed in my head to overpower mine is still in your head; we've made it so you can hear and understand what she thinks and does just like I did.  Of course, you had me in a statis field.  We did it the more ancient and physical way for you, and I'm sure you know how good it felt for me to be put into that bondage before getting back into my own body.  I'm glad I didn't feel any tainted residue in my body after you were in it briefly."

The Man of Steel turned to Zee and said, "Just to be on the safe side, at some point after we get back I want you or Fate to do a thorough check of my psyche to make sure he didn't leave behind any delayed reaction ploys for me."

"I would have suggested that if you hadn't," she replied.  "I like what you've said so far.  Are you about ready to wrap it up yet?"

"Yes."  He turned again to look into the masked eyes of the only Lia Long now in existence.  "We're going to be on our way in a moment.  Just so you know, your comatose original body is going to be turned over to the doctors at Rockport for study, and I presume they'll eventually pull the plug on the life support.  We'll tip off the police that Executrix is in bondage in her dominatrix guise, and I'm sure the charges of attempted murder in Boston will put you in less severe constraint than if you'd been put back in prison as Psimon.  Soon after we leave the room, you won't have anything to worry about because Lia will bury you in just a cognizance role like you had her do to me.  Have fun in your new life, which I'm sure will find us meeting again."

Superman turned away from the body he'd been in briefly but Psimon would be in from then on and said, "That's all, let's leave now."

He followed all the women out the door, and as soon as it closed Zatanna said, "dniM fo aiL emoceb evitca, gnigrembus s'nomisP rednu sruoy os eh nac od on erom naht rotinom tahw uoy od.  er'uoY won ylluf trela dna gniwonk tahw uoy leef dna evresbo.  That does it," she told the others, "she's just Lia now."

Superman picked up the unoccupied form of Psimon, then said, "Lois, do you want to go home right away to start getting settled in for the night and your work day tomorrow, or come up to the Watchtower briefly with the others so we can end this escapade?"

"I'll go with you, then go home when Cat and Lana do."

"Thanks.  Zee, I know I could, but I don't want to fly all the way up to the Watchtower with this body.  Please do the honors."

The mage nodded and said, "llA evif fo su ot eht rewothctaW ytud ksed aera."

As the outer room became empty, inside her dungeon Mistress Dominique awoke from what she presumed was something that had knocked her out.  She was livid.  'How the hell did I get tied up to my own X-frame, and gagged as well?  I'm helpless trapped this way, with nothing at all I can do.  I'll just have to wait until whoever did this comes back or Psimon comes in to check on me.'

When the four gals and one guy bearing another unconscious one in his arms appeared in the area right behind her, Wonder Woman's enhanced senses alerted her to their presence.  She grinned wide at Cat Grant and said, "That way you used your pumpkin to let me know things were progressing well, and then actually spoke with me through it, was really nifty!  I presume you did get in the habit of using your powers as I'd suggested and hoped?"

"I'll say!" Cat replied.

But before she could add any more, Zatanna broke in by saying, "Not only got into the habit of using them, but excelled at it!  Cat did so well that Kal and I agreed to let her keep her witch powers and have her nominated at our next meeting for a reserve membership in the League.  Cat, since I doubt you'll appear as her at the meeting, would you show Diana your black wicked witch?"

"Would that be okay with the rest of you?" the blonde asked.

While everybody else was both nodding and verbalizing an approval, the Amazon wondered, "Black, wicked witch?"

"While I was talking with you through the pumpkin, I was back in my cute and petite witch form," Cat explained.  "While I was pretending to go along with Psimon's 'turning me evil' ploy, I changed to reflect my supposed new outlook."  Then she disappeared, her place being taken by the tall and gorgeously evil looking black clad witch clutching her gnarly broom.  Wonder Woman gasped.  She then heard the wicked witch's sexy voice say, "For my League reserve membership, I'm going to keep this fantastic body but show you all a new and more heroic looking outfit.  As you'll also hear later, I'm Endora."

"Good thing you don't look like Samantha's mother!" Diana joked.  "I can guess why you're not open to being a full time member of the League, and when you're available your powers should prove to be a great addition to Zee's and Dr. Fate's."  The Amazon then asked Superman, "I hope you're going to tell me about why you're holding Psimon in your arms."

