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The woman walked carefully through the town, it was late and she was alone. Her face was often hidden from the light and her features were indistinct. When a car passed or she neared a street light, she averted her face so as to keep her identity secret.
 The rare passing car showed that she was tall, and wore a white blouse with a long black patterned skirt. A waterproof jacket covered most of her blouse and her trainers peeked from below the skirt as she walked. Her long auburn hair was partly covered by the hood of her jacket. She was obviously nervous for some reason, maybe she was being chased or perhaps her errand this night was not exactly legal. We shall soon see.
 Finally she neared her destination, she looked around her and seeing no one, stepped into the alley beside the bakery. She stepped further in until she was opposite the back door of the town's bakery. She stopped and looked around further, pulling a small flashlight from her coat pocket. Flicking the switch, she checked around, limping slightly as she did so.
 "Thank goodness, no one around. No bum sleeping off a skinful." Her voice was very deep, as she muttered to herself in the dark.

She flicked the torch off, putting it away in her coat. Then, taking a deep breath, closing her eyes, let the breath out, then took another and finally;
 "Janus, hear me Lord of Doors, Janus, The Trickster God, hear my plea. I need your help. Please, I beseech thee, come to me and do my bidding." She said to the thin air.
 She waited, nothing happened. Her head hung down, she decided to try once more.
 "Lord Janus, I beseech thee, I need your help this night, please appear before me!"
 Still nothing.
 "Bugger, now I've got to make the long walk home again like this." She muttered under her breath.
 As she started towards the entrance of the alley, a bright light appeared behind her, illuminating the whole alley. She stopped, gasped and turned to face .... A glowing doorway suspended in mid-air, a place no doorway had been moments before, nor had any right to exist. From this impossible apparation stepped a giant of a man, he must have been seven foot tall, clad in white robes, such as the Roman Senate did in the old movies.
 Janus stepped through into our dimension and looked calmly at the woman who had summonded him. Now fully lit by the door's light, it would be seen that she was in fact a he, dressed in woman's clothing. For under the blouse and skirt he was also wearing a matching purple bra and panty set along with a pair of black opaque tights.
 "So mortal, explain yourself! Why do you dare to summon us? Do you think that this pitiful disguise would fool us, a GOD?" Janus thundered at the man. Brickdust shook itself loose from the walls around them as Janus spoke and settled lightly on to the crossdresser.
 "My Lord Janus, I beseech your help, " he started to say.
 "Yes, I heard you the first time! And aren't you the impatient one! Calling for me twice indeed! I ought to make an example of you for your impertience! {flicker} I come when summoned to help those who need my help, and {flicker} to deal with those who deserve my wrath!" He finished, glaring at the man in front of him, cruel visage to the fore now. For Janus is two gods in one. His gentler, kinder side, then, with a {flicker}, he shows his darker, crueler side.
 "If you would please let me finish my Lord, I beseech your help on behalf of a friend who needs what you can offer."
 {flicker} "Hmmm, and you stand before us like this, because???" The kinder Janus was to the fore now, and he gently waved his hand at the sight of the man dressed as a woman, awaiting the answer he already knew, well, they are a GOD don't forget.
 "Well, I kind of wanted to see if I could do this and wanted to do it dressed, as it were. Besides which, I wondered if you might help me as well." He finished.
 "Hmmm, we'll see. Ask for your friend, then if, IF I say, if it touches me, rather than upsets my brother, we shall see. Now, ask for your friend!" Janus thundered.
 "Well, it's my friend Martin. These last few years, he has had things really hard, his mother died, then his uncle, and now his brother Justin is very ill. And I sort of wondered if you could do something wonderous to help both of them."
 "Hmmm, and where does this friend of yours live, as if I didn't know?" Janus asked.
 There was a bright flash and when his eyes stopped blinking and watering from the glare, he found that he was somewhere completely different. For one thing it was broad daylight and he, and Janus, where in the open air, looking at a house whose roof had a few shingles which needed fixing. He was still dressed as a woman and he was now exposed in full daylight.
 "Oh my God! What happened? Where are we?" He spluttered.
 "We have come to see your friend Martin, that's what you wanted isn't it? Don't worry, no one here can see us, yet. No one here will see us until I allow it. Come on, let's see what is happening inside the house."
 Janus waved his arm in a small gesture, and they found themselves inside the house, looking down on a man laying ill in bed, with another man asleep in a chair, obviously overcome with fatigue and worry.
 "So, these are your friends? Justin may soon slip away in his sleep, and Martin may well be too distraught to carry on. Do you wish me to make things better for them? Think well before you answer, for it will be your decision." Janus warned.
 "Yes, please Lord Janus, if you can help them, please do so. I do not wish to lose my friend, he means so much to me."
