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This is the first of a series of stories following the continuity of the Tiresias stories. The Fantastic Four and all other characters involved are property of the Marvel Comics company. Well, here goes nothing.
 The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros.  It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books.  The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author.  

 Fantastic Four: In the wake
 Part 1: Thing
 Ben Grimm pressed his trench coat tight about him. As he walked through the streets, people may have stared, or whispered, or waved slightly, but nobody ever said 'Hello'. It was simple, and may have seemed small compared to 'Hey big guy!' or 'You rock Thing! Get it? Rock!' but he missed it all the same. Shaking it off, he looked at the paper in his hands to remind him of his important mission.
 "Eggs, milk, some Tylenol...aww Stretcho, why didja hafta go off on some dimension exploring without me, and leave me to do all the hard stuff?" Thing muttered to himself. Reed (Mr. Fantastic), Sue (the Invisible Woman), and Johnny (the Human Torch) had all entered a portal earlier that was being explored to see its potential as a storage place.
 "I hate grocery shopping. I'd prefer Doom to having to sort through all these coupons Sue gave me. Ah, great, it's starting to rain. Wait a sec, there ain't a cloud in a..." Ben said as he looked up into a huge red water balloon smacking him in the kisser, drenching him.
 "Hey look, its Shopping Fun Freak!" one of the young boys said from across the road as traffic flew by. All of his companions laughed derisively.


"You dang Yancy Street boys! You think a little traffic is going to save you?" The Thing roared across the street when the traffic passed by completely. The Yancy boys looked awestruck as Thing crossed the road. "Ya know, there's a thing called karma, and one day its gonna catch up with you punks. And if you..." Ben stopped as he noticed they weren't looking at him. A ripple of energy was heading across the city directly at them. Responding as fast as he could, Thing lifted a car and braced it between himself and the ripple in an attempt to shield the Yancy boys.
 The ripple had almost no impact at all as it passed through the car and over Ben and the young men. Ben felt a definite change as it left, but was unable to see the transformation. The rocks that covered his face had disappeared, as did those on his chest, stomach, and crotch. The skin revealed underneath was a sandy brown, gritty like sand, yet fluid like flesh. Breasts had pushed out from his torso, squeezing out from the rocky plates to their sides, his manliness contracting and reforming into a perfectly sculpted sandstone vagina. His face had smoothed out and became that of a porcelain doll as dreadlocks erupted from the back of his head, nearly knocking his hat off. The rocky armor that remained on Ben Grimm's body slimmed down a bit until it also had a hint of femininity. All this had happened nearly instantly, and when it was over he, he didn't even know it.
 "You guys all right?" she said in a squeaky voice that didn't sound quite right. She looked down at the new feminine forms of her tormentors. They all looked very sad and distraught. "Well, looks like karma came early this year," Grimm said with a barely suppressed smile, when she wondered why she was so cold all of a sudden. She looked into her enormous trench coat to see the mounds of flesh on her chest. It didn't take long for Ben to determine what had happened, and decided to head towards the source of the ripple he had seen earlier.
 "Dang blasted cold weather is getting these nipples all outta shape..." she muttered under her breath as she headed down the street at the fastest pace she could manage.
 The Fantasticar was heading back to the portal with a very disinterested trio. The strange lights and swirling colors had already lost their appeal.
 "It's too bad that this dimension has such a chemical content as to erode most fine mechanics. Luckily, the Fantasticar's special sealant wax seems to be able to stand up to it. Otherwise, we may have been stuck here for a while," Reed explained to Johnny.
 "Jeeze, I thought that this dimension would at least have been filled with some sort of monsters or something. What a waste of time. I could have been playing my Playstation!" Johnny said, casually tossing a ball of flame up and down.
 "You also could have been doing some chores around the plaza," Sue threatened jokingly.
 "Ya, I'm sure Ben is going out and getting the groceries. He's probably watching wrestling or something," Johnny griped.
 "Now now, I'm sure Ben wouldn't let wrestling distract him. Besides, he eats more then any of us," Reed stated matter-of-factly. The car flew through the portal, leaving the dismal little dimension behind.
 Back in the streets of N.Y.
 Ben was finally starting to think about her situation. It was bad and getting worse.
 "Where did it come from? If I don't figure this out soon, I'll miss wrestling!" Ben complained. "Gotta be serious about this, too. I might be stuck like this and I haven't even seen my face. God, its bad enough being a monster, but now I've got this to deal with, too? I just hope my face hasn't gotten any..." Ben paused as she looked into a shop mirror. She gazed back into the face she now owned.
 "Well, at least I'm not an ugly chick. But these dreadlocks look ridiculous. I'm not rastafied or something," Ben stated as he felt a light tap on his shoulder. After turning, it was followed by a large fist to the face and a trip through the mirror shop. Ben started to get up when she saw her attacker.
 "Okay, rock woman. What have you done to me, and how long will it take for you to undo it?" said a relatively husky voice. An amazonion woman in red armor stood over Thing with a malignant gleam in her eyes.
 "Listen, lady, I don't have time ta..." Thing began as the woman lunged at her. Tumbling out of the shop, they began to pummel each other until a good hit sent Thing reeling.
 "No matter what I look like, no one can stop the Juggernaut!" the large woman proclaimed loudly as she came to pick up Thing. "Now, undo this before I start getting angry," she bellowed, as her hand reached to grasp Thing's neck. Thing grabbed Juggernaut's arm as it came down. Swinging the arm back and throwing with all her might, Thing put the Juggernaut over her head and threw as best she could. Although both combatants were as strong as ever, each of them was significantly lighter now. Juggernaut flew through the glass and outside the building, crushing a car as she landed.
 "Nothing may stop ya, but a car can be quite a speed bump!" Ben hollered at her opponent as she came out of the building. Though sounding confident, Ben knew that Juggernaut was a very tough customer, and possibly unstoppable! Ben started to run in an attempt to get Juggernaut away from the populace, and maybe try to explain the situation.
 "NOW I'm angry," Juggernaut said as she sped after Thing. "You may be able to turn me into a girl, but I'll turn you into a grease spot!"
 'She thinks I did this to her,' Ben realized. "You're the Juggernaut, huh? Sure its not the Juggie-naut or something?" Ben hollered as she ran down the street. This chase was going to take a while, and she had to keep Marco occupied. "Listen, I'm not the one who did this to ya. In fact, a couple of minutes ago, I was..." the Thing began when Juggernaut soccer kicked a car at her. Turning, Ben managed to catch the car.
 "Hah! Did ya think that would..." Thing began as Juggernaut rammed her way through the car and grabbed Thing by the neck. "I gotta learn to shut my yap," Thing said as Juggernaut began to pummel her. Juggernaut punched her in the gut 6 times in a row before bowling her over with a punch that sent her sprawling down the street.
 Back at Four Freedoms Plaza
 A subtle computer announcement issued as the Fantasticar reentered the base. "Warning! Warning! City-wide alert has been issued," the computers around the base stated repeatedly.
 "Computer, details!" Reed commanded as he stretched to the console.
 "A massive electromagnetic discharge erupted from somewhere in this district of the city," the computer said as Reed brought up a display of the city.
 "Oh, no," Reed said gravely. "The wave seems to have extended out to 100 miles...what are the effects of the wave? Is there a power outage? Buildings intact? ...casualties?" Reed asked as he went through the computer display. Everyone watched the screen intensely as, one by one, all reported negative.
 "If nothing is hurt, what's the situation?" Sue said aloud.
 "Avengers calling on line 1," the computer stated. Johnny pressed a button and the viewer screen came up, displaying a very buxom and aggravated female Hawkeye on it.
 "I don't know who the Avengers new recruiter is, but I like his taste! So what's your code name? Eagle Eye or something?" Johnny said with a Cheshire Cat smile. The female Hawkeye on the screen looked really ticked off at the gesture.
 "Stow it, you smarmy little punk. I don't know how you avoided the wave, but it's not really much fun for the rest of us," Hawkeye said across the screen.
 "Forgive Johnny. We were in another dimension when the wave hit. Who is this we are speaking to, may I ask?" Sue said as she walked to the screen.
 The woman on the screen looked a little embarrassed. "Sorry to say it, but this is Hawkeye. The original Hawkeye," she stated, burying her head into her hand. "It's a long story, but the basics of it are that everyone in a 100 mile radius has been turned into a woman. There may be some exceptions, but none of the Avengers, I'm afraid."
 "You mean, you're Clint Barton?" Johnny said, a little disgusted with his previous statement.
 "Sorry, I've got quite few more places to call. Right now, everyone else is a little busy quelling a riot that broke out," Hawkeye stated.
 "A strange problem, but at least nobody is hurt," Reed said as he checked out the computer screen looking for any more readings it could give him.
 "But what about Ben?" Sue asked.
 Ben's body was sore. This new body just didn't have the same weight and oomph as it once did. The Thing was starting to wear down. She was walking towards the bay steadily, but knew that Juggernaut would catch up with her very soon. Turning around, she decided to make her stand here until she went unconscious. Juggernaut was slowly advancing, a smirk on her face.
 "You know I'm not just some rock woman! I'm the Thing. Ya know, ever lovin' and blue eyed," Thing said as she jumped forward and threw a punch at the Juggernaut's head. It was a good punch, but Juggernaut noticed only a little.
 "You're the only person I've seen out of the ordinary all morning, and from the same direction of that wave. Besides, Thing's a man," Juggernaut said as she destroyed a bit of the road trying to smash Ben flat.
 "You weren't the only one changed! There was me and them Yancy boys too," Thing replied as she smashed the ground with her fists, hoping to unbalance the amazon. "Besides, do you think I'd risk my life fighting you if I'd just done this on some kind of whim?" she asked as she gave the Juggernaut a chop to the side of her head. The force was enough that the helmet popped off.
 "Maybe, maybe not. If you're one of my enemies, you're capable of doing anything to try and stop me," she growled out. "But no matter what," she said as she let fly with a powerful uppercut that brought Ben to her knees, "it just can't happen!" Juggernaut stood over Ben with both fists knotted into one, about to bring it down upon Thing's head, when she heard a feminine voice yelling.
 "Ben! Leave him alone!" said a shapely woman with brown and white hair, wearing a Fantastic Four outfit. She was followed by a large breasted woman of flame and a panicked Mrs. Fantastic in a slightly revealing outfit getting out of the Fantasticar. Juggernaut paused.
 "'re THE Fantastic Four? So this is really..." Marco said, scratching her head.
 "Yes," said the female version of Reed Richards, "you see, a wave hit the city from a sorcerer named Tiresias. It changed everyone into women," she stated very dejectedly.
 "Well, then, I guess my beef's not with you. Sorry, rock head," Juggernaut said as she wandered off down the street. Thing got back up in a few seconds and no one spoke until the Juggernaut was out of view.
 "Great plan, Reed! The Juggernaut usually goes away when he doesn't have a personal interest in it," Johnny said as he took the feminine flame shape off from around his body and removing a small device.
 "It's a good thing I could rig these Skrull language translators into voice modulators. Otherwise, we could have sounded quite out of character," Reed said as he let the molecules in his body slide back to their usual position and started to talk in his regular voice. "I must say that was one of the most difficult ways I've ever had to use my power. Such fine control is very hard to maintain," Reed mused.
 "You all had me going there for a second," Thing laughed. "I thought you were serious about that whole sorcerer thing." Thing continued to laugh until he saw the looks on his team mates faces.