"I'll tell you more about this later because I don't want to bore the others or delay their getting home," the Man of Steel answered, "but Psimon is no longer in this body.  Get in touch with the hospital at Rockport and let them know I'm bringing in his comatose form.  They can also put Jinx and Shimmer back into regular holding now.  Also, the police in New York City can be told that the only person still in Psimon's building is Executrix.  But right now she's in her dominatrix guise as Mistress Dominique, gagged and secured to the X-frame in her dungeon room."

A puzzled look came to Diana's face while glancing at Lois, whose now more incredibly sexy body made no impression thanks to Zee's spell, but at the moment looked like a sexy hooker.  "But I thought you said Lois was Executrix?"

"Kal, go take Psimon," Zee said.  "Diana, call the hospital and police, then I'll tell you all about our getting Lois back and the new Executrix while he's gone.  Lois, Cat and Lana, I can send you each home now if you'd like.  There's no real need for any of you to stick around here now."

The three looked at one another, each figuring there couldn't be much to add to what Zatanna would say, then together said, "Time to go home."

After which Lana added, "Before you send us home, Zee, is there any chance you could add that Shimmer costume to my two Insect Queen ones that I've got saved in my closet at home?"

"Sure, why not," Zatanna answered.  "But it will just be the costume, none of her powers nor the ability to change you to have her body."

"Just what I wanted, thanks!" the redhead replied.

So as the Man of Steel went to the teleport pads with his armload and the Amazon Princess started on her two calls, Zee said, "Prepare to find yourselves sitting instead of standing, on your living room couches.  sioL, anaL dna taC ot eht hcuoc ni hcae fo rieht gnivil smoor, a ypoc fo eht remmihS emutsoc eb gnuh txen ot eht rehto semutsoc ni s'anaL tesolc."  The mage became alone with Wonder Woman, and when the calls were completed she started on the detailed description of the mission.  Relating how Kal became the much more enhanced in the chest version of Lia before Psimon did was helped by her use of a magically generated version of Mistress Dominique which looked alive but as unmoving as a mannequin.

"She makes me seem flat, and would even make Power Girl look like she'd be no competition!" Diana commented enthusiastically upon actually seeing what looked like the real woman her partner had been describing.  "And those boots - you mean to say that Kal actually liked those ballet toe heels and moved around in them as if they were just normal short or flat heels?"  Just then the Last Son of Krypton checked in, letting them know he was leaving Rockport.

"Hey, I just thought of a fun way to play a joke on Kal," Wonder Woman said as she came back to Zee.  "He should get back here in just a minute or two.  Can you put me into this dominatrix version of Lia you just made?"

"I could, very easily," Zatanna replied, "but I don't think he'd take it as a joke."

"Let me at least try.  I really want to perceive what Kal did and experience what that body and outfit must feel like."

"Okayyyyyy...but just remember that you're on duty at the desk and shouldn't be away from it for very long.  tuP anaiD edisni siht lacigam noisrev fo aiL, neht nrut kcab ot flesreh on erom naht evif setunim retfa laK sevirra."

The heroine disappeared, and Mistress Dominique became animated, in particular her black gloved hands moving to check out her incredibly tiny, corseted waist.  "WOW!  I actually feel like I'm really in this body just like I'd hoped.  I do seem to fully perceive and enjoy these unbelievably huge breasts and being on my toes in these fantastic boots even seems normal to me," said the new, third Lia who also noted her sexy voice.

"I figured you'd find being her would feel fascinating," Zee replied.  Then to add to the scene for Superman she said, "dniB dna gag em sa fi siht citsidas dednim dna live repus ssenenialiv aiL sa ssertsiM euqinimoD kcuns otni eht rewothctaW gnisu reh nwo lacigam srewop, dnuof em dna did eht egadnob."

Zatanna found herself on her belly on the floor, hogtied with a big red ball gag filling her mouth, its straps securely locked tight behind her head, just as she'd intended.  What she hadn't intended though, and found out to her chagrin, was the change her spell brought upon the other person mentioned.

Mistress Dominique placed her clenched fists on her hips and with a wicked laugh said, "I can't believe how easy it was for me to get in here without you knowing and then bind and gag you, bitch!  So much for your vaunted backwards spell powers.  Now I'd better get ready in case any of your teammates show up."  The dominatrix who had no idea who she really was then stepped behind and out of Zatanna's sight.  She used her powers to change into her more usual Executrix identity and costume with a number of special weapons including a green kryptonite ray projector, then turned invisible.

