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The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros. It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of actual story lines in published books. The story is purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author. 
 This story was started back in October 1998 when the Young Justice series was just starting with DC. In the meantime, a lot of things have occured in the ongoing book, so my material will in no way jive with what has really taken place in the books. Remember, this is derived from the cover to DC's book, 'Young Justice' number 3. SZ
 Superboy, Robin and Impulse had been working together as a young team of crimefighters calling themselves Young Justice. They were also still in their teens, and taking classes in High School. Between classes in the daytime and homework at night, none of the three found much time to do any crimefighting. So with Halloween falling on a weekend, they just knew that they were going to have a blast trick or treating, without worrying about more mundane matters.
 Since the boys had costumes they wore while doing their crime fighting, in order to hide their true identities, they decided that Halloween would be a piece of cake. They would just use their superhero costumes to go from door to door collecting treats. They didn't plan on doing any tricks on anyone, after all; they were the good guys, and had images to uphold. What the Young Justice team hadn't planned on, was someone doing tricks on them.
 The magical imp from the Fifth Dimension, Mr. Mxyzptlk, just loved Halloween. He used the festivities taking place on that holiday every year in that backward Third Dimension place we call Earth, to visit and cause mayhem for his longtime 'buddy', Superman. Superman was more inclined to think of Mxy as a longtime nemesis and pain in the posterior. This year, Mxy decided he wanted to have a change of pace, and deprive Superman of a chance to play with his pal.



Mr. Mxyzptlk observed many of the heroes and villains of the DC Universe, trying to decide who would be the lucky recipient of his boundless joy and merriment. He toyed with the idea of playing with Batman and Catwoman, but decided that they were both getting too old and stodgy to be any fun. It was while watching Batman that Mxy saw his young partner Tim Drake, the newest Robin. The glee with which Robin acted gave Mxy ideas, so he watched as Robin met with his friends, Bart Allen, otherwise known as Impulse, and Superboy, who as a permanently aged 16-year old clone, had no other name.
 Superboy had none of the powers of Mxy's old pal, Superman, since he was cloned from a different set of genes, with only Superman's looks shared. Well, the looks of a 16-year old Superman, anyway. All of Superboy's powers seemed to be imbedded in the genetic makeup of his body, with tactile-telekinesis and invulnerability being the primary powers to have shown up as yet in his short career. Analysis done by his creators at Project Cadmus showed that other powers such as heat vision and super hearing would also come forth, but only with aging and maturity. Being stuck at 16 seemed to foreclude any of these or any other powers from developing.
 Impulse was the youngest of the trio, and had the impetuosity of a young teen discovering life. Bart had all the speed of the Flash family, being a multi-generation descendant of the Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen. He was born in the 30th Century of the Legion of Super Heroes, and brought to our time to learn about speed and stabilize himself. Learning about speed was one thing, but stability was a term foreign to Bart's makeup.
 It seemed that everything Bart did was on impulse. Ergo, his nom-de-plume. Aside from school, he was normally taught about speed and the hero business by an old friend of the family, Max Mercury, and to Bart, old was the operative word. That is why he eagerly joined Robin and Superboy to form Young Justice.
 The intrepid three got into their costumes on Halloween evening, and joined with the hordes of other youngsters out on that fine night in going from door to door, filling their candy bags. They managed to fit right in, without standing out at all. So many other kids were wearing superhero costumes that Robin remarked early on, "Can you guys believe this? It looks like a miniature version of the Justice League out here tonight!"
 Bart managed to resist the temptation to speed on ahead and check out more of the trick or treaters, and added, "Yeah, Robin, the costume shops must have gone nuts selling costumes that we wear on a regular basis!"
 Mr. Mxyzptlk observed the trio making their rounds, and decided the time was ripe for some fun. Near the end of the block that the boys were working was an empty lot, which Mxy turned into a split level house with a carport and garage, and a plush green yard with flower beds and a gravel sidewalk. He made sure no other youngsters could see the magical house, and waited eagerly at the door for the targets of his newest hi-jinx to come knocking.
 Robin rang the doorbell, and as the door started to open, Impulse blurted out, "Trick or Treat!"
 Robin had met the magical imp once before in his adventures with Batman, and as the door opened to reveal a goofily dressed, white haired elf no taller than half Impulse's height, he gasped. Mxy was holding a bowl full of candy in his left arm, but he raised his right arm and snapped his fingers. Robin glared at Impulse, saying, "You HAD to say Trick or Treat!" as their costumes were replaced by those worn by their adult counterparts.
 Robin was now in a Batman costume, authentic in every detail. Mxy was so thorough in his trick that even the utility belt worked. Superboy's hip young costume was replaced by the age-old, tried and true, red and blue Superman costume. Impulse's futuristic costume, designed in the 30th century, was gone, replaced by the red Flash costume worn by both his grandfather Barry, and his young speed mentor and cousin, Wally.
 As all three looked in awe at each other, and in turn, themselves, Mxy made a waving motion with his right hand, inviting the trio into the house. Compelling them into the house was more like it. They had no choice, as the costumes Mr. Mxyzptlk had dressed them in followed his instructions.