 "I'm afraid it's the truth, Ben. Everyone who was here was turned into women. It's just that Reed, Johnny, and I were in another dimension when it happened. You can see the apparent effects on yourself," Sue sighed. Ben looked at her shoes, seeming a little sad.
 "Ben, I'll do everything I can to restore you and everyone back to their proper gender," Reed said as he put a hand on his old friend's shoulder. He really wondered what psychological effects this would have on Ben. The thoughts kept echoing in his head, 'I should have been here, I could have stopped this.' Just then, Ben's head jolted right up.
 "Ah, well, it ain't that bad. So I gotta sit down to go to the bathroom. Besides, there are more important things to worry about right now. Like getting back in time for wrestling!" she said as she bolted back towards the Fantasticar.
 "Well, I suppose maybe I should worry more about making her a new costume," Reed said as they all headed back to the Fantasticar.
 Part 2: Human Torch
 "Hi, hothead, how's it hanging?" Spidey asked while suspended upside down from a line.
 "Not sure, really. Are you sure that you're really...yourself?" Johnny asked, as he took in all of Spider-Man', Spider-Woman's new body.
 "It's the costume, right? Soon as I'm out of the red and blue spandex, I could just be yet another clone, right? Or maybe I'm an alien symbiote," Spidey gabbed as she jumped to the ground.
 "Okay, nobody else throws around jokes like that. Especially without any regard to whether they're funny or just lame," Johnny said smirking. "So how did it all happen? The Avengers were too busy to tell us, apparently, so I figured I could ask somebody who was here," Johnny said with a hint of tiredness.
 "Well, aren't you the chipper one. Anything wrong? Don't tell me the Human Torch is unhappy when surrounded by a city full of women?" Spidey quipped as they both sat down on the building.
 "I don't know. It's just like...this isn't the first time something like this has happened. Time paradoxes, reality warping entities, mutation bombs...but usually they're stopped before anything happens. We should have known that something would come to fruition eventually, yet we don't really have any contingency plans! I mean, nobody would expect something like this happening. What if it doesn't get reversed? How does everyone cope? And what about the next time? I just...I just feel so helpless, like I should be doing something..." Johnny said as he was on the edge of becoming exasperated.
 "Shhh. Don't get so upset. Here, this will calm you down..." Spider-Woman said as she leaned over and started to kiss the Human Torch. Johnny was nearly overwhelmed for a split second, then pushed her away. Spider-Woman looked as shocked as Johnny did. She seemed to nearly break down, crying for a second then regaining composure.
 "I'm sorry. The transformations are having an effect on our minds as well as our bodies. Lumen already broke down worse than that with Dr. Strange. But I thought Strange had fixed...wait, do you even know who Lumen is?" Spidey asked. Johnny shook his head in an apparent 'No'.
 "Maybe I should start from the beginning..." Spider-Woman began.
 "Jeez, Suzie, are ya sure I have to do this? Sheesh, I'm only gonna be a girl for a short while probably, right?" the Thing asked as she looked at an entire table of feminine products that had been purchased for her.
 "We don't know that, Ben. Besides, this is stuff you should know anyway. Maybe you'll realize why women take so long in the bathroom," the Invisible Woman said sarcastically. One by one, Sue showed Ben every one of the products, and their use.
 "Cripes, why don't you just show me some horror films. Why on earth would you do all that stuff just to look better?" Ben asked as Sue started making her put on some make-up. "Besides, this stuff doesn't really go well with this sand-like surface I have fer skin," Ben said as she haphazardly tried to mimic Sue's bathroom routine.
 "Because you guys like us to look this way," Sue responded. She laughed as she saw Ben's face. "Are you sure Picasso didn't put that on you?" Sue said, laughing as she wiped it off.
 "All right, that's it! If we're going to do all this girly stuff, I want some new clothes. Especially since I don't have any shirts that seem to fit me right anymore," Ben said as they headed out of Sue's bedroom on their way to the car.
 Over the rooftops of Manhattan...
 'So that's what happened. You would think that somebody would give up a grudge after a few hundred years,' Johnny thought to himself as he flew over the cityscape. Spider-Woman had went to look for Strange to give himself an energy booster, and Johnny left for home base.
 'Maybe Reed will be able to do something with this chi information. Ah, wishful thinking. Reed may be a master of science, but he's not a magician or something. Hey, what's the...' the Human Torch thought as a blast of energy whizzed by his head. Flying in for a closer look, Johnny saw the Avengers scattered and unconscious on the pavement, save Wasp, Ant Woman, Thor, and Iron Woman. Turning his head from the defeated heroes, he saw those missing being carried on the back of an unmistakable figure down the road...that of the Hulk. The Human Torch flamed on and headed right at him, ready to do whatever was necessary, when a glowing white light opened in front of the colossal creature and expanded into a portal. The Hulk stepped through quickly.
 "I don't know where it goes, but if I don't get through now, I may not get another chance to find out what's going on," Johnny said, gritting his teeth and flying forward. The portal was closing as Johnny raced towards it, closing his eyes and pouring on the speed as much as he ever had before until he nearly passed out. Opening his eyes, a cacophony of lights and sounds assaulted his senses as he tumbled through time and space. Straining as he crossed through, Johnny stepped out of the portal and into a new world.
 A jungle seemed to surround him, as well as the ruins of what was once a city. The Human Torch found himself standing on a platform connected to a huge machine. He saw the Hulk ten feet in front of him, typing on a huge console and checking strange graphs. But the Hulk in front of Johnny was unlike any he had seen before, a huge gray beard adorning a worn face, with dark eyes that seemed to gleam with madness.
 "Excellent, the change to the time stream is minimal, and my future is unaffected. Hmm, well, that can't be a coincidence..." the Hulk said as he turned on Johnny. "John Storm, I will only explain this once. I am the Maestro, and I was called the Hulk in your time. I rule this planet and could kill you as easily as most would blow out a candle. Now, I know you probably won't listen, but it is best for you if you would just sit there and let me return you to your time stream," the Maestro said authoritatively.
 Johnny was sweating, and knew he had to do something. He shot a huge fireball at the Maestro, who just let it run over his entire body...with no effect.
 "Do you now see that it is pointless to..." Maestro laughed though the smoke, until it cleared, revealing Johnny's escape. "A hunt then, is it? No matter. I will find you, and when I do, I think that the time stream will stay intact if I send you back missing a limb," the Maestro laughed wickedly, his voice echoing through the jungle.
 Johnny flew low through the trees, unsure of where this 'Maestro' was or what intentions he had. Was he really the Hulk? Where had the Avengers gone? Was this just an alternate future, or the real one? Had he even time traveled?
 "I sure wish Reed were here. Then I wouldn't have to bother wondering about" Johnny whispered to himself as he came into a clearing with a small temple in it. There were women all over it, some chained up, some walking free, all of them beautiful. Some of them wore togas, some bikinis, and others nothing at all. They seemed to cower at the sight of the Human Torch as if his presence was causing them pain.
 And there, in the midst of it, were the Avengers. Wasp was in a skintight bug antenna outfit that looked like it came straight out of an adult film, Iron Woman was clad in a red and yellow metal bikini, Ant Woman wore a black leather body suit, and Thor had been stripped down to nothing. All of them were shackled and restrained.
 "What happened to all of you?" Johnny said, trying to prevent himself from staring at Thor.
 "Art thou truly the Human Torch? Then perhaps there is hope for us yet. This madman thinkest that we would kneel to him in the manner of a slave to sate his base desires, my friend. Though mighty I am, I cannot break these chains!" Thor stated as she struggled against her bonds.
 "It seems that the Maestro wants us here because of our relationship in the original Avengers. He said something like, 'Who else to be my lovers than my oldest friends?'" Ant Woman stated in depressing tone.
 "He has stripped us of all our weapons and abilities using these Genoshan inhibitor collars, and these enchanted chains. I think you can free us with a precision weld to this point on the collars. You might also manage to melt the chains," Iron Woman instructed as she squirmed.
 The Human Torch was melting away their bonds one by one, when Thor tackled him.
 "Thou hast saved me. I dost feel a need deep in my bosom to recompense you," Thor said as she rubbed his body seductively. The rest of the Avengers started to follow suit when Wasp began to speak.
 "Listen! The Maestro has used some sort of mind altering chemical on all of them. Luckily, he ran out when he came to spray me. Avengers, get control of yourselves, and let's get out of here!" she said authoritatively.
 The Avengers slowly regained their composure, and let Johnny up. Johnny flamed on almost immediately to hide his erection and struggled to keep his mind focused on the mission.
 "Okay, Wasp and I are the only ones who can fly, so we should carry back one of you at a time to the time machine. You take Iron Woman, to figure out the system," the Human Torch said thoughtfully. "I'll grab someone else. We can come back for the straggler as soon as the others are on their way home. Remember, we need to fly low so that the Maestro can't see us," Johnny said as he picked up the naked Thor, without a little bit of happiness at having a naked female in his hands, as Wasp managed to carry Iron Woman back to the time machine.
 "A fairly simple system. I can have it working momentarily," Iron Woman said as she set to working on the time machine. "Get Ant Woman back here, while I establish the time portal," she said to Johnny as he set down Thor and flew back the way he came. Ant Woman was waiting, and they both started back towards the machine. Little did they know of the eyes that were watching them from the woods.
 "The time portal's up. Everyone, lets get going," Wasp said as the Avengers filed onto the platform. Johnny was about to fly onto the portal with Ant Woman when the gigantic form of the Maestro landed in front of him.
 "Well, it appears that the hunt is over. So you went into my harem? There are only two punishments here for that, and I don't think you will find either very pleasant," the Maestro said as a fiendish grin crossed his face. Johnny started to fly back when the Maestro clapped his hands together, putting out the fire and dropping them both to the floor. "You see, there are only two punishments: castration, or death. I was going to go easy on you, but after this little stunt, I think I'll go with the former," he said as he advanced on them.
 Johnny was feeling like he'd been hit in the head with a hammer, but he had to do something, and do it darned fast. The Human Torch relit and leapt into the sky. But the Maestro was too fast, and leapt into the air grabbing...nothing!?!? Johnny flew as fast as he could with Ant Woman in his arms, and through the portal as Maestro realized he had just tried to crush a human shaped flame blast. They slipped into the portal and started to travel back to their own time. The Maestro looked angry, but unimpressed.
 "Well, we're not out of the woods yet. He can still travel back here whenever he pleases!" Johnny said to the original Avengers as the portal closed behind them, leaving them standing on the streets of New York at night. They arrived at the exact place they had been defeated, and retrieved their equipment and comrades.
 "I think not, Torch. While he was jumping, I placed a shrink gas pill between the buttons of the computer. When he tries to turn that thing on, it'll take a one-way trip to the Microverse!" Dr. Pym stated emphatically.
 In the future, the Maestro screamed in rage as his machine shrank away into nothingness.
 "Fascinating. This 'chi degradation' may become quite a problem if it can evoke such powerful emotions. No wonder the people have seemed to just stop rioting almost in unison," Reed stated as Doctor Strange used the wheel of Xian Bao on Ben.
 "Yes, Dr. Richards. I dare say, it could be an almost cataclysmic shift in the population's behavior. And I unfortunately have only one wheel, and only so much time in a day. A new solution must be synthesized quickly, or we are in for some dark times, my friend," Dr. Strange explained, shaking his head.
 "I'll take that as a challenge," Reed said as he started to look over info gathered on the energy wave.