'Good thing I put that time limit on Diana staying in that form,' the mage who could think but not talk mused, 'but now I wish I'd made it only two or three minutes instead of five.  I sure hope none of the other leaguers come upon this scene other than Kal, and that he doesn't get too badly handled by the magic I gave this new Lia...'

While as Wonder Woman she'd known that Superman was due back at any moment, now knowing she was Lia Long there was no way to know if any of the Justice League heroes or heroines other than Zatanna would fall into her clutches.  From where she stood, it was plain to see that the seat at the monitor screens and communications devices was unoccupied.  While in her dominatrix garb after sneaking into the Watchtower, Executrix had found Zatanna far enough away from the desk that she doubted the spell caster was doing the desk duty.  'So where the hell is whoever who's supposed to be there?'  It was while she was wondering about this that the Man of Steel walked out of the hallway leading from the teleport pads and air locks.  He stopped short in amazement upon seeing Zee hogtied with the huge red ball gag silencing her.

The brilliant crimson clad super villainess drew her green K ray gun and aimed it at the superhero, then materialized as he started to approach his bound and gagged teammate.  The additional shock of seeing her come out of thin air stopped him in his tracks.  "If you're puzzled about Zatanna, I'll give you one guess as to who did it."

Superman wanted to lunge at the beautiful but deadly intruder and stop her from doing whatever else she was planning to do, but a nagging question halted him.  Her voice and heartbeat identified her as the true Executrix, but how could she have escaped in New York and gotten up to the Watchtower?  Was it somehow possible that Lois could have reverted to being Lia, but in the way over endowed version Psimon had made that he himself got turned into earlier?  That possibility kept him from attacking her.

This delay was all the assassin needed.  The green K gun had been intended for use only if Superman had made a super fast lunge at her.  Now it was possible for her to utilize the other weapon she had to which he was susceptible - magic.  At her wish, he became immobile but still able to speak.  "What have you done, and how?" he asked.  "You were left bound and gagged in New York City as Mistress Dominique.  How'd you get up here as Executrix?"

She holstered her ray gun, then the villainess answered, "It was simple with my magic powers.  It wasn't as Executrix that I overpowered Zatanna," she altered to her dominatrix form again, "I was in my most perfect guise for putting her in severe bondage.  Would you prefer to see me in my cock luring whore outfit?"  She changed into the same minimal top and shorts Lois had been wearing, but with her dominatrix boots.  "I do prefer to be in these ballet toe fact, the next time I become Executrix, watch for some red versions."

Seeing her this way started to make the Last Son of Krypton think this really was Lois, somehow.  Added to that worry was what had caused his immobility.  The super hero could do nothing but watch as the super villainess who now looked much more alluring than threatening approached, now getting into Zatanna's field of vision.  'Did my spell really give Diana all that knowledge about Lia?  And those powers?  Good thing five minutes is almost up...'

"Now the question is," Lia said facing Superman, "should I use my powers first to get you to ram your super cock into my craving pussy, or just right away remove that option and turn you into my just as evil magical assistant?  I think becoming my assistant has priority."  She was about to do the transformation when the five minute mark hit and to the Man of Steel's astonishment, the ultra sexy whore in front of him changed into an unmoving Mistress Dominique, with Wonder Woman standing next to her.  "Uh, Kal, what have I been doing?  The last thing I remember was telling Zee how great it felt to be in that dominatrix form you'd been and Psimon is now that she materialized to illustrate her story.  Speaking of Zee, what's with her being hogtied and gagged on the floor?"

"Seems to me that she did another screwed up spell," Superman answered.  "You apparently had really strong magical powers and used them to immobilize me except for speaking.  I'd suggest getting that gag out of her mouth so she can undo what you did...I hope."

Diana took the few steps over to Zatanna and stooped to check out the ball gag.  "Uh-oh...This ball seems to be really tight filling her mouth, and the pair of leather straps on each side making it so tight have locks securing them behind her head.  There's no way that ball's coming out without those straps coming unlocked.  I wouldn't dare trying to use my strength to rip the straps, it would probably hurt her a lot."

"I can't think of any knives we might have up here other than the butter knives in the kitchen.  They'd never go though that leather," the Man of Steel answered.  "Besides immobilizing me, whatever you did also negated my powers, so I can't hit the straps with heat vision...and I'd probably burn her in the process anyway."

