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February 26th 2005



It's been a busy few weeks, well, actually, a few months where I have been too busy to write anything for the site. I'm sorry if you've been visiting and hoping for a new story, there are a couple burbling in the back of my mind, but at the moment, there are so many other calls on my time. BUT I can see daylight and hopefully these new stories will soon see the light of day.

So, what have I been so busy with you may wonder? Well, I've been helping out with a couple of sites, moderating at Laura's Playground Forums for one, and being a regular visitor at a couple of others. I've also been given a few hints on how to improve my Search Engine Ratings, so am trying them out, but it does mean that each page needs altering in one way or another, all of which takes time. The real world keeps intruding too, got to earn a crust so as to keep the sites up after all!

Still, last night I managed to get sometime to myself and by 6.30pm was dressed up and Petra Jane was IN DA HOUSE! I'm still dressed and it's now 7.30am the next day so I thought I would share the sensations I've experienced all night, and still am this morning.

Got myself stripped off last night on getting home, drew the curtains first of course, don't want to scare the neighbourhood peeping toms after all! Slipped into a pair of green satin panties first, added a firm control pantie girdle to keep everything under control and a wonderful sensation of firmness both at my stomach and in my crotch. A pair of barely black tights and over them, a pair of padded panties to get me that shape. A black bra, nicely padded out and my purple satin blouse with my office workers' knee length blue fitted skirt (lined of course) and a pair of black patent court shoes with the one inch heels. My shoulder length auburn hair finished off my outfit for the evening.
   transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story satin blouse
 Down to the kitchen I went and had some tea, not so easy in a tight knee length skirt going down stairs, amazing how much even that skirt can ride up as you walk, sliding up and down the nylon clad legs under it.
 transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story satin blouseSpent the evening laid on the sofa watching a little TV and then back up those stairs, the skirt pulled up a little so as to make the stairs easier. After an hour or so on the computer, having had a long day, I decided to call it a night, but for once, was going to see how long I could sleep still dressed up.
 So, unzipping my skirt, stepped out of it, the lining sticking to my tights as I did so, my blouse came of easily and there I stood in my bra, padded panties, tights and shoes. Removing the padded panties, I stepped into a black Miss Mary pantie corselet, smoothing the control cups around my black bra and their wonderful contents. This get my breasts a wonderfully firm sensation andtransgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story satin blouse get everything in place all night long. Leaving my tights on, a pair of black satin lacy pyjama bottoms and a black satin lacy shortie nightie went on and I slid into bed. Almost literally, the satin was so slippery. Apart from a few times when I do remember being awake, I slept most of the night, finally deciding to get up for breakfast at about 6am this morning, still dressed and wearing all my satin undies and nightclothes.
 Stepping out of my pyjama bottoms and shortie nightie, but keeping the corselet on as the feeling of such firm breasts is an extreme turn-on every time I brush against them, I slipped my purple satin blouse on again and this morning, decided on my long floral patterned black ankle length skirt. Going downstairs I set about making some breakfast.
 transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story maxiskirt satin blouseAs I walked about the laminate floored kitchen I loved the sound of my heels clicking on the floor, and the feel of my upper legs brushing one another though the nylon tights as I walked, my long skirt swirling about my legs and bottom. As I prepared my breakfast, my upper arms brushing my breasts, ohhh, what a feeling that gives me, sometimes I found myself fondling my breasts though my bra cups, incredible feeling, especially though the satin blouse. Just so you know, my breasts project an extra five inches as against the measurement beneath my bra.
 As I buttered my toast, I could not help but brush my upper arms against my breasts, time and time again, as I sat in my kitchen chair, my hands brushing my bottom as I smoothed my skirt out of the way of the chair so I could sit on it without creasing my skirt, or getting it all rucked up, my hair cascading down my back in the scrunchie I had pulled my ponytail into whilst eating. Walking around the floor, clicking my heels on it as I did so, my nylon-clad legs brushing against each other and the fabric of my skirt. The feeling can only be described as erotic and arousing.
 Hopefully I'll be able to find the time to do the same tonight as well!
 I am still fully dressed, and it's time I thought about going out now, but first, I do need to use the toilet so I think it's time to get released from all this wonderful feeling and looking clothing, before I wet myself completely so I hope you've enjoyed your view into my last 14 hours and will look forward to reading my newest stories now I'm starting to get a little more time to myself to write again. Would love to hear from you if you've enjoyed this little article, there's a contact me link on the left, or you can always sign my Guestbook

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