 "I must be off to see the New Warriors now, before anything regrettable happens. Farewell," Dr. Strange said as he teleported away.
 Later still...
 Ben and Johnny were both in the living room talking. "If anyone had told me that they'd seen Thing in a miniskirt, I would have took them in for illegal drug use!" Johnny joked as he flipped through the channels on the television.
 "Watch it, match stick. This Tired-Reeses, or whatever, is still out there. I might just find him so he can blast ya and make me a new girlfriend to buy shoes with!" the Thing threatened with a hint of good nature. Torch sighed.
 "Whatsa matter, flame head? Ya feel jealous or something?" Thing asked him as she opened a beer.
 "No, just depressed. One of the few times I have girls all over me, and they all have to be emotionally disrupted guys!" Johnny stated, throwing his arms into the air. They both laughed as the ridiculousness of the situation kicked in, eventually falling asleep on the couch after a long day.
 Part 3: Invisible Woman
 Sue Storm was listening to the radio as she was working on sorting a load of wash.
 "Although unconfirmed, the sightings of Magneto on the fringe of the blast radius have increased. The Avengers have assured the public that Magneto had nothing to do with this recent turn of events over the city, but can we be sure? The mutant terrorist has caused problems of a larger scale before...*click*', a woman's voice stated over the radio as Susan turned it off.
 "Reporters. Why is it that they never seem to respect the truth as it's given to them?" Sue asked herself as she got the next load into the washer. "And why is it I can never get any help around here when I need it? At least Agatha was available and willing to watch Franklin. It's not like they're any more busy than I am. I'm a mother, and a wife, and a super hero..." she whispered to herself as Reed stretched around the corner.
 "Excuse me, dear, but I have made a breakthrough, and I need you to help me with the rest of the experiment to verify my findings," Mr. Fantastic's head said from an elongated neck, a pair of goggles covering his eyes.
 "And a guinea pig," she mumbled, quickly finishing her laundry.
 In a few moments...
 "I have been running diagnostics on the nature of the wave and I've also been reading as much material as I could gain on the subject of chi," Reed said to the assembled Fantastic Four. Sue was carrying a basket of unwashed laundry, while Ben and Johnny still seemed half asleep to the world. Reed himself had bloodshot eyes from a nonstop night of work. He began to talk again with a small cough.
 "In many western researches, chi has seemed to have an inextricable relationship with bio-electrical magnetic energy, which is composed of the small electric charges created by all living things. Most occult researchers have said that though they accompany one another, both are different forces in their own right. My readout of the wave indicates that it is electromagnetic in origin. Now, here is the truly fascinating part," Reed began as he pulled up a display on the computer. It showed two dimensional diagrams of the Thing in his transformed condition, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, Franklin, and Willie Lumpkin.
 "Now here are Sue, Ben, and Johnny's electromagnetic auras, taken in comparison," Reed demonstrated as he pressed a button on the console, showing a blue light around the pictures. "As we can see, Johnny and Sue's auras both seem relatively the same length from the body, where Ben's seems to have shrunk and fluctuated quite a bit. The major difference is when it comes to wavelengths. Johnny's wavelengths are very short and repeat and spike often, where Sue's are longer and more gradual. Ben's, on the other hand, have been slowing down and speeding up at different intervals, causing them to be longer wavelengths, sometimes longer than Sue's. This shows a clear relationship to long wavelengths being the more feminine pattern," Mr. Fantastic stated as he moved on to another diagram entirely.
 "I have observed the X chromosomes in Ben's blood, and have found a startling truth. One of them is false. It seems that his Y chromosome was surrounded by genetic material that is somehow bonded in place by the magnetism, expressing it as a normal female chromosome. This seems to almost be a ruse, however. When I experimented on one of his cells in a tissue sample where I had destroyed those genetic elements, the hormones to make him female generated themselves spontaneously. So it seems that it may be impossible to change you back by scientific means at this point, old friend," Reed added glumly to his speech.
 "Well, ain't that just peachy. Got any more good news, Stretcho?" Ben griped as she folded her arms. Reed looked a little hurt, but went on to the rest of his findings.
 "However, it seems that the young and the old are unaffected by this wave. The wave was used to gather more energy for Tiresias, and had a sort of 'greedy' programming to it. It overlooked most animals, because of their weaker energies. Children have very healthy auras, and give off enough energy that they are unaffected by the lack of it. It also radiates off to everyone surrounding the child. It may have enough effect to keep some of the victims acting like themselves. On the other side of the coin, many of the elderly have so little energy that the wave has overlooked them," Reed explained.
 "Get to the point, Reed. Is there anything we can do, or not?" Johnny Storm asked impatiently.
 "In fact, there is something we can do, Johnny. The effects that this transformation has inflicted upon the minds of the people may prove to be a problem. The feminine qualities are very stereotypical, but have powerful emotional effect on people. Timidness, fear, confusion, lust, and other emotions may arise. What we don't need in this crisis is a city full of scared people. Using a special bacteria and this amplification device in tandem, I have created a powerful bio-electric magnet. This device could theoretically stabilize a person's personality, if not cure them. However, to be able to institutionalize it, I would need a sample reading from the source of the transformations to cancel out the energy siphoning and dissipation," Reed concluded.
 "Do you mean we need to get a reading from that Tiresias' blast? All right then, lets find her, er, him, uh...anyways, lets do it!" the Human Torch said, flaming on and ready for action.
 "Yeah, I've got a bone ta pick with that lousy mook anyway!" Ben stated, cracking her knuckles.
 "None of you are going anywhere!" the Invisible Woman exclaimed. "Johnny, Reed, I don't want either of you to go risk yourselves getting transformed, and I don't think Ben can manage the stealth needed to find him, get blasted, and get away."
 "Good speech, sis, but Tiresias only transforms men," Johnny said with a smirk.
 "I predicted that this might come up. I may have a solution..." Reed said, looking at the prototype of his latest invention.
 a short while later
 Sue and Reed were alone in the laboratory. Sue was wearing a modified Fantastic Four suit with shortened sleeves, sunglasses, and the blue and white replaced with orange and black. Her hair had been put into a ponytail, and the '4' emblem had been changed into a black stylized 'N'. A small, watch-sized metallic device hung around her neck.
 "It seems a shame to have to change you this way, Susan. I've always said you look fetching in black," Reed smiled to his wife. She smiled weakly back at him. Although she had agreed to do this, Sue still didn't really want to.
 "Now, we need to test this here in case of any unforeseen side effects. Just press the button," Reed stated. Sue reached up to clasp the device, took a deep breath, and pressed the button. She felt a large surge of heat flow through her body. It felt like bath water running through the inside of her body. She watched as her large chest deflated into smaller pectoral muscles, and her waist shrank. She didn't want to look at the last part of her transformation, but felt it nonetheless as her genitalia expanded outwards. In a short thirty seconds, Sue Storm Richards had become a man.
 "All your readings turn out fine. How do you feel?" Reed asked, looking at the man before him.
 "I feel that I would like to get this over with really soon," Sue stated, looking down at his new body. "I also feel...just, different. I can't quite put my finger on it."
 "Now remember that this performance needs to be somewhat convincing. Don't use soft vowels, and try to be as big a jerk as possible," Reed said to the transformed Sue as they headed to the Fantasticar.
 "Just don't get in my way. Nobody gets in the way of the N-Forcer!" Sue stated with a dash of machismo that seemed eerily accurate for the average super villain goon. Reed was fairly impressed until he saw Sue's hips sway as he walked.
 "And Susan, remember - walk like a man."
 Meanwhile, on the outskirts of the blast radius...
 "Well, I guess this is the most I can do right now," Johnny said as he skirted just above the tree line. He was carrying a small bundle of lab equipment, and scanned his eyes back and forth along the ground. Spotting a rabbit, he heated the air around it just enough to make it hard to breath and too tired to move. Flipping it upside down, he saw that it was male. He then went on to check trees and rocks and take readings with a Geiger counter.
 "No odd effects yet. It seems like such a waste of time. I mean, two days out here? How much does he expect me to find..." Johnny said as he spotted a fox. Using the same trick, he made the fox nearly pass out and moved in to observe it. He held it up and ascertained it was female, then it turned its head and bit him. It was only a nick on the arm, but it still hurt. Johnny dropped the creature and let it run off.
 "It certainly hasn't improved their temper much!" Johnny stated, nursing his wound. Little did he notice the small tail sprouting from his tailbone, the unstable molecules picking up on it and letting it stretch the costume to its proportions.
 In the lair of Tiresias...
 Arthur was playing with a ball of string as Tiresias used his gift of seeing, the subject of his seeing being Johnny Storm.
 "An unprecedented side effect. I must learn to harness this power more effectively," the demigod sorcerer said as he felt the ankh in his hands. His mind pondered what its true capabilities could be when mastered. He felt blissful for a short moment at the preponderance of the culmination of his plans, until he became a she once more.
 "Curses! I need more energy to sustain my form. Tis no great loss, however. I need new recruits for my cause, anyhow," Tiresias said to Arthur as the vision of a man in orange in black was single-handedly defeating the Avengers!
 "Such power! One such as this is a worthy recruit indeed! Arthur, I shall need your help to attain him. We must lure him away from the Avengers if we are to capture him successfully," Tiresias said as she formed a portal for both her, Arthur, and her newest minion to walk through and find the mighty villain.
 In the streets of New York
 Everyone hoped the mock battle looked convincing. Iron Woman had her repulsers on their lowest setting, Thor was merely throwing Mjolnir near her target, and many of the Avengers were pretending to be unconscious on the ground. The Invisible Woman, as N-Forcer, was trying to show as much visible damage as possible on the terrain so that his power could be seen. Hawkeye just laid on the ground, wondering why they didn't merely capture Tiresias when he showed his face. Captain America was still trying to keep up appearances when he heard Scarlet Witch.
 "He's close by! I can feel his presence," she stated. Captain America gave the signal, waving her shield above her head. Invisible Woman knew what to do, and retreated as the Avengers slowly 'recovered'. He ran down the street, hoping to run into who he thought he would, without revealing his true intentions. He had a hard time keeping his legs straight, but managed. Sue finally stopped to catch his breath near a pool of water. He gazed at his reflection, and decided that N-Forcer was looking good, a real chick magnet.
 Sue then reeled with the idea of how his mind was thinking. Chick magnet? Sue hoped this wasn't one of the side effects from the machine when he was blindsided. Arthur had knocked Sue over, and nearly pinned him to the ground when he put a bubble of force around Arthur's head. She began to panic as the oxygen started to quickly run out in the tiny bubble. Turning around, he found his other opponent. Sue knew that he had to be hit, but wondered if maybe, just maybe, he could take down this demigoddess on his own. A barrage of force knives were projected at Tiresias, merely to be blocked by her armor.
 Tiresias hurled a blast of energy at the N-Forcer, only for it to be blocked by an invisible force. A small skirmish commenced as each dodged and blocked the others attacks, each waiting for an opening. Invisible force knives ripped apart the pavement as blasts of eldritch energy caused the concrete to melt.
 "I don't know who you are, little lady, but I'd back off!" Sue said as he got more and more involved with the role. Using the slight edge this gave him, he sent a force ram at Tiresias, pinning him to a wall. He had done it! He had Tiresias trapped, and nothing could free him, not even...
 It was the last thought to go through his head as a super strong fist slapped him like a freight train.
 "All right, Tiresias. We have a deal. Change me back now, or so help me, I'll..." the Juggernaut began as Tiresias raised his hand.
