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Reference is made to actual people, this is co-incidental and nothing should be inferred from this.
 This is a fanfic parody, purely for fun, with no profit to be made by the author.

John was bored, he had a week off from work but lived alone and preferred his own company anyway. During the evenings he would draw the curtains and go get shaved, talced and powdered, then get dressed up for the evening. Not to go out, he wasn’t that brave!

No, John liked to dress up in women’s clothing.

So, as it was still early afternoon John decided to have a drive out to the Mall, just to pass on some time until the evening you know. He parked up in the usual place, locked up the car and strolled around the mall. He window shopped at the lingerie store and at the latest fashions in the dress store. He really loved the look of the new season’s fashions and underwear, so much so, he had to go to the cafeteria to sit so that the bulge in his jeans wasn’t so obvious.

Having cooled down a little, he felt that he had wasted enough time and by the time he got home, it would be safe for him to get dressed up. He had received the new underwear from the catalogue this morning and was bursting to try it on. As he walked towards his exit, he saw a new store that he had never noticed before.

"Spells ‘R’ Us" on the window, a window with a big screen TV and a beautiful blonde woman stood, apparently watching the program.

Blonde in gold nightdress/camisole - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story

As he neared the window, the woman flickered and changed into another stunning woman, this time a ravishing redhead.

John could hardly believe his eyes at this and just had to find out what was happening, so in he walked to the store.

"Ah, hello John, I’ve being waiting for you." Said a old man dressed in a bathrobe behind the counter.

"Wha, how do you know my name. No, never mind, this lady watching your television. When I neared your shop she was blonde, now she’s a different woman, and a readhead as well! What’s going on?"

"Let me show you something John" Saying so, the old man walked past John, up to the window display, and waved his hand THROUGH the woman in the window! John nearly jumped out of his skin.

"What is it? A hologram?"

"Sort of, it’s a very special piece of machinery which needs someone trustworthy to do a sort of Beta test on it. Do you think you know anyone who could do this for me? Hmmm?"

"Yes, of course, well, like, me!" John stammered.

"Hmmm, well, okay John. However, there are a couple of rules you MUST take note of. First, don’t sit in the beam which creates the image, you may find some strange side effects. Secondly, most importantly, don’t use it if there is an electrical storm in your area. Okay"

Hmmm, yep, whatever. Where do I sign?"

So, John signed the test agreement. That was what John seemed to expect, so the wizard, for that was no bathrobe the old man was wearing, conjured one up behind his back whilst John was drooling over the possibilities of the hologram projector. The machine was smaller than John expected and had just one lead, that to clip over the TV aerial. The remote was almost as big as the projector it seemed.

John drove home and locked up the car, went inside, closed his front door, locked it, drew the curtains and plugged the machine in, switched his television on and waited. Nothing happened, well, apart from the TV program coming on.

"Shit, I’ve been done" he thought. He threw the remote down and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him. As he did so, the remote slipped off the chair, bounced on the floor and triggered the projector. As the television was showing a re-run of Star Trek, and was set to female, the first woman on screen was that of Lt. Uhuru. The machine whirred gently and an identical copy of Uhuru appeared on John’s couch, dressed in her trademark red micro-mini dress, with jet black opaque tights and red panties. Her hair was piled up high and she had a large earpiece plugged into one ear, her makeup was exquisite and perfect, just as the studio makeup artists intended. Uruhu sat there without moving for the duration of the program.

Meanwhile John had gone looking though the phone book for the number of the Spells ‘R’ Us store, without success of course, for it did not exist in our time and space long enough to get a listing. Finally, he gave up on his search and decided that enough was enough. He would go get dressed up for the evening. This way, tonight wouldn’t be a total waste.

He got shaved, had a shower, dried himself off and got his lingerie out onto the bed. Tucking himself in, he pulled on a pair of cotton panties, then a pair of opaque black tights, some very frilly purple panties and a matching purple bra. Then he packed the bra cups with some breast forms he had managed to get from various catalogues. Next a long auburn wig went on, then a sheer white blouse and a short black flared mini-skirt. To complete the outfit, a pair of white 2" heels. Then he sat down and applied some makeup, lipstick, rouge and eyeliner along with foundation.

"There ", he thought "at least I can have an enjoyable evening". He went downstairs and made himself some tea, being careful not to smudge his lipstick. Washing up was a chore as he didn’t want to spoil his blouse, but half the fun of dressing up was doing the chores, before having an evening caressing his body and the feel of the satin underwear.

He walked into the lounge and stood stock still in shock! Jennifer Lopez was sat in his chair!

John finds JoLo in his armchair - transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story

He turned around and dashed out of the room as quickly as the 2" heels would allow him. He gulped, and slowly peered around the door to see Debbie Harry from Blondie sitting where moments ago, Jennifer Lopez had been. He slowly turned to the TV, and sure enough, there was a trailer for MTV playing.

