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This one follows from a request I received (Write one about me and hope that it comes true. In my dream I am stripped at a night club, my clothes stolen and then people dress me in slip and panties and take advantage of me. (smile) ) That gave me a couple of ideas, the result is below.

Tom had been driving all day and he was tired! He had been made redundant from his last job but as he was the new guy, there was not much of a package for him to finish on. The firm did however offer him an interview at another firm they knew was hiring in his field, but it was three states away!

He had next to no money, no family and no prospects here, so he packed up his possessions and set off on the long drive. By the time night had fallen, he had had enough of the never ending highways and seeing a motel sign, pulled off and got a room. It was at the back of the motel, tucked up over the motel's generator, but it was cheap so he took it.

The old woman at the desk had pointed him in the direction of the local bar and night club so after a cheap and plastic meal, Tom walked to the club. What a dump! The sign had seen better days, only a few letters where still lit, but the prices looked good, ie: cheap, so he had a chance of getting plastered on a tight budget.

All of the sign he could read was SLA..S.H... which when he thought about it, was the name of a pretty good night club back in LA. 'Won't be up to that standard, but hey, SLASH would never let ME in anyway!' So in he went.

He was pleasantly surprised by the interior, steps lead down to a dance floor with a bar in the centre of the large room, much larger than it had appeared from the outside. The bar was well stocked and the drinks cheap so he soon had a really good buzz on. The bar staff where stacked and downright gorgeous. All dressed in white gypsy blouses, the necklines showing plenty of cleavage and lace of bras. The blouses so sheer, he could read the makers and size labels on their bras when the girls turned their back on him. The black skirts where all short and so tight, Tom wondered if they felt like the girls' bottoms were being squeezed all the time. All the girls had long legs, all clad in black fishnet stockings with black knee boots, all with different height heels.
 Tom didn't realise it in his state, but the different height heels had the effect of bringing all the girls to the same height, all five foot 8 inches tall. some girls got off better than others, Janice was tall to start with and only had a three inch heel on her boots, whilst Diana was about five foot two inches, so her heels were six inches and ALL the heels were stiletto!
 After a while, Tom turned his attention to the dance floor. It took him a while but he finally realised that he was the only man in the place. All the dancers were women and dressed to kill. Short skirts, hot pants, tight jeans, sucked up the crack of the woman's butt. There wasn't a "dog" in the place. All the tops were filled in the right places, many see through and all seriously tight! Even in Tom's condition, he could feel that he was getting a hard on.
 Bringing his gaze back to the bar, he found that he had been joined by a beautiful blonde, her hair cascaded down her back like a golden waterfall. It must have been hell to comb and keep in such a condition. Surely she would have to be careful when she sat as the she would probably sit on it, it was so long. Her face was a dream, if a face could ever be described as elfin, surely this was it. Her dress cling to her every curve, and they were curves to cling to. Sheer black sleeves which were hardly there fell from the shoulders of her black velvet micro dress. Her golden legs glowed in the bar's lighting, seeming to go on for ever.
 The skirt of her dress was so short, Tom could see her white satin panties peeking out as she crossed her golden legs, legs which wore a pair of delicate black patent shoes with a modest two inch heel. Well, she had been dancing all evening.
 As she leant forward to say something to Tom he could see that her breasts were very well formed and full. She seemed to like white as a colour for her underwear, the centre of her bra was visible between her breasts as was a wisp of lace just, only just, covering the nipples. Nipples firm and hardening as he glanced down. He couldn't help himself, the expanse of exposed cleavage drew the eye, certainly the male eye, like a magnet draws iron filings.
 "Hi," she breathed. "This your first time here?"
 Tom's mouth didn't seem connected to his brain as all he could get out was something that sounded like "Hmmpphhh."
 "You're cute." She said. "Do you want to come in the back with me? I could show you something that will change your life. There's a bed and everything back there!"
 Tom's mouth worked no better this time when he tried. "Hugglepufffmmpphh." So he gave up and just nodded. He thought as he did so that his head was about to fall off! He was SO dizzy.