 "I will give the necessary male elements from this body to both of us, restoring both of our manhoods. Tiresias is a man of his word..." he began as the staff took away the yang chi of the once again female Sue Storm Richards. A second bolt of energy emanated from the body to the Juggernaut as his masculine proportions returned to him. "You know, Juggernaut, I can give you a chance for revenge against your brother. All you need do is work for me. I will reduce him and his X-Men to common slaves for you to do with as you wish, if you stay at my side," the wizard proposed.
 "Reduced to common slaves? Well, I'd usually settle for squashing him, but how can I pass up an offer like this? You've got my backing as long as you don't try any funny stuff," Juggernaut said sternly to the minuscule man before him. He knew nothing of the illusion that Tiresias had placed on him to make him feel and appear male - to himself. His energy was too rich in yang to give up just yet.
 "Let us collect our prize and return home, then," Tiresias said with no emotion on his face.
 "Where did the little runt take off to?" Juggernaut asked as he looked on the ground for the fallen super villain. Tiresias sensed that his prey had already ran far off from where they were while they had been negotiating.
 "It's of no real importance. She will eventually come to me for a cure, and will become my pawn in due time," he mused as he opened the portal, the still female Juggernaut picking up Arthur and following him. Sue stood around the corner invisible, concealing the tears of frustration that stained her face.
 Back at Four Freedoms Plaza...
 Sue felt horribly stupid. She could have been captured, killed, or worse if she hadn't roused so quickly and staggered away while invisible. She was walking in through the front door. Why had she had to go out and play hero?
 "Susan, you're back. Have you got the readings? I need you in here right away!" demanded Mr. Fantastic from around the corner.
 "That is it!" mumbled Sue under her breath. "I have had such a rotten day I..." she stopped as she turned the corner. Dinner was made, the table was laid out, and Franklin, Ben, and Reed were sitting around the table and dressed nicely.
 "I wanted to surprise you. We've all taken you for granted a bit lately, and I thought that maybe we could try to show our appreciation a little more," Reed said.
 "Uncle Ben even did the cooking! And I set the table!" Franklin stated with a giant grin on his face. Sue almost staggered back at the weight of the entire day coming down, and it ending like this. She realized now why she had agreed. They were her family, and she loved them very much.
 "The analysis can wait till tomorrow. You don't have to go and change, Susan, if you don't feel like it," Reed started as Ben could no longer contain herself.
 "Ya better not, Suzie, cause there won't be any food left by the time yer done changing!" Thing said as she began to make herself a plate. Sue drew herself closer to Reed.
 "I think I will go change. I can always wear this costume later," she whispered into Reed's ear as he gulped visibly. Soon, they were all gathered round the table having a family dinner.
 That night...
 "Reed, why did I act that way? It seemed so brash and stupid," Susan said as she snuggled next to Reed in their bed, wearing her N-Forcer villainess costume.
 "It seems to have been a minor calibration offset. The imbalance causes typical stereotypical male behavior, acted a lot like Johnny," Reed said as they looked deep into each other's eyes and burst out laughing. Sue gave her silly absentminded professor a kiss on the cheek, the first of many in that night before they would both finally rest.

Part 4: Mr. Fantastic
 "With only this small device, the minds of all those who have been affected will be their own once again," Reed Richards said to the gathering press, as his first batch of biomagnetic adjusters came off the line. The speech was greeted by cheers and a multitude of questions. He answered all of them politely, but eventually raised his hand.
 "Pardon me, ladies, er gentleman, but if I'm to find a cure for this, I'll need to be getting back home," Mr. Fantastic said as he stretched over the crowd and back into Four Freedoms Plaza building. He was greeted by a shout of alarm.
 "Reed! Johnny just checked in, and, well, look for yourself!" Ben exclaimed, pointing to their video phone. Johnny was standing up with a long bushy fox tail.
 " did this happen, Johnny?" the scientist said as he examined what the extent was of the change in Johnny's physiognomy. The tail seemed to be the only change.
 "I was observing the animals, like you said, Reed. A fox bit me, and I started to grow a tail. Within a few hours, it was grown. But it was so painless and numb I didn't even realize it was happening," Johnny explained, looking at the odd new appendage.
 "Well, I don't know what to say. I suppose magic sometimes acts in ways that can't be predicted," Reed stated, unsure of how it occurred. "I think you should report back right away."
 "I'll be fine, Reed. I don't think it's getting any worse, and I need to complete these reports. I mean, what if this doesn't turn out to be an isolated incidence? It's better I finish this," Johnny stated hard headedly. He then hung up.
 "Why must he always be so impetuous? Perhaps we shouldn't tell Sue about this. It will probably only upset her to hear how Johnny's doing at this point," Reed said to the Thing thoughtfully.
 "Do you think I can't handle the truth?" Sue stated as she appeared in the room. She looked angry, her face contorting her usually beautiful complexion.
 "Dear, it's nothing of that fashion, it's just that I thought after your own recent experience of being changed from your normal self that you might be upset and alarmed to see Johnny facing a similar situation," Reed said in a soft tone.
 "I think I left the TV on..." Ben said while backing away a few steps and mumbling under her breath, slinking out of the room. She knew when a fight shouldn't involve a third party.
 "You have been treating me like I'm just some fragile machine that throws up forcefields when you need them, and breaks at the slightest emotional trauma," Sue shouted out. "But I'm not a machine, and I'm not going to put up with this kind of crap much longer!" she said with a hint of rage in her eyes.
 "Susan, I would never try to..." Mr. Fantastic began, when he was abruptly cut off.
 "That's right! You never do try. You just assume I'm all right, and sit in your lab playing with your inventions. You can't just fix me, Reed!" the Invisible Woman stated, crying as she marched off to her room.
 "If only people were as easy as machines..." Reed said in the middle of the room, looking down at his feet and feeling dejected.
 Back at the edge of the blast radius....
 Johnny was determined not to be dissuaded by just a little tail. If Ben could take on Juggernaut as a girl, then he could certainly do some tests. In mid-flight, he suddenly jerked to a stop, crashing into a barrier of energy. Turning his head, he saw the most powerful mutant on the planet.
 "Human Torch, I have a message that I need you to deliver..." Magneto said, his eyes filled with a cold venom.
 And elsewhere in Four Freedoms...
 Sue Richards smirked as she walked into her closet swaying her hips, wiping the tears away that she had forced from her eyes. 'It had felt so good to crush Reed that way,' she thought, reveling in the moment. 'To make him feel inadequate, inferior, a broken man...' She pulled off her blue and white Fantastic Four costume in a rage, but decided not to destroy it...yet. She hung it up, and turned in search of her true costume.
 The now nude Susan Richards knew exactly where her true costume was hidden, and floated on a force bubble to the locked cabinet in the laboratory. The lock was no match for her force dagger, and the door swung open. Sue picked up the wicked black and red dress from the hanger it had hung on for so many years, and draped it over her head. It clung enticingly close to her body when zipped up, revealing every pleasant curve on her magnificent shape.
 She slipped her feet into the black thigh high boots, feeling once again the thrill of standing on the incredibly high heels. The zippers were drawn up, and Sue's legs became sheathed in black as had her torso. The shoulder length black gloves were drawn onto Sue's arms, and then the black cowl with radiating spikes was pulled over her head. When the spiked collar was placed around her neck and the spiked cuffs around her wrists, Susan Richards was no more.
 Malice, the Mistress of Hate, was now free to get her vengeance on the man she most hated. Reed Richards would have to wait for the thrills that she would show him, however. Malice felt an unyielding urge to search for the entity that had freed her. She floated out of Four Freedoms Plaza, avoiding all of the sensors that would have alerted Reed to her presence, as only one who knows the security systems could. She knew where they had discussed to meet, and turning invisible, Malice made her way toward the radio station.
 A short time later
 "I just felt I had to thank you, Mr. Richards. Without this little device, I don't think my marriage could have lasted much longer. My mind is back to its good old self," a former man spoke to Reed Richards over the phone.
 "That's wonderful. Just make sure to give it plenty of time on the recharger when you sleep, all right? Bye now," Mr. Fantastic said, feeling a lot less then his namesake. A lot of people had already called him with encouraging results in the last eight hours, but it didn't seem to matter. He wished he had been more honest with Sue. He loved her so much, but at times, his mind was like a dam, a floodgate that could only be held for a short time for emotional pursuits until it overflowed with new ideas that carried him away in their torrent. He hadn't seen her since they had fought, and he wondered how mad she really was.
 "Hey, Reed! You gotta see this!" Ben yelled from the other room. Reed slowly walked toward the living room, feeling the weight of the entire day resting heavily on his shoulders.
 "Hurry it up! The whole dang city is going nuts!" Ben said as she pointed at the screen. Fires, robberies, rampages...another riot had sprang up. But this one was citywide.
 "How did it happen? Everyone in the city should be in the right state of mind now..." Reed said flatly as he gazed horrified at the TV.
 "No time for that!" Ben said as she grabbed Reed and ran toward the doors. "We have to try and stop this!"
 They headed onto the streets, and raced to the nearest disturbance. A group of almost thirty women were attacking a retirement center. A couple of the orderlies seemed to have barricaded or locked the doors to the outside, but they wouldn't last long. The rioters were wielding everything from broken bottles to hand guns. Ben quickly set to work.
 "I don't know what's gotten into you people...but it's CLOBBERIN' TIME!" Thing said as she slammed her fists to the ground. The women shook as the kinetic force of the wave hit them, and caused them to fall in a pile over each other. Mr. Fantastic stretched around a few of them as they started to recover.
 "Thing! Erect a barrier around these women to contain them," Mr. Fantastic commanded. Thing quickly followed his orders, tearing up the pavement in such a way as to construct an open topped box around them. Seconds later, the sounds of police cars were evident.
 "Well, the police should be here soon," Reed said as the sirens drew closer. Suddenly, the sounds of gunfire issued from nearby. Mr. Fantastic stretched as tall as he could to see what was happening. "Ben! The police are rioting, too!" Reed exclaimed at the site of police women shooting out store windows and holding up a corner store.
 One of the police took aim at a helpless child when a yellow gloved fist knocked the weapon out of her hand. Iron Fist started to jump about, avoiding gunfire and attempting to take out the rampaging public service women. Reed strode on extended legs as quickly as he could to the violence, with Ben trying desperately to catch up. Mr. Fantastic's pliable body absorbed the impact of the gunfire to shield citizens from the police, while Iron Fist and Ben began to battle the police force. The fight was pretty one-sided, and soon the police were locked away in their own paddy wagon.
 "Thanks, Iron Fist. One of the lucky ones to avoid the wave I see, eh?" Ben asked the martial artist. Iron Fist began to respond when he wavered and dropped to one knee. Breasts formed on his chest momentarily as his eyes shut tight, his body sweating and shuddering. In a moment, the breasts receded and the shaking ceased.
 "Not so, my friend. My mastery of chi allows me to hold my male form as long as I concentrate. However, I've still woken up a woman for the past few days," Iron Fist stated hurriedly. "There are more pressing matters to attend to. Such as why everyone wearing your devices is going berserk!" Iron Fist said accusingly.
 "I set all the calibrations directly, and even checked them before I sent them out. But with this modus operandi...quickly, get me one of those devices from the fallen police women!" Reed stated as his mind's dam was once again overflowing. Picking apart the device, he found several pieces of technology that didn't belong there. "These structures are of a specific alien manufacture, and seem to be radio transmitters. Now if I adjust this," he said as he fiddled with the device, "we can follow the signal to its source by the frequency of these beeps."