 As the boys filed past Mxy in the doorway, he said, "And just wait until you see what costume changes I do once you're inside!"
 The boys now appearing as Batman, Superman and Flash walked into a large room, barren save for the chairs placed in three of the corners. Mxy stood in the vacant corner, and watched as each boy went to a chair and sat down. As six young arms came to rest on the seats, mystical clamps appeared and clasped each arm tightly. With the rapt attention of his new playmates, Mxy said, "You three should feel honored! I've left Superman to his own fun and games this Halloween, and picked the three of you to play around with. The costumes you're wearing now are just too unimaginative. Let's make some changes!"
 The clamps on Impulse's arms opened, and he walked to the center of the room. "You seem to be the one," remarked Mxy, "with the least number of options for me to use, Impulse. I can think of three other speedsters I'd like to see, so let's get started!"
 Impulse once again saw his costume changing, and the other two heroes had no choice but to watch in awe. The red costume covering Impulse from head to toe was replaced by that worn by another of his speedy friends, Jesse Quick. Then it dawned on him that it was a female costume, and started to feel his body morphing to fit the costume. Bart's short brown hair turned blonde, and fell past his shoulders. His face changed from that of a young male teen, to that of a twenty-something female beauty. The rest of his body now matched hers also, with a slim waist over broad hips, under a bulbous chest, and Bart found herself taking a few steps and turning to show off her new figure.
 "Well, Bart," said Mr. Mxyzptlk, "I think you look marvelous. But you have a couple more changes to do, and I don't think Robin or Superboy want to be delayed in seeing those, or their own changes. So, on with the show!"
 With her body staying about the same, except for some expansion in her chest, Bart once again found herself in the all red Flash costume, with a cowl covering her head except for the hair falling down her back. "Bart, I doubt your cousin Wally told you about her," said Mxy, "but there was a young Russian girl who took his place briefly a few years ago. She had a costume made for her which matched his exactly. She was proud of her hair, as I'm sure you now are, and had an opening in the costume for it to show."
 "Now for your last change, Bart," continued Mxy, "I'm going to have you show us the coworker of Barry's who was hit by the same bath of chemicals during a lightning strike, that gave her the same powers he had. Being a proud young woman feeling no restrictions on her abilities, she made up a costume identical to Barry's, but with three important differences." Bart felt her hair becoming shorter and completely free of a cowl, and a shapely domino mask formed over her eyes. Then she felt her ankles lift off the ground. She looked down, and saw the thin five-inch heels on her boots, along with the fact that her gloves were now yellow. Once again, Bart took a few steps and turned to show off her costume, walking in her stilettos as if she'd been doing it all her life.
 Then Bart felt herself being drawn back to her chair, and as she turned to sit down, she remarked to Mxy, in a sexy voice she didn't recognize, "Don't I get to change back now?"
 Mr.Mxyzptlk shook his head, saying, "Didn't you hear me? I said that was your last change! Now, sit down like a good girl, and watch the show." Bart rested her arms on the arms of the chair, and clamps shut down tight on them.
 The clamps over Superboy's arms opened up, and he was then drawn to the center of the room. Mxy started off by saying, "I've already turned Superman into a Superslut on a couple of my trips to your world, so I'll save you the trouble of looking like a super whore, Superboy. But first, while that costume is still on you, let's see the Superwoman I made a few years back to irk Superman!"
 Superboy felt his body becoming almost fluid, and as it gelled into a new form, she had the figure of a fashion model. A full head of raven black hair fell down her back after framing her beautiful face, and the svelte fingers on her hands were tipped with half inch long red painted nails. The clinging blue fabric of the costume left nothing to the imagination in showing her new shape. Her long legs were beautifully sculpted, with smoothly flowing thighs and calves. Two very full breasts adorned her chest, and the costume front dropped a bit to show off some of her cleavage. The only other change to her costume was the boots, which obviously took on a feminine shape, and had spike heels.
 Superwoman made a few steps and turns to model herself, then went back to center stage. "Very nice, Superwoman," said Mxy. "You carry yourself very well. Now to change you into someone much younger!"
 She saw her hair turning blonde, and knew what had to be coming next. The blue body suit changed into a tiny blue leotard, with a red miniskirt, and her body became smaller in stature, but larger in other dimensions. The two huge melons on her chest were barely contained by the leotard, and a tiny S shield formed on her left breast.
 A red headband came into being on her forehead, signifying Kryptonian leadership, normally a male provision, along with a red choker on her neck. Interestingly, the boots she was wearing seemed to stay the same, though they now covered her beautiful bare legs. Superboy was now Supergirl! She made her required modeling paces, then bowed before Mr. Mxyzptlk. The Superboy inside screamed in horror at what Supergirl was doing.
 "Supergirl went through far too many costume changes," said Mxy as Supergirl walked back to the room's center, "for you to display all of them for us, but one was particularly stunning, so let's see it!"
 Supergirl's leotard and miniskirt disappeared, to be replaced by a costume which could only be described as a blue string bathing suit. The bottom part, which barely covered her crotch and ass, had an "S" design directly over her feminine mound. It had a thin ladder-like set of straps going up to connect with the bra which strained to contain her breasts. The red chocker stayed, while the headband went away, and her red boots now had laces up and down their fronts.