 Taking Tom's arm, the gorgeous blonde led him across the dance floor into the back room, there as she had promised was a bed. And what a bed! A four poster, lined with satin and floaty sheer stuff, a bit like the sleeves of her dress, but in different colours.
 "Okay, lay down lover. Let me help you get undressed!" She said, suiting words to actions. With a gentle push, Tom found himself laid on his back on the bed.
 Hands caressed his legs as first his shoes were removed, then the hands moved to his waist and gently removed his belt, then his trouser button and zip were opened and gentle hands removed then and his underpants went as well.
 A sheet was draped across his groin, giving him some decency as hands pulled him gently upright so that his tie, already loosened could be removed and his shirt was rapidly unbuttoned and it, and his jacket soon disappeared. He opened his eyes blurrily, there seemed to be more hands that one pair. There also seemed to be more than one blurred figure in the room with him, but he was too drunk to notice now.
 "That's it Tom, you go to sleep now, we'll look after you and get you ready for your new life." A sultry voice whispered in his ear, lulling him to sleep.
 As he dropped off, he could feel hands massaging his now limp penis, and something cold and hard being slipped on.......
 When he awoke, he had one hell of a hangover! Where the hell was he and what the fuck!
 He was tied hand and foot. He tried to lick his lips as they were so dry but there was something in the way. Something hard and which forced his mouth wide open, but the something blocked it as well. He couldn't tell what it was, nor could he feel it as he couldn't bring his hands from behind him.
 As his eyes started to clear, he realised why his clothes felt different too, they weren't his! Not unless he had become a woman! He looked down the bed at what he was now wearing. His eyes bulged in disbelief. He was wearing a lacy white satin corselet, and there were breasts in the bra cups on his chest! Large ones! They even had firm looking nipples pressing against the lacy fabric. His legs, his now hairless legs, were clad in golden fishnet tights which fitted underneath firm panties of the white satin corselet. His feet, oh my GOD! He was wearing very tight and restrictive stiletto boots. Black patent leather ones with six inch heels, the top of the boots came half way up his thighs, tight and compressive all the way.
 He tried to move but the bonds on his wrists must have been tied off to something as he could not roll over or shuffle more than a couple of inches. He did notice that his feet were fastened together with chains, plus there was a chain trailing across from something near his throat off the other side of the bed in front of him, but he could not see what it was fastened to.
 "Ah, you're awake. Good, it's time for you to go on the block! Get up Harlot!" A steely voice said behind him.
 "Mmmmppppgghhgghgh!" he managed to say from behind the gag.
 "What? Oh... Janice, Diana, Jennifer, give your new sister a hand to stand please."
 "Yes mistress." Chorused three voices.
 Three of the barmaids appeared in Tom's view and between them, released him from the bonds to the bed, and helped him stand. Not an easy thing to do in 6 inch stilettos for the first time. Especially with chains around one's ankles and hands tied behind your back.
 But he managed it, somehow, with help from the three barmaids. They were dressed as before, in white gypsy blouses, and tight black micro skirts, black fishnets and the equalising heeled boots. Something Tom had not noticed before was that each woman had a choker around their neck and each choker had a metal loop at the front, where the Adam's Apple would be in a man.
 "Bring him through!" The voice commanded.
 The three barmaids, heads bowed, guided Tom though the door, back into the dance hall. Now, however, instead of a floor covered with gorgeous dancers, there was a stage built at one end, with lines of chairs facing it. Tom was led, for the chain he had seen on the bed, was in fact a leash fastened to something tight around his throat. His eyes darted fearfully from side to side. Perhaps he was wearing the same choker that the barmaids were, they weren't chokers, they were COLLARS!
 Tottering in his terror, and his stilettos for that matter, Tom was led, pushed, dragged by the chain, up the steps, thankfully with a guiding hand from the brunette barmaid, he didn't know who she was, only that she was helping him. Then the chain between his ankles was fastened to a ring embedded in the stage so that he could only move a foot or so from where he now stood. Then a hook on another length of chain was lowered from the ceiling and his collar chain was fastened to that. It then was raised so that he had only a foot of play in it.
