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Be warned, this one uses a forced transformation sequence, though in defence, it is fairly tastefully done.

Chris was looking forward to tonight, one of the most beautiful girls in his senior's class had asked him out! He had being trying to get into her panties for months. Every time he tried to chat her up she cut him dead, showed absolutely no interest in him or his advances at all. He did not know what had changed, nor cared. Perhaps he had finally worn her down. Just wait until tonight, then Leigh would be his. Then tomorrow, imagine the tales he would tell to his friends, the other bullies at school.

That evening Chris rubbed his jaw and thought about getting shaved but could not be bothered, the stubble made him look like Sonny Crockett out of Miami Vice, or so he thought. In reality it just made him look even more dirty and unwashed than normal.

 He set off for his date with Leigh, calling at the chemist on his way to pick up a new box of condoms. No matter how Leigh felt about tonight, he WAS going to have sex with her tonight!

Leigh was waiting for Chris at the restaurant as arranged. She looked awesome! She was dressed in a tight red top, quite see through, with just a flash of a lacy white bra from time to time and her black mini-skirt hugged her figure so tightly he wondered if she could breathe in it. Black tights and a pair of high heeled calf-high boots completed her outfit. With her auburn hair cascading half way down her back she looked every inch the most beautiful girl in the restaurant. Chris mooched up to her and slid his arm around her waist and tried to kiss her full on the lips, his tongue drooling at the chance to get down her throat.

"Not here Chris, I'll smudge my makeup, wait 'til later, okay lover?" Leigh purred.

"Now, come on, let's have dinner, my treat" she continued.

Chris couldn't believe his luck, he had stolen his father's credit card again in case he had to buy Leigh anything before she let me make it with her. As she turned away to lead the way into the restaurant, Chris missed the look of revulsion on her face as once again he tried to put his arm around her, again failing, but this time managing to caress her curvaceous bottom.

The restaurant was one of the best in town, also one of the most expensive. Trouble was, the menu was in French and whatever it was Leigh ordered for them both he had to hope for the best. When the food came, he was grateful to recognise most of it though his eyes kept being drawn to the very pretty redheaded waitress who waited on their table. She was quite tall, wore a white blouse and figure hugging black skirt over black tights and black patent leather high heel shoes. She had a dinky white apron and clip on white hat. Her blouse was really crisp and clean and as she bent over their table, Chris could see her bra straining against the blouse, with her nipples strong, firm and quite visible. Leigh said nothing, just smiled slyly.

The food was excellent, the wine also and there was plenty of it. Chris had no idea of how to treat a girl, he just got stuck into the food, with no consideration to manners or his companion. By the time they got to the dessert, he was pretty drunk and had lost all thoughts of making it with Leigh. Leigh signaled to the waitress that they were finished. By now it was late and the three of them where the only ones left in the restaurant.

"Okay Chris, this has gone on long enough I think. I am going to do this town a great service and get rid of you before you hurt anyone else. Sherry, give me a hand to get him upstairs." Leigh said.

Chris tried to get up but found that he couldn't move his legs more than a couple of inches. He wasn't worried 'cos what were a couple of girls going to be able to do to him. He would simply slap them around and that was be that. Then he found that he had no control over his arms either.

"Wha.... What are you going to do?" he slurred.

"You'll see. Don't worry Chris, I own this restaurant so there is no one going to come to help you. I doubt if you will even be missed!" Leigh laughed as she and Sherry lifted Chris to his feet and dragged him up the stairs to the first floor bedroom at the back of the building.

Chris looked around dizzily as they dropped him on the bed. There was no windows, the bed was an old four poster, it looked and felt very firm and strong.

"Bind, gag and strip him Sherry." Leigh ordered.

"Yes mistress" Sherry murmured.

Chris was getting worried now, but he couldn't move his arms or legs. Before he could shout for help, Sherry eased a ball gag into his mouth and tied it tight behind his head. All Chris could do was look down the girls cleavage as she lifted his head up to tie the gag off. Then even that pleasure was lost as the blindfold went on. He felt her hands on him as she removed his clothes, all his clothes! He realised how strong the waitress was as she turned him over onto his stomach without effort.