"Oh my god, it works. Wonder what else it does?" John approached Debbie and he knew he just had to look! He knelt in front of her and tried to look up her mini skirt. Unfortunately, as he did so, he interrupted the beam from the projector so all he saw was a black hole, the shape of his head where Debbie’s panties would have been.

"Sod it" he thought. "well, what did the old man say I could do, sit in it’s place wasn’t it" So saying, John did! Boy did he ever feel dizzy. He raised his hand to steady his head which was spinning around. As he did so, he realised that as he moved his arm, Debbie moved her arm too.

"Oh wow, this is too weird for words" he thought. He stood up, Debbie stood up around him, he turned around, Debbie turned with him. He bent down, Debbie bent too. He pulled up her skirt, Debbie was wearing the same purple panties that John had put on, but instead of a bulge, there was a crease and when John placed his hand there, he could not feel his penis, but a female’s ulva. John was somewhat excited now, though it felt different to his usual feelings of excitment, he also felt worried. What would happen if he had lost his male organ. What was he going to do when he went back to work next week? He looked around helplessly and saw, on the floor, the remote control. John/Debbie knelt down and he pressed he off button. He felt very dizzy again, but when his head stopped spinning he could see that he was back to being himself again. Still dressed up as a woman, but, quick feel, fully male again.

"Thank god for that " he thought. "This has possibilities mind. What’s on Sci-Fi Channel tonight I wonder"

He dug out the TV Listings Guide and checked out the Sci-Fi Channel.

"Hmmm, Babylon Five, followed by Star Trek - Voyager. Oh, tonight is going to be fun!"

John settled himself down in the chair, flicked the remote control for the projector to on and selected the Sci-Fi Channel. A moment of dizziness and he was Ambassador Delenn of the Minbari, complete with flowing robes and also was post-transformation, so he/she had both hair and the Minbari skullbone.

"Whoa, this is incredible! I cannot believe how real the sensations of Delenn’s body really feel to me" he thought as he caressed her breasts and legs, not to mention the half hidden skullbone.

John/Delenn watched Babylon 5 with only half an eye for he was well gone with the feelings and sensations of playing with Delenn’s body around him. Babylon Five ended, and with it, the Delenn image disappeared from around John. After the break, Voyager started and John found himself surrounded by Captain Janeway.

"Naw, not to my taste, where’s that remote? Let me see, can I change characters somehow? Ah, let’s try ‘switch ch’ ‘cos it shouldn’t mean channel, but character surely." So John, pressed switch ch, and sure enough he switched characters. Unfortunately he became Neelix.

After the dizziness passed, he went over to the mirror and nearly passed out!

"Oh crapola, let’s try this again" suiting actions to sayings, he did. This time he became Tuvok, the vulcan, the male vulcan!

What John had not noticed was that as he pressed the ‘switch character’ button, first Neelix, then Tuvok where main screen. This time he checked who was on screen as he pressed ‘switch’. In the engine room, Torres, the female Klingon, was reporting to the Captain over the intercom. When his head steadied, he looked in the mirror again, and sure enough he was Torres.

"Okay, this’ll do for now, wonder if Seven of Nine’s in this episode?" Sure enough she was, so he pressed the ‘switch’ again, and sitting in John’s lounge was Seven of Nine in her electric blue jumpsuit, complete with borg nano-tech around her face and hands. John flexed his/her hand and was very scared when the nanobot tubes extended from his/her fingers and waved around in the air for a few seconds before retracting back into his/her fingers.

As this was an episode John had not seen, he settled down, in Seven’s body to watch it, whilst still caressing and playing with Seven’s body. Long before the end of the show, the exertions and excitement of the day caught up with John and he fell asleep, still clothed in Seven of Nine’s body, with the projector still running. Voyager finished, and commercial break came and went, Seven went, Nina came, and went. Then there was a faint rumble of thunder could just be heard, still John slept. The Saturday night movie started, a Japanese Anime movie featuring Sailor Moon. The storm moved nearer, John slept on, now looking like the cartoon character of Sailor Moon.

There was a crash of thunder directly overhead which was followed immediately by a bolt of lightening which fried both John’s TV and the projector. Whether it was the thunder or the frying of the projector which woke John he never knew. All he knew was that the TV set was on fire, as was the projector and he now looked, sounded, and acted just like the Japanese cartoon school girl right down to the hair with a life of it's own and the flared mini-skirt, which was always flaring up to expose white schoolgirl panties.John was warned not to use the virtual television in a storm! transgender transsexual cross dresser crossdresser bondage pictures stories fiction story

Somewhere a Wizard could be heard, "Well, I did warn him about sitting in the beam and using it in a storm"

The end.

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