 And there he stood, in terror as the women started to enter the dance hall and take their seats, looking at him with what could only be naked desire. There he was, dressed in just a few lacy items of lingerie, chained and gagged, being stared at by a load of horny women. Tom was sweating and panting behind the gag, not knowing what was going on or what was going to happen to him.
 The blonde in the black minidress stepped up to a podium with a microphone and as she did so, a spotlight came on and illuminated Tom. He blinked, it was bright and tried to step backwards out of the light only to find that the chain fastened to the floor prevented him doing that.
 "Greetings ladies, as you can see we have a new slave for auction tonight. Her name is Tonia and although she is at the start of her training period with us, we know she will make an excellent addition to any household. She has already been fitted with the trainer and tonight we start, as usual, by bidding to dress her."
 A rousing cheer from 100 or more female throats greeted that statement, Tom's legs were knocking together, he was seriously scared now, but hardly a sound escaped the gag.
 "Right ladies, as we start, Tonia is modelling your basic corselet and fishnets. Plus of course the training stiletto boots. In addition to being great fun to watch her learn how to walk in them, they will, in time, reform her legs to a more shapely appearance. Now, can I start the bidding for a camisole slip? What do I hear for a white slip?"
 As she said the words "white slip", there was a sparkle around Tom's body and he was wearing a plain white satin slip. Although he did not know it, he had fallen into the hands of a large, and very powerful, witches coven. As the blonde auctioneer made her suggestions that night, so would Tom be dressed in such items, hence the white slip he was now wearing.
 There were a few small bids made for the white slip, then the blonde said "Lacy white satin slip." Another sparkle and the plain slip Tom wore became a much lacier satin slip trimmed with white lacy, around the bust and on the hem. The bids gathered pace now and very quickly the slip was Tom's, "sold" for $100.
 "Thank you ladies, now what about the hair? Style and colour? Can I start the bidding at $150, on commission, for an Auburn 'Cher' style?"
 Now the bidding got fierce, by the time it had finished, Tom was dizzy with the changes of hair colour and style he had been subjected to. At the fall of the gavel, he now wore a blonde 'Cher' style hair piece which flowed down his back, halfway to his waist. At a cost to someone in the audience of $750.
 "Thank you Ladies, now we come to the best bit! Tonia's costume for the duration. Do we need more nurses in town?"
 A resounding "NO" greeted that idea, even as a nurses uniform appeared on Tom. Well, it was supposed to be a Nurses' uniform, one that would give any man with a bad heart an instant heart attack that is! It was short, so short there was hardly any skirt, Tom's panties showed front and rear, the front split so far down all Tom's cleavage was visible, as well as much of his bra and it pushed it out and up to give him a much more prominent bust line than before. Even his black boots were now white, to match the uniform.
 "Very well then, do we need any new police officers?"
 The same resounding "NO" was heard as Tom found himself now wearing a police uniform, one from what could have only been a Porn Film director's wildest fantasy! Tom's boots changed back to black, though the uniform, what there was of it, was mainly blue.
 "So, I suppose that means, we need another french maid?" The blonde said.
 The resulting "YES" all but deafened Tom and made the rafters shake as a very skimpy French Maid's uniform appeared on Tom. It was the fetish's dream French Maid's uniform. Black of course, micro skirt flared out on Tom's hips, showing masses of white panty, front and back. The bodice of the black dress was laced up the front, pulling in his stomach and making him breathe in short panting gasps. The bust of the dress was laced up so that the fabric of the camisole was visible above and again, his breasts were projecting up and out.
 "There, that's better. Now ladies, we'll take a short break whilst you enjoy the show as I explain a few ground rules to Tonia. Then we'll bid on the main event of the night, who gets to take this lovely lady home with them. The bar is open."
 The blonde turned to Tom as the audience watched, some with drinks now appearing in their hands.
 "Now Tonia, some ground rules. This is your new life now. There is no leaving Perdition, you arrived here by fate, and here you stay. You will become a good slave to one of us, whomever makes the highest bid. Hmmm, I may even bid on you myself, you have potential! You will be taken tonight to your new home, there you will continue your training and do anything and everything your new mistress requires of you. For a while, you will, if required, 'service' her, in the bedroom, if she so desires it. You will not be able to do that for too long, but you will be happy here, happier by far than you would be at your job."