Then there was a strange sensation in his bottom, something was being forced up his anus, it slid in about 9 inches before stopping. To say it was uncomfortable was an understatement but there was nothing he could do about it. Then he was turned on to his back and whatever it was was forced even deeper as he was dropped onto the bed. Hardly a sound escaped the gag but a few tears of pain passed the blindfold.

"Sorry" he heard Sherry whisper.

He passed out from the pain about then.

Time passed and when he came to he felt different.

He could feel his arms and legs, but still could not move them. He was still blindfolded and gagged, but he could feel he had clothes on him, strange feeling clothes at that. Then his blindfold was removed.

"Ah, back with us at last are you?" Leigh was stood by the side of the bed holding his blindfold in her hand.

"Mmmmggggppphhhh" Chris managed to mumble. Then he glanced down the bed at himself. His eyes grew wide and he tried to move, but he was tied hand and foot to the four poster. He was now dressed as a waitress! White blouse, the top three buttons open to show a white bra, straining to stay clipped as it was too small for his chest. Then below the blouse he was wearing the same type of black miniskirt that Sherry had being wearing the night before along with black tights. On the chair by the bed where a pair of black patent leather high heeled shoes, about three sizes smaller than Chris's feet. Then trailing from beneath his skirt was a tube leading to a machine which hummed with power.

"Mmmmmmmmggggggggpppppphhhhhhh!!!!!" waitress transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story

"What am I going to do to you did you say?" she sniggered.

Chris managed to nod, then realised his hair seemed to be cropped in a fancy redheaded bob, again just like Sherry's had been at the restaurant. His eyes darted wildly from side to side as he tried to make sense of it all.

"Well, Chris, you have threatened and been obnoxious to all the girls at school long enough now. It ends today! In a few minutes I will switch this machine on and it will make you understand what it is a girl wants from a man. In the future you will work alongside Sherry at my restaurant and if a man makes a pass at you, you will encourage him. Who knows where that will lead. By the way, Sherry has already gone through this process and as you can see, it didn't harm 'him' too much did it? In between times, you will only wish to please me. Now, enjoy yourself." So saying she turned the switch on and walked slowly out of the room.

"I'll be back when it's finished, when you're ready for work. Bye Chris"

Chris could feel the vibration of the tube right up his anus. Then his eyes grew wider still and his back arched as fluid was pumped in under pressure! He could not believe how painful this felt, so much so he couldn't make a sound. The flow finally stopped, he managed to get a few tremulous breaths in through his nose before he started to feel strange sensations within his body. The fluid was being absorbed by his body, his chest shrank so that the bra catches were no longer straining to stay fastened, but then his chest started to expand, but only enough to fill the bra. A very healthy 36C cup he thought, what he would have given to have his hands free to feel them up. The thought sent his nipples into action and they firmed up and pressed against the fabric of the bra.

His arms and legs slimmed and added feminine curves as his whole body shrank slightly. This made the bonds around his wrists and feet grow tight which again made him feel excited. Then he realised that his manhood was disappearing, disappearing up inside of him and in it's place was, nothing. In fact he now had a vagina but he couldn't feel that tied as he was.

Finally the machine hummed into life again and this time started to suck, still locked in place well up inside him. He could feel it sucking his excess fat away as his body toned down to that of a very pretty and sexy waitress, about 24 years old. He could also feel his will disappearing down the tube too. Finally the machine stopped and the tube was automatically withdrawn from her anus. A moan of pure pleasure escaped the gag at that.

She lay on the bed, securely tied in place, awaiting her mistress's pleasure. When Leigh finally did arrive, the new waitress was so glad to see her. All she could do was "Mmmmppphhh" past the gag as Leigh sat on the bed and allowed her hand to caress the girl's cheek.

"Now, what shall we call you my dear?" she murmured as she allowed her hand to stroke her breast and continue down to the girl's thighs. The new waitress squirmed under the caress of her mistress and was happy with life.

"I suppose you may as well be called Brandy, and you know that the town will be a safe place for you now that that nasty ol'Chris has left town" Leigh say as she gently removed the ball gag from Brandy's mouth.

"Oh yes mistress, shall I go help Sherry or do you want to play with me whilst I'm all tied up?" Brandy offered to her mistress.

"Oh tempting offer girl, but we need to get the restaurant ready for business, we may have another special guest tonight!"

The end.

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