 Supergirl reached up to fondle the blue globes on her chest, while the Superboy inside both abhorred what she was doing, and marveled at the sensations she was feeling. As she strutted her body in front of her watchers, Supergirl used one hand to explore her nether regions while the other tweaked her nipples. Her lips parted, and Superboy was stunned to hear the "Ooohhhhhh!!!" which came forth.
 Before Supergirl could bring herself to her first self-induced orgasm, Mr. Mxyzptlk said, "Now, now, Supergirl. There is still one youngster in this group with a clean mind, so let's not get too horny. Superboy needs to find out all the capabilities of your body, but that can wait. I have one last costume change for you, one that Supergirl herself never wore, but it was her body in it. Confused, hee hee?"
 The next change Superboy went through was a total surprise. Her body seemed to be staying exactly the same, but she saw herself becoming encased in a jet black costume. "I'll bet you never knew about Supergirl's evil twin," Mxy said, "caused by exposure to a Red Kryptonite meteor."
 Her head became enclosed within a vicious looking cowl, with her hair tucked up inside it. A long purple cape hung from her back, with a similarly colored belt around her tiny waist, and matching spike heeled boots on her feet. Awestruck, she raised her ebony covered hands in front of her, palms toward her face, and asked, "Who am I?"
 Mxy giggled, then replied, "You are Satan Girl, and you have all the powers of Supergirl, since you were formed from her. I know your powers as Superboy were originally limited, but you are now in Supergirl's body, and have all of hers, now!" Inside, Satan Girl was aghast, but on the outside, she put an evil sneer on her lips as she turned to go back to her chair. No clamps came out as Satan Girl crossed her hands in her lap, and lifted her left leg up over the right one, and crossed them in a sexy feminine pose.
 Atop the left armrest, where a shackle had been, Satan Girl saw an eighteen inch black crop appear. On the right armrest, a black bullwhip took shape. "These are for your use when you aren't in that costume, Satan Girl. Your other, all black costume is waiting for you in another room, the dungeon you will use as a well paid dominatrix! Your new life awaits!"
 Robin had been observing all the changes his friends had been forced to go through, and wondered what the imp had in store for him. Impulse had been turned into a voluptuous female speedster, with his mind more or less intact within her body, and still a heroine. Superboy, on the other hand, had been turned into a dominatrix with super powers, and the identity of the villainess, Satan Girl. His mind seemed to be lost in the evil person she'd become. He feared for what Mxy would do to him in turn. As the clamps opened and he rose, Robin knew that he was about to find out.
 As Robin reached the center of the room, Mr. Mxyzptlk crossed his arms and remarked, "So many possibilities, so little time! Oh wait! That's right, time doesn't exist for us. Hee, hee, hee. Well, let's start with someone seen only briefly during the same caper I did with Superwoman. That way, you can keep the same costume. Oh, that's right, there were a few differences in the costume, weren't there?"
 Robin felt his body contorting to an all new shape, with long black hair starting to stream down his back. The face within the cowl became a picture of elegance, with refined feminine features. She now had a 42-21-36 figure, with triple D orbs standing out proudly, shown nicely by the tightly fitted grey body suit. Dark blue gloves covered her hands, with like colored high heeled boots on her feet. A similarly colored cape was attached to her shoulders, and draped almost all the way to the floor with her hair on top of it. Batwoman took a few elegant steps, pirouetted, then returned to the center.
 Mxy clapped, then said, "Now, of course, this wasn't the first Batwoman. Kathy Kane came along back in the 50's, so let's see her now!"
 Robin felt her boobs shrink down a bit, and thanked the stars for small favors, but knew more had to be in store. Her costume changed from grey to a bright yellow, with a nifty turned up collar in red. Red ankle boots, gloves and cape were added, then a large yellow domino mask over her eyes. A large red purse to hold her crime fighting tools was clipped to the red and yellow belt, wrapped tightly around her tiny waist. Her raven mane streamed from the back of her head, with a nice flip up just below her shoulders. The older Batwoman then made her requisite steps for display, the Robin inside cursing at what she had to do. His next change would have him cursing all the more.
 "In two of Kathy Kane's adventures with Batman," Mxy informed them, "she fell in with a gent calling himself Cat-Man. He dreamed of the day Batwoman would change sides, and join him as Cat-Woman. She faked joining with him to get him into Batman's hands. So, let's see Kathy as Cat-Woman now."
 The yellow suit on Robin's body was replaced with a green bodice, laced up the back like a corset, with orange hotpants and green leggings below it. An orange belt with a large yellow 'C' on the buckle pulled in her waist even further, and orange knee high boots with much higher heels were laced onto her legs, with matching opera length gloves on her arms. An orange cat face mask and cowl with ears covered her head, and a cape of the same color draped down her back with her hair flowing out over it. A large green purse with a long shoulder strap hung from her left shoulder. Cat-Woman stepped gracefully in front of her viewers, then returned to floor center.