 "So be it. However {flicker} the results may not be quite what you expected."
 {flicker} Janus waved his arms and a gentle golden glow filled the room.
 Martin's body immediately shrank in on itself, his arms and legs slimming out as his body lost nearly 100 pounds. His hair grew thick and lengthened until it passed his shoulders. His chest and shoulders shrank to half it's previous size, then his chest swelled to grow a pair of 38DD breasts. His hips fluctuated as his waist shrank and his penis disappeared and became a vagina, complete with working womb. His clothes changed too as all this occured. His T-shirt and boxers became a white lacy bra and panty set complete with suspender belt. His socks changed and grew up his now shapely legs to become white stockings. His work shirt became a satin v-neck blouse which showed off his new cleavage and his jeans shrank away to become a tight denim skirt, finishing just above the knee.
 His sneakers became a pair of white court shoes, with a modest inch heel, far more suited to a mother with slim feet.
 The man in the bed had also being undergoing changes too. He was now a six month old baby girl in perfect health. The bed had become a cot and as far as Rebecca was concerned, baby Joyce was her own daughter whom she had fallen asleep over whilst rocking the cradle.
 "There, they will now have a long and happy life together." Janus said.
 "Oh wow, I can't wait to tell Rebecca what happened!" the man said.
 "That won't happen! I did warn you there would be consequences. For one thing, Martin is now Rebecca, and always has been, so there was never any contact between the two of you. Also, baby Joyce needs a father, just as Rebecca needs, and has, a husband. And that is NOT you!"
 Another wave of the hand and the two of them found themselves back in England, behind the bakery.
 "What, but, Martin was a friend and we'd...."
 {flicker} "Enough! Do you really think that I would allow any mortal to call upon Our powers when ever they think a friend may be better off from Our intervention? No, We come when there is genuine need, not to satisfy your thoughts!" With that, Janus summonded the doorway and stepping though it, disappeared, along with the door mere moments later.
 "Oh shit!" Taking a deep breath, and not noticing how different his voice sounded, the man pulled his hood up over his silky smooth, long auburn hair and leaving the alley, set off walking the long way back home.
 Meanwhile, in another dimension: "Shall We go await his arrival home?"
 {flicker} "Oh yes, this I don't want to miss!"
 Finally, the dispirited man arrived at his front door and let himself in. He could not believe what he had managed to do. After all that effort, screwing up his courage to get dressed up and go out into the town to try to summon Janus, just like on those stories online. All to help Martin and Justin, and now he had lost them for as Janus said, they had always been female, so there was no need to frequent the chat rooms so had never 'met'.
 He went upstairs to his bedroom, too upset to enjoy the feeling of the clothes as he undressed for a quick shower before going to bed. He undid the top buttons of his blouse and pulled it over his head, slipped out of the skirt and dropped them in a pile. Stretching behind him, he undid the bra clasps and dropped that on the pile too. Sitting down on the toilet lid, he reached down to undo the laces on his trainers, only for it to dawn on him that his wig was still attached instead of coming off when he pulled the blouse off over his head. Also, there was a substantial weight on his chest.
 He looked down, pulling the hair back over his shoulder as he did so.
 "Oh my God!" He, or should that be, SHE exclaimed. He, she, had breasts! Full, bouncy and firm ones! His hands cupped them, and his fingers traced the nipples, with a shudder he realised that they were very sensitive!
 After a few moments of this very pleasurable experience, he realised that his panties were wet and getting wetter. He moved one hand down to his crotch, to play with his penis, only to find nothing there. Well, nothing that he expected anyway, what he did find was a empty space where his penis had been, then as he felt deeper, he realised that he now had a vagina and was in fact female.
 Pulling his panties down he rapidly came to orgasam, his hands fondling his new breasts and vagina.
 A little later, once he had got his breathe back, he stood and moved to the bathroom mirror. He looked in and SHE looked back. She, He, Hell, She was gorgeous! Beautifully made up, the hair was now real, she was a stunner! She was speechless for a long time, spending ages in front of the mirror admiring herself, her new body, every part of it was just so perfect. She looked like she could be Tia Carrere's sister, only sexier still.
 "Oh wow, thank you Janus!" She breathed.
 <You're welcome>
 Elsewhere: "That was a nice gesture my brother"
 {flicker} "Yes, well, I did think about leaving him alone, then thought it would be more fun to change him, but not to change reality so that everyone still knew and expected him to be a male!" An evil sounding chuckle escaped his lips.
 {flicker} (The chuckle stopped) "Yes, I noticed that, lucky for her, I decided to fix reality to allow her to be female."
 {flicker} "You always were a spoilsport Brother!"
 {flicker} "Come on, let's go find some other deserving soul to play with."
 The end.

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