 "Hey, Stretcho, just what alien manufacture would this be?" Thing asked, as all three began to run to the source.
 "The alien world we are in the midst of at this very moment. The Microverse," Reed stated as they raced. In a few minutes, they reached the radio station.
 "If he is in there, he'll have plenty of chances to ambush us and trap us in there. Might you be able to land us on the roof, Thing?" Iron Fist asked politely. Reed and Iron Fist both landed on the roof, seeing a larger scale version of his bioelectric generator and amplifier being hooked up to a modified radio tower. They both headed forward to observe the tower, when they felt an invisible barrier.
 "Good work, Malice!" Psycho Man hissed out coldly as she let down the invisibility that had cloaked them. "Now, Richards, your world will suffer for its crimes against the Sub-Atomica!" he stated murderously. Malice merely smiled at the force cage that surrounded the two.
 "What have we done against your world? I'm sure whatever it is we can..." Reed began.
 "You are not ignorant of your attack against the entire Microverse! A great wave spread across it, destroying cities, mountains, and even entire planets! Do not tell me that this was some accident. Your time on this earth has come to an end, and the reign of Sub-Atomica shall be realized!" the insane scientist screeched. Reed had never thought of the implications that such a wave would have on the Microverse, but supposed that a magical energy of such proportions could have devastating effects.
 "Shall I crush them?" Malice asked with sadistic glee in her eyes. Psycho Man nodded, and the force field began to slowly shrink around their bodies. "I'm going to love watching you squirm...ahhhh!" she screamed, as Thing's hand popped out of the floor and grabbed her, chucking her at Psycho Man, and distracting her enough to let down the forcefield.
 "Quickly! Iron Fist, subdue Susan as quickly as possible. Ben, keep Psycho Man busy while I deal with this," Mr. Fantastic stated as he stretched to the connecting point of the device and the tower. Although at the time she was a deadly enemy, Reed felt somewhat relieved on the inside that it was Malice who had been yelling at him earlier.
 Though the technology seemed complex, Reed's mind had already formulated the correct procedures, and began to disconnect the device from the tower. He had almost finished when he took a quick glance behind him.
 "How dare you think you could beat me! I think that you both need to get closer to each other..." Malice stated as she began to crush Iron Fist against Ben's body slowly. A bloody scrape had already formed on his cheek, and they were both suspended in air.
 "Give up now, Richards or he dies. You have no way to stop me," Psycho Man spat out cockily.
 "Really? I see that your emotion box is missing. Which means that something else has been sustaining Malice...which I'm guessing is still hooked to this!" Reed said as he finished cutting the last cord that unlocked it from the tower. Both Iron Fist and Ben dropped to the ground as Susan regained her mind, but not as fast as Psycho Man's jaw.
 "This...this is not over, Richards! It will never stop until I am victorious," he stated as he shrank out of the reach of his pursuers. Sue took off the Malice mask and cowl as she turned toward Reed. Iron Fist and Ben both rose to their feet, too.
 "Reed, darling, what happened?" Sue asked as she ran to her husband.
 "It's rather simple. Psycho man installed circuitry from the Microverse, then enlarged it into my devices later. Afterwards, he used this device to cause a disruption in the natural flow of bio-electric magnetic energy to cause the wild emotional swing," Reed dictated scientifically.
 Thing got bored with Stretcho's big words, and turned to Iron Fist. "Hey, I'm impressed! I was sure you would lose concentration when you were getting crushed like that," Ben stated in slight admiration.
 "Well, it wasn't easy..." Iron Fist began, when a bolt of energy shot him in the back. His body shifted quickly to that of a female as energy was drained from it. She fell and cooed in a seductive manner, clutching her large breasts in a fetal position. Tiresias merely had his head pointed in the general direction of the Fantastic Four, standing on the edge of the building.
 "I doth loath opposition to my powers..." Tiresias stated angrily. The team stared at him, and readied themselves for battle. "Tis not a battle, I seek her. Thou art not as worthy as the opponent which I now seek," he stated. From behind them, they suddenly heard the sounds of heavy footsteps as a female Juggernaut lifted the giant device over his shoulder with Archie riding on the top. Tiresias waved his hands and chanted, a magical spell teleporting them all away from a stunned Fantastic Four.
 "Who does he think he is, Galactus? We are more then worthy opponents!" Ben complained to herself.
 On the Television minutes before....
 Johnny looked about nervously, waiting to see if they would come. He had called, but was unsure if he should go along with the whims of a madman. What if this caused more problems then were already present? Soon, news crews drove in, all of them waiting for his statement.
 "I have a message that I was given by Magneto to deliver..." Johnny Storm started to read to an eager press, his fox tail swishing nervously. "This is one of the worst events in both mutant and human history. The being known as Tiresias has put a great strain on not only this area, but the world. Such a powerful event can only end in bad repercussions. He has changed many of my fellow mutants needlessly, without repercussion. Therefore, I state my challenge now. Meet me out here, Tiresias, and we will settle this business once and for all," Johnny Storm read gravely.
 Part 5: Conclusion
 Magnus stood on the edge of the blast radius. Well, blast wasn't the most accurate description. There were no visible signs of destruction. Birds chirped, and the sun shone brightly over the unspoiled wilderness near a small town. To anyone else, it would seem completely normal. But Magnus felt the difference. The electromagnetic field of the Earth had been drastically altered here, in a way he couldn't fix. The ebb and flow of power felt wrong, and completely unnatural.
 This was not all. Many of his disciples and students had been hit by the wave, as well as other mutants. Soon, he would destroy the one who had caused such an unnatural phenomenon.
 Cape rolling in the wind, he waited.
 Back at the radio tower...
 "Danny seems completely unresponsive. Tiresias must have overloaded his system so much as to be injurious to his mind. The bioelectric unit seems to be having no effect on him. I don't know how long he'll be like this," Reed stated glumly, as he did a quick survey of Iron Fist's condition.
 Physically, Iron Fist had become a girl with a very large chest, but had no serious physical injuries. She was giggling and hugging herself, but seemed to be completely unresponsive to the rest of the world around her. The rest of her compatriots in Heroes For Hire had arrived moments before, and were retrieving their fallen comrade.
 "Aww man, Fist, what did he do to you?" Cage said, as she picked Iron Fist up. "So what's Magneto's deal? Does he have some history with this Tiresias guy?" Cage asked the Fantastic Four as a whole. They turned and stared at her, as if she were crazy.
 "Not ta sound rude...but what in the name of Sam Hill are you talking about?" Thing asked, throwing her arms out.
 She Hulk looked at the Thing with a raised eyebrow, and said, "You didn't see the news report?" She Hulk noticed the blank look on the Thing's now beautiful face, and began to relate the events of the report to an awestruck Fantastic Four.
 The Human Torch was not in a good mood. Being taken hostage and treated like a messenger boy really ticked him off. He was flying around hitting some training droids that Reed had been working on. He didn't really care who would win in that contest. At least one madman would end up losing...
 "Raarrgh!" he let out as he hit one with more force then he was usually willing to put behind his blasts. The droid withstood it for a moment, then exploded violently. Johnny wiped the sweat from his brow, and calmed down. He felt angry at his own selfish and immature thoughts. He had just wished death upon those villains. Despite what they'd done, he knew that it was wrong.
 "Despite what happens, I'm better than that," he said as his tail started to wag around slightly. Flames manifested around it as easily as the rest of his body, and it almost seemed a shame not to try and use it to his advantage. The flame on the tail extended into whip-like apparatus. Johnny jumped forward with a spin, and scored a hit on one of the practice droids. He was grinning at the possible advantages of another appendage when the rest of the Fantastic Four came into the room.
 "Johnny! Are you all right?" Sue said, as she raced around the corner. She looked worried as only an upset sister could. She hugged him as his flames quickly turned off.
 "I'm fine,'s okay. Magneto just made me read the note, and let me go. Okay?" Johnny said with confidence in his voice.
 Reed sat down in the first chair he came to, holding his chin and pondering. Why would Tiresias want that large bioelectricity generator? It could give him a lot of energy for a while, but would run out of energy without a huge power supply. Where could Tiresias get an energy source that would be almost indefinite in its depth of supply? The sun was one possibility...the power cosmic, no, too obscure, and hard to harness...
 "That's it!" Mr. Fantastic exclaimed, with a worried look on his face, "Fantastic Four, I'm going to say something I never thought I'd say. We must help Magneto!"
 Back at the Edge
 Magneto had been waiting for some time, when he felt a disturbance in the magnetosphere. Turning around, he saw Tiresias. "So, you have honored my challenge. I hope you are fully prepared to battle me then," Magneto said imperiously, as he floated overhead.
 Tiresias twirled her staff thoughtfully in her hands, her bandaged covered eyes revealing nothing of what she really saw and thought. "Thou art powerful amongst thy kind, mutant. However, a demigod you are not..."
 Tiresias felt ready to bring about her ultimate victory. A wave of her hands brought about an arcane signal that would soon call to her hidden allies.
 "Tiresias," Magneto began calmly. "Must you hide behind such a shell? I'm surprised that you can't take your defeat with dignity," Magneto said as he tore metallic ores from the earth in two house-sized jagged fragmented rocks. They spread far apart on both sides of Tiresias' violet dome. He was about to smash them together, when he heard a familiar mechanical voice.
 "Halt, mutant. You are an unregistered felon, and will be terminated immediately," boomed the voice of the purple and red colored robotic monstrosity known as a Sentinel. Three others were following it, beginning to land. Magneto quickly tried to rip one apart, and found it to be constructed of nonferrous metals and composites.
 "Tiresias, is this your doing? You should know that almost no construct of man can even begin to challenge me," Magneto said, as he used the large rocks to crush two of the Sentinels with ease. The third's assault against him bounced off his force field like a ping pong ball. The ores in the rock shredded through the stone, and hovered in jagged shards and spikes. Magneto hurtled these at the Sentinel with his power, cutting holes through its body as if a gigantic shotgun had ripped it apart from the inside out. Magneto then blasted the force field Tiresias constructed with such force that it cracked like an eggshell.
 Tiresias' face showed shock and surprise as Magneto levitated her into the air, and slammed her into the ground with incredible force. Tiresias was starting to overcome the pain as Magneto did it again, then again and again. He pounded her into the ground five times before her body became limp with unconsciousness. Yet, internally, Tiresias smiled, for Magneto was still playing right into her hands. A small distance away, someone crawled out of one of the discarded Sentinel limbs.
 The body of Tiresias was laid down on the ground as Magneto thought of whether or not he should end the mad sorcerer's life. Perhaps, it would only make him as bad as the beast he had just fought, and should instead turn her in to some authority or whatnot. Magnus pondered this until he felt the imprint of a living being nearby.
 "Who are you that has came..." Magneto stopped as he saw the crumpled form of a small girl, most likely around the age of eight to ten years old, on the ground amidst the wreckage of the battle. She laid face first in the dirt, her blond hair streaked with blood.
 "Suffer the children for my own war and causes?" Magneto asked himself, feeling ashamed at his true reasons for fighting Tiresias. Though there were many causes he had tried to convince himself that he endorsed, it wasn't really any of those.