 "Anything your mistress asks of you, you WILL do. And yes, there is an Or Else! Don't shake your head at me Slave! You will do as you are told. Do you know why? Yes, you can shake your head this time."
 Tom did, tears of shame in his eyes.
 "Because if you do not, this will happen!" She said.
 The pain was incredible! It rocked Tom to his core. His penis seemed to be on fire, or cut in half, or flogged with a whip, the pain!! He fell to his knees, only for the chain fastened to the collar around his neck to pull him up short. He started to choke but could do nothing about it, all he could think of was the pain in his groin! If he could have screamed, he would have, loud and shrill and piercing! But the gag stopped all but a few whimpers.
 As quickly as  it started, the pain stopped. Panting hard, his own body weight dragging him down, choking on the collar held up by the chain, Tom was struggling to breathe and slowly suffocating. The blonde gestured after a few more moments watching Tom struggle. The barmaids appeared from the shadows and helped Tom stand, then, once he could stand by himself, faded back into the shadows at the back of the stage.
 "Now, that is what will happen if you ever disobey an instruction from your mistress. Whilst you slept, we fitted your penis with a ring. A rather special ring you see. It will not come off, not until you are ready for the next stage. If you disobey it will tighten and if it does not stop tightening, it will sever your manhood and you would bleed to death very quickly. It will not interfere with it's normal functions, but it will stay there until we are satisfied you are ready to move on. Now, let's get on with the auction shall we?"
 Now the auction started in earnest. The starting bid was $1,000 and the bids incremented in $100's, then $500's until the blonde was the successful bidder at $12,500 for Tom's, sorry, Tonia's services.
 "Thank you ladies, another great evening's entertainment has been had. I wish you all a good night and let's wait and see what tomorrow brings, or rather, WHO tomorrow brings!" The blonde finished the auction with the usual salutation and the audience groaned in good fun and went off to their homes, to find that their own slaves had the house clean, the beds made and ready for them, plus a meal, or for the more recent arrivals, a bit of bed warming and plain old fashioned sex, even if both parties went to bed in satin night dresses.
 "Diana, take Tonia to my house and show her to her room. Show her the list of duties she will have to do each day, including the hour long combing of my hair. Then show her where she, and I sleep. Make sure she is in bed, dressed in her new baby doll nightie ready for me when I come home in about another hour." The blonde directed.
 "Yes mistress, as you command" Diana said, her head bowed as she spoke to her mistress.
 Tonia left the club, being pulled along by Diana, the ballgag she was fitted with making it impossible for her to hold a conversation with Diana, even if Diana had dared speak in their mistresses' presence. Tonia would fit in sooner or later, in the meantime, it would be nice to have a man in her bed again, to use as she wished. In time, Tonia would even come to enjoy matters as they stood.
 "Steph?" One of the other women asked, as they shut the club up for the night. "How long do you think it will be before Tonia moves on to the next stage?"
 "Not too long I fear, I sense this one is not too upset to be dressed as a woman. I don't think the slave bit goes down too well with her, but once she gets used to the fact she cannot leave, none of us can of course, she will accept it and adapt. Who knows, she may lose her ballgag within a week as she learns her place. Then, the ring will decide how long it is before it changes her from a him, into a real her. I think she will be one of us then, not a barmaid or other slave." Steph, the blonde, answered.
 "Come on then, you better get yourself off home and make the most of Tonia before the ring changes her! I'll finish locking up!" The other said, giving Steph a gentle nudge towards the door.
 "Okay, thanks, I think I will. Night!" Steph called.
 "Night Steph", "Night pet" and "Night girl" came back from the others there.
 Steph walked out into the morning, the sun just rising as she left the club, glancing up at the sign, the sign Tom had seen in the night, only partially lit.
 "Hmm, I really ought to do something about getting that sign fixed...." She mused as she walked away.
 The sun rose and showed the sign in the desert air, all the sign, lit and unlit letters, letters that spelt out "SLAVES4HOME"
 The end.

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