 "Very nicely done, Cat-Woman," said Mr. Mxyzptlk, "but let's get rid of the hyphen between Cat and Woman."
 Robin was in shock, now. The green and orange costume faded away, while at the same time, her body took on a much more voluptuous shape, making her first Batwoman look small. A black dress with long sleeves and a knee-length skirt formed on her body. The skirt had a slit up the left side all the way to her waist, showing off her entire beautifully shaped thigh. A black cowl formed over her head, with tiny eyeholes and large cat ears on top. Her long black hair spread out from the base of the cowl, covering the green cape clipped to her shoulders.
 A green belt circled her waist, with a green cat's head buckle. Spike heeled black boots with large turned down cuffs adorned her legs. No gloves covered her elegant fingers, just the loop from the dress sleeves attached to her index fingers covering the backs of her hands, the right one of which was grasping a cat o'nine tails. The original Golden Age Catwoman then paraded in front of Impulse and Satan Girl, finally stopping in front of Mxy, where she bowed, Robin starting to wonder what more could come.
 "Very nice, Catwoman," said Mxy, "now let's skip over a few costume changes to the 70's version of that costume."
 Robin noticed that her body was staying the same, and even the costume seemed to be holding it's shape. The deep V on her chest, showing off the ample cleavage, developed a large green collar folding back, and the black fabric seemed to develop a sheen which made it look almost purple in the light. She started to feel constrictions on her lower legs, and saw that her boots had changed to leg hugging, knee high ones which molded her calves into even more shapely form.
 The cat o'nine tails was replaced by a long black bullwhip. Robin once more found herself parading before the others in the room, snapping the bullwhip for effect as if she'd been doing so all along. When she made it back to the center, Catwoman stood in a heroic pose with her hands on her hips and her chest projected proudly.
 Mr. Mxyzptlk clapped, then said, "That Catwoman is the one which became an ally to Batman for a brief time in the 70's and early 80's, so I can see why you're in that heroic pose. Now, let's get you into something that is in no way shape or form heroic!"
 Robin felt the dress fading away, to be replaced by a catsuit that clung tightly to her body from the neck to her toes. It was made of a fabric similar to that of the dress, almost seeming to glow purple. Gloves of the same material formed on her hands and wrists, with long claws at the fingertips. Once again, her feet were enclosed in boots with large turned down cuffs well below her knees, but this time they were purple, and had sky high stiletto heels.
 Her cowl stayed about the same, with a green cape clipped to her shoulders, and the deep V on her chest showing off lots of cleavage. There was a white belt wrapped around her waist, with a small white pouch attached to it. Catwoman oozed sexuality in this costume, and as she showed herself off, she used a showgirl step, advertising her body. Robin felt ashamed, but could only do what her costume willed her to.
 "That costume was worn by Catwoman only once, in the mid 60's when she came back strong in a return from hiding," remarked Mxy. "She actually came close to retiring when she had Lois Lane put on the same costume, and take her place after hypnotizing her. It's a real shame that Catwoman never used that costume again after that, because it's a real killer! Now let's see Catwoman in her short lived green costume."
 Robin still felt a catsuit clinging tightly to her body, but saw that it was now a bright green. There was a loosely draped, round collar below her neck, and a necklace of bright baubles dangling over it. A bright green belt pulled in her waist, and her matching gloves came up to her elbows with sharp claws at the fingertips. The knee high boots clinging to her legs were the same color, and were perched on spike heels.
 Also in the same color was the domino mask covering her eyes, with cat ears at the extended upper tips. Long black hair fell down her back, and a green cat o'nine tails was in her right hand. Catwoman was now in a costume which hid nothing from view, and quite literally broadcast her well developed shape to those ogling her. She wrapped her hands around her tiny waist, and stepped proudly in front of her audience, Robin feeling all the more ashamed at what she was doing.
 "Are you having fun, showing us all the different forms Catwoman has had, Robin?" Mr. Mxyzptlk asked. "I think you look pretty sexy the way you are right now, but wait until you see the next costume!"
 Robin saw her green catsuit being replaced by a dark blue, sleeveless leotard with a deep, open V on her chest, once again showing off her abundant breasts. This V was lined with a collar which started at the point near her navel, and widened to a large flap folded up behind her head, which now had a short pageboy hairstyle. Her legs were covered by pale blue hose, and she wore shoulder length dark blue gloves, with the ends folded back as cuffs.
 For the first time, a long tail was attached to her costume, hanging out from just above her ass. Dark blue stiletto heeled boots with huge red folded over cuffs were on her legs, and they had gold buckles on the insteps for accent. A red domino mask covered her eyes, and Catwoman now looked mean and nasty. She sauntered sexily in front of each viewer, with Robin dreading each step. He was starting to think that
 Mxy was dooming him to a future as Catwoman.
 Just as Robin was wondering what could possibly come next, Mxy said, "Now to see the current Catwoman. I know that you're eminently familiar with what she looks like, Robin, so you will recognize each step in this costume's development!"