 It was the disturbance of the field. When he had tried to fly into it, he was wracked with pain so great he could barely move, and his powers were far from predictable. So he had sat on the edge of the disturbance, pondering his next move, until opportunity presented itself in Johnny Storm. He was famous, a citizen of New York, and a super hero that could catch the eye of the sorcerer that had caused such change. He was unsure of what the Storm boy would do, but felt fairly certain that it would eventually get to Tiresias' ears.
 Magneto telekinetically picked up the child, and brought her toward him. Upon flipping her over, he noticed that she was a mutant. The young child had green scales all over her skin. He floated the child to his arms, and checked to see if she was injured. A quick check revealed no wounds at all. Magnus started to wonder if this was truly an innocent bystander.
 "Hi, Magneto! Say, do you know what that little girl's mutant power is?" said a smiling Archie, her tail flicking back and forth. Next to her towered the female Juggernaut, with a large machine carried in one arm. Magneto had no time to respond as Archie snatched the child from his hands with catlike grace, followed by a one handed toss by the Juggernaut into the magnetic distortion. Magnus searched for his power, and found it gone as he sat winded and aching horribly on the ground.
 "Leech is the name that she hath been given by her mutant brethren, for her very proximity strips a mutant of their powers! But, perhaps the might of Magneto shall prove itself unquenchable in it's absolution? Nay, for he hast been felled without even a barrier to protect him," Tiresias gloated, as she walked towards the fallen Magneto. She felt a sudden tug on her leg.
 "Leech do what lady want. Leech want be normal again! Change Leech back to boy?" Leech asked, disheartened at the frilly dress she was forced to wear.
 "Nay, I believest that you shalt be an asset to me," Tiresias said, turning toward Archie. "You hath proven yourself an asset also, Archie. The plan would not have worked without thy skill in the arts of science," Tiresias said as she patted Archie's head.
 "It wasn't hard, once I found the EMP shielding, and we had ripped off those robots. A small shielded capsule in the arm snuck out, made Archie look injured, let you take the fall for a short time, and beat on him while he was powerless," Archie said, grinning as she rubbed her face against Tiresias' knee.
 "Now, to finish the task I hath labored over for so long. All that needs to be done to finish your plan is to hook him to the artifact we have procured and transform him. If I had not been scrying at the time, I dare sayeth we would not have this opportunity," Tiresias said as she raised her staff. Beginning to cast the spell, she was interrupted by a blast of flame.
 "Not today, pal!" Johnny said, as he blasted flame about the area, avoiding Leech and Magneto. The Fantasticar landed, and Ben and Sue hopped out of the car, ready to fight.
 "Juggernaut, Archie, take care of them! I hath a more important task ahead of me..." Tiresias said, as she began to turn back toward Magneto. That's when she realized he was gone. Reed Richards was stretching away from Tiresias with Magneto, now fully unconscious, wrapped up in his mid section. Tiresias began to give chase as her henchmen engaged the Invisible Woman and the Thing.
 "Hey there, Thing! Looks like you're still feeling kind of girly! Maybe a hug will make you feel better!" Juggernaut said as she squeezed the Thing in a bear hug. She then grabbed and squeezed one of the Thing's breasts.
 "What the hell do you think your doing?!" Thing screamed, as she tossed Juggernaut over her head with a judo maneuver.
 "Aww, you're cute when you're angry! I guess maybe you like the rough stuff," Juggernaut continued, as she tried to grab the Thing. Her mind, convinced through magic that her body was still male, was a little fixated on the promise he had been given of getting his own harem. The Juggernaut knew the Thing was strong, but pretty, definitely able to handle his body once convinced to.
 Ben was starting to get the impression that there was something wrong with Juggernaut. "Hey, Juggie-naut, what's with all the this grabby stuff! You clobbered me last time we met," Ben said as she bashed Juggernaut in the face. Juggernaut was sent flying into a bush.
 "Bad Kitty. Not this time...", the Invisible Woman said, as she disappeared, leaving Archie to try and figure out where she was. She sniffed the air, listened as hard as she could, but the ruckus from Juggernaut and Thing's battle made it difficult. Archie realized that she could barely smell anything, when her hand touched her nose. Two tiny force bubbles clogged her nose.
 "She could be right behi..." Archie began, as the Invisible Woman drop kicked her. Archie flew, then slammed into a force field.
 "Doesn't feel good to be ambushed, now, does it?" Sue stated as she walked away from the unconscious feline creature.
 "Hey, Tiresias! Watch this!" Johnny yelled, as he blasted the machine. It started to melt, and was soon a pile of slag. Tiresias didn't even turn around, knowing what had happened.
 "You fool! Dost though think my powers wholly incapable of restoring that which thou has sundered?" Tiresias said, as she began to chant. The machine started to unmelt and rebuild itself. The Human Torch hovered in shock as Tiresias turned and blasted him. Arcs of red energy leapt from Torch's body, yet nothing seemed to change at first.
 The Human Torch's head started to itch furiously as his ears changed into those of a fox, and moved up to the top of his head. Underneath the flames that surrounded his face, his eyes had become yellow. A second bolt from Tiresias brought the stunned Torch down unconscious from the strain.
 "Thou art still a man, but apparently, not totally immune to my talents," Tiresias said as she began to chase after Mr. Fantastic once more.
 "Get it right, Thing, it's Juggernaut! Now that I'm a man again, you might as well quit trying to fight me. I'm at least twice your strength!" the still very female Juggernaut said, as she advanced on the Thing.
 "You're still a girl, you mook!" Thing said. Tiresias must have messed with his mind somehow, Ben was sure of it. There was only one way he could break through it, too. It wasn't pleasant, but it was possibly the only way.
 "Come here, big boy, I want to show you something," Thing said clumsily, trying to come off as seductive.
 "Hey, I guess Tiresias is already paying up for my service...which means she's probably already won. Time for some victory party!" Juggernaut said as she ran to the newly interested Thing. Thing grimaced as she grabbed the Juggernaut gently, and shoved one of her fingers underneath her armor and into Marko's vagina. Juggernaut's face went from one of confusion and shock to one of rage as the illusion was shattered. Her hand slowly but firmly pushed Thing out of the way.
 "I'm gonna kill that guy when I find him..." Marko began, as he scanned the area for the deceitful demigoddess.
 Meanwhile, Mr. Fantastic had stretched his legs to great length and had run deep into the forest. If Johnny had not destroyed the machine, he needed to get Magneto as far from Tiresias as possible. Reed was unsure of how Magnus was defeated, but hoped that he would recover, and be able to flee on his own. He took out the device he had been tinkering with on the Fantasticar. It was a last resort that Reed would rather not take.
 "Surrender him to me now, Richards. You won't be able to dodge me with your back turned," Tiresias said from somewhere behind Mr. Fantastic. Reed tensed up. He could try to fight, but it seemed a futile gesture. He silently clicked the machine to 'on'.
 "Trying to use some device on me by surprise? I think not," Tiresias said.
 Reed chucked Magneto away from himself like a rubber sling shot, as Tiresias raised his staff. The blue energy leapt into Reed, and then out again red, toward Tiresias and her enchanted staff. Reed felt his chest expanding and his hair lengthening, and the subtle shifting of his lower organs.
 "Ahh, and now that I feed on your energies...what!! No!" Tiresias said, as she felt her legs becoming weak, her breasts seeming to inflate rapidly, her mind starting to race with panic.
 "Very predictable, Tiresias. I'm glad you stepped into this trap so swiftly," Reed managed to say in a fluctuating pitch, not wholly male or female, but his body vibrating between the two. He...she?...could barely stand.
 "Howwwww?" Tiresias squeaked out in a small cute voice. Her eyes had become filled with tears.
 "I set one of my special generators to attune itself to your special signature, and cause a feedback loop, pumping me full of feminine chi that you're gladly draining most of. Even if you tried to let go of the staff and stop absorbing, the energies have so unbalanced you that you can barely move! Soon, you'll be stuck in your female form forever, and so docile and submissive that you'll gladly change everyone back," Reed said as his body seemed to be stabilizing to its normal form.
 "I...I guess I could..." said the squeaky voice of the overly feminized Tiresias, who had dropped to her knees now. The energies emitting from Reed were starting to create quite a light show, a blue energy crackling through the air like writhing tendrils, driving themselves inside Tiresias. Reed felt that he was on the verge of triumph, when a swath of trees were felled.
 "Hey, wizard! Juggernauts home, and he's had a very bad day!" Juggernaut said as she came into the clearing. She started to walk forward as she was yanked backwards by a pair of rocky orange arms.
 "Hurry it up, Stretch! I can't hold her all day!" the Thing said as she strained against the crimson clad giantess.
 "All right, Ben. Tiresias, change everyone back right now, or..." Reed started to say, when a flash of feline female whizzed by his head and knocked the staff from Tiresias' hands. The energy stopped transferring, and Tiresias stood bewildered as Archie handed the staff back.
 "Teleport us away! Now!" Archie yelled at her. The stunned Tiresias mumbled quickly, the Juggernaut loosed Ben's grip, and jumped at the pair. Reed looked in shock as the energies of his machine started to wrack his body...and a small explosion went off.
 Later, back at Four Freedoms Plaza
 "I! *huff* Can't! *huff* Believe! *huff* We let her! *huff* Get away!" Ben said, as she worked a titanium punching bag.
 "Well, at least we saved the world, Ben. Besides, you didn't come out any worse for wear," Johnny said, as he scratched his new ear with his hand. "Man, these things feel itchy!" They were both in the training room, and were trying hard to get over the events of the day.
 Ben sat down and took a swig of water from her sports bottle. "Maybe not. But you weren't the one to get the most. Have you checked in on that kid?" Ben said as she sat resting.
 "What, Leech? Yeah, he's doing fine. Well, she's all right now, but she says she was a boy before this. She seems really happy that Sue gave her some of Franklin's clothes to wear. She sent him off to Agatha's to play with him, until we can find out where he lives," Johnny stated.
 "Magneto really freaked out there at the end, eh? But whatcha gonna expect from some power-mad loony? It was a good thing I let go of Juggernaut, or I would have got hit by it, too. Too bad it only knocked Juggernaut down. Heh...Torchie, do ya think Reed's gonna be all right?" Ben asked, betraying her true concerns at the time.
 "I don't know, Ben. Nothing has ever fazed him before..."
 Elsewhere in the house
 "I have to say, as much as this frightens me, it fascinates me more so," Reed said, as she posed nude in front of the mirror, studying every inch of her body, not with erotic fascination, but a scientific one. Sue was naked beside her. "If I'd had more presence of mind, I would have made a safety switch while tinkering with it in the Fantasticar. Still, I sense that something has changed in my body beyond shape and gender, as if I just...feel different, I suppose. Even when I had taken a female-like shape, it felt nothing like this. Perhaps it's the hormones," Reed said to herself, her hand placed once again on her chin contemplatively.
 "We're in here to take a bath, not an anatomy class, remember, darling?" Sue said, as she opened the shower door. Reed obediently got inside with no prodding.
 "I just responded submissively without question. If my memory serves correctly, I in my past frame of mind would have kept studying myself in most cases...fascinating!" Reed said, as she entered the tub. Her breasts were of a large size, as well as her pelvis, and a long main of brown hair with white streaks had cascaded down her shoulders. Sue got in after her, no less provocative by nature's design, and settled in on the opposite side of their large bathtub.
 "So, Reed, how long will this last?" Sue asked, as she flicked some soap bubbles at her.