There was a pregnant pause before the pair saw Zatanna wiggling her fingers in a sort of sawing motion.  "Hey!  I think I know what she'd getting at!" Wonder Woman exclaimed.  "A long, long time ago while we still had our headquarters in that cave on Earth, Bruce placed one of Catwoman's costumes in our museum collection.  He's had it there all along, from our move to the satellite and now finally the Watchtower.  Selina never got it back even after she seemingly retired a couple of years ago, so if I go digging in the drawers I should find her gloves with those razor sharp talons."

"Right!" Superman said, memories coming back.  "It was from that time he put that costume into what he called safekeeping.  I can't imagine why Bruce called it that, but it's been securely held in his part of the museum collection ever since.  I think you'll find that costume in the bin right below the one I've got holding Brainiac's arm and Luthor's power gloves."

The Amazon stepped over to the panel she should have been sitting at and saw that only one incoming message was waiting.  "Hey," she said, "the New York police worked fast.  They said they just got Lia and she's on the way to the station.  I guess she'll be in a loose fitting orange jumpsuit soon instead of her figure hugging dominatrix gear."

"At least some good news for right now," he replied.

Wonder Woman nodded, then she flipped the auto reply switch usually used when only one person was on duty and he or she had to answer a call from Mother Nature.  She turned and with a speed nearly rivalling Flash's, she took off running to the Watchtower's museum section.  'As long as I don't break either of them, the heels on my boots give me a better sprinting toe angle.  I bet we'd never get Wally to wear heels!' she thought in the short time it took to get there.

Superman's cabinet was easily found as predicted, so Wonder Woman pulled out the one just below it.  Batman was more of a collector than any other of his Justice League teammates, which she knew from visits to his Bat Cave and seeing the extensive collection he had there.  'I guess the fact that Bruce already had at least three of Selina's costumes on display there, including another copy of this one, is why he brought the one in the drawer to the League museum.  I do have to wonder why Kal said it was placed here for safekeeping, since all the ones in the Bat Cave are just displayed on mannequins behind glass,' she mused while starting to dig into the Dark Knight's saved goodies.  'Ah, here we go!'

Diana pulled out the first part of the costume she'd found, the really wicked looking and big bright red domino mask.  It had lenses in the eye holes which could be switched from clear to sun blocking polarized tinting, to infrared, to night vision, and only Catwoman herself probably knew any further settings.  The matching, wide red leather belt was right below that and got pulled out.  'Where are those gloves?'  She pulled out the pale blue pantyhose and the cleavage exposing, dark blue sleeveless leotard top with its high and wide folded over collar.  This exposed the matching dark blue knee high boots with the folded over bright red tops.  She whistled softly upon seeing the big golden buckles across their insteps.  'Aha, so there you are!'  Placed so that their deadly sharp talons were nestled amongst the dark blue stiletto heels of the boots that were at least an inch or maybe two higher than her own red ones were the shoulder length dark blue gloves.  Out came the boots and finally the gloves.  She'd only need one actually, but decided to bring both back to the duty desk area.

The Amazon super heroine stopped running a bit before reaching her goal, and pulled on each glove while walking the rest of the way.  The first was easy, with Diana marveling at the way it went over her bracelet so well that there was no way to tell it was under the glove, and discovered that she had almost the same dexterity Selina must have had in pulling the second one on with ultra sharp and long claws at her fingertips.  She grinned broadly at the Man of Steel upon walking in, then stooped next to Zatanna's head again.  The safest place to cut, where only a few strands of hair were in danger and not the skin of her cheeks or temples, was behind the mage's head, close to the locks.  Each strap took only a short time for the claw on her right index finger to sever, and the talons of her left hand grasped the huge red ball to pull it out of Zee's mouth.

"egadnoB eb enog, tup em no ym teef."  With the wickedly gloved Wonder Woman still in a crouch, the freed Zatanna towered over her.  "tuP s'namowtaC sevolg kcab htiw reh emutsoc dna evig namrepuS sih srewop kcab htiw lluf ytilibom."

Diana was suprised to find her arms bare again with her bracelets obvious as she stood, but both she and Zatanna saw that their teammate showed no sign of moving.  "Zee," he said hesitantly, "on the presumption that part of your spell was supposed to free didn't work."