 A royal purple catsuit took shape, looking for all the world like it had been airbrushed onto her body. Her long black hair streamed out below the purple cowl covering her head, while black gloves covered her arms all the way to her biceps, with sharp claws on the fingertips. Black thigh high boots were on her legs, perched atop stiletto heels. A coiled black bullwhip was inserted in the boot top of her right leg. Catwoman oozed with feline grace to a spot in front of each viewer, and curtsied. She then proceeded back to the center of the floor, with Robin wondering why she hadn't been sent back to her seat to remain as Catwoman, since Mxy had left Satan Girl in her evil form, and had assumed the same would happen to her.
 In answer, Mxy said, "Perhaps, Robin, or should I say, Selina, you are wondering if you are now going to be changed some more? I was tempted to leave you in your present form, as I'm sure you'd enjoy being Catwoman, but since the real Selina is still quite active as Catwoman, I wouldn't want to see you get into a catfight over ownership of a name. But I think you'll still end up getting into a friendly catfight with her. While Catwoman is still active, another prominent person has been out of action for too many years now. I don't think Oracle will have any objection to your last change!"
 Robin felt her waist constricting and her chest ballooning outward as Mxy formed his idealized version of her last form. Her hair changed from jet black to fiery red, and Robin now knew who Mxy was talking about. The purple costume faded away, replaced by a black costume with a large yellow bat across the breasts. Yellow gloves formed on her arms, with yellow spike heeled boots taking shape on her legs. A yellow utility belt formed on her hips, well below her shrunken waist. A dark blue cowl covered her head, with the red mane flowing out the back over the attached blue cape.
 Batgirl strutted proudly in front of her viewers, then bowed before Mxy. Robin was appalled at bowing before Mr. Mxyzptlk, but was thankful that at least she was a heroine, and not a villainess. When Batgirl went to sit in her chair, she wondered why the clamps didn't come up over her arms.
 "I've got you wondering again, don't I?" asked Mxy. "You think that you are Batgirl, a heroine who works a day job at the library or something, don't you? Well, I've got news for you," he continued, while Batgirl noticed that her cowl seemed to be changing in shape. "Batgirl is an evil villainess, subservient to her Mistress, the Catwoman. If you think that figure you have is for an office job, you are nuts. Batgirl is a bisexual nymphomaniac, thoroughly enjoying her trysts with her Mistress, and selling herself on the street as a high priced, sluttily made up whore. Have fun!"
 Batgirl's legs crossed in the same sexy pose that Satan Girl took, and her arms crossed below her massive orbs as a malicious sneer formed on her lips. The hero inside was lost as the new sex-crazed villainess adopted her new lifestyle.
 Mxy turned once again to his first victim, Impulse, saying, "I hope you didn't think you were going to get off easy, you sexy speedstress. Stand, as I make you compatible with your teammates of Feminine Injustice!"
 To her horror, Impulse found her body expanding rapidly to Batgirl's proportions, and her costume changing from red to black. A large yellow lightning bolt ran from her left shoulder to her right thigh, bisecting her now huge breasts, contained with the support bra of her suit. She could feel her hair lengthening, but becoming pent up in the new cowl atop her head. She knew instinctively that this was to reduce the friction blowing hair would cause as she ran at multi-mach speeds in her now full body covering speed suit with an ultra smooth and shiny exterior. She also instinctively knew that her running was aided by the stiletto heels on her boots, having her run toes down like a sprinter. Proper thought patterns were also forming in her mind to bring her on line with her evil sisters. What she couldn't see was the whore-like makeup job now adorning her face.
 As Mr. Mxyzptlk popped out of the house, to hide away from view and observe his new creations at work, the house turned into a cleverly disguised headquarters. The last vestiges of Robin's, Superboy's and Impulse's minds faded to the depths of their beings, as the now evil Batgirl, Satan Girl and Lightning Bolt set up Feminine Injustice in their new fortress, and made plans to get in touch with their mentors,
 Catwoman, Maxima and Poison Ivy.
 * * * * *
 Before I get started with this next part of the tale, I need to introduce you to some new characters which even the avid comic readers are probably still unaware of. DC will soon be introducing some new cast members to their book, Young Justice. Four young girls have been interacting with Robin and Impulse in their two books, and Wonder Woman in her book.
 The Secret is a wraith-like young girl seeming to be in her mid-teens, who has been kept as an experimental subject by the Dept of Extra-normal Operations (D.E.O.). She escaped their clutches with the help of the Young Justice trio. She has short blonde hair and blue eyes, and seems to stand about five feet tall, when all of her body is corporal. She seems to be wearing a white body suit with a brown coat over that. The coat looks like it has a long back, almost looking like a cape. Being a wraith, she flies by discorporating her lower body into a cloud-like form, and taking off. She apparently can turn solid, because she has been seen sitting on a chair, and saved a falling girl by catching her.
 Arrowette is Cissie King, the daughter of Bonnie King, who had a few adventures with Green Arrow long ago as Miss Arrowette. Bonnie lost the ability to use her hands for archery, so Cissie was trained by her mom from childhood to become her replacement. Her mom was insistent about Arrowette gaining publicity, and pushed her constantly to be in the media spotlight. This finally backfired when Cissie was put in a private school, and taken from Bonnie, who was put under psychiatric observation.