 "Well, the machine actually managed to redirect much of Tiresias' energies, so this change should be temporary. However, I have had so much put into my body that it is a well cemented foundation. I'm so full of it, that if I used the yang chi generator on myself, I could very well explode. It may be days, weeks, months, even years before the effects wear off completely. I would hate to think of my time in a middle form," Reed went on and explained, giggling as Sue flicked bubbles at her.
 "So does this put our love life on hold for a while, dear?" Sue asked, as she reached for something outside the pool.
 "Well, of course not, Sue, I mean to say, if you want to. A scientist is always open to experimentation," Reed stated scientifically, as she started to wash herself.
 "That's good..." Sue said, in a familiar voice as she turned on her male chi generator. As her chest became two large pectoral muscles, Reed looked at her. She smiled at her, until she was no longer a she, and he began to snuggle closer. A few minutes later, for once, Sue was glad that Reed's scientific curiosity overtook her.
 Yet another individual had been taken to be drained by Tiresias, almost a dozen by this time. She was almost acting normal.
 "Curse that Richards! He hath made me more womanly than ever. Though I hath been dealt many a low blow in my times, I swear to thee that this humiliation will not be forgotten." Archie curled up near her master's foot, as she was getting back to normal. Tiresias patted her head.
 "Alas! If only all my servants were as loyal as...and yet, I wonder...perhaps, but that is a plan for another time," she said as she continued to pet her loving minion. Archie's eyes glared with an animal-like companionship, a bright yellow. But her eyes were not the only ones that glared that way that night. Johnny's did as well.
 Somewhere near the edge, the cause of it all stood smiling in the darkness.
 For now, that's it. I'm kind of tempted to do a sequel, though if I manage to get some time. Sorry for the long wait.
 And now, an epilogue written by your editor, Steve Zink
 The following story contains characters owned by Marvel Comics. It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books. The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author. It is free to be archived on any site wishing to do so, provided the author is given proper credit.
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 Tiresias Aftermath, Fantastic Four Epilogue
 by Steve Zink
 For review, the concluding segment of Shane's part 5, with only a few slight changes...
 Later, back at Four Freedoms Plaza
 "I! *huff* Can't! *huff* Believe! *huff* We let her! *huff* Get away!" Ben said, as she worked a titanium punching bag.
 "Well, at least we saved the world, Ben. Besides, you didn't come out any worse for wear," Johnny said, as he scratched his new ear with his hand. "Man, these things feel itchy!" They were both in the training room, and were trying hard to get over the events of the day.
 Ben sat down and took a swig of water from her sports bottle. "Maybe not. But you weren't the one to get the most. Have you checked in on that kid?" Ben said, as she sat resting.
 "Who, Leech? Yeah, she's doing fine. Well, she's all right now, but she says she was a boy before this. She seems really happy that Sue gave her some of Franklin's clothes to wear. She sent her off to Agatha's to play with him, until we can find out where she lives," Johnny stated.
 "Magneto really freaked out there at the end, eh? But whatcha gonna expect from some power-mad loony? It was a good thing I let go of Juggernaut, or I would have got hit by it, too. Too bad it only knocked Juggernaut down. Heh...Torchie, do ya think Reed's gonna be all right?" Ben asked, betraying her true concerns at the time.
 "I don't know, Ben. Nothing has ever fazed him before..."
 Elsewhere in the house
 "I have to say, as much as this frightens me, it fascinates me more so," Reed said, as she posed nude in front of the mirror, studying every inch of her body, not with erotic fascination, but a scientific one. Sue was naked beside her. "If I'd had more presence of mind, I would have made a safety switch while tinkering with it in the Fantasticar. Still, I sense that something has changed in my body beyond shape and gender, as if I just...feel different, I suppose. Even when I had taken a female-like shape, it felt nothing like this. Perhaps it's the hormones," Reed said to herself, her hand placed once again on her chin contemplatively.
 "We're in here to take a bath, not an anatomy class, remember, darling?" Sue said, as she opened the shower door. Reed obediently got inside, with no prodding. Then she turned and looked at Sue with alarm on her now incredibly beautiful face.
 "I just responded submissively, without question. If my memory serves correctly, I in my past frame of mind would have kept studying myself in most cases...fascinating!" Reed said, as she entered the tub. Her breasts were of a large size, as well as her pelvis, and a long mane of brown hair with white streaks cascaded over her shoulders and down her back. Sue got in after her, no less provocative by nature's design, and settled in on the opposite side of their large bathtub.
 "So, Reed, how long will this last?" Sue asked, as she flicked some soap bubbles at her.
 "Well, the machine actually managed to redirect most of Tiresias' energies, so this change should be temporary. However, I have had so much of that energy put into my body that it is a well cemented foundation. I'm so full of it, that if I used the yang chi generator on myself, I could very well explode. It may be days, weeks, months, even years before the effects wear off completely. I would hate to think of my time in a middle form," Reed went on and explained, giggling as Sue flicked bubbles at her. It almost seemed incongruous for this beauty that looked like an airheaded bimbo to be speaking in such a scientific manner.
 "So does this put our love life on hold for a while, dear?" Sue asked, as she reached for something outside the pool.
 "Well, of course not, Sue, I mean to say, if you want to. A scientist is always open to experimentation," Reed stated scientifically, as she started to wash herself.
 "That's good..." Sue said, in a familiar voice as she turned on her male chi generator. As her chest became two large pectoral muscles, Reed looked at her. Sue smiled at her, until she was no longer a she, and he began to snuggle closer. A few minutes later, for once, Sue was glad that Reed's scientific curiosity overtook her.
 Yet another individual had been taken to be drained by Tiresias, almost a dozen by this time. She was almost acting normal.
 "Curse that Richards! He hath made me more womanly than ever. Though I hath been dealt many a low blow in my times, I swear to thee that this humiliation will not be forgotten." Archie curled up near her master's foot, as she was getting back to normal. Tiresias patted her head.
 "Alas! If only all my servants were as loyal as...and yet, I wonder...perhaps, but that is a plan for another time," she said as she continued to pet her loving minion. Archie's eyes glared with an animal-like companionship, a bright yellow. But her eyes were not the only ones that glared that way that night. Johnny's did as well.
 Somewhere near the edge, the cause of it all stood smiling in the darkness.
 And now, the epilogue...
 Four Freedom's Plaza...
 As the very female Reed and the once again very male Sue thoroughly enjoyed playing with each other in their tub, Reed's analytical mind was slowly but very surely overruled by the pleasure loving feminine aspects of her new makeup. Sue noticed the slight drop in acuity of his tubmate's partner, but only put it down to the gaiety. This was the first opportunity Sue had had to employ the male aspects of the body supplied by the male chi generator in a sexual fashion, and he, too, became caught up in the new pleasures he was experiencing. The thrills Sue had experienced while fighting Tiresias as N-Forcer were nothing compared to what he was feeling with this over-sexed woman sharing the tub with him.
 Sue had a bit of an advantage over Reed, because her years of experience as a woman had given her all the insights into the ways of pleasing a female body in both the shower and the tub. He put this knowledge to great use in bringing the unsuspecting Reed into higher and higher states of bliss. By the time they both got out to dry off, Reed was wondering why her body felt so on fire. Sue knew, but wasn't about to tell her that she had been titillated to the point where she was only a hairsbreadth away from orgasm.
 Sue took command of the scene as he used his now muscular body to pick up the lithe Reed and place her ever so gently on their bed. In an almost exact reversal of the roles that both were used to, Sue and Reed engaged each other in a foreplay that grew in both intensity and heat. Because Sue knew all about satisfaction, or lack thereof, in bed, he worked Reed's excited body to a frenzy, and then brought her to her first explosive female orgasm long before he was ready to come himself.
 By now, Reed's scientific intellect was almost completely submerged. The intense pleasures she was experiencing made the wanton slut inside become the dominant part of her personality. Reed had noticed this aspect of herself earlier, when she had told Sue about feeling different, somehow. Now, she was a fiery vixen in bed, and in his own rapture of new experiences, Sue failed to pick up the significance in Reed's change. He just became more and more thrilled with the ways that she was pleasuring him.
 By the time both of them were nearly exhausted, the bed looked like a disaster. Sue stood, and looked down at the mess that Reed was laid out on. "Reed, darling, if our sex life can be this exciting during the duration of your change," he said, "I hope that your stay as a female is quite long! The energy you showed once I got you going was almost unbelievable."
 " took me only a few minutes to adjust to my new assets," Reed replied, as she lifted her head and propped her left arm under it. "I never knew how good this was for you, Sue. The intensity of the pleasure during sex was enough to make my past experiences pale in comparison. I do hope I was able to please you as well."
 "I'll say you did, my dear. This was a first for me, also, and the sheer differences in what I experienced made it fantastic for me. I feel so alive and full of vigor right now that I want to go out and burn it off in true superhero form," Sue said. "As much as I want to go out as N-Forcer, though, I can't because of the changes made to the costume when Tiresias changed me back to a female in it. Wait, who says I have to go out as a male N-Forcer?"
 Reed watched as Sue went back into the bathroom, to get the male chi generator. She heard it activate, and a once again female Sue emerged from the bathroom, with a wide grin on her face. "It's a shame that I'm the only one of us who can use this device to go back and forth in sexual roles, Reed. You go ahead and rest up while I go burn off a lot of excess energy."
 Reed smiled with an almost wicked grin as she watched Sue pull her now very feminine N-Forcer costume out of the drawer and put it on. The sleeveless orange body suit with the large black N on her chest made Sue's body really stand out, and her long orange gloves and knee high orange boots made her look really sexy. She remembered how Sue had referred to it as her N-Forcer villainess costume the first night she'd worn it for bedtime play after coming back from her encounter with Tiresias. The vixen within her just loved the word villainess, and as Sue dressed, Reed formed a plan to bring even more pleasure her way.
 As Sue turned to show Reed her orange and black getup, Reed feigned exhausted sleep by shutting her eyes and relaxing completely. Sue saw her exhausted mate, and grinned. "Good night, honey. I'll be back soon, I'm sure. I'll tuck you in when I get back."
 Sue wasn't about the wear N-Forcer's sunglasses at night, but she figured that the ponytail her blonde hair was in along with the totally different costume would keep anyone from identifying her. One thing she hadn't counted on for going into the streets in the costume was the sexy heels that had appeared on her boots after Tiresias changed her male form into a female. While she was used to the heels on her Malice costume that she'd just worn to a certain degree, the heels on the orange boots she now wore were more for bedroom fun than street wear. She decided to just live with it, and got used to the smaller strides she had to make. Only observers could see the sexy sway in her hips that they caused, though.
 While N-Forcer went about looking for evildoers, Reed was getting to work. The first thing she did was to slip on a teddy from Sue's drawer, and then went very carefully and silently out into the recroom to see if Ben and Johnny were still at it. It was dark, and Reed grinned. They had to be in their rooms, and possibly asleep. Good. She would be free to get ready, without interruptions.
 While the scientific mind within Reed was in submission, the memories contained in it were fully accessible to the female looking for some action of her own. When they'd all returned from the radio station after beating off Psycho Man, Sue's Malice costume had been hung up in the back of her closet in their haste, instead of securing it back in the lab. Reed just knew that the wicked black costume would give her some action. It was sexy as hell, and in the black of night, would look like she was right where she belonged -- in command.