"Those magic powers I inadvertently gave to Diana as Mistress Dominique must have been a lot more powerful than I imagined," Zatanna replied.  "The only way I can think of to undo what she did is to have her do it.  Diana, I'm going to have to transform you again into this body shell I formed with all those powers, but this time it'll be you in her head like at first, not Lia as you became after I screwed up."

"Can't you just give Diana those powers without changing her?" Kal asked.

"That's what I was also wondering," the Amazon added.

"I doubt that would work," Zee told them, "because the powers were set up for and aligned with this copy of Lia's body.  Diana, just before you changed back you were in Lia's prostitute outfit, like what you saw Lois wearing, but with her dominatrix ballet toed boots.  You also were in the Executrix costume when Kal got here.  Any preference of the three for right now?"

"It'll just be long enough for me to change Supes back to normal, right?"


"Okay, since I myself am only familiar with the dominatrix form I got put into and came out of, do me that way so I won't be surprised by the other outfits only Lia is familiar with."

"Good choice," Zatanna replied, "and I'm not going to place Lia's mind in with you, but just the memories of what you did while being her so you'll know exactly how to fix Superman."  She did the spell, following which Wonder Woman disappeared again and Mistress Dominique became alive with Diana's mind occupying her as with the first transformation.

Since she knew right away what needed to be done to take care of the Man of Steel, the dominatrix's powers easily reversed it.  Then as he finally started to stir again, Mistress Dominique figured squeezing in one more use of her magical powers before she got changed back would be good.  The parts of Catwoman's costume still on the floor below Bruce's drawer were ordered to put themselves away so she wouldn't have to be bothered with going to the museum later.  Since Zatanna still hadn't changed her back when this task was completed, she said, "Zee, if you were planning on changing me back anytime soon, hold on a bit longer.  With the memories you gave me, I know everything that even you would have to add to tell the whole story of what just happened."

"Okay, go for it, Di-, Mistress Dominique!" Zatanna giggled.

The changed Amazon started, "Kal, what occurred was that Zee zapped up this body form in the dominatrix outfit to easily show me what you and now Psimon looked like.  I must say, seeing this was a lot more eye opening than her initial verbal description.  Seeing this as an inert form gave me an idea for wanting to play a joke on you so I asked her to put me into this body.  She resisted at first, but I insisted.  After I enthused about what this body felt like, she did the spell putting her into severe bondage to enhance my joke, I presume..." Zee nodded, "...and in the process gave me these strong magical powers and Lia's evil mind taking control.  Just before I changed back, I was in the process of changing you into my accomplice as an even more evil thinking version of Enchantress the way she looked at first as a heroine in her green witch costume, not that less appealing outfit she wore later as a villainess with the Suicide Squad.  I realize now that part of Zee's spell limited me to only five minutes for my joke.  Speaking of which, change me back now so I can get back to the duty desk."  She saw Zatanna's lips preparing to speak and added quickly, "Let me keep all these memories, please."

Zatanna nodded, then uttered, "nruteR anaiD ot reh eurt mrof dna od yawa htiw siht ekaf ssertsiM euqinimoD, gniwolla anaiD ot niater eht seiromem fo gnihtyreve ehs tsuj did siht gnineve."

Wonder Woman reappeared, this time all by herself and not with a grossly over endowed dominatrix mannequin standing next to her.  She went back over to the desk to resume her duties there.

Since it seemed to him that the two women finally had nothing more to say, at least at that instant, Superman said to Zee, "I sure am glad that time limit you put on Diana saved me from a second transformation into a super villainess.  Again, I'm going to have to ask you to think out your spells better before doing them.  First yesterday with Lois, then today with both Diana and yourself.  When all is said and done, though, you still have my deepest thanks for undoing the fix Lois got into."

"Point taken.  I'll try harder to do my spells properly," Zatanna replied.  "You're welcome, and it was the least I could do after being the primary cause of Lois's problem."

Diana swiveled her seat and faced them to say, "Don't blame Zee so much for what just happened here.  It was due to my urging that she did the transformation for me and probably got the inspiration to add to the effect.  I'll take a lot of the blame for this part."

"Okay," the Man of Steel acknowledged, "and I guess this affair is finally at an least until we do a meeting where the whole story can be told for all the leaguers and or Cat gets to come in part-time as Endora.  I'm going home now."

"Diana, I'll let you get back to your presumably boring Sunday night duty," Zatanna added.  "I'm going home too, even faster than Supes.  tsercwodahS."