 After getting an inadvertent tip from her own psychiatrist, Cissie got back at her mom not by telling all to the press, but by becoming an even better Arrowette. She also is in her mid-teens, and has a just developing knock-out body. Cissie appears to stand about 4'10" or so, has blue eyes and long, straight blonde hair, and a figure which looks good already and promises to excel soon. Her costume is a light blue miniskirt with a gold belt, and a red face mask, with matching archer's gloves, thigh high boots, and hunting bow and quiver. Like Green Arrow, she has trick arrows.
 Wonder Girl is the third youngster to use that name, Cassandra Sandsmark, commonly known as Cassie. She is the daughter of Helena Sandmark, a good friend of Wonder Woman. Cassie fell into the role of Wonder Girl almost by accident, just being in close contact with Wonder Woman. After a few misadventures where she helped Wonder Woman by borrowing some of her mystical weapons, Cassie got an audience with Zeus, who granted her wish to be given god-like powers. In her initial escapades, she wore a black wig and a goofy home-made costume, but after proving her value and capability, the second Wonder Girl, Donna Troy, gave Cassie her old red Teen Titans costume. It hasn't been seen yet in the comics if Cassie wears a wig with this costume, but for my story, I'll presume she does. Following the pattern set by her other teammates, Cassie has blonde hair in a pageboy cut, and blue eyes.
 Don't blame me for DC's penchant for blue eyed blondes! It may as well be said that all four girls are in their mid-teens, so I won't have to say that again for Spoiler. Cassie appears to be about 5' tall, and her new costume will be a red sleeveless body suit with gold stars in an arch from one thigh to the other over her modest breasts. There is a golden belt with a large W for a buckle, and she has knee high black boots with low heels. I'm going to presume she will also be wearing the Amazonian silver bracelets.
 Spoiler is Stephanie Brown, daughter of Arthur Brown, the Cluemaster. She took on her alter ego to ruin her dad's criminal plans, hence her name. Another blue eyed blonde, Steph grew up acting out the childhood dreams of being a crime fighter, the exact opposite of her dad, whom she used as an anti-role model. Her mom was a drugged out boozer, so Steph was pretty much on her own for development.
 She was fifteen when her dad was released from prison, and after hearing his plans to commit crimes without leaving clues, she decided to take on her role as the Spoiler to observe and listen in on all he did, so she could give clues to the police, and Batman and Robin. This contact gave her the training she needed to become more effective, and after a number of contacts with Robin, started to hang out with him. In the current Robin book, Steph is pregnant, but we'll ignore that for this story.
 Her costume covers her entire body with a tight fitting purple catsuit. Steph made the entire thing by herself, so she is also a skilled seamstress. There is a black cowl covering her entire head, with white spots over her eyes. There is a purple hood and cape attached to her shoulders, and black gloves and boots. These boots appear unmatched, because Spoiler has one cuff turned down and the other one up, just over her knee. She has a grey weapons belt around her waist, and a similar weapons sheath around her left thigh. A black leather device forms an interesting accessory, in that it is wide going over her left shoulder, then forms a thin band to go down her back, under her ass and crotch, then widens to form a pelvis covering sheath before going up to the shoulder.
 * * * * *
 Mr. Mxyzptlk, satisfied that the changes he'd made in the Young Justice team would cause plenty of havoc, blinked out of the house. It was still only 8 PM on that Halloween evening, since Mxy had abolished 3rd dimension time within the house while having fun with the three teenagers. The house became visible to all viewers, but appeared to be unlit and unoccupied to anyone other than those inside, so no other trick or treaters bothered to knock on the door for the rest of the evening.
 Mxy found a place to rest, leaving Feminine Injustice to their own wiles for the rest of the evening. To make sure they would act on their own, he did one last spell and wiped out any memory of him from the female sides of their minds. Buried deep inside the psyches of Batgirl, Satan Girl and Lightning Bolt were the suppressed minds of Robin, Superboy and Impulse, respectively, experiencing in shock what their new female bodies were doing.
 The large room in the house, that Mxy had used for the changes and costume displays, turned into a conference room with a large, round central table. As the three young villainesses making up the new Feminine Injustice sat at the table to make up their immediate plans, the rest of the mystical house's interior changed into an abode fully capable of supporting them in all aspects of their lives.
 There was a large dungeon in the basement, equipped with nearly every S/M device known. This was for the use of Satan Girl, in her alternate guise as Mistress Diabolique. Of course, saying that Satan Girl had a dominatrix alter ego only covered part of her total make up. The third face of Satan Girl, Kari Kandliss, was the incredibly beautiful blonde who did not wear any masks. Kari's bedroom and changing room were both adjacent to the dungeon. Her extensive wardrobe, with enough outfits for three personalities, was contained in the wall to wall closet on one side of the changing room.
 The bedrooms of Batgirl and Lightning Bolt were both upstairs, and also equipped with huge closets, fully stocked with large numbers of outfits and footwear, appropriate for their alter ego's lifestyles. On the ground level, the conference room was joined by a living room with comfortable seats and couches, a complete sound system, and a wide screen HDTV. Behind these was a small kitchenette, and adjacent utility room with washer and dryer.