 Reed reached into their closet, and pulled out the hanger with the costume draped over it. She licked her luscious lips as she lifted the black and red dress from the hanger. Reed laid it on the bed while she pulled off the teddy, and as she studied herself in the vertical mirror, she decided that no underwear at all would be needed for what she was going to do. The dress proved to be a tight fit, since Reed was much more endowed than Sue, but that just made it look all the more sexy once it was zipped up. It clung so tightly to her incredible body that Reed felt like she was molded in black.
 As she pulled the shoulder length black gloves up onto her arms, Reed felt a growing need within herself. There was a void, and she felt a deep need to fill it. Donning this incredible costume seemed to fill that void, which the slutty vixen became more and more aware of as she continued. The boots were a bit snug on her feet, but fit well enough. When they were zipped up to her thighs, Reed started to feel more and more complete, and loved the sensation of standing so high in the incredible arches of the boots brought on by the high stiletto heels.
 Reed took her now messy mane of brown and white hair and piled it atop her head. She pulled the mask and cowl down over it, and while straightening it out, saw that it completely hid her identity. That was just what she was looking for, because it was no longer Reed who was going out for some fun, but Malice. After the spiked wrist bands and collar were added, matching the ones on her cowl, Malice knew she was now complete. There were no more voids, for Malice had become fully alive, enjoying the thrill of looking like the villainous vixen she knew she was. Reed's mind was now fully enthralled, with the slut she had become not only putting the scientist deep into a bottomless crevice, but even the slut finding herself subverted by the identity of Malice.
 Reed had wanted to put on the costume just to have some fun, but the needs of her incredibly enhanced body had transferred that to an urge to actually become Malice. But whereas Sue had become Malice, the Mistress of Hate, at the instigation of Psycho Man, Reed had become Malice, the Mistress of Malignancy, by her own hand. She felt a deep urge to spread her evilness. And she knew just where she was going to start.
 Malice made her way into the laboratory, and picked up two items of hardware, and one piece of unstable molecule material. With these clenched in her left hand, she then experimented to see if her costume would reshape along with her body. She extended her right arm, and watched in satisfaction as the black glove extended right along with it. Then a thought hit her, and Malice used her ability to reshape her torso into an even more incredibly thin waist, and watched as her tits ballooned out even more. The costume stayed with each change, making her look like an even more well built sex object.
 One last test showed that her gloved fingers could easily extend to act as whips, and with this knowledge, Malice made her way very assuredly out into the night. She turned on the first of her two devices, and set the tracker for N-Forcer's brain pattern's. She turned out to be only five blocks away, and moving very slowly. Malice extended her legs to make huge strides, even if it did make her look decidedly unsexy while doing so. It was the results that mattered, and whatever it took to get to her target, she would do.
 Malice found N-Forcer to be slowly walking around a convenience store, watching a pair of felons doing their thing. 'She must be waiting for them to finish, so she can nail them while getting out with the evidence in their hands,' Malice thought. She put down the tracker and unstable molecule swatch, and snuck up behind N-Forcer. She stood with her legs spread in a power pose, just out of reach of N-Forcer, then stretched her left arm to tap her on the shoulder.
 Sue was just a bit startled to feel the tap on her shoulder, and when she turned to face her accoster, she saw Malice standing just out of reach, with a small cylindrical object held in her right hand. "Malice?! How are you here, and who are you, since that is normally my other identity?"
 "Hello, N-Forcer," she sneered, "I'm here to make sure you act like you're supposed to. And you should know who I am, because who else besides you knows where my costume is kept!" Just to show off, Malice then stretched two fingers of her left hand to whip around N-Forcer and wrap her arms tightly to her side. She knew that a force field would probably push her fingers away quickly, but if the timing was right, nothing would happen.
 "Reed?! Is that you as Malice?!" Sue was too shocked to even think of using a force field.
 "I'm not Reed, I am Malice, the Mistress of Malignancy! And now it's time for you to take on your true role as a villainess, N-Forcer!" Malice activated the mesmerizer in her right hand, and Sue's face froze. "Yes, that's right, N-Forcer. You yourself said just the other night that this was your villainess costume, so now it will be true, and even more wicked. It will match your blackened soul, for I command you to forget about being the heroine called N-Forcer. You are the villainess called N-Forcer, who has not a shed of decency in her soul."
 As the glow from the mezmerizer subsided, a wicked grin formed on Sue's lips. "Ha, ha, ha! Thanks a lot for releasing me, Malice! I've been waiting to become the Queen of Sin, while the goody goody that had me trapped did all those heroic things. I can't wait to join you in spreading our evil!"
 Malice picked up the swatch of material, and placed it on top of N-Forcer's head. "Use your powers to shape this material, N-Forcer. I want to see you in a head to toe black costume that is befitting your role."
 The force field took the unstable molecule swatch and spread it out over her head first, and then down over the rest of her body, covering the orange and any exposed flesh with shiny black. A mask and cowl very similar to Malice's covered her head, but without the spikes. The material also covered every bit of her boots, and in mere seconds, N-Forcer had become a picture of shiny black evilness.
 "Now, as I bring about my evil realm, you will be my N-Forcer," Malice sneered. "Let's leave these two punks to their own fun, and go make our first two converts. I'm sure that Johnny and Ben are going to become avid followers."
 "Yes, indeed! They will truly enjoy the thrill of serving the Mistress of Malignancy, or find out just how bad it can get at my hands if they give any trouble." N-Forcer and Malice both turned, and started walking back to Four Freedoms Plaza, Malice by stretching her legs outrageously, and N-Forcer by floating along on a force field, close by her side. The pair of black vixens was a sight to behold, but no one was around to see them.
 The pair made their way to Ben's room first, and N-Forcer shrouded them both in a cloak of invisibility after Malice set her two devices down on the floor in the hallway. Ben's door was then opened, and left ajar to provide a thin shaft of light to enter. The invisible pair made their way to Ben's bedside, and she was on her side, facing away from them. Just as N-Forcer was about to slap a forcefield across her face to inhibit breathing, Ben shifted.
 Ben was startled awake as the force field came down on the side of her face, and in a natural reaction, changed into the rock form of the Thing. She also screamed out with shocked voice, "What?!" Before she could say any more, Ben found the force field coming down where intended, and both her lips and her nose were sealed. She knew of only one person with the ability to do so, and since she saw no one around her, the Thing knew that for some reason, Sue was attacking her.
 Confirmation came when two black shapes shimmered into view. One Ben recognized as Malice, but she looked way too over-sexed to be the Malice she knew as Sue. The other female in black was a complete question; she'd never seen such a vile looking vixen anywhere. Who were these villainesses that were attacking her?
 Malice took note of the questioning look on the Thing's face, with not a shred of fear showing. "Hello, Thing. I am Malice, of course, and I'm sure you recognize the abilities shown by N-Forcer. Yes, that's right, your own beloved friend is now the evil N-Forcer. You will be joining her in just a moment."
 Ben thought Malice's voice sounded somewhat familiar. Reed? No, it couldn't be. N-Forcer was Sue, but...
 What neither Malice nor N-Forcer had counted upon was the enhanced hearing provided to Johnny by the anamorphic ears he now had. His eyes sprang open as soon as Ben had screamed, and moments later, he heard the words spoken by Malice. He, too, recognized the voice, even though that voice was dripping in evil now. Something had to have happened, and he was not going to sit in bed waiting for whatever was going to come his way.
 Very stealthily, Johnny made his way out of his room into the hallway, and saw what looked like one of Reed's trackers and a mezmerizer on the floor outside Ben's room. If what was going down in Ben's room was what he feared, Johnny figured that the mezmerizer might come in very handy. He picked it up and hefted it into a using position, then went very low and peeked through the crack in the door.
 He saw what looked like Malice, along with an ultra-sexy vixen shimmering in black. Ben looked like she was trying to gasp, so Johnny knew that somehow, his sister Sue's force fields were being used. Had she reverted to being Malice once again? No, the voice that had been talking as Malice was Reed's...could Susie be that other vixen in black? Wait, that's right, Malice had said that N-Forcer was now at her side, and Susie was N-Forcer. Oh, no...
 Johnny figured that surprise was the only way he could get both pairs of eyes to look at him at once, so in one smooth motion, he used his tail to push the door open, and sprang up at the same time. The light which flooded the room brought the surprise that the Human Torch was looking for, and as both Malice and N-Forcer turned, the mezmerizer was on to greet them.
 Both faces sheathed in black froze, and as N-Forcer's concentration broke, the force fields around Ben dropped. She gasped for air, then blurted out, "Johnny?! Thank God! Somehow, Reed has become Malice, and I think Sue has been turned into an evil N-Forcer!"
 "I know, Ben. With my new ears, I heard it all after your brief scream woke me up. With the mezmerizer, I should be able to fix everything. Get out from behind them, so that you don't get into the mesmerizer's field." The Thing wasted no time, and was behind the Torch in seconds.
 "Malice and N-Forcer, both of you will forget any evil impulses. Let your minds both revert to who you were before becoming villainesses. N-Forcer, forget you ever knew that name, and take on your original identities of Susan Richards and the Invisible Woman. They are both good, and have no evil within them. Malice, you are Reed Richards, otherwise known as Mr. Fantastic. Push your Malice identity away, and become yourself."
 Johnny flicked off the switch, and as the mezmerizer shut down, two sets of eyes set in black blinked. Reed looked down at what she was wearing, and then turned to look at the black clad female at her side. "Why am I in this Malice costume?" she asked, in a sweet and sexy voice. Then the scientist within came back to the fore, and she started to sound a lot more like normal. "Sue? Is that you in that fetching black costume? I always thought you looked good in black, and am I in the Malice costume to echo your great looks?"
 Sue shook her head, and while looking down at the dominatrix costume she was wearing, said, "Reed, I can't remember getting you dressed in my Malice costume after our fun earlier this evening, and I don't have any idea how I got into this black outfit. I only remember putting on my orange costume and going out for some fresh air earlier. You do look good as that enhanced Malice, though. Did you alter your body shape for it?"
 Reed thought for a moment, then recalled her normal female shape. She couldn't remember changing it, but brought it back to what it should have been. "I guess I did at some point, Sue. Maybe after I put it on, I felt like making it look more outrageous. Wherever you got that black outfit, though, I hope you keep it. It looks great on you!"
 Sue blushed, then said, "I sorta like it myself. You sure you wouldn't mind my wearing it every now and then?"
 "As long as you don't turn into a dominatrix!" her little brother squeaked. Three sets of eyes glared at him, and with that, the Torch slunk from the room, followed by the two black clad women. The Thing just shook her head at the odd goings on, and decided to go back to sleep.
 It wasn't until they started disrobing in their bedroom that Reed and Sue discovered the orange costume under the black. Neither could figure out the significance of the big N across her chest, but both recognized the unstable molecule makeup of the black outfit. Sue used her force fields to compact it, and put it into her underwear drawer. Then the sexy orange costume finally came off, and was placed into her closet.
 Reed had great fun in taking off the Malice costume, for as much as she'd enjoyed seeing Sue in it on the rare occasions that Malice had taken her over, actually removing it from her own body felt intriguing. If sex in her new female body was as good as what she remembered from earlier in the evening, and wearing sexy clothes like the Malice costume was such a turn on, then her stay in a female body wasn't going to be bad at all.
 This was going to require some in depth examination...
 Yes, things were back to normal, all things considered. All four were now completely different from the cohesive group that had taken on Tiresias, and yet they were still the close friends and family that made up the team of heroes called the Fantastic Four. Were they ever fantastic now!
 The end.
 Story comments are wanted eagerly. Please let me know what you think.

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