They saw the beautiful, raven haired mage disappear like usual, then the super hero waved and said, "Good night," before heading for the airlocks.

* * * * *

After Lana Lang got placed on her living room couch, she sprang up and raced into her bedroom to open her closet.  She slid all the hangers as far to the right as she could, which allowed at least a glimpse to her of her Insect Queen costumes, since they were so well hidden.  As hoped, she saw the Shimmer one hanging just past those two.  The redhead grinned, then went right back to her couch to turn on the TV and watch the news channel for anything related, and whatever else might have been going on around the world.

* * * * *

When Lois Lane found herself on the couch of her living room, she wanted to see for sure if what Zatanna had told her really happened.  She got up to head for her bedroom, and sure enough, her suitcase and bag were sitting on her bed.  She opened them to find all of what had been Lia's exceptionally sexy clothes packed the night before and finished in the morning before the flight to New York, but of course there was no sign of Executrix's costume and weapons.  A big surprise came when she went to hang this stuff up in her closet.  Each and every shoe and boot pair on the closet floor had heels no shorter than five inches, a good number seeming to be as much as two inches even higher.  Then, discovered on her hangers were all her original clothing in her new size along with everything Psimon had provided for Lia that had been in her bedroom at his place.  Further digging in the closet revealed that while the stretch materials of her collected costumes from past adventures showed no indication of need for alteration to accommodate her enhanced body, the heels on the boots that went with them seemed to have increased in height as had all her other footwear.  Of course, ones like the six-inch stilettos of her Catwoman boots were already quite high and stayed as they were.

'Too bad I didn't think to ask Zee for a copy of the Executrix costume to hang with these like Lana did,' Lois mused.  'Then again, I guess both she and Superman wouldn't want me to have that to make sure I don't become her again.  I doubt I would, seeing as how I've had no urge to become Catwoman again even with the exact copy of her outfit I have.  But now that I think about it, I bet I'd look really great as Catwoman with this body.  Something to check out soon...'

Then she went back to looking at the ultra sexy whore outfits Zatanna probably didn't know would be included with all her clothing.  'Yes, I do think I'd like to put this batch of clothing to good use.  I'll have to work at getting another apartment not too far from the red light district and some IDs made for...Clarice Carson, yes, that will be who I will become for doing my work on the streets at night...  Even better, I can move a lot of these more slutty clothes to that apartment, along with the Catwoman costume.  I think my hooker identity will be a good secret identity for the feline felon of Metropolis.  Ha!  As if.'

So not only did Lois have properly sized clothes for the work day at the Planet, but a lot of really sexy stuff for later in the evenings.

Life for Lois was going to be a lot more interesting in the future.  It had been fixed so she'd no longer be the super villainess assassin Psimon had turned her into, but that promise made about not letting what she was wearing lure her to work as a promiscuous whore would be broken very soon...    She may not be a SUPER villainess after this adventure, but it seems that she will be a villainess of one form or another.  With her mind working as a slut later, the possibility of even just seeing what she looked like as Catwoman in her new body could warp Lois' mind to really want to be a bad girl.

* * * * *

As soon as Cat Grant found herself in her living room, she got up to place the swatch of black cloth in the safe hiding place it was put in when she got back from Boston.  Then she decided to check in her mirror what her mind was seeing in her imagination.  Standing before the vertical mirror on her bedroom door, she transformed herself into the body of Endora, nude at first, and was very thankful for the inspiration Psimon had given for this incredibly sexy form.  Then came the test.  She put Endora's costume over her body, and became doubly pleased.  Atop her head was a witch's hat of course, but it was bright red.  At first she had her body covered by a head to toe bright red catsuit similar to the purple one she had as The Lavender Sorceress, but with a knee length matching skirt added in addition to the red cape.  Then for different occasions, just the skirt below her waist and the catsuit above.  For times when the opposition needed to have their concentration really stymied, her skirt became ultra short, nearly exposing her crotch.  Of course, for each variation her bright red elbow length gloves and knee high boots looking like the ones The Sinful Sorceress had but in red were in place.

Dressed this way, Cat was thinking, 'Maybe I should use the name of Scarlet Witch.  No, too long a name for regular use.  So yes, as Endora, I'm all set for my debut with the Justice League.'