 Mxy had made sure that the girls would be able to live their new lives in the house. His magic also gave the girls one advantage other home owners did not have - electricity, water and phones all worked with no connections to utility companies eager to send bills.
 The main topic discussed at the round table, around which were seated the three female black knights, was how to get in touch with the elder Femme Fatales Mxy had set them up to work with. Batgirl knew that Catwoman would be somewhere in Gotham City; the problem was actually getting in touch with her, and persuading the renowned loner to work with the team. Poison Ivy was known to be locked up in Arkham Asylum, so finding her would not be difficult.
 Satan Girl looked up from the computer console she was using, and told her teammates that Maxima was last seen with a group of villains Lex Luthor had assembled as the Superman Revenge Squad. She was apparently well past her role as a heroine in the Justice League. Unfortunately, it seemed that Maxima would be almost impossible to locate right away, so all their efforts would be concentrated on Catwoman and Poison Ivy.
 Satan Girl volunteered to go find the older women, saying that she could fly a search pattern over Gotham City using her super sight and hearing. She also told them not to worry about Catwoman wanting to work with them - she would use her super hypnotism to make her a willing teammate. Satan Girl also said that getting Poison Ivy out of Arkham should be no problem for her, and to expect to see both women at the house by the next evening. She departed right away, lifting the hatch in the floor leading to their access tunnel, which opened in the woods behind the house, and zooming up and out the other end of the tunnel.
 Batgirl arose from her seat, and started to walk toward Lightning Bolt, who got the hint and stood up from her own seat. Batgirl hugged her teammate tightly, and feeling a tight hug in response, with twin sets of massive breasts mashing into each other, put her lips to those of the voluptuous speedstress. No words had yet broken the silence, because chemistry made them pointless. Mouths opening under their
 kissing, the girls intertwined their tongues in what each knew was but a taste of foreplay.
 After releasing her liplock, and forcibly pushing Lightning Bolt back to arm's length, Batgirl reached up with her yellow clad left hand, and pulled her blue cowl up and back off her head. After shaking her head to loosen up her flaming red mane, she said, "The night is still young, Kandi. Let's go upstairs and continue where we just left off!"
 In response, Kandi used her super speed to pull off her own black cowl so quickly that no apparent motion was perceived; one moment she was facing Batgirl with her face and head shrouded in glossy black, then an instant later, she was standing there with her head surrounded by an aura of golden blonde hair, which fell to her mid back. "Sure, Barbi," she replied, "I'll be glad to go upstairs with you, as long as you'll promise that you will go downtown with me afterward for some more fun."
 As Barbi grabbed Kandi by the hand to lead her to the stairwell, she said, "How could I refuse an offer like that? Let's go, you vixen!"
 After another quick hug and kiss at the doorway to Kandi's bedroom, the girls broke away from each other. Kandi Kaine went into her bedroom and sat at the edge of her bed, where she unlaced her boots. Then she took off her gloves, followed by the speedsuit. She accomplished this in the space of one second, using her super speed to give herself an advantage few other women had in changing clothes.
 With the restricting bra in the suit removed, Kandi's huge tits sprung free, ballooning outward in defiance of gravity. "Ah, that feels so much better," she cooed softly to herself. She picked up her speedsuit, gloves and boots and took them to her closet, where she hung up the suit, put the gloves in a tray, and placed her boots in the open spot on the floor.
 It was while walking to her closet that Kandi noticed an odd feeling in her feet, and noticed that they hurt when she had them flat on the floor. She grabbed a pair of red spike heeled shoes, and slipped her feet into them. This relieved the pain, so she left them on and started down the hallway to Barbi's room.
 After Kandi had turned to enter her bedroom, Barbi Dahl went to her own bedroom further down the hall. She slipped in, her thoughts centered on the blonde she'd just left behind. Without the advantage of superspeed, Barbi pulled off her gloves and unzipped her boots as fast as she could. The cape and its attached cowl literally flew off her shoulders, and finally she was left clad in nothing but her black body stocking, molded tightly to her figure.
 As she reached behind her neck for the zipper, the protrusions on her chest were thrust forward, and Barbi happened to catch her image in her vertical mirror. She gasped at actually seeing herself for the first time. The red haired goddess she saw in the mirror then did a slow, sensual unzipping, followed by an arousing stripping of her body suit.
 Lost in the admiration of her own body, Barbi did not notice Kandi peeking through her doorway. Kandi giggled softly to herself, putting her left hand to her lips to try and keep them sealed, then started to vibrate at just the right frequency to make herself invisible. Barbi started to flick her nipples with her long, red painted fingernails, causing them to extend and turn rigid. As she started to feel shivers coursing through her body, Barbi thought she heard a soft humming sound, but couldn't identify it, and so, ignored it. With her fingers now pinching her extended nipples, she spread her legs in anticipation of her next move, then felt a shock as her clitoris was vibrated at a high frequency. Much to her surprise, Barbi saw Kandi materialize from thin air directly in front of her, with a huge grin on her face, and her hands vibrating in two pussies.