* * * * *

A bit more than an hour after Superman and Zatanna left, Wonder Woman was relieved from her duty at the desk by Batman.  She was tempted to mention her use of Selina's gloves a bit earlier, but decided to just wait until this whole thing got mentioned at the next group meeting.  She bade the Dark Knight a nice evening, then headed for her room in the living quarters of the Watchtower.

In preparing for a close of day shower, the Amazon removed all of her costume.  She placed her tiara and golden power belt on the dresser top, her boots at the foot of her bed, then opened her dresser drawer to put away her red and gold bustier and white star spangled blue shorts.  What she found open opening the drawer was a complete surprise.  There folded and stacked very neatly, almost exactly the same way they'd been found in Bruce's museum drawer, was the Catwoman costume.  She placed the heroine costume parts next to the villainess ones, thinking, 'Now isn't this something...that bit I did to get these costume parts put away so I wouldn't have to go to the museum again must have put them away in a convenient spot for me.  Right here, in my own drawer!'

What Wonder Woman didn't know was that in donning Catwoman's gloves, her arms, hands and even fingerprints had become those of Selina Kyle and not her own.  This is why she thought the gloves had covered her bracelets so well and that she had the same dexterity as Selina for putting on the second glove.  The change to her arms had been negated by Zatanna removing them the way she did instead of be pulled off by their wearer, but the gloves and the rest of the costume had already formed a link with her.  That's why the costume put itself away in her drawer instead of Batman's bin.

Diana left what was found in her drawer untouched and took her shower.  Her mind was at work while soaping and rinsing, though.  She figured her hair was the right color but totally wrong in length and style, but why not give Bruce a bit of a thrill by coming up behind him as a longer hair version of Catwoman.  She worked out the details while drying off.

Back in her room, the obvious first thing to put on was the light blue pantyhose, more like thin tights, actually.  It was while getting into them that a worry came to Diana she hadn't considered before.  'I rather doubt that I wear the same size shoes as Selina, in fact I'm almost positive I don't.  Most likely then, this idea won't work because these boots won't fit.  But I guess there's only one way to find out for sure.'  The Amazon clad so far in just the pale blue tights pulled all the Catwoman costume parts other than the boots out of the drawer and placed them on her bed.  Then she pulled out the pair of boots and sat on the side of her bed.

She saw no obvious zippers, but Diana noticed that other than the much stiffer folded over red cuffs, the boots seemed to be made from a stretchy material.  She slipped her right foot into that boot first, and to her great surprise found that it fit like it was made for her.  The left boot rapidly followed, and she discovered that standing in the much higher heels than those she was used to seemed just way too easy.  A few just as easy and casual steps brought her to the vertical mirror on her door.

It was upon seeing her booted legs in the reflection that what was happening occurred to Diana.  'My legs, even in these ultra high stiletto heels, look a lot shorter than usual.  Now I know why the gloves seemed to hide my bracelets so well - the bracelets weren't there to hide because those weren't my arms in those gloves, they were Selina's!  Just like I now have her legs and feet, it seems.  Do I dare to put on that leotard and get her torso also?  I may as well, so I can ask Bruce what's going on.  Hey, wait a minute!'  She sat back down and quickly pulled off the two boots and then the blue hose, but it became obvious she was looking at legs foreign to her, being even more shapely while shorter.  Even her crotch looked different from usual, and if she'd thought to bend over and get a sniff, would have discovered a totally new to her odor.

'So it seems whatever costume parts I put on are changing me bit by bit into a duplicate of Selina Kyle as she looked about fifteen years ago presumably, and staying that way even after they come off,' the Amazon noted.  'Since I'm already Selina below my waist, I might as well get her upper body and arms again by putting on the leotard, belt and gloves.  But I want to keep my own head and identity, so no way am I going to put on that mask!'  Sure enough, after putting the hose and boots back on followed by the leotard, belt and gloves, Diana sensed her much different chest.  'I never really noticed before, but I guess Selina had breasts even bigger than mine!'  It had taken a bit of effort to pull up and correctly curl over by feel the costume's collar which ended up about as high as her ears, so she wanted to see if it looked right in the mirror.

"What the-" she started to exclaim aloud in surprise upon seeing that the high collar which looked almost perfect had done the change to her face, head and hair.  It had also been Selina's voice she'd heard coming from her lips.  'I'm totally Selina Kyle now,' she mused, 'but at least I still know I'm Diana and not Selina.  I bet if I put on that mask, though...'

So the unmasked Catwoman figured she'd better get out and ask Batman what he knew about this obviously very special costume he'd had hidden away for a decade and a half.  She was planning on just holding the mask in her right hand at her side while going to talk to him, but as the changed Amazon picked it up the final part of the hex placed on the costume came into play.  Instead of Diana's right hand going to her side, it raised the mask to the correct position in front of her eyes while her left hand grasped the thin black elastic strap to pull it up over her head and then down and under her collar length hair.

Two things occurred as the mask became set in place and the gloved hands fell to the apparent Catwoman's sides.  As the heroine had both assumed and feared, there was no longer any trace of Princess Diana of the Amazons.  She knew she was the one and only Selina Kyle now, the most evil villainess, fiendish feline felon femme fatale, foe of Batman and the most cunning cat crime committer of Gotham City.  That was part two of the hex - Catwoman was no longer standing in Wonder Woman's room in the Watchtower, she was standing in the downtown Gotham penthouse suite owned by Selina Kyle under her alias of Kendra Tyler.  As she knew quite well, the huge hidden closet behind her normal one held not only all her various costumes from both the past and for future use, but also her stock of cat weapons and the loot she'd accumulated but not yet sold.  Thanks to the hex, her mind was loaded with knowledge that seemed current but was actually from decades of the original Selina's past.

In particular, a memory of forcing Lois Lane to put on a copy of her then current costume and hypnotizing her into thinking she was Selina Kyle and Catwoman.

She didn't plan on going out to do any more fun stuff until much later that night, so Selina got out of her really old short hair costume after trying it back on after so long a time.  She then went to her inner closet, what she referred to as her downtown Cat's Lair, and placed that costume amongst her others.  Then, shaking her head vigorously, she used her one really special power to have her hair extend until it would be long and wavy down to the small of her back.  This was the way she'd be going out to dinner, and also wear it in the new costume making its debut later that night, her royal purple catsuit and cowl with the same black gloves she'd just worn and her brand new black thigh high boots.  That hex had been quite extensive!

When news was seen about Catwoman committing cat themed crimes in Metropolis, Selina just knew who was involved.  But there couldn't be a Catwoman in Gotham City and one in Metropolis, so after a special trip was made there was only one Catwoman again.  But she now had a very loyal and avid kitten to call upon.

It would be a year or two later that Selina would see herself portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer in the second Batman film and get inspired to go blonde herself.  To hide her blonde hair, she would come up with a grey catsuit and cowl costume using the same gloves and boots.  Eventually she'd go back to being a black haired vixen, wearing an all black costume that still hid her hair.  Soon after, sexy shaped goggles with the same light manipulating attributes of that mask from way back would fill the eye holes of her cowl's mask, and become a lasting part of her costume.

Of course, when Catwoman was mystically transported to her home in Gotham, there was no longer anyone called Wonder Woman.  But this was also a part of the hex placed on the costume by Felix Faust for the original Catwoman all those years ago.  Selina hadn't figured on Batman nabbing her special costume, though.  So instead of finding herself trading places with whoever fell into the costume trap right away as expected, the feline felon kept at her role until age started to take its toll.  Selina dropped out of the scene and as she started to go grey bought a retirement home.

So imagine the great surprise when, while watching her TV on Sunday evening, Selina felt herself being displaced.  She found herself to be standing naked in a small room, but whose?  Simultaneously she noticed both the big silver bracelets on her forearms and the white striped red boots at the foot of the bed.  It was obvious who those belonged to and therefore who she'd just become and who was also the new Catwoman.  The ex-old and retired villainess had a brief moment of fantasizing what kind of mischief she could get into in the perpetually young, non-aging and super powered Amazon body she now had.  But it didn't last.  The trick Faust had played on Selina herself was that a minute after transference, she would have the mind of whoever she replaced in addition to his or her body.

So yes, there would be a new Catwoman, but otherwise nothing in the world would change. thing did change.  The mystical Catwoman costume got replaced by a perfectly normal copy of the original on display in the Bat Cave, now back in Bruce's drawer in the JLA museum.  When Wonder Woman eventually got around to mentioning her usage of the costume's gloves to free Zatanna with no apparent changes to her hands and arms, the Dark Knight figured the magic must have worn off after all those years.  At home in Gotham City, he was also having to contend with Catwoman again, to his great pleasure (and also hers!).

The end

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