 Very slowly, Kandi turned Barbi and aimed her at her bed. When the redhead was in range, Kandi gave a gentle nudge and watched her fall backwards, to lie crosswise on her bed. Barbi finally showed some self awareness, and turned herself so that her head was on a pillow, awash in a deep pile of fiery red.
 There were two hands cupping the breasts which almost blocked her view, and a golden halo of hair was visible through the valley between her mounds. As the hands cupping her breasts started to tweak the nipples, an unbelievably erotic feeling came from below the golden halo. Kandi was exploring Barbi's nether regions with her tongue, every now and then making it vibrate at various speeds. Her clit was standing at attention by now, and the blonde's tongue was pulled back into her mouth.
 First Kandi kissed the enlarged knob with her lips, then gently nibbled it with her teeth. As Barbi's juices began to flow, and her body started to tense for an explosive release, Kandi opened her mouth wide to contain her bedmate's ejaculate. Barbi reached and pulled the blonde's head hard against her crotch, then arched her back and shoved her crotch skyward as the orgasm raced through her body.
 Before she was even spent, Barbi felt the head under her hands start to lift, and Kandi brought her now well lubricated lips to meet with her own. With their breasts bumping and squishing against each other, the two young women once again started fencing with their tongues. At first, Kandi was on top; slowly, though, she found herself first on her side, then finally on her back, as Barbi started to return her gift.
 Barbi used her tongue like the pro she now was. She used it to flick Kandi's left earlobe, toying with the diamond stud inserted there. Her tongue then traced its way down Kandi's neck, under her chin, and up to the right earlobe, which was treated to the same stimulation. Barbi then kissed her bedmate lightly, and brought her tongue under her chin. From there, the traveling tongue moved down until it reached Kandi's chest, and her fleshy mounds were then given a mini mouth and tongue orgy, with Barbi's fingers working whichever tit her mouth wasn't on. Kandi was much more vocal than Barbi, and cooed and moaned as she was stimulated.
 Kandi had a feeling that the best was yet to come, when she opened her eyes as she felt both nipples being pinched and squeezed by Barbi's fingers, and her tongue making its way toward her taut stomach. The tongue flicked back and forth across her skin, then finally made a lapping motion at her crotch. Kandi lifted her legs high as Barbi dove in, locking the red stiletto heels together behind Barbi's back.
 Barbi's tongue started to explore Kandi's dark, damp passages, then went to work when it found the engorged knob hiding there. Barbi toyed with it, just flicking it ever so softly with the tip of her tongue. She then took her hands off Kandi's boobs, and found Kandi's own hands, which she lifted onto the tits to take her place.
 Barbi's hands were now free to perform other tasks. One hand was used to spread Kandi's labial lips wide apart. The other had its index finger thoroughly coated in Kandi's juices for lubrication, then inserted into Kandi's anal cavity. With stimulation now coming from four points, Kandi was a keg burning a very short fuse. Barbi was gently nibbling on Kandi's clitoris when the pitch of her moans sharply increased, the muscles of her legs clamped down even harder on Barbi's back, and her clit tensed. Kandi screamed with a joyful wail as she shook violently with Barbi holding on, as if she had a choice with the leg lock on her back. Barbi continued to toy with her anus, and sucked up all she could from her cunt.
 When Barbi lifted her head from her lover's crotch, and brought it up close to her face, the legs finally separated behind Barbi's back. Barbi felt the heels dragging across her sides, and finally took notice of the shoes Kandi was wearing. Barbi's lips were homing in on Kandi's, ready for another round of liplock, when she was shocked to hear, " as I'd love to continue kissing you, remember your promise. We get to go downtown, and get some cock for our pussies now!"
 Cursing to herself, Barbi shot back, "All right, you big tease! Get a girl all worked up, and leave her waving in the breeze. Oh well, if nothing else, you've got me hyped enough to enjoy almost anything between my legs, now. By the way, what's with the red stilettos you wore for sex?"
 Kandi slipped off the side of the bed to stand tall in her heels in front of Barbi, then said, "I found while I was taking off my costume, that my feet were hurting when I walked barefoot, with my feet flat on the floor. When I put on my heels to see if they relieved the ache, I found them to be very comfortable, so I guess my feet are shaped to wear only sky high heels. I hope they didn't bother you in bed!"
 Barbi thought about this for a moment, then replied, "You know, I noticed an odd feeling in my own feet after I took off my own costume, and I saw while I was first moving around on the bed what you can see right now. Look at my feet, as I'm laying down here on the bed." They both saw that Barbi's feet were naturally set in an arch. "I think we both are going to be wearing our heels quite a bit, from now on!"
 Barbi then swung off the bed herself, and reached over to swat Kandi's rear end gently, saying, "Kandi, you'd better get yourself looking really good if you want to keep anybody away from this sex-starved wench!"
 Next: Barbi and Kandi out on the streets, Satan Girl finds Catwoman, and also saves her teammates butts from the cops trying to bust them. Poison Ivy is broken out of Arkham Asylum, and the first meeting of the Young Justice female division takes place.

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